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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Iron Knuckle

    Version: 0.95 | Updated: 11/04/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         ____     __  __   __   __   ____    _____   ______   __   __
        / __ |   / / / /  /  | / /  / __/   / ___/  / __  /  /  | / /
       / /_/ /  / /_/ /  / /||/ /  / /_//  / _/_   / /_/ /  / /||/ /
      /_____/  /_____/  /_/ |__/   |___/  /____/  /_____/  /_/ |__/
          __   __   ________   ________   _______   ________   _______
         / /  / /  / ______/  /  _____/  / ___  /  /  _____/  / ___  /
        / /_/ /   / /_       /  /_      / /__/ /  /  /_      / /__/ /
       /    /    /    /     /    /     / _____/  /    /     /    __/
      / /| |    /  __/     /  __/     / /       /  __/     / /| |
     / / | |   /  /____   /  /____   / /       /  /____   / / | |
    /_/  |_|  /_______/  /_______/  /_/       /_______/  /_/  |_|
    Deeper Dungeons
     Game:           Dungeon Keeper: Deeper Dungeons
     Platform:       Windows PC (95+)
     Version:        0.9
     Last Updated:   4 November 2012
     Written by:     Iron Knuckle
     Type:           FAQ/Walkthrough
     GameFAQ status:  90%
    Table of Contents
      Version Updates
        Game options
        Keyboard shortcuts
      Doors and Traps
        1. Morkardar
        2. Korros Tor
        3. Kari-Mar
        4. Belbata
        5. Caddis Fell
        6. Pladitz
        7. Abbadon
        8. Svatona
        9. Kanasko
       10. Netzcaro
       11. Batezek
       12. Benetzaron
       13. Daka-Gorn
       14. Dixaroc
       15. Belial
      Appendix A: Statistics tables
        Heroes & Creatures
        Creature spells
      Appendix C: Multiplayer
      Appendix D: Bugs, Glitches and Stuff
      E-mail, Questions and Contributions
      Unfinished business
    Version updates
    03 October, 2012 (v0.1):
     First start on the walkthrough, after owning this game for about 12 
    years now. Haven't played it in quite a while, though.
    04 November, 2012 (v0.85):
     Finished all but Belial. Still need to do some proper markup of 
    several sections.
    05 November, 2012 (v0.9):
     Wrote the description for Belial, and made this the first released
    version. I might still add some general information in the beginning
    and check the spelling/grammar at some locations.
     The controls of this game are very easy. You can move the cursor 
    around with the mouse and click with left mouse button (abbreviated 
    as LMB) on certain parts to select rooms/spells/traps and creatures. 
    Hover the cursor over a specific part to get information about that 
    Control panel
     The left pane shows your dungeon view with the four wind directions 
    relative to the degree of rotation you applied to the map. This way 
    you can always find north. The dotted line always points back to your 
    Dungeon heart which makes it easier for you to locate it. Around the 
    map you have five options:
      -The Map icon which shows you the overall map for the land
      -The letter "C" which toggles computer assistance
      -The letter "Q" to see some options and to quit the game
      -Plus(+) and Minus(-) signs to zoom in and out on the mini-map
    The panel below it contains five tabbed panels with their own uses:
    Info tab (Question mark)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     At the top there are two options: Imprison and Flee. Click on the 
    options to toggle them (they start blinking if active). Of course you 
    need to have a Prison before you can set the Imprison option.
     Just below the remaining time to the next payday is shown. When the 
    gauge is completely filled you need to pay out your creatures. The 
    total amount is shown in red numbers in the center. Another two 
    gauges are shown below this tab, these are the research and 
    manufacture times. Theses represent the progress on completing new 
    spells and traps/doors. 
     Below that four tabs are shown; one for each active Keeper in the 
    region (if available). Next to the color it shows the number of rooms 
    and the number of creatures that Keeper has. However remember to not 
    count the safety in numbers...
     The very bottom of the tab shows a "?" query options. Click on it to 
    turn your cursor into a "?" shape. If you click on a creature friend 
    or foe you'll learn some additional information about it. The game 
    now automatically tracks every movement of this creature to keep the 
    screen centerized around it.
    Room tab
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     These are the rooms you can build. Any raised icon means that the 
    room has already been build. If you still need to research the 
    specific room it will appear as a "?". Do research in the Library to 
    discover this room. The bottom-right icon is reserved for the selling 
    icon. Click on it to change your cursor to a "$" icon. Now you can 
    sell any rooms in your possession on the map.
    Spell tab
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Similar to the rooms tab, all spells are shown which have been 
    researched so far. "?"s depict spells which still need to be 
    Manufacture tab
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     In the same manner this tab shows the traps and doors together in 
    one tab. The traps are displayed in the two topmost rows whereas the 
    doors are shown in the third row. Again, the "$" icon can be used to 
    sell the doors and traps, but only selling traps pays out some money.
    Creature tab
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    All your creatures are displayed here by on-of-three activities. Left 
    are the idle creatures, the center shows the working creatures and 
    the rightmost column shows the currently fighting creatures. Click on 
    the number to select any creatures from that activity (right click 
    makes the view change to that creature). Also clicking on the icon 
    picks up the creature with the highest level of experience for that 
    Options menu
     Pressing the "Q" in the top left corner or hitting "Esc" will bring 
    up this small menu. From left to right you can:
       -Load game
       -Save game
       -Set visual options
       -Set sound options
       -Set computer assistance
       -Quit game
    Load and Save game
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     These two options speak from themselves. Pick any save file (out of 
    8) and save the current data so you can resume playing from here at 
    any moment in time afterwards.
    Set visual options
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     This option lets you set a few options so you can tweak the game's 
    performance. The game should be able to run under the best settings 
    without slow down on any machine build after 1997 so it should work 
    fine. Basically the five options are: 
     Shadows -          Set how many shadows can be cast on a single
                        object (between 0 to 4)
     View distance -    Set how much is visible on the dungeon map
     Field of view -    Allow rotation in steps 90 degrees or smoothly
     Wall height   -    Raise/lower walls to make the creatures stand out
     Gamma correction - Change brightness of the dungeon view from dark
                        to light
    Set sound options
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     The sound options let you change the volume of the BGM music and the 
    Special effects, sounds and voice-over (SFX) independently.
    Set computer assistance
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     I never use computer assistance since it's more a nuisance than a 
    help. But if you really wish to try there's four different types from 
    left to right:
     Red - Aggresive        Builds rooms / uses spells & traps /
                            tries to attack
     Yellow - Defensive     Builds rooms / uses spells & traps /
                            never tries to attack
     Green  - Construction  Can only build rooms
     Blue   - Movement      Can only slap and move creatures
    Click on the "c" near the map radar to activate the computer 
    assistance and see what happens.
    Quit game
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Select the trashcan to quit the game and return to the main 
    options screen.
    Shortcut keys
     Key combination      Effect
     ------------------   ----------------------------------------
     Alt + R              Switch between 8 bit & 16 bit resolution
     <, >, ^, v           Move view of dungeon map / Move creature (FPV)
     Shift + <, >, ^, v   Move view in one direction but faster
     Ctrl + > or <        Rotate dungeon view
     Ctrl + ^ or v        Zoom in / out on the dungeon map
     Ctrl + 0..9          Select marker 0..9 on map
     Shift + 0..9         Go to marker 0..9 on map
     A                    Go to annoyed creature
     F                    Go to fight
     M                    Go to overview map
     P                    Pause game
     Esc                  Brings up Options panel
     1                    Select Information panel
     2                    Select Rooms panel
     3                    Select Spells panel
     4                    Select Manufacture panel
     5                    Select Creature panel
     NUMPAD "+"           Speed up game
     NUMPAD "-"           Slow down game
     Room           Shortcut key combination
     -------------- ------------------------
     Barracks       B
     Bridge         Shift + B
     Graveyard      G
     Guardpost      Shift + G
     Hatchery       Shift + H
     Heart          H
     Lair           Shift + L
     Library        L
     Prison         Shift + P
     Scavenger      S
     Temple         Ctrl + T
     Torture Room   Alt + T
     Treasure room  T
     Training room  Shift + T
     Workshop       W
     Using the in-game query feature in the "?" tab you can learn quite a 
    lot about the statistics of a certain creature, but it's much easier 
    to open the "creature.txt" file in the Keeper directory to view all 
    the values in a table format. Using knowledge of both I've made this 
    section where all creatures in the game are described.
     All values are for creatures of level 1 and the data is extracted 
    from the Creatures.txt file enclosed in your Keeper game directory. 
    To calculate the values for the higher levels take the following 
    percentage for the corresponding level (only HP, STR, SKL, DEX and 
    Wage increase with a level up) and round it down to the nearest 
         level     %
         -----   ---
             1   100
             2   135
             3   170
             4   205
             5   240
             6   275
             7   310
             8   345
             9   380
            10   415
    Lvl 10 stats   Abilities           Other
    ------------   -----------------   ----------------------------------
     HP:     311    Dig          (1)    Training Cost: 10
     ATK:     20    Attack       (1)    Scavenge Cost:  -
     ARM:      5    Speed        (3)    Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:      0    Teleport    (10)    Slaps to kill: 20
     SKL:     20                        Eat #chickens:  -
     DEX:    249                        Lair Size:      -
     Reward:   0                        Job: many, see below
     -Generated by "Create Imp"
     -Can dig earth/gold/gems, claim Tiles/Rooms, fortify walls,
      and many more jobs
     The weakest type of creatures with little to no fighting abilities, 
    yet they are the most important creatures for your survival as a 
    Keeper. Imps can be generated by casting the "Create Imp" spell which 
    is usually always available from the start of the level. The first 
    Imp you generate costs 150 gold and each additional one costs 150 
    more, so don't make too many of them.
     They are very important because they do all kinds of works for you 
    like digging gold, claiming tiles and rooms, arming traps, 
    transporting dead/knocked out heroes and reinforcing your dungeon 
    walls. They are generated slaves and therefore you can slap them as 
    much as you like and they will never complain. Use this in your 
    advantage; like any creature slapped Imps work 25% faster. So hit 
    them every now and then to motivate them. Imps will never attack 
    always fleeing from battle, unless the enemy is also an Imp or when 
    the Dungeon heart is under attack; Imps protect the Heart at all 
     The special abilities of the Imp are as mentioned above the "speed" 
    spell which becomes available from level 3 and the "teleport" spell. 
    In some cases training Imps to level three (or using "Level up" 
    dungeon specials) can be handy as "speed" Imps move twice as fast as 
    they normally would and the spell is recasted before it wears out, 
    meaning that they are permanently under it's influence. There's no 
    need to get train them any higher than this. Yes, "teleport" is a 
    faster transportation, but like all creatures level 10 Imp's "speed" 
    ability lasts only for a few seconds.
     Sometimes it can be handy to manually cast the "Invisibility" spell 
    on them, when they're claiming tiles in hostile territory as enemy 
    creatures can't spot them. Another quirk about the Imps is that 
    sacrificing them in the Temple fountain makes them much cheaper to 
    produce quadraticly. That is, if you sacrifice 'x' Imps you can 
    generate the first 'x' Imps for 150 gold and the 'x + 1'th for 300! 
    Using this tactic you can truly treat them as cannon fodder in case 
    you're in a hazardous environment.
    Portal requirement:
    Lvl 10 stats   Abilities           Other
    ------------   -----------------   ----------------------------------
     HP:     622    Attack       (1)    Training Cost:  5
     ATK:     41    Sight        (5)    Scavenge Cost:  4
     ARM:     10    Speed        (8)    Natural enemy:  Spider
     LCK:     15                        Slaps to kill:  8
     SKL:    124                        Eat #chickens:  1
     DEX:    209                        Lair Size:      1
     Reward:  20                        Job: Explore Dungeon
     -Flying creature
     -Extremely cheap, but only a bit stronger than an Imp, actually
     -Explores unmapped parts of dungeon
     The First creature you'll come across in the game. Flies are very 
    weak and are hardly of any use later on in the game. If you'd get a 
    Fly in the later levels slap (nearly) to death and put in the 
    Torture/Graveyard for a stronger undead creature. The Fly however 
    never seems to get irritated so he's easy to please at all time.
     Another tactic with the Fly for later levels is that you can infect 
    him with "Disease" and have him fly off towards your opponent. He'll 
    get killed no doubt, but if your enemy doesn't have a Temple then, 
    he's going to loose all his creatures because of the infection. If 
    there are some Spiders in the neighborhood keep them away from the 
    flies as they will attack each other head on, when forced to share 
    the same lair. You could not interfere and let the better of the two 
    win which is the Spider (unless it a level 10 Fly against level 1 
    Spider). But dead bodies can annoy your creatures quite a lot so 
    better remove the Fly from your dungeon.
    Beetle                                 (sometimes referred to as Bug)
    Portal requirement:
    Lvl 10 stats   Abilities           Other
    ------------   -----------------   ----------------------------------
     HP:    1037    Attack       (1)    Training Cost:  8
     ATK:    103    Freeze       (7)    Scavenge Cost:  8
     ARM:     25                        Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:      3                        Slaps to kill: 22
     SKL:    166                        Eat #chickens:  1
     DEX:    228                        Lair Size:      1
     Reward:  74                        Job:            -
     Also appearing in the first level the Beetle is quite a bit stronger 
    than the Fly. Beetles however have only little abilities and should 
    only be trained if no better creatures are available. Otherwise put 
    them in Torture/Graveyard for a better undead.
    Demon Spawn
    Portal requirement:
     Treasure room(1), Training room(1)
    Lvl 10 stats   Abilities           Other
    ------------   -----------------   ----------------------------------
     HP:    1348    Attack       (1)    Training Cost: 15
     ATK:    207    Missile      (4)    Scavenge Cost: 16
     ARM:     40    Heal         (7)    Natural enemy:  Hellhound
     LCK:      8                        Slaps to kill: 30
     SKL:    207                        Eat #chickens:  2
     DEX:    207                        Lair Size:      1
     Reward: 207                        Job:     Training
     -Immune to lava
     -Becomes a level 5 Dragon when it surpasses level 11. However the
      Demon Spawn's max level has been capped to 10 for the missions up
      to Moonbrush Wood.
     These creatures are strong fighters considering how cheap they are 
    to maintain. They only require a Training room (and the money to keep 
    them trained). If the level script allows it they continue on with 
    training and turn into a fine level 5 Dragon, once they reach level 
    11. Next to that their immunity to lava makes them good for attacking 
    lone islands filled with distant enemies.
     Even though, they are not as strong as the later creatures you'll 
    come across Demon spawns are quite good and can research / 
    manufacture / scavenge better than most of the other low level 
    creatures. Keep them separated from Hell hounds however as they fight 
    each other to the death, if they share the same lair. Just build two 
    separate lairs from them or make sure they not both of them are 
    resting at the same time.
    Portal requirement:
     Hatchery(9), Lair(9)
    Lvl 10 stats   Abilities           Other
    ------------   -----------------   ----------------------------------
     HP:    1660    Attack       (1)    Training Cost: 18
     ATK:    166    Slow         (2)    Scavenge Cost: 12
     ARM:     30    Freeze       (4)    Natural enemy:  Fly
     LCK:      3    Hail storm   (8)    Slaps to kill: 24
     SKL:    207                        Eat #chickens:  2
     DEX:    249                        Lair Size:      1
     Reward: 103                        Job: Freeze prisoners
     -Once it has reached level 4 it will try to mess around with the
      prisoners by freezing them. They really enjoy doing this. 
     Spider are not that common in the single player mode. They make 
    their first appearance in Flowerhat during the missions and can be 
    attracted in few of the levels afterwards. Spiders naturally hunt 
    down Flies and they'll do so in this game as well, if they both share 
    the same lair. When this happens kick the Fly out as it is inferior 
    to the Spider in every possible way (apart from being fastest 
    creature around that is). Spiders can do better than average in the 
    Workshops, but otherwise they have no real tasks at which they excel.
    Portal requirement:
     Temple(9), Lair(9)
    Lvl 10 stats   Abilities           Other
    ------------   -----------------   ----------------------------------
     HP:    2905    Attack       (1)    Training Cost: 14
     ATK:    207    Freeze       (5)    Scavenge Cost:  8
     ARM:     50                        Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:      3                        Slaps to kill: 40
     SKL:    207                        Eat #chickens:  1
     DEX:    269                        Lair Size:      1
     Reward: 186                        Job:            -
     -Gains experience while sleeping if Lair is build next to water
     -Hard to attract, appears very rarely. A Temple or hitting water 
      might increase your chances.
     -Is one of the strongest non-humanoid creatures
     -Has extremely poor healing rate. When they sleep they energy is
      replenished at an really slow pace
     His statistics look like those of an upgraded Beetle, and in fact it 
    is to some degree. They're very cheap, but has quite a lot of HP and 
    can fight just as well as one of your average fighters such as a 
    Skeleton or a Troll. The only downside of using them in battle is 
    that they need a lot of time to recover afterwards and they are just 
    as slow as the slug called Giant.
     They can do some scavenging, but other than that their skills are 
    mediocre. Also when Tentacles get annoyed they might join your enemy 
    instead. Tentacles can appear in most level from 16 and onwards, but 
    they hardly do. In 19 and 20 you'll come across some good Tentacles 
    which need persuasion before they join you.
    Troll                               (sometimes referred to as Goblin)
    Portal requirement:
    Lvl 10 stats   Abilities           Other
    ------------   -----------------   ----------------------------------
     HP:    1867    Attack       (1)    Training Cost: 12
     ATK:    166    Speed        (4)    Scavenge Cost: 18
     ARM:     35    Fireball     (7)    Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:     10    Grenade     (10)    Slaps to kill: 25
     SKL:    207                        Eat #chickens:  3
     DEX:    207                        Lair Size:      1
     Reward: 207                        Job:     Workshop
     -Cannot do Research
     -Top notch manufacturer
     -Poor fighter
     Trolls are weak, when compared to the Tentacle and the Spider, but 
    they can be very useful. Their Workshop skills are unmatched, 
    especially after they reach level 4 as they can work continuously 
    under influence of "Speed".
     On the highest levels they do posses some spells, but they die 
    rather easily on the battle field. You'd better have them work for 
    some Traps and Doors. To get some profit back sell the traps. This 
    way you can easily make up for their timely wage.
    Hell hound
    Portal requirement:
     Scavenger room(9)
    Lvl 10 stats   Abilities           Other
    ------------   -----------------   ----------------------------------
     HP:    1867    Attack       (1)    Training Cost: 14
     ATK:    228    Speed        (3)    Scavenge Cost: 16
     ARM:     35    Flame breath (5)    Natural enemy:  Demon Spawn
     LCK:      8                        Slaps to kill: 40
     SKL:    207                        Eat #chickens:  3
     DEX:    290                        Lair Size:      1
     Reward: 278                        Job: Seek out the enemy on map
     -Immune to lava
     -Quick and nimble creature
     -Speeds up dead body decomposition in the graveyard by pissing on
      the dead
     -After reaching level 5 they prefer using Flame breath over their
      normal attack.
     Attracted by building a Scavenger room the Hell hounds posses 
    training and scavenging skills. When you don't make them do anything 
    a Hell hound walks around the dungeon and seeks out the enemy with 
    its noses (he has two heads). As mentioned with the Demon Spawn keep 
    these two creatures apart if they need to sleep, but otherwise there 
    should be no trouble with them.
     Like Flies they explore the region, but these dogs do so more 
    aggressively and they can kill some of the weaker creatures. Hell 
    Hounds however do not posses any great fighting skills and therefore 
    you should not spend too much time on them in case you can afford 
    better creatures.
    Portal requirement:
     Torture room(1), Temple(9)
    Lvl 10 stats   Abilities           Other
    ------------   -----------------   ----------------------------------
     HP:     830    Attack       (1)    Training Cost: 20
     ATK:     83    Rebound      (1)    Scavenge Cost: 10
     ARM:     20    Invisibility (3)    Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:     10    Whirlwind    (6)    Slaps to kill:  -
     SKL:    249    Drain        (8)    Eat #chickens:  -
     DEX:    373                        Lair Size:      1
     Reward:  83                        Job: Moaning in the Temple
     -Flying creature
     -Immune to poisonous gas
     -Cannot be killed by slapping
     -Doesn't need to eat
     -Doesn't leave a body/carcass when killed, instead it dissolves
     -Can spot invisible creatures
     -Is supposed to be able to move through locked doors
      (this feature doesn't seem to work on my game, however)
     -Can only be attained by torturing a creature to death and maintains
      the experience level of the original creature.
     Ghost are very specific creatures. They are incredibly weak in 
    battle (they are only better than Flies and Beetles), and yet they 
    posses skills none of the other creatures have like seeing invisible 
    enemies. Ghosts tend to swarm around the Temple fountain doing 
    nothing. Because Ghosts are spirits they do not need to eat and they 
    cannot be slapped to death. Ghosts are also better than average in 
    the Library, but other than that they hardly have any uses.
    Portal requirement:
     Prison(9), Training(1)
    Lvl 10 stats   Abilities           Other
    ------------   -----------------   ----------------------------------
     HP:    2075    Attack       (1)    Training Cost: 20
     ATK:    228    Protect      (5)    Scavenge Cost: 15
     ARM:     20    Lightning   (10)    Natural enemy: Bile Demon
     LCK:      2                        Slaps to kill: 20
     SKL:    207                        Eat #chickens:  -
     DEX:    290                        Lair Size:      1
     Reward: 290                        Job:     Training
     -Immune to poisonous gas
     -Doesn't need to eat
     -Excellent trainers
     -Can only be attained (under normal circumstances) by having a
      humanoid creature die in Prison.
     Skeletons normally only appear when you leave a captured humanoid 
    creature to die inside the Prison. Skeletons are not very expensive 
    to maintain and have reasonable fighting skills although they take 
    damage very easily. Because they are excellent trainers they can 
    reach level 10 rather quick as opposed to most other creatures who 
    need to spend an eternity in the Training room to get that far.
    Warlock                           (sometimes referred to as Sorceror)
    Portal requirement:
    Lvl 10 stats   Abilities            Other
    ------------   ------------------   ---------------------------------
     HP:    1452    Attack        (1)    Training Cost: 30
     ATK:     83    Fireball      (2)    Scavenge Cost: 25
     ARM:     15    Heal          (3)    Natural enemy: Vampire
     LCK:      6    Meteor        (4)    Slaps to kill: 17
     SKL:    124    Invisibility  (5)    Eat #chickens:  3
     DEX:    415    Guided Missile(6)    Lair Size:      1
     Reward: 498    Sight         (7)    Job: Research spells in Library
                    Whirlwind     (8)
                    Word of Power (9)
     -Great researchers and scavenger
     -Cannot Manufacture
     -Arrogant creature, gets annoyed easily
     -Gains (little) experience from sleeping next to a treasure room
     -Warlocks of level 2+ will drive out any non-Warlock/Wizard
      creatures from the Library while researching. Even Imps who just
      pass by.
     -Large groups of Warlocks can incite revolts spreading unhappiness
      in your dungeon.
     In the earlier levels Warlocks are essential for your research and 
    high leveled Warlocks can research the quickest. But this comes at a 
    cost. As soon as a Warlock hits level 2 he'll use his Fireball attack 
    to remove any non-worthy researcher from the Library. They even cast 
    it against Horned Reapers who may get aggravated by it. If Warlocks 
    get angry you may want them to walk around the Temple fountain or 
    give them some gold (quantity doesn't matter).
     Furthermore Warlocks with a high level are among the best long 
    ranged fighter in your arsenal. The hero Witches, Wizards and Fairies 
    are easier to maintain and have similar long range attacks, but are 
    often harder to attain. After level six you may not need to train the 
    Warlocks anymore. Wind and Sight are not that useful IMO, then again 
    Word-of-Power(10) has quite some potential for the shorter range.
     In the later levels Warlocks may often come in conflict with 
    Vampires. Usually I would take out the Warlocks one-by-one slapping 
    them to death on the graveyard to receive another Vampire from their 
    left-overs. That usually sorts out the differences, but it may not be 
    ideal in any situation.
    Dark Mistress
    Portal requirement:
     Torture room(9)
    Lvl 10 stats   Abilities            Other
    ------------   ------------------   ---------------------------------
     HP:    2905    Attack        (1)    Training Cost: 24
     ATK:    249    Lightning     (6)    Scavenge Cost: 25
     ARM:     50    Speed         (7)    Natural enemy: Samurai
     LCK:     20    Drain         (9)    Slaps to kill: 50
     SKL:    290    Teleport     (10)    Eat #chickens:  3
     DEX:    290                         Lair Size:      1
     Reward: 363                         Job: Torture themselves
     -Easy to keep happy; just give a slap with your hand
     -Automatically teleports to your Call-to-Arms flag on level 10
     First appearing in level 6 (Snuggledell) these peculiar creatures 
    need a specific treatment to keep them satisfied. It's quite easy 
    actually. Mistresses desire to feel pain and therefore slapping them 
    makes them quite happy indeed. They usually visit the Torture room if 
    one is available.
     As you may notice by the abilities, Dark Mistress gain a lot in the 
    later levels. If you have a Mistress in service be sure to train her 
    to at least 7. Finally, the Samurai is a sworn enemy of the Dark 
    Mistress and vice versa. They're both great warriors therefore you 
    should build two separate lairs and keep their lairs in different 
    rooms. Otherwise they can work together pretty well.
    Portal requirement:
     Training room(9), Barracks(1)
    Lvl 10 stats   Abilities            Other
    ------------   ------------------   ---------------------------------
     HP:    2905    Attack        (1)    Training Cost: 15
     ATK:    269    Speed         (5)    Scavenge Cost: 20
     ARM:     60    Protect       (7)    Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:     12    Grenade       (9)    Slaps to kill: 40
     SKL:    269                         Eat #chickens:  2
     DEX:    249                         Lair Size:      1
     Reward: 394                         Job: Training / Guard
     -Cannot research
     -Does a decent job in the workshop
     -Automatically walks to any guard posts 
     -Has least amount of fear among living creatures
     -Inspires group morale in Barracks, except for Horned Reapers
     Once Orcs reach level 7 they have both the Speed and Protect 
    available. This makes these creatures strong warriors and also good 
    addition to your army. They will automatically start training, until 
    they reach level 10. After that they take jobs for guard post, but 
    you can also put them to work in the Workshops. Orcs do not ask for 
    much and you actually have to put some effort into it to make them 
    angry (i.e. Orcs are pleased very easily).
    Bile Demon
    Portal requirement:
     Hatchery (25), Lair(25)
    Lvl 10 stats   Abilities            Other
    ------------   ------------------   ---------------------------------
     HP:    4980    Attack        (1)    Training Cost: 38
     ATK:    332    Poison cloud  (2)    Scavenge Cost: 30
     ARM:     60    Flatulence    (4)    Natural enemy:  Skeleton
     LCK:      5    Grenade       (7)    Slaps to kill:  -
     SKL:    124                         Eat #chickens:  6(!)
     DEX:    166                         Lair Size:      2
     Reward: 406                         Job: Manufacture in Workshop
     -Immune to poisonous gas
     -Immune to Whirlwind
     -Has a lot of HP
     -Decent manufacturer
     Bile demons are very tough; they cannot be killed by slapping, they 
    are resistant to poisonous gas and they have a combination of many HP 
    and good Armor. Compared to some of the creatures below they are also 
    not that expensive to pay, but they do require large Hatcheries as a 
    single Bile Demon can eat as many as 6 chickens in one go.
     Skeletons are enemies with the Bile Demons, perhaps because one is 
    extremely fat and the others are utmost skinny. In any case you'd 
    better separate their lairs as well. The Flatulence attack is a fart 
    similar to the poison cloud, the only difference is that Flatulence 
    will not harm any friendly creatures. When Bile Demons grow to level 
    10 they sure look very big and intimidating, indeed. Another 
    interesting fact about these demons is that their gigantic weight has 
    made them immune to the whirlwind attack. This may come in handy when 
    fighting Witches and the like.
    Portal requirement:
     Treasure room(25), Lair(15)
    Lvl 10 stats    Abilities            Other
    -------------   ------------------   --------------------------------
     HP:     3735    Flame breath  (1)    Training Cost: 40
     ATK:     373    Heal          (2)    Scavenge Cost: 35
     ARM:      90    Grenade       (4)    Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:      18    Meteor        (7)    Slaps to kill:  -
     SKL:     207    Word-of-Power(10)    Eat #chickens:  4
     DEX:     249                         Lair Size:      4
     Reward: 1473                         Job: Researching spells
     -Immune to lava
     -Gains experience from sleeping next to lava
     -Slow moving, but best armor of the creatures
     -Cannot imprison opponent, because it does not have a physical
      'Attack' option.
     -Great Trainers/Researchers/Scavengers
     -Very idle creatures who get angry when not paid
      (they might steal your money)
     They can best be described in battle as slow moving tanks which a 
    versatile range of attacks and the ability to heal oneself. Dragons 
    are great to use when disarming traps (except boulders), because of 
    their high defense and the immunity to lava.
     Getting your dragons to high levels early on can surely benefit your 
    dungeon as they can do nearly anything. But as you noticed by the 
    reward they come for the right price. Also their home costs you four 
    tiles of lair you just constructed, so if you plan to attract Dragons 
    make sure to build a big Lair preferably next to lava. Although, it 
    should be noted that the experience they gain from sleeping next to 
    lava is hardly noticeable at all.
    Portal requirement:
     Graveyard(30), Lair(9)
    Lvl 10 stats    Abilities            Other
    -------------   ------------------   --------------------------------
     HP:     3320    Attack        (1)    Training Cost: 50
     ATK:     290    Fly           (2)    Scavenge Cost: 25
     ARM:      30    Slow          (3)    Natural enemy:  Warlock
     LCK:      25    Teleport      (4)    Slaps to kill: 60
     SKL:     332    Heal          (5)    Eat #chickens:  2
     DEX:     332    Drain         (6)    Lair Size:      2
     Reward: 3112    Protect       (7)    Job: Scavenging
                     Whirlwind     (8)
     -Immune to poisonous gas
     -Fly ability (from level 2 onwards)
     -Immortal from level 3 onwards. If killed returns to its lair,
      and experience drops one level.
     -Top notch scavenger
     -Great trainer/researcher
     -Cannot manufacture
     -Can be generated infinitely many (see below)
     Vampires are by far the strongest undead and also possible one of 
    the best creatures in the game. When a Vampire's level raises over 3 
    it becomes immortal. Thus a level 10 Vampire is also a level 9, 8, 7, 
    6, 5, 4, 3 Vampire. Although his ability will vanish when his level 
    drops below the required points. However if the "flee" option is 
    active a level 4+ Vampire will simply teleport to his lair when his 
    energy is nearly depleted meaning that it is nearly impossible to 
    kill them.
     These undead can train very quick for the first few levels, but once 
    they reach level 3 they need much more experience compared to the 
    other creatures in order to ascend another level. Perhaps a side-
    effect from becoming immortal. Of all the things you should not do is 
    putting them in the Temple. The sacred place will annoy them to no 
    end, also slapping them or torturing may not be a good idea. Vampires 
    also grow annoying when held in your hand for a long time. Another 
    thing to consider is their hatred for Warlocks. Should the two share 
    rooms kill the Warlock to get another Vampire imo. >:D
     To get a Vampire you first need to build a Graveyard and then you 
    need about 8-10 dead bodies which need to be dragged to the Graveyard 
    by your Imps. Once these have all decomposed a Vampire transcends 
    from the graves. What you could do is making your Imps cheap by 
    sacrificing them and then generating one, killing it and repeating 
    this process to get 10 carcasses which are required for the Vampire. 
    This way, albeit being a bit tedious, can give you an infinite amount 
    of Vampires.
    Horned Reaper
    Portal requirement:
     Temple(9) (Though, Horned Reapers will never come through a portal)
    Lvl 10 stats    Abilities           Other
    -------------   -----------------   ---------------------------------
     HP:     8300    Attack       (1)    Training Cost: 150
     ATK:     622    Speed        (5)    Scavenge Cost: 30
     ARM:      70    Slow        (10)    Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:      30                        Slaps to kill: 80
     SKL:     290                        Eat #chickens:  4
     DEX:     644                        Lair Size:      2
     Reward: 3942                        Job: Kill. Anything!
                                              Be it friend or foe
     -Immune to lava
     -Physically the strongest creature
      (equal to the Avatar and much stronger than the Knight)
     -Good at scavenging, otherwise performs poor in any job or task
     -Cannot manufacture
     -Cannot form groups in the Barracks 
     -Extremely easy to annoy (never ever slap him or do bad things)
     -Goes psychotic, when angry kills anything in his path
     As noted by the list above Horned Reapers aren't good in any 
    particular job. In fact if it wasn't for his incredible stamina and 
    strength you're better off without them! Horned Reapers are only good 
    for one thing: fighting. They can take out any creature/hero even at 
    much higher levels in one-on-one combat. Things become more 
    complicated, when the enemy attacks in groups. Horned Reapers don't 
    have any magical protection or anything leaving them vulnerable to 
    Freeze or his own rebounded Slow spell.
