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    FAQ/Walkthrough by justatragichero

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              Dungeon Master II
                              Version 1.0
    0.0 ===== WELCOME =============================================================
    Hello, and welcome to my DM2 Walkthrough/FAQ! It's my first FAQ/Walkthrough
    that I'm actually hoping to finish. The reason I'm writing this is because I
    felt that there's not a lot of detailed guides on the net for this game, so I
    figured that someone should make one.
    I'm writing this as I'm playing through the game, so hopefully I won't miss out
    on any important details. The guide is pretty much spoilerfree (not that 
    there's a lot to spoil...).
    As a quick note, if you want to use this guide on your site, please send me an
    email or an IM or whatever (see the contact section).
    As another quick note, I will usually refer to the characters as "he". This is
    not because I'm sexist, but because it's easier and faster then writing s/he 
    1.0 ===== TABLE OF CONTENTS ===================================================
    0.0 - Welcome
    1.0 - Table of Contents
    2.0 - General information
       .1 - The stats
       .2 - The skills
       .3 - Money
       .4 - Magic
       .5 - Creating your Party
    3.0 - Walkthrough
       .1 - The first Clan Piece
       .2 - The second Clan Piece
       .3 - The third Clan Piece
       .4 - The fourth Clan Piece
       .5 - Inside Skullkeep
    4.0 - Creatures and Enemies
    5.0 - Items, armour, weapons and such (Not yet complete but will be in the next
       .1 - Food and Water
       .2 - Armour
            .1 Helm Equipped
            .2 Chest Equipped
            .3 Legs Equipped
            .4 Feet Equipped
            .5 Shields
            .6 Necklaces
       .3 - Weaponry
       .4 - Spells
    6.0 - Meta-Stuff
    7.0 - Closing Words
       .1 - Legal notice
       .2 - Contact
    2.0 ===== GENERAL INFORMATION =================================================
    Dungeon Master 2 is an RPG, and as such, there are skills and stats to be
    accustomed with. While you don't hand out skill points per se, nor do you 
    actually need to read any of this to get through the game, it might be fun to
         2.1 - The Stats
    When you open the character window, you're greeted with the inventory, your
    character's name (you can change both the first and the last name), and some
    basic stats. When you click the eye, the window indicating your food/water 
    levels is changed and shows you more stats and skills. If you are injured (any
    of the equipment spots are red), your stats may drop below the "max" level.
    These injures are best cured with a simple healing potion, any strength will
    Before you ask, yes, the max level increases.
    Health (Current/Max): Your character's health. When this reaches zero by any
    means, your character drops dead. This means that they drop all they are 
    carrying and become a nice pile of bones. You can bring this skeleton to the
    ressurection altar by the start of the game, but you'll have to go get the
    items (or let someone else carry them). This can be increased by potions or
    simply resting.
    Stamina (Current/Max): Your character's stamina. This shows how well he can
    perform - a character with full stamina hits more oftenly, hits harder, and
    (I think) takes less damage. This can be increased by simply standing still,
    resting or drinking a potion.
    Mana (Current/Max): Your character's mana, or magic points. This shows how
    many spells you can cast, in simple words. Different spells require 
    different amounts of mana. Generally, the more complex spells require more
    mana then the simple ones. Power also greatly affects how much mana a spell
    Food (Brown bar): Shows how well fed your character is. This, I believe,
    affects stamina when it drops lower, and when it drops really low, your
    character starts taking damage and may well die. This is easily remedied
    by eating.
    Water (Blue bar): Shows how thirsty your character is. If it drops low,
    it has the same effect as Food, but it tends to drop quicker (I also
    think it is affected significantly by load). This is easily remedied by
    either drinking from a fountain or by drinking from a bota/tankard, filled 
    with water from a fountain.
    Load (Current/Max): How much your character is carrying. When the
    number is in gray, all is well and you are not affected by the weight
    you are carrying. When it becomes yellow, a bit under your max weight, it
    starts to slow you down and I think it also affects stamina and thirst. If
    it crosses the max weight, your character becomes encumbered significantly
    and is greatly slowed down. The higher your strength, the more you can
    carry. If you find yourself carrying to much, consider stuffing some away or
    spreading the weight out over the other party members. Or, if you really can't
    drop any items, use the Aura of Speed spell.
    Strength (Current/Max): Your character's raw strength. This shows how hard 
    he hits and how much he can carry, plus how far he can throw things and how
    hard thrown items hit.
    Dexterity (Current/Max): How agile your character is. This shows how hard he
    hits with ranged weapons and how hard he is to hit, and also affects how big a
    chance there is for your character to hit the target.
    Wisdom (Current/Max): How intelligent your character is. The higher this is, 
    the more mana you have, and the better spells you can use.
    Vitality (Current/Max): This shows how endurant your character is. It affects
    health and Stamina, and also your armour rating.
    Anti-Magic (Current/Max): How well your character is protected against magic.
    Anti-Fire (Current/Max): How well your character is protected by fire.
         2.2 - Skills
    The only way to increase your stats in Dungeon Master 2 is to increase your
    skills, which is basically the game's level system. How do you increase your 
    skills then? You use them. Much like the Elder Scrolls games, you become better
    at things the more you do them. The Dungeon Master 2 system is a simpler
    version of it, but yet very effective.
    All the skill levels in the game are "ranked". Neophyte is the lowest 
    (actually, unlisted is), and then it increases up to Grandmaster, which is the 
    highest. The ranks are as follows:
    LO Master
    UM MasterON Master
    EE Master
    PAL Master
    MON Master
    Grand Master
    Fighter skill - This skill describes how good a fighter you are. It increases
    your strength and vitality. It also gives you the ability to use more powerful
    abilities with your weapons. Increased by smashing things in melee with 
    Ninja skill - This skill describes how awesome a ninja you would be. It
    increases your dexterity, strength and vitality. Increased by throwing things, 
    using ranged weapons and by fighting unarmed.
    Priest skill - This skill describes how good you would be at making miracles
    happen by praying... and some use of magic, to. It increases your wisdom, and
    allows you to cast more complex Priest (defensive) spells. Increased by casting
    protective spells and making potions, the more complex and powerful the faster.
    Wizard skill - This skill describes how well you rip things apart with your
    mind. It increases your wisdom and allows you to cast more complex Wizard
    (offensive) spells. Increased by casting offensive spells, the more
    powerful and complex the faster.
    It should be noted that some of these skills can increase other stats, but I'm
    not sure just how it works. All seem capable of increasing your Vitality.
         2.3 - Money and shopping
    You'll be thankful for money in this game. While there isn't a stunning amount
    of shops in the game, there's a lot of neat things you might want from them.
    Money in the game is displayed by different coins and gems - from Copper coins
    to Diamonds, constantly increasing in value. The shops don't have a shortage
    of funds, either, and will gladly exchange with you. The individual coins and
    gems values are:
    Copper - 1
    Silver Coins - 4 (4 copper coins for a silver coin)
    Gold Coins - 16 (4 silver coins for a gold coin)
    Emerald/Green Gem - 64 (4 gold coins for a green gem)
    Ruby/Red Gem - 256 (4 green gems for a red gem)
    Diamond/Blue Gem - 1024 (4 red gems for a diamond)
    As you can see from this, each coin is worth 4 times as much as the coin below
    it. To store your money, it's very advisable to have a money box. You don't
    have enough inventory slots to carry around all that money.
    Shopping is fairly easy. You walk into a shop (noticable by the sign outside,
    which also shows what kind of a shop it is), and you'll find two tables and a
    big blue thing with two arrows in the middle. You browse the goods with the
    arrows, and walk to the (when facing the tables) right table, put down the
    amount of money he requests (you can usually barter... try for yourself) and
    he'll turn the table, giving you your item. If you want to sell something, walk
    over to the other table and put them on the table. The clerk won't buy anything
    that's not in his category, so you should make sure that all the items you want
    to sell are in his category (weapon shops don't buy armour). This generally 
    isn't to big a problem, but some armour can be confusing due to some of it 
    being sold in cloth shops.
    You can exchange money by putting the money box (you really need one) on the
    selling table. If you put an item you want to sell alongside with the money
    box, he'll put the new money in the box (and do the proper exchanging).
    A tip, if you don't like that he doesn't give you time to put up all your wares
    before spinning the table, a trick is to choose a random item, walk over to
    the table where you buy things, and in the direction to the table you sell
    things on. When you've done so, start throwing the things you want to sell in
    that direction. Nothing will break, so don't worry. Keep throwing all the items
    you want to sell, until all are lying on the floor. Then walk up to the pile
    and start putting them up on the table. If the clerk approaches, just run back
    to the other table and wait. Last, put the moneybox on the table and the clerk
    will nicely put all the money in the box and also exchange it.
    throw anything over the table, it's gone. Not only that, but if you hit the
    clerk, he'll hide and you'll get his bodyguard on you. While defeatable, he's
    not a very fun fight and takes a lot of time. I think the clerk and the
    bodyguard both calm down after a bit, but still, be careful.
         2.4 - Magic
    Magic is a great asset. While it might be a bit confusing to use at first,
    one gets used to it. The system reminds a bit of Ultima 5's system of casting
    magic, where you use magic words to create spells.
    Magic comes in two schools and in a few more forms. The two schools are
    Wizard spells, which focus on offensive spells, and Priest spells, which focus
    on protective and supportive skills.
    Spells can either be cast raw (which requires an appropriate skill and enough
    mana), be used from items (which will either deplete the items energies or
    destroy the item), got from potions or bombs (supportive respectively 
    offensive) and finally used from weapons and armour (which both deplete the
    item's energy). You will, later on, be able to recharge items that have lost
    some of their energy.
    Spells are represented by between 2 and 4 symbols (potions don't show the 
    first). The first symbol is the magnitude of the spell, and the rest are
    the actual spell. You take one symbol from each of the following tiers:
       Tier One 
           Tier Two
               Tier Three
    As said, the more complex and powerful the spell, the more mana cost, the
    more skill required (and gained), and usually the more effective. When you fail
    to cast a spell, it'll symbolize this.
    ? = Nonexistant spell.
    Cross = Priest Spell, and you don't have enough skill.
    Broken X = Wizard Spell, and you don't have enough skill.
    Items that don't have enough energy to use a spell simply doesn't list the 
    spell. Some items, like potions and minions, are one time use (though potions 
    leave the bottle behind). Some items give spells that are otherwise 
    not available, such as the magic box' freeze ability (which pauses time, woot).
    Some items, like the sword Fury, have passive magic on them (in the case of
    Fury, it works as a torch).
         2.5 - Creating your Party
    When you start out, you're all by yourself (Torham Zed). This, however, is
    easily remedied, as you start in a room filled with caskets with frozen 
    warriors, all eager to assist you (check the character list for details on all
    You get to choose up to 3 companions, and there is no reason (other then for
    a challenge game) to choose less. Experience isn't gained in a usual manner,
    and as thus isn't shared. It also gives you more ability to carry stuff, and
    enemies also can decide to hit any one out of your four members rather then all
    standing and hitting on one. Needless to say, it also increases your battle
    So what team do I reccomend? Well, I'd advice getting one Fighter, one Ninja,
    one Priest and one Wizard, but I personally use two Fighters (one being 
    Torham), one Ninja (who I sometimes use as a Fighter) and one Wizard who 
    doubles as a priest.
    You can easily look at all the individual characters stats by walking up to
    them, clicking on the box they're sleeping in, and clicking on the eye. My
    team, for this run through the game, is Torham, Cletus, Equus and lastly Saros.
    ===== 3.0 - Walkthrough =======================================================
    The meat of this guide. First things first, when you start a new game, get used
    to the interface. Then, pick a team, see above for a few tips. When you have
    got your team, sort out your equipment, put up the right formation, and get
    ready to leave.
          3.1 - The first Clan Piece
    Once you have assembled your team, climb up the ladder you'll find just where
    you started. Once you have ascended, look around. In the chest, there's two
    healing potions, get them. There's a door in the room aswell, through it is
    the ressurection altar. Remember it, you might need it. Then, walk over to the
    table in the corner. Get the Gold Coin and the empty Bota, then pull the table
    to the side or smash it. Walk up to the painting and pick it up to reveal a 
    hidden slot. Inside is a bag with some food, a magic map, a Solid Key and a
    money box with coins worth 38C. Put all your money in the Money Box (or another
    if any of your characters had one), except for one copper coin. Save this for
    now, by putting it in the slot or somewhere where you won't forget it. Now,
    walk to the other door in the room. It's locked, but next to it is a key hole.
