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"Little extras go a long way."

Duke Nukem 3D was the game that ended the DooM era. In a nutshell, it took everything DooM had, put it to shame, and added a little more.

Lets get the minor things out of the way. The graphics in Duke were great at the time. It offered Hi-Res modes and the like, and the game ran pretty smoothly on its minimum requirements. The sound was great as well. The weapons sounded like what they were supposed to sound like, but what made the sounds really stand out were the "Dukisms." These were sayings Duke would say after blowing an aliens head off (we'll get to this later). The gameplay was pure DooM except when you shoot the strippers (we'll talk about these too), aliens spawn around you. So, you're not necessarily supposed to shoot everything in sight, but most of it. The levels are cleverly designed levels based on city areas and space shuttles. This is a nice break from the pointless mazes and dungeons found in DooM and Quake. Duke offers up to 8 player multiplayer games.

Now on to the little extras that made this game a ten out of ten. The game allows full 3D movement. You can swim and jetpack your way through levels. Levels also contain earthquakes, collapsing buildings, and subways. When you shoot aliens, blood will splat on the walls. If you shoot them with gernade launchers, their body parts will come flying off. Duke can also shoot bottles, break vending machienes. He can also interact with the enviornment around him by going to the bathroom, and paying strippers for a quick gander at the goods. Some of the weapons in this game were made strictly for multiplayer like the laser tripbomb. This adds a degree of stealth to multiplay (no more "find the supergun first" games)Also, the hilarious "Dukisms" add alot of character to the game, and add to that special "Did you see that/hear what he just said!?!" feeling.

All these small details combined with classic DooMing make for one hell of a game that will go down in history. Ten out of ten.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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