Review by ZokeThe2nd

"Eh.Play something else."

I think I was one of the few that actually paid for this game.Well,my computer was pretty weak,and it could run this.I've got to say,Fallen Haven isn't actually that bad if your really bored,but don't bother shelling out some cash for it.It's a mediocre C&C clone,really,but with a little more emphisis on developing your colonies other than ruthless attacking.


Gameplay/Units (5/10)

Average all around.Nothing really stands out.I have to hand it to the control's though.Everything is operated with a few simple clicks and a menu bar at the bottom of the screen,so the learning curve is low.Other than that,everything is standard fare.Build units and buildings.Build defenses.Make sure everyone has enough of everything and all that.It's not really all that exciting,and you can get the same kick out of Warcraft II or Majesty.The units are pretty bland as well.You just have your average soldiers,tanks,speeders,etc.I was not all that impressed.Battle operates pretty slow as well.Even for being a turn based strategy game.The AI was fairly lacking,too.I felt no rush to crank out more units or errect some defenses as most of the time,you had to come to them.The thrill of defending your base from intruders is hardly experienced.Basicly,you start off on a large map,and with a few territories.Your goal is to make all of them your own,fighting off neutral humans and aliens.It's promising but plays rather slow and boring.

Graphics/Sound (6/10)

Again,nothing special here.The graphics are mediocre at best.The same goes for the sound.The buildings and units are designed fairly well,and have a military look to them,but are rather small.The sounds are bland.Nothing really comes to mind,or sticks in your head at all.They arent ''hollow'' or ''tinny'' in any aspect,but aren't anything special,either.

Plot (2/10)

Booooring.I can't belive what passes for a plot nowadays.The story goes like this: Your a bunch of humans.Or something.Your planet is in turmoil,in the middle of a civil war more or less and guess what happens?Aliens!Yes,aliens come a knocking,and they're not the nice kind that appears in commercials long after thier movie has been off the shelves.These are the pissed off,killing you kind of aliens.And guess what?As humans,do you band together and defend your planet as one?Nope!You STAY seperated and have to fight not only said aliens,but the other humans as well.Crazy how politics works,isnt it?It's pretty weak.It doesnt even explain what these aliens have against you.It only states that youve ''awakened'' them.And?Yeesh.Such a horrible excuse for a plot.

Fun Factor: Medium

Appearance: Bland

Play it: If it's free

Instead: Play Warcraft II,Majesty or any random C&C game

Reviewers Score: 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/31/01, Updated 10/31/01

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