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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ONamjoshi

    Version: 1.86 | Updated: 06/25/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fallout: A Post Nuclear Adventure v.1.1 (NA), v.1.2 (EU)
    Game Guide, revision 1.86 (25 June 2003)
    Written by Omkar Namjoshi
    homepage: http://falloutnext.cjb.net
    e-mail:   omk_489@hotmail.com
    Copyright (c) 2000-2002 Omkar Namjoshi.
    Permission is granted to copy, distribute, and/or modify this document
    under the terms of the GNU Free Document License, Version 1.1 or any later
    version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant
    Sections. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled
    "legal disclaimer."
    1. Legal Disclaimer
    2. About this guide
    3. Character Creation
    4. Walkthrough
    5. Combat Tactics
    6. Appendix
    7. Technical Manual for Fallout
    8. Credits
    GNU Free Documentation License
    Version 1.1, March 2000
     Copyright (C) 2000  Free Software Foundation, Inc.
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     Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies
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    This License is a kind of "copyleft", which means that derivative
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    We have designed this License in order to use it for manuals for free
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    This License applies to any manual or other work that contains a
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    connection with the subject or with related matters, or of legal,
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    The "Invariant Sections" are certain Secondary Sections whose titles
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    The "Cover Texts" are certain short passages of text that are listed,
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    Copying with changes limited to the covers, as long as they preserve
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    If the required texts for either cover are too voluminous to fit
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    If you publish or distribute Opaque copies of the Document numbering
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    A. Use in the Title Page (and on the covers, if any) a title distinct
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    B. List on the Title Page, as authors, one or more persons or entities
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    C. State on the Title page the name of the publisher of the
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    D. Preserve all the copyright notices of the Document.
    E. Add an appropriate copyright notice for your modifications
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    F. Include, immediately after the copyright notices, a license notice
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    G. Preserve in that license notice the full lists of Invariant Sections
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    H. Include an unaltered copy of this License.
    I. Preserve the section entitled "History", and its title, and add to
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    J. Preserve the network location, if any, given in the Document for
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       You may omit a network location for a work that was published at
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    N. Do not retitle any existing section as "Endorsements"
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    If the Modified Version includes new front-matter sections or
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    These titles must be distinct from any other section titles.
    You may add a section entitled "Endorsements", provided it contains
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    You may add a passage of up to five words as a Front-Cover Text, and a
    passage of up to 25 words as a Back-Cover Text, to the end of the list
    of Cover Texts in the Modified Version.  Only one passage of
    Front-Cover Text and one of Back-Cover Text may be added by (or
    through arrangements made by) any one entity.  If the Document already
    includes a cover text for the same cover, previously added by you or
    by arrangement made by the same entity you are acting on behalf of,
    you may not add another; but you may replace the old one, on explicit
    permission from the previous publisher that added the old one.
    The author(s) and publisher(s) of the Document do not by this License
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    You may combine the Document with other documents released under this
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    The combined work need only contain one copy of this License, and
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    Make the same adjustment to the section titles in the list of
    Invariant Sections in the license notice of the combined work.
    In the combination, you must combine any sections entitled "History"
    in the various original documents, forming one section entitled
    "History"; likewise combine any sections entitled "Acknowledgements",
    and any sections entitled "Dedications".  You must delete all sections
    entitled "Endorsements."
    You may make a collection consisting of the Document and other documents
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    A compilation of the Document or its derivatives with other separate
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    License does not apply to the other self-contained works thus compiled
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    Otherwise they must appear on covers around the whole aggregate.
    Translation is considered a kind of modification, so you may
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    as a draft) by the Free Software Foundation.
    - Computer with an ASCII text reader wiith support for files larger than 
      65,536 bytes. You can open this guide with your web browser, a word
      processor (except for Microsoft Notepad), the MS-DOS editor or the
      | MORE command in MS-DOS.
    - It is a good idea to have the Falloutt 1.1 patch installed before you 
      use this guide. If you're playing the European release of Fallout
      (v.1.2), you might see some differences in the game.
    |            |
    |*-* -*- *-* |
    |123 456 789 |
    |... ... ... |
    If the dots don't line up with the numbers, the stars don't correspond with
    odd digits and the dashes don't correspond with the even digits, then
    change your font to Courier (or any other fixed-width font).
    NOTE:           : Important sidenote
    (some text here): Important sidenote
    BTW             : By the way
    xp, x.p.        : experience points
    :)              : Colorful commentary
    i.e., e.g.      : Examples
    COC             : Acronym for Children of the Cathedral
    BOS             : Acronym for the Brotherhood of Steel
    - Please note that references to 'you'  (i.e 2nd person) and 'your 
      character' can be used interchangebly.
    Fallout is one of the best RPGs out on the market today. It's very 
    different compared to other ones. There are many ways to solve a problem 
    instead of one on many RPGs. You can create your own character to use
    in the game (unlike many others) and its non-linear architecture allows
    for a good deal of replay action. There are multitudes of solutions
    to a specific problem. Plus, it is hard for any character to complete
    every single sidequest in the game, which further adds to its replay
    You have a plethora of freedom in this game. You can choose your
    own dialogue and make your own decisions, choosing when and where
    to get involved (and when not to). Unfortunately, the core plot of the
    game (spoiler: this isn't finding the water chip) is linear and must be
    completed in order to finish the game.
    (In technical terms, Fallout is considered as a non-linear character
     role-playing game.)
    Fallout is a very violent game. It deals with mature themes, including 
    violence, drugs, adult language, and sex. That means the walkthrough 
    will be dealing with them also. If you find this too much to bear, quit 
    this game and play something else.
    Fallout takes place after World War III, which destroys much of 
    the planet. Nations are in deep conflict after waging nuclear war for the 
    control of more territory and the need of more resources. China invades 
    Alaska. The United States conquers Canada. And the European Commonwealth 
    becomes a lawless community with bickering nations attempting to take 
    control of the western area. To protect its citizens, the United States
    started to build vaults, which essentially were large, underground 
    dwellings which protected its people from radiation, chemical, and 
    biological weapons.
    Vaults can occupy several hundred people. You were a citizen of the Vault
    known as Vault-13.
    Your vault has a water purification controller, which purifies all the 
    water it receives to be ready for human consumption. Unfortunately, the 
    controller chip in the vault has malfunctioned. Without it functioning, the
    people cannot have drinking water available. You are chosen to venture out 
    to the outside world to find a replacement chip before your vault's supply 
    is depleted.
    After this, there is nothing but cheap stuff. Read if you are only stuck, 
    caught in a trap, or are surround by some putrid green people wielding 
    chainguns and plasma rifles.
    I hope you have as much fun as playing Fallout as I have had. Best of
    luck to you, Vault Dweller!