    Put the Solid Key in it and you can now open the door. Walk out and kill the
    Slime, and pick up the Dagger and the Gold Coin it drops.
    (Notes: This area is a great place for storage. You can teleport back here
    easily once you get the Tech Shield (more on that later) and drop off things
    you don't need right away. You can also light the fireplace by using one of
    the torches. Not very useful... but cozy :P)
    Once you're out of the starting area, you'll be in the first town. There's a
    few slimes crawling around, but they are easily disposed of. If you head 
    straight out of the entrance and all the way to the corner, you'll find a
    scythe (unless a slime took it). Close to it is an orb, a Magic Marker, which
    you can see on the map with the better maps, when you've activated the 
    magic/projectile function.
    On the right (if you look from the exit to this area) there's a locked door.
    On the other side is the town. Head towards it. You'll find a Teleport Star
    (this is where you teleport if you stand on any other and use the Tech Shield),
    a staff and a fountain. In the fountain you can find some money. Continuing on,
    you'll find the inn. Inside it, on your right, there's a table with a potion
    and a key. The key is what you need to leave this area, so grab it, and the
    potion aswell, if you want to.
    You can fill up on water in here, to. Just outside the inn you can find a dead
    bat, which is edible. Head back out and to the locked door. Put the key in the
    keyhole and you can now go out.
    (Notes: You really want to buy some better weapons. There's some War Clubs,
    that are cheap and powerful, in the weapon shop.  I'd advice buying them. The
    sticks and rocks are pretty pointless but can be thrown, and you can practice
    by hitting the trees until they break.)
    Once you're out of this area, follow the road. You'll start encountering Worms
    here. You'll see Skullkeep in front of you. If you want to, you can enter and
    get yourself a Morning Star, but you don't have to.
    If you do want to, head into Skullkeep. Once you get in, there's three 
    braziers. Grab the third one (the one that'll be on your right side), pull it 
    away, and behind it you'll find a loose stone. Remove it and you'll find a 
    button. Press it, and you'll find that the right alcove ahead of you has a 
    Morning Star in it.
    If you don't want to or you're done getting it, take to the left (or right,
    if you're coming from Skullkeep). Head onwards. You'll find a ladder downwards.
    You can either climb down this ladder or head onwards to the new area. There is
    some nice stuff if you choose to climb down, and you'll end up next to another
    ladder that also leads down and gets you at least one green gem and some bats
    you can kill for food. Do note that the bats are poisonous if they manage to
    attack you.
    Anyhow, if you choose to head in the normal way, you'll just want avoid the 
    Thorn Demons. While they do give you nice food, they are very dangerous. 
    If you scout around the area, you can find a bow and some arrows that are quite
    useful if you're using a bow. You can also find a Slayer Arrow here.
    (Notes: Once you get a bit more powerful, this is a great place to get food.)
    Anyway, from the normal entrance, head a bit left and then right to enter a
    misty area. Inside here you can find a few mana blossoms that, on top of 
    giving you mana, also sell pretty darn well. Avoid the lighting Vortices, you
    can't hurt them. Soon you'll reach an area that have stone archways, and in the
    centre of this area a stone table. On the table is a Lightning Key, a Bag with
    an explosive bomb in it, a better magic map (that allows you to, at the cost of
    mana, see items, secrets, enemies and also lock it in place) and the first of
    the clan keys. Congratulations!
         3.2 - The Second Clan Piece
    I'd advice you to head back to town now, and put away the map and your newly
    acquired clan piece in a safe place (or fit it into Stonekeep). Sell any items
    you don't want, maybe buy some armour, then head back to just before the area
    with the Thorn Demons. If you look right just a bit before the archway, you'll
    find a locked door with a Lightning Key slot. Put your key in and open the 
    door. Head straight onwards through the Arch-Way. This marks the entrance of 
    what might possibly become your greatest enemy ever - the Thief. If it does 
    manage to steal anything from you, disengage and let him start running away. 
    He'll lead you straight to his lair where he keeps all his stuff, and there 
    might be something of actual use there.
    Regardless, you'll soon find a turn to the left. You can head there right away,
    if you want to, but I'd advice getting the Tech Shield up ahead first. If you
    do want it, head straight forward, and you'll soon reach a star just like the
    one in town, and on it you'll find a shield. This isn't just any shield, 
    though. If you equip it and stand on the star, you can use it's "Teleport"
    ability to be warped back right to the first town. Very useful, and it's your 
    only way out of the depths of Skullkeep later on. Regardless, the thieves' den
    can be found if you take the small path next to the locked door close to the
    teleporter star. Now, head back to the passage earlier. Pick up the mushrooms,
    they sell for a good amount of money, and head in.
    (Notes: When you enter here, thieves can start spawning back in town. Remember
    to lock the door by taking the key out, if you use the starting place as a
    storage area.)
    Right when you enter the new area, look to your left for a nice staff, a 
    Bainbloom. The spell it unleashes creates a toxic cloud. Don't stand to close
    to it or you'll take a huge amount of damage. Head straight onwards and turn
    left and you'll be offered two directions. Choose the rightmost one. Around now
    you'll start seeing Wolves - nasty buggers. On the way you'll also find sticky
    ground - stand on it and you might find yourself stuck and surrounded by wolves
    who are after adventurer flesh. The wolves aren't affected by this, of course, 
    so you need to be very careful. If you have to pass over some (which you do), 
    try and be quick about it. Continue straight onwards and you'll reach a large
    area with the sticky ground. In it you can find a corpse with a money box and
    a horned helmet, but it's generally not worth it unless you can fight the 
    Walk out as far as you can before reaching the sticky ground, turn right, and
    run. Follow the path and you'll soon reach a stone table. On it is a Moon Key,
    a Scout Map (which is a further upgraded Magic Map) and lastly the Second Clan
    piece. Congratulations!
    (Notes: There's a bone on the way to the Stone table, that can be used to 
    distract a Wolf.)
        3.3 The Third Clan Piece
    Before you leave the Wolf area, you might want to take a look below ground. As
    you probably noticed, there's a lot of holes, and the only way to get past them
    is to push boulders that are on the level below to fill up the holes. While not
    terribly rewarding, there are a few nice things (strength potions, as an 
    example). There's a ladder down on the way back, so be my guest. Once done, 
    head back out. Grab the Tech Shield, if you haven't already, on your way to the
    next area. Head back to town, if you want to sell things or clear up inventory
    Go to the locked door, right by the Teleporter Star, and use your new key to
    open it. Go through the archway. If you want to, you can now turn left and take
    the small path down to find a Ra-Sar shield. This is also the thieves' den, and
    there's sometimes two of them at once here.
    Now, head straight forward, dealing with any monsters you run into on the way.
    Soon, you'll reach a Teleporter star. This might just become your best friend,
    if you intend to buy the best equipment, but we'll get to that as a sidenote.
    Anyhow, to your left is an archway. Go through it. Walk up to the tree, turn
    left. Head pretty much straight forward, swaying for one tree and taking two
    steps to the right, and you'll reach the stonetable. Once you grab the things
    on it, giants will start jumping down. They are not only giants with huge axes,
    but they're thieves aswell, and contrary to the normal thieves, these are a
    PAIN to find the hiding places off. Kill them for the axes that sell for a LOT
    of money. If you continue down on, you'll reach the second town. It's got the
    same stores, but with lowered buying and selling prices. If you're a bit slow 
    with the mouse, buy yourself at least three Large Gears, and also, I would a
    avice you to buy a vacuum fuse from this guy, if you're not in the mood for
    hunting a flying chest.
    Well, now you've got the Third Clan piece and the next key. Congratulations!
    (Notes: You should buy a Vorax in this town, if you have the money. This is
    also possibly the best place to get money in the game, so if you want some
    really good armour and weapons, keep killing the giants and selling their axes
    back in the first town.)
         3.4 The Fourth Clan Piece
    If you left a copper coin in the storage area, as I told you was a good idea
    early on, go back and get it now.
    When you're done with the giants, head back out. Head straight forwards and use 
    your new key on the door and open it. When you enter the next area, you'll
    start seeing new enemies, the Minions. They shoot lightning like the Lightning
    Vortices, but these can be killed with normal blades. Continue straight on and
    you'll soon find another misty archway. Before you got here though, look just
    to the side of the path leading there and you'll find a Vorpal Blade in the 
    bushes. You'll really want this weapon - it's the only material weapon that can
    hurt non-material beings (like specteres). Keep moving onwards through the
    archway and you'll reach a Graveyard.
    (Notes: From here on in, minions will spawn at random places.)
    Grab the serpent staff on the ground but don't walk up to the grave with the
    shopkeeper guy. It'll summon a wraith that's not really very fun to fight. Turn
    to the left and head out the only opening available to you.
    When you've just headed out it, look on your right side for a Spirit Cap. They,
    just like the Fairy Cushions, sell for a ton of money. There's also a pineapple
    just outside the small path, if you need one. There's evil treants here, so you
    want to be careful. When you come out of the path, turn left and cross the 
    sticky ground and you'll reach a small fort of sorts.
    When you enter, you'll see several wood tiles on the floor. Don't step on just
    any of these, they open like trapdoors. Turn right and follow the wall, and 
    you'll see a boulder on the ground. Look on the wall and there'll be a button.
    Press it and a secret door will open right next to you. This wooden tile is 
    safe, so just head over it and into the sideroom. Inside is a Magikal Box and
    a key you'll need.
    If you turn around, you'll see a staircase leading down. That's the way back up
    if you fall down here or in the next area. Anyway, go out of the small room and
    turn right and walk over the tile and you'll stand just by another room.
    (Notes: On the floor below is a full set of Plate Armour, so if you want that,
    you should go down. Just be weary of the ghosts.)
    If you look on your map, you'll see this room has moving holes in it. Yeah, 
    it's just as bad as it seems. You can either use your Magikal Boxes' freeze
    ability when the holes are in a position so they won't bother you for now, or
    save it (you'll need to cross through the room twice more). I usually save mine
    and instead run out into the middle of the room when the holes are as far from
    the centre as possible, and use the eye ability with the Scout Map. That way,
    you'll always know exactly where they are. Anyway, when the holes won't be a
    concern, quickly run to the right side of the room, put the key in and open the
    door. Step inside.
    (Notes: Yes, the holes will chase you. Yay -_-. You can also use the Aura of 
    Speed spell, if you want to, to make it easier. They also will NOT move to 
    the spot where you have a magical eye on, which also makes it easier.)
    Next up, you're faced with a path. Follow it, and you'll soon reach pressure
    plates. There's not a whole lot you can do about avoiding them, so just step
    over them and turn around to fight a mummy. They're not very dangerous, so it's
    not a big deal. Repeat this until you reach the end of the room. There's a 
    total of four mummies to deal with. Anyway, you'll reach a room with a tepestry
    on one of the walls. Take it down to reveal a secret slot, and in it you'll 
    find a Guard Minion you can use, a Fury sword (which works as a torch), two 
    gold coins and lastly a new Key. Head back the passage and to the room with the
    holes. Head back to where you first stood, it's easier that way, or use the
    Magikal Boxes' freezing ability. Anyway, from there, head over to the other 
    side where you'll find another locked door and a keyslot. Use the new key on
    it and head in.
    (Notes: Remember how I told you to take that copper coin with you? Yeah, hope
    you have some coin of low value.)
    You'll see a table with the clan piece on. Walk up to it and it'll turn, like
    a shopkeeper's table. Wherever you stand, the key is on the other side. To get
    the key, put any (yes, any) coin or gem, preferebly the one with the lowest 
    value that you own, down on the table, and a ghostly shopkeeper will spin the
    and give you the Fourth Clan Piece. Congratulations!
         3.5 Inside Skullkeep
    Once you've got the key, head out to the room with the moving holes and head
    to the only side you haven't been on yet (right from the room you should be in
    now). You'll come out.
