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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Lord Zero

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/15/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                   Dungeon Keeper
    					 Strategy guide
        				        By Lord Zero
                                     Version 1.0
    1.- File History.
    2.- Introduction.
    3.- History.
    4.- About this guide.
    5.- The Creatures.
    6.- The Rooms.
    7.- Doors and Traps.
    8.- Temple Stuff.
    9.- Spells.
    10.- A quick overview at the opponents.
    11.- Credits.
    12.- Legal Stuff.
    1.- File History.
    0.1 Finished the game, started the file. Damn them the Avatars!
    (04/05/03, 21:29)
    1.0 Finished the Guide. Wee. Now back to play the game :).
    (04/11/03, 17:57)
    2.- Introduction.
    Dungeon Keeper was a real-time strategy game released back in 1997 by
    Electronic Arts and made by the genious at Bullfrog. In order to make
    something out of an strategy game in a very overcrowded market (at the
    time dominated by Warcraft II: The Tides of Darkness and Command and
    Conquer), games had to do something new. So there, while games like
    M.A.X gave us the a very high strategic options, games like Dark Reign
    allowed for further customization of the often maligned
    town-development, games like WarWind (EXCELLENT game, BTW, you should
    try it) gaves us the opportunity to recruit NPCs to join our ranks and
    even gave us an slight taste of what today has been the focus of
    games like Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, heroes.
    (Now I have an itch to play that game ^_^)
    However, a very small number of games gave us the other side of knife:
    humor. Dungeon Keeper was designed to gave us the other view of an
    RPG: Now you're the bad guy. Your main goal is to design a dungeon,
    and populate with monsters, so the brave and gallant heroes who join
    the quest to liberate it from the evil abominations who risk the life
    of their people (That means "YOU") can't claim the treasures and
    stuff. In other words, you have to defend the dungeon and keep
    the treasures hidden there from the righteous hands of the good
    and benevolent people.
    Sounds like fun, eh? Oh yes. It is.
    3.- History.
    Does this game even have an history?
    Probably. But I don't know it!
    4.- About this guide.
    Customized for a 800x600 resolution, this guide can be view on anything
    else bigger than that. Dunno why you would be using that resolution
    nowadays, but, meh, i know how does it feels when someone with a rather
    powerful PC like me tells that to someone with a modest Pentium I MMX.
    I'm planning a walkthrough since the game can be considerably difficult
    sometimes, but I was wanting to release the guide as soon as possible
    seeing how up to date information about this game is certainly lacking.
    I haven't played this game on multiplayer (there must be around two
    people today who want to play this game online, and the other one
    maybe doesn't has a internet connection), so any information concerning
    multiplayer tactics or watchamacallit about it is very welcomed.
    5.- The Creatures.
    There are a number of creatures you're gonna meet during the game, and
    this is what you'll see here:
    UPKEEP: What do they cost to maintain, on Lv.1 and Lv 10.
    TRAINING UPKEEP: What do they cost per 1000 Experience points in
    training rooms. Time took to reach that ammout of points varies
    from creature to creature.
    SCAVENGING UPKEEP: What do they cost to keep scavenging.
    LIKES: The things the creature likes. These will keep it happy.
    DISLIKES: What the creature dislikes. If its a fellow monster,
    each time they are forced to cross, it will attack it. The feeling
    is the same for both monsters (I.E: Spiders hate Flies, Flies hate
    Spiders). If it's an activity, they will become annoyed when forced
    to do so.
    ABILITIES: Special traits offered by the monster.
    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Abilities learnt by the monster by leveling up.
    RATING: Personal oppinion by myself. You might disagree.
    So, let us go! Creatures are ranked in a particular order of power.
    TRAINING UPKEEP: 156 gold.
    LIKES: Digging?
    DISLIKES: Nothing.
    ABILITIES: None.
    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Lv.1: Digging. Lv.3: Permanent Speed. Lv.10: Teleport.
    RATING: 10/10
    Imps are certainly useful, since without Imps you're bassically screwed.
    Imps dig, dig, and dig gold. They are used to open up new territoy, claim
    territory, reinforce walls, scout, and some digging.
    While Imps are very weak in combat, you should train them up to level 3.
    Once they hit that level, their performance on their work is drastically
    improved. No real need to train them further, though, they are far too weak
    and easy to kill anyway. Try to keep an eye on them at all times.
    UPKEEP: Lv.1: 5 gold. Lv.10: 21 gold.
    TRAINING UPKEEP: 208 gold.
    SCAVENGING UPKEEP: 4 gold/second.
    LIKES: Exploring.