    Some things in the manual might not seem very clear; this section
    is designed to give you a concise breakdown of the various actions
    that you can perform. There's also a breakdown of the various
    difficulty levels as well.
    * Difficulty levels
      - If you choose the game difficulty level to easy, you will
        receive a 20% bonus to non-combat related skills. If you
        set it to hard, you'll receive a 10% penalty to non-combat
        related skills.
      - If you choose the combat difficulty at wimpy, you will
        receive a bonus to your accuracy and the enemies will
        receive a penalty. If you change the difficulty to
        rough, you'll receive a penalty and the enemy will get
        a bonus and will perform many more critical hits.
    * Interface
      - The hex-shaped cursor icon is used to show movement.
      - The arrow (standard) cursor icon is used for most other functions.
      - The 'INV' button is used to access your inventory.
      - The red button beside 'Skilldex' is used to use your secondary
      - The button below 'INV' is used to bring the main menu.
      - The red button above 'INV' is used to change your item slots.   
    * Moving
      When the cursor is a hexagonal-shaped structure, that means you can
      move your character. Hold shift to run around instead of walking. You
      can right-click to change the cursor.
      If you want to go to the world map, you have to go on the red grid
      in an area. If you want to access another area of a city or building,
      you have to go to the green grid or climb stairs/ride elevators.
    * Examining your surroundings
      Right-click the mouse to change the hexagonal-shaped structure to an
      arrow-shaped cursor. Move the cursor to the object you want to examine.
      Hold the left mouse button and choose the binoculars to examine an
      object or a critter.
    * Talking to critters
      Simply click the character that you want to talk to you. You should
      have the arrow-shaped cursor icon to talk to the character.
    * Using items
      To use an item on an object, hold the cursor (standard cursor) over
      an object and click on the wallet (or like object). You'll see your
      inventory. Click on the item that you want to use on the object.
      Another way is putting the item in one of your item slots. Click
      on the item and move the crosshair on the object you want to use
      the item on.
    * Using skills
      To use a skill on an object or a critter, click the red button that
      reads 'Skilldex.' Choose the skill that you want to use. Use the
      crosshair to target the object or critter that will be the target
      of a given skill. Some, like Sneak, don't have a target; instead,
      a message box pops up on the lower left, telling you that your
      character is sneaking.
      Another way is holding the left mouse button on the character
      (mouse cursor is standard cursor) and clicking on the face and
      then choosing the skill.
    * Activating an item (flares, motion sensors, etc.)
      Put the item in your item slot and click on it to activate it.
      Another method is accessing your inventory and holding the left
      mouse button on the item that you want to activate. Choose the
      hand that's open to activate the item.
      If you want to use flares, first activate them, and then
      drop them. Ditto with dynamite/plastic explosives.
    * Changing weapon modes (target/burst/reload)
      Right-click on the weapon when it is in your active weapon slot.
      The mode will change. (e.g., the 10mm will change from single
      to aimed [has bullseye] and then to reload.)
    * Entering Combat Mode
      If you hit 'A' on the keyboard, you will enter combat mode. You
      can walk around without people noticing (at the expense of your
      action points). This is useful near the end of the game.
    * Using lockpicks, electronic lockpicks, first-aid kits, the doctor's
      bag, and the tool increase lockpick, first-aid, doctor, and repair
      skills by 25%, respectively.
    * While stealing, it is a good idea to steal while sneaking. Also,
      steal from behind the character and don't worry about stealing
      particularly large items.
    * Pay attention to the screen on your bottom-left. It tells you lots 
      of information about what's going on in the game.
    * If you're examining dead bodies and you examine a body that's in
      a pile of other dead bodies, there will be arrows beneath the
      body picture in the inventory screen. Bodies will be easier to
      search if you set the violence level really low.
    An impression for the game was "a big dumb ox and a pretty little lady 
    won't have the same experience" - to quote Christopher Smith's great 
    Fallout FAQ.
    The three pre-made characters that come with the game can finish it.
    First, select your name. The name doesn't make any difference in the game; 
    it is your own preference.
    Next, select your age. You can be as young as 16, but as old as 35. Age 
    has an insignificant impact on the game. Probably older characters might
    have different reactions with young ones, but none that I know of. But at
    the same time, all of my characters were pretty young.
    Now you are ready to select your sex. You can be male or female, and the 
    game does differ if you are a girl or a guy. It's your own choice; 
    try beating both variations of the game. However, there are some issues
    regarding the sex of your character. The game really doesn't matter if you
    are male or female, but these are the differences. (Female is recommended
    for a slightly easier game.)
    - Male characters typically get knockedd down and have a greater chance of
      you scoring a critical hit on them if you hit them in the groin. The
      female character doesn't have any known weaknesses in combat.
    - NPC's have different reactions if youu are female or male (Killian
      calls you darling if you're female, Keri can have sex with you if
      you're male, etc.)
    - Probably to offset the male weakness  thing, female characters are hated
      by couple of NPC's, notably Lasher. Harry is a bit harder to BS with
      if you're female.
    - If you are female, there is no charissma bonus to your character, and 
      there aren't any strength and endurance penalties. Ditto for males as 
    They're pretty self explanatory, but on the descriptions it tells what
    each skill modifies. All skills are important, but try to keep Luck,
    Strength, and Perception at least at 4. Characters with Intelligence
    values of three or less face a totally different game...the only
    options that you'll receive in dialogue are "Ruk" and "Eeg," as
    well as the occasional "Yah," "Uh-Huh," and "want morE."
    Strength - It modifies carry weight, hit points, weapon handling, 
               and some weapon skills.
    Perception - It modifies some skills and increases accuracy at range.
    Endurance - Toughness. It modifies some skills, hit points, and 
                resistance to poison and radiation.
    Charisma - Looks. It modifies speech and barter, as well as NPC reactions.
    Intelligence - It modifies dialogue options (gives you more), skill points
                   given per level, and 'science' skills. High intelligence is
                   important, seven or eight as a minimum is recommended.
    Agility - Speed. It modifies many skills, armor class, and action points.
              An Agility of 10 is recommended for snipers.
    Luck - It modifies critical chance, some skills, and the outcome of the
    Here is a list of other skills that you'll face. Whenever you create
    a character, you have to choose three tag skills. Tagging a secondary
    skill gives you an instant 20% bonus for that skill and 2% increase
    for each skill point used to increase the tag skill.
    Small Guns: The use of rifles, pistols, and various small arms. Be sure
                to tag this one, since most combat will take place with small
                arms. This skill can be increased by reading the popular 
                magazine 'Guns and Bullets.'
    Big Guns: The use of miniguns, rocket launchers, and flamethrowers. This
              skill isn't that great because big guns are fairly easy to aim
              (with the given strength) and that some small arms are better
              than these large weapons. (And even then, energy weapons are 
              better than all of these...) Don't tag this one, nor should you
              really consider building this skill.
