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""F" for "Effort""

Enemy Infestation, by Ripcord Games, is a ''Aliens'' style action-strategy-RPG game set in the distant future. A far away alien race, after stripping its home world of all vital nutrients and natural resources, blasts spore capsules into space, hoping that one of them might find a new suitable world to save a dying race. One does. Redavi is the first attempt by humans to colonize other worlds. The Redavi outpost is hit hard and fast by the new alien menace, and the colonists must scramble to survive the infestation.

Graphics - 7/10. The graphics appear to be pre-rendered 3D bitmaps, and are (for the most part) pretty good. Alien tendrils grow out of the walls, electric bolts fly through the air. The graphics are the game's only saving grace though....

Gameplay - 3/10. Control of the game is best described as ''clunky.'' It is difficult to select your characters and even more difficult to move them from area to area. Think of how it must get when the fighting starts. For example, you click on an enemy to tell the character to attack. If he has a weapon in his hand, you must click on the enemy each time you want the character to fire (the enemy is moving all the while). On certain later levels of the game, you have to command upwards of twenty characters facing over 100 aliens; leading to some almost impossible to control situations.

Audio - 3/10. With the possible exception of Redguard, Enemy Infestation has the absolute worst voice-acting I have ever heard in my life. ''Vivian! Don't help the aliens, damn it!'' the Commander Batista yells in a cheesy Brazilian accent. The sound effects and music are nothing special, though nowhere near as painful as the voiceovers. This game's voice-acting reminds me of some very bad movies.

Replayability - 4/10. Although there are only 6 ''maps'' in the game; each time you play, the weapons and aliens randomize (including each weapon's effect on the aliens), which adds to the games replayability. Multiplayer, on the other hand, is even worse than the regular game. Instead of fighting aliens with your friends, you scramble to ''rescue'' the characters scattered around the level, then throw them headlong into each other. Very dumb.

Overall - 5/10. Enemy Infestation is one of those games that is worth buying out of a bargain bin for $5 or borrowing from a friend who bought it out of a bargain bin, but probably won't keep you interested for too long. It will be gathering dust in your CD rack next to Crusader: No Regret and Odium in no time at all.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 06/03/01, Updated 06/03/01

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