    DISLIKES: Spiders.
    ABILITIES: Flying.
    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Lv.5: Sight. Lv.8: Speed.
    RATING: 4/10
    Flies are certainly wonderful scouts due to their extremely fast speed
    and their flying ability, unfortunately, they are not only very weak,
    but they are also very prone to go into enemy territory, ussually
    setting the AI off before you're ready to deal with it. Also, the fact
    that they are not very fond of Spiders makes them particulary easy to
    get killed.
    Flies only appear on the first levels and even so, they are quickly killed
    by Spiders. If you get a fly, your best bet is to train them quickly and
    then possessing them to explore as much as you can. A particular nasty
    trick is to cast disease on them.
    UPKEEP: Lv.1: 18 gold. Lv.10: 75 gold.
    TRAINING UPKEEP: 125 gold.
    SCAVENGING UPKEEP: 8 gold/second.
    LIKES: Nothing.
    DISLIKES: Nothing.
    ABILITIES: Nothing
    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Lv.7: Freeze.
    RATING: 3/10
    While they are much more durable than the Flies, they are not really very
    useful. Very difficult to train and very slow to move, they are best suited
    to the temple sacrifice than to keep them around. Don't waste your time
    and money with these.
    UPKEEP: Lv.1: 2 gold. Lv.10: 104 gold.
    TRAINING UPKEEP: 281 gold.
    SCAVENGING UPKEEP: 12 gold/second.
    LIKES: Attacking prisioners, Training.
    DISLIKES: Flies.
    ABILITIES: None.
    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Lv.2: Slow. Lv.4: Freeze. Lv.8: Hailstorm.
    RATING: 5/10
    Like Beetles, they are very difficult to train, and their rivality with
    Flies makes them very annoying to keep, and even after that, they are
    very fond of attacking prisioners, which set off the "Your creatures
    are attacking the enemy!" alarm, making them more of a nuisance than
    anything else.
    The Spiders are rather good attacking units, however, they are fairly easy
    to kill, and none of their attacks are very effective (Except Freeze).
    Better to sacrifice them.
    Attracted by large Training rooms.
    UPKEEP: Lv.1: 50 gold. Lv.10: 208 gold.
    TRAINING UPKEEP: 188 gold.
    SCAVENGING UPKEEP: 18 gold/second.
    LIKES: Manufacturing, Training.
    DISLIKES: Researching.
    ABILITIES: None.
    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Lv.4: Speed. Lv.7: Fireball. Lv.10: Grenade.
    RATING: 6/10
    Trolls are very weak in open combat, though is often useful to train
    them up to level four in order to use Speed, which makes them much
    better workers in the workshop.
    Trolls are very good tinkers, and they should belong in the workshops
    at all time unless the situation is desperate.
    Attracted by large Workshops.
    UPKEEP: Lv.1: 20 gold. Lv.10: 83 gold.
    TRAINING UPKEEP: 313 gold.
    SCAVENGING UPKEEP: 10 gold/second.
    LIKES: Temple, Research.
    DISLIKES: Nothing.
    ABILITIES: Flying, gas inmunity, doesn't eats, see invisible, goes
    through doors.
    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Lv.1: Rebound. Lv.3: Invisibility. Lv.6: Tempest.
    Lv.8: Drain life.
    RATING: 7/10
    Ghosts are created when a tortured prisioner dies. They are rather
    useless in combat, but they are very good explorers and are very cheap to
    maintain. Once they are fully trained they are very annoying to kill and
    very effective Imp-hunters. Use them as scouts as soon as they get to
    level 3.
    UPKEEP: Lv.1: 45 gold. Lv.10: 187 gold.
    TRAINING UPKEEP: 219 gold.
    SCAVENGING UPKEEP: 8 gold/second.
    LIKES: Training.
    DISLIKES: Nothing.
    ABILITIES: Water movement.
    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Lv.5: Freeze.
    RATING: 5/10
    I haven't really found an use for Tentacles: They are supposed to be amphibous
    fighters of some kind, but they are, while very resistant, not very suited to
    open combat. They are easily owned by Dragons or Mistress, let alone Orcs.
    Even worse, they are very hard to attract.
    They are pretty cute, though, and I can't negate the fact that having a
    walking tentacle around my dungeon is kinda amusing ^_^.
    Train them as much as you can and leave them at home for defense. Only
    appears on levels with large masses of water. Attracted by a large
    UPKEEP: Lv.1: 70 gold. Lv.10: 291 gold.
    TRAINING UPKEEP: 78 gold.
    SCAVENGING UPKEEP: 15 gold/second.
    LIKES: Training.
