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"The funniest first-person shooter around"

You got to love this game. Duke Nukem 3d has got to be the funniest first-person shooter around. The game has all good qualities and them some. The thing about this game is that duke actually talks, and the stuff he says is hilarious. For example he will say when you kill an enemy, “your face, your Bleep, what’s the difference?” got to love it.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics couldn’t be any better. Well maybe a little, but you will enjoy this game so much it wont matter. Duke himself you wont see unless you’re looking in a mirror, or the halo-duke. Well as Duke says, “damn, I’m looking good” so true. Enemies are 2-d-ish in a 3-d world, not the sort of thing that makes a game spectacular. They have sides and backs but are appear like paper cut-outs. Certain objects only have one side, meaning that you turn all you like, but you wont see the back of them, weird. Graphics are eye pleasing, especially the strippers, yes, I said strippers! (Women)

Music: 10/10
“Lets rock” really sums up the music in this game, Duke. At times the music can be boring, but hey it gets the job done. The theme song is the best I’ve heard. Sound effects are wonderful. Snorting from the pigs, strange and disturbing noises from aliens, they ring true. The quotes duke says are funny, I’m not lying. Through my review you will find some of the less rude ones. For the rest you must play and discover them yourself.

Game-play: 10/10
Duke 3d is made up of three episodes: L.A. meltdown, lunar apocalypse, and shrapnel city. Each with varying difficulties: Piece of cake (easy) Lets rock (Normal), Come get some (hard), and Damn I’m good (like hard only with more monsters and the monsters respawn). The games just like any first person shooter, get guns, find secrets, blow stuff up, pay women to strip--wait this game isn’t like any ordinary first person shooter. All guns are wickedly awesome and pack their own punch. Then when you get the rocket launcher and blow there SOB’s to hell you’ll be wondering what you where doing not playing this game. Duke can either run or walk--running is better and they even have a run lock, so you don’t have to hold down shift all the time. Other actions duke has are jumping, crouching, and side stepping, there all self-explanatory.

Story: 7/10
Aliens come to earth and invade--not while the duke is in town! They shoot his ship out of the air and he gets made and says something cleaver. Oh yeah, the aliens take our chicks for some reason, “no one takes our chicks, and lives” damn strait, Duke.

Fun Factor: 10/10
It’s in the range of low to high. Either you like it and find it fun or you don’t. I’ve met people that feel both ways.

Replay ability
Whether you’re trying to beat the harder difficulties or just playing it for fun. This game is chalk full of replay ability.

Rent or buy
You’re going to want to buy this game, no doubt about that. If you rent it you’ll only want to buy it more.

Overall: 9/10
This game is how do you say it, “cool” That’s it. If your not intrigued by the graphics you’ll be spell-bound by the game play and ripping the enemies some new one‘s.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/31/03

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