    In here, you'll face off against a bunch of Skeletons with Machettes. Be
    careful, they can hit pretty hard! There's two red fountains here, one has a
    Red Gem in it and the other a fire bomb. If you head in between the two 
    fountains, you'll reach a Magic Shop that has a bunch of exotic weapons and
    stuff. I'd advice taking a look inside.
    Continue straight onwards and you'll be by the area before the graveyard. 
    Head onwards and you'll soon see that archway again, but instead turn right 
    and head onwards and you'll reach another archway, head through it and continue
    onwards until you reach a door. It'll open, and you'll find yourself by 
    Head back to town, get all the Clan Pieces, and head into Skullkeep.
    (Notes: And also, make sure you get yourself good equipment! You'll need it!)
    When you feel you're ready, head into Skullkeep. To open the door, you'll need
    to insert all four clan pieces into the slot to the left of the door. When all
    are put in, there's a drawn out mechanical noise, and after that you can open
    the door. Head in, and the door will shut and lock behind you. Ahead of you is
    some bones and a pressure plate. Add one and one together, and you'll 
    understand that it's dangerous. Step onto the plate, and quickly back off. A 
    powerful fireball will fly by. After that, it's safe. Step back on and turn to 
    your left and you'll see the grates are shut. Turn to the other side and you'll
    see three buttons. There's only one way to tackle this problem - that being to 
    click each button manually and quickly run backwards before the grates shut 
    (left, right, centre, in that order, for best chances).
    (Notes: You might also want to use the Aura of Speed spell, it helps a lot. If
    you don't want to use that spell, make sure you're not burdened.)
    Once you've crossed, you'll see a staircase upwards and a small alcove, plus
    a path into another room with a bunch of holes. In the Alcove you'll find a
    key, the one that leads out of Skullkeep (be careful so you don't step on the
    tile with the three buttons - it'll close all the grates), and a new map. 
    This map is the coolest gadgets in the game. It summons a minion that carries
    things from or to location you specify.
    If you want to, head to the room with the holes. There's a ladder (don't go 
    down it) and in the centre, a Tempest sword. When you pick it up, your way out
    is blocked by a hole, but it disappears when you put the sword down. You have
    two options here. One is without the minion map, and what you do is that you 
    stand by the ladder and throw the sword towards the newly opened hole, on the 
    right side of it (closest to the way out of this room). When it's landed, the
    hole will shut. Walk over so you're standing in the path leading out of the 
    room, and you can pick up the sword without falling down. Should you fall down,
    you'll be fighting of a bunch of worms that hurt a LOT because of their poison.
    If you want to use the Minion Map (which I didn't think of until later), either
    walk up to the Tempest Sword, put a cross down on the ground with the map, and
    then walk out of the room back to the staircase. Then, use the "fetch" command,
    that is, the eye pointing horizontally. The other way is to put a marker on the
    ground by the staircase (or any place, really) and then stand on the Tempest
    and use the "drop" command, which is the one with the eye and the arrow 
    pointing at the cross. Either way, enjoy the sword, it's a good one.
    Anyway, head up the staircase when you feel you have time to do so. You'll be
    in a room with a grating and a rope next to it. Pull the rope, and soon enough,
    a monk will open it. These monks are quite nasty fellows, but don't fight 
    unless provoked (which you will have to do). As you'll soon notice, one of them
    is carrying a double-sided trident. This is a Numenstaff, and you'll need it.
    You can either attempt to kill the carrier or pick it up when he puts it in the
    cauldron. In either case, the monks will attack you, and they can take the 
    staff back. Kill them or just wield the staff and the other door in the room
    will open.
    *** DO NOT PLAY AROUND WITH THE MONKS *** They are quite capable of 
    transforming a strong party to ashes, especially the monk with the staff. Don't
    mess around with them and just kill them as quickly as you can.
    (Notes: In this room, there's two alcoves with some items. There's also scrolls
    telling you what to put in the cauldron to create things. There's also a secret
    wall that you can stand in that holds a Combat Staff that you might want. Plus,
    there's an apple and a Potion on a table.)
    When you get into the next room, you'll see a pressure plate, and a locked 
    door. A quick peek on the map will show you a room with no appearent entrances,
    however, using the "Secrets" function on any decent map (the second one) will
    show you that there's a secret wall there. Head through it, and look on your
    right side. Take the plate out and the eye out, and drop them on the floor. If
    you don't do that, you'll get blasted by a very powerful set of fireballs that
    will most likely kill your party. Step back into the hidden wall and look on
    the side - there's a button there. Push it, and it'll open the way to another
    of the eyes. Do the same to that one.Head back out to the pressure plate. When 
    you put enough pressure on it, the door opens quickly and then closes. What you
    should do is that you should stand so you can strafe (use '3' on the numpad) to
    the door quickly, and then throw something so that it lands on the plate. It
    doesn't really matter what since you'll get it back, as you can permanently 
    open the door from the other side. Do so.
    Be careful in heading down the path. You'll see a wall like the one you saw by
    the entrance to Skullkeep. If you haven't pulled the eye out, it'll activate
    kill you, so do that. Head down the path, and you'll soon see another eye. One
    step away from it, it'll trigger. A quick look on the map with the secrets
    function will show you that there's a hidden passage to the right, so quickly
    head in. Turn left and follow the path and you'll reach another plate and eye,
    pull them out. Step through the wall ahead of you (it's another illusion), and
    on your right there's a Ra-Sar helmet you might want. Continue on and you'll 
    see another plate and eye - remove them. If you head straight on in from the
    first hidden entrance, you'll get into a small room with a large gear in, pick
    it up. Once done you can continue back down the path.
    Once you're through the archway, you'll reach a new area. There's some water
    here, plus a guard minion. Heading into the room, you'll run into an alcove. In
    it is another Large Gear - pick it up. Also pick the ring up, you'll want it.
    It has the same ability as the magikal box, freezing time. To the right is a
    door with some mechanics as a keyhole - put the gear in and open the door, then
    pull the gear out and head further in. Repeat the process, but be quick. If
    you're to slow, you'll fall down and you'll have to redo it (this is what the
    ladder is for in the earlier room, if you ran into it).
    When you get through the gear locks, you'll get to a room with a lot of Minions
    and a few strange openings in the walls. You can use a spell to close these,
    any power and the sixth rune from the left. The minions in here seem to
    transform into stronger versions sometimes, and that might be linked to the
    portals, but I'm not sure.
    Anyway, there's a teleporter star here. If you need to use this then 
    accidentaly use another, remember to put the Numen Staff in your backpack, or
    you'll have to deal with the Numen Monks stealing it on the way back. There's
    also a few machines here, but you can't do anything with them yet. Plus, a 
    large gear in one of the corners. By one of the machines yuo'll find two spots
    for ladders. On the side of one is a lever - you NEED to pull this, it'll make 
    a ladder appear leading down (but you don't need to use it to climb down). In 
    one wall (close to the Large gear), you can insert the key you found earlier. 
    Do so, then press the button that's next to it. The key will be released and 
    drop down a newly opened hole - jump after it (if you have a rope, use that).
    You'll find yourself next to another hole in a large room with a hulking green
    monster (looking somewhat troll like) walking around. You need to kill him. You
    can kill him through the good old way (hack and slash), or you can use a trap
    in this room that will damage him significantly (or you, if you don't do it
    right). If you choose to fight him normally, be aware of his spells. They hurt
    a whole lot. Before you move though, grab the key on the ground.
    If you choose to use the trap, then quickly turn around and walk past the hole
    and turn right. You'll probably encounter him - don't think to much about him
    and just keep moving. You'll pass by a locked door - he carries the key to it.
    Anyway, eventually you'll run into a door that has a switch next to it (and
    use your map to see that there's another door close by, with a small passage
    between them). Flip the switch! It's very important. After you've done so, open
    the door and head in. Make sure the troll follows you, then run to the other 
    end of the path. You'll see a black spot in the lower right part of the wall.
    Click on it, then run through the door next to you as it opens. Then, quickly
    turn around and close it. The Troll will be stuck and he'll take a lot of 
    damage, usually enough to kill him. If not, you can usually finish him off
    Anyway, once you've killed him, pick up his key and look around. There's an
    Emerald staff on the way to the trap in an alcove, and at least four green gem
    veins. If you want to, there's also a small side area of the cave you can visit
    with a bunch of skeletons (easier now then before) and some worms. Past these
    worms there's two more Green Gem veins and a staircase leading downwards. In
    this area, you'll see small lava holes, and fire elementals that blow 
    themselves up will spawn. It's a very dangerous place, but there's blue gem
    veins, so it's worth a shot. Just save before you go down. Be wary of the 
    collapsing roofs - while they're easy to destroy (and net you not only Pyro,
    which you'll need soon [but can find plenty elsewhere], but green gems to), not
    being prepared for them hurts a lot.
    You should now look for the locked door (there's rock monsters on the other 
    side). Put the key in the keyhole and open the door. The rock monsters won't
    attack you... for now. When inside, take two steps to the right and look on the
    wall right by you. There's a loose boulder... press it and it'll open a 
    teleporter (that looks like blue rain). Walk into it. From here on in, some of
    the rock monsters might throw rocks at you, but they're not very dangerous.
    Follow the path by the hole and you'll soon reach what looks like some sort of
    boiling aparatus, fastened in a wall. You'll need to throw Pyros into these -
    some rock monsters might do so and you can find a lot of Pyros lying aorund on
    the ground. When you've ignited it and threw a bunch of Pyros into it, proceed
    past it. Looking on the map you might find a place that looks like where you'd
    have a ladder, climb it up to get back. Turn to the right from that point 
    if you wishand head through the archway. In here, there's a ton of boulders and
    bats flying around. You can find a way out of the cavern here, should you want
    to have some fresh air... ;).
    When you get back up, you'll find that a door that you couldn't open before can
    now be opened. Do so, and go through it. You'll find a spot for the key you
    you used to open the hole, so put it in so you can open the next door. Open it
    and you'll find yourself in a new room with some more of those portals. Close
    them as per usual, if you wish. Turn to the right and you'll find a ladder, a
    hole in the ground, a pressure plate and a Scout Map in a slot. Stepping on the
    pressure plate will cause a spell to be cast continuatly that opens and closes
    the hole. There's no way to make the hole remain closed this way. We'll return 
    Open up your scout map (either of them), click the eye, and then on the map, 
    click on the spot on the other side of the hole. Wait for the eye to finish
    moving there, and then cast the spell "zo" spell (any power then the sixth 
    rune from the left, the same to close the portals). The hole will shut. Walk 
    across, and turn to the right. Flip the lever in the small opening, then if you
    want to, open the door. Then head up the stairs.
    (Notes: Go back and then the other way to find another ladder. Make sure you 
    have something to freeze time and SAVE YOUR GAME. There's a lot of blue rain 
    here, however, it doesn't teleport you. Most of the buttons on the walls here 
    will cause fireballs to be shot at you - these turn at all the blue rain spots,
    so be careful. On this level is also the devious imp, that will gladly push 
    these buttons. My advice is to find him, then freeze time (you might need to do
    so twice) and bash him to pieces. He drops one Magikal Box and a fire bomb, but 
    more then anything, you don't have to worry about getting a fireball in your 
    With the imp out of the way, walk around with a map turned on and detect 
    secrets activated. In one hallway (that's two spaces thick rather then the
    usual one, in this area), you'll find a secret wall. Walk through it, and turn
    to your left. Make two steps forward and look at the wall. Remove the loose
    boulder and press the button. If you want to, drink some water, then go through
    another secret wall right by it to get a bag with some gems and past that to
    reach a small alcove with another Eye of Time ring. Head back out, and look for
    a door that's open (it opens when you kill the imp). Walk in and you'll find a
    small alcove with a healing potion (wiee -_-) and a button. Press it to make
    the ladder go down where you climbed down, so you can get back up.)
    When you've climbed upstairs, follow the path onwards and turn left. You'll
    start meeting lizardmen with bows here. They shoot and drop a TON of slayer
    arrows, so you might want to get accustomed to your Minion Map ;). Turning
    to the left, you'll find a locked door with a strange key hole. Keep moving and
    you'll find a machine that seems to be lacking a component. But a Large Gear
    into it (there's one in a slot further down, if you don't have any) and it'll
    work. If you turn around and walk forward you'll reach a room with three 
    pressure plates, but there's not much else of use in there. You can use this
    to trap the chest you might see fly by, though. The pressure plates shoot
    fireballs, so be careful. Following the wall here you'll reach another machine
    that lacks a component, in this case a Vacuum Fuse. You'll find this in the
    chest that's flying around, or you could be lazy and go buy one. Regardless,
    the chest does hold a Stormring and another Magikal Box, which makes it worth
    the time it takes.
