ENTOMBED enhanced

An archaeological dig gone wrong, very wrong... The exploration of your life may also be your last as you find yourself trapped in an ancient tomb. Armed with only the diary of a previous colleague, you cannot resist the temptation to venture deeper into the fabled tomb. The hair raises on the back of your neck as you realize that you may never live to tell of your discoveries. But your need to know what happened to your failed predecessors overrides your terror.

Entombed will challenge you as you have never been challenged before. Pit against an ancient civilization's complex and potentially lethal traps, intricate puzzles and mind-boggling mazes, your mind and your wits are your only weapons.

Breathtaking 3D graphics and incredible audio away you, as you, alone solve the mystery, unraveling the riddles of ...the ENTOMBED.

Wondrous Discoveries

Mysterious Chambers

Lethal Traps

Breathtaking 3D Graphics

Mind-Boggling Mazes

Puzzling Keys

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