     To get hold of this killer machine you need to sacrifice these 
    creatures in the Temple fountain (3x3 temple or bigger):
              1 Bile Demon + 1 Dark Mistress + 1 Troll.
    The level of the returned Horny will be something like the average of 
    the three, but this may differ a bit. As everybody knows Horned 
    Reapers are annoyed by anything. Eating, researching, sleeping, doing 
    nothing, picking them up while they're sleeping, being held in your 
    Keeper hand for too long. There are only three things to my knowledge 
    that will make a Horned Reaper happy:
     -Give him some money
      (only works if he's not yet psycho)
     -Let him walk around the Temple fountain
      (it takes time before they cool down)
     -Death; Have him fight or stand on dead creatures
      (it doesn't matter whether they are friends or foes)
     If you have a Temple simply place them there at all time, and the 
    Reapers cause you no trouble at all. Simple! Otherwise you don't need 
    to take any drastic measures like separating them like I hear so much 
    about. They can live together with other monsters just any other 
    creature, but you need to make sure to give them as little as 10 gold, 
    when you hear the message: "Your creatures are getting angry!". If 
    you give them any quantity of gold before they go psycho nothing will 
    happen. It has always worked for me, so it should work for you too. 
    Otherwise activate the "Must Obey" spell and the Reapers won't go 
    berserk, but as soon as the spell is retracted and they are still 
    annoyed they go psycho nonetheless! "Must Obey" only prevents them 
    (or any other creature for that matter) from actually doing bad 
     Furthermore, like said in the traits they're terrible at anything 
    that doesn't involve fighting so you better keep your Bile Demon, 
    Mistress and Troll, until research is completed. Sacrifice them 
    afterwards, when they all reached high levels to get a high leveled 
    Reaper in return. This is cheaper than having him train. Hornies cost 
    150 gold to train and they're slow at that, whereas the other three 
    cost: 38 + 24 + 12 = 74 to train. The same can be said about the wage. 
    Wait with the sacrifice, until you're almost ready to do combat. Also 
    a "Resurrect Creature" special might allow you to get one of the 
    original creatures back...
    Tunneller Dwarf                    (also referred to as Valley Dwarf)
    Lvl 10 stats    Abilities           Other
    -------------   -----------------   ---------------------------------
     HP:     1425    Attack       (1)    Training Cost: 10
     ATK:     166    Teleport    (10)    Scavenge Cost: 10
     ARM:      30                        Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:       0                        Slaps to kill: 30
     SKL:     166                        Eat #chickens:  2
     DEX:     166                        Lair Size:      1
     Reward:  207                        Job: See Imp
     -Cannot research
     -Behaves as an Imp when converted to your side
     -Has the dig ability, but you can't dig in First Person View
     The Tunneller Dwarf also called Mole sometimes is in overall the 
    weakest member of the Heroes. His sole purpose is to dig passages 
    towards your Dungeon. When breaching through your walls the heroes 
    who follow along with him are free to attack, steal to their own 
    heart's content.
     Tunnellers posses little fighting power, but it is still better than 
    that of your Beetles and the like. During the first missions of the 
    game the Tunnellers are tuned down a bit to make the fights easier to 
     As noted in the traits Tunnellers have the bizarre behaviour of 
    mimicking Imps when they get into your possession. They can do any 
    job the Imp does, but you can't use these while "possessing" him. 
    Also this 'Imp' is pretty strong and he does cost some money when it 
    is payday.
    Dwarf                  (also referred to as Mountain Dwarf or DwarfA)
    Lvl 10 stats    Abilities           Other
    -------------   -----------------   ---------------------------------
     HP:     2075    Attack       (1)    Training Cost:  5
     ATK:     207    Protect      (4)    Scavenge Cost:  6
     ARM:      40    Rebound      (7)    Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:       2                        Slaps to kill: 30
     SKL:     124                        Eat #chickens:  2
     DEX:     228                        Lair Size:      1
     Reward:  145                        Job: Manufacture in Workshop
     -Good at manufacturing
     Dwarfs posses no attack spells so they solely rely on close-range 
    combat. However they are not that much stronger to their blonde 
    Tunneller related cousins. Pretty easy to defeat and a nice addition 
    for your workshop, but otherwise you might be better of with a 
    Vampire or Skeleton.
    Lvl 10 stats    Abilities           Other
    -------------   -----------------   ---------------------------------
     HP:     1245    Attack       (1)    Training Cost:  8
     ATK:      83    Arrow        (1)    Scavenge Cost:  8
     ARM:      20    Guided Missile(4)   Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:      15    Speed        (6)    Slaps to kill: 30
     SKL:     249    Slow         (8)    Eat #chickens:  2
     DEX:     415                        Lair Size:      1
     Reward:  249                        Job: Manufacture in Workshop
     -Reasonable at manufacturing
     -Great for putting on Guard posts stations
     -Terrible in close range combat
     Lightly armored with only medium strength the Archer is at it best 
    from a distance. An individual arrow doesn't do much damage, but 
    combined with Speed, Slow and the guided missile this adversary can 
    cause a great deal of damage to his opponents. If converted they may 
    get annoyed if the workshop is too small for him to work in.
    Lvl 10 stats    Abilities           Other
    -------------   -----------------   ---------------------------------
     HP:     1037    Attack       (1)    Training Cost: 12
     ATK:     124    Speed        (4)    Scavenge Cost:  8
     ARM:      20    Invisibility (8)    Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:      14    Rebound     (10)    Slaps to kill: 30
     SKL:     332                        Eat #chickens:  2
     DEX:     498                        Lair Size:      1
     Reward:  236                        Job:            -
     -Mediocre but very stealthy fighter with Speed and Invisibility
     -Becomes a level 3 Knight if trained beyond level 10
     -Often appointed to stealing gold from your dungeon
     Again, another weak fighter. He's stronger than the Archer, but left 
    on its own a Spider or a Tentacle can easily finish him of. Fighting 
    is not the best quality of this hero. The ability of mixing Speed 
    with Invisibility of leads to cases where the Thief just wanders by 
    your minions and steals money without you even knowing it. This might 
    happen in level 18: Blaise End for example. Better get a ghost in 
    your army as he can spot invisible creatures.
     If you have the chance to convert a Thief do so! He may look very 
    weak, but once he transcends level 11 he becomes a fine level 3 
    Knight who is much better at fighting.
    Lvl 10 stats    Abilities           Other
    -------------   -----------------   ---------------------------------
     HP:     2905    Attack       (1)    Training Cost: 40
     ATK:     249    Protect      (6)    Scavenge Cost: 18
     ARM:      50                        Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:      10                        Slaps to kill: 40
     SKL:     294                        Eat #chickens:  1
     DEX:     290                        Lair Size:      1
     Reward:  394                        Job:     Training
     -Reasonable good at training
     -Cannot research
     The hammer wielding barbarian is a strong adversary who takes a lot 
    of abuse before he falls down to the earth. Converting a Barbarian is 
    an excellent choice as these creatures are pretty strong physical 
    Lvl 10 stats    Abilities           Other
    -------------   -----------------   ---------------------------------
     HP:     2697    Attack       (1)    Training Cost: 35
     ATK:     415    Speed       (10)    Scavenge Cost: 25
     ARM:      60                        Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:      20                        Slaps to kill: 40
     SKL:     124                        Eat #chickens:  3
     DEX:     249                        Lair Size:      2
     Reward:  178                        Job:     Training
     -Third most powerful enemy after Horned Reaper and Avatar
     -Cannot research
     -Slowest hero
     Similar to the Barbarian, but more set to the extremes this 
    creatures has more stamina and strength, but it is also slower and 
    less skillful. Giants can be a good addition to your army, as their 
    biggest shortcoming is resolved by their level 10 ability: Speed. But 
    still his inability to use any type of magic can mean that he has a 
    difficult time against any magic users.
    Lvl 10 stats    Abilities           Other
    -------------   -----------------   ---------------------------------
     HP:      622    Attack       (1)    Training Cost:  4
     ATK:      41    Drain        (3)    Scavenge Cost:  4
     ARM:      10    Lightning    (4)    Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:      40    Heal         (5)    Slaps to kill:  8
     SKL:     244    Invisible    (6)    Eat #chickens:  1
     DEX:     290    Guided Missile(7)   Lair Size:      1
     Reward:  236    Rebound      (8)    Job: Doing research
                     Meteor       (9)
                     Freeze      (10)
     -Immune to poisonous gas
     -Flying creature
     -Great researcher
     -Weakest creature of all (can be killed with 1 "Lightning" spell)
     -Can be deadly in groups in long distance battles
     If you can convert one of these they may seem pretty weak, and they 
    are, but Fairies are good researchers and if you drop a few of them 
    in the back of a battle they can do some serious damage on your 
    opponents, but at close range they're completely hopeless. I once had 
    a single level 10 Vampire against two level 5 Fairies and a level 10 
    Fairy. The Vampire lost.., so this shows that Fairies can be 
    dangerous, but only when the enemy can't get close to them. It only 
    takes few hits to knock out a Fairy.
    Witch                       (also referred to as Priestess sometimes)
    Lvl 10 stats    Abilities           Other
    -------------   -----------------   ---------------------------------
     HP:     1245    Attack       (1)    Training Cost: 16
     ATK:      83    Fly          (2)    Scavenge Cost: 20
     ARM:      20    Poison cloud (3)    Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:       6    Rebound      (4)    Slaps to kill: 20
     SKL:     124    Whirlwind    (5)    Eat #chickens:  2
     DEX:     332    Lightning    (7)    Lair Size:      1
     Reward:  311    Heal         (8)    Job: Doing research
                     Guided Missile(9)
                     Hailstorm   (10)
     -Fly ability (level 2 and up)
     -Reasonable researcher/scavenger
     Like her male counter-part the Wizard this creature excels at using 
    spells just like the Fairy, but she's a bit stronger than her. Still 
    she's pretty weak and can be defeated easily if attacked by more than 
    one creature. If she's above level 5 use some Bile Demons as they are 
    too heavy to be blown away by the whirlwind attack.
    Lvl 10 stats    Abilities           Other
    -------------   -----------------   ---------------------------------
     HP:     1452    Attack       (1)    Training Cost: 30
     ATK:      83    Missile      (1)    Scavenge Cost: 20
     ARM:      15    Fireball     (3)    Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:       5    Rebound      (5)    Slaps to kill: 17
     SKL:     124    Heal         (5)    Eat #chickens:  2
     DEX:     415    Freeze       (6)    Lair Size:      1
     Reward:  518    Hailstorm    (7)    Job: Doing research
                     Drain        (8)
                     Slow         (9)
                     Meteor      (10)
     -Immune to poisonous gas
     -Top notch researcher, better than the Warlock
     -Good scavenger
     -Cannot manufacture
     -Drives any non Wizard/Warlock out of the Library
     If possible you should get some Wizards to do your research. They're 
    the best researchers amongst all creatures. However just Wizards are 
    almost carbon-copies of the Warlock painted blue instead of purple. 
    Their statistics and traits are so similar that they can be 
    considered as the same. A Wizard is just as arrogant as it's dark 
    counter part so take care and prevent any riots if their numbers 
    Lvl 10 stats    Abilities           Other
    -------------   -----------------   ---------------------------------
     HP:     1348    Attack       (1)    Training Cost: 12
     ATK:     166    Heal         (2)    Scavenge Cost: 15
     ARM:      20    Protect      (3)    Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:      30    Slow         (4)    Slaps to kill: 25
     SKL:     332    Missile      (5)    Eat #chickens:  2
     DEX:     332    Drain        (7)    Lair Size:      1
     Reward:  311    Hailstorm    (9)    Job: Doing research
     -A more balanced fighter and spell caster
     -Reasonable researchers and scavengers
     -Slow moving
     -Loves to be in and around the Temple
     Some consider him the religious and sacred counterpart of the 
    Vampire, but one-on-one a Vampire should be able to win the battle on 
    the same height. Otherwise Monks can be serious problems as the 
    highest level versions learn Word-of-Power which packs a serious 
    punch to all surrounding creatures. Converting one of these might be 
    a wise decision as they are quite good in battle (more balanced 
    trade-off between power and spells than all the previous heroes) and 
    have relatively little costs attached to them.
    Samurai                         (also referred to as Ninja sometimes)
    Lvl 10 stats    Abilities           Other
    -------------   -----------------   ---------------------------------
     HP:     2905    Attack       (1)    Training Cost: 50
     ATK:     332    Sight        (5)    Scavenge Cost: 30
     ARM:      60    Lightning    (6)    Natural enemy: Dark Mistress
     LCK:      20    Speed        (7)    Slaps to kill: 50
     SKL:     290    Freeze       (9)    Eat #chickens:  3
     DEX:     373                        Lair Size:      1
     Reward:  809                        Job:     Training
     -One of the best creatures in the game
     -Excellent trainer
     -Good at all types of jobs
     The legendary Samurai are pretty rare in the single player game, but 
    they are not to be taken too lightly. for levels 1 to 5 a Samurai 
    possesses no skills other than his sword, but if he levels up any 
    further he learns two long range spells and can also speed up his 
     Samurai are good at any kind of job, but there is only one problem 
    which you need to sort out. Dark Mistresses and Samurai following the 
    code of the bushido cannot live together in one lair. They are both 
    fierce warriors and therefore you don't want to lose either of them. 
    Again, split their lairs and everything will work out fine.
    Knight               (also referred to as Lord of the Land sometimes)
    Lvl 10 stats    Abilities           Other
    -------------   -----------------   ---------------------------------
     HP:     2905    Attack       (1)    Training Cost: 40
     ATK:     332    Sight        (4)    Scavenge Cost: 30
     ARM:     100    Lightning    (7)    Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:      10                        Slaps to kill: 40
     SKL:     294                        Eat #chickens:  3
     DEX:     290                        Lair Size:      1
     Reward: 2241                        Job:            -
     -Good fighter
     -Doesn't excel in any job
     -Cannot Scavenge (it does cost money; but no Knights get attracted)
     This guy is pretty expensive considering what he has to offer. A 
    good figher, but unlike what others think the Knight is by far not 
    the Reaper's equal. Knights are only half as strong and have much 
    less HP, even their ability to heal themselves doesn't make up for 
    that. In any case only convert the lord of the land if you need to 
    take out the other Keeper as it is a solid warrior capable of doing 
    quite some damage for you.
    Lvl 10 stats    Abilities            Other
    -------------   ------------------   --------------------------------
     HP:    12450    Attack        (1)    Training Cost: 100
     ATK:     622    Protect       (2)    Scavenge Cost: 50
     ARM:     120    Heal          (4)    Natural enemy:  -
     LCK:      20    Freeze        (6)    Slaps to kill: 40
     SKL:     456    Drain         (7)    Eat #chickens:  3
     DEX:     747    Guided Missile(8)    Lair Size:      1
     Reward: 4980    Invisibility  (9)    Job:            -
     -One-on-one unmatched in combat against any creature
     -Physical strength is equal to the Horned Reaper
     -Ability to take out small armies single handedly
     -Excellent trainer
     -Good Researcher
     -Cannot Scavenge (it does cost money; but no Avatars get attracted)
     The final boss of the game appears only as level 10 in the last 
    single player level of the game. The avatar is dubbed the walking 
    tank or the one man army. With an nearly endless supply of health 
    this creature is capable of slaying entire groups of your creatures 
    if you don't take care.
     With the Protect and Heal in his possession it will take even longer 
    to slay him. Then you imprison him, but you need to cast the "Heal" 
    spell literary thirty to forty times at it's highest level to 
    completely heal this adversary. Then put him in the Torture room and 
    wait... After a while he'll change side and choose for you. Now you 
    have the most powerful creature in your possession. He may cost 
    nearly 5000 gold per payday, but he's worth an entire army. You have 
    almost nothing to fear except boulder traps maybe... 
    Treasure Room
    Cost per tile:    50
    Research value: 1000
    Shortcut key:      T
    Creatures attracted:
     Demon Spawn, Dragon
     The treasure room is like the Lair and Hatchery one of the primary 
    and essential rooms in your dungeon. Without one you cannot function 
    properly (unless you start out with a gigantic amount of cash in the 
    beginning). Usually available right from the start the Treasure room 
    stores all the gold you find in the level. Increasing the efficiency 
    of this room makes it possible to store more and more money on a 
    single tile. As treasure heaps up larger piles of wealth become 
     Make sure to build treasure rooms close towards gold seams or gem 
    blocks as your Imps spend too much time walking around with the money 
    they claim otherwise. In some cases having multiple treasure rooms 
    can be very handy if you are digging in a completely different corner 
    of the map. On the other you also need to place it close to where 
    your creatures reside as you don't want them walking all over the 
    place when it is payday. Large Treasure rooms also attract Dragons 
    and Demon Spawns in particular.
    Cost per tile:   100
    Research value: 1000
    Shortcut key: Shift + L
    Creatures attracted:
     Beetle, Bile Demon, Dragon, Spider, Tentacle, Vampire 
     Without a lair all of your creatures grow unhappy rather quick. The 
    Lair is the resorting place of tired out creatures who regenerate 
    their energy by sleeping. Although all homes build in the Lair take 
    up at one tile each creature claims a distinct number of tiles in the 
    entire Lair. For most creatures this value is one, but certain big 
    creatures like Dragons take up 4 tiles. In some of the levels you 
    need to construct two separate Lairs as certain creatures will not 
    live together in the same shared lair. The following types of 
    creatures should always be kept apart:
                Fly         <->  Spider
                Hell hound  <->  Demon Spawn
                Warlock     <->  Vampire
                Skeleton    <->  Bile Demon
                Samurai     <->  Dark Mistress 
    The easiest way to do this is by building two separate lairs and 
    plunging either type in its own distinct lair. This way they build 
    their homes won't cause any rivalry.
    Cost per tile:   150
    Research value: 1000
    Shortcut key: Shift + H
    Creatures attracted:
     Bile Demon, Spider
     A Hatchery is required to feed you minions. After building it little 
    eggs rise from the ground, they break freeing a small, yellow, pluche 
    chicken. They wander around aiminglessly and die rather quick if they 
    are taken outside of the Hatchery.
     You creatures need to eat otherwise they lose energy by starvation. 
    Another thing to note is that certain creatures can get particularly 
    unhappy, when no Hatchery is available or when it is too small. The 
    Bile Demon is one example of this. Most creatures digest at most one 
    or two chicken per visit, but again the Bile Demon eats a stagger 6 
    pieces of poultry before it is satisfied. You can imagine that a 
    small group of these creatures is a serious drain on your food supply.
     Another reason to build a large Hatchery is that you can effectively 
    heal your imprisoned heroes with the chickens. This is much cheaper 
    than the "Heal" spell, but it does require some patience as a 
    chickens only heal little health. Also, when a victim is tortured 
    feeding him/her makes sure the tortured creature doesn't die too 
    Training room
    Cost per tile:   150
    Research value: 1000
    Shortcut key: Shift + T
    Creatures attracted:
     Demon Spawn, Orc
     Although, combat is twice as effective to reach get your creatures 
    to reach higher levels a Training room is essential in most levels. 
    Using this room you can train any of your creatures (including Imps) 
    to the maximum of level 10. training however costs quite a lot of 
    money and if you can only afford little money to spend you may want 
    to keep most of your creatures outside of this room. Therefore it is 
    often a good idea to build some doors to the entrances of the 
    Training rooms. If you lock these none of your creatures can spend 
    your money in here.
     Lastly, if your dungeon has any weak parts it might be best to build 
    either a Workshop or this Training room in the vicinity as any 
    breaches will immediately be noticed by the working creatures in 
    those places.
    Cost per tile:   200
    Research value: 1000 (researching the Library is usually never done)
    Shortcut key:      L
    Creatures attracted:
     The Library is place where creatures can be put to work to research 
    new spells for you to use or the more advanced rooms that can build 
    afterwards. Warlocks are automatically attracted to doing research 
    and if you have any Warlocks with a level greater than 1 they will 
    open fire on any creature who is not a Wizard/Warlock that trespasses 
    the Library. Hence you should either not train your Warlocks too 
    early or build the Library in a quiet area away from your other 
     Each room or spell has its own Research value, when this many 
    research points have been reached the spell/room becomes available to 
    you. The more advanced the item you are researching the more research 
    points are required to research it. The "Destroy Walls" spell costs a 
    whopping 750,000 points and therefore it takes ages to get this spell. 
    The order in which the spells/rooms are researched is fixed in a 
    predefined order, even though some spells take longer to research 
    than the consecutive ones:
         1 Create Imp     (usually available)
         2 Treasure Room  (usually available)
         3 Lair           (usually available)
         4 Hatchery       (usually available)
         5 Training Room  (usually available)
         6 Library        (usually available)
         7 Sight of Evil
         8 Bridge 
         9 Speed 
        10 Must Obey 
        11 Guard Post 
        12 Call-to-Arms 
        13 Workshop 
        14 Conceal Monster 
        15 Barracks 
        16 Hold Audience 
        17 Prison 
        18 Cave In
        19 Torture Chamber 
        20 Heal 
        21 Temple 
        22 Lightning 
        23 Graveyard 
        24 Protect 
        25 Scavenger Room 
        26 Chicken 
        27 Disease 
        28 Armageddon
        29 Destroy Walls
    To speed up the research either have the highest leveled creatures 
    research or have Dragons/Wizards/Warlocks/Fairies doing this job as 
    they are most able of all creatures (the hero Wizard in particular).
    Cost per tile:    30
    Research value: 4600
    Shortcut key: Shift + B
    Creatures attracted:
     The bridge can be a valuable asset as it allows your minions to 
    traverse more easily through water and it also allows them to move 
    over lava. One of the strategies you could try with bridges on lava 
    is building one to your enemy and as soon as they reach the center 
    start selling the bridge this way they take a lot of damage before 
    reaching safeland.
    Guard Post
    Cost per tile:    50
    Research value: 6700
    Shortcut key: Shift + G
    Creatures attracted:
     I used to ignore the Guard posts in DK, but after learning about
    their use in creating impassible blockades these rooms make the game
    much easier to play. When a Guardpost is placed against a lowered
    section (e.g. water/lava) the height difference will be two steps
    which any non-flying creature cannot ascend! This leads to several
    situations where your Imps can leave your dungeon, but Heroes cannot
    enter yours. This makes several of the maps much easier to play,
    although one may wonder if this was intended behaviour from the 
    programmers, as it seems like an almost unfair advantage to use.
    Cost per tile:   200
    Research value: 9000
    Shortcut key:      W
    Creatures attracted:
     Workshops are the ideal and only locations where you can build and 
    manufacture the traps and doors that can be set up in your dungeon. 
    Similar to the research in the Library it takes a certain amount of 
    Manufacture time to construct a trap or door. Not only does the size 
    of the Workshop influence the efficiency, but it also influences 
    which items can be built:
         Trap type       Size (in tiles)
         -------------   ----
         Alarm              1
         Poison Gas        10
         Lightning         13
         Lava              17
         Word-of-Power     21
         Boulder           17
         Door type       Size (in tiles)
         -------------   ----
         Wooden            10
         Braced            13
         Iron              17
         Magic             21 
     Trolls are by far the most proficient manufacturers, but other 
    creatures like Bile Demons, Orcs and the red haired Dwarfs have good 
    manufacturing skills as well.
    Cost per tile:    125
    Research value: 12000
    Shortcut key:       B
    Creatures attracted:
     Barracks serve for two purposes: 1. They are required for attracting 
    the very handy working slaves called the Orcs. 2. Barracks can be 
    used to group your creatures. Place all the creatures you want to 
    assign to the group in the Barracks then "Posses" the leading 
    creature and all the other creatures in the Barracks will follow you 
    around. They do so until they either die or when you retract the 
    "Posses" spell. In the latter case they will resume doing what they 
    initially did. Also notice that natural enemies will never form 
    groups together and the Horned Reaper won't do group work either.
    Cost per tile:    225
    Research value: 20000
    Shortcut key: Shift + P
    Creatures attracted:
     -, but can get you Skeletons
     This room is used to keep all the vile creatures and imprisoned 
    heroes. Heroes can only be imprisoned if you set the "Imprison" 
    option under the "?" in the left pane menu. You can also place one of 
    your own creatures here so they can't do any harm to anybody. While a 
    creature is here he cannot go out to the Hatchery an they cannot be 
    scavenged by hostile keepers as well. During the time they spend here 
    they start moaning every now and then, which causes them to lose 
    health over time.
     Certain creatures like Spiders like to taunt the creatures inside 
    the Prison. They do so by applying their Freeze spells on them for 
    fun. Next to that when a humanoid creature dies there is a chance 
    that a Skeleton may raise from the remains. Also if the creature was 
    carrying any money with him it will be released the moment he/dies. 
    Small Prisons can also be the cause of an outbreak when there are too 
    many creatures inside of it. This may lead to prisoners escaping, 
    which is usually a bad thing.
     You can also feed them chickens or drop the chicken inside the 
    Prison to watch the inhabitants fighting over the little delicacies. 
    When heroes or hostile creatures have been dragged to the Prison by 
    the Imps you can pick them up with your Keeper hand and drop them at 
    any location. Usually you want to put the creature in the Torture 
    room so that it can be subdued to torture for various reasons as 
    spelled out below.
    Torture room
    Cost per tile:    350
    Research value: 20000
    Shortcut key: Alt + T
    Creatures attracted:
     Dark Mistress, Ghosts may appear from dead torture victims
     Even without a Prison the Torture room can be essential to construct. 
    It does not only attract the Dark Mistress to your dungeon, but can 
    also be used to torture your own minions. You may want to do this 
    with, say Warlocks, as torturing one creature of that type makes all 
    the other creatures of that type work 25% harder. This is the same 
    effect as slapping them. You have to take care that when a certain 
    pain threshold is crossed the creature's health depletes rather 
    quickly. During the torture the creature doesn't get any salary out 
    from payday.
     Torturing a Hero may result in two things. For one thing, it might 
    reveal some information about the enemy dungeon. This will always be 
    showing the location of the enemy's dungeon heart. The view expands 
    each time more information is claimed. Secondly, if a creature is 
    subdued to torture for a long enough period without dying it will 
    convert to your side. This can be done for any creature, but certain 
    creatures need more time to be mentally 'broken'. If the creature 
    doesn't survive the pain, it will die and return as a Ghost who has 
    the same level of experience as the original host of the body had. 
    Ghosts have only poor combat skills, and therefore you should only 
    let the weakest creatures die.
     The time it requires to break the enemy depends on the type of 
    creature (Thieves have a really low threshold for pain, whereas 
    Samurai are more resistant), the efficiency of the room and whether 
    the "Speed" spell has been cast. Yes, you can cast this spell on 
    enemy creatures too once they're in your possession.
    Cost per tile:    350
    Research value: 25000
    Shortcut key:  Ctrl + T
    Creatures attracted:
     Tentacle (still difficult to attract),
     also sacrifices can give you interesting creatures
     Temples are quite important assets later on in the game. Not only 
    can you use them for sacrifices and keeping the Horned Reaper (and 
    any creature except the Vampire) happy, but they can also be used to 
    cure 'diseased' or 'chickenfied' creatures. Apart from those 
    advantages putting a creature in the Temple will make them immune to 
    scavenging for ~1.5 minutes. The sacrifice list goes as following:
     Sacrifice       Result
     --------------- ----------------------------------------------------
     Imp             Cost of generating more Imps decreases dramatically
     2x Fly          Current research completed (handy for "break walls")
     2x Beetle       Current manufacture Workshop completed
     3x Spider       Receive a Bile Demon
     Beetle + Spider Receive a Dark Mistress
     Fly + Spider    Receive a Warlock
     Bile Demon +   \
      Troll +       |Receive a Horned Reaper
      Dark Mistress /
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     Ghost           All chickens die
     Vampire         Disease spreads amongst all your creatures
     2x Bile Demon   All creatures turn into chickens
    As you can see you'd better not sacrifice any undeads or else you're 
    in trouble. The received creatures have a level depending on what the 
    levels of the sacrificed beings are. It's not quite the average of 
    the two/three, but it does look like there's a connection between 
    these experience levels. 
    Cost per tile:    300
    Research value: 25000
    Shortcut key:       G
    Creatures attracted:
     -, but Vampires are raised from it.
     One of the final rooms you'll research is the Graveyard. Use this to 
    remove dead bodies loitering around in your dungeon or put the slain 
    heroes to rest where their bodies lie and rot. After 10 bodies have 
    decomposed a Vampire will transcend from the graves working for your 
    side. To speed the decomposition process up get out a Hell hound and 
    make him walk around the Graveyard. He starts to lift his leg and 
    pees on the dead increasing the speed at which the bodies decompose. 
    Even if you're not out for Vampires in particular a Graveyard might 
    be wise to build as dead friends seriously sadden and annoy all of 
    your creatures, but the Horned Reaper and the Vampire himself.
    Scavenger room
    Cost per tile:    750
    Research value: 27500
    Shortcut key:       S
    Creatures attracted:
     Hell hound,
     and many indirectly via scavenging
     The last room is also by far the most expensive one to build. Make 
    sure you have enough gold reserves when building it and also 
    afterwards as scavenging costs gold. The scavenger room can be used 
    to attract more creatures even after you reach the maximal limitation 
    of creatures which can be attracted by Portals for that level. If a 
    Vampire, who automatically scavenges by default, is present in the 
    Scavenger room the rate at which monsters enter your dungeon 
    increases by 50% giving you a serious edge over your opponents.
     Also you can put down any creature into the scavenger room and 
    they'll start walking around trying to scavenge other creatures on 
    the map, but they can only scavenge creatures of their own type. The 
    more and the higher leveled creatures of the same type are scavenging 
    the greater your chances are another creature of that type will join 
    you. First the creatures of the lowest level are attracted and 
    afterwards then the stronger versions. Note that scavenging works on 
    _any_ aligned creature on the map; this includes neutral creatures as 
     If the creature can also be attracted via a Portal even more copies 
    may appear even after all creatures on the map are already in your 
    army. Finally, if all the creatures that can be attracted via the 
    Portal are also exhausted it no longer costs gold to attract. Use 
    this guideline to see whether attracting creatures still serves a 
    purpose. One more note: The Knight and Avatar cannot scavenge any 
    companions even if they are present on the map. Therefore you should 
    never waste money on them scavenging.
    Cost:           0
    Location:       On any of your creatures
    Research value: - (always available)
    Chant:          "Cranium Internal"
     This unique ability in this game allows you to take over the body of 
    any of the creatures in your dungeon. "Posses" doesn't cost you a 
    penny and can be very useful if you need to do certain specific tasks 
    yourself (e.g. like leading the group in the Barracks). You have full 
    control over the creature using the mouse to turn and the arrow keys 
    to walk. Use digits 0-9 to control any of the spells this creature 
    has, if available. Yes, you can even use spells 7,8,9 and 0 (10) 
    which are hidden from the initial sight. Just press the digit to make 
    select them. Click with the mouse to apply the skill and see what 
    happens. After a little while everything feels comfortable. Press the 
    right mouse button to return to your overall view, thus releasing the 
    creature of the mind control.
     Notice that the programmers added cool effects to the view. To make 
    it appear even more realistic that you actually posses the creature 
    certain effects are applied. Flies have a broken sight, just like 
    most of the lower life forms. Dogs (i.e. the Hell hound) can only see 
    black and white and the Vampire sees everything in red. In some cases 
    possessing creatures can be useful to disarm traps (like with Dragons 
    or Bile Demons).
    Create Imp
    Cost:           150 + 150 * (number of Imps - sacrificed Imps)
    Research value: 1000
    Location:       Only your tiles
    Chant:          "Impus Natum"
     The most valuable spell of them all is usually available straight 
    away. Use it to create an infinite supply of slaves called: the Imps. 
    Take note that the spell becomes progressively more expensive each 
    time used. In order to get large groups of Imps cheaply sacrifice all 
    your Imps this will drop the price of the Imps more than it normally 
    would. If you sacrifice all 4 Imps then constructing the next 4 Imps 
    only costs 4 * 150 = 600 instead of 150 + 300 + 450 + 600 = 1900 and 
    the difference only becomes bigger with larger quantities. A true 
    Cost:           50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130
    Research value: 3800
    Location:       Anywhere
    Chant:          "Octus Diablos"
     This spell lets you view an arbitrary location on the map and it 
    reveals anything in that area. The longer you keep the mouse button 
    pressed the more expensive the spell becomes, but also the larger the 
    area of you view expands. You can use certain spells like "Lightning" 
    while using this spell, but you cannot cast the Chicken or Disease 
    spells with sight. The chant also means literary "Devil's Eye" in 
    Cost:           100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900
    Research value: 5700
    Locations:      On any of your creatures
    Chant:          "Accelerate"
     This spell doubles the speed at which your creatures move. This the 
    "Speed" has the same effect as the Speed ability that some of your 
    minions have. So you can't apply both of them. If you consider that 
    slapping your creature makes them move 25% faster, then combining 
    that with "Speed" means that they move at an incredible 250%! If the 
    creature is too arrogant to be slapped then have the "Must Obey" 
    spell active or torture one of his mates to achieve the same effect. 