    Anyway, with both the gear and Vacuum Fuse fitted, turn to the left and walk to
    a grating door. Open it (you couldn't before putting both the gear and fuse in)
    and walk in. In the alcove is a key, the Master Key, which you should use on 
    the door with the odd lock. Remember this room for later. Once you've opened it 
    grab the key and head through the archway. You'll need the key again so don't 
    forget it.
    In the next area, there's a locked door on your right with no way button to
    press. Instead, turn to the right and flip all the switches that are DOWN. 
    Don't touch any that are already up - it won't do you any good. Follow the path
    of newly opened doors. At the first turn, turn right, and ignore the opening to
    your right that's coming up next. After that, take the first turn to the left
    and flip the switch to activate the ladder leading down to the hallway with the
    fireball eyes. Smash the huge barrel in this room to find a few bombs and yet
    another Vacuum Fuse. You can smash the other barrels in the area for more 
    bombs, should you want any. 
    Continue on and you'll reach a door where you need the Master Key. Use it, and
    you can open the door. An evil guard minion is on the other side - either put
    up one of your own minions before opening the door or just use some magic or
    whatever to beat it. Walk into the room and you can flip the switch that leads
    down to the room with the Teleporter star. There's another spot for a Vacuum 
    Fuse here, so put the one you found in here. In one of the alcoves is a Cross
    Key, get it. Now head back to the room where you found the Master Key and use
    your new key there. The ladder will come down so you can climb it. There's also
    two levers that activate some kind of pump, that you'll need to turn on.
    (Notes: In this room you can find a pair of hidden Ra-Sar Greaves and also 
    another Ra-Sar Shield, should you need them.)
    In the next area, SAVE at every safe spot you get.
    From here on in, you'll be facing MUCH stronger Minions. Go upstairs and you'll 
    come to a room, filled with tables. Smash them, making a path to the other end 
    of the room, but watch out for minions when doing so. You'll find yourself in a 
    room with a pit and two wooden goat heads moving back and forth. If you stand 
    by one of these heads you'll be pushed into the hole. The best way to deal with
    this is to cast Aura of Speed at the highest power you can and get past the 
    most lonely one of the heads. Walk up to the one furthest from the entrance and
    leap past when you can. When you're past, catch your breath and make sure the 
    Aura is still active. If not, cast it again and then quickly run in the only 
    direction you can and quickly turn left and pass that goat head. When you've
    passed that, pass the leftmost goat head. Then pass the goat head straight 
    ahead of you. 
    On the other side you'll see a table with an Attack Minion, and following the 
    path just by it you'll find a Guard Minion. Pick them up if you want to. If you
    want some more, pass the other goat head that you can pass on this side for two
    more Guard Minions. Otherwise, head down the path with the Archway.
    You'll enter a room with two blue, moving rains. Turn left and avoid them for
    now. You'll reach a room just before another room - use the Master Key on the
    door and open it. Turn the Water Valves in this room and activate the flaming
    things, whatever they're called. Then use the lever on the wall in the centre
    to lower the ladder, which you can climb down to get to the teleporter room
    (and the room between these levels ;)).
    If you want to, you can head the other way now, and you'll reach a room with
    four holes, a locked door, and a pressure plate. Throw a heavy enough item with
    a poor enough thrower so that it lands on the pressure plate, and the holes 
    will disappear, and the door will open. In it you'll find a Fire Plate, Fire
    Greaves and another Fury sword.
    Regardless, head to the room past the door that required the Master Key. The
    Large Reflectors you see can be moved and need to be moved. If you click their
    side, you can turn them to make them either "/" or "\". You'll want to put them
    as this awful ASCII art shows:
    Stepping on the pressure plate (0) will cause a fireball to erupt from the
    target mark (O, it's a bullseye on the ingame map), that bounces when it hits
    the Reflectors. By flipping the switches on the wall marked (one on each side),
    you can move and turn these reflectors. Flip the right most switch (when looking
    over the hole), so it looks like this on the map (you might need to pull the
    middle one, to, because it only turns on every other pull):
    Now, step on the Pressure plate. The fireball will bounce from the middle one
    to the right one then up to yours. Now, when it has bounced off the first one,
    flip the middle switch so it looks like this (fireball = X):
    It doesn't matter if you flip it now or a bit later, as long as you do flip it,
    before it hits the fourth time. Then, it'll bounce back in where it shot from
    and the holes will disappear and you're free to cross.
    (Notes: There's also a door, which you can blow up by making it look as 
    follows on the other side of the holes:
    Where | is the door. You only need to care about the middle one. It's the only
    way to open the door. In it you'll find a full Fire Armour set and also, with
    the press of a certain button, another Fury sword.)
    Follow down the newly opened path and climb the stairs up. Up here, you'll find
    a locked door with a new key, displays that display all the machines that are
    currently active. The water valves should be up and running, the fire might
    have gone out (to solve that, just climb down and put more pyro in), the pumps
    should be running and to activate the boiler just go to that level and flip the
    switch by it. You'll also find a Teleporter Star in one of the side rooms. The
    main attraction here now though is a large field of electricity. To run past
    it, you'll need to use the Aura of Speed spell and run as soon as you can. Even
    one strike from these is enough to do you in, so be careful and SAVE. Well, on
    the other side, take a look around the corner and flip the switch to turn the
    electricity off. Then walk up to the alcove, and save again. Then pick up the
    Onyx Key. This might be a bit tricky. If you get the Skull Key, put it back in
    and then try again. Picking up both freezes you in the strange circle and I 
    have yet to figure out a way to break a free from that.
    Now that you have the Onyx Key, head back.
    (Notes: You might need to get some food, so use the teleporter and drop off
    any items you don't want or sell them and pick up some food either by killing
    the Thorn Demons or by buying it)
    Use the Onyx Key on the lock and the door will open by itself. Head through the
    passage and through the archway. Turn right when you've reached the end of the 
    path and flip the switch to lower the ladder, leading to the moving 
    teleporters. Turn around and you'll see a plate on your right side. Open it and
    press the button beneath it. Then turn left and walk up to the slot, where 
    you'll find an Excysmyr sword. Back to the lever by the ladder, and then head
    out the passage you just came in from. Remove the key, and put it back in the
    slot and now picking up the Skull Key.
    (Notes: If you quit the game and reloaded or died and reloaded, the electricity
    will have reactivated, at least in version 1.00.)
    Now head downstairs and into the room with the moving Blue Rain teleporters. On
    one of the walls there's a ladder leading up now, quickly head there and go up.
    From there, turn right and head into the room you haven't been in yet. Head 
    straight across the room, and into a small hallway. Turn left and by the locked
    door you'll see a skull with a small opening for a key. Put the Skull Key in,
    and a teleporter will open right by you.
    You'll find yourself in a small room with two refloctors, two tables and a
    brazier. You're blocked in all directions. What you should do is turn to the
    reflector next to you and shoot a Fireball spell (preferebly from the 
    Numenstaff). This will, after a few shots, break the table ahead of you and let
    you move the Brazier. Move it forward two steps, then smash the other table.
    Move the reflector out of the way of the door and open it, then pull it out to
    the big room with the strange rock in the middle, and repeat with the other
    one, so it looks like this:
    (o = where fireballs come out, | = switch, ^ ladder up)
    Now pull the switches. Make sure the fireballs hit the crystal at the same time
    or else it won't work. When done, go to the other side of the room and flip the
    electricity switch. If it doesn't do anything, make sure all machines are 
    working (the furnace tends to go out... bloody minions). With that, the door
    ahead of you will open, if the timing is correct. The timing can be hard to get
    in, so be patient. Once it has opened, you can shut down the fireballs and
    electricity - the door will stay open.
    (Notes: If you REALLY want to you can head upstairs... there's a TON of
    monsters there. Be careful.)
    Before heading into the Void, drop the items you don't need, or sell them,
    whatever. And make sure you only have the best of the best equipped, no 
    uncharged weaponry. Stock up on potions. You can manage on one Steak and one
    filled bota per person, plus their armour and weapons.
    Go through the door. Welcome to the void, I guess! Have fun.
    Be careful - You can fall of easily. There's also a myriad of Minions around.
    Follow the path (bring a map) ahead, and continue forward. You'll soon reach a
    moving bridge. Put on the Aura of Speed spell and run over - careful not to 
    move to fast or slow, else you'll land in the middle of nowhere (once I landed
    in the graveyard before the Fourth Clan piece O_o). The next bridge is the same
    in essence, except a bit longer. When you've headed over it, you'll reach the
    big bad guy - Dragoth or whatever his name is. He's a challenge alright - only
    the rooftop is harder (that's because you can hardly move and there's enemies
    everywhere). He keeps summoning minions, pushes you around, seems to teleport
    (might be just pushing you though), uses some devastating spells, and has a lot
    of health, roughly 1500. Keep moving, use all your best potions and keep
    hitting him and he'll fall, though. After a while, he'll disappear into thin 
    air and the outro will start. Congratulations! You just beat Dungeon Master II!
    4.0 ===== CREATURES AND ENEMIES ===============================================
    Below follows a list of all the enemies and creatures you will encounter in the
    game. Summonable minions are not included here, instead, they are by their 
    spells. This is the rough order in which you encounter the enemies. You might
    encounter them in a different order in some cases (e.g. you don't have to meet
    the Shopkeepers or Bodyguards at all).
    Description: They're kinda big and have elf ears. They come in a few flavours,
    but they all work the same.
    Health - Unknown
    Power - Unknown
    Threat - Unknown
    Abilities - Selling and buying
    Other Notes - You can't, as far as I know, actually fight these things. The 
    tables they hide behind are unbreakable. You can at best get one or two
    spells in, but that's about it. Attacking these alerts the much more 
    dangerous bodyguard.
    Drops - Unknown
    Description: They look sorta horse-esque. They've got claws, spikes on their
    shoulders, a blue garb and red eyes. You usually don't have to fight these.
    Health - Very High
    Power - High
    Threat - High
    Abilities - Their attacks can knock you backwards a step
    Other Notes - If you insist on fighting these things, be my guest. Just try
    and keep moving back and forth, hitting and retreating then going back in after
    he tries to hit you and hit him again. Repeat for a long while - and you don't
    really get anything to compensate for it. Normally you won't have to fight 
    Drops - None
    Description: It looks like a huge slime, crawling around on the floor. It's
    the first enemy you see during the game.
    Health - Low
    Power - Low
    Threat - Low
    Abilities - None of notice
    Other notes -  No real tactics needed, just smash them.
    Drops - None
    -=Claw Worms=-
    Description: They borrow underground, and can't be hit when doing so. When they
    rise, they look sort of like two big hands with claws, that sweep at you.
    Health - Low
    Power - Low
    Threat - Low
    Abilities - Immortal when underground
    Other notes - You can't hit them when underground, but otherwise they're as 
    easy as slimes.
    Drops - 3-5 Worm Rounds
    Description: A bat. They can usually be found flying around in caves. Sometimes
    you find them sleeping.
    Health - Low
    Power - Medium
    Threat - Low-Medium
    Abilities - Poison
    Other notes - While their bite in itself isn't particularly powerful, it does
    poison. You might find yourself running low on health if you got bit to much,
    so don't play around with them and just kill them.
    Drops - Dead Bat
    -=Thorn demon=-
    Description: Hulking, rhino-like creatures. Usually not very aggressive, unless
    Health - Medium
    Power - Medium
    Threat - Medium-High
    Abilities - Might knock you back if you're hit.
    Other notes - The reason they might be a threat is because you encounter them
    early on in the game. At that point, they're usually strong enough to kill you
    in but a few blows. When you're just about to enter Skullkeep or have done so,
    these are usually very easy to kill.
    Drops - 2-4 Steaks
    -=Lightning Vortex=-
    Description: A whirlwind with lightning in it.