    DISLIKES: Bile Demons.
    ABILITIES: Gas inmunity, see invisible, Doesn't eat.
    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Lv.5: Armor. Lv.10: Lightning.
    RATING: 7/10
    Skeletons are created when a prisioner dies in prison. They are quite
    effective in open combat, but their biggest advantage is the fact that
    they retain the experience they had in life (Of course, a Level 10
    creature takes an eternity to die hungry in the dungeon, so don't take
    it for granted that you will get ten level 10 skeletons as soon as you
    kill your first heroes). They are very easy to maintain and train,
    making them perfect cannon fodder for invasions.
    Skeletons have one big minus in their sheets: They HATE Bile Demons.
    Bile Demons are also much more valuable, so if you're using a rather
    big ammount of demons you might want to avoid using skeletons. If so,
    disable the Imprison option.
    UPKEEP: Lv.1: 70 gold. Lv.10: 291 gold.
    TRAINING UPKEEP: 117 gold.
    SCAVENGING UPKEEP: 16 gold/second.
    LIKES: Training, Barracks work.
    DISLIKES: Hellhounds.
    ABILITIES: Lava Inmunity.
    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Lv.4: Missile. Lv.7: Heal.
    RATING: 7/10
    Demon Spawns are among the best creatures of the game due to their
    powerful attacks and their easiness to maintain, train and keep
    alive. They also have one special ability: They morph into
    Dragons (level 4) when they reach Level 10.
    Demon Spawns are your most basic soldiers that are actually worth
    it. You might want to use them as front soldiers due to the fact they
    are very expendable, but sometimes you might also want to keep a few
    alive to make them into dragons. Attracted by large Training Rooms.
    UPKEEP: Lv.1: 67 gold. Lv.10: 278 gold.
    TRAINING UPKEEP: 109 gold.
    SCAVENGING UPKEEP: 16 gold/second.
    LIKES: Exploring.
    DISLIKES: Demon Spawns.
    ABILITIES: Lava Inmunity, Urinates on corpses.
    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Lv.3: Speed. Lv.5: Fire Breath.
    RATING: 8/10
    Hellhounds are powerful stuff. They are incredible quick, very powerful
    and durable, and rather easy to train and maintain. They hold a grudge
    with Demon Spawns, but unlike Flies and Spiders is easy to keep them
    They, just like flies, then to go out exploring and drawning probably
    unwanted attention. Keep an eye on them, and is best to train them to
    the highest level possible before letting them out, so they can hold
    their ground until help arrives... or you get them the hell out of
    there. They also make corpses decompose faster by urinating on them
    I have a thing with dogs, but you gotta admit they look great when held.
    They look so innocent ^_^U. Attracted by large Scavenging Rooms.
    UPKEEP: Lv.1: 120 gold. Lv.10: 498 gold.
    TRAINING UPKEEP: 234 gold.
    SCAVENGING UPKEEP: 25 gold/second.
    LIKES: Researching.
    DISLIKES: Vampires, Manufacturing.
    ABILITIES: (Seems to me they gain experience by sleeping next to gold,
    but it might be my imagination. I've read about it on Phil's Site, though).
    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Lv.2: Fireball. Lv.3: Heal. Lv.4: Meteor. Lv.5: Invisibility.
    Lv.6: Guided Missile (!).Lv.7: Sight. Lv.8: Tempest. Lv.9:Word of Power.
    RATING: 8/10
    Warlocks are very, very, but VERY powerful, but they are also very, very, but
    VERY annoying to keep at high levels. Warlocks are easy to maintain happy as
    long as their library is very far away from anything else and no Vampires
    are around, but if anything interrupts their labors they become insanely
    annoying and can incite massive unhappiness to the rest of your dungeon.
    Of course, this also means that two of the most powerful creatures are quite
    difficult to maintain at the same time, but it's a price to pay.
    That helluva great ammount of spells can be used by just pressing the
    numbers key to use them, even if the first person view doesn't shows them
    at first. Attracted by Librarys (duh).
    UPKEEP: Lv.1: 175 gold. Lv.10: 726 gold.
    TRAINING UPKEEP: 188 gold.
    SCAVENGING UPKEEP: 25 gold/second.
    LIKES: Being slapped, tortured, woken up, thrown into combat, and whips, chains,
    latex, high heel boots, and the stuff you would guess.
    DISLIKES: The only thing that gets them unhappy is not being paid. And
    ABILITIES: Agressive.
    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Lv.4: Missile. Lv.6: Lightning. Lv.7: Speed. Lv.9: Drain
    Life. Lv. 10: Teleport.