    Energy Weapons: The use of all weapons powered by power cells. This one is
                    good in the endgame. You should build it if you plan on
                    killing the Master and the Lieutenant and all of those 
    Unarmed: The use of fists in combat. This skill helps early on, but it 
             becomes pretty useless in the midgame. If you find the power fist,
             this skill truly shines. I tagged it so I would have an easy time 
             in Vault 13 and 15 and not having to resort to my gun.
    Melee Weapons: The use of knives, sledgehammers, spears, and the like. This one
                   follows like unarmed, except that you'll find super 
                   sledgehammers instead of power fists. This one is pretty 
                   good if you plan on getting the super sledgehammer.
    Throwing: Use of throwing knives and grenades. Pretty useless, if you ask 
              me. In the fist place, grenades are hard to find and second, even
              with something like 70% skill, grenades suffer from having a relatively
              low accuracy to hit your desired target. And grenades are quite
    First Aid: Recovers a few hit points. You can increase this skill with 
               first aid books. It is pretty useless to tag or to build since 
               you can read books (and that First Aid kits increase your 
               success with this skill.)
    Doctor: Recovers a few more hit points than first aid and you can heal 
            crippled limbs. I've healed crippled limbs with 45% skill, and a 
            doctor's bag increases your chance of success with this skill. 
            Don't worry much about it.
    Sneak: The art of moving around without making people notice. I really 
           haven't found much use for this skill. You can ignore it.
    Steal: Pretty self explanatory. I didn't have a need to steal from other 
           characters, so I ignored it.
    Lockpick: The art of picking locked doors. Now this is one thief-type skill 
              that you should pay attention to. Work on this one and build it to 
              about 65% or so. If you work it to 80%, you don't even have to do 
              the Brotherhood quest. It is worth tagging. 
              NOTE: Using Lockpicks increases skill by 25%.
    Traps: The skill of arming explosives and disarming traps. Not too 
           important; 50% is adequate for arming explosives and detecting a 
           few traps.
    Science: Covers primarily computers as well as biology, chemistry, physics, 
             etc. It can be increased by reading 'The Big Book of Science,' as 
             well as taking a few computer courses at the Vault 13 Library and 
             the Brotherhood of Steel. 90% is adequate.
    Repair: Covers standard repair techniques. Build to about 60%. It can be 
            increased by using the tool as well as reading 'Dean's 
            NOTE: Using a Tool increases skill by 25%.
    Speech: The act of convincing others that you are right. This skill is 
            second to small guns, and is extremely useful in bullshitting 
            other people. I tagged this one and worked it to 120%.
    Barter: This skill is used to determine trade prices. Even with relatively 
            low skill, there will be a couple of merchants whose prices will 
            be higher than yours while bartering. I didn't raise this skill 
            one bit.
    Gambling: Again, pretty self explanatory. There are only two gambling 
              places I know of: Gizmo's and the Malatese Falcon. It is not 
              worth putting valuable skill points into this skill.
    Outdoors: Practical knowledge of the outdoors. You can read Scout handbooks
              to raise this skill, and there are a couple at Shady Sands. You 
              don't have to increase this skill by a lot.
    Derived statistics are statistics that are a direct result of the main
    statistics, in other words, increase and decrease a skill and see what
    happens. NOTE: These are straight out from the Fallout manual.
    Hit Points: The number of "life" points. If it goes to zero, so will
                Formula : HP = 15 + (2 x EN) + ST. Average is 30.
    Armor Class: The higher it is, the harder it is for the enemy to hit
                 Formula : AC = AG + Armor worn. Average is 5.
    Action Points: Determines what you can do during combat. They are
                   displayed by the green lights in combat.
                   Formula : AP = 0.5 x AG + 5. Average is 7.
    Carry Weight: Mass of how much equipment you can carry, rated in pounds.
                  You can barter for more equipment than you can carry.
                  Formula : 25 + (25 x ST). Average is 150 pounds.
    Melee Damage: How much extra damage your character does in melee or
                  unarmed attacks.
                  Formula : ST - 5, min.1. Average is 1.
    Damage Threshold: How much damage your armor can withstand when you
                      are hit.
                      Formula: DR = 0 + Armor
    Damage Resistance: How much damage your armor can resist when you
                       are hit. The value given in the character screen
                       pertains to normal attacks, while the value given
                       in the inventory screen pertains to different types
                       of attacks, including normal but also explosive,
                       fire, laser, and plasma to name some.
                       Formula : DR = 0% + Armor (Combat Armor has 40% DR)
    Poison Resistance: How much poison damage that you can resist.
                       Formula : PR = 5 x EN. Average is 25%.
    Radiation Resistance: How much radiation damage that you can resist.
                          Radiation can affect any character, and the only
                          way to get maximum resistance is using RadX.
                          Formula : RR = 2 x EN + Armor Resistance
                                    (Combat Armor has 30% Resistance).
                                    Average is 10%.
    Sequence: Determines who will attack first in combat. Higher is better.
              Formula : SQ = 2 x PE. Average is 10.
    Healing Rate: How much you can heal in three hours of rest.
                  Formula : HR = 0.5 x EN, min.1. Average is 1.
    Critical Chance: Chance of scoring a critical hit on the opponent. I
                     think it increases up to 4 times with a hit to the eyes.
                     Formula : CC = LK. Average is 5%.
    * Poison is measured in units; keep it below 25.
    * Being 'raidiated' qualifies having a rem count of 75, with 300 or above
      being quite serious. A rem count of 5 or higher will bring symptoms of
      nausea; a rem count of 75 is quite serious, while a rem count of 300 or
      higher is fatal. If you have enough radiation in your body to necessiate
      attention, the message 'Radiation' will appear on the screen.
    You can choose up to two traits. Be careful in choosing traits because
    after you select, there's no going back. Here is a list:
    Fast Metabolism: Your body is much less resistant to poison and radiation, 
                     but it heals faster. Don't take this one: you'll want some
                     poison resistance and you'll have to take two RadX's to 
                     get complete radiation resistance with or without this 
                     perk (unless you have the Rad Resistance perk or 10 
                     endurance and Power Armor), and that there are plenty of 
                     stimpacks lying around. Don't take this one.
    Bruiser: Your strength is increased by two but your actions points are
             decreased by two. Not a good one...you'll need all the action 
             points that you have.
    Small Frame: Your agility is increased by one but your carry weight drops 
                 by 30 pounds. It isn't too bad, but the carry weight decrease 
                 hurts in the beginning. At least Ian and Tycho have unlimited 
                 carrying capacities.
    One Hander: You are good with one-handed weapons but are bad with two 
                handed weapons. Not a good choice, since the best weapons are 
                two handed.
    Finesse: Your normal attacks do 30% less damage but your critical chance is 
             increased by 10%. Not too bad of a tradeoff, but I didn't tag 
             this one. And critical damage isn't affected.