    Health - Medium
    Power - High
    Threat - High
    Abilities - Spectral, shoots lightning, can be walked through
    Other notes - You can't kill these things when you first encounter them, apart
    from with a certain spell, so the best thing to do is try to avoid them. When 
    you first encounter them, one strike is enough to kill one of your party 
    members instantly, and they still remain a force to be reckoned with later on.
    Luckily you can walk right through them. If you really want to you can kill 
    them with the vorpal Blade, but it's not worth the time.
    Drops - None
    Description: A hobbit like fellow, who wanders around an area and picks up
    anything he finds... from you, aswell.
    Health - Medium
    Power - Low
    Threat - Low
    Annoyance level - Ridiculously high
    Abilities - Massive annoyance AKA Stealing your things
    Other notes - All thieves in an area have the same hideout, so if you've found
    it once and you lost a thief in his tracks, you'll know where to find him. He
    can only steal things that you've got in your hands, so there's no risk of you
    losing your moneybox unless you accidently forgot to unequip it. You'll see
    when he's trying to steal from you when he's grabbing towards you, and he'll
    also say "mine!".
    Drops - 3-4 Gold Coins, 1-2 Daggers
    Description: A wolf, relative to the dog. Mean and annoying, but luckily rare.
    Health - Medium
    Power - Medium
    Threat - Medium
    Abilities - Jumping over Holes
    Other notes - One on one, there's no reason to fear them. They bite a bit on
    the hard side, but it's not to significant if it's not the wizard/priest being
    hit. What makes them a threat is that they can surround you on the sticky 
    ground, where you have no chance of escaping and you're being mercilesly ripped
    to shreds. Avoid, if you can.
    Drops - None
    Description: Huge axe-wielding monstrosities. I'm not sure what they're called
    by the game, but Giant works well enough for me.Health - Medium-High
    Power - High
    Threat - High
    Abilities - Stealing, axe-throwing
    Annoyance - Twice as annoying as the thieves because they are actually 
    dangerous :(.
    Other notes - This is a very annoying foe, yet one that's very good to fight.
    They steal your items, just like the regular thieves. The main difference is
    that their hiding place is hard to find, and tend to change for each giant. So,
    you really don't want your items stolen. That aside, they also hit pretty hard.
    If you haven't trained your characters to much they could easily be killed by
    these buggers. Third, they throw axes that also hit pretty hard. This isn't to
    bad though, since you get an extra axe and that's worth a lot of money. These
    are great for getting tons of money. Axes sell for a ton of money, and while 
    heavy, you have a teleporter star very close (don't sell them in the cheaper
    shop). Keep repeating this and you'll have the best armour and weapons money 
    can buy.
    Drops - 1-2 Axes, bones
    Description: They look like a flying mine that shoots lightning, oww.
    Health - Medium
    Power - High
    Threat - Medium
    Abilities - Shoots Lightning, can be walked through
    Other notes - They work pretty much the same as the lightning vortices, but you
    can actually kill these things with any weapon, which makes it a lot easier 
    then bashing them with the Vorpal Blade.
    Drops - None
    Description: A ghost in green robes. They fly around and can be walked through.
    Health - Medium
    Power - Low
    Threat - Low-Medium
    Abilities - Continuing attack, spectral, can be walked through
    Other notes - They aren't particularly powerful, nor do they have a lot of
    health. You, do however, need the Vorpal Blade to kill them (it? I only 
    actually saw one in the game) or a certain spell. Really not worth your time.
    Drops - None
    -=Evil Treant=-
    Description: Evil, haunted, moving trees. Considering their horrid life 
    standards, it's not strange they're mad.
    Health - Medium
    Power - Medium
    Threat - Medium
    Abilities - None
    Other notes - Just like the Wolves, pretty much, except these hit harder. Yes,
    there's sticky ground where you encounter these to, so you need to make sure
    you don't get surrounded or you're in for a world of pain.
    Drops - Sticks (no way :o)
    Description: A hovering skeleton, that jumps between reality and the spectral
    Health - Low
    Power - Medium
    Threat - Medium
    Abilities - Spectral, disappears after attacking, can be walked through
    Other notes - These things pop up, hit, and then disappear. You need to react
    quickly if you intend to kill one... not that it's worth a lot.
    Drops - None
    Description: Walking skeletons with Machettes. Ouch.
    Health - Medium
    Power - Medium
    Threat - Medium
    Abilities - None
    Other notes - These things can hit you pretty hard and fast, but they quickly
    fall if you hit them hard enough.
    Drops - Bones, 2 Machettes.
    Description: Small worm like things with some claws and a very nasty bite.
    Health - Medium
    Power - High
    Threat - High
    Abilities - Strong Poisoning
    Other notes - These things bite hard - and the poison is incredibly strong. You
    better know the recipe for Cure Poison potions, if you want to survive AFTER
    fighting these - the poison hits for a lot over a long time before deluting.
    Drops - 3-5 Worm Rounds
    -=Numen Monks=-
    Description: Monks walking around in a Black robe with yellow and red marks.
    Don't play with these things - they are first class mages.
    Health - Low
    Power - High
    Threat - High
    Abilities - Various spells, including Poison Cloud
    Other notes - These fellows are NOT to be toyed with. As I've said over and 
    over, but it can't be stressed enough. They are capable of devastating spells,
    and even though they don't have a lot of health (especially if you've trained
    your characters a bit), they make up for this by hitting like a speeding train.
    Drops - None
    -=Numen Monk with Staff=-
    Description: A Numen Monk with the Numenstaff - a double edged trident.
    Health - Medium
    Power - Very high
    Threat - Very high
    Abilities - Massively powerful fireball
    Other notes - You need to get that staff, and there's two ways to get it. One
    is to grab it when this guy puts it in the cauldron, the other is to pry it
    from his dead, cold hands. They'll try to do the latter, should you take it
    from them. You need to kill him quickly so that he doesn't have time to land
    those fireballs on you, else you're dead.
    Drops - Numen Staff
    -=Guardian Minion=-
    Description: Much like the normal minion, this looks like a flying mine. The
    main differences is in color and power.
    Health - Medium
    Power - Very high
    Threat - Medium
    Abilities - Lighting strike (very fast!)
    Other notes - These things fire fast, but don't move. Usually, a few hits is
    enough to put them down for good.
    Drops - None
    Description: It looks like a hulking troll with a loincloth and a ton of hair.
    The first "boss" like creature you encounter.
    Health - Very high
    Power - Very high
    Threat - Very high
    Abilities - Poison cloud, can push you backwards
    Other notes - This is a nightmare to fight. He hits hard, and has a powerful
    spell at his disposal. You can either fight him normally (which, while it takes
    a long time, is quite possible and doesn't take nearly as long as fighting the
    body guards for the shopkeeprs and also gives you nice training) or use a trap
    to kill him off.
    Drops - Blood Key
    -=Rock Monster=-
    Description - A cyclop made out of rock. They appear friendly at first...
    Health - Low
    Power - Low
    Threat - Low
    Abilities - Throwing Pyro
    Other notes - When you first encounter them, they appear friendly. Some later
    turn hostile, but not all. They seem to throw Pyro at you even though they are
    not hostile later... very odd. Attacking any of the non hostile ones will make
    ALL of them hostile.
    Drops - None (any Pyro they drop, they picked up)
    -=Flame Elemental=-
    Description - It's a bouncing fireball with eyes and arms.
    Health - Unknown
    Power - Very High
    Threat - Very High
    Abilities - Suicide Explosion
    Other notes - You'll find these by the Blue Gem veins. They spawn when you come
    close to one of the small lava holes, and they explode once they stand on the 
    same spot as you. If you're quick you can dodge the explosion, by watching when
    it's about to explode and taking one step to the side. The explosion hurts a
    whole lot, though.
    Drops - None
    Description - A small, green thing. It's only got one eye.
    Health - Medium
    Power - Very high
    Threat - Very high
    Abilities - Presses fireball buttons AND is to low to be hit by them
    Other notes - A pain to fight, because he presses the buttons that causes 
    fireballs to erupt towards you. They turn at all the blue rain squares, so
    there are safe areas, but the best way to deal with this one is to freeze time
    and smash him to pieces before he can do anything.
    Drops - Magikal box, Fire bomb
    -=Lizard Men=-
    Description - A semi-crawling lizard that has a bow.
    Health - High
    Power - High
    Threat - High
    Abilities - Shoots Slaying Arrows
    Other notes - These things are among the last new enemies you'll face. They can
    pack quite a bunch and are never alone, so you'll have to get used to fighting
    a whole bunch of them. Does net you some Slaying Arrows if they haven't wasted
    them all.
    Drops - Slaying Arrows (Most of the time)
    -=Upgraded Minion=-
    Description - Looks just like the regular minion, but looks can be deceiving...
    Health - High
    Power - Very High
    Threat - High
    Abilities - Shoots Lighting
    Annoyance - The most annoying enemy in the game
    Other notes - They shoot faster, move faster, hit significantly harder then 
    their lesser bretheren. They keep spawning, to. You better get used to fighting
    Drops - None
    Description - Huge, blue with a red tabard and big teeth.
    Health - Ultra High
    Power - Very High
    Threat - Very High
    Abilities - Summons Minions, Poison Cloud, Fire Ball, more random spells...
    Other Notes - The last boss of the game. There's a few things you need to pay
    attention to when fighting him.
    1. Make sure you are not burdened by anything. If you move slowly, he'll have a
    bigger chance of hitting you and you do not want that to happen.
    2. Dodge the minions, and only kill them if there's to many of them for you to
    be able to dodge them.
    3. Avoid his spells and fields he creates, because they hurt a lot.
    4. Be quick about drinking potions and drink all the stat boosting ones you 
    have before you cross the bridge to him.
    5. Stay away from the edges - he can push you down without touching you 
    Once you beat him, you beat the game. W00t ^_^.
    Drops - None
    ===== 5.0 ITEMS, ARMOUR, WEAPONS AND SUCH ======================================
    There's a fair bit of items to pick up in Dungeon Master II. There's also a 
    good and healthy amount of spells. Most of the numbers and such are gathered by
    using a tool called DM2AE which I got from the Dungeon Master Encyclopedia. 
    All values are listed as Buy/Sell. 1 means the first town, 2 means the town by 
    the Giants, 3 means the Magician by the graveyard.
    C means copper, S means Silver, G means Gold, Gr means Green Gem, R means Red
    Gem and B means Blue Gem.
         5.1 Food and Drinks
    All of these items are sold at the pub. Some can be picked up at various
    places, listed by each item. All of these prices, unless noted, are only in the
    first town.
    Bota - Comes in four steps. Each gives just as much Water, which is roughly
    50% of the max. One for each member should be enough. Can be filled at any
    wall mounted fountain.
    Weight (Empty) - 0,9
    Value (Empty) - 2/1 (2C/1C)
    Tankard - Works the same way as a Bota, except that you buy it filled. Might
    replenish more Water then the Bota.
    Weight (Full) - 1,4
    Value (Full) - 4/3 (1S/3C)
    Apple - A simple Apple. Replenishes 400 Food points.
    Weight - 0,4
    Value - 1/1 (1C/1C)
    Jicama - Looks like some root fruit. Replenishes 400 Food points.
    Weight - 0,5
    Value - 3/2 (3C/2C)
    Worm Round - A... strange cake-looking thing made from worms, I guess. Very
    common. Replenishes 400 Food points.
    Weight - 1,0
    Value - 2/1 (2C/1C)
    Also dropped by both Worm Monsters.
    Bread - A piece of bread, nothing special. Replenishes 650 Food points.
    Weight - 0,3
    Value - 3/2 (3C/2C)
    Cheese - Cheese. Yeah, Cheese. Replenishes 820 Food points.
    Weight - 0,8
    Value - 4/3 (1S/3C)
    Shank - A piece of meat with a bone. Replenishes 990 Food points.
    Weight - 0,4
    Value - 6/5 (1S 2C/1S 1C)
    Steak - Possibly the best food in the game. Replenishes 1400 Food points.
    Weight - 0,6
    Value - 13/11 (3S 1C/2S 3C)
    Also drops from Thorn Demons.
    Palmapple - A huge apple, basically. Increases your Fighter skill by 1 for a 
    while. Replenishes 500 Food points.
    Weight - 1,6
    1 Value - 13/11 (3S 1C/2S 3C)
    3 Value - 15/9 (3S 3C/2S 1C)
    Also grows at various places in the game.
