"'Thats gotta hurt' if you dont own this game yet!"

In what has become an all but forgotten series, duke nukem started with a strange game like many other series. It was a 2d platformer in which ytou played as duke in a guess what, 2d environment, but after awhile, a new revolution was released. after the world experienced early shooters like doom, wolfenstiend 3d, blake stone, etc., the world was ready for a new look, a new game, a new series, this is where the incredible master piece, duke nukem 3d comes in.

Graphics: As far as i know, this is the very first 3d shooter released, and it doesnt look half bad for being first. From a distance and up close, the enemies look a little blocky, but at a right distance, you can make out what it is. also, the environments look ok, although there are many glitches like corpses falling falf way in to a wall. but expect it out of an early if not first 3d FPS. Good, but not great. 8/10

Sound: the games levels had a techno tune that was prety cool to each of them although i dont know why they dont have the rock music from the PSX version. 9/10

Story: lets get this straight, no FPS untill half life had a good storyt with it, but atleast it tries. lets get a synthesis on it. Your duke nukem and after destroying dr protons space station, you head for eartch, your ship gets shot down and you start your quest to kick some alien booty. there, thats it(a little more to it, but not important nonetheless). 7/10

Gameplay: this is the games shining point, although it is simple, its ever so addictive. You have your options like jumping, strafing, and ducking, as well as shooting and moving(duh). you have 8 weapons of choice 9 if you have the great expansion, atomic edition. you also have like 27 levels and tack on like 5 more if you do the secret levels with 3 episodes, 9 in each(i maybe a little wrong, i havent beat the game in a while). It may sound boring, but this FPS has personality with it. When your shooting and doing things, duke will shout phrases, examples: *walks up to a stripper, push open button by her, duke hands a $20 bill to her* or *walks up to urinal, does his busness, then duke will say 'ahh, thats better'*. there are many many more, but i dont wanna spoil it for you if you dont have this awesome game(what are you wating for, track down a copy if you can find it). you can also go online and create levels if you can figure out how to use them unlike me. this game while lacking extra options exceeds with great gameplay and personality. 10/10

Overall: this is defintely one of the greatest FPS ever released and is right up there with doom, half life and MoH.
Buy it now if you dont already have it, if you dont, you can snag a version on the saturn, the genesis if you live in Brazil + modded versioons on the PSX and N64 as i relize this game is pretty hard to find now. Salute and be sure to read my next review!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/03/02, Updated 11/03/02

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