    Kamikaze: Depletes your armor class to what you are wearing but increases 
              sequence by 5. It isn't that great because with 6 perception 
              you'll attack before anyone else does. (in the required fights,
              that is.)
    Heavy Handed: Your melee damage is increased by 4 but criticals do 30% less
                  damage. Good in the beginning, and criticals do heaps of 
                  damage anyway. But it isn't good in the end, where super 
                  mutants and deathclaws lurk around.
    Fast Shot: You can't aim, but your total cost is decreased by one. It 
               isn't a bad tradeoff if you have high critical chance, and is 
               really really good if you take the perks 'Bonus Ranged Attack,' 
               'Sniper,' or 'Slayer.' The turbo plasma rifle will cost 2 AP's 
               to shoot and the super sledgehammer will only cost 1 AP with 
               those perks. Since most of the aforementioned perks come up in
               the end, it is good to pass this one by.
    Bloody Mess: You will always see a grosteque death animation whenever you 
                 kill a critter. There really isn't a downside to this, so you 
                 can take this one if you want to. The ending at the very very
                 end changes slightly (and for the better).
    Jinxed: Everybody makes more critical failures, but so do you! If you have 
            9 or 10 Luck, you'll make few critical failures. Only take it if 
            you have 9 or 10 Luck.
    Good Natured: Your combat skills are decreased by 10%, but speech, doctor, 
                  science, etc. are increased by 15%. Not that great...you'll 
                  need high combat skills while 70% or so in the non-combat
                  areas will let you go through the game easily.
    Chem Reliant: Your addiction rate is increased by 200%, but your withdrawal
                  rate is only 50%. Some drugs, like RadAway, have a 10% 
                  addiction rate and no withdrawal...so, it isn't worth it.
    Chem Resistant: Your addiction rate is 50% of normal, but chems only last 
                    for half as long. Not too bad, since combat doesn't take a 
                    long time on the Fallout clock.
    Night Person: Normally, your intelligence and perception are decreased by 
                  one from 1800 to 0600 hours. This trait reverses what happens
                  normally. Since most people will ask to talk to you during 
                  the day, this isn't that great.
    Skilled: You get a 10% increase to all of your skills, but you get a perk 
             every four levels. You'll want those perks as early as possible...
             they are quite useful.
    Gifted: All of your primary stats are increased by one, but you get 5 fewer
            skill points per level and your secondary skills are lowered by 
            10%. This is among the best traits, since there are only a few 
            skills that you really need to work on.
    I recommend taking Gifted and either Bloody Mess, Chem Resistant, or 
    Small Frame.
    After your character reaches the third level, you can choose a perk. A
    perk is something that gives you a clearcut benefit without a drawback.
    You can pick a perk after your character's level is a multiple of three
    (or four, those with skilled).
    NOTE: 'per level' means the rank of the perk.
    Action Boy: It gives you one extra action point per level.
                Requirements: 5 Agility, Level 12
                Ranks: 3
    Animal Friend: Animals won't attack you unless they are threatened or are
                   attacked first.
                   Requirements: 5 Intelligence, 25% Outdoorsman, Level 9
                   Ranks: 1
    Awareness: You get to see a critter's hit points and what weapon they are
               carrying. Really good.
               Requirements: 5 Perception, Level 3
               Ranks: 1
    Better Criticals: It enables instant death and increases damage done by all
                      criticals by 20%.
                      Requirements: 6 Perception and Luck, 4 Agility, Level 9
                      Ranks: 1
    Bonus HtH Attacks: All hand-to-hand attacks cost one less action point to
                       Requirements: 6 Agility, Level 6
                       Ranks: 1
    Bonus HtH Damage: All hand-to-hand attacks deal two extra hit points of
                      damage per level.
                      Requirements: 6 Agility, 6 Strength, Level 3
                      Ranks: 3
    Bonus Move: It gives you two free action points to move around per level.
                Requirements: 5 Agility, Level 6
                Ranks: 3
    Bonus Ranged Damage: All ranged attacks deal two extra hit points of
                         damage per level.
                         Requirements: 6 Agility and Luck, Level 6
                         Ranks: 2
    Bonus Rate of Fire: All attacks (except unarmed) cost one less action
                        Requirements: 7 Agility, 6 Intelligence, 4 Perception,
                                      Level 9
                        Ranks: 1
    Cult of Personality: Your reputation is always positive. Great for evil
                         Requirements: 10 Charisma, Level 12
                         Ranks: 1
    Dodger: A 5% increase in armor class in addition to armor class bonus when
            armor is worn per level.
            Requirements: 4 Agility, Level 9
            Ranks: 2
    Earlier Sequence: It adds two to your sequence per level.
                      Requirements: 6 Perception, Level 3
                      Ranks: 3
    Educated: Adds two extra skill points whenever you level up per level.
              Requirements: 6 Intelligence, Level 6
              Ranks: 3
    Empathy: Highlights in blue better dialogue choices; highlights in red
             for bad dialogue choices.
             Requirements: 7 Perception, 5 Intelligence, Level 6
             Ranks: 1
    Explorer: You'll get more random encounters with this perk.
              Requirements: Level 9
              Ranks: 1
    Faster Healing: Healing rate is increased by one per level.
                    Requirements: 6 Endurance, Level 3
                    Ranks: 3
    Flower Child: You're 50% less likely to get addicted to drugs, and
                  your withdrawal time drops by half.
                  Requirements: 5 Endurance, Level 9
                  Ranks: 1
    Fortune Finder: You'll find more money in random encounters.
                    Requirements: 8 Luck, Level 6
                    Ranks: 1
    Friendly Foe: Your allies will be highlited in green instead of red.
                  Requirements: 4 Perception, Level 6
                  Ranks: 1
    Ghost: It's a one-time bonus of 20% to the Sneak skill.
           Requirements: 60% Sneak, Level 6
           Ranks: 1
    Healer: You heal two to five more hit points when using First Aid
            or the Doctor skills per level.
            Requirements: 7 Perception, 6 Agility, 5 Intelligence,
                          40% First Aid, Level 3
            Ranks: 3
    Heave Ho!: This perk will increase your strength by two for determining
               range with thrown weapons per level. It won't affect carry
               weight, skills, etc.
               Requirements: Level 6
               Ranks: 3
    Lifegiver: You will gain four hit points when you gain a level per
               Requirements: 4 Endurance, Level 12
               Ranks: 3
    Master Thief: It's a one-time bonus of 10% to the Lockpick, Steal,
                  Traps, and Sneak skills.
                  Requirements: Level 12
                  Ranks: 1
    Master Trader: You have a 25% discount whenever you purchase or barter
                   goods from a store or another person.