    Mana Blossom - A huge, Daisy like, flower. Only replenishes 200 Food Points, 
    but does replenish 15 Mana. Better sold then used.
    1 Value - 54/45 (3G 1S 2C/2G 3S 1C)
    3 Value - (3G 3S/2G 1S 2C)
    Also grows by the first Stone Altar.
    Fairy Cushion - A brown mushroom. Replenishes a mere 50 Food Points, but gives
    you a +20 temporary bost to your strength... at the cost of 20 to 30 vitality
    points (also temporary). Better sold then used.
    1 Value - 88/72 (1Gr 1G 2S/1Gr 2S)
    3 Value - (1Gr 2G 1S/3G 3S)
    Also grows outside the Wolves' area.
    Spirit Cap - A white mushroom with red dots. Replenishes a lousy 1 Food point,
    but does increase your Wizard Skill by 2 for a while... in return for 20 
    vitality. Better sold then used.
    1 Value - 132/108 (2Gr 1S/1Gr 2G 3S)
    3 Value - (2Gr 1G 1S 2C/1Gr 1G 2S 2C)
    Also grows just beyond the Graveyard.
    Dead Bat - A dead bat, quite literary. Replenishes 250 Food points, but is easy
    to acquire and cheap.
    Value - 4/3 (1S/3C)
    Drops from bats.
         5.2 Armour
    Ah, armour. No one can survive without armour. The game, when you look at an 
    item, only lists it's defense power, but there seems to be something called
    sharp resistance involved aswell (probably against arrows or something). Some
    armour also gives you other nice bonuses. Type means where you can buy it -
    cloth means at the Clothing store, Armour means at the Armoury.
             5.2.1 - Head Equipped
    Bandana - A simple bandana.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 1 
    Sharp Resistance - 4
    Weight - 0,1
    1 Value - 1/1 (1C/1C)
    Horned Helm - A helm with horns, Viking-Myth style. Cheap and not to shoddy.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 12
    Sharp Resistance - 5
    Weight - 0,9
    1 Value - 28/24 (1G 3S/1G 2S)
    Mail Helmet - A helm made out of chainmail, with a metal plate to protect the
    nose and head.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 30
    Sharp Resistance - 5
    Weight - 1,6
    1 Value - 36/30 (2G 1S/1G 3S 2C)
    Helmet - A simple helmet.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 17
    Sharp Resistance - 5
    Weight - 1,2
    1 Value - 66/54 (1Gr 2C/3G 1S 2C)
    Bascinet - A helm that covers the entire head.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 20
    Sharp Resistance - 5
    Weight - 1,5
    1 Value - 96/80 (1Gr 2G/1Gr 1G)
    Great Helm - A knight-styled helmet.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 30
    Sharp Resistance - 4
    Weight - 2,0
    1 Value - 180/152 (2Gr 3G 1S/2Gr 1G 2S)
    Armet - Another, somewhat more modern, knight styled helmet.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 40
    Sharp Resistance - 7
    Weight - 1,9
    1 Value - 216/180 (3Gr 1G 2S/2Gr 3G 1S)
    Fire Helm - A helm infused with fire. Adds a nice Anti-Fire stat, but you might
    want to use the Ra-Sar helm for the dexterity, or the Techhelm for the higher
    armour rating.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 54
    Sharp Resistance - 6
    Special - +10 Anti-fire
    Weight - 2,1
    1 Value - 432/360 (1R 2Gr 3G/1R 1Gr 2G 2S)
    Ra-Sar Helm - A black and white spotted helmet. Second only to the Tech Helm in
    raw defense, and the dexterity bonus makes it attractive to both Fighters and
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 62
    Sharp Resistance - 5
    Special - +15 Dexterity
    Weight - 1,7
    Tech Helm - The heaviest and as far as raw defense goes the best helm in the 
    game. The wisdom is also nice for any spell caster, so it's useful for all
    your party members.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 76
    Sharp Resistance - 4
    Special - +15 Wisdom
    Weight - 3,5
    1 Value - 777/624 (3R 2S 1C/2R 1Gr 3G)
             5.2.2 - Chest Equipped
    Cape - A simple cape.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 0
    Sharp resistance - 0
    Weight - 0,3
    1 Value - 6/5 (1S 2C/1S 1C)
    Cloak of Night - A black cape.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 0
    Sharp Resistance - 0
    Special - +10 Dexterity
    Weight -
    1 Value - 27/23 (1G 2S 3C/1G 1S 3C)
    3 Value - 25/15 (1G 2S 1C/3S 3C)
    Black Top - A black Top, basically.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 5
    Sharp resistance - 1
    Weight -
    1 Value - 13/11 (3S 1C/2S 3C)
    Tunic - A blue shirt.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 9
    Sharp resistance - 1
    Weight -
    1 Value - 17/15 (1G 1C/3S 3C)
    Fine Robe Top - The top part of a white robe.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 7
    Sharp resistance - 2
    Weight -
    1 Value - 26/22 (1G 2S 2C/1G 1S 2C)
    Bodice - A top made for the ladies. Looks ultra generically Heroine revealing.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 4
    Sharp resistance - 1
    Weight -
    1 Value - 26/22 (1G 2S 2C/1G 1S 2C)
    Doublet - A red, somewhat sturider shirt.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 12
    Sharp resistance - 2
    Weight -
    1 Value - 33/27 (2G 1C/1G 2S 3C)
    Leather Jerkin - A Leather Jacket.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 17
    Sharp resistance - 3
    Weight -
    1 Value - 60/51 (3G 3S/3G 3C)
    Brigandine - A studded leather jacket.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 25
    Sharp resistance - 2
    Weight -
    1 Value - 83/69 (1 Gr 1G 3C/ 1Gr 1S 1C)
    Scale Hauberk - A sturdy Scalemail armour.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 45
    Sharp resistance - 4
    Weight -
    1 Value - 176/144 (2Gr 3G/2Gr 1G)
    Breatplate - A normal plate armour.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 35
    Sharp resistance - 4
    Weight - 4,5
    1 Value - 136/112 (2Gr 2S/1Gr 3G)
    Torso Plate - A plate armour. Pretty heavy, but good.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 65
    Sharp resistance - 5
    Weight - 12,0
    1 Value - 290/228 (1R 2G 2C/3Gr 2G 1S)
    Mithril Mail - A lightweight Mithril Armour with a fair bit of defense.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 70
    Sharp resistance - 5
    Weight - 5,2
    1 Value - 387/312 (1R 2Gr 3C/1R 3G 2S)
    Fire Plate - An armour that seems to be infused with fire. Not to protective,
    but a very nice special bonus makes it worth it.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 60
    Sharp resistance - 6
    Special - +1 Fighter Skill
    Weight - 10,8
    1 Value - 708/584 (2R 3Gr 1S/2R 1Gr 2S)
    Alternate Fire Plate - The same as the normal Fire Plate, but designed for the
    ladies, plus it weighs less, making it a better choice. Just looks somewhat 
    silly when worn on a male character ;).
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 60
    Sharp Resistance - 6
    Special - +1 Fighter Skill
    Weight - 4,7
    1 Value - 720/612 (2R 3Gr 1G/2R 1Gr 2G 1S)
    Ra-Sar Armor - A black and white spotted armour. Second only to the 
    Techplate in raw defense, it's also very attractive to spellcasters because 
    of its mana boost.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 125
    Sharp Resistance - 6
    Special - +20 Mana
    Weight - 7,5
    Techplate - As far as raw defense goes, this is the best armour in the game. 
    The Anti-Magic it adds isn't to shoddy, either. A bit heavy though, and the 
    Fire Plate's Fighting Skill addition makes it hard to choose. Nevertheless, a 
    Solid choice for a Fighter.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 160
    Sharp Resistance - 4
    Special - +30 Anti-Magic
    Weight - 14,1
    1 Value - 1632/1350 (1B 2R 1Gr 2G/1B 1R 1Gr 1S 2C)
             5.2.3 Leg equipped
    Tabard - A ripped skirt... couldn't be a bit more generic for the ladies huh?
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 5
    Sharp Resistance - 1
    Weight - 0,4
    1 Value - 8/7 (2S/1S 3C)
    Black Skirt - A black skirt.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 5
    Sharp Resistance - 1
    Weight - 0,4
    1 Value - 13/11 (3S 1C/2S 3C)
    Gunna - A blue skirt... or something like that.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 7
    Sharp Resistance - 1
    Weight - 0,5
    1 Value - 18/16 (1G 2C/1G)
    Blue Pants - Simple blue pants.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 12
    Sharp Resistance - 2
    Weight - 0,7
    1 Value - 15/13 (3S 3C/3S 1C)
    Fine Robe - The lower part of a robe.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 7
    Sharp Resistance - 2
    Weight - 0,3
    1 Value - 26/22 (1G 2S 2C/1G 1S 2C)
    Huke - Red pants.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 13
    Sharp Resistance - 2
    Weight - 0,3
    1 Value - 30/26 (1G 3S 2C/1G 2S 2C)
    Leather Pants - Pants made of Leather.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 17
    Sharp Resistance - 3
    Weight - 1,0
    1 Value - 45/38 (2G 3S 1C/2G 1S 2C)
    Scale Mail - Pants with Scale Mail on the upper part.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 35
    Sharp Resistance - 4
    Weight - 4,1
    1 Value - 105/87 (1Gr 2G 2S 1C/1Gr 1G 1S 3C)
    Thigh Plates - Plates fastened on leather, to protect the thies.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 25
    Sharp Resistance - 4 
    Weight - 3,3
    1 Value - 66/54 (1Gr 2C/3G 1S 2C)
    Leg Plate - Full plate protection for the legs.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 56
    Sharp Resistance - 5
    Weight - 8,0
    1 Value - 137/113 (2Gr 2S 1C/1Gr 3G 1C)
    Mithral Huke - Leg plates made of Mithril. Strong and light.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 60
    Sharp Resistance - 5
    Weight - 4,1
    1 Value - 285/228 (1R 1G 3S 1C/3Gr 2G 1S)
    Fire Poleyn - Leg plates infused with fire. They give a very nice strength 
    bonus, making them ideal for all classes, but especially Fighters.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 88
    Sharp Resistance - 4
    Special - +15 Strength
    Weight - 8,1
    1 Value - 549/450 (2R 2G 1S 1C/1R 3Gr 2C)
    Ra-Sar Poleyn - Black and white spotted legplates with high armour value, but 
    no bonuses. Ideal if you can't afford another Techpoleyn and can't get your 
    hands on any more Fire Poleyn.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 90
    Sharp Resistance - 6
    Weight - 6,2
    Techpoleyn - The heaviest and, as far as defense goes, the best legplates in 
    the game. Ideal for Fighters. No other bonuses, though.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 101
    Sharp Resistance - 4
    Weight - 9,0
    1 Value - 792/648 (3R 1G 2S/2R 2Gr 2S)
             5.2.4 Feet equipped
    Sandals - Simple leather sandals.
    Type - cloth
    Armour Value - 4
    Sharp Resistance - 1
    Weight - 0,6
    1 Value - 3/2 (3C/2C)
    Leather Boots - Boots made out of leather.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 20
    Sharp Resistance - 3
    Weight - 1,8
    1 Value - 15/13 (3S 3C/3S 1C)
    Black Boots - Black boots, made out of leather. Gives some nice defense, for
    cloth items.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 25
    Sharp Resistance - 4
    Weight - 1,6
    1 Value - 26/22 (1G 2S 2C/1G 1S 2C)
    Mithral Hosen - Boots (more like socks) made out of mithril. Very light and, if
    you get one pair for everyone, gives a nice speed bonus.
    Type - Cloth
    Armour Value - 40
    Sharp Resistance - 2
    Weight - 0,1 (!)
