• Codes


    Contributed By: Biospark3.

  • Codes - Earthworm Jim 1

    Enter the following codes during gameplay

    popquizhotshot1000 Ammo
    getthecheesetosickbayAccess all levels
    bloatedAfro Mode
    sweatyBig lip mode
    itsawonderfulExtra life
    slaughterhousFirst five levels free
    iddqdFunny picture gets displayed
    idkfaFunny picture gets displayed 2
    hatmanHatman mode
    threemileislandMax energy
    beammeupNew coordinates

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.


  • Earthworm Jim (DOS) Level Passwords

    Enter in the password screen.

    Kettle, Tap, Cow, Tap, Cow, Tap02 - What The Heck?
    Paint Tin, Tap, TV, Tap, Cone, TV03a - Down The Tubes
    Hammer, Kettle, Paint Tin, Kettle, Paint Tin, Cone03b - Pod Race
    Cow, Kettle, TV, Cow, Kettle, Paint Tin04a - Snot A Problem (Round 1)
    Cow, Kettle, Tap, Cow, Cow, Paint Tin04b - Snot A Problem (Round 2)
    Can, Kettle, Paint Tin, Kettle, Kettle, Cow04c - Snot A Problem (Round 3)
    TV, TV, Cow, Can, Cow, Hammer05a - Level 5
    Kettle, Paint Tin, Hammer, Tap, Cow, Tap05b - Who Turned Out The Lights?
    TV, TV, Cone, Can, Paint Tin, Hammer05c - Naked Worm
    Kettle, TV, Can, Tap, Cow, Tap05d - Mecha Chiken
    Tap, TV, TV, Can, Cone, Can06 - For Pete's Sake
    Cone, Paint Tin, Can, Cow, Paint Tin, Kettle07a - Buttville (Part 1)
    Cone, Paint Tin, Hammer, Cow, Cow, Kettle07b - Buttville (Part 2)
    Cone, Tap, Cow, Cow, Cow, KettleAndy Asteroids? (1)
    Cow, Tap, TV, Cow, Cow, Paint TinAndy Asteroids? (2)
    TV, Kettle, Can, Can, Paint Tin, HammerAndy Asteroids? (3)
    Kettle, Kettle, Cow, Tap, Paint Tin, TapAndy Asteroids? (4)
    Paint Tin, Kettle, TV, Tap, Kettle, TVAndy Asteroids? (5)
    Hammer, TV, Cow, Kettle, Cow, ConeAndy Asteroids? (6)

    Contributed By: Ezekiel001.

Earthworm Jim Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    Type the following during gameplay:

    POPQUIZHOTSHOT+1000 ammo
    BLOATEDAfro Jim
    SLUGFORABUTTArrow head Jim
    IDDQDCredits 1
    IDKFACredits 2
    SLAUGHTERHOUSEFirst 5 levels in file menu
    MALFORMEDFour-eyes Jim
    noblefull energy
    PULSATINGGroucho Jim
    ONANDONANDONinfinite continues
    getthecheesetosickbayLevel Select
    SWEATYLips Jim
    threemileislandmax life and energy
    HATMANPitfall Jim
    framerate:shows the framerate


  • Level Passwords

    Input the passwords at the password screen to unlock the following levels:

    Cone, Faucet, Cow, Cow, Cow, TVAndy Asteroids
    Can, TV, TV, Kettle, Cone, CowButtville
    Kettle, Paint, Can, Faucet, Paint, FaucetDarkness
    Paint, Faucet, TV, Faucet, Cone, TVDown The Tubes
    TV, TV, Cow, Can, Cow, HammerLevel 5
    Cow, TV, Kettle, Cow, Kettle, PaintPeter Puppy
    Cone, Kettle, Cone, Cow, Cow, KettlePod races
    Cow, Kettle, TV, Cow, Kettle, PaintSnot a Problem
    Kettle, Faucet, Cow, Faucet, Cow, FaucetWhat The Heck

    Contributed By: TheLastNight.

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