                   Requirements: 7 Charisma, 60% Barter, Level 9
                   Ranks: 1
    Medic: It's a one-time bonus of 20% to the First Aid and Doctor skills.
           Requirements: Level 12
           Ranks: 1
    Mental Block: It tunes out any outside mental interference, such as
                  the Master attempting to psychically attack you.
                  Requirements: Level 15
                  Ranks: 1
    More Criticals: Increases critical chance by 5% per level.
                    Requirements: 6 Luck, Level 6
                    Ranks: 3
    Mr. Fixit: It's a one-time bonus of 20% to the Repair and Science skills.
               Requirements: Level 12
               Ranks: 1
    Mutate!: It changes one of your traits into something else.
             Requirements: Level 9
             Ranks: 1
    Mysterious Stranger: A stranger comes from time to time to help you out.
               Requirements: 7 Luck, Level 6
               Ranks: 1
    Night Vision: It reduces the overall darkness by 10% per level.
                  Requirements: 6 Perception, Level 3
                  Ranks: 3
    Pathfinder: It reduces your travel time by 25% per level.
                Requirements: 6 Endurance, 40% Outdoorsman, Level 6
                Ranks: 2
    Pickpocket: This perk lets you ignore size and facing modifiers when you
                are stealing.
                Requirements: 8 Agility, 80% Steal, Level 9
                Ranks: 1
    Presence: It improves the NPC's reaction by 10% per level.
              Requirements: 6 Charisma, Level 3
              Ranks: 3
    Quick Pockets: With this perk, one less action point to access the
                   inventory than normal per level.
                   Requirements: 5 Agility, Level 3
                   Ranks: 3
    Rad Resistance: It increases your radiation resistance by 10% per
    Ranger: Your chances of getting a bad random encounter are lowered for
            each level of the perk.
            Requirements: 6 Perception, Level 6
            Ranks: 3
    Scout: It increases the size of explorations on the world map by one
           square for each direction.
           Requirements: 8 Perception, Level 3
           Ranks: 1
    Scrounger: In a random encounter, it doubles the amount of ammunition
               that you find.
               Requirements: 8 Luck, Level 9
               Ranks: 1
    Sharpshooter: It increases your perception for range modifiers only
                  per level.
                  Requirements: 7 Perception, 6 Intelligence, Level 6
                  Ranks: 2
    Silent Death: With this perk, you can use the Sneak skill and attack
                  a critter using a hand-to-hand attack from the back for
                  double damage.
                  Requirements: 10 Agility, 80% Sneak, Level 18
                  Ranks: 1
    Silent Running: You can run and sneak at the same time with this perk.
                    Requirements: 6 Agility, 50% Sneak, Level 6
                    Ranks: 1
    Slayer: A 10-sided dice is rolled. If the number is equal to or below
            your luck, you'll get a critical hit with unarmed or melee
            weapons. It's really nice and works extremely well with the Super
            Sledgehammer, Power Fist, or the Ripper.
            Requirements: 8 Strength, 8 Perception, 80% Unarmed, Level 18
            Ranks: 1
    Smooth Talker: Increases your intelligence by one for dialogue purposes
                   only per level.
                   Requirements: 4 Intelligence, Level 3
                   Ranks: 3
    Snakeater: It gives you a 25% increase to your poison resistance.
               Requirements: 3 Endurance, Level 6
               Ranks: 1
    Sniper: Same as Slayer, except it works with ranged weapons. It is great
            with aimed shots (using Small Guns) and is really really nice
            with burst weapons. (It actually makes the SMG a source of total
            Requirements: 8 Perception, 8 Agility, 80% Small Guns, Level 18
            Ranks: 1
    Speaker: It's a one time bonus of 20% to your Speech and Barter skills.
             Requirements: Level 12
             Ranks: 1
    Strong Back: This perk gives you an increase in carry weight by 50 pounds
                 per level.
                 Requirements: 6 Strength, 6 Endurance, Level 3
                 Ranks: 3
    Survivalist: This perk gives you a 20% increase in Outdoorsman for survival
                 purposes only per level.
                 Requirements: 6 Endurance, 6 Intelligence, 40% Outdoorsman,
                               Level 3
                 Ranks: 3
    Swift Learner: Whenever you gain experience, you'll receive 5% more experience
                   per level of the perk.
                   Requirements: 4 Intelligence, Level 3
                   Ranks: 3
    Tag: With this perk, you can pick a new tag skill in addition to the ones
         you already have.
         Requirements: Level 12
         Ranks: 1
    Toughness: It adds 10% to your general damage resistance per level.
               Requirements: 6 Endurance, 6 Luck, Level 3
               Ranks: 3
    The sample characters include a general-purpose character who functions as
    a good diplomat and a shooter, three special characters, a diplomat, and two
    specialized "Sniper" characters.
    *All-rounder: ST 6 PE 6 EN 6 CH 6 IN 8 AG 10 LK 5 == OR ==
                  ST 6 PE 7 EN 5 CH 6 IN 9 AG 10 LK 5 == OR ==
                  ST 6 PE 8 EN 5 CH 6 IN 8 AG 10 LK 5 (Rounded sniper)
       Tag Small Guns, Speech, and something else. This is an all around average
       character. You can mess with other skills to increase Luck and Agility.
       The Rounded Sniper variant can, as its name suggests, get the "Sniper"
       perk later on in the game.
    *Pacifist: ST 4 PE 5 EN 9 CH 6 IN 8 AG 10 LK 5
       Take Gifted and Good Natured, and tag Lockpick, Science, and Speech. This
       character can get you through the game without killing people. To see how 
       to do this, look in the 'Pacifist' section below. For some strange reason,
       the female sex is more fitting for this character (although it won't make a
    *Dim-Wit: ST 5 PE 6 EN 6 CH 7 IN 3 AG 8 LK 5
       Take Chem Resistant, and tag Small Guns, Unarmed, and something else. You
       start out with two Mentats. You can use them if dialogue is needed. If you
       feel that the game is too difficult, take the Smooth Talker perk.
    *Late-Game Badass: ST 7 PE 8 EN 6 CH 5 IN 7 AG 8 LK 6  == OR ==
                       ST 6 PE 7 EN 5 CH 5 IN 7 AG 9 LK 8 
       Take Gifted, Fast Shot, and for the perks, make sure you take Bonus Rate of
       Fire, Better Criticals, and Sniper as perks. To get the Sniper perk, you have
       to kill the Deathclaws at the Boneyards and not kill the Mother Deathclaw and her
       eggs. The deathclaws will respawn and will give you better killing opportunities.
       Also, for the second character, you'll need to take Mentats to get the Sniper
    *Diplomat: ST 5 PE 6 EN 4 CH 8 IN 10 AG 10 LK 4
       Take Gifted, and tag Small Guns, Speech, and one of these: Unarmed or Lockpick.
