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"You thought it was over!? HA!"

You knew Doom had to have a sequel to go with it. With such the story in our last crusade, it was BEGGING for a sequel! Like they would simply end it after the marine kicked Hell's ass. Yes people, this is the sequel to the ultimate hot-cake seller DOOM! It's no surprise that this one sold many a millions of copies as well. Personally, I prefer Ultimate Doom for its atmosphere, but Doom 2 did alright. It's just more used for editing wads and stuff. Read on and let's get to know this new world of Doom…

Story. Well, so much for being led to believe you kicked Hell's ass and saved the base. They were just warming up. After a long trip back to Earth, you open your pod up only to find that while you were up there on Mars and in Hell, kicking ass, more of those ugly demons were down on earth, over running it. So guess what? It's time to mop the floor with them – AGAIN!
Story? 10/10

Graphics. Well….. It's a bit of a mix really. The engine is completely the same, but you'll see in the levels how Id's map makers and designers really gave it a big push forward, showing us what it could do. The levels are well, huge. And much more complex than Doom. Not to mention that seeing how you're on earth, they gave it a completely new texture set, roughly to represent Earth. They did an ok job I guess, but I didn't feel as if I were in any particular place at all. I hate to say it, but Duke3D did a MUCH better job compared to this. Oh well, it wasn't horrible at least. And the Hell levels looked nice too. Oh, and the new enemies looked nice too, with nice death animations too! Now if you hate the graphics by today's standards, you can always use a port to upgrade it. No big deal in the end, is it?
Graphics? 8/10

Sound. Aside from the new Super Shotgun and a new batch of enemies, it's completely the same! I hate to say this, but I found this rather disappointing. Surely they could have tried to upgrade the sound at all? Especially the chain gun nowadays! Oh well, can't have it every time I guess.
Sound? 7/10

Gameplay. While the very core of it all is the same as always, it's been ramped up with new enemies and a new weapon: The super shotgun. This is basically a double-barreled shotgun. It fires out two shells at once, dealing twice the damage, with twice the time it takes to reload. But hey, when it comes to facing a pack of twenty pinky demons, there's no other weapon I'd choose for the job. Oh, and then there's the new enemies. And oh boy, the way these guys attack really changes one's approach when exploring this ruined earth. First there's the chain gun dude, who shoots a nice rapid fire chaingun at you. The Revenant who fires homing missiles at you. The mancubus who fires out a volley of two sets of fireballs at once! They may not sound like bad news, but try a whole GROUP of them! Then of course there are Hell knights, lesser cousins of the Barons of Hell. The Arachnatrons which are the smaller versions of the Spider Mastermind, only now they fire plasma guns. The pain elementals that fire out lost souls. That's always a pain to deal with. But ohhhh boy, I'm sure we all have come to known, shake hands with and hate the Arch-vile. Need I tell you why? I didn't think so. So basically, like Doom, it's all about going through all these deserted and ruined earth zones, killing these hideous hordes from hell, looking for keys to open locked doors, and trying to stay alive long enough to bring Hell to it's knees. Joy! Multiplayer is always a blast of course. The first series to ever bring to the table the joy of killing each over, or even killing demons together. And with multiplayer ports out and about these days, it's all a complete possibility. Awesome, no!?
Gameplay? 10/10

Replay. Of course! Multiplayer, Megawads, user maps, ports. Pretty much keeps the Doom experience amazing everyday. I love it!
Replay? 10/10

Overall, I give it a 9/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/03/06

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