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Reviewed: 07/19/00 | Updated: 07/19/00

One of the funnest first person shooters

First person shooters are definatley realistic. They give you a perspective of a game that you won't get anywhere else. Duke Nukem 3D is no exception. Before, it was all side scrollers, but now, everything has taken on a new look, and it's in a first person perspective! It was honestly one of the best first person shooters I have ever played.

The gameplay is quite simple. And there really is only one rule you have to remember. Shoot everything that moves! Yes, it really is that simple. Of course, along the way you get more powerful weapons and stuff like that. You get all the basic firearm combat moves here. Moves like shoot, run, sidestep. But in addition to that, Duke can crouch, jump and use a very impressive jet pack to reach new heights. There is a wide range of enemies that can attack you from ground, water and the air. But perhaps the best thing about the game is the selection of weapons. There are a wide range, everything from a pistol to a shrinking gun. Also, there are more then 30 levels in this game, all jam packed with action! This game may be a bit of a concern to parents because it does contain a small level of nudity (although it is quite of a blur).

The controlls are very easy to use in the game. All the controlls are very spaced out. As well, you can use your mouse to make things simplar. The controlls are very responsive. The challenge in here is quite high. Although the enemies are not very smart, they can really be tough if they gang up on you. Plus the bosses seem to take forever to kill. Even at the easiest difficulty level, the game can be quite a challenge, especially to those who don't play a lot of first person shooters.

The graphics in this game, although quite blocky, are quite nice. They are high resolution graphics and although they may look bad now, it was actually pretty good at the time the game was released. And on top of that, the graphics run quite smoothly. The auiod has a good point and a bad point. The good point is the sound. It's all so good. The weapons sound very realistic. The bad point is the music. It's all so annoying after a short while. And it's also extremely repetitive. If you have these tunes stuck in your head, prepare for sleepless nights (well, I'm exagerating a bit, but you get my drift).

This game is quite high when it comes to fun factor. Everybody can argue this for all eternity, and even beyond that. But the bottom line is:it's fun to hack aliens down with a gun. Nuff said. I must admit that this is one of those first person shooters that I played over and over and over again until the game was completely ''dry''. You can play this game with another person via modem (co-op or deathmatch), or you can play with up to eight player using the internet. Causing this game to have a ultra high replay value.

Overall, I think that this game is definatley worthy of a buy, unless you really hate first person shooters.

Fun Factor:8
Replay Value:9

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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