       This character will have low hit points and should stay  at a low level; he/she
       is not eligible for the Sniper perk later on. Be sure to take Bonus Rate of Fire.
       This character is not good for endgame killings (Master, Deathclaws, etc). If you
       are going to go after the three, then get the powered armor later on.
    *Sharpshooter: ST 6 PE 8 EN 5 CH 6 IN 7 AG 10 LK 6
       Take Gifted, Small Frame, tag Small Guns, Energy Weapons, and preferably Speech.
       Build tag skills to 130% or so and you'll have an easy time at the end. Be sure to
       get the Plasma Rifle sooner or later, and increase other skills with books.
    *Assault Sniper: ST 6 PE 8 EN 5 CH 6 IN 7 AG 10 LK 6
       Same as above, except exchange Speech for Melee. Be sure to build Speech to 90% or so,
       and take the Speech perks if necessary. Build small guns, energy weapons, and melee to 
       over 110%, and ask the Brotherhood for the Super Sledgehammer.
    During your adventure, you can receive some bonuses to your statistics.
    - Drugs, such as Buffout, Mentats, Psyccho, and RadX can increase them
      temporarily. (For more info on which stats they alter, refer to the
    - Armor can provide a good increase in  armor class, damage threshold
      and resistance, as well as radiation resistance.
    - Tycho can teach you some outdoorsman  skill if you ask.
    - MacRae, the guard at the Blades, can  teach you some fighting skills
      if you ask him. It's futile to ask if they're at 91%.
    - Watching the Brotherhood Initiate traaining can give you an increase
      in melee and unarmed skills.
    - The Brotherhood has computer courses  that can increase your science
      skill by 15%.
    - Reading books can increase your skillls, up to 91%. These include: Scout
      Handbook (outdoorsman), Big Book of Science (Science), Guns and Bullets
      (small guns), Dean's Electronics (repair), and the First Aid Book (first
    - The Brotherhood surgeon can increase  all of your skills (except for
      charisma and luck) for a price (and long recovery time).
      - Strength    : $2000, 3 weeks
      - Perception  : $4000, 1 week
      - Endurance   : $3000, 1 week
      - Intelligence: $6000, 3 weeks ($3000 for characters with less than
                                      3 Intelligence)
      - Agility     : $5000, 3 weeks 
    - Patrick the Celt, the wandering bard,, can increase your charisma by one
      if you sing the gaelic song with him.
    - Chuck, the fortuneteller, can increasse your luck by two if you get your
      fortune told and choose the right conversation path.
    WALKTHROUGH (or the complete spoiler) 
    NOTE: See the Appendix for Quest Notes.
    Q1: What is the time limit to bring back the water chip?
    A1: 150 days, or an additional 100 days for the water caravan.
    Q2: Where is the water chip?
    A2: It's in Vault 12, which is in Bakersfield, more commonly known
        as Necropolis.
    Q3: Do I have to get the water chip to beat the game?
    A3: No. Even if you do get the water chip, the game doesn't end
        immediately. You have to destroy the mutant threats.
    Q4: How many ways are there of destroying the mutant threats?
    A4: Several. Cowboy (aka kill everything that moves) and stealth 
        approaches work.
    Q5: How can I get stuff back from NPC's like Ian or Tycho?
    A5: Use the steal option. It's just like trading with them.
    This section tells you how long it will take (in game time) to complete
    the major (required) quests.
    - You must find the Water Chip in 150 ddays before your vault runs
      out of water.
    - If you destroy the mutant threats in  150 days, you will not need
      to find the water chip. 
    - There is a 500 day time limit to desttroy both mutant threats. (They
      are the Vats and the Cathedral.) The time limit starts at the
      beginning of the game.
    - If you get the water caravan to delivver water to your vault, then the
      time limit is shortened by 100 days to destroy the mutant threats.
    - With version 1.1, the time limit to ffind the Water Chip will still
      remain, but the 500 and 400 day time limits will be removed and be
      replaced with a 13-year time limit. I think that this applies to
      Fallout v.1.2 (European release) as well.
    This walkthrough goes through a pretty quick game. You won't get the
    water chip, but will destroy the mutants with about 75 days remaining.
    Sections for getting the water chip are included, so you can get it.
    This is the route that the walkthrough goes through:
    - Vault 13
    - Shady Sands
    - Vault 15
    - Shady Sands (to get the Tandi quest)
    - Raiders (free Tandi)
    - Shady Sands (return Tandi)
    - Raiders (kill them)
    - Junktown
    - Hub
    - Brotherhood
    - Glow (if you couldn't pick the locks))
    - Brotherhood (Power Armor)
    - Hub (kill the raiders)
    - Brotherhood (reward for killing raideers)
    - Military Base
    - Brotherhood (tell Maxson that there iis a threat to the military
      base even though you have blown it up. You'll get 1500 exp.)
    - Cathedral
    This is the route that you should follow if you want to do everything:
    - Same as above, up to the Brotherhood  with Power Armor
    - Necropolis (get water chip, fix the ppump, kill mutants)
    - Vault 13 (finish extra sidequests andd return the water chip)
    - Hub (kill the raiders that are holdinng the Brotherhood initate)
    - Brotherhood (reward, any operations)
    - LA Boneyards
    - Cathedral
    - Military Base
    And yes, it covers primarily good quests but has 4 evil quests, one
    that is needed to bust this gang, two for money/experience/important
    items, and one purely for items.
    There are also three variations: Highest Karma, Truly Evil, and
    PATCHES (also in the tech FAQ)
    There are three versions of Fallout available. Fallout v.1.0 is the
    initial North American release, v.1.1 is the patched North American
    release, and v.1.2 is the European release. It is recommended that you
    use either version 1.1 or 1.2. Version 1.2 doesn't have children.
    VAULT 13
    Notable Areas
    1)  The Caves
    2)  The Vault itself (Entrance, Living Quarters, Command Center)
    Notable Characters
    1)  Several rats
    2)  Overseer of the Vault
    3)  Theresa, leader of the rebel faction
    4)  Lyle, concerned Vault dweller
    5)  Cindy, concerned Vault dweller
    6)  The water thief
    7)  Guard at the armory
    -   Various Vault Dwellers
    Stuff to get
    1)  24 AP 10 mm bullets
    2)  Knife
    3)  Shotgun and 40 shells
    4)  10mm JHP ammo
    5)  Stimpacks, first aid kit, mentats
    6)  Flares
    1)  Examine the corpse and take the ammo and the knife.
    2)  Kill all 20 cave rats without your gun.
    3)  Speak with Theresa and calm the rebel faction.
    4)  Catch the water thief.
    5)  Use the Vault learning terminals to gain experience.
    6)  Get weapons/equipment from the Overseer, armory, and the
        water storage room.
