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"More of the same from Doom"

Nearly everybody has played a Doom game, but if not, it's pretty simple: Doom is a first person shooter. You're a guy with an assortment of guns and must battle through level after level of marines, demons, Barons of Hell, flaming skulls and more. Your health is recorded in a percentage, and when the correct items are obtained this can rise to 200%. Guns include pistols, a shotgun, a plasma rifle, a chainsaw and a BFG, which is a really, really big (and slow) gun. The game has 30 levels, each with the same intent: find the exit and kill as many enemies as you can along the way. Keys must be found in each level to complete them. This game is for one player on a single PC, or deathmatching is available for multiple users.

Graphics: 7/10

They still hold up pretty good today, but are clearly overmatched by first-person shooters such as Unreal. Enemies experience some pixelating when viewed close up.

Sound: 7/10

Again, somewhat dated today, but good for the time period. A lot of the music sounds similar, but the sound effects are respectable. Lots of grunts, screams and bangs as guns fire and enemies emit cries of pain.

Gameplay: 7/10

One thing I still don't like is the idea of collecting keys in every level. I think it's a pointless and sometimes frustrating addition to the game and the sole objective should have been to blast everything in sight and nothing else. The control has some flaws; it's often hard to line up an enemy as quick as you'd like, and it's sometimes hard to judge where your feet are when you're running across a narrow bridge. The game gets insanely difficult in the higher levels; the last level of the game is one of the hardest ever experienced in a video game, probably too hard. The variety of guns is adequate.

Replay: 7/10

Along with the single player mode, Deathmatching is also fun with a friend.

Overall: 7/10

Doom was a huge step up from Wolfenstein 3D. Doom II is not a huge step up from Doom, but it retains the feel of that game and makes some small improvements in the graphical and sound departments. The result is a solid game, for the most part. If you don't like first person shooters, stay away, but if you played and liked Doom, you'll certainly like this offering from ID Software as well.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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