    Must obey
    Cost:           25 / second
    Research value: 6000
    Location:       N/A (applies to any of your creatures on the map)
    Chant:          "Slavee"
     A very expensive spell, but it can be useful under the right 
    conditions. What it does is the following:
     -Makes your creatures move at 125% (same speed as slapping)
     -Forces them to work; they will never sleep in their lairs
     -It prevents creatures from deploying bad behavior when annoyed
      (but they still get annoyed nonetheless)
    So, if your Imps are digging Gems and you need your jobs to be done 
    fast cast the spell. It is going to be quite effective, but if you 
    just had a big battle you may want to turn it off. Otherwise your 
    creatures cannot go to rest and replenish their energy. Because of
    the 25% speed increase training a lot of creatures at the same time
    can actually be more efficient on your money as they need 25% less 
    time to train to reach level 10. This essentially can save you money
    on the long term, and get you the edge of another Keeper!
    Cost:           1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 / second; 0 if cast on own tile
    Research value: 7400
    Location:       Any visible tile
    Chant:          "Aggresum actractus"
     This spell can be used to put a flag pole down which will attract 
    any nearby creatures. They will ignore their works and heed for the 
    call. Using this spell you can guide your creatures effectively 
    through new territory, however casting the spell on ground that 
    hasn't been claimed as yours costs a lot of money.
     If the call range is maximized Teleporting creatures such as the 
    Vampire and the Dark Mistress automatically jump towards the location. 
    This can be very beneficial if you wish to attack the Dungeon heart 
    straight away after revealing its location. Oddly enough an AI 
    controlled Keeper can pinpoint your Dungeon heart and put down the 
    flag without him ever exploring that area. This way the CPU can cheat 
    by having the teleporting creatures simply jump to that position on 
    the map. This lead to silly/unexpected situations when playing 
    Skybird Trill.
    Cost: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900
    Research value: 9400
    Locations:      On any of your creatures
    Chant:          "Vapous"
     The invisibility spell doesn't seem to work as I hoped it would. The 
    manual says that the spell works as long as you don't attack the 
    enemy. However I tried to "posses" such a creature but Heroes just 
    attacked me head on...
     Applying it to any of your creatures in Dungeon view doesn't have a 
    good effect either as creatures always attack (there's no "Suppress 
    attack" option). The only situation of which I can think of using 
    this spell is when an Imp needs to claim enemy territory from under 
    their noses. Imps don't attack at all and so they continue claiming 
    area as long as the opposition don't spot him. 
    Hold Audience
    Cost:            1000
    Research value: 11000
    Location:       Anywhere, your view jumps back to the Dungeon heart
    Chant:          -
     This spell calls all your creatures back to your Dungeon heart. 
    Otherwise nothing happens. An audience is only useful if there is a 
    direct treat to your Dungeon heart.
    Cost: 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400, 2600
    Research value: 25000
    Locations:      Any visible tile ("Sight" included)
    Chant:          "Petrundeos"
     I never use this spell either. "Lightning" is not only much more 
    effective, but this spell also damages your creatures too. Basically, 
    the spell causes many small rocks to drop down on the location you 
    applied "Cave-in". Most of the time the creatures simply move out of 
    the spell's reach and they're safe. The manual says that it can be 
    used to turn water or lava into solid ground, but even after spending 
    50,000 gold on this spell in a test setup it still didn't work for a 
    single tile...
     The only use for this spell is in the "Crush the Imp" bonus levels. 
    Just get all your Imps into one small room and lock the door. Apply 
    the spell at its highest level and kill all the Imps to win the bonus, 
    but other than that I never made use of it.
    Cost: 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100
    Research value: 14000
    Location:       Any creature, who's health is not completely filled
    Chant:          "Vitae"
     I bet you want to get this spell asap, its much better than 
    restoring health with chicken and it is not that expensive except 
    when you need to fully heal an Avatar. This spell has a very peculiar 
    behavior as it heals the following amount of health points (the 
    smallest base unit for measuring health) depending on the strength 
            Cost   Heals Increase (both in health points)
            ----   ----  --------
             300     80         -
             400    120        40
             500    160        40
             600    190        30
             700    220        30
             800    270        50
             900    290        20
            1000    340        50
            1100    500       160(!)
    As noticeable the gap between the costs of 1000 and 1100 is 
    tremendous so always go for that additional 100 gold when maximizing 
    this spell. Furthermore, the spell's power doesn't increase linearly 
    which is pretty odd in my opinion.
    Cost: 600, 1200, 1300, 1700, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400, 3000
    Research value: 15000
    Location:       Any visible tile ("sight" included)
    Chant:          "Electrundeos"
     A great spell, use it at maximum charge to have an instant enemy Imp 
    killing spell at your disposal. Also this spell is best to use in 
    melee as it won't harm your own creatures. On all but the highest 
    level the Lightning bolt is not that special, but that very last bit 
    adds so much more charge to this attack. You should only use 
    completely charged shots otherwise they drain your money way too 
    rapidly. Use this spell also to weaken incoming enemies. They are 
    much easier to defeat for your (possibly) weaker minions.
    Cost: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900
    Research value: 15000
    Location:       Any creature under your control
    Chant:          "Sanctus"
     Similar to the Protect spell as owned by certain high leveled 
    creatures this spell will lessen any damage from incoming attacks by 
    25%. Most of the time you don't really need it, but certain battles 
    especially longer ones give you a clear benefit when this spell is 
    used. The increase in power makes the spell last longer (up to about 
    ~1 minute at most).
    Cost: 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900, 3000
    Research value: 20000
    Location:       On any creature that stands on one of your tiles
    Chant:          "Tica"
     The "Chicken" spell can be very useful against tough enemies. It 
    turns them into pacifistic chicken during the battle who will flee 
    towards the closest hatchery. If the 'chicken' is eaten the original 
    creature dies. You may notice the vast increase for the last upgrade, 
    but it's worth it as the spell lasts nearly twice as long when maxed 
    out. Also "Tica" is Latin for chicken.
    Cost: 7000, 7200, 7400, 7600, 7800, 8000, 8200, 8400, 9000
    Research value: 20000
    Location:       On any creature that stands on one of your tiles
    Chant:          "Mortiis"
     Like the Chicken spell this attack is more subtle than any direct 
    attack. The "Disease" spell gradually inflicts damage on any creature 
    that comes in contact with the victim on whom it was cast. This can 
    work in both ways for you. Suppose you send out a diseased fly. He'll 
    surely die when meeting more than a few Imps, but before dying he is 
    going to spread the plague amongst all of your opponents creatures. 
    If he hasn't build a large enough Temple to cleanse his creatures 
    they will all perish sooner or later.
     On the other hand if one of your creatures gets contaminated you 
    quickly need to move any creatures infested with an animation of 
    flies to the Temple otherwise they shall die just as well! An 
    expensive spell, but in some situations it just might work out...
    Cost:            60000 (can't be charged)
    Research value: 100000
    Location:       -
    Chant:          "Inume hastum mortis viserum nussey"
     An expensive spell which asks for a confirmation before it's being 
    cast. This spell brings upon the apocalypse by assembling all 
    creatures on the map to your Dungeon heart for an all decisive battle. 
    After being cast the dreadful chant can be heard around the entire 
    map. All enemy Keepers receive a warning and a countdown timer starts 
    to tick showing the remaining time until Judgment is there. Once the 
    timer reaches 0 all your creatures are sent to the Dungeon heart just 
    one second before all the other creatures on the entire map appear. 
    During the Armageddon you cannot hold any of your creatures using 
    your hand so beware of the consequences. Casting this spell may give 
    you an advantage being in your home stretch, but if you fail your 
    dungeon is doomed. That is, if all creatures of any side dies the 
    Heart of that Keeper is automatically destroyed (not counting Imps).
     I did notice some 'gaps' that can prevent the spell from working as 
    it is supposed to be. For one thing, Chickens don't heed the call so 
    casting "Chicken" on any of your creatures keeps them safe from being 
    attracted. Secondly, during the Armageddon new creatures may appear 
    from Portals this way it could be the case that even though you 
    completely defeat all the troops of a Keeper the Heart is still not 
    obliterated. The entire purpose of the Armageddon is calling upon the 
    final battle, so basically this works quite counter productive 
    Destroy Walls
    Cost: 10000, 12000, 14000, 16000, 18000, 20000, 22000, 24000, 26000
    Research value: 750000(!)
    Location:       Any earth tiles, except impenetrable rock
    Chant:          "Pinitins yajetee"
     This spell costs a tremendous amount of time to research, and the 
    results are not that pleasing at all IMO. Anyway, in certain cases 
    you may wish to break through certain sections of reinforced wall. To 
    do so you need this spell and at least 10000 gold. Cast the spell on 
    an enemy reinforced tile to turn it into normal earth again, then 
    your Imps can dig through it before your rival re-reinforces the wall 
    again. If you use it at maximum charge an area of 3x3 is not only 
    weakened but also excavated completely. 
    Dungeon Specials
     There's eight types of Dungeon specials to be found in the game. 
    Here follows a short description for each type and its purpose.
    Reveal map
     This will show you the entire map as if you explored every single 
    tile already. If hostile Imps dig through gold then the resulting 
    area becomes shrouded again, because the game turns those areas black 
    by default. It can be handy to locate all interesting parts on the 
    map or to use "Lightning" without needing "Sight" to pinpoint the 
    Resurrect creature
     This special simply allows you to get back any creature that died or 
    was sacrificed in the temple fountain. It even shows the level of the 
    creature so you can pick the strongest one among them all.
    Steal hero
     Bewitches any hero on the map, if none present a level 1 Archer or 
    Thief is summoned instead. Naturally, you can't claim Knights and 
    Avatars using this item.
    Multiply creatures
     Does what it says, it creates duplicates of any of your creatures 
    including the Imps. This special is found in levels 16 and 17, but I 
    haven't really used them in my strategies. Double the amount of work 
    force, but it also doubles your burden in terms of cost...
    Increase level
     Blesses your creatures by increasing their experience levels by one 
    You'd better save a few of these for later occasions. Training at 
    higher levels becomes gradually more tedious. Also if you can find 
    more than one of these don't use them too shortly after each other or 
    the second special's effects will not be executed. Lastly, if you 
    have two and have a large number of Imps digging for gems you may 
    want to utilize it to give your Imps the power of Speed permanently.
    Make safe
     Fortifies your dungeon by reinforcing every single square of soil 
    that touches one of your tiles (includes bridges). Level 15 has a 
    plethora of this specials to occlude your view from the real bonuses. 
    See if you can sort them out.
    Doors and Traps
     All doors share the same properties, so I can explain them straight 
    away. Each type of door is progressively stronger and more resist to 
    enemy attacks before it breaches. You can use the door to separate 
    rooms or to keep you opponents out of the area for a little while. 
    Putting a trap just in front of an door or behind (Boulder!) can be a 
    very strategic thing to do. Hover over the door with your cursor to 
    lock it by clicking on it. If it succeeded a small key is depicted 
    over the door signifying that none of your creatures will (attempt) 
    to pass through it. This can be useful for restricting creatures not 
    to go into certain areas at your command. Just one thing I need to 
    put out, somehow doors have sale values yet I've never seen a gold 
    value appear when I sell them. This is a glitch. Keeping track of
    the actual gold counter shows how much they are actually worth.
    Wooden Door
    Workshop size required: 10 tiles
    Manufacture time: 18000
    Strength: 400
    Selling value: 250
    Braced Door
    Workshop size required: 13 tiles
    Manufacture time: 24000
    Strength: 750
    Selling value: 500
    Iron Door
    Workshop size required: 17 tiles
    Manufacture time: 26000
    Strength: 1500
    Selling value: 750
    Magic Door
    Workshop size required: 21 tiles
    Manufacture time: 50000
    Strength: 3000
    Selling value: 1500
     Traps are very interesting when placed properly, but you only 
    use/need them if you are on the defensive play (like in Hearth).
    Alarm Trap
    Workshop size:        -
    Manufacture time: 18000
    Times used:          12
    Selling value:      250
     The alarm trap doesn't do any damage, but it notifies you of any 
    type of intrusions. A siren goes off as soon as a hostile creature 
    stand on the tile in question.
    Poisonous Trap
    Workshop size:       10
    Manufacture time: 20000
    Times used:           5
    Selling value:      350
     Poisonous traps act the same as the level 2 Bile Demon's Poison gas 
    attack. Some poisonous clouds are spread killing any weak Imp nearly 
    instantaneously. Like the creature attack this trap will damage your 
    creatures too. Certain creatures are immune to the attack like the 
    Bile Demon again. Use those to deactivate the trap if your opponents 
    use it on you.
    Lightning Trap
    Workshop size:       13
    Manufacture time: 20000
    Times used:           8
    Selling value:      500
     Even more effective than the Poisonous gas trap this trap has 8 
    shots and it can do quite a lot of damage to any type of creature. It 
    doesn't damage your creatures which makes it even better. To disarm 
    one yourself take out a high leveled Dragon with the Heal ability. 
    Then step over the trap and use Heal to restore the minimal damage he 
    sustains. I also noticed that when you step around the corner the 
    lightning that is emitted from trap cannot hit you. This lets you 
    take even less damage.
    Lava Trap
    Workshop size:       17
    Manufacture time: 20000
    Times used:           1
    Selling value:      750
     Lava traps will only work once, but can be very essential creating 
    gaps changing solid land into lava. When placed strategically they 
    can ward of many creatures, except the flying types and those who are 
    immune to lava. 
    Boulder Trap
    Workshop size:       17
    Manufacture time: 25000
    Times used:           1
    Selling value:     1000
     Truly, the most deadly of all traps it can kill any creature, even 
    the Avatar, in a single hit. The Boulder trap is triggered when a 
    creature gets too close. The Boulder automatically rolls towards the 
    victim who triggered it. Boulder traps can remain active for long 
    times if you leave them rolling around. If 6 or more creatures are 
    squished by it, it should dissolve. Just like it does when it rolls 
    into water or lava. Placing them in long corridors makes them very 
    efficient, but take care not to get any of your creatures between the 
    enemy and the boulder or else they suffer the same fate.
    Word-of-Power Trap
    Workshop size:       21
    Manufacture time: 20000
    Times used:           3
    Selling value:      750
     The Word-of-Power is a strong trap, but on its own it's pretty 
    pathetic. That is, you can disarm it with a level 1 Warlock who has 
    pretty much only little help. The true power of this trap is deployed 
    when large groups come along. The trap does 200 damage to any enemy 
    creature within two tiles range the moment it is triggered. This way 
    the trap can do a lot of damage by hitting anything that gets near it. 
    Unfortunately, it can only be set off thrice before you need to 
    reload it with another charge.
    1. Morkardar
    Initial Gold:      10000
    Initial creatures: 8x Imp (1)
    Max creatures:     23
    Creature pool     Rooms             Spells           Traps / Doors
    ---------------   ---------------   --------------   ----------------
    Troll             Treasure room     Posses          ?Alarm
    Dark Mistress     Lair              Create Imp      ?Poisonous gas
    Warlock           Hatchery         ?Sight           ?Lightning
    Bile Demon        Training room    ?Speed(1)         ....
    Hell Hound        Library           .... ....       ?Boulder
    Dragon           ?Bridge           ?Cave-in          .... .. .....
    Vampire          ?Guard post       ?Call-to-Arms     ...... ....
    Orc              ?Workshop         ?Heal             ...... ....
                     ?Barracks         ?Invisibility    ?Steel door
                     ?Prison            .........       ?Magic door
                     ?Torture room     ?Protect
                     ?Temple           ?Audience
                     ?Graveyard        ?Chicken
                     ?Scavenger room    .......
                                       ?Destroy Walls
    (1): Blue keeper starts with this
    Blue Keeper:
     Initial Gold:      48000
     Initial creatures: 5x Imp(1), 1x Imp(10), 4x Warlock(4)
     Max creatures:     35
     5x Samurai(3), 1x Samurai(5), 9x Fairy(5), 4x Wizard(7),
     5x Mountain Dward(5), 4x Witch(6), 4x Monk(6)
    Neutral rooms    : Treasure room, Workshop, Torture room,
                       Prison, Temple
    Neutral creatures: Horned Reaper(8), 2x Warlock(7), Skeleton(6),
                       Wizard(6), Troll(7), 2x Imp(8), Fairy(9)
    Dungeon specials : Lightning, Resurrect Creature, Reveal Map
    This first introductory mission is indeed the easiest in terms of 
    leeway and build up. It is probably meant for people to get into the 
    game, when they start with Deeper dungeons. As visible above almost 
    everything except "Lightning", "Disease" and "Armageddon" spells are 
    researchable. Don't get used to the luxury of a Prison and Scavenger 
    room, so treasure their usage here. Play this level aggressively and 
    you'll retrieve all of the hidden treasures before you nemesis blue 
    Keeper does. He starts out with some Warlocks already so he'll be 
    researching faster than you. The two inlets on the west in 
    impenetrable rock are the locations of the few heroes in this level. 
    Don't head there too early on because:
     A: They're too strong for now
     B: you want to convert the Samurai (and maybe others) and add them to 
    your army
    With your starting forces immediately dig to the right in the northern 
    most part of your existing dungeon. Here you'll tunnel into an 
    unclaimed path which is connected to an unclaimed Treasure room. Take 
    command over it, and you'll gain the gold funding that is located 
    within. The locked door in the room below contains a free Torture room 
    and an unallied Horned Reaper(8). Get him, and put him in a (partially 
    built) library using the empty rooms you start with. If he get's angry 
    just give him some gold, until you get a Temple to place him in. It's 
    all the same as with the original Dungeon Keeper. Now that you have 1 
    actual creature you can do multiple things:
    1. Head for the gems to the north. Rather than concentrating on 
    building an army leave the portal for what it is. Dig north directly 
    from the treasure room to find a huge lake with some gold and two gem 
    blocks. The lake itself is free for the taking so plunder the 
    2. If you are fast enough (there's quite some margin actually) you can 
    lock up your adversary and completely build him in preventing him from 
    expanding too far. To do this: Research the bridge and build a path to 
    the hero tile to the northwest. Break down the door, pull out the 
    troops and send 1 or 2 expendable Imps(1) in there to clear out the 2 
    Boulders. Do NOT yet break the door to the right as there's quite some 
    Witches & Monks in there. The doors to the left contain a free Temple 
    and a dead end. The Temple is always good to keep your Reaper there. 
    So just put him in there now.
    Claim all the ground tiles and break through the wall that has now 
    turned into earth in the north. Dig a little to the east and create a 
    vertical corridor running from top to bottom impenetrable rock 
    sections. If you stay left of the portal it should be safe to dig out 
    this corridor. Fortify the entire east wall, and this prevents any 
    premature and unwanted contact with the blue Keeper. 
    3. Claim the portal and get several creatures from it. Because you 
    have 2 full Gem blocks at your disposal you can train them as much as 
    you like! Also make sure you have sufficient Imps to dig (also use 
    Temple sacrifies to get >16 Imps at minimal price).
    3. When you wish (either wait for the creature limit, or go here 
    directly) dig east from the topmost tile in the treasure room, until 
    you reach the topmost gold block in the seam to the right (dig any 
    lower and you'll tunnel into some weak archers/thieves). There's a 
    path leading to an unaligned prison behind the right door. When you 
    get there you'll trigger an action point that will generate 5 
    Dwarves(5) within the lake next to the doorway. Your Horned Reaper 
    take those ants out without taking any damage. Once they're dead have 
    the Reaper clear out the door to the prison and claim the room, along 
    with: Skeleton(6), Wizard(6), Troll(7), 2x Imp(8) & Fairy(9).
    4. With the Torture Room and Prison, put Imprisoning "on" and dig into 
    the inlet to your west. Take out the 5 Samurai, convert them, give 
    them a separate lair, and claim the 2 Warlocks if you like past the 
    miniature lava lake. 
    5. Further to the east below the prison and right of the Portal watch 
    out for 2 Boulders and takout out the Thieves/Archers. You may wish to 
    convert the Thieves and train these past level 10 to get some powerful 
    Knights! The archers are probably more useful as skeletons so let 
    those starve in prison. For defeating these foes you can also claim a 
    free Workshop that contains 3 trap crates (2 Boulders, and 1 
    Lightning). Use or sell them.
    6. Now that you probably have some decent forces break the door we 
    went past near the Temple and use some Bile Demons to dispose of the 
    Witches with their silly Wind attacks. Once you're done with Deeper 
    Dungeons you get to hate that attack more than enough. Also convert 
    and train the Monks as they are pretty powerful.
    7. To the northwest of the barricade corridor you constructed is a "+" 
    shaped room. Dig into this place and defeat 4 Wizards(7) to get the 
    only copy of the "Lightning" spell book in this level! This might come 
    in handy for the few remaining battles.
    8. The doorway to the far west of the lake contains another small pond 
    with 3 Barbarians(5) & 2x Wizard(5). Take them out with ease to get 
    the Resurrect Creature special. You might want to use it on the level 
    10 Thief that became a Knight to get another one, or get a Mistress 
    back that you might have sacrificied for a Horned Reaper.
    Seal off the entrance with a locked door, build a bridge to the 
    northwestern hero door. Break through it and extend a bridge a long 
    the river to the north. Some illegally placed Poison gas traps are 
    located here so sell the bridge tiles leaving only the furthest tile 
    you built. Drop and pick up an Imp to extend your vision and you'll 
    reacht the end of the path. There are some weak Fairies(5) here, so 
    just beat the crap out of them, or just hit them once with 
    At the end of the river break three doors and each time watch out for 
    the boulders. Inside there's a few more wimpy fairies. Just get rid of 
    them and bring out a creature with a lot of armour & health; 
    preferably a well trained Dragon. "Posses" him and take out all the 
    Word of Power traps. Once they're all depleted claim the tiles and use 
    the "Reveal Map" dungeon special as soon as its tile is claimed.
    - - -
    If you've completed all of the above steps you should have plenty of 
    high level creatures, gold and spells. The blue keeper being 
    completely locked into his dungeon has probably dug out the entire 
    perimeter in an attempt to expand his dungeon. You can probably even 
    weaken him further by using either "Lightning" and the Scavenger room 
    to its fullest extend. 
    But before breaking into his dungeon please note a peculiarity of the 
    'improved' Deeper Dungeon's Keeper AI. These Keepers can construct 
    doors/traps and sell them, unlike their original counter parts. 
    However, due to some bug in the game script they can place them on 
    illegal locations (this includes built rooms) and place dozens of 
    traps on a single tile. Therefore, you want to guide your troops 
    directly to the dungeon heart and not have them stray off too much. 
    Since you have used the "Reveal Map" you can find the best path which 
    is probably directly east from the portal. Put your troops together 
    with "Call-to-Arms", break through the wall and guide them directly to 
    the heart. An (probably) one sided battle will occur with you being 
    the victor!
    Once the keeper is gone, you can claim all his rooms and probably find 
    that some tiles contain a trillion traps. Fortunately they all trigger 
    at the same time, so you only need to waste at most 6 freshly 
    generated level 1 Imps if you're careful. Moreover, if you claim the 
    said land tile you can still sell almost all of the traps the enemy 
    keeper placed here as they aren't cleared. You'll be surprised how 
    much money you can make out of doing that.
    2. Korros Tor
    Initial Gold:      25000
    Initial creatures: 5x Imp (2)
    Max creatures:     20
    Creature pool     Rooms             Spells           Traps / Doors
    ---------------   ---------------   --------------   ----------------
    Fly               Treasure room     Posses           .....
    Beetle            Lair              Create Imp      ?Poisonous gas
    Spider            Hatchery         ?Sight            .........
    Demon Spawn       Training room    ?Speed           ?Lava
    Warlock           Library          ?Must Obey       ?Boulder
    Troll            ?Bridge(1)        ?Cave-in          .... .. .....
    Orc              ?Guard post       ?Call-to-Arms     ...... ....
    Bile Demon       ?Workshop         ?Heal             ...... ....
    Dark Mistress    ?Barracks         ?Invisibility    ?Steel door
    Dragon            ......           ?Lightning       ?Magic door
                     ?Torture room     ?Protect
                     ?Temple            ........
                      .........(2)     ?Chicken
                      ......... ....    .......
                                       ?Destroy Walls(3)
    (1): Bridge not researchable by Green Keeper
    (2): Graveyard only researchable by Blue Keeper
    (3): Destroy walls only available to you
    Blue Keeper:
     Initial Gold:      15000
     Initial creatures: 5x Imp (2)
     Max creatures:     30
    Green Keeper:
     Initial Gold:      15000
     Initial creatures: 5x Imp (2)
     Max creatures:     30
     Archer, Barbarian, Dwarf, Samurai, Knight, Wizard
    Neutral rooms    : -
    Neutral creatures: 2x Imp(7), 2x Imp(10), Beetle(8), Spider(8), 
                       Horned Reaper(8)
    Dungeon specials : 2x Steal Hero, 3x Increase Level, Make Safe
    With no Prison or Scavenger room the upcoming levels will give a 
    different playing experience as before. You start out on a central 
    island surrounded by roughly 20 level 3 heroes (Dwarfs & Archers). 
    There's no Gem seam nearby and the only tile to the west is guarded by 
    several high leveled heroes. The green Keeper to the north is 
    completely built in by impenetrable rock expect for one tile. Most 
    likely this keeper will never even bother you. The other keeper to 
    your south has more locations to break out into the open as there are 
    holes in the impenetrable wall sections. Moreover, there's an unallied 
    Horned Reaper(8) hidden in the most southwestern accessible tile. You 
    want to get him before the blue keeper does! 
    1. Clear the initial perimeter
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Therefore, the first task will be to defeat all the heroes in the 
    watery path surrounding you, barricade the walls to barricade the blue 
    keeper and get the Horned Reaper. Dig out all the gold nearby to find 
    two Imps(10) to help you out. Build several rooms and the smallest 
    training room to train no more than one or two Dragons/Mistresses. 
    You'll also come across an "Increase Level" a little to the east of 
    your Heart. Place it for safe keeping. Also throw out weak creatures 
    such as the Demon Spawn. Other antropods can be scarificied for 
    Mistresses/Bile Demons or speed up the research using Fly sacrifices. 
    Check the description of the Temple room in the in beginning of the 
    document to find all useful sacrifices.
    Once you have researched "Invisibility" (and the Guard Post), dig 
    towards the southwest until you hit the water. Quickly claim the tile 
    and put a Guard Post on the tile. By doing so you prevent any creature 
    to enter your dungeon. The reason for this is, that the elevated Guard 
    Post against the water creates a step of height 2 which is higher than 
    any non-flying creature can walk up against. Furthermore, if a hero 
    cannot detect a straight path to _any_ dungeon heart it will remain 
    wandering out aiminglessly. Using this method you can easily setup 
    several enemy heroes/keepers up against each other in later missions, 
    while you don't have to fight at all!
    Build a bridge towards the south starting from the Guard Post and 
    sells the tile connecting to your dungeon to break the link with your 
    dungeon as the archers can step up via the Bridge over the Guard post. 
    "Conceal" an Imp and use him to dig out a path against the 
    impenetrable rock to the southwest to get to the Reaper(8). Once he's 
    freed let him free to rampage and he'll kill off the feeble dwarfs and 
    With the cleared out water area build a bridge against the other 
    southern earth sections and fortify the walls. Note to leave the 
    bridge there as the tiles will turn to earth again when there's no 
    bridge functioning as path next to them! You can also do this for the 
    single earth tile leading to the green Keeper. Btw. don't forget to 
    fortify the walls you dug to get the Reaper.
    Before heading to the gems dig out to the east just below the 
    Impenetrable rock to the right of your Portal to find two more 
    Imps(7). Continue digging along the outer wall to come along a "Reveal 
    Map" special. Immediately use this to make the view clear. Depending 
    on your speed the blue keeper probably hasn't expanded very far. You 
    can try to dig/fortify a lot of space from him so this will prevent 
    him from increasing his boundaries, and kill some Imps with 
    "Lightning" but only if he doesn't have a graveyard of course, and 
    your gold isn't too dire! Most importantly, dig out a path towards the 
    blue keeper Library and fortify this as well. The reason for this is 
    that you can, later on, use "Destroy Walls" to gain direct access to 
    the blue Keeper's Heart. This prevents your minions from geting killed 
    by the numerous boulder traps in his domain.
    2. Eliminate all Hero presence and secure financial fundings
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Now that bother Keepers have been sealed in, you could go and take 
    things leisurely were it not for the fact that you don't have any 
    financial fundings. And thus the next target will be the the Gem tile 
    to the west. You can see the location of all of the heroes and select 
    the shortest/easiest path leading to them. You only need to fight two 
    groups, so leave the others for the time being. You might want to put 
    up some Boulder traps near their location before digging into them. 
    This way most of them are destroyed before they can start to bother 
    Build the biggest treasure room you can make surrounding the two face 
    Gem tile and have 6 of your higher level Imps dig as much as they can. 
    Expand the training room and crank up your creatures's levels. The 
    pocket to the southwest contains some more Archers and a lone Samurai 
    and behind them is the first "Steal Hero" special. Since you cannot 
    covert people via a Prison try to get the most valuable Samurai out of 
    the special, there should still be some more on the map in the 
    northeastern section.
    To the east there's also an optional hero dungeon. In here's there's a 
    lot of Giants and Archers. Again, building some Boulder traps close to 
    the entry (use bridge tiles to place Boulders to the left of the 
    water) and break down the door just to kill them all. In the most 
    northern room contains a "Increase Level" special surrounded by Lava 
    traps and the most southern one is only a "Make Safe". Also collect 
    the gold pots as they can boost your balance, while all your creatures 
    Lastly, head to the most northeastern room to find 2 more Archers(8) 
    along the corridor. They should be no match for several high-leveled 
    Mistresses & Horned Reaper. Kill all the heroes including the 
    Archers/Wizard/Samurai in the back room, and dismantle all the traps 
    using either a Dragon or by wasting several level 1 Imps on them (make 
    sure to seal the doorway to prevent their level 10 counterparts from 
    killing themselves). Behind the two doors you'll find another "Steal 
    Hero" special and a level 8 Beetle & Spider. The former can be used on 
    the last remaining Samurai in the other pocket near the Gem seam you 
    shouldn't have broken into. You may wonder what to do with the 
    anthropods, though. They may seem like a crappy reward, were it not 
    for the fact that the two should be sacrificed together in the Temple 
    Fountain for an all new Mistress(9)!
    With your new troops train everybody to level 8+ and use both Dungeon 
    Specials. Then put everybody who can manufacture into the Workshop to 
    make some extra money by selling only Magic doors. Also you may want 
    to sacrifice a Troll+Bile Demon+Mistress for an extra Reaper. However, 
    I recommend doing this once all three creatures have trained past 
    level 9. The reason for this is is that Reapers are very poor at 
    training and their training cost (150 gold) is more than the combined 
    cost for the other 3, plus you'll also lose 3 creatures with 
    manufacturing abilities, not to mention that the wage of a level 10 
    Reaper is almost 4000 gold per pay day! In short only make the 
    sacrifice when you're ready to attack.
    2. Destroy the Blue & Green Keepers
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    If you made a path all the way to the blue Keeper's Library like 
    suggested, just put a "Call-to-Arms" flag here get all your 
    Mistresses/Dragons/Reapers/Samurai together and cast "Destroy Walls" 
    twice with maximal power. Once on the most southern Library wall, and 
    again on the double tiled wall leading to the blue's Heart room. Just 
    place the flag on the Heart itself and your creatures will make short 
    work out of this Keeper. You can help with "Speed", "Protect", "Heal" 
    and "Lightning". When you hear the Heart exploding put your creatures 
    back to work and the Reaper(s) back into the Temple. Lock a door to 
    this dungeon on your tiles and have some expendable Imps claim all the 
    rooms. Like in Morkardar there can be a lot of illegally placed traps 
    in this dungeon so clear them out before allowing your level 3+ Imps 
    access to it. If the Blue Keeper has built a graveyard you could use 
    the Imp/Bile Demon trick to get several Vampires, but you should be 
    able to do without this.
    Next is the Green Keeper whom might actually be more difficult to 
    defeat, because you cannot dig a path to his heart directly and break 
    a wall section there. You'll have to go through all of the corridors 
    here and this is not advisable with all of the Boulder Traps he has in 
    his dungeon. This Keeper however, always seems to fail to expand his 
    initial Lair, and therefore will never reach the portal maximum as 
    there is no living space for others. Moreover, chances are that he has 
    only a few Imps whom are busy digging for gold and has not even 
    claimed all of the tiles connecting to his dungeon. The Keeper AI is 
    sometimes really poor in this game... In order to beat this Keeper 
    with the most ease:
     1. Use "Destroy Walls" on the wall sections next to the Boulder 
    traps. Place an Imp(1) on the empty tile to trigger the Boulder. If 
    you do this correctly, you can even kill a lot of his most powerful 
     2. Kill off several of his remaining high level creatures in the Lair 
    with "Lightning".
     3. Break the single wall section that you claimed and get close to 
    his Imps. Now place several Guard Posts here and put creatures with 
    Lightning capabilities on the posts (such as Mistresses & Samurai). 
    They'll kill all the Imps they see from a distance with single hit 
    Lightning spells. Once they're all gone, send out one or two Imps to 
    claim all the tiles in the perimeter and move the Guard Post towards 
    the left. Keep sending out some Imp scouts to claim tiles and you 
    should be able to reach the dungeon Heart with minimal losses.
    At the dungeon Heart it is just a free for all to administer the coup 
    de grace to this Keeper and send him on his way to oblivion! Btw. 
    there is an "Increase Level" special in the tile against the 
    impenetreble rock near his torture chamber, you could claim it, but 
    now there's hardly any use for it anymore...