    The corpse is on your right. Examine it, and take everything in the 
    corpse's remains (24 10mm AP ammo and a knife). There are 20 rats in the 
    Vault Cave; they are quite easy to kill. Kill them with a knife, or even 
    better, brass knuckles. You don't have to kill all of them, but 
    500 xp comes in pretty handy. After you've wasted them, exit Vault 13.
    Leave the Vault entrance, and head on to Vault 15. Travel for a day, and
    go back to Vault 13. You can get lots of weapons and quite a bit of
    experience if you do the sidequests there. Alternatively, you can skip
    the area and head for Vault 15. If you do go to Vault 13, go at 8:00
    in the morning and save the water thief quest for last. Most of the
    vault dwellers will refuse to talk to you during that time.
    To get the extra weapons, go to the command center (third floor) and
    keep on telling the overseer that you haven't found the water chip.
    When he says 'Please...tell me that you have found the chip...' tell
    him that you'll need weapons to complete the quest. He'll give you
    some 10mm JHP ammo and two stimpacks. Also, go into the armory (room
    with guard)and talk to the guard. Tell him which people have access,
    then tell him 'sounds like people who only have need can go in.' Afterwards,
    tell him that you have need. He'll unlock the door for you, and you can
    get a shotgun and 40 shells alongside with lots of ammo.
    You can also go into the water storage room, also on the third floor, for
    a first aid kit, stimpacks, and some mentats. On the first floor locker
    (near the big vault door), there are some flares that you can take.
    On the third floor, in the library (westernmost room), there are two
    learning terminals that you can use. One is near the entrance, to its
    right; the other terminal is on the northern end of the library. Use
    the science skill on both of the terminals to gain a total of 700 xp,
    350 on each terminal.
    Go on the second floor and on the north-west end there is a red-haired
    vault dweller whose name is Theresa. Speak with her, tell her that
    your journey is going on well. She'll start to say that the Overseer
    is paranoid, and you'll have to tell her that the Overseer is trying
    to protect the Vault dwellers. She'll agree and you'll receive 750
    experience. Note that it requires good speech and intelligence. An
    alternate method is finding out about a rebel meeting, attending it,
    and killing the rebels, but I haven't tried it yet.
    Go to the south end of the second floor, and speak with Lyle and Cindy. 
    Lyle is directly to the south of Theresa, and Cindy is the redhead on 
    the southeast. They will both tell you about the water thief. Save, 
    and enter the third floor. (Actually, Lyle tells you indirectly while
    Cindy will tell you about it.)
    If you can't get them to tell you about the water thief, rest up till
    8:00 A.M. and then head to the third floor. Talk to the water guard
    and ask him how is he doing. He'll tell you about the water thief then.
    Go and hide in a corner on the third floor and wait until midnight. A
    Vault dweller will come up from the elevator. Don't talk to him, and
    observe his actions. After he enters the storage room and leaves, talk
    to him and tell him that you are looking for the water thief. Threaten
    him if he resists, and search him. You'll get 1000 experience.
    NOTE: There is no way of solving the water thief quest if you didn't
          get any leads from the water guard or Lyle or Cindy. I tried and
          the Water Thief doesn't show up.
    Now you'll want to head towards Vault 15. You'll see a city enclosed in
    a green circle on the map; stop at the city.
    Rough map
    Town hall
               \---Farm Area / Bhramin pastures
    Notable Areas
    1)  Town Hall
    2)  Farm and Brahmin Pen
    3)  Radscorpion Caves
    Notable Characters
    1)  Seth, the leader of the guards
    2)  Ian, an NPC who you can pick up
    3)  Aradesh, the leader of Shady Sands
    4)  Katrina, gate greeter
    5)  Tandi, daughter of Aradesh
    6)  Razlo, doctor of Shady Sands
    7)  Curtis, a farmer
    8)  Jarvis, Seth's brother
    -   Shady Sands townsfolk
    -   Shady Sands guards
    Stuff to get
    1)  Rope
    2)  2 cartridges of .223 FMJ bullets and 20 bee-bees
    3)  Sledgehammer
    4)  Scout book
    5)  5 stimpacks
    6)  First Aid guide
    7)  2 Radscorpion tails
    8)  First-aid kit and Doctor's Bag
    1)  Stop here instead of going to Vault 15. (It's the green circle.)
    2)  Talk to the main characters in the city.
    3)  Recruit Ian into your ranks.
    4)  Solve the agriculture problem.
    5)  Solve the Radscorpion problem.
    6)  Help Razlo make the Radscorpion antidote.
    7)  Heal Jarvis, one of the guard's brothers.
    8)  Steal whatever is in the bookcases.
    In the middle of your journey to Vault 15, you'll see a green circle on the
    map. The name of the small community is Shady Sands, and it is a good idea
    that you stop there.
    When you enter Shady Sands, you will see a woman and a man guarding the 
    entrance to the town. Speak with the woman (Katrina), and choose the 
    dialogue option " Please help me..." Ask everything that is offered, and 
    you can get 250 xp for doing so.
    Go talk to Seth, the guard. Introduce yourself to him, and then go to the 
    building to the right of him. Talk to the guards, and they might tell you 
    to get out (don't). In the bookcase to the north side of the guardhouse,
    there are some ammunition, .223 caliber and some for BB guns. Take it, as
    it will give you something to sell. Open the curtain on the east side and 
    you'll see a man in a leather jacket and some blue jeans. Talk to him, and 
    then talk to him again. Ask for help, and he'll join you for free if you 
    have 9 charisma and a high speech skill (otherwise, it costs about $100 to 
    get him). His name is Ian, and he comes in pretty handy. You will also get 
    an additional 100 xp. (Another way is 'giving him a piece of the action' 
    instead, and he'll join you for free. I didn't try this myself, since I 
    thought my reputation with Ian would go down. However, it doesn't.)
    Go to the building that is south of the guard house. Enter it, and there 
    will be a robed figure standing in the corner. The person who is wearing the
    robes is Aradesh. Speak with him, and tell him that you're from a Vault to 
    the west and that you'll help the community get rid of the radscorpions for 
    Go to the south until you reach the wall. Now go to the building on the 
    west, and you will see a doctor named Razlo. Discuss the Radscorpion 
    problem with him, too. Now head on eastward, and go to the green 
    translucent area. You will go to the farms of Shady Sands (by the way, 
    Green areas are to navigate through different areas of the town).
    Speak with the farmer in the farm in the southern area. (he may be hard to
    see because he is by crops). His name is Curtis. If you have good science 
    skill, you can teach the farmer new agricultural skills. (Be sure to tell 
    him about Crop Rotation.) Also, raid all of the shelves and floors of the
    buildings to the north and east of the farm...there are lots of nice things
    there. (Scout Handbook, ropes, even a sledgehammer)
    Go back to the town hall area of Shady Sands. Go to Razlo's house again, 
    and steal whatever is in the bookcase. If his wife (or Razlo) catches you,
    go and use the 'sneak' skill and try again. After you have looted Razlo's
    house, go to the deserted building north and take the scout handbook, and 
    then go to Aradesh's house. Open the curtains that lead to the bedroom. The
    room on the far left (or your characters) right has a bookcase with a knife
    and a stimpack. 
