Review by AuthenticZeph

Reviewed: 08/12/04

It's urban 'Doom' with attitude and pizazz. A must play for any FPS gamer.

Foreword: Keep in mind that the i'm giving this game an overall score from my past experiences.

Duke Nukem 3D, one of my first PC games, I played it when I was little, and I loved it. I instantly fell in love with the witty remarks Duke makes, and I remember giggling every time he said 'ass' or 'hell'. The guns are crazy awesome, the levels are super cool, and this is one of the coolest FPS that i've ever played. It ties with with Counter-Strike and Half-Life, and i'm sure there'll be a Doom 3 mod that i'll like as much as this. Doom 3 is an amazing game, but it just doesn't have the replayability that I look for. Hopefully there'll be a mod or something... maybe. I don't know. But that's beside the point. On to the review!

"I'm gonna kick ass and chew bubblegum, but i'm all out of gum."

Graphics: 9\10 then, 6\10 now.

I remember sitting there in awe at how amazing this game's graphics looked, the 'realism' of the alien pigs, (Hey, I was a kid), and the sick looking sci-fi type guns. I can't help but remember how fun it was to freeze a pigcop, then pwnshatter them with my boot. Of course, back then, I didn't use words like 'pwnshatter', but you get the picture. Seeing games like Doom 3 and Half-Life 2 now makes me laugh at how I thought the Duke 3D graphics were amazing, but how would I know that games like these were to come?

Sound: 9\10 then, 7\10 now.

Heh, I remember the good times I had when i'd walk into the strip bar, and i'd shoot one of the strippers, only to hear the "SCREEEEEECH" of a pigcop seconds later. It'd scare the hell out of me. I love the sound, esepcially the music. Esepcially the main menu music. I need to whip this game out again and re live it.

"Your face, your ass, what's the difference?"

Gameplay: 9\10 then, 9\10 now.

The only thing missing from the awesome combonation of the above elements and the only thing preventing this from being a perfect 10 is an easy to use level editor. I'd still probably be playing it to this day if it had an easy to use level editor. A shame. Oh, and a decent and free multiplayer mode. The only flaws with this game. The single player mode is flawless, in my eyes, however. You NEED to play this game if you haven't already. It's Doom meets L.A. Try it, you'll like it.

Overall: 8/10.

This is a must play for any PC gamer, or any FPS gamer.

Well, until next time...

Keep your eye out for Duke Nukem Forever!

(Just kidding, it's never coming out)

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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