    3. Kari-Mar
    Initial Gold:      15000
    Initial creatures: 4x Imp (3)
    Max creatures:     15
    Creature pool     Rooms             Spells           Traps / Doors
    ---------------   ---------------   --------------   ----------------
    Fly               Treasure room     Posses           .....
    Beetle            Lair              Create Imp      ?Poisonous gas
    Spider            Hatchery          .....            .........
    Warlock           Training room    ?Speed           ?Lava
    Troll             Library          ?Must Obey       ?Boulder
    Orc              ?Bridge            .... ..          .... .. .....
    Bile Demon       ?Guard post       ?Call-to-Arms    ?Wooden door
    Dark Mistress     ........(1)      ?Heal             ...... ....
    Dragon           ?Barracks         ?Invisibility    ?Steel door
                      ......(2)         .........(3)    ?Magic door(1)
                     ?Torture room     ?Protect
                     ?Temple            ........
                      .........(1)     ?Chicken
                      ......... ....    .......(3)
                                        ....... .....(3)
    (1): Graveyard/Workshop does NOT become available even after claiming 
         the 20 tile version, thus no Magic doors can be manufactured 
         at all!
    (2): Prison only researchable by Yellow Keeper
    (3): "Lightning", "Disease" & "Destroy Walls" books can be found
    Yellow Keeper:
     Initial Gold:      20000
     Initial creatures: 5x Imp(3)
     Max creatures:     40
     (see map below for more details, no drops occur during this level)
    Neutral rooms    : Workshop, Graveyard
    Neutral creatures: Troll(10), 2x Skeleton(10), Vampire(8),
                       Horned Reaper(10)
    Dungeon specials : 2x Steal Hero, 2x Increase Level, Reveal Map
    A quick glance at the script for this level shows that it was poorly 
    copied from Korros Tor. One of the biggest issues with it is that the 
    Workshop will never become available; it cannot be researched and even 
    after finding one on the map there's no condition in the script to add 
    it to your buildable rooms. This means that the Gem seam close to the 
    workshop is not easy to access for building up some fundings. Other 
    than that the map holds a lot of small crevices with elite heroes you 
    are not supposed to tunnel into. However, their locations are rather 
    random on the map. Here's a small summary (not entirely to scale of 
    course), but it shows all points of interest:
     ________________________________________________  .: Lava stream
    |  ' .\  \            Gem              GGGG\     | P: Portal
    | K' ..\__\   8      |¯ ¯|    ___     GGGGGGG\_  | H: Heart
    |  '10.              | T |   |_ _|  __ GGGG   I\ | G: Gold
    |Ss' ../¯¯/          3¯0¯2   | H |_|  |         \| S: Skeleton(10)
    |_____/  /      |- - - -     |___|¯¯¯¯          /| H: Reaper(10)
    | R  | /G\\ 6   P                             S/ | T: Troll(10)
    |_14_|/GGG\\            _                  ___/__|    & Workshop
    | ||_  ..5        4   _/.\_              _/  |_H_| V: Vampire(8)
    |  ¯¯|9.. //        _/..G..\_          _/ .......|    & Graveyard
    |    _\__//       _/...GGG...\_      _/ .........| d: "Disease"
    | _/¯L¯¯¯\\     _/...GGemGGG...\_ 11/ ...........| D: "Destroy Walls"   
    |/G  V  7 ¯  1 /....GGGGGGGGG../  /    ....13....| I: Increase Level
    |\G    __/¯/  |.....GGGGGGG../¯\ ¯\ 12  .........| L: "Lightning"
    | ¯\__/ /¯GGG \ .......  ../¯/  ¯\ ¯\ ...........| K: Hero Keep
    |    /¯¯ GGGGG \            ¯     ¯\ ¯\____I ____| R: Reveal Map
    |   /s P                            ¯¯\   / GGGG | s: Steal Hero
    |  |          yellow keeper here       ¯\ \ GGG  | -: Excavated path
    |  | H                                   ¯¯   D  |
    |   \                              d             |
    Hero locations:
     0: 2x Archer(5)
     1: 2x Monk(10), 4x Samurai(8) + 2 unaligned Boulders to the east
     2: 2x Archer(5), 3x Barbarian(7), 2x Thief(5)
     3: 2x Archer(5), 3x Barbarian(7), 2x Dwarf(6)
     4: 2x Samurai(8), 2x Monk(6)
     5: 4x Wizard(6), 3x Witch(8), 4x Barbarian(8) + Lightning traps
     6: 3x Archer(6), 3x Dwarf(7)
     7: 5x Knight(10)! also a Boulder is right within the Graveyard
     8: 1x Giant(10), 2x Samurai(10) + 63x Gold pots
     9: 6x Archer(8)
    10: 7x Archer(8), 2x Barbarian(8)
    11: 4x Dwarf(5)
    12: 2x Archer(9), 2x Barbarian(8), 2x Wizard(7), 3x Samurai(9)
    13: 3x Wizard(7) + ~20 Lightning/Lave/WoP traps
    14: 4x Samurai(10) + Reveal Map, with several 
        Lightning/Boulder/WoP Traps, requires "Destroy Walls" 
        in order to enter
    K (Hero Keep) five rooms containing few Boulders:
    -3x Samurai(8), 2x Barbarian(10)
    -3x Samurai(8) + 72 Gold pots + Lightning Traps
    -6x Barbarian(10)
    -5x Monk(8), to the left of this room dig to find Skeleton(10)
    -3x Samurai(8), 2x Barbarian(10) + Steal Hero special
    With no availability of "Sight" you probably need to use save/load 
    games more than a few times. Next to that there's several locations 
    with several dozens of traps placed next to each other. You really 
    need a 'Dragon tank' to clear these all out or use your Imps 
    sparingly, which is rather pointless imo. In some cases getting past 
    all these traps leads to nothing more than a "Steal Hero" special 
    which is just not worth all that effort. Or even more staggering is 
    the fact that the only available graveyard is guarded by no less than 
    5 Knights(10)! Good luck beating those optional goons with only 15 
    creatures. Boulders seem to be the only viable option here if played 
    the intended way...
    On the other hand: You might think beating the yellow Keeper is 
    difficult considering you can only have 15 creatures and he has a 
    limit of 40, but in fact it is not. To conquer this realm only the 
    yellow Keeper's heart should be destroyed by you. Or actually, someone 
    needs to take it out. The silly thing is that most times when I play 
    this level, the Keeper defeats _itself_ by tunneling into a pocket 
    just north of his gold vein where 2 Monks(10) & 4 Samurai(8) are 
    located. For some reason they are just allowed to walk into the Heart 
    room, kill the Keeper without any resistence, and thus beating the 
    level for you when you least expect it. Pretty lame indeed. 
    In all: The map doesn't feel like it was properly designed and test 
    played, but it can still be beaten. It is actually not that difficult, 
    but quite a nuissance to play it. I think you were supposed to go for 
    the Graveyard using Boulder Traps, then get an army of Vampires by 
    killing all heroes using more Boulder Traps, then get the Destroy 
    Walls spell, then get Reveal Map and finally beat the yellow keeper.
    1. Get Workshop & Gems
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Even with a creature limit of 15 it would still be a good idea to get 
    the Workshop & Gems early on, because Boulders are the only way to 
    attack your overpowered enemies. Also Lava Traps can create protective 
    barries. First, it might be best to create a fortification just above 
    '1' on the map. This narrow path can be reached without tunnelling 
    into heroes and also ensures the yellow Keeper won't get to you. To do 
    this claim the portal, dig 3 tiles left and go all the way down to the 
    bottleneck. Fortity the bottom wall and you should be safe for the 
    time being. 
    Go for the nearby gold and excavate all the way to the east to find a 
    Skeleton(10) and Increase Level specials. I don't recommend waiting 
    until you hit the portal limit as 15 or 16 creatures isn't going to 
    make much of a difference here. With the Skeleton break through the 
    door above the portal and take out the 2 wimpy Archers. Just like with 
    digging do not break the doors to the two side rooms marked with '2' & 
    '3' on the map. The adversaries here are too strong. Instead, go up to 
    the workshop and claim the Troll as well. Dig out a path to the right 
    from the Gems seam into the treasure room and keep your speedy Imps 
    occupied by it. Create some rooms and train the few minions that you 
    have to high levels. Again, throw out weaker creatures that aren't 
    useful for sacrifices. You could go for Horned Reapers, but take note 
    that your one sided Gem tile provides very limited cash. 
    2. Put your enemies up against each other
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I'd suggest you keep clear of the Hero Keep to the NW. It contains a 
    lot of uberpowerful heroes and only a "Steal Hero" and Skeleton(10) as 
    reward. It's just not worth going there. You could instead go for the 
    Vampire & Graveyard or the Horned Reaper & "Destroy Walls" book. 
    However, another option is possible which probably makes stuff easier 
    for you. Save the game before doing this, though. Place several Lava 
    traps followed by one or two Boulder traps near your portal (e.g. as 
    close to your dungeon as possible) and break into the pocket 
    containing the Samurai/Monks. Quickly pull your Imp out and let them 
    walk towards your dungeon. They'll trigger the Lava traps and stay on 
    the correct side of the lava. If not, then let the Boulder trap take 
    them out, but try to kill as few of them as possible.
    Once this has happened the heroes cannot connect to your Dungeon Heart 
    and therefore will wander about doing nothing. Now is your chance to 
    strike the yellow Keeper! Dig out a path to the below '1' into the 
    yellow Keeper's place via the gold seam. With a little luck there 
    should be an opening here that is not fortified. Depending on the 
    strength of the yellow Keeper also unleash the Heroes at points '4'-
    '7' if necessary as long as the lava pit is closest to your dungeon 
    (heck, you could even tunnel into point '8' or the Hero Keep from here 
    as well! Sooner or later they'll all head towards the Yellow Keeper as 
    that is the only Heart they can detect a direct path towards! The 
    group of Knights at '7' should actually sufficient, but depending on 
    the time it took you to do this they might need some support. In the 
    end, the huge quantity of these elite heroes should be able to get the 
    better out of the yellow Keeper.
    If the Keeper hasn't dug into '1' by himself he's probably already 
    defeated, and otherwise your troups should be able to finish off the 
    heavily weakened yellow Keeper if by some fluke he manages to get past 
    all of those heroes. This tactic may seem very unsatifying, but I 
    wonder how you would feel if you went through the level the way it was 
    intended. Like stated before there's just an insideous amount of 
    heroes/traps here. If you wish to kill all heroes on the map, make 
    sure not to release too many of them in the yellow Keeper's dungeon. 
    Otherwise you have to deal with the same group yourself! Furthermore, 
    mopping up all the goods from the map is hardly rewarding here, but 
    just look at the ASCII map above for more information.
    4. Belbata
    Initial Gold:      10000
    Initial creatures: 5x Imp (4), 4x Warlock(4)
    Max creatures:     4!
    Creature pool(1)  Rooms             Spells           Traps / Doors
    ---------------   ---------------   --------------   ----------------
    Fly               Treasure room     Posses           .....
    Spider            Lair              Create Imp      ?Poisonous gas
    Warlock           Hatchery          .....            .........
    Troll             Training room    ?Speed           ?Lava
    Orc               Library          ?Must Obey       ?Boulder
    Bile Demon       ?Bridge(2)        ?Cave-in          .... .. .....
    Dark Mistress    ?Guard post       ?Call-to-Arms    ?Wooden door
    Dragon           ?Workshop         ?Heal             ...... ....
                     ?Barracks         ?Invisibility    ?Steel door
                      ......(3)         .........(5)    ?Magic door
                      ....... ....(4)  ?Protect
                     ?Temple            ........
                      .........(3)     ?Chicken
                      ......... ....    .......
                                       ?Destroy Walls(6)
    (1): You can only attract Warlocks
         Other keepers can attract everything
    (2): Bridge cannot be researched by Yellow Keeper
    (3): Prison/Graveyard can only be researched by Blue Keeper
    (4): Torture room not researchable, but all enemy keepers have it
    (5): Lightning researchable by Green Keeper only
    (6): Destroy walls researchable only by you
    Blue Keeper:
     Initial Gold:      250000
     Initial creatures: 6x Imp (2), 4x Dark Mistress(10)
     Max creatures:     25
    Green Keeper:
     Initial Gold:      250000
     Initial creatures: 6x Imp (2), 4x Dark Mistress(10)
     Max creatures:     30
    Yellow Keeper:
     Initial Gold:      250000
     Initial creatures: 6x Imp (2), 4x Dark Mistress(10)
     Max creatures:     30
     (see map below for details)
    Neutral rooms   : Graveyard
    Neutral creature: 11x Skeleton(3), 1x Dark Mistress(5), 
                      1x Bile Demon(5), 1x Vampire(4), 1x Vampire(5)
    Dungeon specials: 2xIncrease level, 2x Ressurrect Creature
     ________________________________________________  .: Water
    |  _____________________________________         | G: Gold
    | / \_                              GGGG\___     | -: Excavated path
    ||    \_      green                GGGGGG  R\    | P: Portal
    ||  G   \_             H          GGGemGG __/    | H: Heart
    ||R GG    \_                  P    GGGGG / __/|  | R: Ressurrect
    || GGG      \_        Gem           G___/_/   |  | I: Increase Level
    ||GG          \_             _____/_____/      \ | M: Mistress(5)
    ||              \__ x ______/_____/G           / | B: Bile Demon(5)
    ||   H    P       /  /  ___ /I GGGGG      H    \ | V: Vampire(4,5)
    ||             __/   | /Gem\_¯\_GGG            / |    + Graveyard
    ||  blue    __/.... / / 5 GGG\__\         P    \ | i: Imp(10)
    ||        _/........\ \i GGG   G\\  yellow    GG|| S: Skeleton(5)
    ||      _/  .........\_\GG  5 GGG\\        GGemG||    divided in 4
    | \   _/     ...4 ..... _G GGGG___\\      GGGGG \|    groups.
    | /GGG        ..........\ \___/_____\________/|..| x: Locked door,
    |/GGemGG  6    ....      \____/|_V_|\________/.. |    entry of 
    |B.......                       7               M|    Green Keeper
    |  GG                              [1 2 3]       |
    | GGGGG    H      P- - - - - - - - [4x Prison]  I|
    | S I GG                                         |
    Hero locations:
     1: 2x Archer(4), 1x Barbarian(4)
     2: 3x Barbarian(4), 1x Giant(7)
     3: 2x Archer(4), 2x Barbarian(4), 1x Giant(7)
     4: 3x Archer(4), 4x Dwarf(5), 2x Samurai(6)
     5: 1x Samurai(6), 3x Barbarian(5)
     6: 2x Monk(6), 2 Giant(7)
     7: 5x Samurai(6), 1x Knight(10)
    This is the first (and only) map where all three colored adversay 
    Keepers are active! Each Keeper including yourself have been given a 
    quarter of the map. All of your opponents start with 4x Mistress(10) 
    and you only get 4x Warlock(4). Moreover, this is also your creature 
    limit for the portal, and you can only attract Warlocks, thus Portals 
    are useless to you in this realm.
    Green & Yellow have easy access to Gems, but Blue has a harder time. 
    If you seal off the walls just north of the single full(!) Gem tile 
    here you insure that you have no cash problems and Blue cannot get 
    infinite fundings. However, because the DD AI can sell traps this 
    doesn't mean you can tire him out that easily. In fact, by the time we 
    can attack they'll still have stronger forces than you (not even 
    taking those intial Mistresses into account). However, once you defeat 
    any of the 3 Keepers you can get access to the Torture chamber as they 
    all posses it. Only blue can make a Graveyard, but you can also get a 
    free one on the map when you get to the Vampires. But beware this yard 
    is directly guarded by the group at point '7'.
    Before starting take into account that we want to get the strong 
    heroes from groups 5(2x), 6 & 7. Therefore, do not attack them 
    _before_ getting a prison. You can still keep them fed, until you get 
    a Torture room from any of the other Keepers to convert them to your 
    1. Claim all treasures & Wall out the Keepers
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    From the start plan out parts of your dungeon. We'll have access to 
    lots of Gold later on so don't cramp the rooms together too tightly. 
    The entire bottom area can be claimed, if you're careful not to hit 
    points 4, 6 or 7. So do not dig north directly from your heart or 
    otherwise you'll stumble into some powerful Monks. Initially, just 
    carve out a small section so your grumpy Warlocks have a home. You're 
    going to end up with Lair rivals (Mistress/Samurai, Bile 
    Demon/Skeleton) and you cannot afford to throw creatures away in this 
    realm, hence make sure to make at least two separate Lairs. I'd also 
    recommend to keep the entire area western of your Heart reserved for 
    Treasure room.
    Your most immediate goal is to fortify the wall just to the north of 
    the Gems as the blue Keeper is just two tiles away from it. Initially, 
    his attention will go to the gold in the far north, so you should have 
    plenty of leeway to claim the Gems for yourself. Go there directly and 
    only dig out the topmost row of gold tiles, then have your Imps 
    fortify the entire northern wall. Once this is done you can construct 
    a Treasure Room at this location. 
    By now your Warlocks probably want to start researching. Since they 
    are level 4 absolutely make sure you put the Library in a dead end 
    corner of your dungeon, and fortify it before letting the Warlocks in! 
    Imps will die numerous by the Fireball/Meteor attacks, when they run 
    through it. I prefer to make this in a separate room just south of 
    your dungeon Heart. There should be sufficient space to keep them 
    Excavate the entire western section and you'll find a Bile Demon(5) 
    west of the water pool and 5x Skeletons(3) along with an Increase 
    level in the southwestern corner of the map. Don't forget to put the 
    Bile Demon in a separate Lair. Mine along the impenetrable rock at the 
    bottom of the map to the right to find a second Increase Level and 
    your only Mistress(5). You have plenty of fundings, and therefore you 
    should put everybody in a large Training Room. Continue along the 
    rocks to the north, until you hit water. It should still be safe here 
    so build a bridge here (which should have been researched by now) and 
    fortify the northern wall. You can even dig out one or two tiles if 
    you like so you can place Boulder/Lightning traps here for later.
    Lastly, you want to lock up the Green Keeper. This will require some 
    effort as the pond at point '4' contains more than a few enemies. 
    Research "Heal", Train everybody a bit and then dig into the water to 
    the north. Drop in the level 6 Mistress and Bile Demon along with the 
    Skeletons, then drop the Warlocks so they are no primary targets but 
    will still attack from a distance. Your troops should be able to 
    defeat these creatures without any losses just cast maximal powered 
    "Heal" if necessary. When the waters are clear quickly build a bridge 
    to the north and excavate some of the earth and fortify the wall one 
    tile below the choking point marked with "x" (use save/reload to find 
    the correct location if you're afraid of digging into his dungeon). 
    There's locked door there, which the enemy Keeper won't bother with 
    for a long time. When he's walled out your most immediate threats has 
    subsided for now...
    2. Prison Break
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Now that everything is safe, make sure to build all the necessary 
    rooms, sacrifice some level 1 Imps, get at least 12 cheap Imps for 
    digging out all faces of the Gem tile and train everybody. When you 
    feel confident head to the Portal and claim it if you like. The path 
    to the east leads to a prison where 3 groups of heroes reside. Inside 
    the first two groups ('1' & '2'), then break the most eastern doors to 
    find two prisons along with 2 and 3 Skeletons(3). Put Imprison mode on 
    and then take out the last group. You can starve all of them into 
    Skeletons, or "Heal"/feed the defeated Giant(7) so you can torture him 
    later on.
    Now make sure to train everybody asap. You have plenty of gold, and 
    thus cast "Speed" on all of them! Once the majority is past level 8 
    you could put one of your Increase Level specials to use. Also build a 
    very large Workshop (the area south of the Portal seems fine for this) 
    and put all level 10 creatures in here, except the Warlocks of course. 
    When you finally get "Destroy Walls" the next phse commences. 
    Elimination of the weakest Keeper.
    3. Eliminate the weakest link
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    You could go for either the blue/yellow Keeper here. The blue one has 
    less fundings, but the yellow one is just very poor at managing stuff 
    so it's probably easier to go for him. You'll be surprised how easily 
    he can fall, if you steal his dungeon section by section. Don't try an 
    all out assault as this will drain your army quite a lot. Skeletons 
    even at level 10 are, albeit being good fighters, quite vulnerable.
    Build some magic doors in the corridor you dug out and put Boulder 
    traps between them for just the case. Also lock these doors so 
    creatures cannot accidently trigger the trap when they're 
    running/entering from nearby intruders. Break down the wall and 
    depending on how the yellow Keeper is working you'll probably notice 
    that a lot of floor tiles are unclaimed. Try to claim a few tiles and 
    send in your Mistress/Skeletons to kill the Imps with distant 
    "Lightning". Put them on Guard Posts as they should not wander off 
    into the dungeon itself. New Imps will spawn from the Dungeon Heart, 
    but this only makes it easier to kill them over and over again. 
    Continue claiming tiles and try to scout the southern part of the 
    dungeon without drawing too much attention (use "Conceal"), so you can 
    see the activity in the Torture chamber.
    Dig along the southern earth tiles towards the west, until you're 
    directly below the Torture room. What you can do here is constructing 
    a group of 3x2 Boulder traps, which just fit in this space. Then when 
    the Mistresses are here fire a single shot of "Destroy Walls" in the 
    center of the wall with maximum power. All 6 Boulders will activate 
    and instantly kill all Mistresses! You should now be able to:
    1. Claim the Torture room, so you can construct one yourself. Open up 
    the small pockets of heroes one by one (at points '5' to '7'), defeat 
    them and convert all the valuable creatures to your side. You also 
    gain an Imp(10) from topmost group '5'.
    2. Apply "Destroy Walls" on the wall to the north of this room, to 
    have the boulder tumble into the Lair. Where probably a lot of Orcs 
    and other creatures are resting. Additionally, have your Imps reload 
    the Boulder traps so you can send in some more Boulders and control 
    their trajectory in the lair.
    With the Mistresses gone the yellow Keeper will severly be weakened by 
    this, and you should be able to claim his Portal and to the north, and 
    his Dungeon Heart. Alternatively, put Guard Posts next to the Portal 
    and capture all of the level 1 creature that enter his domain. When he 
    is finally defeated you should have built up an army of the Samurai 
    that once wandered this land, claimed the Graveyard along with its 
    Vampires and put everybody into training. The Yellow Keeper might have 
    the "Increase Level" special in his Library as it is located in the 
    gold vein had access to.
    4. Defeat Green & Blue Keepers
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    With all the converted Samurai you have the next target is probably 
    the Blue Keeper. Because his domain is so close to your Treasure room 
    you might want to sell a few tiles and lock the Imps out for a moment. 
    Put "Call-to-Arms" there when you have a complete set of level 10 
    Samurai etc., "Destroy Walls" and carefully navigate your group 
    towards the nearby Heart. It is located north of the Training room and 
    west of the Portal. This battle will be more intense, but you should 
    be able to win this one as well. Alternatively, you can cast "Destroy 
    Walls" next to the Portal and drop an Imp here. Chances are that the 
    blue Keeper will drop all his creatures on the Portal tiles, thus 
    sending them all out of his dungeon. This cheap trick can surely help 
    you quite a lot. Btw. like the yellow one there's a dungeon special 
    most likely in his Library as the "Resurrect" special was also in a 
    Gold seam this Keeper had access to.
    As for the green Keeper you might have to use a different approach. 
    Like in Morkardar this Keeper puts traps everywhere (again also on 
    illegal locations). Put some Magic door/Boulder traps in the corridor 
    to the south of his domain, and then draw some attention with some 
    Imps. They might fire of his own Boulder traps killing his goons for 
    you. They will most likely follow you so you can sell the door and 
    have your own Boulder cause them to reach a 'death' end. When most of 
    the Boulders are gone, send in your Vampires/Mistress/Samurai to take 
    this 3rd Keeper out of commision. The reward for beating him is a 
    victory and the "Lightning" & "Resurrect" spell in his Library, 
    although it won't be of use to you anymore. If the special is not 
    here, just check the mark on the map if you really want to find it.
    5. Caddis Fell
    Initial Gold:      250
    Initial creatures: 3x Imp (3), 2x Dark Mistress (6)
    Max creatures:     20
    Creature pool     Rooms             Spells           Traps / Doors
    ---------------   ---------------   --------------   ----------------
    Fly               Treasure room     Posses           .....
    Beetle            Lair              Create Imp      ?Poisonous gas
    Spider            ........(2)       .....            .........
    Warlock           ........ ....(3) ?Speed           ?Lava
    Troll             .......(2)       ?Must Obey       ?Boulder
    Orc               .....(3)         ?Cave-in          .... .. .....
    Bile Demon       ?Guard post       ?Call-to-Arms     ...... ....
    Dark Mistress    ?Workshop         ?Heal            ?Braced door
    Dragon(1)        ?Barracks         ?Invisibility    ?Steel door
    Vampire(1)        ......(3)         .........       ?Magic door
                     ?Torture room      .......
                     ?Temple            ........
                     ?Graveyard         .......
                      ......... ....    .......
                                        ....... .....(4)
    (1) : Only available to the Blue Keeper
    (2) : Rooms never become available even after claiming
    (3) : Only researchable by the Blue keeper, available after claiming
    (4) : "Destroy Walls" book can be found
    Blue Keeper:
     Initial Gold:      10000
     Initial creatures: 5x Imp (1), 7x Hell hound(7)
     Max creatures:     30
     Fly/Horned Reaper/Archer/Barbarian/Giant/Fairy/Witch
    Neutral rooms   : Library, Training room, 2x Hatchery, Bridge
    Neutral creature: 2x Dragon(10), Imp(5), Beetle(9), Spider(9),
                      Vampire(1), 6x Hell hound(6)
    Dungeon specials: 2x Increase Level, Reveal Map, Steal Hero, 
                      Make Safe, Resurrect Creature
     ________________________________________________ .: Lava
    |....d|    _                H       P ___|\/wwwww|w: Water
    |.|¯¯¯    | |    blue Keeper         |____   www/|G: Gold
    |.|     __| |    ____     ____     __     |    | |-: Excavated path
    | |____|    |___|  GG|___|G   |___|G |__ _|   /  |=: Preferred path
    |        GG   5 GGGG   6  GGG  7  GGGG 8     G\_ |P: Portal
    |ww9 __GGG|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|    GGG \|H: Heart
    |I  / X\  |............................|     9 R |R: Ressurrect
    |___\__/__|.....___.....___.....___....|_________|I: Increase Level
    |..............| L |===| 2 |---| h |.............|F: Make Safe
    |..............|___|---|___|===|___|.............|S: Steal Hero
    |_____..........| =      =      = |........______|B: Bridge tile
    | GG  |........|¯3¯|     =     |¯1¯|......|      |h: Hatchery
    |GemG |.......B|___|     H     |___|......|  P h |L: Library
    |GG 12|.........| =             = |.......|______|T: Training room
    |¯¯¯¯¯.........|¯¯¯|===|¯¯¯|---|¯¯¯|.............|+: Vampire(1) &
    |________......| h |---| 4 |===| T |...__________|   Graveyard
    | | _|  _\......¯¯¯.....¯¯¯.....¯¯¯.../    /___  |D: "Destroy Walls"
    | ||___|D|________  _________________|    /| V | |d: Dragon(10)
    |  ¯¯¯¯| |___     \| |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|    _ _   w   ¯¯¯  |`: Beetle&Spider(9)
    |______ ¯¯¯¯||  _ || | |¯¯¯| |   |11 | wXww      |h: 6x Hell hound(6)
    | .....     ||_||||| | |_H_| |  '|Gem|`wwwI\__   |X: action point 2x,
    |...d... ____¯¯¯ ¯¯___ |_____|    ¯'¯  /¯¯\__F\__|   triggers a swarm
    | .....  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|10S|      S\/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      \__R|   of flies 
    Heroes (incomplete summary as there's not enough room on the map)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     1: 3x Archer(5)
     2: 3x Thief(5)
     3: 3x Barbarian(5)
     4: 3x Giant(5)
     5: 2x Barbarian(7), 1x Barbarian(9), 1x Giant(7)
     6: 2x Giant(7), 1x Giant(9)
     7: 2x Archer(7), 1x Giant(7), 1x Giant(9)
     8: 3x Giant(7), 1x Giant(9)
     9: 5x Horned Reaper(5)
    10: 4x Giant(10)
    11: 6x Skeleton(10)
    12: 7x Archer(7)
     ': 1x Beetle(10), 1x Spider(10)
    Around Destroy Walls spell: 5x Dwarf(5), 1x Wizard(8)
    South  Destroy Walls spell: 3x Monk 
    Around Graveyard: 2x Vampire(5)
    West  of Hero Heart: 5x Barbarian(8), 2x Archer(8), 2x Fairy(8) 
    East  of Hero Heart: 2x Barbarian(8), 2x Archer(8), 4x Witch(8)
    North of Hero Heart: 2x Barbarian(8), 2x Archer(8), 3x Witch(8)
    This level does something that none of the original DK level did. 
    Rather than letting you generate an army yourself you have to work 
    with the 2 Mistresses that you are given. Later on you will be able 
    assemble a larger group, but in the beginning you'll have to carefully 
    manage each piece of gold you receive. You cannot build a Hatchery or 
    Library at any moment in the game, thus make sure not to sell these 
    rooms by accident!
    1. Clear the central island
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Upon entering this realm you'll find that you have 3 Imps and 2 
    Mistresses at your disposal. Dig 3 tiles in any direction to tunnel 
    into the central corridor connecting to four empty rooms (not drawn on 
    the map). Claim these rooms and make sure to build exactly 1 tile 
    Treasure room (50 Gold) and 2 tiles Lair (2x 100 Gold) = 250 Gold. For 
    now that is all you can do. Let the Mistresses create a home and hold 
    all your creatures except one Imp. There are single level 6 heroes in 
    each corner so don't dig out the rooms any further for the time being. 
    Instead, dig from the centre of your Dungeon heart dig into one 
    direction (e.g. north) to find a wooden doorway. Let 1 Mistress out 
    and make sure to hold your Imps and the other Mistress at all time 
    from now on, they might go for other doors and trigger Boulder traps 
    you don't want to set off. "Posses" the Mistress and tear down the 
    In the room behind, regardless of the direction you'll find 3 level 5 
    heroes of the same type. Kill all three of them, let your Mistress 
    sleep to heal and you'll find two doors leading in either direction. 
    Also pick up all the gold from the pots here and place it in your 1 
    tile Treasure room. You can expand this later on, when the island 
    you're on is cleared in all directions.
    Look at the map to find out which one to take, the path marked with 
    "=" is preferred as it doesn't contain Boulder Traps, and also the 
    weakest hero if any is present at all. If you take care you can 
    actually break all the doors one-by-one as all of the lurking heroes 
    can be defeated. The NE corridor also contains a free Imp(5), quickly 
    pick him up or he'll get blasted by the hero that spawns here. 
    Work your way around the area killing off all the heroes by staying 
    distant and spamming all heroes with the Mistresses' Lightning attack. 
    Once you get the Hatchery you can use some chickens to heal your 
    Mistress as well. Also be careful with the Posionous Gas traps. Your 
    Imps won't survive them! In bottom/left central room you can trigger 
    these traps to damage the enemy groups here as well, so make use of 
    Once all the weak heroes are gone, put your Mistresses in the Library 
    so they can do some research. Get at least the Guard Post and, if 
    they're very close to reaching next level let them train a bit. Level 
    7 Mistresses also control Speed, so this makes them twice as 
    2. Expand beyond the lava pool
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    In case you haven't noticed it turns out your surrounded by lava from 
    all sides. The only way to get off this island and get some gold is by 
    building bridges, but you cannot research them. There is however 1 
    bridge tile connected to your dungeon on the west side directly in 
    line with your Dungeon Heart. Fortify the walls here, and then dig out 
    the central tile of the western room. However, by doing so you'll 
    allow ~20 Flies(5) entry to the dungeon. This may seem like a lot, but 
    the flies are really, really weak. In factyour two Mistresses should 
    easily be able to handle it with their Lightning. Claim the bridge 
    tile, which grants you the ability to construct them, and extend the 
    bridge a few tiles. Place a Guard post on the tile against the bridge 
    and sell the Bridge tile against it. This way no enemy creature 
    (including the lava walking white Horned Reapers) cannot reach you!
    Extend the bridge further to the west to where the Gems are. Get your 
    Mistress to eliminate the 7 Archers in smaller groups. When they're 
    gone have your Imps claim the entire island and excavate all the gold 
    here. Build Guard Posts along the perimeter of the land to keep your 
    Imps stuck on that island, and fill the rest up with Treasure room. 
    This should resolve your financial issues. The question is where to go 
    next... You could go for the Hero Keep to the south, or the blue 
    Keeper in the north. Traditionally, you'd want to go for the heroes 
    first, so you can expand your ranks by claiming up the rooms/treasures 
    they have. I'll go for the blue Keeper first, but the choice is yours 
    to act differently.
    3. Defeat the blue Keeper
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Ah this seems more daring, but this can actually work out pretty well. 