    1 Value - 198/162 (3Gr 1S 2C/2Gr 2G 2C)
    Greaves - Boots with a plate front and small spikes on the bottom.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 30
    Sharp Resistance - 4
    Weight - 1,6
    1 Value - 39/33 (2G 1S 3C/2G 1C)
    Foot Plate - Full Plate boots.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 37
    Sharp Resistance - 5
    Weight - 2,8
    1 Value - 92/76 (1Gr 1G 3S/ 1Gr 3S)
    Fire Greave - Plate Greaves infused with fire. Gives a small Anti-Fire bonus.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 16
    Sharp Resistance - 5
    Special - +4 Anti-Fire
    Weight - 2,5
    1 Value - 290/228 (1R 2G 2C/3Gr 2G 1S)
    Ra-Sar Greave - Black and White spotted greaves. No special bonuses, but 
    second only to Techboots in terms of defense.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 50
    Sharp Resistance - 6
    Weight - 2,2
    Techboots - The best defense for your feet in the game. Expensive and heavy,
    but well worth it.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 60
    Sharp Resistance - 5
    Weight - 3,1
    1 Value - 396/324 (1R 2Gr 3S/1R 1Gr 1S)
              5.2.5 Shields
    Wood Shield - The most basic of shields.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 20
    Sharp Resistance - 131
    Weight - 1,4
    1 Value - 8/7 (2S/1S 3C)
    Small Shield - A simple metal shield.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 35
    Sharp Resistance - 132
    Weight - 2,1
    1 Value - 48/40 (3G/2G 2S)
    Shield of Fire - A shield infused with fire. Can give your party some extra 
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 180
    Sharp Resistance - 133
    Special - Anti-Fire +10, rank 4 Aura of Strength
    Weight - 4,0
    1 Value - 432/360 (1R 2Gr 3G/1R 1Gr 2G 2S)
    Ra-Sar shield - A black and white spotted shield. Unknown amount of armour 
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - ??
    Sharp Resistance - ??
    Special - Casts Rank 1 Invisibility
    Weight - 3,2
    2 Value -
    Crystal Shield - A shield that looks like a mirror taken out of its place. It's
    magical, as you probably figured.
    Type - Magician
    Armour Value - 60
    Sharp Resistance - 135
    Special - Rank 5 Spell Shield
    Weight - 2,9
    3 Value - (3Gr 1G 1S 1C/2Gr 1C)
    Techshield - A powerful shield, which also gives you the ability to teleport
    with the Teleporter Stars. You really do need one, but there's one to be found
    early on in the game. Don't buy it unless you lose the old one. It also has the
    Spellblock Field spell, none require any energy.
    Type - Armour
    Armour Value - 100
    Sharp Resistance - 135
    Special - +10 Anti-Magic, Teleport, Rank 2 Spellblock Field.
    Weight - 4,0
    1 Value - 456/372 (1R 3Gr 2S/1R 1Gr 3G 1S)
              5.2.6 Necklaces
    All of these are either from the Cloth Shop or the Magic shop.
    Illumulet - An amulet that emits a weak light.
    Effect - Weak light (does not stack)
    Weight - 0,2
    1 Value - 97/81 (1Gr 2G 1C/1Gr 1G 1C)
    Rune Charm - A simple necklace.
    Weight - 0,2
    1 Value - 29/25 (1G 3S 1C/1G 2S 1C)
    Jewel of Symal - A necklace that gives you a small boost to your fire 
    Effects - +6 Anti-Fire
    Weight - 0,2
    1 Value -  57/49 (3G 2S 1C/3G 1C)
    Moonstone - A necklace with a white stone.
    Effects - +6 Mana
    Weight - 0,2
    1 Value - 141/117 (2Gr 3S 1C/1Gr 3G 1S 1C)
    Mezmar - A necklace with a black stone.
    Effects - +5 Dexterity
    Weight - 0,2
    1 Value - 204/168 (3Gr 3S/2Gr 2G 2S)
         5.3 Weapons
              5.3.1 Melee Weapons
    Torch - A simple torch.
    Melee Power - 8
    Throw Power - 0 
    Abilities - Swing
    Special - Light (put back in a Torch Holder to refill)
    Weight - 1,1
    1 Value - 1/1 (1C/1C)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Club - A piece of wood. Fearsome.
    Melee Power - 19
    Throw Power - 30
    Abilities - Bash, Throw
    Weight - 3,6
    1 Value - 4/3 (1S/3C)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    War Club - A piece of wood with spikes on it. More powerful then one might
    think at first!
    Melee Power - 44
    Throw Power - 55
    Abilities - Bash, Bludgeon, Throw
    Weight - 6,0
    1 Value - 8/6 (2S/1S 2C)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Mace - A flanged mace.
    Melee Power - 42
    Throw Power - 0
    Abilities - Swing, Bash, Stun
    Weight - 3,1
    1 Value - 72/48 (1Gr 2S/3G)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Morning Star - It's a spiked ball on a Chain. Flail around, anything you hit 
    will feel IMMENSE pain.
    Melee Power - 60
    Throw Power - 0
    Abilities - Swing, Stun, Melee
    Weight - 5,0
    1 Value - 168/112 (2Gr 2G 2S/1Gr 3G)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Techmace - One of the most powerful weapons in the game. The Techmace is a mace
    to be reckoned with.
    Melee Power - 65
    Throw Power - 0
    Abilities - Bash, Stun, Powerswing
    Weight - 4,1
    1 Value - 450/300 (1R 3Gr 2C/1R 2G 3S)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Dagger - A short dagger.
    Melee Power - 10
    Throw Power - 50
    Abilities - Slash, Stab, Throw
    Weight - 0,5
    1 Value - 12/8 (3S/2S)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Scythe - A Scythe.
    Melee Power - 20
    Throw Power - 0
    Abilities - Swing
    Weight - 2,6
    1 Value - 24/16 (1G 2S/1G)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Machete - A sword without much of a handle.
    Melee Power - 30
    Throw Power - 0
    Abilities - Swing, Chop
    Weight - 2,8
    1 Value - 24/16 (1G 2S/1G)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Sword - A regular steel sword.
    Melee Power - 34
    Throw Power - 0
    Abilities - Swing, Chop, Thrust
    Weight - 3,2
    1 Value - 86/57 (1Gr 1G 1S 2C/3G 2S 1C)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Rapier - A sword that looks like something from the renaissence. Sharp and
    Melee Power - 38
    Throw Power - 0 
    Abilities - Jab, Thrust, Lunge
    Weight - 2,6
    1 Value - 120/80 (1Gr 3G 2S/1Gr 1G)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Axe - A double-sided axe. Not to useful, but worth a lot. You'll end up selling
    a lot of these ;).
    Melee Power - 49
    Throw Power - 0
    Abilities - Swing, Chop, Melee
    Weight - 4,3
    1 Value - 144/96 (2Gr 1G/1Gr 2G)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Sabre - A regular sabre with no particular special abilities.
    Melee Power - 42
    Throw Power - 0
    Abilities - Slash, Parry, Melee
    Weight - 3,3
    1 Value - 192/128 (3Gr/2Gr)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Katana - A Japanese-styled blade.
    Melee Power - 46
    Throw Power - 0
    Abilities - Slash, Chop, Melee
    Weight - 3,5
    1 Value - 240/164 (3Gr 3G/2Gr 2G 1S)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Excsymyr - A magical sword, with a name that's reminiscent of Excalibur. Not a
    bad weapon, and can also help some low level casters out.
    Melee Power - 50
    Throw Power - 0
    Abilities - Chop, Thrust, Melee
    Special - +10 Mana
    Weight - 3,3
    1 Value - 420/280 (1R 2Gr 2G 1S/1R 1G 2S)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Blue Steele - A powerful sword, made out of some blue metal. Supposedly, you're
    able to turn a Meteor Metal into one of these, but I haven't figured it out in
    Version 1.00. Drop me an e-mail if you know why!
    Melee Power - 60
    Throw Power - 0
    Abilities - Slice, Cleave, Sever
    Weight - 3,7
    1 Value - 600/400 (2R 1Gr 1G 2S/1R 2Gr 1G)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Vorax - An incredibly powerful Axe, probably the most powerful melee weapon in
    the game.
    Melee Power - 70
    Throw Power - 0
    Abilities - Chop, Cleave, Berzerk
    Weight - 6,5
    1 Value - 1029/672 (1B 1S 1C/2R 2Gr 2G)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Tempest - A magical sword that bursts with electricity. Not a sword to be on
    the wrong side off.
    Melee Power - 49
    Throw Power - 8
    Abilities - Jab, Chop, Level 5 Lightning Bolt
    Weight - 3,0
    1 Value - 1038/672 (1B 3S 2C/2R 2Gr 2G)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Fury - A fiery sword, that gives light until it's out of magic... can't be
    recharged, which sucks. Still a mighty blade though.
    Melee Power - 55
    Throw Power - 0
    Abilities - Chop, Melee, Rank 4 Fireball
    Weight - 4,7
    1 Value - 1440/960 (1B 1R 2Gr 2G/3R 3Gr)
    2 Value -
    3 Value - (1B 3Gr 2G/2R 3Gr 1G)
    Staff - A wooden staff with magical properties.
    Melee Power - 12
    Throw Power - 0
    Abilities - Swing, Rank 2 Light, Rank 1 Open/Close Door/Portal
    Special - +5 Mana
    Weight - 2,6
    1 Value - 8/6 (2S/1S 2C)
    2 Value -
    3 Value - 8/6 (2S/1S 2C)
    Rainbow Wand - Unique little wand, rainbow coloured and all.
    Melee Power -
    Throw Power -
    Abilities -
    Weight -
    2 Value - 
    3 Value - (1Gr 2G 3S/1Gr 3C)
    Rogue Stave - A staff with a blue crystal on the top.
    Melee Power -
    Throw Power -
    Abilities -
    Weight -
    2 Value -
    3 Value - (2Gr 1G 2S 1C/1Gr 1G 3S 1C)
    Bainbloom - It looks like a flower, but looks can be deceiving.
    Melee Power - 0
    Throw Power - 0
    Abilities - Swing, Rank 4 Poison Cloud
    Weight - 0,8
    1 Value - 96/64 (1Gr 2G/1Gr)
    2 Value -
    3 Value - (1Gr 2G 1S/3G 3S)
    Spiral Staff - A strangely formed staff.
    Melee Power -
    Throw Power -
    Abilities -
    Weight -
    2 Value -
    3 Value - (3Gr 3G/2Gr 1G 2C)
    Staff of DAIN - A staff formed like a Cross.
    Melee Power -
    Throw Power -
    Abilities -
    Weight -
    2 Value -
    3 Value - (3Gr/1Gr 3G 1S)
    Emerald Orb - A wooden staff with a carving at the top, with an Emerald fitted
    into it.
    Melee Power -
    Throw Power -
    Abilities -
    Weight -
    2 Value -
    3 Value - (1R 3Gr 1G 1S/1R 1G 3S 1C)
    Serpent Staff - A serpent, whom appearently turned into a Wooden staff.
    Melee Power -
    Throw Power -
    Abilities -
    Weight -
    2 Value -
    3 Value - (2R 1Gr 3G/1R 1Gr 3G 1S)
    Combat Staff - A staff that looks like it could hurt quite a fair bit in a 
    fight. Spikey and all, with a blue gem on top.
    Melee Power -
    Throw Power -
    Abilities -
    Weight -
    2 Value -
    3 Value - (2R 1Gr 2S 1C/1R 1Gr 2G 1C)
    Numenstaff - A double-trident looking staff. You'll need this to beat the game.
    Pesky Numen Monks keeps stealing it back from you...
    Melee Power -
    Throw Power -
    Abilities -
    Weight -
    2 Value -
    3 Value - (1B 2R 2Gr 1G/3R 3Gr)
    Stormring - A ring with the power of Storms inside it.
    Melee Power -
    Throw Power -
    Abilities -
    Weight -
    2 Value -
    3 Value - (1B 2Gr 2S 1C/2R 2Gr 2G)
    Kalan Gauntlet - It might look like some kind of armour, but it isn't. Not to
    useful, to be honest.
    Melee Power -
    Throw Power -
    Abilities -
    Weight -
    2 Value -
    3 Value - (1B 3R 1Gr 1G/1B 1Gr 2G 2S)
              5.3.2 Ranged Weapons
    Sling - A sling, used to throw rocks.
    Ranged Power - 20
    Abilities - Shoot
    Ammo - Rocks
    Weight - 1,9
    1 Value - 6/4 (1S 2C/1S)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Bow - A common bow.
    Ranged Power - 55
    Abilities - Shoot
    Ammo - Arrows, Slayer Arrows
    Weight - 1,0
    1 Value - 24/16 (1G 2S/1G)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Cross Bow - A regular Cross Bow. More powerful then the bow, and more accurate.
