2D Graphic ArtistStephane Aussel
2D Graphic ArtistGregory Beal
2D Graphic ArtistEric Caron
2D Graphic ArtistSerge Fiedos
2D Graphic ArtistHerve Gaerthner
2D Graphic ArtistBeatrice Laurent
2D Graphic ArtistCecile Thomas
2D Graphic Artist/3D AnimationJerome France
2D Graphic Artist/3D AnimationFlorian Guzek
2D Graphic Artist/3D AnimationPaul Tumelaire
2D Graphic Artist/3D CinematicsThierry bansront
3D AnimationDenis Mercier
3D AnimationThierry Perreau
3D CinematicsYann Le Gall
3D CinematicsThierry Levastre
3D CinematicsFrederic Loubiere
3D Cinematics/3D AnimationFrederic Michel
3D Object ModelingStephane Aussel
3D Object ModelingHerve Gaerthner
3D Object Modeling/3D AnimationFlorian Guzek
3D Object Modeling/3D CinematicsThierry bansront
3D Object Modeling/3D CinematicsSerge Fiedos
Director/Creator/DesignerPaul Cuisset
Level Design/Art DirectorThierry Perreau
Music & Sound EffectsRaphael Gesqua
ProgrammerSebastien Clement
ProgrammerGuillaume Genty
ProgrammerClaude Levastre
ProgrammerAlain Ramond
ProgrammerAlain Tinarrage
ProgrammerBenoit Verillaud
Project Manager/ProgrammerPhilippe Chastel


Data and credits for this game contributed by Ubersuntzu, Mookiethebold, odino, and BartSmith.

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