    Contstruct a bridge from all around the north of your dungeon, but do 
    not connect the bridge to the Guard Post you have. Notice those hero 
    groups marked on the map numbered '5' to '9'? You can make a large 
    bridge and dig out the entrance to the blue Keeper first, and then 
    free all these heroes at the same time. As they cannot detect the 
    entrance to your dungeon heart they'll all barge into the blue Keeper 
    instead. With the help of 10x white Horned Reapers(5) from both group 
    '9's on the map chances are that he will be utterly defeated. Of 
    course you might want to wait a little while with breaking into these 
    sections, if you want to get a Prison. Only the blue Keeper can 
    research it and it will take a while for him to build it. 
    In the mean time you can of course train/research with your own 
    creatures and explore the points of interest on this map. You could of 
    course still access the right group of Reapers with a "Concealed" Imp 
    and use him to claim the tile where the "Reveal Map" special is. 
    Immediately use it to make you omniscent.
    1. Dig into the NW/SW corners of the map to find two free Dragons(10). 
    They'll make good researchers & manufacturers for you. 
    2. Around the portal to the east are 6x unaligned Hell hounds(6). 
    They're not the best addition, but for now you shouldn't be 
    complaining about extra troops. Just make sure they don't randomly 
    start breaking enemy doors, as they do like to wander off and seek out 
    the enemy only to get killed.
    3. Create a bridge past the SE corner of your dungeon, just past the 
    Hatchery, and dig here to find that the the Hero Wall becomes regular 
    earth, if you claim the path next to it. This way you can claim the 
    "Destroy walls" spell with relative ease. Only the Dwarves and Wizard 
    will attack you here. You can claim the rest of the path around here 
    to find a dead end with a Boulder Trap, or some Lava Traps on the 
    other side. Past those traps are 2 Giants (6 & 8) and the 'supposed' 
    entrance how you were get here.
    4. To the east of the SE Dragon and below the corridor leading to the 
    "Destroy Walls" spell is a tile made up of earth. Dig this out, avoid 
    the Boulder and work your way around to find a room at the bottom with 
    4x Giant(10) and a "Steal Hero" special. You can continue digging to 
    the east against the rock to find a second "Steal Hero" guarded by a 
    trap. Don't dig out the row above the earth just exacavated as you 
    otherwise get very close to the hero Dungeon Heart. You can better do 
    this later on.
    5. To the south of your training room are two Boulder traps waiting to 
    be dug out. Below that is a room with 6x Skeletons(10) and a 4 faced 
    Gem seam. There's also some white Beetles/Spiders(10), which are not 
    that hard to defeat. Furthermore, the unaligned Beetle/Spider(9) can 
    be used for sacrifice in order to get another powerful Mistress.
    6. With "Destroy Walls" you can now get into the graveyard to the SE. 
    Inside you'll find two white Vampire (whom luckily do not resurrect). 
    Inside the central room is a free Vampire(1) and a graveyard... Oddly 
    enough, you can research the Graveyard so why put it here as well? 
    7. Just below the Graveyard and east of the Gem tile there's a small 
    lake. Entering it causes a set of ~30 Flies to enter your dungeon 
    (similar to moving a creature into the empty pocket to the right of 
    the western Reapers). Again, killing them is rather trivial, but you 
    can make use of their corpses to get another Vampire. When they're all 
    gone build a bridge to the south and use "Destroy walls" on 3 
    consecutive locations to get: "Increase Level", "Make Safe" & 
    "Resurrect Creature" specials along the golden pots scattered here.
    Finally, if you wait very long the blue Keeper might actually be able 
    to beat all the joint Hero forces, but should be mortally wounded. If 
    this happens immediately follow up with your own Mistresses, Dragons, 
    Vampires and other stuff you can find. If you happend to have attract 
    a troll & Bile Demon you'd better get a Horned Reaper from the Temple! 
    In the end you should be able to beat all of the blue goons.
    4. 'Beat' the Hero's heart
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    With all of the above taken into account all that remains is beating 
    the crap out of the remaining heroes. The easiest approach I can think 
    of is building lot's of Boulder traps in the corridors leading to the 
    heart that you already claimed during item #4 from the previous 
    section. When you have a lot of boulders in place, get an expendable 
    Imp and drop him in each of the empty, unclaimed path sections to 
    spawn 5 extra hero parties! Using the Imp you can also activate the 
    hero Boulder traps, so some of the troops are easily killed. :) Since 
    there are tunneller's here they will make their way to you, but your 
    own boulder traps should prevent them from getting near you. 
    Otherwise, fight them if you have a prison and construct yourself 'la 
    grande armee'!
    Sooner or later all the heroes will be gone and you can claim the path 
    to the heroes' Heart room. Either trigger the action point at the 
    heart and have the heroes get killed by even more boulders or fight 
    them in a real battle. The choice is up to you.
    6. Pladitz
    Initial Gold:      35000
    Initial creatures: 6x Imp(2)
    Max creatures:     13
    Creature pool     Rooms             Spells           Traps / Doors
    ---------------   ---------------   --------------   ----------------
    Fly               Treasure room     Posses           .....
    Beetle            Lair              Create Imp      ?Poisonous gas
    Spider            Hatchery          .....            .........
    Warlock           Training Room    ?Speed           ?Lava
    Troll             Library          ?Must Obey       ?Boulder
    Orc              ?Bridge(2)        ?Cave-in          .... .. .....
    Bile Demon       ?Guard post       ?Call-to-Arms    ?Wooden door
    Dark Mistress    ?Workshop          ....(3)           ...... ....
    Dragon           ?Barracks          ............(3) ?Steel door
                      ......(1)         .........(1)    ?Magic door
                     ?Torture room      .......(3)
                     ?Temple            ........
                      .........(1)     ?Chicken
                      ......... ....    .......
                                       ?Destroy Walls(2)
    (1) : Only researchable by Blue Keeper (Prison/Graveyard/Lightning)
    (2) : Only researchable by you (Bridge/"Destroy Walls")
    (3) : Spell book can be found ("Heal"/"Invisibility"/"Protect")
    Blue Keeper:
     Initial Gold:      15000
     Initial creatures: 3x Imp (1), 3x Dark Mistress(10)
     Max creatures:     25
    Neutral rooms   : -
    Neutral creature: 2x Skeleton(5), 1x Dragon(5), 1x Mistress(6)
    Dungeon specials: Increase Level, 2x Steal Hero, Resurrect Creature
     ________________________________________________  .: Water
    | 2 GGG___...\\...___....I....___.._.\\   9   9  | G: Gold
    |  GGG 1  \...\\.|   |_______|   ||P|.|\         | -: Excavated path
    |GGGG\____/...||.|_ _|¯¯| |¯¯|_ _|¯¯..| \   S    | P: Portal
    |......__........|   |__| |__|   |GGG \ |x     9 | H: Heart
    |.__..|3 x ......|_ _|¯¯|H|¯¯|_ _|GGGG// /|¯¯¯x¯¯| R: Resurrect
    || 4|..¯¯........|   |__| |__|   |\GG// / | 9 Gem| I: Increase Level
    |.¯¯__.._..._x_..|___|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|___|..|¯8 ¯| ¯¯¯¯¯¯| S: 2x Skeleton(5)
    |..| 5|//..| 6 |...____________......¯¯¯¯........| M: Mistress(6)
    |   ¯¯//....¯¯¯...x 7x   x  x  x.................| D: Dragon(5)
    |¯¯¯¯¯¯__/¯¯¯¯¯¯\..¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.../¯¯\  __    _x_| x: door
    |     /          ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ 11 ¯¯  |  |S10| 
    | ___|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|x|¯¯    ¯¯¯|
    ||   x  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|16|__15_|12   ____  |
    ||¯D¯x  |____________|   H   | |_____|x|__|13 R| |
    | ¯¯¯|17 17 _________x__18 __|__14_|¯|__|¯|____| |
    |    |__|__|  ..........|x|.......__......\      |
    | M_|..../¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     GGG |
    | ___...|  H     blue Keeper                GGGem|
    ||19S|..|                                 GGGGGem|
    Hero locations:
     1: 2x Archer(4), 2x Dwarf(5), 1x Barbarian
     2: 2x Archer(4), 2x Dwarf(5), 1x Barbarian
     3: 4x Archer(4), 30 Gold pots
     4: 2x Archer(4), 1x Dwarf(5), "Heal", 28 Gold pots
     5: 4x Archer(4), 1x Dwarf(5), 1x Barbarian, 24 Gold pots
     6: 1x Archer(4), 1x Dwarf(5), 2x Barbarian, 25 Gold pots form "DIE"
     7: 5x Giant(5), 6x Barbarian(5), 2x Thief(4), 2x Fairy(5), 
        "Protect", 27 Gold pots
     8: 3x Giant(5), 2x Archer(4)
     9: 2x Samurai(8), 2x Dwarf(8), 1x Archer(8)
    10: 2x Archer(4), 1x Giant(5), 2x Poison trap
    11: 24x(!) Barbarian(5)
    12: 4x Archer(5), 2x Wizard(5)
    13: 2x Dwarf(5), 2x Archer(6), 1x Barbarian(10)
    14: 7x Skeleton (6)
    15: 6x Dwarf(5), 2x Barbarian(10)
    16: 2x Archer(4), 2x Archer(6), 2x Dwarf(5), 2x Samurai(6) 1x 
    17: 1x Archer(6), 2x Samurai(6)
    18: 2x Samurai(10), 3x Giant(10), 1x Barbarian(10)
      + 1x Archer(10), 1x Giant(10), 2x Wizard(10), 1x Knight(10) 
        by action point
    19: 2x Monk(6), 1x Thief(6), 2x Barbarian(6)
    Another level that at first overview seems very hard, but due to poor 
    scripting, the availability of "Destroy Walls", and some oversights in 
    the design this level can be beaten with hardly any effort. Your 
    creature limit is the lowest so far, so you'll have to select your 
    minions carefully. Gold is also very conservative here. The Gem tile 
    to the NE is remarkably well protected by four copies of the above 
    mentioned group '9'. After that you still have enter the Hero's domain 
    where a whopping 24 Barbarians will meet you at the same time. Next 
    going through all the rooms is also a daunting process with your 
    limited amount of creatures. But if you make use of the Guard Post 
    trick again, this level becomes a little too easy, actually.
    1. Setup a stronghold
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    You start the level in a fully fortified dungeon. However, break out 
    from any side will cause the heroes behind the locked doors at points 
    '3' and '6' to attack you. This is caused by the fact that the doors 
    that hold them are set to unaligned, which means the heroes will 
    attack it if they can detect a path to your heart! Hence you should 
    first constrain yourself to the local area. Excavate all the safe 
    gold, dig out one side of the double walls to get some extra space, 
    build some rooms (with only a small Training room!), and carefully 
    pick which creatures to attract.
    Once you have researched the Guard Post & Bridge break through an part 
    of the wall on the western area, except the central tile directly west 
    from your Heart. The reason for this is that you should build a Guard 
    Post on it to prevent the groups at '3' & '6' to attack you. The 
    central tile hides an excavated path, which prevents you from blocking 
    the entrance to your dungeon. Build a small bridge so you can claim 
    this path and immediately sell it afterwards so the Heroes won't 
    detect you.
    With the claimed path you can safely excavate all the gold near '2' 
    with the exception of the leftmost row as some heroes hide behind it. 
    On second thought, the heroes there are pretty weak so you could make 
    the tradeoff to get extra gold & fight them directly. With the given 
    fundings train a group of 4 Mistresses to at least level 6, and have 
    the rest research/manufacture. If you like you can attack all points 
    '1' to '6' one by one, claim the "Heal" spell along with ~100 gold 
    pots (worth 25000 gold). This will extend the period you can survive 
    without Gems.
    2. Break the game...
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Normally, you're supposed to put in a lot of effort to reach the NE 
    gems, build up more troops and fight all the heroes in every room of 
    the hero fortress, and then finally fight the blue Keeper on his home 
    turf, where he can blast you with his "Lightning". However, there's a 
    much easier tactic possible.
    Start building a bridge through the water towards '10', and also in 
    direction of the "Increase Level" spell north of your dungeon! Make 
    sure that your dungeon isn't externally accesible at all times (to 
    prevent the heroes from homing into your dungeon Heart), and dig just 
    north of the door at '10' to the west. Here you'll find several groups 
    in a long corridor that add up to the ludicrous amount of 24 
    Barbarians(5). Your Mistresses(7+) should be able to take them out 
    with little effort, if you attack them in small groups. In fact you 
    only need to take the right most group as the others won't bother you. 
    You might actually want to leave them, so you can have them attack the 
    blue Keeper!
    From this point on you could go south through the door at point '12', 
    but instead dig south on the east side of the door along the 
    impenetrable rock, when you reach a dead end on the east (due to hero 
    walls against the rock), cast "Destroy Walls" once. Attack the heroes 
    at point '13', have your Imps claim the room unfortifying the walls on 
    the southern side. Now dig south, until you hit water again. You'll 
    reach a watery area where you can explore the area by walking around. 
    Just beware that there may be a lost Giant(10)/Samurai(10) around here 
    as the door leading to the Hero Heart (at point '18') isn't locked! 
    Build a bridge inside this lake leading towards the blue dungeon and 
    towards '18'. You'll get a silly message for getting 'past' the hero 
    dungeon so just ignore it. XD After doing so, dig into the blue 
    Keeper's domain (and possibly cast "Destroy Walls" again) and that's 
    it. All the heroes that aren't locked by Hero doors will sooner or 
    later start moving towards the blue Keeper. Once the Hero Heart room 
    is empty (e.g. Samurai/Barbarians have left), quickly claim the tile 
    with the Poisonous Gas trap near the door, break it with your 
    Mistresses and move them towards the Heart. This will bring
    in The-lord-of-the-Land-approaches sequence. If your blue rival is not 
    yet defeated the Knight & his comrades will leave the Heart Room. Once 
    they're gone get your Mistresses in again, and destroy the Heart. 
    Doing so will unleash all the Heroes from the Hero dungeon, which will 
    flood the blue Keeper with more enemies than he will ever be able to 
    handle. This massive horde will kill your enemy with little effort. 
    That's it, 'you've conquered this realm'... This victory doesn't feel 
    like one, but if you wish it is possible to mop up all the goodies. 
    The unaligned Dragon(5)/Mistress(6) at points 'D' & 'M' are easily 
    7. Abbadon
    Initial Gold:      20000
    Initial creatures: 6x Imp (4x4,2x1)
    Max creatures:     10
    Creature pool     Rooms             Spells           Traps / Doors
    ---------------   ---------------   --------------   ----------------
    Dragon            ........ ....(1)  Posses          ?Alarm
    Beetle            ....(1)           ...... ...(3)   ?Poisonous gas
    Spider            ........(1)       .....            .........
    Warlock           ........ ....(1)  .....(3)        ?Lava
    Troll             .......(1)        .... ....        .......(2)
    Orc              ?Bridge(1)         .... ..(3)       .... .. .....
    Bile Demon       ?Guard post        .... .. ....(3) ?Wooden door
    Demon Spawn       ........(1)       ....(3)         ?Braced door
                      ........(1)       ............(3) ?Steel door
                      ......(1)         .........(3)     ..... ....
                      ....... ....      .......(3)
                      ......            ........
                      .........         .......
                      ......... ....    .......
                                        ....... .....(3)
    (1) : Only available after room has been claimed
    (2) : Only manufacturable after reaching Boulde trap crate on the map
    (3) : Can be found on the map ("Create Imp"/"Speed"/"Cave in"/
          "Call to Arms"/"Invisibility"/"Heal"/"Protect"/"Lightning"/
          "Destroy Walls")
    Neutral rooms   : Treasure Room, Lair, Hatchery, Training Room, 
                      Library, Workshop, Barracks, Prison
    Neutral creature: Bile Demon(1), Dragon(1), Mistress(3), 
                      3x Skeleton(2x 4,5), Vampire(?), 2x Warlock(6)
    Dungeon specials: 3x Increase Level, 4x Resurrect Creature, 
                      2x Steal Hero
     ________________________________________________  .: Lava
    |1 |   ___    W/ .__/\______________             | G: Gold
    |_ |_ | H | _/ ..|12 |  |7 x |__x__ |__________  | `: Excavated path
    |23  \|_ _|/  ...|__ ||¯8¯¯x |     ||_x______x_| | P: Portal
    |       `  __  ..|Gem|||9¯¯x |  6  ||   |M5____| | H: Heart
    | P ` ` ` `xT|  .¯||¯.||10¯x |_____||_x_|_|  W | | L: Library
    |\     _x_ ¯¯GG 4.||__||11¯x__________  30x ___| | B: Bile Demon(1)
    ||    | t | GGL  ..¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯..........|_  _|     | D: Dragon(1)
    ||   _|_x_|_ GG   .............31.......``/______| M: Mistress(3)
    |/  |bx ` xl|        ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` //| |   | W: 2x Warlock(6)
    |    ¯¯|x|¯¯        `        _____   ___// | | H | s: Skeleton(5)
    |     GGBGG  P     `   __   /_____|.|___/20  |___| S: 2x Skeleton(4,5)
    |2     GGG  D     `   / _|_|/ ......|   |__| | 21|    + Prison
    |_|  ___________ ` __/ |¯13 ¯|____14|  ..  | |  V| T: Treasure Room
    |s| |_    ______|`|_24 |_____|| T|¯¯x .... x_|_  | t: Training Room
    |.....\__/ ``    ` `\  |  __| x__| || .Gem.|18 | | L: Library
    |............` __||__\ | x__| |  | ||19....| | | | l: Lair
    |.........3 .`|x___15|_|___ | x__| ||______| | | | b: Barracks
    |___x____.. .`|  | |¯     __| | S| x_________| | | W: Workshop
    |x__x__x_|....`| | x 16  |17| x__| | x_____25| |_| V: Vampire(7)
    |26|27|28|....`|___|      ____     |___________29|
     1: 1x Barbarian(5), 2x Witch(6), 2x Monk(3), "Create Imp"
      + 4x Thief(4), 2x Archer(6)
     2: 1x Barbarian(8), 1x Wizard(5), "Speed", Increase Level
     3: 6x Archer(8), 6x Witch(8), 1x Monk(5)
     4: 4x Fairy(6), "Call to Arms"
     5: 2x Archer(6), 1x Monk(1), 1x Giant(3)
     6: 4x Monk(5), 4x Barbarian(5), "Resurrect Creature"
     7: 2x Dwarf(5), 2x Archer(5), "Resurrect Creature"
     8: 1x Monk(4), 2x Wizard(6)
     9: 3x Dwarf(5), 2x Fairy(7)
    10: 1x Wizard(5), 2x Fairy(7)
    11: 6x Dwarf(5,2x6,3x7)
    12: 4x Samurai(8), "Destroy Walls", "Steal Hero"
      + 3x Barbarian(6,7,8), 1x Acher(7)
      + 2x Giant(5), 2x Samurai(8), 2x Archer(7), 1x Thief(6)*
    13: 4x Samurai(10), 2x Giant(10), "Increase Level"
    14: 3x Wizard(8), "Invisibility", Boulder Trap crate
    15: 1x Dwarf(9), 3x Monk(8), 2x Barbarian(8), 1x Fairy(9), 2x Giant(6)
    16: 4x Archer(7), 4x Archer(8), 2x Wizard(10), 3x Fairy(10)
    17: 2x Giant(9), 1x Monk(9), "Protect", 10 gold pots
    18: 2x Samurai, 3x Barbarian(5,6,7), "Lightning"
    19: 2x Giant(10), 2x Barbarian(10)
      + 3x Fairy(10), 2x Witch(10)
      + 2x Fairy(10), 3x Witch(10)
    20: 3x Monk(10), 3x Wizard(10), 2x Thief(10), 2x Archer(10)
    21: 2x Barbarian(10)
    23: "Increase Level"
    24: "Protect"
    25: 2x Archer(10), "Resurrect Creature"
    26: "Resurrect Creature"
      + 2x Fairy(10), 1x Archer(8), 1x Barbarian(7)
    27: "Steal Hero"
      + 2x Witch(10), 1x Samurai(8), 1x Thief(8)
    28: "Resurrect Creature"
      + 2x Wizard(10), 2x Giant(8)
    29+ 2x Barbarian(10), 1x Giant(9), 1x Monk(10), 1x Samurai(10, 1x 
    30+ 1x Wizard(5), 1x Thief(4), 1x Barbarian(4)
      + 1x Fairy(7), 1x Witch(5), 1x Giant(4)
    31+ 8x Fairy(6)
    32+ 3x Samurai(10), 2x Wizard(10), 2x Giant(10), 1x Knight(10)
    * = triggers only when player has more than 25000 gold!
    The main theme of this map is exploring the areas one-by-one and 
    discover new rooms and spells as go through progressively more 
    difficult enemies. You start out with absolutely no spell/room and 4x 
    Imps. If they die before you reach the "Create Imp" spell at '1' 
    you're pretty much stuck in a dead-lock situation and have to restart. 
    Fortunately, things are not that hard in this level. The most basic 
    rooms are easily accessible by digging south from your dungeon Heart. 
    With a creature limit of only 10 minions you should leave the 
    unaligned Warlocks(6), Dragon(1) & Bile Demon(1) untouched, until you 
    hit the creature limit. Since you cannot get any Dark Mistresses via 
    the Portal you'd best stick with Orcs. Also there's no Temple on this 
    map so don't try keep antropods for sacrifices, therefore throw out 
    everything that is not an Orc or Bile Demon. 1 or 2 Dragons are fine, 
    but none more as you're in dire gold sitations for most of the level 
    and these tanks are usually too slow for most enemy creatures to keep 
    up. However, since there is no active assault by the heroes you can 
    play this level at your own pace.
    1. Claim up the basic rooms, spells & gems
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    From the entry to the level, dig south and claim all basic rooms 
    including Barracks around. Next dig south and claim up all the gold, 
    but leave the central corridor of gold and the door lock in tact so 
    you can claim the Bile Demon later on, when you have reached the 
    creature limit. Also this large excavated area will function as a 
    humongous Workshop, when you get to build it. Also when it's payday 
    make sure to give the most expensive creatures a manual pay, by 
    getting the smallest piles of gold from the treasure room and sprinkle 
    them on the specific minions. If they make a small victory dance they 
    will accept whatever you gave them as their pay instead, and continue 
    working. This way you can keep Dragons(10) cost down to as little as 
    100 gold which is a fraction compared to their standard pay!
    Next claim both portals, attract as many Orcs as possible and have 
    them train. Continue to the east and claim all the gold and Library 
    here. Watch out to leave the easternmost wall near the north as you'll 
    dig into lava (with several Fairies) in here. Once your Orcs are mid 
    level dig towards points '1', '2', '23' to the west. And kill the two 
    groups of heroes here. It should be doable without too much effort 
    (also don't forget the heroes that come by the action point at '1'. 
    Claim the 2x "Increase Level", "Create Imp" & "Speed" spells.
    After getting all the goods, you probably want to head east towards 
    the Gems, which are heavily guarded. Dig east from the Library to find 
    the said Fairies and have the Orcs take care of them. If they have 
    learned the "Protect" spell by now they should be pretty resistent 
    against the Fairy's "Ligtning" spells. Have your Imps claim the entire 
    excavated path and collect the "Call-to-Arms" spell near the Library. 
    Beware that point '31' will spawn some more Fairies, though. 
    Furthermore, don't go too far into the southern area, there's a lot of 
    strong hero activity there.
    Break down the door to the NE hero structure. Inside fight the spawned 
    parties at point '30', claim the Workshop and remove it. Rebuild it 
    near the large gold vein you dug out with the Bile Demon. This large 
    Workshop will be your primary way of making gold, eventhough you 
    cannot create the expensive Boulder Traps/Magic Doors. Try to sell as 
    many Steel Doors, instead. Continue through the hallways and go east 
    to find a small hero party with the only unaligned Mistress(3) in this 
    level. Quickly, nab here once she joins you as she is will start 
    fighting as soon as this happens, and most likely get killed as she's 
    only level 3 at the moment.
    The optional room at '6' contains a "Resurrect Creature" special, but 
    you'll need "Destroy Walls" to get it, so don't mind it for now. 
    Further to the left you'll find 5 doors leading to points '7' to '11'. 
    '8' is the correct one to follow toward the Gems, but '7' also contain 
    interesting "Resurrect" special. After all Heroes are killed here (or 
    not), claim the entire corridor leading to the Gem room. Let your 
    creatures heal, enter the Gem room, dismantle all the traps, and 
    continue north. The three groups of enemies here protect the Gems & 
    the obligatory "Destroy Walls" spell. Also beware of the Boulder-trap-
    behind-a-door trick here!
    2. Build up your ranks (optional sections)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    After clearing out the "Destroy Walls" spell, create a bridge leading 
    to the Libray from the Gems so your Imps can use a shortcut. Have 3 of 
    them continuously dig out the gems so you can get some compensation. 
    If you haven't gotten all unaligned creatures get them now, perhaps 
    even the Warlocks. 
    There's an optional areas on the map:
    -The area south of '31' leads to point '14' where 3 Wizards protect 
    the "Invisibility" and Boulder trap crate. Kill them and claim the 
    goods in order to gain the ability to construct Boulder traps all the 
    -The area at point '13' contains some rather deadly creatures hidden 
    behind a hero wall. Use "Destroy Walls here to get inside. You may 
    want to build some boulder traps at the entrance, before doing so. 
    Apart from some traps there's another "Increase Level" special. 
    However, from here you can dig west to reach point '24' where a single 
    tile is open with the "Protect" spell free for the grabbin'.
    -SW corner of the map if you like you can go there now. Dig into the 
    only entrance and build a bridge around the left corner to find a 
    single Skeleton(4). Again, you may want to have some Boulder traps to 
    kill the 13 Heroes with little to no effort. Once you've gotten the 
    Boulders in place construct a bridge to the far south and connect to 
    all regions. This will draw out the heroes, who will kill themselves 
    with no value for their own life. When cleared reload the boulders and 
    enter the small structure to the SW. Inside there's a single Boulder 
    along with 3 doors. Kick them all down to trigger action points at 
    '26', '27' & '28'. They guard the 2x "Resurrect Creature" & "Steal 
    Hero" specials.
    -With all these specials you can try to get one or two level 10 
    Thieves and use the Increase level & Resurrect Creature specials to 
    generate a small army of these armored clads. After getting those you 
    should be nearly indestructible. Otherwise, try to get some Samurai as 
    they are the most valuable non-Knight creatures.
    3. Showdown at the hero's fortress
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Like the previous world there's a relatively large hero dungeon around 
    here. I'm not going to write down every single room here, as it's 
    mostly more of the same. However, beware of the boulders in the west 
    wing, and get the Prison/Treasure Room after passing point '17'. They 
    might be helpful for raising more Skeletons if you feel like you need 
    more of these... The long corridor leading to the Gem area also 
    contains several Barbarians/Samurai. At the end you'll also find the 
    "Lightning" spell which can be useful, but by going there you almost 
    inevitably trigger the hero action point at '29'. Another "Resurrect 
    Creature" is guarded by several traps/Archers(10) to it's west.
    Enter the Gem room to find a large lava area and several heroes. Let 
    them come out and attack them on your own tiles. When they're 
    annihilated enter the lava room, to find 2 groups of Witches/Fairies 
    to appear! Kill these as well ("Lightning" can work wonders on these 
    weak heroes). Build a bridge around the Gems and construct a large 
    Treasure room nearby to resolve your gold issues permanently. But it 
    may hardly be worth it as you've also reached the hero dungeon Heart 
    Go through the door to the east, head up, kill the strong resistence 
    at '20' and you'll find a dead end. Optionally, go for the Vampire(7) 
    to the east of this corridor first hidden along with two hero 
    Barbarians. Then use "Destroy Walls" on the eastern side of the dead 
    end (you can even see the light glowing from the dungeon Heart on the 
    edges of the walls here). Enter the Heart room and the Knight with his 
    comrades approaches. Kill this dunce with your own army (or boulders) 
    and all will go well...
    8. Svatona
    Initial Gold:      15000
    Initial creatures: 5x Imp (3)
    Max creatures:     15
    Creature pool     Rooms             Spells           Traps / Doors
    ---------------   ---------------   --------------   ----------------
    Demon Spawn       Treasure room     Posses          ?Alarm
    Beetle            Lair              Create Imp      ?Poisonous gas
    Spider            Hatchery          .....           ?Lightning
    Warlock           Training Room    ?Speed            ....
    Troll             Library          ?Must Obey       ?Boulder
    Orc               ......           ?Cave-in          .... .. .....
    Bile Demon       ?Guard post       ?Call-to-Arms    ?Wooden door
    Dark Mistress    ?Workshop         ?Heal            ?Braced door
    Dragon           ?Barracks         ?Invisibility    ?Steel door
                      ......            .........       ?Magic door
                     ?Torture room      .......
                     ?Temple            ........
                      .........(1)     ?Chicken
                      ......... ....    .......(2)
                                       ?Destroy Walls
    (1) : Only available after room has been claimed
    (2) : Can be found on the map ("Disease")
    Blue Keeper:
     Initial Gold:      40000
     Initial creatures: 3x Imp (1)
     Max creatures:     25
    Neutral rooms   : Graveyard
    Neutral creature: 2x Hellhound(4), 1x Mistress(5), 2x Vampire(2)
    Dungeon specials: Reveal Map, "Disease", Steal Hero, 
                      2x Increase Level
     ________________________________________________  .: Lava/Water
    | H |                                       GG\_ | G: Gold
    |_ _|       P                              2 GGem| `: Excavated path
    |\                     _                    GGG/ | P: Portal
    | |G              GGGG//        |V |     _     \ | H: Heart
    | \GGG   __GGGG_|¯|MG//__________¯¯_____/ \_3   \| R: Reveal Map
    |__\GGG1/__\G+| |¯¯¯¯¯......................\_  /| h: 2x Hellhound(4)
    |h GGGGGG    |__| ......___...___.____..___.__| ¯| M: Mistress(5)
    |    ...       ........|   x¯x 8 x  8 x¯x 7|..\ 4| V: 2x Vampire(3)
    |  ....................|_x_|¯|___|____|¯|x_|.. \ |    & Graveyard
    |.............10........  x11 x12x 13 |    x```` | D: "Disease"
    |...................... _x|___|__|_H__|__x_6../  | +: Increase Level
    |....         .........|9  x_x 8 x  8 x_x 7|..| 5| S: Steal Hero
    |      /¯¯¯¯\   ../¯S|`|___|.|___|____|.|_x|__|  |
    |__   /_____ \ ...\15|....................`../\ +|
    |_/    GGGem|/______||____________________x_/¯  ¯|
    |        GGG  ______           ..... R     | Gem_|
    |             GGGGGG|         .......      \__/ D|
    |  Blue Keeper            .   ..14...   .    16 /|
    |                        /\.............       /_|
    | H                     /   \..\¯¯/...   /¯¯\17 S|
     1: 3x Archer(3), 2x Barbarian(4)
     2: 3x Barbarian(5), 2x Fairy(7), 2x Thief(5)
     3+ 2x Witch(7), 2x Giant(7), 1x Samurai(8)
     4: 3x Samurai(7), 2x Giant(6), 1x Monk(6)
     5: 4x Samurai(7), 1x Knight(7)
     6: 4x Archer(8), 2x Witch(8)
     7: 2x Samurai(7)
     8: 2x Barbarian(6), 2x Samurai(7), 2x Archer(5)
     9: 4x Dwarf(9), Treasure Room
    10: 9x Tentacle(5)
    11: 3x Barbarian(6), 1x Archer(5), 1x Samurai(7)
    12: 4x Dwarf(9), 1x Barbarian(6), 1x Archer(5)
    13+ 2x Witch(9), 2x Giant(10), 2x Samurai(9,10), Knight(10)
    14: 4x Fairy(7), 4x Tentacle(8)
    15: 2x Giant(10)
    16: 3x Samurai(6), 1x Knight(7)
    17: 4x Fairy(8)
    This level is very reminiscent of Pladitz. A hero dungeon is between 
    you and the blue keeper to the far south. Slight variation here is 
    that you are separated by a large lake, filled with many 'hero' 
    Tentacles, thus you should not dig south too fast or too soon. You 
    cannot build bridges, so if you want to claim some of the southern 
    specials you need to claim all the tiles of the hero keep to access 
    them. Again your creature limit is low, but this is not very relevant 
    for now. The reason for this is that like Pladitz this level is broken 
    as well. Again, "Destroy Walls" is available, but you can even beat 
    the blue Keeper using only 1 Imp. :) To find out how, just read on 
    below. The only thing that is necessary is speed!
    1. Claim the northern hemisphere
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    In this level you're actually given quite a large section on the map. 
    In fact you can claim the entire nothern half of it, as long as you 
    don't dig into the water or the areas marked by '1', '2' & '3'. Start 
    digging to the south and get most of the gold, but leave the rightmost 
    section of the most western gold to prevent being attacked by the 
    Archers & Barbarians. Ignore the graveyard for now, and focus on the 
    gold in the far NE corner. To the left of it is a very strong hero 
    party, but you can get to the gems by only digging out the gold 
    against the impenetrable rock. This way you can safely get infinite 
    Start building the most essential rooms, research the Torture Chamber, 
    and try to get several Dark Mistresses as well. If you keep some 
    Trolls and Bile Demons you could actually sacrifice them later on for 
    a Horned Reaper. Also don't forget the have the Mistress(5) join you 
    who's hiding between a wall of gold and rock east of '1'.