    Ranged Power - 70
    Abilities - Shoot 
    Ammo - Arrows, Slayer Arrows
    Weight - 2,8
    1 Value - 120/84 (1Gr 3G 2S/1Gr 1G 1S)
    2 Value -
    3 Value -
    Poison Dart - A dart that's thrown and poisons whatever it hits.
    Ranged Power - 40
    Abilities - Throw
    Weight - 0,3
    1 Value - 6/4 (1S 2C/1S)
    Shuriken - A throwing weapon, used by Ninjas. Not to effective.
    Ranged Power - 20
    Abilities - Throw
    Weight - 0,1
    1 Value - 8/6 (2S/1S 2C)
              5.3.3 Ammunition
    Arrow - A simple arrow.
    Power - 60
    Weight - 0,2
    1 Value - 1/1 (1C/1C)
    Slayer Arrow - A much more powerful arrow.
    Power - 100
    Weight - 0,2
    1 Value - 8/6 (2S/1S 2C)
    Rock - A simple rock, used in the Sling.
    Power - 20
    Weight - 1,0
         5.4 Spells and Reagents
    Spells. Can't have a fantasy game without magic, now can you?
    Flask - An empty Flask. Can be filled with water and magical spells to create
    1 Value - 17/15 (1G 1C/3S 3C)
    3 Value - 20/12 (1G 1S/3S)
    Any magic listed as "potion" requires an empty flask in hand. I'll paranthese
    the actual name of the runes, after listing what number it is (from left to 
    right). Mana cost is listed from Weakest to Strongest.
               5.4.1 Priest Spells
    Healing (Potion) - Heals the one who drinks the potion. The higher magnitude,
    the more healing.
    Formula - 2 (VI)
    Mana cost: 4, 6, 9, 11, 14, 16
    Stamina (Potion) - Replenishes Stamina. The higher magnitude, the more stamina
    is replenished.
    Formula - 1 (YA)
    Mana cost: 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13
    Cure Poison (Potion) - Cures poison, the higher magnitude, the more poison is
    Formula - 2, 5 (VI, BRO)
    Mana cost: 11, 16, 23, 28, 35, 40
    Mana (Potion) - Replenishes Mana. The higher magnitude, the more mana 
    replenished, but it's quite weak even on the highest power. I only ever made
    one of each power to see how much mana it cost.
    Formula - 6, 5, 5 (Zo, BRO, RA)
    Mana cost: 21, 31, 43, 53, 63, 75
    Strength (Potion) - Increases the drinker's Strength. The higher magnitude, the
    more strength is given to the character, and also it might increase how long it
    Formula - 4, 5, 1 (FUL, BRO, KU)
    Mana cost: 15, 22, 31, 38, 47, 54
    Wisdom (Potion) - Increases the drinker's Wisdom. The higher magnitude, the
    more wisdom is given to the character (and possibly increases the duration)
    Formula - 1, 5, 3 (YA, BRO, DAIN)
    Mana cost: 13, 19, 27, 33, 41, 47
    Vitality (Potion) - Increases the drinker's vitality. The higher magnitude, as
    per usual, the more Vitality is gained and possibly the duration is increased.
    Formula - 1, 5, 4 (YA, BRO, NETA)
    Mana cost: 14, 21, 29, 36, 44, 51
    Dexterity (Potion) - Increases the drinker's Dexterity. The higher magnitude,
    the more dexterity is given and the duration might be increased.
    Formula - 3, 5, 2 (OH, BRO, ROS)
    Mana cost: 14, 21, 29, 36, 44, 51
    Shield (Potion) - Gives the bearer a temporary shield around himself, that
    decreases damage taken by physical attacks. The higher magnitude, the longer
    the shield lasts.
    Formula - 1, 5 (YA, BRO)
    Mana cost: 10, 15, 21, 26, 32, 37
    *Darkness - Darkens the area around you. Not sure what it's good for... but I'm
    sure there's SOME use of it. Maybe enemies have a harder time hitting you? The
    higher magnitude, the darker it gets, and the longer it lasts.*
    Formula - 5, 4, 6 (DES, IR, SAR)
    Mana cost: 21, 31, 43, 53, 65, 75
    Aura of Strenth - Increases your party's strength. The higher the magnitude,
    the longer the spell lasts and the more strength you gain.
    Formula - 3, 2, 1 (OH, EW, KU)
    Mana cost: 12, 18, 25, 31, 38, 44
    Aura of Dexterity - Increases your party's dexterity. The higher the magnitude,
    the longer the spell lasts and the more dexterity you gain.
    Formula - 3, 2, 2 (OH, EW, ROS)
    Mana cost: 12, 18, 25, 31, 38, 44
    Aura of Vitality - Like the other auras, but it increases your Vitality.
    Formula - 3, 2, 4 (OH, EW, NETA)
    Mana cost: 14, 21, 29, 36, 44, 51
    Aura of Wisdom - Like the other auras, but it increases your Wisdom.
    Formula - 3, 2, 3 (OH, EW, DAIN)
    Mana cost: 13, 19, 27, 33, 41, 47
    *Fire Shield - Creates a barrier around all party members that I'm not sure what
    it does. Either it increases your fire resistance (not listed as such, if it 
    does), or it makes enemies that hit you take damage. Higher magnitude increases
    the duration.*
    Formula - 4, 5, 4 (FUL, BRO, NETA)
    Mana cost: 17, 25, 35, 43, 53, 61
    Shield - Creates a barrier around all party members, that decreases damage they
    take from physical attacks. The higher magnitude, the longer the shield lasts.
    Formula - 1, 4 (YA, IR)
    Mana cost: 10, 15, 21, 26, 32, 37
    Spell shield - Increases your party's resistance against spells. The higher
    the magnitude, the longer it lasts.
    Formula - 1, 4, 3 (YA, IR, DAIN)
    Mana cost: 13, 19, 27, 33, 41, 47
    Spellblock Field - Creates a field that blocks spells. The higher the magnitude
    the longer the field lasts.
    Formula - 6, 5, 2 (ZO, BRO, ROS)
    Mana cost: 17, 25, 35, 43, 53, 61
    Carry minion - A minion that picks up the items that are on the ground where 
    you summon it and carries it along with you. The higher the magnitude, the more
    health the minion has.
    Formula - 6, 2, 2 (ZO, EW, ROS)
    Mana cost: 13, 19, 27, 33, 41, 47
    Guard Minion - Summons a Guard Minion, much like the one you get when you use
    the Guard Minion item. Stands by patiently and only attacks monsters that come
    close, within two squares.
    Formula - 6, 2, 4 (ZO, EW, NETA)
    Mana cost: 17, 25, 35, 43, 53, 61
              5.4.2 Wizard Spells
    Light - Creates a light around your characters that function as a torch. Higher
    magnitude increases duration and strength of the light. Does not work if the
    darkness spell has been cast.
    Formula - 4 (FUL)
    Mana cost: 6, 9, 13, 16, 20, 23
    Open/Shut portal/door - Opens and shuts doors, and also shuts the portals in
    Skullkeep. The magnitude doesn't seem to affect anything.
    Formula - 6 (ZO)
    Mana cost: 8, 12, 17, 21, 26, 30
    Strong Light - Creates a light that works the opposite way of the Darkness 
    spell. Higher magnitude increases duration and strength of the light.
    Formula - 3, 4, 2 (OH, IR, ROS)
    Mana cost: 18, 27, 37, 46, 56, 65
    Invisibility - Makes your party temporarily invisible. The magnitude increases
    the duration of the spell.
    Formula - 3, 2, 6 (OH, EW, SAR)
    Mana cost: 17, 25, 35, 43, 53, 61
    Magic Marker - Creates a small orb that is visible on the map with the "magic"
    option ticked. Magnitude doesn't seem to affect anything.
    Formula - 1, 2 (YA, EW)
    Mana cost: 8, 12, 17, 21, 26, 30
    Poison Bolt - Shoots a Poisonous Projectile. Poisons the target and does damage
    immedeatly when it hits. Less useful then Poison Cloud, if you ask me, but does
    cost less mana. Magnitude increases strength.
    Formula - 5, 1 (DES, VEN)
    Mana cost: 11, 17, 23, 29, 35, 41
    Fireball - Shoots a ball of fire. Higher magnitude leads to more powerful
    fireballs and more of them being fired.
    Formula - 4, 4 (FUL, IR)
    Mana cost: 13, 19, 27, 33, 41, 47
    Spectral Bolt - Shoots a bolt that only injures spectral beings (Wraiths, 
    Ghosts and Lightning Vortices). Higher magnitude makes the bolt more powerful.
    Formula - 5, 2 (DES, EW)
    Mana cost: 12, 18, 25, 31, 38, 44
    Lightning Bolt - Shoots a bolt of lightning, like the one Minions fire. Higher
    magnitude makes the bolt more powerful.
    Formula - 3, 3, 5 (OH, KATH, RA)
    Mana cost: 17, 26, 35, 44, 53, 62
    Poison Cloud - Shoots out bolts of poison, that, when they hit a target, 
    transform into toxic clouds that poison and injure anyone in them. Magnitude
    increases the amount of bolts and duration.
    Formula - 3, 1 (OH, VEN)
    Mana cost: 9, 14, 19, 24, 29, 34
    Aura of Speed - Makes your party move faster (skips the half step). The higher
    the magnitude the longer the spells last. Doesn't seem to be affected by 
    Formula - 3, 4, 2 (OH, IR, ROS)
    Mana cost: 14, 21, 29, 36, 44, 51
    Pull - Pulls a movable obstacle (e g Brazier) of an appropriate height towards
    you. Magnitude doesn't seem to affect anything. If you intend to pull an object
    it needs to be right next to a wall, or it won't work. It can also be used on
    Minions to pull them closer to you. Magnitude doesn't seem to affect anything.
    Formula - 3, 3, 2 (OH, KATH, ROS)
    Mana cost: 13, 20, 27, 34, 41, 48
    Push - The opposite of Pull. Magnitude still doesnt' seem to affect anything.
    Formula - 3, 3, 1 (OH, KATH, KU)
    Mana cost: 13, 20, 27, 34, 41, 48
    Attack Minion - Summons a minion that flies around and attacks your enemies.
    Works the same as the object with the same name. Magnitude increases the power
    and health of the Minion.
    Formula - 6, 2, 1 (ZO, EW, KU)
    Mana cost: 15, 22, 31, 38, 47, 54
    6.0 ===== META-STUFF ==========================================================
         6.1 Coming in the next version...
    All the items I didn't fill in already. Name for the runes and what they mean
    (for those that lost their manual). All characters will also be listed with
    their starting equipment.
         6.2 Version Changes...
    I quickly decided that I didn't want this document edited by people without
    permission, same with hosting.
    Finished the Walkthrough and most of the FAQ, w00t ^^.
    7.0 ===== CLOSING WORDS =======================================================
    Well, that's this guide finished. I hope it's of use to you! I will be updating
    all the items in the game as I get more time, but I think that can wait until
    the next version is released. Until then!
         7.1 Legal Notice
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders. This includes the name Dungeon 
    Master II and possibly other things. The document itself is copyrighted by me
    (Kristofer S) (2015). You may not alter this document in any way, 
    apart from format conversion (e.g. to HTML), unless you have written 
    permission (which as a note is easy to obtain).
    You may not host this document on any website without my written 
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    not use this document in a magazine, book or the alike, without my written
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    to it.
    You can always find the latest version of this Walkthrough/FAQ on the website
    http://www.gamefaqs.com. http://www.neoseeker.com will also have the latest
    updates, though maybe not as fast.
         7.2 Sources
    I used the DM2AE (Dungeon Master 2 Another Extractor) for some of the numbers 
    in the FAQ. For spells I wasn't sure of what they did, I consulted the Dungeon
    Master 2 Encyclopedia (http://dmweb.free.fr/) for proper names.
         7.3 Contact
    Got any questions? Corrections? Additions? Praise? Criticism? Drop me an email,
    or IM me through MSN Messenger or Google Talk. I can be reached on the same
    email for all of these. My email is: justatragichero [at] gmail (dot) com. Be
    patient, I'll try and reply within 24 hours.
    Copyright 2015 Kristofer S

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