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...That's right; Doom II gives you more. More blood... more enemies... more weapons... more levels... more FUN.

Now that I got the cheesy intro out of the way, let's begin... here comes the review!

STORY 1/10: Doom II: Hell on Earth has no storyline whatsoever. But this really doesn't affect the game too much. Why? Because Doom II is about killing all the enemies; it's not about the storyline!

GRAPHICS 6/10: The graphics are wonderfully smooth, but nothing mind-blowing. They are 3D and have great texture, but don't get too excited about them. Too often, the monsters are far too pixalated. Also, none of the sprites are 3D; in other words, you always see the same side of them.

GAMEPLAY 9/10: Doom II, like all other Doom games, excels when it comes to gameplay. It features a great amount of levels, enemies and weapons.

Like all other Doom games, you hop from level-to-level, killing anything that moves. Along the way, you can collect power-ups, weapons, and other things. Once you find the exit of each level, you automatically advance to the next.

And, as you are most likely expecting, Doom II does have its share of secret levels... How to access them, you ask? I'll let you find out on your own... But one of the levels features Wolfenstein-like SS Soldiers. Insane!

Doom II gives you one new weapon: the Super Shotgun. Basically, it is twice as powerful but twice as slow as the Shotgun. And for those who only had the shareware version of Doom, you'll be pleased to know that Doom II features the Plasma Rifle and BFG 9000.

And enemy-wise, Doom II adds a horde of new enemies, from the fatass Mancubus to the Lost Soul spewing Pain Elemental. Not only do the new enemies add new strategy, but it also adds new challenge!

And of course you can't forget the amazing multiplayer modes! Deathmatch and cooperative gameplay are really all you need to enjoy Doom II!

SOUND 7/10: The sound is crystal clear. Everything from the Super Shotgun to the BFG 9000 is nice and clear. 'Nuff said.

MUSIC 9/10: Doom II has some awesome game tracks, and they are all fresh and non-repetitive. 'Nuff said!

Story 1/10
Graphics 6/10
Gameplay 9/10
Sound 7/10
Music 9/10

-Great gameplay!
-Ability to upload WAD files!

-Compared to the standards of today, pixilated graphics.

FINAL WORD: If you love FPS or the original Doom, you will definately want Doom II: Hell on Earth. Everything about it is bigger, badder, bloodier and better!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/22/03

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