    RATING: 9/10
    The Dark Mistress is not only the third most powerful evil creature in the
    game, is also simply too easy to maintain. By slapping them, they totally
    get happy as hell, as well as working faster. They are easy to train, as well.
    They are also one of the two units you can control that can teleport, making
    them especially useful to attack enemy territory by using the Call to Arms
    spell. Very good unit, and wonderful abilities. Look much better on DK II,
    however ^_^. Attracted by large Torture Rooms.
    UPKEEP: Lv.1: 95 gold. Lv.10: 394 gold.
    TRAINING UPKEEP: 117 gold.
    SCAVENGING UPKEEP: 20 gold/second.
    LIKES: Fighting, Training, Guarding.
    DISLIKES: Nothing.
    ABILITIES: Leadership.
    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Lv.5: Speed. Lv.7: Armor. Lv.9: Grenade.
    RATING: 10/10
    Arguably the best units in the game, only rivaled by Dragons, the Orcs are
    outstanding fighters as well as easy to train and maintain. They can be grouped
    in Barracks with independent monsters to make them more loyal.
    Is hard to go wrong with Orcs. Group them and throw them into battle. They are
    very durable and very damaging, plus their speed is very good. Train them as
    as possible. Attracted by large Training Rooms and Barracks.
    UPKEEP: Lv.1: 750 gold. Lv.10: 3113 gold.
    TRAINING UPKEEP: 195 gold.
    SCAVENGING UPKEEP: 25 gold/second.
    LIKES: Researching, Scavenging.
    DISLIKES: Warlocks, Being Held.
    ABILITIES: Inmortal, Gas inmunity, See invisible.
    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Lv.2: Flight. Lv.3: Slow. Lv.4: Teleport. Lv.5: Heal.
    Lv.6: Drain. Lv.7: Armor. Lv.8: Tempest. Lv.9:Word of Power.
    RATING: 9.5/10
    Vampires are, without a single doubt, the most powerful and dominant creature
    after the Horned Reaper (and the Avatar, of course). Powerful in hand to
    hand combat, with an array of offensive and defensive spells, plenty of
    hit points, and virtual inmortality makes them fearsome opponents to face.
    They can also teleport, useful with the Call to Arms spell.
    However, power comes at a price: Vampires are very difficult to maintain, and
    are very dangerous if annoyed. They can incite revolts, kill creatures,
    destroy rooms, and do a total disaster before they leave.
    They also raises your scavenging ability by 50% (if i'm not mistaken). They
    are created by accumulating enough corpses in your graveyard. If they are killed
    after level 3, they are raised again losing one experience level at the
    Keep them away from Warlocks.
    UPKEEP: Lv.1: 350 gold. Lv.10: 1453 gold.
    TRAINING UPKEEP: 208 gold.
    SCAVENGING UPKEEP: 35 gold/second.
    LIKES: Researching, Training.
    DISLIKES: Not getting paid.
    ABILITIES: (As with Warlocks, they seems to gain experience by sleeping next to
    lava pools. Phil says the same).
    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Lv.2: Heal. Lv.3: Grenade. Lv.7: Meteor. Lv.10: Word of
    RATING: 10/10
    My personal favorite creatures, Dragons are particulary damaging, particulary
    resistant, and even easy to attract, keep and train.
    They are not only wonderful fighters, but also seasoned researchers. Get a few
    levels under their belts, and throw them in the library and you will speed up
    the process. Useful when you're using Vampires instead of Warlocks. They have a
    few quirks: First off, they are quite slow. Second, their first person view is
    very confusing, making them very difficult to control.
    They can heal and use word of power, making a single level 10 dragon capable to
    defeat several level 10 heroes by itself (except Samurais, Knights and Avatars).
    Also, they are not very good team leaders due to their lack of speed. Attracted
    by large Treasure Rooms.
    UPKEEP: Lv.1: 950 gold. Lv.10: 3943 gold.
    TRAINING UPKEEP: 150 gold.
    SCAVENGING UPKEEP: 30 gold/second.
    LIKES: Training, Fighting, Corpses, Gold.
    DISLIKES: Everything: Eating, Sleeping, Being Held, Mondays (as do I).
    ABILITIES: Lava Inmunity.
    SPECIAL ABILITIES: Lv.5: Speed. Lv.10: Slow.
    RATING: 7/10
    Horned Reapers are incredible raging cyclones of destruction. But, most
    importantly, they are raging things. A quote from a Magic: The Gathering
    card describes them perfectly.
    "He raged at the world, at his family, at his life. But mostly, he
    just raged".- Raging Goblin.