    After researching the Guard Post you could, go and beat the group at 
    '1', claim the gold to the south, and then quickly build guard posts 
    along the waterline (to prevent attracting the hostile Tentacles & 
    Samurai (because the bottom '7' area has an unlocked door!). Then dig 
    westward to find 2 Hellhounds(4). Although, they're not very strong 
    you could use them for manufacturing. Lastly, take care when going for 
    the "Increase Level" special between '1' & the free Mistress as it is 
    boobytrapped by several Poison & Boulder traps.
    2. Imp Intrigant
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    After digging into the lake and warding it off with Guard posts and a 
    locked door. You could train everybody, fight through the hero 
    fortress again, and then head out for the blue Keeper. This is the 
    only way you can connect to his land via claiming all the tiles in the 
    hero dungeon, otherwise you have to fight him on his own land. 
    However, with all these roaming heroes you could as well put _them_ up 
    against the blue Keeper, but unless he digs into the lake himself 
    (which he does eventually) he will beat all the heroes. Therefore, 
    cast maximum powered "Invisibility"/"Speed" on an Imp put him outside 
    your main dungeon and posses him.
    Walk around the vicinity and dig into the blue Keeper's domain on the 
    other side of the lake. Make sure to do this fast, because as soon as 
    you start digging you'll lose the stealth of invisibility (also the 
    Samurai(10) has "sight" so he can see through your disguise!). Try to 
    dig between the two sections of solid rock as he's probably still 
    excavating the gold blocks, meaning that the areas is not yet 
    Once you have a connection, quickly pull back and break through the 
    earth at section '15'. This way 2 more Giants(10) are released. 
    Finally, to top it off you could also try to release all the Heroes in 
    the southern part points '14' to '16'. This way it will be ensured 
    that the blue Keeper is destroyed. Just wait a moment for the Samurai 
    to enter the blue dungeon, then you can return with your Imp to that 
    section and set them free. Also the magic door just below '7' can be 
    avoided just by digging into the soft earth one tile next of it. XD 
    This also makes sure you avoid the Word-of-Power traps on the land 
    bridge between the two sections!
    That should be one Keeper down. If by bad timing or so he still isn't 
    defeated, then it's time to head down there yourself with your 
    Mistresses such. You should defeat this Keeper, while he hasn't 
    recovered from the flood of heroes! He'll only grow stronger 
    3. Mop up the remaining heroes
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    In any case, with the blue Keeper gone (and probably some Heroes left 
    in his Heart room), you can start working your way around the eastern 
    section lead downwards. Since there is no time limit, you could rely 
    completely on Boulder traps to take out all the opposition if your 
    patient enough. Otherwise have your Mistresses trained to level 7+ and 
    take out each of the Hero rooms one, by one. Alternatively, just use 
    west of point '6' to gain entry to the Heart chamber. Beat some more 
    and the land is yours. 
    There's not much more to say about this really. You can still go and 
    collect most of the goodies from the southern area. The octopus shaped 
    lake at point '14' contains a "Reveal Map" it might be nice to get it.
    9. Kanasko
    Initial Gold:      15000
    Initial creatures: 4x Imp (1), 2x Skeleton(1), 1 Vampire(1),
                       3x Warlocks(3), 3x Dragon(3), 2x Bile Demon(3)
                       1x Dark Mistress(2)
    Max creatures:     12
    Creature pool     Rooms             Spells           Traps / Doors
    ---------------   ---------------   --------------   ----------------
    Fly               Treasure room     Posses          ?Alarm
    Beetle            Lair              Create Imp      ?Poisonous gas
    Spider            Hatchery          Sight            .........
    Warlock           Training Room     .....(2)        ?Lava
    Dragon            Library           Must Obey       ?Boulder
    Orc              ?Bridge            .... ..         ?Word of Power
    Bile Demon       ?Guard post        .... .. ....    ?Wooden door
    Dark Mistress     Workshop          ....(2)         ?Braced door
                     ?Barracks          ............(2) ?Steel door
                      ......            .........       ?Magic door
                     ?Torture room      .......(2)
                     ?Temple            ........
                     ?Graveyard        ?Chicken
                      ......... ....   ?Disease
                                       ?Destroy Walls
    (1) : Only available after room has been claimed
    (2) : Can be found on map ("Speed"/"Heal"/"Invisibility"/"Protect")
     Just about every available type and level
    Neutral rooms   : -
    Neutral creature: Hellhound(5), Orc(5), Skeleton(7),
                      Mistress(9), Dragon(9)
    Dungeon specials: 3x Increase Level, Steal Hero, Reveal Map,
                      Resurrect Creature
    (*sigh* again a complex dungeon design that hardly maps with ASCII)
     ________________________________________________  .: Lava/Water
    ||    |___                     \___/H GGGGGGGGG\ | G: Gold
    || -3  _  |  ____ ____ ____           _____ GGGG\| `: Excavated path
    ||____| | |_|Lair Hatc Lair|      ___| ... |   GG| P: Portal
    |       |P   __ _|__ _|__ _ `````x 2 x Gem+|   GG| H: Heart
    |        ¯¯¯|Trai  H   Work|     |___| ...3|    _| +: Increase level
    |           |__ _|__ _|__ _|         |_____|   `30 S: Steal Hero
    |`1|        |Lair Trea Lib |       ___         ``| R: Reveal Map
    |¯¯         |____|____|____|      | 4 |`````  /¯¯| s: Skeleton(7)
    |__                  G         ````¯x¯```````/   | M: Mistress(9)
    |7x| ```   ```     GGG  ``````````````````__/_/\ | D: Dragon(9)
    |¯````6 ````      GGGGG`````````___/¯¯¯/x/__/ `S\| O: Orc(5)
    |    ````  ``````G_GG 5/¯¯¯¯¯/x/___/¯¯¯| | 8|    | H: Hellhound(5)
    |\+      O/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯s¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯|-1_______-2|       |
    | ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |12|_____x__9__| | 8|  |
    |  |¯¯¯¯¯|   |x||x|x|x| |  ¯¯|11x  10 |__¯¯ ¯¯ ¯¯|
    |__| H 29| __| | D| | | |    |+ |¯¯x¯¯|M x14```` |
    |28|__x__||24|22¯|21| | |   / ¯¯ ````` ¯¯  ````` |
    |x.....  | |x|x¯¯|¯|20| |  /  ```|¯17|`````13``  |
    |....... |R|.....| |__| | /  ```` ¯¯¯`16``````___|
    |....26.|27|23x__|x|__19|/  `````````__``````x 15|
    |........x¯..| 25| 31 |   ``` |x¯¯¯¯¯18|     |   |
     1: 1x Giant(5), "Speed"
     2: 2x Archer(6), 3x Barbarian(4), 35 gold pots
      + 1x Tunnel(4), 2x Giant(6), 2x Dwarf(7) trigger after 1850 sec.
     3: 2x Wizard(7), 2x Samurai(5), 4x Giant(6), 
        "Invisibility","Protect", Increase Level
     4: 3x Archer(4), 35 gold pots
     5: 2x Dwarf(5), "Heal"
     6: 2x Monk(2), 3x Fairy(3)
      + 2x Giant(6), 2x Dwarf(7) trigger after 1850 sec.
     7: 1x Witch(6), 26 gold pots
     8: 2x Thief(8), 31 or 47 gold pots
     9: 2x Dwarf(6), 2x Fairy(7)
    10: 2x Fairy(5), 4x Archer(6)
    11: 4x Barbarian(7), 2x Skeleton(6), Increase Level
    12: 2x Archer(5), 2x Fairy(5), 46 gold pots
    13: 16x Dwarf(4)
    14: 3x Wizard(8), 2 Archer(6), 2x Monk(7)
    15: 1x Samurai(6), 1x Wizard(7), 28 gold pots
    16: 3x Wizard(6), 2x Fairy(7)
    17: 3x Monk(6), 2x Giant(7), 2x Samurai(7)
    18: 2x Wizard(7), 4x Fairy(8), 42 gold pots (14 lava traps)
    19: 2x Archer(3), 2x Barbarian(8), 2x Wizard(8)
    20: 2x Monk(7), Giant(7), 46 gold pots
    21: 4x Barbarian(7)
    22: 4x Archer(7), Giant(9)
    23: 4x Archer(8), 3x Samurai(8), 2x Giant(8)
    24: 2x Fairy(10), 18 gold pots
    25: 4x Dwarf(7), 2x Fairy(8), 17 gold pots
    26: 4x Barbarian(8), 3x Wizard(8), 2x Monk(9)
    27: 3x Monk(10), Reveal Map
    28: 2x Wizard(10), Resurrect Creature
    29: 3x Monk(10), 3x Giant(10), 1x Wizard(10), 1x Knight(10)
    30+ 2x Giant(6), 2x Dwarf(7) trigger after 1850 sec.
    31: 1x Giant(8), 5x Barbarian(2x7,3x8), 76 gold pots
    Hero Doors:
    -1+ 3x Monk(7), 2x Witch(6)               trigger after 1450 sec.
      + 2x Giant(6), 2x Dwarf(7)              trigger after 1750 sec.
    -2+ 3x Wizard(2x5,1x6), 3x Thief(2x6,1x5) trigger after  600 sec.
      + 2x Giant(6), 2x Dwarf(7)              trigger after 1450 sec.
      + 3x Wizard(2x5,1x6), 3x Thief(2x6,1x5) trigger after 1750 sec.
    -3+ 3x Archer(2), 3x Barbarian(3)         trigger after  350 sec.
      + 3x Archer(2), 3x Barbarian(3)         trigger after  650 sec.
      + 2x Giant(6), 2x Dwarf(7)              trigger after 1100 sec.
      + 3x Archer(7), 2x Thief(8)             trigger after 1450 sec.
      + 3x Monk(7), 2x Witch(6)               trigger after 1750 sec.
    The first half of this level can be very hard if not played carefully, 
    as you have to handle multiple hero invasions that get progressively 
    tougher during the first half hour of play. The hero drops start after 
    6~7 minutes so you have a short head-start to get your bearings. Pause 
    the level (press 'p') the moment you get into it, so you can think 
    ahead about your steps. Once you get through all the waves you can 
    slowly work your way towards the heroes' dungeon Heart. Start out with 
    a basic prebuild dungeon, hence this gives a similar feel as the 
    "Hearth" or "Mirthshire" level in the original DK, but this one is 
    somewhat different. Fortunately, Hero doors -2 & -1 can be avoided as 
    the enemies they spawn don't include Tunneller dwarfs, so they cannot 
    attack you as long as you keep clear of thie excavated crevice.
    1. Evade and/or Crush the hero invasions
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    You start out the level with a 11 creatures (one less than the 
    maximum)! You must act quick to get through the first phase without 
    1. Activate "Must obey". This may cost 25 gold per second, but 
    everybody will output 125% efficiency (as if they were continuously 
    slapped). This means that creature training time reduces also by a 
    quarter. Thus the loss of gold is worth it as your creatures will 
    actually spend less money on gaining a level up! Next to that, you 
    need to get your creatures as powerful and fast as possible.
    2. Separate lair rivals. You have 3 Lairs, however, one of them is 
    just north of the small Workshop. Since you only need two groups sell 
    the NE lair and make it one large workshop (later on). Next put the 
    Vampire/Warlocks, Bile Demons/Skeletons in separate lairs and have 
    everybody work. 
    3. You'd best put the Dragons & Mistress in the Training room, the 
    Bile Demons in the Workshop and the Warlocks in the Library. Note: the 
    Warlocks(3) have Fireball/Meteor, so make sure no stray Imps enter the 
    Library or they'll get killed! Alternate the Dragons/Bile Demons so 
    they both level up. Construct & lock one of the two entrances to the 
    library with a wooden door to prevent this.
    4. Dig out all the gold to your south (directly beneath the Treasure 
    room). Leave the bottom right area, as you do not want to connect to 
    the large crevice leading to hero doors '-1' & '-2'. Instead, dig 
    further southward to find '5' where you beat two medium Dwarfs and get 
    the "Heal" spell as a reward. Btw. for a change you can use "Sight" to 
    aid you during the dig.
    5. Claim the area to the NW with hero door '-3'. This will be the only 
    entry point where heroes will bother you for now. Collect the "Call-
    to-Arms" and place at least an Alarm Trap here, as 5 groups are going 
    to enter here. This way you'll always be alerted, as some of the 
    groups intend to destroy your rooms and mind you that Portals count as 
    rooms as well!
    6. Dig west from the "Heal" spell to find an Orc along the bottom 
    corridor (put him to training!), collect the "Increase Level" for 
    later, and connect to the large area. Defeat the weak spell casters at 
    '6', use Bile Demon's for the single Witch in the small shack at '7'. 
    This allows you to collect some additional gold from the storage. 
    Lastly, go north here to find a single Giant(5) along with the "Speed" 
    spell book.
    7. Dig also around the large gem room to find a Hellhound(5) hidden up 
    here and some more gold. You will be needing this as training a lot of 
    creatures can be very expensive. You must also leave the room at '30' 
    untouched (you can fortify it, but there won't be a Tunneller drop 
    here). This will lock out several Giants and Dwarfs later on during 
    the final ambush. You'd better make a medium treasure room here as 
    8. If you've done most of this the first two waves of heroes will 
    probably have passed by now without any fuzz. Your Dragons/Bile Demons 
    can act as primary targets as they have a lot health/armor, so drop 
    them in battle first. The nimble Orc/Mistress/Skeleton/Hound can 
    attack alongside them minimizing any damage to themselves. All waves 
    at '-2' & '-3' will be avoided as you didn't dig into the open area 
    down there.
    9. Once your gold situation starts to become dire again (less than 
    20000 or so), and after everybody has recovered of an attack wave head 
    out to points '2' & '3'. If you had "Must Obey" activated at all time, 
    this will happen soon enough, but your creatures will also have gained 
    at least 1 extra level. Use the "Increase Level" special and attack 
    the feeble Archers and Barbarians first, then go for the much stronger 
    party at '3'. It is worth pushing on to here, as you do not only get 6 
    digging spots on the 2-faced Gem tile, but you'll also nab 
    "Invisibility", "Protect", and another "Increase Level". Construct a 
    large bridge so get rid of all the lava, and break the eastern wall to 
    connect to your auxiliary treasure room, which will now become the 
    primary treasure room!
    10. Place an Alarm Trap and/or Magic Doors at '2' and '-3' so you'll 
    be warned about imminent attacks. Once you've done this you should be 
    able to withstand all waves, until the final Tunnaller party enters 
    your dungeon at mark '2'. When they're eliminated the continuous drops 
    will come to a permanent halt! Note: you can also put some 
    Lava/Lightning/Boulder traps here as you won't be able to convert any 
    of the heroes in this realm (except for one "Steal Hero").
    2. Boulder trap galore & hero domain reclamation
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    When you've completed the 1st phase you could deactivate the "Must 
    Obey" spell, if you want to or keep it active to have all your 
    manufacturing minions churn out more Boulder/Magic Doors. Make a long 
    corridor to the left of '4', fill it with door/boulder altenations and 
    have an Imp excavate the area. The roughly 27 heroes we locked out 
    earlier will be miraculously attracted to your dungeon Heart by their 
    6th sight and will fall under the boulders.
    Rebuild the outermost door, lock it, and have an Imp claim all the 
    tiles in the area. From here on you can push on to the locked hero 
    door at point '9'. Take care of all the traps, and don't forget to the 
    dig into the western/eastern walls to find several hidden hero stashes 
    with gold pots, the "Steal Hero" special in the NE. You can get a 
    level 7/10 Samurai from it, which can be very helpful.
    Once you're at point '10' you'll find that several groups of heroes 
    are put together on a Guard post effectively meaning that they won't 
    be drawn to your dungeon even if they can detect a path to your Heart. 
    You'll have to fight them where you find them instead. Again, the side 
    room to the left ('11') contains another "Increase Level" which should 
    ensure your minions are level 10 just about now.
    Connecting to the area south of here will unleash a group of 16 
    Dwarfs(4), once they're all gone you can start claiming up all the 
    individual rooms if you like. They're all optional so you could decide 
    to head towards '19' right away. If you want another easy Mistress(9) 
    just cast "Destroy Walls" on the southeastern wall at point '10'. This 
    provides you a backdoor into her locked room, so you can evade the 
    heroes at '14'.
    In any case, after getting past '19' there will be multiple doors to 
    choose from. But first dig north of the Dragon area to find a hidden 
    Skeleton. You can go and claim all the areas, but there's not much 
    relevant stuff in here. Digging south of area '21' gives you access to 
    another secret shack of heroes ('31') and several gold pots.
    You're drawing near the end of the level, but your enemies are getting 
    stronger as well. After reaching the water and beating the crap out of 
    all the Samurai & Giants, use "Sight" on the bend at point '26' to 
    find a secret tile with some Monks & "Reveal Map" special hidden. You 
    may want to get it if you like. Furthermore, there are 2 Wizards(10) & 
    "Resurrect Creature" special hidden at easy to miss point '28'. Enter 
    the lava filled Heart room to find the Knight and his cronies, which 
    are probably no threat compared to the heroes you fought during this 
    level. That's all... Just note that breaking the dungeon Heart will 
    set free all the heroes you didn't clear in the optional rooms earlier 
    on, so this might get ugly if you forget about that, but you can still 
    press " " to leave the realm victorious.
    10. Netzcaro
    Initial Gold:      10000
    Initial creatures: 6x Imp (3)
    Max creatures:     20
    Creature pool     Rooms             Spells           Traps / Doors
    ---------------   ---------------   --------------   ----------------
    Warlock           Treasure room     Posses          ?Alarm
    Dark Mistress     Lair              Create Imp      ?Poisonous gas
    Orc               Hatchery          .....(2)        ?Lightning
                      Training Room    ?Speed           ?Lava
                      Library          ?Must Obey       ?Boulder
                      ......(3)        ?Cave-in         ?Word of Power
                     ?Guard post       ?Call-to-Arms     ...... ....
                     ?Workshop(1)      ?Heal             ...... ....
                     ?Barracks         ?Invisibility     Steel door(4)
                      ......(1)         .........       ?Magic door
                     ?Torture room     ?Protect
                     ?Temple            ........
                     ?Graveyard        ?Chicken
                      ......... ....(5) .......
                                        ....... .....
    (1) : Workshop/Prison available after room has been claimed
    (2) : Sight only available to the Blue keeper, but there is none...
    (3) : Bridge available after reaching the tile with the steam bubbles
    (4) : You start with 7 Steel doors
    (5) : The level scripts shows many intentions of giving you a 
    scavenger room, including having Hell hounds in the creature pool, but 
    since it is absent in the actual level they are all useless.
     Just about every flavour you can think of, and also some Reapers(4)
    Neutral rooms   : Prison, Bridge
    Neutral creature: Bile Demon(3), Vampire(7)*
    Dungeon specials: 3x Increase Level, Fortify Walls
    * = The vampire starts over a lava pool and will therefore die,
        before you can reach him. Likewise there's a Horned Reaper
        whom is assigned to the yellow Keeper. But due to his absence
        the creature dies the moment you start the level.
     ________________________________________________  .: Lava/Water
    |   /.  __|  ____x_____31_x_ 30 |28¯x   |24\ ... | G: Gold
    |  /.h.| |18|21 x20 x -1|32 |x| |27¯x   x   \ .V.| `: Excavated path
    | /... | x  |___|___|__x| H |29\|26¯x 25|_x__|.. | P: Portal
    | |____|x|______19______|___|_______|______23|   | H: Heart
    |  \x_ |_______________x_____________________|___| +: Increase level
    |  |  |_____________17__________17_____________x_| x: Door
    |  / G     .........¯¯.7....8...¯¯............   | B: Bile Demon(3)
    | /  G14  ............`+`bbbb`b.9...........   __|    & Workshop
    |/  GG   ....5.......6......22....10......    x12| V: Vampire(7)*
    |  Gem  ...Gem.4........................... 11|_p| p: Prison
    |__x__/...3..........bbb`bbbbb`bbbbb`bb.......   | b: Bridge
    |  15 |       .......b................b`bbbb`s...| s: Steam
    |_x___|     ...      `                _________x_| h: Horned 
    |16+|      .         ```P            / ____  /13 |
    |¯¯¯      ``          _____         /_/ B |\ \___|
    |         ``         |     |          |_x_| \   +|
    |          ``        |  H  |        ```     /    |
    |          ```       |_____|         `2`  _/     |
    |           `1``          GGG          __/       |
    |            `````     GGGGG        __/          |
    |                   GGGGGGG        /             |
     1: 3x Samurai(5)
      + 1x Tunneller(4), 1x Dwarf(6), 3x Archer(6), 2x Wizard(7)
        triggered _every_ 300 sec, until bridge available
     2: 3x Monk(4)
     3: 4x Archer(3)
     4: 3x Archer(4)
     5: 5x Archer(5), 2x Witch(6)
     6: 4x Archer(4)
     7: 1x Archer(5), 1x Thief(7)
     8: 2x Archer(5)
     9: 1x Archer(5)
    10: 4x Archer(5)
    11: 3x Archer(5), 5x Barbarian(5)
    12: 5x Horned Reaper(4)
    13: 5x Wizard(3), 3x Thief(8)
    14: 5x Archer(4), 2x Wizard(7), 3x Boulder Trap
    15: 1x Archer(5), 2x Boulder Trap
    16: 1x Wizard(10), 4x Fairy(7)
    17: 3x Archer(5)
    18: 6x Archer(6)
      + 4x Witch(7), 2x Monk(8), 6x Samurai(6) triggered by 
        entering room
    19: 3x Giant(4)
    20: 3x Wizard(7)
    21: 2x Fairy(5), 1x Monk(9)
    22: 1x Archer(5)
      + 5x Fairy(4) triggered after 1250 sec.
    23: 1x Fairy(10) 
    24: 1x Witch(6)
    25: 6x Archer(4), 5x Barbarian(4)
    26: 2x Thief(9)
    27: 3x Samurai(7), Fortify Walls
    28: 5x Dwarf(6), 2x Monk(6)
    29: 2x Witch(6), Treasure Room
    30: 3x Dwarf(4), Boulder Trap
    31: 3x Archer(7), 2x thief(7)
    32+ 1x Samurai(7), 1x Witch(7), 1x Thief(7), 2x Dwarf(7)
      + 3x Barbarian(8), 2x Fairy(8)
      + 3x Gaint(8), 3x Dwarf(8)
      + 5x Samurai(10), 1x Knight(10) 
      all triggered by entering room
    Hero Door:
    -1+ 2x Barbarian(7), 3x Archer(5) triggered by entering room
    This level has some new twisted added to it, but due to poor design 
    and scripting several things don't work as intended. It is actually 
    only half as hard as there was supposed to be a continuous stream of 
    heroes from point '2' just like '1'. However, with their absence you 
    can just wall out the western part and prevent any of them from 
    entering your domain. You are required to claim several bridge parts, 
    until you reach the tile where steam magically appears from the floor. 
    After that you can build bridges yourself, reach out for the gems, 
    build up an army and, again wash out the hero castle. A slight 
    difference is that the Prison is back from its long absence! Since you 
    can also get the Torture chamber this means you can get a lot of 
    heroes to work for you. :) Alright, it was also there in Abbadon, but 
    I find it more useful here to use on the hero Horned Reapers.
    1. Fortifications on the west wing & bridge reclamation
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Upon entering the level look at the map to find the gold at the 
    bottom. Notice the impenetrable rock to the left of the most western 
    gold, and use that as a guide to create a long corridor from the 
    bottom of the map, up to the far north (against the lava). If you wall 
    out the entire western wall within the first 5 minutes you should be 
    safe for the time being.
    After doing so build a treasure room near the gold, excavate it and 
    build your basic room (only a small Training Chamber for the time 
    being as your gold is limited). Go to the Portal and claim it, this 
    will automatically make your Imps go to the bridge section, but 
    they'll get slaughtered there. Put one of the 7 doors you're granted 
    with there to prevent this from happening. You'll only attract 
    Warlocks, but mind that for now, just have them all research.
    You can get the first bridge section so take it immediately. Sell the 
    tile against your land and build a Guard post there. This will be very 
    important later on. For one, a group of Fairies will appear in the 
    lava, and later on a group of hero Horned Reapers will be released. 
    When this happens they'll all rush towards your dungeon if they find a 
    path towards it! Once you get "Invisibility" use it to claim the 
    individual bridge sections until you reach point 's'. By doing so 
    you'll be prompted that you miraculously discovered the ability to 
    build bridges yourself. This will also stop the constant stream of 
    heroes spawning at point '1'!
    By now the Torture chamber/Barracks should be available. Throw out 
    some Warlocks and get a few Mistresses/Orcs to training. Only a few as 
    you cannot afford that many creatures to train. Btw. you can dig out 
    along the impenetrable rock to the east towards the Bile Demon and his 
    free Workshop, while avoiding the Monks at point '2'. Use this to your 
    Construct a bridge to the far west, and remove all the intermediate 
    segments. Over there you'll find some heroes along with 3 precariously 
    placed Boulder traps. You can use those to kill most of the heroes 
    just by dropping an Imp near the boulder when the timing is right. The 
    one or two remaining goons on the island should be killed with 
    expendable Warlocks helped by an Orc/Mistress or two. Once you have 
    control over the western island. Build Guard posts along the right 
    side and fill the rest with a Treasure room. Dig for infinite wealth, 
    expand the Training room & Workshop and everybody work.
    2. Cleansing the lava lake & gaining new troops!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Since you can have a graveyard here you could as well use the 
    following trick to get rid of the Warlocks permanently and get some 
    Vampires in return. A Warlock can be killed with as little as 20 
    slaps, so just pludge one into the graveyard and slap him to death. 
    This works pretty well, I must say so myself. This way you can get rid 
    of these grumpy guys and make good use for their corpses. This can 
    also be somewhat satifying as most people find Warlocks rather 
    annoying creatures to maintain.
    Once your Orcs & Mistresses are sufficiently strong (level 7 will do), 
    clear out the entire lava lake island-by-island. Well get a Prison 
    soon enough, but this plethora of Archers at points '3' to '10' isn't 
    that interesting anyway. Beware of the Witches however, they can blow 
    your minions into the lava, which isn't very good for their health. 
    During this time you can also gain access to an "Increase Level" 
    special. The first of 3, but you may want to wait with this as we'll 
    be getting some Reapers to join our ranks!
    On the eastern island kill all ground troops at '11'. Break down the 
    door and pull everybody back within your dungeon. Behind the door is a 
    prison with 5 hero Horned Reapers(4). Cloak one of your Imps with 
    "Invisibility", claim the room and sell it. Doing so will allow you to 
    construct Prisons yourself. With this knowledge enable "Imprisoning", 
    then fight the Horned Reapers, and drag them into the Prison. After 
    conversion have them train or put them in the Temple to keep them 
    silent. Basically, you can't lose the level anymore with this might, 
    but I'll still continue on. XD
    You can remove the guard post near the portal, so everybody has free 
    access to the dungeon. Break into the room at '13' kill all the goons 
    (perhaps converting the high level Thieves to make Knights is a nice 
    thing to do). Get another "Increase Level" special here as well by 
    digging out the southern wall. Do the same on the western side, but 
    beware of the Boulder traps inside 'guarding' the lone Archer here. 
    Once the boulder are dissolved enter the southern room to find some 
    weak Fairies and a Wizard, along with the 3rd and final "Increase 
    Don't forget about the heroes at '1' whom are still roaming around. 
    You could convert the Samurai and just kill the others to death. When 
    cleared only the hero keep to the north remains. Use your "Increase 
    Level" specials and everybody should be close to level 10 as possible.
    3. Another ransack tour on a hero dungeon
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    You can enter the area from both west/east sides, but the left area is 
    more risky as your Imps are working here. So enter via the east side 
    to find 2 groups of feeble Archers here. Take out the traps and claim 
    the entire corridor, until you reach '18' or '23' (west/east sides). 
    Go through all the rooms one-by-one, with your built up troops there 
    should be little resistence. Other than Boulder traps you should be 
    nearly indestructible with your Samurai & Reapers. Btw. at point '18' 
    and '26' you have another chance to convert some Samurai to work for 
    you! The west side has some additional hero drops as enlisted above, 
    but both sides are doable without much effort. You can find a "Fortify 
    Walls" special in the Samurai room, but it won't do you much good imo.
    When you get near the Heart, ready your troops (there's a single lava 
    tile inside) which means all but the Horned Reaper won't be able to 
    pass it directly. Enter it and find a rather large group to 
    materialize inside. Soon enough the Knight will join in with his 
    comrades to fight you, but as you may have guessed all is for naught. 
    With little effort you should be able to strike them down.
    11. Batezek
    Initial Gold:      25000
    Initial creatures: 5x Imp (1)
    Max creatures:     20
    Creature pool     Rooms             Spells           Traps / Doors
    ---------------   ---------------   --------------   ----------------
    Fly               Treasure room     Posses          ?Alarm
    Beetle            Lair              Create Imp      ?Poisonous gas
    Spider            Hatchery          .....(2)        ?Lightning
    Warlock           Training Room    ?Speed            ....
    Dragon            Library           .... ....        .......
    Orc               ......           ?Cave-in         ?Word of Power(3)
    Bile Demon       ?Guard post       ?Call-to-Arms     ...... ....
    Dark Mistress    ?Workshop         ?Heal             ...... ....
    Hell hound       ?Barracks         ?Invisibility    ?Steel door
    Tentacle          ......(1)         .........       ?Magic door
    Vampire          ?Torture room     ?Protect
                     ?Temple            ........
                     ?Graveyard(1)     ?Chicken
                      ......... ....(1) .......
                                        ....... .....
    (1) : Prison/Graveyard/Scavenger room available after it is claimed
    (2) : Sight only available to the Blue keeper, but there is none...
    (3) : One Word-of-Power crate can be found on the map
     Again, about every type and level available
    Neutral rooms   : Treasure Room, 2x Prison
    Neutral creature: 5x Skeleton(4), 2x Samurai(7), 1x Horned Reaper(4)
    Dungeon specials: Reveal Map, 2x Increase Level, Fortify Walls, 
                      Steal Hero
     ________________________________________________  .: Lava/Water
    |   ______| 4 |             |S |_|-1| g 10|      | G: Gold
    |  |+ 3 x x   |             |__x11__x_____|      | `: Excavated path
    |   ¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯  ``ss```   `````|x|          ___  | P: Portal
    |_____  |x|``  ````  GGG GGG`````  ``      |A  | | H: Heart
    |     |  ```           GGG          2`     |_ x| | +: Increase level
    |_ 5 _|```G             P              G`` __| | | x: Door
    | | |   GGG            __             GGG2`x   | | s: Skeleton(4)
    | | | ``GG            |  |             GG` ¯¯| |_| A: 2x Samurai(7) 
    | | x`1`               |  | +              ``| 9 |    & Prison
    |G|_|``                | |___             `2`|___| R: Horned Reaper(4)
    |GGG                  | H ___|                   |    & Prison
    |GG `s`                | |                  ``  /| S: Scavenger Room
    |\G `s`                | |                 `s`GG|| g: Graveyard
    |____              ____| |____             `GGGG||
    |   x```         ``___________``GG__       GGGG/ |
    |  |¯ ```      ```            G``Gem|      ```/  |
    |-3|           GGGG            GGGG¯ ````````/   |
    | _|     ```  GGG_  ```     ``` GG````/¯¯¯x¯¯|   |
    ||______  ``````12|`````1``/¯|¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| -5|   |
    |______x|_______| |  ````/¯  x H x   8   x   |   |
    |Gem 6x R 7x -2x__|/¯¯¯¯¯ -6 |   |       |-4 |   |
     1: 1x Dwarf(3)
     2: 2x Dwarf(3)
     3: 2x Fairy(8)
      + 2x Archer(7), 2x Witch(7)                 trigger on proximity
     4: 3x Barbarian(4), 1x Barbarian(5), 
        Word of Power crate & Treasure Room
     5: 4x Fairy(8), 1x Monk(4), Boulder trap, 
        "Fortify Walls"
      + 4x Archer(7)                              trigger on proximity
     6: 2x Fairy(9)
     7: 2x Horned Reaper(4)
     8: 4x Fairy(5)
      + 5x Giant(8)
      + 1x Thief(3), 3x Barbarian(3)
      + 2x Witch(3), 4x Dwarf(2x3,2x4)
      all (re)triggered on proximity, until 2000 secs have passed
     9: 8x Dwarf(5), "Steal Hero"
    10: 1x Giant(10), "Reveal Map"
    11: 2x Thief(5)
    12+ 8x Barbarian(10)                          trigger after 1500 sec
      + 8x Monk(8)                                trigger after 2250 sec
      + Tunnel(1), 2x Giant(10), 4x Barbarian(9)  trigger on post(2)*
    Hero Door:
    -1+ Tunnel(1), 2x Archer(2), 2x Thief(2)      trigger after  400 sec
      + Tunnel(1), 2x Witch(3), 4x Dwarf(2x3,2x4) trigger after  950 sec
      + Tunnel(1), 4x Archer(5)                   trigger after 1500 sec
      + Tunnel(1), 4x Archer(5)                   trigger after 2050 sec
      + 2x Archer(7), 2x Witch(7)                 trigger on proximity
      + 5x Giant(8)                               trigger on post(1)*
    -2+ Tunnel(1), 2x Archer(2), 4x Dwarf(2)      trigger after  550 sec
      + Tunnel(1), 4x Fairy(4)                    trigger after 1100 sec
      + Tunnel(1), 4x Archer(7)                   trigger after 1900 sec
      + Tunnel(1), 1x Thief(3), 3x Barbarian(3)   trigger after 2250 sec
      + Tunnel(1), 2x Witch(3), 4x Dwarf(2x3,2x4) trigger after 2250 sec
      + 4x Archer(5)                              trigger on proximity
      + 1x Witch(10), 5x Samurai(9)               trigger on post(2)*
    -3+ Tunnel(1), 1x Thief(3), 3x Barbarian(3)   trigger after  800 sec
      + Tunnel(1), 4x Thief(4), 2x Wizard(5)      trigger after 1350 sec
      + Tunnel(1), 2x Archer(6), 2x Wizard(7)     trigger after 1750 sec
      + Tunnel(1), 2x Witch(3), 4x Dwarf(2x3,2x4) trigger after 2450 sec
      + Tunnel(1), 4x Fairy(4)                    trigger after 2450 sec
      + 2x Archer(6), 2x Wizard(7)                trigger on proximity
      + 5x Giant(8)                               trigger on post(1)*
      + Tunnel(1), 2x Giant(10), 4x Barbarian(9)  trigger on post(2)*
      + 1x Witch(10), 5x Samurai(9)               trigger on post(2)*
    -4+ 2x Archer(6), 2x Wizard(7)                trigger on proximity
      + 5x Giant(8)                               trigger on post(1)*
      + 4x Archer(5)                              trigger on post(1)*
      + 4x Thief(4), 2x Wizard(5)                 trigger on proximity^
    -5+ 5x Giant(8)                               trigger on proximity
      + 2x Giant(5), 2x Samurai(5)                trigger on proximity^
    -6+ 5x Giant(8)                               trigger on post(3)*
      + 2x Archer(7), 2x Witch(7)                 trigger on post(3)*
      + 2x Archer(6), 2x Wizard(7)                trigger on post(3)*
      + 3x Barbarian(9), 1x Knight(10)            trigger on post(3)*
    ^ = these two will keep spawning heroes indefinitely every 275 sec, or 
    until the maximum amount of heroes are on the map.
