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To tell you the truth, I love games that you have kill lots of things and stuff. That is why I am going to buy Sword of the Berserker, fun. And by the way, I am a spoiled person, but that is my fathers fault, he just buys me this stuff.

Graphics 9/10
Sure they are old, but hey I found GL Doom, and IT LOOKS MUCH BETTER, trust me. Beautiful with that patch, and you can tell what you are shooting. Nice death scenes of the dudes and thingies. VERY PIXELIZED without the GL Doom patch, I suggest you find it.

Sound / Music 9/10
I am spoiled, I was about to give an 7, but no. I have a wavetable synthesis, and man, it sounds bloody good. The tunes are very memorable, but, sigh, the sounds are mediocre and average.

Control 7/10
WHAT, no jump, oh, okay. ID was on crack while they were creating the control binaries and programming. But, this was back in the day, we had 386's and 486's, but the Pentium was out at the time. The Pentium could of done the jumping, but no, it was optimized for a 486.

Gameplay 9/10
VERY FUN TO KILL AND BLOW STUFF UP. I just go to Ultra Violence and put the cheats on, and viola, instant fun. Run into a room full of dudes equip the plasma gun, and let her rip.

Challenge 10/10
Go into Nightmare mode, I want to see how far you can get. PLEASE, email me without hesitation, I will be pleased to read your replies. I got to level four just with the pistol, and to level 6 with the shotgun.

Okay, old game, but fun still, it is the biggest fun to play on Nightmare mode. I love to go on UV mode and kill stuff with the cheats. And they do not make games like this anymore, more guys as you raise the diffulculty.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/22/00, Updated 03/22/00

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