    About everything annoys them. Ussually, if you want to keep a Horned Reaper,
    you should make them a private locked room with a lair, a training room,
    a hatchery, a treasure room and a temple. This way, he will find it
    difficult to become annoyed, just be sure to fill his treasure room every
    once in a while, and keep him training.
    To keep him happy, or rather to keep him not angered, don't slap him, ever.
    Don't wake him up. Don't put him near other creatures. Don't. Don't. DON'T!
    If he's annoyed and you need him, just deploy him by himself: The Horned
    Reaper is an amazing creature, he can take down several opponents, and is
    even a match to the Knights. He's slightly weak against magic users, and
    if you ever have to face one, just take control of an orc and attack
    and retreat.
    The only way to get a Horned Reaper is by sacrificing a Bile Demon,
    a Dark Mistress and a Troll at the temple.
    6.- Rooms.
    The Rooms in dungeon keeper serve one fundamental purpose, and to attract
    creatures to your dungeon. Is often recommended to avoid some rooms instead
    of trying them all in order to concentrate on certain creatures (a good
    idea, for example, is to avoid the Graveyard if you're going with warlocks).
    Besides, while all of them are useful, some are not completely nescesary.
    COST: 100 gold.
    The lair is the living space for your creatures. Some creatures do need
    more space than others, some creatures simply cannot stand sleeping next
    to others, and some creatures have special traits when sleeping (Dragons
    and Warlocks are the only ones I've found so far).
    Is important to note the fact that some creatures need separate lairs.
    The most common example is, of course, the Horned Reaper. This thing
    will not only get annoyed if any other creature bothers it on its
    sleep, it will in result attack relentlesly the offending creature,
    often being a valuable dragon or something similar. If you're going
    with heavy Warlocks and Vampires, for example as well, you might want
    to build a separate lair for the Vampires next to the graveyard.
    COST: 50 gold.
    The Treasure room stores gold. If it's full, your imps won't be able
    to drop their gold and the time you lose might spell doom sometimes.
    Keep the treasure room near to the gold instead of near the lairs.
    It will be reflected on your efficiency. Heroes assaulting your dungeon
    will get here as soon as possible.
    COST: 200 gold.
    The library is a very important place: here your Dragons, Warlocks,
    Ghosts and Vampires will research and eventually discover new rooms
    and spells for you. This place must be over watched at all times:
    Warlocks and Vampires might wreak havoc due to their differences here.
    It also needs to be put away from populated areas: Warlocks get annoyed
    if some creature walks around their library. Don't sell the tiles! if
    you sell them, you will lose some of the spells and rooms already researched
    and you will have to research them again.
    COST: 150 gold.
    The training room is designed so your creatures can train and get more
    experience, which will make them better fighters and workers. This
    installation is the most important room: Any creature should be spending
    some time here.
    A common mistake is to send unexperienced creatures to battle. Never do
    that. You need to train them for awhile. Some creatures are easier to
    train than others, and, finally, I think that a mistress on the room
    makes other creatures train faster. But I might be wrong, eh?
    COST: 50 gold.
    This room allows to put one or more creatures into "guard mode". When placed
    here, the creature will not leave this position unless it targets an enemy,
    in which case it will pursue it until it kills the opponent, or is killed.
    If it survives, it will go back to the post.
    Actually, this room isn't very useful except on level 19 when the
    Vampires start attacking you (setting one of these near your heart is
    certainly useful on that stage).
    COST: 125 gold.
    Hatcheries are the place where your units eat. Most unit do need to eat
    every once in a while, with a few exceptions. You will be notified if
    your hatchery is not big enough, but that could be quite a big trouble
    if you ever get the message, as hungry creatures become quite touchy.
    Dropping chickens in the middle of a battleground can help heal your
    units, or might make the opponent focus on the chickens giving you
    an advantage. You can also possess the chickens, but you can't actually
    control them.
    COST: 30 gold.
    A bridge. Wee. You can only build them next to your claimed territory
    and on lava or water.
    COST: 200 gold.
    This room allows your trolls and bile demons to build trap and doors to
    defend your dungeon.
    While this room is often neglected by young keepers, it's extremely
    important on later levels. Check the section about traps and doors for
    a little info about them. Your Workshop should be certainly big enough:
    most traps require at least 17 tiles to build.
    COST: 250 gold.
    The prison allows you to set your minions on "imprison", which will mean
    that enemy units defeated in battle will not be killed, instead, they
    will be taken prisoners into the prison. In there, they will a) rot
    and die and be back as skeletons as long as they humanoid, or b)
    they will be there available for you to do as you please (such as
    slapping that freakish samurai).