    * = where post(x) is:
    1: 3000 secs have passed & no living heroes on the map
    2: 3025 secs have passed & no living heroes on the map
    3: 3038 secs have passed & no living heroes on the map
    Note: Effectively this mean that the 3 groups keep appearing each time 
    the members of the previous drop have been killed.
    This level is the hardest official Dungeon Keeper level to my 
    knowledge. The level looks similar to Mirthshire or Hearth, but even 
    moreso than Kanasko. The entire level is about warding of invasions of 
    (Tunneller) parties from multiple directions that keep on flowing and 
    lasts for an hour or so. However, unlike Mirthsire the heroes don't 
    have any mercy on you in this realm. You'll seriously need to fortify 
    all the relevant sections to keep them from entering your dungeon and 
    also prevent them from forming one super party. Moreover, you don't 
    have the luxury of Boulder/Lava traps so you cannot prevent heroes 
    from entering that easily.
    You can start out with the normal tactic and allow the first waves of 
    heroes enter your dungeon. But after a while a group of Barbarians & 
    Monks at point '12' will spawn, which are many times stronger than 
    your creatures. You'll fail to no avail! Therefore, it is of the 
    highest importance to spend the first 10 minutes solely on digging and 
    fortifying. Moreover, trying to attack the hero dungeon Heart will 
    spawn a (near)infinite supply of hero parties at hero doors -4 & -5 
    with unlocked doors, these are going to get you. Don't go near the SE 
    part of the map, until you have succeeded in defeating all other hero 
    waves, which should keep you pretty occupied.
    1. Divide...
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    As (hopefully) noticible on the mini-map the land consists of you 
    being in the centre and having 6 small hero dungeons spread around 
    you. There are also 14 crevices that form a circle around you. This 
    will make it harder to wall out some of the heroes as some of the 
    paths will trigger action points that drop more heroes! However, by 
    carefully digging you can split the map in four separate quadrants. 
    During this level tunnellers only appear from NE & SW corners (Hero 
    portals '-1' to '-3'). Therefore, one should focus on walling them out 
    completely. The first party will be spawned at '-1', thus let's handle 
    that section first.
    NE quadrant:
    -From the Gold to the far east dig out a horizontal tunnel one tile 
    below the topmost gold. Fortify the northside here until the 
    impenetrable wall, and also don't forget to get the Skeleton(4), just 
    to the south. Just build a small lair, as they don't need a hatchery.
    -From the northern gold dig a tunnel directly upward on the rightside 
    up until one tile below/right the topmost goldblock. Fortify the east 
    -Dig out 4 gold blocks + 7 earth tiles to the west directly from there 
    (if you don't have a Treasure room your Imps will just keep mining 
    which is much faster). Dig north up until the impenetreble rock. 
    You'll hit the small left crevice with two skeletons inside, fortify 
    the north/east sections of the wall. This should keep out all of the 
    troops originating from '-1'!
    SW quadrant:
    -Directly south of the unaligned Treasure room is a crevice with a 
    single Dwarf(4). Use your newly found Skeletons to take him out and 
    dig on the most western tile of the cave directly down towards the 
    impenetrable rock. Also dig up 4 tiles and then west towards the small 
    gold deposit. Fortify the western/southeren wall sections.
    -Dig out gold blocks adjacent to the southern edge (Tunnellers cannot 
    dig gold), from there dig north 12 tiles. which should be 2 tiles 
    above the long horizontal corridor that you start with. Dig directly 
    west and you'll find the last 2 free Skeletons(4). Continue on to the 
    west, until you hit rock and fortify the entire southern wall. 
    This should prevent any heroes from entering your dungeon for now. 
    Mind you that you may want to create some vertical hallways here as 
    you'll need to set up a long line of Lightning traps for the heroes to 
    trip on when they enter your dungeon on a direct path to your dungeon 
    heart (you'll have to fight them sooner or later, and the group will 
    become pretty large).
    2. Construct...
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    With the elimination of your most immediate threat start building up a 
    dungeon use most of the space in the NW part of the map, as the heroes 
    are passive there (don't draw them out yet, though). Don't go SE 
    unless you want to destroy yourself as explained in the intro.
    Claim all the gold you can get your hands on: N, NW, W, SW, SE, & E 
    can be dug out without compromising your safety if you leave the other 
    edges of gold in tact. You may not have the "Sight" spell, but you can 
    use the light generated by your cursor to check whether there is solid 
    earth behind the gold. Just try it out yourself. The cursor will 
    generate a circle of light, when it is on Earth/Gold tiles, but no 
    light will be shown when the tile is already excavated. Build the 
    treasure room in the southern section near the single face Gem tile 
    you can get.
    Open up the portal, and start working on some strong forces. Get many 
    Mistresses/Orcs/Bile Demons and also a few Dragons/Vampires. You're 
    safe for now, so research/manufacture/train everbody to decent levels. 
    Even with the gems you may need to use the manual pay-day trick to 
    prevent huge losses of gold. Alternatively, put a Dragon/Vampire in 
    the torture chamber just before pay-day and the others will lower 
    their wage to half the value. This may enrage the tortured creatures, 
    but you can easily solve that by paying them a little amount of money 
    yourself. Alternatively, also sell as many Magic Doors as possible in 
    your frickin' huge Workshop.
    Btw. don't forget the free "Increase level" special just a little NE 
    of your dungeon Heart. It should be easy to find.
    3. & Conquer
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    By the time you're ready for the next step probably almost all heroes 
    have spawned, which show up as a huge pack of white dots on the mini-
    map. Time to take over control over this realm. We'll go through the 3 
    quadrants in this order: NW, NE & SW.
    - - - - - -
    This quadrant is the easiest. The two structures at '3' & '4' can be 
    taken on without too much effort by your trained creatures. Enter each 
    secion trigger the action point and kill all heroes around. This 
    should give you a "Fortify Walls" special which is useless by now, and 
    some additional gold from the hero Treasure room to the north, along 
    with Word-of-Power crate and a second "Increase Level".
    - - - - - -
    Refresh your gold with the NW treasure room & apply the "Increase 
    Level" so you can take on the heroes here. As you may have noticed the 
    groups generated at -1 aren't that special. There are a few level 5 
    creatures, but some heroes like the 8x Dwarfs(5) at '9' are most 
    likely also released because of the digging habits of the Tunnellers. 
    In any case your Mistresses and others should be able to handle this. 
    Break open the wall in the far north so there's still a long corridor 
    between them and your dungeon Heart.
    Explore the dungeon using an Imp and you may come across one of the 
    two Samurai(7) that strayed off from the prison that was breached by 
    the hero tunnellers themselves. In the mean while the mediocre hero 
    parties will make their way to your dungeon Heart. Have your welcoming 
    committee ready to serve them properly! Once they're all gone scout 
    out to find the Scavenger Room & "Reveal Map" in the most northern 
    dungeon, and the fabled prison in the NE one.
    The Scavenger room is not of much use at the moment, there are no 
    other Samurai on the map and you don't posses any other heroes. But at 
    least you can now also claim the gold in the NE section.
    - - - - - -
    After clearing the view on the entire realm you can see all the groups 
    wandering around here. You can bully them a bit with "Cave-in" but 
    this will probably be insufficient to seriously damage all of them. 
    With a little luck the one unaligned Horned Reaper(4) will be on an 
    unclaimed tile and you can collect him by quickly dropping an Imp on 
    the same tile.
    Fill an entire corridor with many Lightning traps, and a few Magic 
    Doors. Break open the most distant wall tile to the east and let them 
    enter your deadly corridor. When a large pack gathers around the Magic 
    Door cast a few maximum powered "Cave-in" shots and the heroes will 
    start fleeing back from where they came. Alternate this with a few 
    drops of your most powerful creatures and pull them out if they take 
    too much damage so they can recover. After several attempts all 10 
    Tunneller groups and individual Barbarians/Monks should have been 
    reduced to just a few weakened remainders.
    4. Final hero stand
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    After clearing the SW area you may be tempted to excavate all around 
    the Gems and continue digging here. This is fine, but beware that 2 
    groups of Samurai(9) will start here in the final round. They caught 
    me offguard the first time and almost completely eradicated all my 
    Imps the first time I played this level.
    As precare build some guardposts near the three Hero doors (-1 to -3) 
    and place your strongest minions along with some Bile Demons (witches 
    will spawn) in the SW. Dig into the SE and have the Horned Reaper 
    wreck carnage here. Perhaps a Vampire/Orc can assist him here. Push on 
    to the Fairies and several hero groups will spawn. Most likely the 
    Giant will be the last group to fall, and once they do the 'post(1)' 
    trigger will generate several groups in both edges of the map.
    Quickly manage them and once the NE is cleared get everybody with 
    "Call-to-Arms" in the SW. "Heal"/"Speed"/"Protect" them if possible as 
    the second wave will be triggered very soon. A staggering total of 10x 
    Samurai(10) along other powerful creatures will spawn at Hero doors '-
    2' & '-3'. This may very well be the hardest battle you have to 
    handle! Because of the short interval there's hardly any time to 
    prepare here. This may very well be harder than the final group. Good 
    Finally, the last group including the Knight are generated at the most 
    deepest hidden Hero door '-6'. This is actually pretty easy, the 3 
    groups all spawn on the same 6 tiles. Thus a massive "Cave-in" frenzy 
    takes them out. Once the Knight is slain you have finally conquered 
    this realm!
    You may want to take out the optional hero dungeon Heart now, just get 
    a few troops there and it should be gone pretty swiftly. This will 
    probably feel as one of the hardest well earned victories!
    12. Benetzaron
    Initial Gold:      10000
    Initial creatures: 4x Imp (2)
    Max creatures:     20
    Creature pool     Rooms             Spells           Traps / Doors
    ---------------   ---------------   --------------   ----------------
    Fly               Treasure room     Posses          ?Alarm
    Beetle            Lair              Create Imp      ?Poisonous gas
    Spider            Hatchery          .....           ?Lightning
    Warlock           Training Room    ?Speed            ....
    Dragon            Library           .... ....       ?Boulder
    Orc              ?Bridge(1)        ?Cave-in         ?Word of Power
    Bile Demon       ?Guard post       ?Call-to-Arms     ...... ....
    Dark Mistress    ?Workshop          ....             ...... ....
    Vampire          ?Barracks         ?Invisibility    ?Steel door
    Tentacle          ......(1)        ?Lightning       ?Magic door
                     ?Torture room     ?Protect
                     ?Temple            ........
                     ?Graveyard         .......
                      ......... ....(2) .......
                                        ....... .....
    (1) : Prison/Bridge available after it is claimed (prison is twice in 
    (2) : Hell hounds are available from the creature pool, but cannot be 
    attracted due to the absence of this room on the map.
     Again, almost every regular type and level.
    Neutral rooms   : Treasure room
    Neutral creature: 2x Imp(3,10), 5x Skeleton(5)
    Dungeon specials: 2x Increase Level, Fortify Walls, Resurrect Creature
     ________________________________________________  .: Lava/Water
    |                             _______________    | G: Gold
    |       GGGGGG               |7x______x | 10 |   | `: Excavated path
    |     GGG S GGGG           ``|x|      |8|¯¯x¯|   | P: Portal
    |   GGGGGGGGGGG``         ```````     | x -1 |   | H: Heart
    |  GG`````1`````              ``6``    ¯ ¯¯¯¯    | +: Increase level
    |  ```                          ```````````      | x: Door
    |                                                | b: Bridge
    |```       GG          P                    ``   | p: Prison
    | ``````     GG                        G  ```    | t: Treasure room
    |.... ``````  GG      ```               G  ```   | s: 2x Skeleton(5)
    |b4bbb ``3``` GG      `H`               GGG `5`  |  & 1x Imp(3)
    |...   `````  GG      ```             GGGG   ``  | S: 3x Skeleton(5)
    |..   `````  GG                            ````  |  & 1x Imp(10)
    |    ````` GG        ``s`           `````````|x|_|
    |  `````   ____``     ```              ...   |   |
    |    `````x_ __x```        ```\```    .16.+. |x__|
    |      |¯¯¯| | ¯|```|``````9GG|`````    ...  |  +|
    |      |   x x11|```\_GGGGGGGG/``````       _|___|
    |    |¯¯¯¯¯12¯¯¯¯¯|`2`\GGemGG/``````       |     |
    |    |¯x¯¯|¯x¯|¯x¯| ```¯¯¯¯¯¯`````` _______| 14 /|
    |    | 13 |p  |t  |   ``````````` 15x          //|
     1: 3x Archer(5), 2x Dwarf(3)
      + 5x Giant(7)                               trigger on post(2)*
     2: 3x Archer(5), 5x Dwarf(3)               
      + 2x Dwarf(2), 1x Witch(5)                  trigger on proximity
      + 2x Dwarf(2), 1x Witch(5)                  trigger on post(1)*
      + 6x Witch(8)                               trigger on post(2)*
     3: 7x Archer(3), 2x Samurai(5)
      + Tunneller(2), 2x Dwarf(2), 1x Witch(5)    trigger after 1500 sec
      + 4x Archer(3)                              trigger on proximity
      + 6x Barbarian(5)                           trigger on post(1)*
      + 2x Witch(9)                               trigger on post(1)*
      + 3x Barbarian(8), 2x Thief(9), 1x Giant(9) trigger on post(2)*
      + 5x Samurai(3x7,2x8), 1x Wizard(10)        trigger on post(2)*
     4: 6x Fairy(7), "Fortify Walls"
     5: 4x Archer(5), 3x Dwarf(3)
     6+ Tunneller(2), 3x Thief(2), 1x Archer(3)   trigger after 500 sec
     7: 2x Giant(6)
      + 6x Barbarian(5)                           trigger on proximity
     8: 5x Barbarian(3x5,2x7)
     9: 3x Barbarian(5)
      + 3x Monk(3)                                trigger on proximity
      + 3x Monk(3)                                trigger on post(1)*
    10: 2x Thief(7), "Heal"
    11: 7x Dwarf(7), 2x Witch(7)
    12: 6x Archer(5)
    13: 7x Dwarf(7), 1x Witch(7)
    14: 6x Samurai(6), "Resurrect Creature"
    15+ 2x Giant(5), 2x Barbarian(5)              trigger on proximity
    16+ Tunneller(2), 4x Archer(3)                trigger after 1000 sec
      + 2x Dwarf(2), 1x Witch(5)                  trigger on post(1)*
      + 5x Wizard(9)                              trigger on post(2)*
      + Tunneller(1), 4x Archer(9), 1x Knight(10) trigger on post(2)*
    Hero Door:
    -1+ 2x Witch(9)                               trigger on proximity
    * = where post(x) is:
    1: <= 5 heroes on the map
    2: <= 5 heroes AND <= 1 hero Monk on the map
    Similar to Batezek this level also has a lot of drop points where many 
    heroes will enter the level to make your life miserable. However, 
    unlike Batezek walling them out may actually complicate things as it's 
    impossible to wall them out in groups. The entire southern range 
    consists of one large chasm which is also connected by two unlocked(!) 
    doors. Therefore, all heroes will bundle the forces if you don't take 
    them out at each drop.
    The NE (point '6') has the first (and only) drop at 500 seconds and 
    that part can be walled out, which helps you build up a dungeon. You 
    may want to do this as this party will attempt to attack you real 
    early on. Blocking them off effectively doubles the time you'll have 
    until a similar party from '16' starts heading your way. Let them 
    enter your dungeon, if they connect to the bottom area you will be in 
    the same mess as described above. Or actually dig into '5' yourself so 
    you can get rid of the small group of heroes here to clear them out 
    before the Tunneller party arrives. After also fending off the western 
    hero drop the level can be played in the old fashioned way. Just 
    beware that certain hot spots will generate a lot of heroes.
    1. Best defense is offense
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    When you start the level dig out in any direction to find you've 
    "tunnelled into a new area". These false alarms are generated because 
    the programmers stuck 8 small caves spread out around your dungeon. 
    Just ignore them as it is nothing serious. Directly south you can find 
    2 Skeletons and an Imp. Collect them right away. You might be tempted 
    to leave them for later once you hit the portal max, but the hardest 
    part is the beginning of this level so get them now.
    Tunnel around the portal and head north asap on the leftmost tile of 
    the portal itself. When you notice the 'hole' in the golden structure 
    to the west dig 3 or 4 tiles east and up again to avoid the hero 
    pocket at '1'. After hitting the impenetrable rock wall out the entire 
    eastern section back up to the portal. Note that this hole also 
    contains an Imp(10) and some Skeletons, try to also get those from 
    above. From the centre of the portal head all the way east, until you 
    hit the impenetrable rock (after passing the gold seam go up two tiles 
    to prevent hitting '5' too early on). Wall out this area as well, this 
    should keep you safe for the first half hour.
    You should have access to the gold at points '1', '5' and '3'. All but 
    '1' can be completely mined out. Just leave the bottom row of gold to 
    prevent contact with the heroes there. With all this gold you should 
    be able to build up some troops. Have your Skeletons train, and put 
    the rest in the Library so you can get the Torture room/Barracks asap 
    to attract Orcs & Mistresses. After 20~25 minutes into play dig into 
    the area at '5' to find several weak heroes. Take them out and claim 
    the area to find an "Increase Level" behind two locked doors.
    When the hero party at '5' apears you should be ready to pummel these 
    Archery goofs. By now you're probably running low of gold so you can 
    head for the gold & gem tile at '9'. Which is only guarded by a few 
    medium Barbarians, but when you actually get to the gems you'll be 
    greeted by a few Monks. Again, these aren't a problem so get rid of 
    them to claim the treasures for yourself. After healing your troops 
    (if necessary) dig into the western vein to find a large area with 
    several enemies including Samurai here. Beware that the doors to the 
    south are unlocked, thus all the heroes in the south will also attack 
    you! Take thenm all out as quickly as possible. If you do this before 
    the third they won't have a chance to group up and attack you all at 
    the same time. 
    2. Expand your ranks
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    After eliminating the 3 groups you can change tactic and safely 
    explore the rest of the realm. Leave the west area at '4' behind the 
    locked door. This way you can have the 5 Fairies act as the trigger 
    for the final party drop. As you may have noticed this attack will 
    occur if less than 5 enemies are present. The Bridge & "Fortify Walls" 
    aren't necessary so just leave them there and you can pick yourself 
    when you want to fight the lord of the land and his comrades.
    Explore the southern area to find several small rooms in the hero 
    structure, along with a prison and treasure room that are there for 
    the taking. Note that there are a lot of Dwarves and Witches bundled 
    in groups of 7-on-1 (Snowwhite perhaps. XD)... After getting the 
    prison room you can build one yourself. Do so and you'll be able raise 
    a lot more troops from the heroes yourself.
    Don't forget the area to the NE. Take out the wimpy Tunneller and co. 
    which are very likely outranked by your forces. Take over the rooms of 
    the hero structure here to find the "Heal" spell at '10', which makes 
    your life even more easy. Finally, go for points '16' & '14' to find 
    another "Increase Level" spell and a group of highly valuable Samurai. 
    Convert & train them when you get the chance.
    3. Kill the Lord of the land - another day at the office 
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Once you've taken over just about the entire map, enter the area at 
    '4', blast the Fairies with "Lightning" and watch dozens of heroes 
    appearing from different locations. With all the Orcs/Mistresses along 
    with the converted Samurai this should not prove much difficulty 
    anymore. Just beat the crap out of them, imprisoning won't be 
    necessary as the level will soon be over. Just take care that the 
    longetivity of the Monks at '5' can trigger or delay the drop of the 
    final party containing the Knight. The big battle will most likely 
    occur at point '16'. Afterwards, there's nothing much to do around 
    here, which is just a pity.
    13. Daka-Gorn
    Initial Gold:      15000
    Initial creatures: 3x Imp (3)
    Max creatures:     10
    Creature pool     Rooms             Spells           Traps / Doors
    ---------------   ---------------   --------------   ----------------
    Warlock           Treasure room     Posses           .....
    Bile Demon        Lair              Create Imp       ......... ...
    Dark Mistress     Hatchery          .....            .........
                      Training Room    ?Speed            ....
                      Library          ?Must Obey        .......
                      ......           ?Cave-in          .... .. .....
                     ?Guard post       ?Call-to-Arms     ...... ....
                      ........          ....             ...... ....
                      ........          ............(2)  ..... ....
                      ......            .........(2)     ..... ....
                     ?Torture room      .......(2)
                      ......(1)         ........
                      .........        ?Chicken
                      ......... ....    .......
                                        ....... .....
    (1) : Only available after room has been claimed (Temple)
    (2) : Can be found on map 
     Hundreds of heroes, on the map and dropped off at every single room
    Neutral rooms   : Temple
    Neutral creature: Horned Reaper(6), Beetle(4), Spider(4), Warlock(7)
                      3x Skeleton(8), Dark Mistress(8)
    Dungeon specials: Increase Level, Resurrect Creature, Fortify Walls
    -No map-
    It will hardly be of any use. This level is linear to the extreme; 
    there's only one path, with some side branches to follow.
    You might expect this level to be very hard and difficult, but in fact 
    it is none of this at all. It may be long, daunting and annoying, but 
    it isn't hard. The map consists of 5 areas spread out over the entire 
    sides of the realm. The five areas from top to bottom are:
    Northmost: Here's where you start, with quite some space and 
               a one-face gem tile
    North    : Fiery pit with a one-tile corridor with many enemies. 
               There are three doors, one to the west with a dungeon
               special and two to the south.
    Centre   : A small keep with 10 rooms and many corridors. 
               There's a Temple to be found alongside a Horned Reaper.
    South    : See north, buth with 3 doors leading to the last area.
    Southmost: See centre, but larger with ~20 rooms and many
               door-boulder trap combinations. Also just about every room
               has hero drops. The dungeon Heart is in the centre.
    As you may have noticed by the info panel in the header there's really 
    not much you can do. There's no Workshop, Prison, spells etc, and you 
    can hardly make any useful sacrifices. Even the creature pool is very 
    limited, you'll probably only have a few Mistreses, Bile Demons & 
    Dragons as your limited to 10 creatures. However, Dragons are very 
    slow therefore you should try to get only Mistresses and some Bile 
    Demons (for handling Witches) and that's about it.
    1. The 10 level 10 creatures
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    In this level you will not actively be attacked, but there's no way to 
    prevent heroes from entering your dungeon either (or protecting it 
    period). Once you attack a group you must kill them or they'll reach 
    your dungeon heart otherwise. Start out with the Imps you have and 
    build the basic rooms, dig out all the gold you can find to the east, 
    and leave the western most column to the west (as there's a hostile 
    room behind it). Don't dig south of the Portal either or you'll hit 
    another room with heroes. 
    In the beginning you'll only attract some Warlocks so put them all in 
    the Library to research. In the meanwhile make a large Treasure room 
    around the Gem vein to ensure your Imps will be kept busy once they're 
    done reinforcing the walls (just to make your rooms more effective). 
    With the Torture room get some Mistresses and throw out all the 
    Warlocks (or slap them to death). Put 6~7 Mistresses with 2~3 Bile 
    Demons and a lone Dragon in the Training Room and leave your computer 
    on for some time. After a while everybody will be maxed out at level 
    10 and your minions will all be idling in their Lair.
    Take out the enemies to the west and south with your maxed out 
    creatures and claim the "Invisibility" spell and all the tiles. You 
    should be ready for the next phase.
    2. Repetition to no end
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    What comes next is probably the longest draught of enemies rooms that 
    need to be taken over in any level. There are many traps around and 
    thus your Imps will die very often. So never have more than 4 Imps at 
    a time (3 can mine gems constantly, whereas the other single level 1 
    Imp can be used to claim tiles).
    - - North - -
    Break the doorway to the south to find a large area with many heroes 
    on islands in the lava. Get one Imp, case "Invisiblity" and "Speed" on 
    it and have it claim all the tiles, until it reached all three doors. 
    Pick and keep him in your hand and drop all your Mistresses into 
    combat. Their "Lightning" & "Drain" spells should kill all the heroes 
    with little effort. Break the door to the west for an "Increase Level" 
    - - Centre - -
    Enter either via left/right doorway and work your way around the keep 
    here. There's some boulder traps, but also a free Horned Reaper(6) to 
    the east, and a Temple with Beetle(4) & Spider(4) to the west. Use the 
    sacrifice to get another Mistress and have them both train. There's a 
    lot of opposition here so only break one door at a time, but 
    eventually you'll wear them all out.
    - - South - -
    See description of "North", but all doors lead to the hero keep in the 
    bottom area. The left door is a dud leading to a 'death' end (boulder 
    trap). The centre has two rooms, but also some rewards so take this 
    one first (including a "Steal Hero", ust it for a Samurai). The right 
    door actually leads into the final dungeon.
    - - Southmost - -
    Similar to "Centre". However, breaking into the first door will 
    attract a lot of heroes as the long winding corridor has many heroes 
    scattered around. Kill them all one-by-one as they make their way to 
    you. Have the single Imp claim tiles to expand your view and your 
    control. Next use a Bile Demon/Horned Reaper(10) to take out each door 
    individually (they only take 2 or 3 hits to break down the door) as 
    half of them contain boulder traps behind them. Just hover you mouse 
    over the panel and click on the said minion to pick him up before he 
    gets squashed by the boulder. Entering each room drops more heroes, 
    but they can all be taken out. Alternatively, have you single Imp 
    claim all the tiles in the corridor, until he reaches a dead end in 
    the centre. Put down your creatures here and attack the heart room. 
    Some heroes drop in, but that's all.
    - - Closing words - - 
    Breaking the heart will crumble all doors and fortifications unlocking 
    any hero that was already free. Thus if you didn't take the time to 
    clear each room one-by-one you probably want to leave the realm with 
    "space" very soon. There's not much else to do anyway. XD
    Btw. To the south of the hero dungeon heart is a piece of wall that 
    looks like there is a path behind it (you can tell by looking at the 
    reinforcements). Dig it out to find the "Lightning" spell. This should 
    make things less painful for you during the final stretch.
    14. Dixaroc
    Initial Gold:      0
    Initial creatures: 1x Spider (4)
    Max creatures:     50, but nothing to draw from
    Creature pool     Rooms             Spells           Traps / Doors
    ---------------   ---------------   --------------   ----------------
    n/a               Treasure room     Posses           .....
                      Lair             ?Create Imp(3)    ......... ...(3)
                      Hatchery          .....(2,3)       .........(3)
                      ........ ....(1,3).....(2,3)       ....(3)
                      .......(1,3)      .... ....        .......
                      ......(4)         .... ..(2)       .... .. .....
                      ..... ....(3)     .... .. ....(2,3)...... ....
                      ........          ....(3)          ...... ....(3)
                      ........(3)       ............(2)  ..... ....(3)
                      ......            .........(2)     ..... ....(3)
                      ....... ....(3)   .......(3)
                      ......(1)         ........(3)
                      .........         .......
                      ......... ....    .......
                                        ....... .....
    (1) : Training/Library available after it is claimed
    (2) : Green Keeper can reseach these
    (3) : Available/Researchable after defeating the single Wizard
    (4) : Available after beating blue Keeper
    Blue Keeper:
     Initial Gold:      5
     Initial creatures: 6x Imp (1), 10x Troll(2), 6x Beetle(3)
     Max creatures:     0
    Green Keeper:
     Initial Gold:      5000
     Initial creatures: 9x Imp (5x1,4x3), 2x Fly(9), 2x Troll(6), 
                        4x Hellhound(8), 7x Tentacle(5), 3 Dragon(5),
                        1x Vampire(6)
     Max creatures:     0
    Neutral rooms   : Library
    Neutral creature: 6x Imp(4), 5x Mistress(6), 6x Spider(3),
                      4x Bile Demon(2), 4x Warlock(8), 5x Dragon(8),
                      3x Monk(6)
    Dungeon specials: 2x Increase Level, 5x Resurrect Creature
     _______________________________________________  `: Lava/Water
    | GG___    |1  | M x | |   | x I|  H         GGG| G: Gold
    |GG|7__| | x_x_|___| | | 4 | |__|    Blue       | .: Excavated path
    |G|H __| |_|  2x  3| | x   x_| |¯   Keeper      | P: Portal
    |GG|  ```|+|___|___|___|___|   |__X       5 ____| H: Heart
    |  ````|¯__|                ```   |__|___| |    | +: Increase level
    |____|¯+|```````````````````````````````````````| x: Door
    | 8  x   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|.......| b: Bridge
    |____|x¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯|¯¯¯|  ¯¯|````| M: 2x Mistress(6)
    | 10..`` ___ ___ _______      | W |.9GG¯¯|x 6¯¯x| m: 3x Mistress(6)
    | ...```|12 | 9 |   x 16|      ¯¯¯  ..GGGG¯|____| I: 6x Imp(4)
    ||¯x¯¯¯¯¯¯x¯¯¯x¯11| |¯¯¯¯¯|          ...GGGGGGGG| W: 5x Warlock(8)
    ||_x___x___x______| x  15 |_____|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯|    & Library
    || 14| 13| 9 |     ¯|_____x______|¯x|¯x|¯x|¯¯|  | X: 6x Spider(3)
    | ¯¯¯|¯¯¯ ¯¯¯       ````         |m |17|18x19| G|  & 4x Bile Demon(2)
    |GemG ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|__``````       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GG|
    |GGG  H              |_````````            GGGGG|
    |                      |__``````````````````````|
    |       Green Keeper          ``````````````````|
    |                                             GG|
    |                                           GGG |
     1: 2x Archer(1)
     2+ 2x Dwarf(4), 3x Barbarian(2)      trigger on proximity
     3+ 2x Dwarf(2), 3x Barbarian(2)      trigger on proximity
     4+ 4x Giant(6,7,8,9)                 trigger on proximity
     5+ 2x Dwarf(2), 3x Archer(1x3,2x4)   trigger on Blue Keeper defeat*
      + 2x Fairy(2), 3x Monk(4)           trigger on Blue Keeper defeat*
     6: 7x Thief(4)
     7+ 3x Samurai(3), 3x Thief(4),       trigger on point '6'
      + 5x Giant(2), 5x Barbarian(2)      trigger on point '6'
     8+ 1x Dwarf(7), 2x Archer(5,6)       trigger on proximity
     9: 7x Dwarf(4)
    10: 4x Knight(2x6,2x8)
    11: 5x Giant(3x5,2x7)
    12: 2x Dragon(5), "Resurrect Creature"
    13: 3x Dragon(5), "Resurrect Creature"
    14: 2x Fairy(7), "Resurrect Creature"
    15: 1x Wizard(10)
      + 4x Archer(2,3,5,6)                trigger on proximity
      + 2x Barbarian(5,6), 2x Monk(5,7)   trigger on proximity
      + 2x Archer(5,6), 1x Giant(8)       trigger on proximity
    16: 5x Fairy(8)
    17: 4x Archer(7), 2x Giant(7)
    18: 6x Archer(5)
    19: 3x Monk(6), 3x Monk(6) unaligned, 2x Resurrect Creature
    * = 35 seconds after blue Keeper destroyed
    This level is the penultimate level! The design of the level is as 
    intriguing as its concept. Similar to Caddis Fell you start with 
    minimal resources and have to defeat not one, but 2 Keepers and all 
    the heroes on the map. However, as an extra 'twist' all your 
    magic/rooms are restricted (even "Create Imp"), because a maniacal 
    wizard has stripped you of all these priviledges. You need to seek him 
    out first before you can try to attempt a full scale attack on the 
    green Keeper.
