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"This game is perfect for co-op"

Released in 1998, Enemy Infestation is about aliens that have infested a mining colony and it is your job to lead the colonists to safety/victory. Simple enough premise

Gameplay - 10/10. This game can be classified as Real Time Strategy in a fixed isometric perspective. You order your colonists around with clicks. They can pick up things (such as weapons), hide, activate world objects, grab downed aliens or colonists, and fight. You can set their aggression level so they act automatically when they spot an enemy. The colonists have a class from fighters, scientists (who can research), medics (who can resurrect downed colonists), electricians (who can lock doors), and misc colonists (chefs, janitors, mostly cannon fodder). The aliens also come in a few breeds which are slowly revealed as the campaign progresses. There are a multitude of weapons in this game. Each weapon's effectiveness on the aliens is randomly determined at the missions start with effects ranging from the helpful slight kill to extreme kill to the detrimental effects such as alien growth or duplication.

Missions themselves are objective based, and take place on a handful of maps, so during the campaign expect to see the same map several times. There is a single player campaign as well as several multiplayer missions. However, all single player missions can be played multiplayer as well. Micromanaging everything can be difficult, so it stands to reason that playing it single player can be frustrating at times.

However, played cooperatively, this game is a easy to manage rockin fun time. My brother and I usually split our forces so that he controlled the fighters and I controlled the support. This allowed him to focus on fighting and hunting monsters while I focused on upgrading and testing weapons, healing and rescuing downed colonists and locking down the base.

Story - 5/10. Its a pretty cliche story line. Aliens v. colonists. The usual fare.

Graphics/Sound - 8/10. Everything sounds as it should. Warning however, the voice acting is very cheesy, especially the mission briefings. I love this kind of thing though and find them hilarious/quotable. "Batista is King!" Graphics were pretty good for its time and is still pretty passable now. Since the backgrounds are static they look pretty good. I love the isometric and clean look.

Play Time/Replayability - 10/10. I think somewhere around the 18 hr mark for all single player missions and multiplayer missions combined? I know I have played through all missions at least three times. The fact that the weapon effects are random and the fact that the monsters wander and will drag your colonists to different places to suck their energy make this game very replayable. Me and my brother like to revisit it once every few years.

Overall 9/10. I love this game and if you can ever find a copy of it (probably pretty hard now) I recommend you pick up a second one for a friend. Happy hunting

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/28/11

Game Release: Enemy Infestation (US, 09/30/98)

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