    You can also drop angry creatures to buy some time.
    High level units can break free of the prison. If you drop a chicken
    on prison, they will fight over it and recover some health. If your prison
    is not big enough, you're in trouble.
    COST: 350 gold.
    Just for kicks, try dropping each kind of creature into the torture
    room and watch the animations. Some of them are very, very funny.
    The torture rooms serves three essential purposes:
    a) Torture enemy imps for information (they will reveal some of
    their dungeon).
    b) Torture enemy units until they convert to your cause. This
    requires some practice. You need to torture them but you can't let them
    die. So watch carefully if you want to convert enemy units.
    c) Torture your own units which will make them a bit more loyal (but
    don't stretch it!) or your mistress to keep them happy. Take them out
    before they die, though.
    COST: 300 gold.
    The Graveyard is an important structure for two reasons: First,
    it keeps dead bodies out of the way and keeps creatures happy
    (except the Horned Reaper)(but what the hell does keep him happy anyway?
    you can only keep him from being angry ^_^), and for every 8-9
    corpses in there, a Vampires rises and joins your army.
    This is important: If you don't want vampires, don't build it. They
    will come and join you and if you didn't wanted them, they can be quite
    a problem. Also, if the opponent has a high level vampire scavenging,
    you might as well just skip vampires or they will soon join their ranks.
    COST: 300 gold.
    The Scavenger room is the most powerful weapon in the game if you
    have a high level vampire.
    Placing creatures here will make enemy creatures of the same kind to
    become attracted to your dungeon. The more the merrier. A high level
    vampire placed here will make your scavenging even more potent. It is,
    however, very expensive to keep so, sometimes, you should only use it to
    keep that high level nosferatu happy.
    COST: 350 gold.
    The temple makes creature happy when dropped there, with the notable
    exception of the Vampires. It also protects your creatures from being
    It also allows you to sacrifice creatures (Dropping them on the pool)
    and if you sacrifice the right creatures, you will get some effect.
    Check the section about Temple formulas for more information.
    7.- Doors and Traps.
    The traps and doors available are the following. Is important to note
    that they are, while useful, not efficient creature replacements.
    Placing them in front of doors is ussually the best idea.
    Alarm Trap: Not very useful. Actually, all it does is to alert nearby
    monster of the breach. Place them nearby entry points and weak spots.
    Sounds 12 times before wearing off. Works somewhat like a Call to Arms.
    COST: 250.
    Poison Gas Trap: Much more useful than the alarm, this trap releases
    poisonous gas (duh) after a second when triggered which will damage
    enemies and friends dearly. The only thing is that this trap actually
    takes quite a bit of time before killing most enemies. Comes with
    5 charges.
    COST: 350 gold.
    Word of Power Trap: Like the magic spell some creatures can cast,
    this trap releases an explosion which damages enemies around. This
    doesn't does a lot of damage, but it's enough to kill invading imps.
    Comes with three charges.
    COST: 750 gold.
    Lightning Trap: This is a very powerful trap which will shot lightning
    bolts at enemies until it wears off. It deals a good ammount of damage,
    but it's best use is to kill enemy imps. Comes with 8 charges.
    COST: 500 gold.
    Lava Trap: This trap turns the activated tile into a lava tile. Not very
    useful as far as I see. Obviously, only works once.
    COST: 750 gold.
    Boulder Trap: This is the best trap in the game. It will release a
    rock which will kill anything on its path except Bile Demons, Dragons,
    Knights, Avatars, Samurais and Horned Reaper. You can move over the
    rock by slapping it. Best placed in a long way. It will bounce over
    walls and will explode in lava. It will only crumble in water though.
    Only one boulder per trap set.
    COST: 1000 gold.
    Wooden Door: Basic door. Goes down with a few hits.
    COST: 250 gold.
    Braced Door: Medium door. Takes a good ammount of damage before going
    COST: 500 gold.
    Iron Door: Heavy door. Has more HP than the dungeon heart! I think is
    easy to take down with fire, but I might be wrong.
    COST: 750 gold.
    Magic Door: Ridiculous difficult to take down. Magical attacks such as
    Word of Power, and lightning are reported to be more efficient in taking
    it down. Dragons are nearly useless taking this down.
    COST: 1500 gold.
    8.- Temple Stuff.
    1 Imp = Reduce Imp cost by 150.
    1 Fly + 1 Spider = Get a Warlock.
    2 Flies = Your current research will be completed.
    2 Beetles = your current worshop project will be completed.
    3 Spiders = Get a Bile Demon.
    1 Beetle + 1 Spider = Get a Dark Mistress.
    1 Dark Mistress + 1 Bile Demon + 1 Troll = Get a Horned Reaper.
    Not all of them are good, though.