    As limited as your resources are you start with a single Spider(4) 
    whom we'll have to use in "possession" during the first steps on your 
    path to total domination of this realm. One thing that may comfort you 
    is the fact that none of the Keepers can attract any new creatures. 
    This means that you can get the better of them, if you get all the 
    unaligned creatures.
    1. The spider, the hero, his boulder & the lovely mistresses
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Upon entry you'll find there's a hatchery a lair of a few tiles and no 
    Imps/Gold, not even the "Create Imp" is available. Your lone Spider(4) 
    is all you have. Make it build a lair, then "Posses" it. Look at the 
    corridor up ahead, trigger the boulders and quickly retreat. The 
    boulder will shatter in the water. Continue on, break a wooden door 
    and watch the 3 Archers(1) around the bend. Use "Freeze" on the first 
    one you see, step back a little and "Slow" the other. This way you'll 
    sustain minimal damage during the fight as you are limited to Hand-to-
    Fang combat! With a little effort you should be able to beat them all. 
    If necessary unposses, and drag the spider to the lair/hatchery to 
    Continue on, and break the door ahead. Now you're on a short delay 
    before a lot of heroes drop into the room. These are too strong for 
    your current creature. Quickly, run through the watery hallway to the 
    east, break two more wooden doors to find to free Mistresses(6) whom 
    are very eager to join the fight. Unposses the Spider (have him attack 
    or pull out), and immediately "Posses" the Mistress. Like Caddis Fell 
    run around your enemies in circles and keep blasting them with 
    "Lightning". Eventually, you should be able to get all of them. Just 
    note the damage your creatures are sustaining. You cannot afford to 
    lose both Mistresses here! One is still doable, but you'd best keep 
    both of them.
    Once their all dead. Your remaining creatures will head for the 
    lair/hatchery. Stay "possessed" and continue along the corridor. Break 
    some doors to find a large room at '4' with boulders. Quickly strafe 
    run to the other side (the 4 Giants that spawn here are so slow that 
    they _will_ be crushed by the boulders that run around here). Continue 
    up ahead and you'll finally find the necessary Imps you need to 
    continue on.
    2. Defeat blue for all eternity!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Get everybody healed and during this time mine out some of the gold. 
    While your creatures are recovering start digging to the east. 
    Eventhough your outnumbered the two Mistresses are stronger than the 
    entire band of Trolls & Beetles held by the blue Keeper. You must 
    strike now or else he might start training them! Have your Imps dig a 
    path as close to '5' as possible, while having another Imp follow the 
    group to claim all the tiles. 
    Pick up a Mistress and drop her as close as possible to '5', when you 
    hit the water near that point. "Posses" and strafe run into the small 
    dungeon. Head NW to find the Dungeon Heart beating. Once in the Heart 
    Room unposses and get your second Mistress over there too. This way 
    you can distract most of the mini-Trolls and Beetles while smashing 
    the Heart itself. After a while, it should fall and all of the blue 
    creatures will be gone. 
    Upon its defeat you can build bridges and you the doors that crumble 
    lead you to find several unaligned Spiders & Bile Demons that were 
    previously locked in some of the side rooms of this dungeon. Quickly 
    gather them as you claim all the rooms of this dungeon. Place the 
    Mistresses in the Training room and have the others outside of it 
    (your gold is still very limited).
    The warning message you got after defeating the Keeper will trigger 
    several heroes from the portal in the centre of the blue Dungeon. Get 
    them quickly with all your creatures. Don't hestitate to put in your 
    Spiders (last), this way they can "Freeze" the enemies, while avoiding 
    direct damage themselves. Now you can enjoy a little rest as this 
    marks the final defeat of the blue Keeper in the DD series.
    3. Relinquish yourself from the Wizard's curse
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Next up you can build a bridge across the water & lava towards point 
    '6'. Claim the tiles, and remove the bridge tiles over the lava to 
    prevent possible heroes from crossing it. This also triggers an attack 
    directly next to your Dungeon Heart. A thing never seen before in the 
    original DK series. Get your groups together and fight them off right 
    Once they're gone continue claiming tiles and don't forget to dig 
    south of the long corridor to find a large gold seam and a library 
    with several grumpy Warlocks. They can only research "Create Imp" for 
    now, but that can still be helpful. Take care of the Dwarfs and all 
    the gold is yours! This allows you to train some Bile Demons & 
    Mistresses more.
    Keep heading west to find 2 Increase Level specials, which come in 
    handy later on. Also take out the heroes at the hero door and the 4 
    Knights to the south of it. You might need to retreat once, if your 
    Mistresses aren't strong enough, but the lava pit will ensure they 
    don't come over to your dungeon, when you don't want them to. They 
    should fall sooner or later and quite possibly level up your 
    Mistresses as fighting them gives them a lot of experience points.
    South past the Knights there's some Giant, but they're nowhere as 
    strong as the Knights. Break down to the doors to find some Dragons 
    and 3 "Resurrect" specials. Continue on and you'll get to the room of 
    the Wizard soon enough. Before entering claim all the tiles so you can 
    drop your creatures directly at the entrance. Break down the doorway 
    and prepare for a great massacre of heroes. As soon as you enter the 
    Wizard's library 3 hero groups will come to his aid. Still you should 
    be able to beat them. Once you do, put the Warlocks to research as a 
    lot of new '?' marks appear on your panel.
    In the meanwhile continue east to finish of the remaining heroes and 
    find the final 3 Mistresses(6), along with 3 Monks(6) who'll switch to 
    your side the moment they spot you and fight their 'former' comrade 
    3. No more mr. green guy
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Once you've researched everything you may want to start training just 
    about all creatures, but you can't simply because there are no Gems on 
    your side of the map. The only solution to this is building one of the 
    largest possible Workshops and put everybody in there. Have them 
    produce 5 or 6 of all items, and then only sell "magic doors" such 
    that the creatures will only continue manufacturing this valuable 
    object. This way you should be able to get a lot of gold given that 
    everybody who is not training is in the Workshop. On a payday manually 
    pay the Dragons 100 gold so they are satisfied with this small 
    fraction rather that consuming >1000 from your hoard.
    Furthermore, you may have some "Resurrect" specials left over, which 
    are of no use if you haven't lost any creatures. What I did here was 
    torturing all my Warlocks and turn them into Ghosts. Not only are 
    Ghosts cheaper, but they can also manufacture decently. Then later on, 
    when you are about to attack the Green Keeper you can resurrect all 5 
    Warlocks with the specials so you have an even stronger army.
    With the precious conservation of gold and micromanagement you can 
    actually make this into profitable gold margins! Spiders like Bile 
    Demons are relatively cheap for their manufacture value, add that up 
    to their abilities on level 10 and you should be able to get the best 
    out of them. So don't throw them away...
    When your ready dig into the southern watery area near '19' and you'll 
    find the Green Keeper. He may have some reasonable powerful creatures 
    (like a Vampire & Dragons) you can beat him with your full army. Just 
    cast maximally charged "Speed" & "Protect" on everybody, cause the 
    Green Keeper likes to waste his money on frying your minions with 
    "Lightning". The "Protect" spell will make sure the damage will be 
    halved from lightning strikes. Use the "Call-to-Arms" to get your 
    troops moving throughout his dungeon and find the dungeon Heart to the 
    far west. If you can claim the Lair then beating the Vampire once will 
    ensure he can never resurrect himself.
    You may lose a few Spiders and Ghosts during the battle, but in all 
    your minions can defeat this Keeper sooner or later. Just never stop 
    pressing the attack! If you do his graveyard will pile up all the dead 
    corpses where he'll gain a lot of Vampires, and you cannot afford to 
    have this happen. Once defeated there's nothing left to do on this 
    map, you've conquered this realm. Now all that stands between you and 
    total domination is the wicked Avatar you'll meet in the next realm.
    15. Belial
    Initial Gold:      15000
    Initial creatures: 6x Imp (4)
    Max creatures:     20
    Creature pool     Rooms             Spells           Traps / Doors
    ---------------   ---------------   --------------   ----------------
    Fly               Treasure room     Posses          ?Alarm
    Beetle            Lair              Create Imp      ?Poisonous gas
    Spider            ........(2)       .....           ?Lightning
    Warlock           Training Room    ?Speed           ?Lava
    Dragon            Library           .... ....       ?Boulder
    Orc              ?Bridge           ?Cave-in         ?Word of Power
    Bile Demon       ?Guard post       ?Call-to-Arms     ...... ....
    Dark Mistress    ?Workshop          ....(3)          ...... ....
    Tentacle         ?Barracks         ?Invisibility    ?Steel door
    Troll             ......(1)        ?Lightning       ?Magic door
                     ?Torture room     ?Protect
                     ?Temple            ........
                      .........         .......
                      ......... ....    .......
                                        ....... .....
    (1) : Prison available after it is claimed
    (2) : Hatchery becomes available once all 5 Hatcheries are claimed
    (3) : Can be found on the map ("Heal"), near hostile Bile Demons
     All (including the Avatar!)
    Neutral rooms   : Workshop
    Neutral creature: Bile Demon(4), 10x Skeleton(5x2,1x3,4x4), Monk(3),
                      Wizard(6), 3x Ghost(7), Warlock(6), Vampire(6)
    Dungeon specials: Resurrect Creature, Increase Level, Fortify Walls
     _______________________________________________   `: Lava/Water
    |                  \        / |-2x H x________  |  G: Gold
    |                   \      / _|__|_x_|____    | |  .: Excavated path
    |      _______       \    / | 16 x 20x 17 |   |A|  P: Portal
    |     |  |h|  |       \  /  |____| ` |____|    ¯|  H: Heart
    |     |___ ___|        \/   |__h_x -1x__h_|`````|  p: Prison  
    |  ___  | H |               | 15 | ` | 18 |`Gem`|  x: Door
    | |  B| |___|         /\    |____x_x_x____|`13``|  h: Hatchery
    | |x__|   P          /_/  ___   __| |   ____  ` |  v: Vampire(6)
    | |x__ __....       _____|Lx7| |  __|  | x| | ` |  s: 3x Skeleton
    | |19sx s| |x|_    |5__x_5x|¯__| |__   |s|12| x |  w: Wizard(6)
    |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯  |__x|__ |x4|6|4x|¯   h   ¯| |pxx |`` |  X: 3x Ghost(7)
    |       GG   .1 x ||___¯ __| |_____| |_`¯¯¯¯ ``/|   & 1x Monk(3)
    |GGGG GGG    .x ¯¯  __|`x__     9     _````` `/ |   & Warlock(6)
    |GGGGGGG   __|N|__ |8 __|  |___|_|___|`````` /  |   & 2x Bould.crate
    | GGGGG  _|x_x_x_x||x|   ``````````````` 10_/   |  L: Lava pool
    | GGGG  |  |  |  | | | ``14Gem`````__x____/     |   & "Heal"
    |  GG  |x|  ¯|¯|¯  |x|  ___|x|    |X 11 h|      |
    |  G   | |___|2|___| |_|w ___|    |x____x|      |
    |      |3_____x_____3____|        ```x```/      |
    |            | |                    |v| /       |
     1: 5x Thief(3x1,2,4), Lightning trap crate
      + 2x Wizard(7), 2x Monk(7), 2x Witch(7)        post(1)*
     2: 3x Giant(6), "Resurrect Creature", Boulder crate
     3: 2x Giant(4)
     4: 2x Archer(3), 1x Giant(4) 
     5: 5x Samurai(5)
     6: 1x Barbarian(10), "Increase Level"
      + 5x Dwarf(4)                                  trigger on proximity
     7: 2x Bile Demon(5) <- are heroes...
     8: 3x Thief(3), 2x Archer(5)
     9: 4x Barbarian(4), 2x Monk(6), 2x Samurai(5), Boulder crate
    10: 6x Archer(4)
    11: 16x Dwarf(2), 2x Boulder trap
      + 5x Dwarf(4)                                  trigger on proximity
    12: 5x Wizard(5), 5x Giant(6)
    13: 5x Fairy(4), "Fortify Walls"
    14: 3x Witch(6)
    15+ Tunnel(1), 2x Archer(5),4x Dwarf(5)          trigger after 500 s
    16+ Tunnel(1), 3x Archer(6),Dwarf(6),2xWizard(7) trigger after 1250 s
    17+ Tunnel(1), 2x Wizard(7),2xMonk(7),2xWitch(7) trigger after 1500 s
    18+ Tunnel(1), 6x Samurai(6)                     trigger after 1750 s
    19+ 2x Thief(2), 1x Archer(4)                    trigger on proximity
    20+ 6x Samurai(6),5xGiant(6),4xArcher(3,4,2x5)   trigger on proximity
     A+ Avatar(10), 8x Knight(7), Archer(5),         post(2)*
        Monk(7), 3x Samurai(9), Giant(8),
     N - there are many small rooms here that trigger drops. Since this 
    gets a little too complicated I'll just note the groups themselves:
     1+ 4x Thief(2), 2x Archer(4), 1x Acher(5)
     2+ 6x Archer(2,3,2x4,2x5), 2x Barbarian(3,4)
     3+ 6x Archer(2,3,2x4,2x5), 2x Barbarian(3,4)
     4+ 5x Samurai(2x2,3,2x4)
     5+ 6x Samurai(2x2,3,2x4,5)
     6+ 5x Fairy(4)
     7+ 5x Samurai(2x2,3,2x4)
     8+ 5x Fairy(4)
    Hero door:
    -1+ 5x Giant(6), 2x Archer(7),                   proximity @ '11' &
        2x Witch(7), 5x Fairy(4x8,10)                delayed by 2250 s
    -2+ 3x Samurai(9), Archer(5), Monk(7), Giant(8)  post(1)*
      + 6x Samurai(9)                                post(2)*
    * = where post(x) is:
    1: <= 30 s after entering heart room
    2: <= 50 s after entering heart room
    The final realm is quite something indeed. You'll have to ward off 
    imminent attacks as soon as you take over the portal as it is directly 
    connected to a 'neutral' dungeon in which the hostile heroes will 
    gladly take out all the doors for you, when they try to assault you. 
    There are also 4 groups of Tunnellers that originate from the Dungeon 
    Heart area which become progressively stronger with each wave. To top 
    it all of the only available Hatchery is a 3x5 one you're given at the 
    start. Therefore, you don't want to attract too many hungry Bile 
    Demons. This handicap will however be removed once you claimed all the 
    hero Hatcheries in the realm. Lastly, the final attack will indeed 
    also contain a single Avatar(10), whom we haven't seen since Skybird 
    Trill in the original game. 
    This is indeed a quite difficult realm, but it can be beaten. In fact 
    the final battle is probably rather easy if you get a prison and 
    convert as many Samurai prior to this attack. The real hard part is 
    getting through the first waves of timed attacks. 
    1. Tunneller preparations
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Upon entry of the level dig out some of the rooms to enlarge them, but 
    make sure to keep all walls of the Hatchery intact. This will keep its 
    limited efficiency as high as possible. Parallel to this dig westward 
    and then go south along the impenetrable rock to get a hold of all the 
    Gold around here, start digging and create some rooms (most notably a 
    Library & Training room). 
    Next connect to the portal, but beware that doing so will alert the 
    Thieves & Giants at '1', '2' & '3'. Because there are neutral boulder 
    traps spread throughout the dungeon the Giants should die. However, 
    the Thieves near your dungeon will attack the two magic doors 
    separating them from you. You'll have to get some minios before they 
    get to you! Get into the workshop and claim the Bile Demon. Next also 
    get the Skeletons in the two rooms below, but beware that they will be 
    attacked by a small drop of 3 heroes. It shouldn't be too difficult to 
    take those out. Put the best creatures into the training room; the 
    Skeletons & Dragons being fast trainers should be able to gain 1 or 2 
    levels before the attack. Put the Bile Demon into the Workshop and 
    also get the Warlocks to study you'll need the Bridge & Guard post. 
    Btw. Skeletons don't eat, so this is good for your Hatchery!
    Have your Imps dig out a path to the "L" on the map just SE of the 
    lower impenetrable rock section. If you dig into this area the walls 
    will unfortify allowing you to dig into the lava pit room. Build a 
    bridge to the centre, get the "Heal" spell (which was actually not 
    meant to be gotten like this :P) and build one more Bridge tile 
    upwards. Now this part is critical. Dig all the way to the north along 
    the hero wall (near points '15' & '16'). By doing so the Tunneller's 
    will 'breach' into your dungeon, BUT they cannot reach you if you sell 
    the bridge over the lava. This way you can effectively lock the heroes 
    out of your dungeon! If you can do this in 5~6 minutes you should be 
    able to win the level with not too much effort, as the Tunnellers and 
    their group are probably the hardest part in this level.
    Once the first Tunneller appears, your army should be able to take 
    them on head-on. Then quickly get an Imp to claim the room and also 
    the two Hatcheries around here. This way you can replenish your 
    Hatcheries by manually carrying over the pluchy cuccos (if necessary). 
    The heroes here won't mind that you have some rooms here so this won't 
    be a problem. Just don't go north of this place or you'll trigger the 
    post(1) trigger which brings on the Knight & Avatar whom are a little 
    too strong for you at this moment. Two more hatcheries to go, and you 
    have claimed all of them.
    2. Exploration for Gems, Prison, Vampire, Hatchery & 'Decamurai'
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Beware about having Imps scout the unclaimed tiles to the south where 
    the Thieves came from. Hero drops will occur in every small room, and 
    you probably don't want to attract that much attention at this time. 
    - - Gems - -
    Then again, your gold is limited you may want to get to the Gem tile 
    which can be found at the end of it. Therefore, get a door and set it 
    to locked near '1'. Then you can have one Imp carefully claim the 
    tiles and pull him out, if he triggers any of the 8 parties mentioned 
    under the "N" section in the legend. After some time you should be 
    able to get to the free Wizard and the Gem tile. Break down the door 
    to find 3 Witches. You know what to do about this. Get them to your 
    land (as they're over lava) and drop some Bile Demons on this gals. 
    Oh, there's actually even more gems to be had. To the east of '12' is 
    some lava with a locked door. Break through it to find some Fairies, 
    after blasting them with "Lightning" another Gem tile becomes 
    available, but since it's that far out it's not easy to build a good 
    treasure room around it.
    - - Prison - -
    With an infinite supply of gold the only problem in expanding your 
    dungeon at the moment is food. Build a bridge to point '10' and kill 
    the mediocre Archers. Then head north to find some Wizards & Giants @ 
    '12'. If they're too strong remove some bridge tiles so they cannot 
    attack you directly. For the Wizards one or two "Lightning" strikes 
    will do the trick. To the west there is the only unclaimed prison with 
    some more Skeletons!
    - - Vampire - -
    The structure at point '11' also contains some interesting items. 
    Inside you'll find a large quantity of weak Dwarfs. Just get some 
    Mistresses and they'll all be toast, literary. Break down all the 
    doors, but beware of the Boulder traps. There's one on the left and 
    one on the right. The other rooms contain: a free Monk(3), free 3x 
    Ghosts(7), a free Warlock(6), 2 Boulder crates, and at the bottom is 
    Hatchery #3. Even further down you'll find a small structure in the 
    water with a single door. Break it down to find a free Vampire(6) whom 
    was entombed here by some heroes. He'll be more than happy to help you 
    fight them. However, this will enrage the heroes who will backfire 
    (with a delay of >30 minutes) at you from the hero door at -1!
    - - Hatchery - -
    From point '10' you can enter another hero structure with a large 
    Hatchery inside. First take out all the goons here, and imprison the 
    Samurai if possible. Once you get this fourth Hatchery the limitation 
    will be undone and you can construct as many Hatchery tiles as you 
    like. This will improve your dungeon quite a lot!
    - - 'Decamurai' - -
    What I mean by Decamurai is that you can find two groups of 5x 
    Samurai(5) at both points '5'. By fighting your way to that location 
    and getting the Samurai in prison, you can easily convert this bunch 
    to you side. By doing so, get them a separate lair (unless you have no 
    Mistresses for some reason), then have all 10 of them train to level 
    10. All their "Freeze" abilities will make _very_ short work of the 
    Avatar later on who is vulnerable to this attack.
    With all of the above in mind, you can still get some Bile Demons by 
    fighting them at point '7'. Furthermore, the Barbarian(10) at '6' 
    hides an "Increase Level". You can get it to speed up your training 
    effort. If you have any Troll/Mistress/Bile Demon combinations you'd 
    do well sacrificing as many of them as possible for some Reapers!
    3. Last stand
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Put a "Call-to-Arms" banner near point '21' and get your best fighters 
    there. The Decamurai alone should be able to get the job done, but a 
    little assistence will never hurt. Horned Reapers, Bile Demons & 
    Dragons are good. Put the banner on the door and trigger the sequence 
    in the Heart room. Don't forget area '1', as a group will drop there 
    as well! Put some of your weaker creatures here as they can defend 
    this side, while the others go for the Heart.
    From the left the first group will appear, and with a little more 
    latency the Avatar(10) and his 8 Knights(7) appear from the east along 
    with some more Samurai. Get the "Heal" spell out, and/or the "Cave-in" 
    spell. Once you enter the right area they'll all be close together. 
    With "Cave-in" you can kill all but the Avatar with little to no 
    effort. Just cast it 10x with maximum power. Although it doesn't look 
    this strong "Cave-in" can do more damage than "Lightning" in some 
    cases. All that remains is the Avatar, but with the Decamurai this 
    battle will be a lot easier than it was in Skybird Trill. "Freeze" 
    just makes a sitting duck out of him. He may have a gigantic amount of 
    energy, but since he can't do anything the combined 
    "Lightning"/"Freeze" from the Decamurai will kill him in less than a 
    minute. You might wonder, that this actually seems easier than it was 
    in the original game... Strange...
                                 THE END
    Appendix A: Statistic tables
    Creature Statistics
     This is a small comparison table which can be used to compare all 
    the available creatures in the game with one and another. All values 
    are for creatures of level 1 and the data is extracted from the 
    Creatures.txt file enclosed in your Keeper game directory. To 
    calculate the values for the higher levels take the following 
    percentage for the corresponding level (only HP, STR, SKL, DEX and 
    Wage increase with a level up) and round it down to the nearest 
         level     %
         -----   ---
             1   100
             2   135
             3   170
             4   205
             5   240
             6   275
             7   310
             8   345
             9   380
            10   415
    Yes, the increases are linear and exactly 35% is added with each 
    level up. Hence a level 4 creature is twice as strong as its level 1 
    cousin and a level 10 creatures is more than four times the original 
    value. Taking into account all values you could compare certain 
    creatures (e.g. a level 10 Fly is about the same as a level 1 Dwarf), 
    but this excludes the additional abilities that a creature learns... 
    The following attributes are displayed:
     HP:   Health Points
     STR:  Physical strength
     ARM:  Armour
     SKL:  Skill (referred to as Defense in the Creature.txt file)
     DEX   Dexterity
     LK:   Luck
     Wage: Payday value
     T/R/W/S: Training/Research/Workshop/Scavenger value (shows how good
              a creature is in that area; the higher value the better)
     H: Humanoid (Can be turned into skeleton via Prison)
    Name            HP STR ARM SKL DEX LK Wage T R W S H Other
    ------------- ---- --- --- --- --- -- ---- - - - - - ----------------
    Beetle         250  25  25  40  55  3   18 1 1 1 1 n
    Bile Demon    1200  80  60  30  40  5   98 2 1 3 1 n gas, wind
    Dragon         900  90  90  50  60 18  350 3 4 1 5 n lava
    Demon Spawn    325  50  40  50  70 18   70 2 2 2 2 n lava
    Fly            150  10  10  30  50 15    5 1 1 1 1 n fly
    Ghost          200  20  20  60  95 10   20 1 2 1 3 n fly, gas
    Hellhound      600  55  35  50  70  8   67 2 1 1 3 n lava
    Horned Reaper 2000 150  70  70 160 30  950 1 1 0 4 y lava
    Imp             75   5   5   5  60  0    0 1 0 0 0 n
    Mistress       700  60  50  70  70 20  175 2 2 2 3 y
    Orc            700  65  60  65  60 12   95 2 0 3 2 y
    Skeleton       500  55  20  50  70  2   70 4 1 1 1 n gas
    Spider         400  40  30  50  60  3   25 1 1 2 2 n
    Troll          450  40  35  50  50 10   50 1 1 4 2 y
    Tentacle       700  50  50  50  65  3   45 1 1 1 2 n
    Vampire        800  70  30  80  80 25  750 4 3 1 8 y gas
    Warlock        350  20  15  30 100  6  120 2 4 1 5 y
    ------------- ---- --- --- --- --- -- ---- - - - - ------------------
    Archer         300  20  20  60 100 15   60 1 2 2 2 y
    Avatar        3000 150 100 110 180 20 1200 4 3 1 0 y
    Barbarian      700  60  50  60  70 10   95 3 0 2 1 y
    Dwarf          500  50  40  30  55  2   35 1 1 3 1 y
    Fairy          150  10  10  30  70 40   59 1 4 1 1 y fly
    Giant          650 100  60  30  60 20   43 2 0 2 2 y
    Knight         950  80 100  30 150 15  540 3 1 1 0 y
    Monk           325  40  20  80  80 30   75 1 3 2 3 y
    Samurai        700  80  60  70  90 20  195 4 2 2 3 y
    Thief          250  30  20  80 120 14   57 1 1 1 2 y gas
    Tunneller      350  40  30  40  40  0   50 1 0 1 1 y
    Witch          300  20  20  30  80  6   75 2 3 1 3 y
    Wizard         350  20  15  30 100  5  125 2 5 1 4 y gas
    fly  - flies/hovers by default
    gas  - Immune to Poisonous gas
    wind - Immune to Whirlwind attack
    Creature Special Attacks
    Attack         - Hit opponent physically
    Arrow          - Hit opponent with an arrow from a distance
    Chicken        - Not used
    Dig            - Digs through earth
    Disease        - Not used
    Drain          - Drain 20 health points from target
    Fireball       - Fires a fiery projectile (range 8 tiles)
    Flamebreath    - Constant fire stream
    Flatulence     - Same as Poison gas, but doesn't damage own creatures
    Flight         - Allow creature to fly
    Freeze         - Freeze victim but doesn't do damage (range 10 tiles)
    Grenade        - Bouncing projectile <120 damage
    Hailstorm      - Hits all creatures for <75 damage
    Heal           - Restore 200 health points
    Invisibility   - Turn invisible
    Lightning      - Electic beam <20 damage (range 4 tiles)
    Meteor         - Upgraded fireball, <100 damage (range 14 tiles)
    Missile        - Reptile projectile, <20 damage (range 10 tiles)
    Guided Missile - Guided Reptile projectile, <20 damage
    Poison cloud   - Fill 5 tile radius with poisonous gas
    Protect        - Decrease damage by 25% for a short time, also halves
                     damage from "Lightning" attacks.
    Rebound        - Reflects incoming spell back at attacker
    Sight          - Not used
    Slow           - Halves target speed (range 14 tiles)
    Speed          - Doubles targest speed
    Teleport       - Jump to any position, in FPV sends back to Lair
                     (Imp goes to Dungeon Heart)
    Whirlwind      - Blows away all creatures, except Bile Demons
    Word-of-Power  - Does 200 damage to any enemy in 2 tiles radius 
    Appendix C: Multiplayer
     The game allows you to play multiplayer games, but I haven't tried 
    this out before. So I know very little about this topic. There are 
    three types of connections to choose between: Serial, Modem and IPX.
    Appendix D: Bugs, Glitches and Stuff
    -Deeper Dungeon AI Keepers can place traps on illegal locations
    -Deeper Dungeon AI Keepers can >100 traps on a single tile.
    -more to come...
    Boot up messages - Ancient wisdoms of the dark
     Ever noticed one of those messages which pops up when you start 
    playing the game. They're displayed on various occasions such as Full 
    Moon dates and other peculiar dates which I don't know by heart. 
    Here's a few of them and use the new wisdom in each wisely:
       When night does not give way to day,
       And children are too scared to play,
       Abandon hope, embrace despair,
       You're destined for my Dragon's lair
       If thou art bold and pure of heart,
       Come down here, be torn apart.
       Through my dungeon you may tread,
       But rest assured, you'll end up dead.
       If you find you lose it all,
       Why not play Theme Hospital?
       Armoured Knights who have true grit,
       Roast more quickly on a spit.
       Evil, malice, death, decay,
       I think you'll find they're here to stay.
       Evil, malice, death, decay,
       Just another working day.
       Evil, malice, death, decay,
       There really is no better way.
       Giant, Dwarf, Thief and Fairy,
       None of you are very scary.
       The denizens of your domain,
       Just cannot wait to kill again.
       The better creatures you employ,
       The greater carnage you enjoy.
       Hark! The Avatar's abroad,
       And I can smell a frightened Lord.
       Trespassers will meet their doom,
       In your dungeon's Torture Room.
       Though intruders' hearts be pure,
       They'll end up on your dungeon floor.
       Your tunnels will be dark and cold,
       And no place for a Knight of old,
       Even if he claims he's bold.
       The fools who enter your domain,
       Will never see the light again.
       Pain and anguish are your tools,
       To use upon intruding fools.
       When good guys head right for your treasure,
       Hunt and kill them at your leisure.
       Protect your gold and Dungeon Heart,
       And slap your minions till they fart.
       Use your creatures' fear of you.
       To make them do what you want them to.
       Wizard in your dungeon grim?
       A trap will make short work of him.
       When your creatures give you hell,
       Stick them in your Prison Cell.
       Torture is the crowning glory,
       Of your Dungeon Keeper story.
       You are the Keeper, chosen one,
       And being evil is great fun.
       When your troops are hunger-stricken,
       Your Hatchery has yummy chicken.
       Fill the Avatar with dread.
       Really make him wet the bed.
       Imps are the lifeblood of your dungeon.
       Like blood, they must be allowed to circulate.
       Feeling mean?
       Set your minions to imprison and when your cells are full,
       spend some time torturing...
       If your creatures get unhappy,
       slap some sense into them.
       They'll soon realise how lucky they are.
       The underworld is your domain and the adventurers
       come to steal it. Never show pity, even when the intruders
       are defenceless and pathetic.
       Compassion is the hallmark of the good Keeper. But good
       Keepers never win. Only evil ones.
       There's never a moment to waste.
       Already the bravest of the brave are queuing up to enter
       your dungeon. So stop reading this and get going.
       Build fast. You'll want the biggest possible welcoming committee
       ready for the intruders.
       Keep your Imps digging. There are always surprises to be found
       deep in the earth.
       He who controls the most gold controls the entire Underworld.
       Fear and lack of mercy are your greatest weapons.
       Use them wisely.
       Foolish is the Keeper who sells all his rooms and refuses to pay
       his creatures.
    Boot up messages II - Happy birthday to you
     Playing the game on a peculiar date? Sometimes a Happy Birthday 
    message appears out of the blue. Set you system time to it, and 
    quiver in fear... One of the main artists has been added another 
    year! I can only remember two of them. They're for the main 
    programmer and the project leader:
     Peter Molyneux: May, 5th
     Simon Carter:   May, 3rd
    Hidden in-game messages
     During game-play (anywhere within the actual game) hold down the 
    left Shift button and enter:
                    FECKOFF or SKESIS
     To see a weird hard-coded message bounce around the screen as long 
    as you keep the shift down. The latter code also makes the advisor 
    say something really weird. o_O
    The credits go to:
      For creating this truly evil and terrific badly twisted game
      For putting this up the website
      For reading this FAQ
      As I enjoyed making this FAQ
    Iron Knuckle 2012 - 2012 (c)
     Nothing out of this walkthrough may be copied for use on own 
    websites, or own profit. The following link is the only website on 
    which my FAQ / walkthrough is available, if you wish to upload the 
    FAQ to your own website please notify me before doing so. If I am 
    interested enough I will grant permission for an additional upload.
    Website locations
    Other Interesting Links
     Full moon dates for the bonus game up to 2005 - 2010
     (at least the time I checked)
     Repository with many DK downloads (official editor/patch and such)
     Game patch (fixes narration disorder, and bonus levels)
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    E-mail, Questions and Contributions
    If you want to ask / contribute / correct anything about this 
    Walkthrough / FAQ about Deeper Dungeons, then please mail to 
    knuckle_iron(at)hotmail(dot)com . Only send mail that has to do with 
    this game. ALL OTHER MAIL WILL BE IGNORED. I don't mean to be rude, 
    but this is a Gamefaq. Please, don't submit anything that has been 
    done already in this FAQ. In the section below this you can see a 
    list with examples of things that are incomplete.
    Unfinished business
      - Any interesting new strategies worth mentioning
      - Any other problems or topics that I missed or goofed up about
                                  - -= END =- -

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