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"Gimme that Super Shotgun!"

The original Doom, released in 1993, was a huge success. So it was no surprise that Doom II did awesome the next year. And it's easy to see why. Even now, a decade later, there are countless games (me included) that agree that Doom II is still among the best first-person shooters.

Story 10/10

Doom II begins right after the first Doom. As the sole survivor of the Martian massacre, you return to Earth, hoping to find some rest. As you come out of your drop pod, you realize that chaos is all around you. People are evacuating the city, only to realize that there is nowhere safe. You notice that the enemies they are running from are the same as those you had just recently encountered back on Mars. Good thing you still had your pistol. Other Marines come to your location, and they try to explain the situation. It turns out that the entire world has been overrun by the forces of Hell. The survivors have built enough starships to evacuate themselves from Earth. But they cannot escape. A barrier of flames keeps them from launching, and all the while more evil armies attack. The only option of escape is infiltrating the starport and releasing the barrier. The port has been invaded, however, and it will be difficult. You, along with the other Marines decide to invade immediately. But as you enter, you meet severe opposition. The way into the starport is cleared, but you are the only survivor. To make matters worse, you only have your handgun with you. But that won't stop you! You must open that barrier at all costs, even yourself...

Difficulty 9/10

Doom II is a very tough game. It has five different skill levels: "I'm too young to die", "Hey, not too rough", "Hurt me plenty", "Ultra violence". and the hardest, "Nightmare!" The first two are relatively easy. The third one is fairly tough but possible. Skill four is quite a challenge, and if you really feel the need to die several times, try "Nightmare!" There are 30 normal levels, along with two bonus levels that resemble another id Software game, Wolfenstein. Each level progressively gets harder.

Length 10/10

You will be playing Doom II for weeks if you want to beat each difficulty level. That may sound long, but you'll have loads of fun. Be sure to save your game often because you may be dying a few times along the way.

Replayability 10/10

It's hard to stop playing Doom II. Even after you beat it, you'll find yourself wanting to play over and over. Many Doomer's have played it constantly for years now and still don't get tired.

Graphics 8/10

Since this game is almost as old as me, do you really think the graphics are gonna be all that good? No, but they were pretty good back then. Since the people at id actually invented 3D gaming, they know it best. Doom II does have some good graphics, but they're not the best anymore.

Sound 10/10

Awesome music and awesome SFX can be heard in Doom II. Monsters sound vicious, guns sound sweet, and the rest fits right in. You have the option of using classic SFX and no music but you really are missing out if you use them.


This is a must-have PC game for FPS players. You can find Doom II pretty cheap now. I strongly suggest buying it. You may also want to try Doom for Playstation and Doom 64 for N64. They're not as good, but they are pretty similar. You may also want to try The Ultimate Doom first to get the hang of it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/02/04

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