    1 Ghost = All your chickens will explode!
    1 Vampire = All your creatures contract a disease!
    2 Bile Demons = All your creatures turn into chickens!
    1 Horned Reaper = All your creatures get angry.
    Yeah, sacrificing two Bile Demons and a Ghost is a particulary stupid
    thing to do.
    9.- Spells.
    You can make most of the spells more effective by keeping the button
    of the mouse down for a few seconds until they are fully charged and
    then releasing.
    COST: 0 gold.
    This spell allows you to directly control one creature. While useful
    sometimes is recommended to leave creatures on your own and help
    them with spells.
    This spell is one of the most attractive features of the game: While
    controlling the creature, you'll see what it sees. If you control a
    Beetle, Mistresss, Warlock, Bile Demon, Orc, Troll, Horned Reaper or
    Imp, you will see normally. But if you control Dragons, you will see
    through a haze, Hellhounds will show a red and black view. Vampires give
    red tones, while Spiders and flies give you a very distorted view based
    on their different eyes. Demon Spawns and Ghost also give distorted
    point of view.
    To attack, just press the left button of your mouse. By pressing the
    number keys, you will choose an action. If you can't see the action
    you want it to perform, press the number anyway (0 key for 10, though).
    It will work.
    COST: 150 gold, then 150 more for each subsequent imp created. If you
    lose an imp or sacrifice it, the price goes down by 150 gold.
    This spell creates imp. So there.
    COST: 50 gold.
    This spell reveals an small area of the dungeon. Opponents can see
    the swirling cloud it creates.
    This spell is useful for knowing when opponents are trying to attack
    you. On some levels, heros will try to tunnel to your dungeon very
    quickly, and so, always check before you open up your dungeon. You
    can't cast spells on the revealed area.
    COST: 100-900 gold.
    This spell makes your creatures move, attack and work faster. Works
    wonder on training creatures. Some creatures can cast it by themselves
    and some creatures actually are always on speed. (That sounds funny)
    COST: 50 gold.
    This spells makes creature do whatever you wish them to do, not
    interrupting to eat or if they find the activity distasteful. Is not
    very useful.
    COST: 0 if in your own territory, 1-9 anywhere else. Effect is
    continuous and it will drain money if kept active.
    This spell is incredible useful. It will attract monsters to the
    area. The more you invest on it, the bigger the radius of effect.
    Dropping creatures nearby and then setting a call will lead them
    to the spot and fight any opponents. You can use it to lead a group
    of creatures into enemy territory by setting it on near points and
    moving it into enemy territory (This is rather expensive, though).
    Mistresses and Vampires will teleport to any call of arms set
    COST: 100-900 gold.
    This spell turns a creature invisible for a short time. Useful for
    scouting. Rather useless at later levels since Skeletons, Ghosts and
    Vampires can see invisible creatures.
    COST: 1000 gold.
    This spell summons ALL of your creatures to your dungeon heart. This
    will bassically stop any activity on your dungeon. You need to confirm
    this spell before it works. Useful when an oppossing Horned Reaper
    enters your dungeon, or so.
    COST: 1000-2600 gold.
    This spell causes the roof to fall over the heads of whoever passes
    by. This can do quite a lot of damage against some careless enemies. It
    is,however, sometimes pretty easy to avoid. You can cast it anywhere
    you've scouted, making it a plus after a successful scouting season.
    I find the Lightning spell to be more effective, though.
    COST: 300-1200 gold.
    Useful stuff. This spell heals your creatures, plain and simple.
    Best used with creatures such as Bile Demons or Orcs, with lots of HP
    but no own healing capabilities.
    COST: 600-3000 gold.
    The best spell in my opinion, this spell sends down a powerful bolt
    which damages all creatures within a short area of the target.
    This will spell doom if you manage to find the enemy Training Room
    or the Lair. The only con it has is that it is quite expensive.
    COST: 100-900 gold.
    This spell sets a protective shell around your target, giving it
    added toughness. Very useful, however it last way too little time to
    be actually a must for every battle.
    COST: 1200-3000 gold.
    This spell turns an enemy into a chicken. It's quite fun, but is somewhat
    difficult to make it work for reasons beyond my comphrension. The
    converted unit will be weak as hell to be killed. The ways of curing
    this is by dropping it on a pool, or waiting until the spell runs out.
    COST: 7000-9000 gold.
