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"This is a rue Shooter Classic"

Duke Nukem 3D is an explosive adventure that opened a whole new door for shooters. The game stars one of gaming's most prolific characters ever, Duke Nukem! You will love this game from start to finish, and if you liked DOOM, you'll die over this game. The levels, the monsters and all the weapons add up to become one of the best shooters every created.

Story: Duke Nukem on his way back to earth from doing what he does best. Upon his return, he is struck by a missile and plummets to the downtown districts of L.A. From here it's your job to destroy whatever was foolish enough to get in your way. That's that, Duke Nukem must save our female population! (6)

Gameplay: Duke Nukem 3D is so smooth and well executed that it stands over iD Software's DOOM in many ways. The game is very violent and from a different approach than that of DOOM. You'll see blood and guts but expect to see strippers, vomit and Crap along with all the gore. You couldn't see any of this unless you get your guns out and attack those alien scumbags. You'll get a small but very freaking awesome arsenal. You have a handgun, a Shotgun, and a few wacky ones like a freezer and an expander/shrink ray weapon. These spice things up through-out the game. The levels are well designed and very nice looking. This is beyond DOOM. The whole game has awesome battles between various mutants and they are freaking ugly. They range from these lizards like things to the infamous L.A.R.D (which are these warthog mutant cops). The boss fights are just as epic, and there's a good amount of them too! Wither it be running around LA or slaying Overlords in outer-space; you're in for a real treat. (10)

Visuals and Audio: The Visuals are bit ugly, but this game was developed almost eleven years ago at the time of this review, so don't even worry about it. The gameplay is all you need in this masterpiece. The game has some good looking enemies though I must say and the guns look pretty cool. So in the end, the graphics are just here for fill in. But im sure in 95 they were a work of art. The theme song is as cool as ever and duke's one liners could make a Movie star blush, but hey, this is Duke talking about, so hail to Duke, and hail to the king. (8)

Duke Nukem 3D is a must play, and if you have any remote interest in learning about where shooters started becoming popular, you may want to play this. In fact, you MUST play this game, just to experience it…a classic like none other.

Overall: (10)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/27/06

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