    This is, by far, the most powerful spell on the game. It gives the
    creature a dangerous and contagious disease. The only way of curing
    the creature is by dropping it on the temple. However, the problem
    is that when the creature crosses another creature, it will pass
    the disease. Then, is extremely difficult to control the disease.
    If you ever get cuaght with it, drop every creature at the temple.
    And build a very large one, BTW.
    You can use a fly to pass the disease to the enemy. Cast disease on it,
    and send it to enemy territory, being the expendable creature it is ^_^.
    COST: 10000 gold.
    Very expensive, isn't it? All it does is to turn a reinforced wall into
    ordinary stuff. Not very useful most of the time, but can make for a nasty
    surprise. It's supposed to be a multiplayer spell, mostly, I guess.
    COST: 60000 gold.
    This spell teleports all of your units and your opponent units to your
    dungeon heart for a final battle. During that battle, you can't pick
    up your creatures. It last for a certain time.
    When you cast it and comfirm it, a counter will appear for you (and your
    enemy) to prepare. Make sure you cast it when you're way above your
    opponent's forces, or he might just beat the hell out of you and then
    focus on your heart.
    The only way of avoiding an unwanted Armaggedon is by tossing two Bile
    Demons into the temple to turn all of your creatures into chickens.
    They will not be teleported then to the encounter.
    10.- A quick overview at the opponents.
    Not much info I have found about the heros. I do know how well do they
    fare in combat as well as some of their abilities, but haven't been able
    to work with them as long as to know their specific stats. Any help
    would be appreciated.
    TUNNELLER: Similar to the imp, but they learn Protection instead of
    DWARF: Weak opponent unless in very high levels. Learns Protection.
    ARCHER: Very powerful creature, and VERY annoying. Learns Speed, and
    THIEF: About the same as the dwarf but learns Speed instead of Protection.
    BARBARIAN: Slighly more powerful than the thief. Learns Protection.
    GIANT: Very powerful attacking creature. Learns Speed.
    FAIRY: Quick and annoying magical creature. Learns Lightning, Heal,
    Invisible,  and Freeeze, making them formidable fighters.
    MONK: Weak fighter but powerful magic user. Learns Heal, Protection and
    SAMURAI: Ridiculous powerful fighter: learns Speed, Lightning and
    Freeze. Slightly more powerful than the mistress.
    WITCH: VERY powerful an VERY annoying opponent. Learns Fly, Lightning,
    Heal and Tempest (Argh!!).
    WIZARD: Dangerous but quite weak opponent. Easy to take down on physical
    fight, but teamed up with Witches they are extremely difficult to stop.
    Learns Freeze, Heal, Fireball, Slow and who knows what else.
    KNIGHT: Also called the Lord Of The Land. Learns Heal and Reflect. Is
    very resistand and powerful, but is actually quite slow and makes it an
    easy target for high level Mistresses and Vampires.
    AVATAR: Obsenely powerful creature, fast, and incredible difficult to
    take down. It took me a group of four Dragons a Bile Demon and an Orc,
    all at lv.10 and about 15-20 minutes to kill him! and even worse...
    in the only level it appears (Last Level, Skybird Trill) when killed...
    it's resurrected!! Learns Heal, Speed, Invisibility, Word of Power
    and probably more. VERY DANGEROUS. Drop dragons and Vampires at him.
    11.- CREDITS:
    - First and Foremost: Phil, the webmaster of the Guide for Keeping
    Better Dungeons, at <http://home.earthlink.net/~pdestelle/gamezone/keeper/>
    for his inmense knowledge of the game. Go visit the site for heaps of
    more information. He has a section dedicated to DK II as well.
    - To CjayC as always. Kudos to this dude.
    - To myself. Errm... 'Cuz I can.
    - To Bullfrog for this and several other very good games. Dunno what
    happened to them though :\.
    - And to you, for giving this game and this guide a chance.
    12.- Legal Stuff.
    This file is owned by Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com)
    You MAY distribute, print, read, show to your friends or enemies this
    guide freely, AS LONG as you credit Lord Zero as the author, keep
    the copyright on it, and is used for non-profit purposes. You MAY NOT
    change ANYTHING on this guide, adding or taking anything out of it,
    including banners, links, or anything else. You MAY NOT distribute this
    guide on any non-electronic media. All I ask from you if you wish to
    publish this guide on your site, is to keep it updated, and to notificate
    me of your URL.
    All Rights Reserved. Anything not mentioned on this text can be discussed
    via email to the address below.
    Copyright 2003 By Lord Zero (dskzero@yahoo.com).
    The last version can always be found in gamefaqs.com.
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