    After you've looted the area, go talk to Seth again. Tell him that you want
    to go to the Radscorpion caves. When you enter the caves, begin searching 
    for the Radscorpions. Kill them with your 10mm, since you're probably too 
    weak to fight them all single-handedly. There are 9 of them, and are worth 
    110 xp each. You'll also get 500 xp for solving the problem.
    Alternatively, you can use some dynamite to finish them off. There is a 
    portion of the cave wall that seems weak. Plant the explosives there, and 
    watch it fall down. This prevents the radscorpions from entering the town. 
    I decided to kill them for the hell of it, and plus you get more xp and 
    have a chance of making the Radscorpion cure. (BTW, the explosives are
    found in Vault 15, which you'll encounter later).
    If you go decide and kill them (or even one), examine one radscorpion 
    corpse and take the tail part of the radscorpion. Give it to Razlo to make 
    the radscorpion antidote. You'll get 250 xp for that. Be sure to scout out
    the caves also. You can find 10mm ammo scattered around the first 
    radscorpions that you'll kill and a stimpack near the bones in the area
    with four radscorpions.
    Behind Razlo and past the curtain is a man lying on the floor. Use the 
    antidote on him, and get 400 xp. Your karma will also go up. Also, be sure 
    to talk to Aradesh that you've solved the radscorpion problem. 
    After you've finished doing everything that's listed above, try to find 
    one rope. You'll need it for Vault 15. Seth has one that you can barter 
    for, and there is another one in the farm.
    VAULT 15
    Notable Areas
    1)  Shack entrance
    2)  Vault Caves and Entrance
    3)  Living Quarters
    4)  Command Center
    Notable Characters
    1)  Lots of rats
    2)  The Greater Mole Rat (actually there are two)
    Stuff to get
    1)  Stimpacks and a First-Aid kit
    2)  Leather Jacket
    3)  MP9 Sub-machine gun and Hunting Rifle
    4)  Whatever ammo you can find
    5)  Dynamite
    6)  Frag grenades
    7)  Another piece of rope
    1)  Kill all of the rats in the area.
    2)  Get the Leather Jacket, the 10mm SMG, the Dynamite, and the 2 grenades 
        on the upper levels.
    3)  Get to the Vault Command Center.
    When you enter the vault area, you'll notice a small shack in the middle of
    nowhere. Enter it, and you'll see a manhole. Go down the manhole to enter
    the Vault 15 cavern.
    There's not much to tell about here in this area. Probably the most 
    troublesome thing is the Lesser Mole Rat, and even he is quite easy to 
    kill. Either attack him unarmed or with the pistol.
    The primary goal of this level is to go to the command center and try to go
    to the hallway that leads to the main computer and the overseer pedestal. 
    The passageway is blocked, and you'll get a message saying that the water 
    chip is nowhere to be found. You'll get 500 xp for your efforts.
    (Okay, so no water chip. Still, you should scour the area just because of
    the xp, the SMG, and the leather jacket.)
    When you enter the vault, kill all of the rats and get the flares from the
    locker in the first hallway and some healing items from the locker in the
    eastern hospital room. To get to the second floor, you need a rope. Use it on
    the elevator, and you can climb up to reach the living quarters of the vault.
    Kill the rats in the second floor and enter the room with the locker, which
    contains a Leather Jacket and some rope. In the northern half, there is some
    FMJ ammo and in one room's bathroom (the southwestern room) there is a Hunting
    Rifle (it's hard to see...it blends in with the floor). Use the rope on
    the elevator on the right-hand side and enter the command center. 
    Once when you enter the command center, there will be a mole rat guarding 
    the area. Kill him. Go to the southern area, and then go to the eastern 
    side, which is covered with rocks. Once you reach the area, you will get 
    a message saying that the water chip cannot be found. You'll get 500 xp.* 
    On the third level in the armory (the room above the passage which leads 
    to the command center; in other words, the room with lockers), there are 
    two frag grenades and a stick of dynamite, a crowbar, and a Sub-Machine gun. 
    In addition, there is some ammo in the eastern rooms, as well as a first
    aid book in the library, and some more ammo in a locker in the library.
    After you've plundered the abandoned Vault for any usable items and have
    killed the rats, head back to Shady Sands.
    * One of the FAQ readers, Eric Wills, has told me that you can receive
      200 experience for finding the source of the rat infestation. The source
      can be found in the conference room, just north of the room where the
      SMG is. 
    SHADY SANDS (again)
    1)  Save Tandi from the Raiders.
    When you first go to Shady Sands (assuming it is your second time), talk to
    Seth and Aradesh. You'll find out that Tandi, the daughter of Aradesh, is
    missing. You'll have to free her from the Raiders.
    When you talk to Aradesh, he'll give you a spear. If you want more stuff
    (two stimpacks actually), you can talk to Razlo and tell him that many
    people, including yourself, are looking for Tandi. He'll give you two
    stimpacks. Afterwards, head for the Raider Camp.
    Rough map
    Notable Areas
    1)  Several tents
    2)  The main building
    Notable Characters
    1)  Garl, the Raider leader
    2)  A very terrifed Tandi
    Stuff to get
    1)  See second section of Raiders, located below
    1)  Free Tandi from the Raiders. Do this by either killing the raiders or
        lockpicking the door and then killing the raiders (if they attack you).
    2)  If you've freed Tandi in a diplomatic manner, go back to the camp after 
        you've brought her back to Shady Sands and kill everyone there.
    When you enter the area, do not talk to any of the raiders yet, except for 
    Garl, their leader. Just avoid them and enter the main building. If a 
    raider talks to you, try to bullshit them by saying that you have something
    to do with Garl, or you're leaving soon.
    Garl is the guy in the metal armor. Talk to him, and try to get Tandi back. 
    You can wrestle him, barter for her release, talk him out of it, or the 
    straight and forward approach, kill him. Not every option is available for 
    every character (of course, the latter one is). Return to Shady Sands to 
    return her home. If you don't, then she'll be just another NPC.
    If you decide to fight Garl hand to hand, he'll hand you his Desert Eagle
    and his metal armor if you win. It is quite easy to win; even the starting
    character Natalia can win.
    NOTE: If you're male, are wearing leather armor, and have high charisma and
          intelligence (former important) then Garl will think that you're his
          father. Adds some neat conversation options.
    Go back to Shady Sands, and talk to Seth and Aradesh.
    NOTE: If you choose to kill all of the raiders, you won't get any quest
          experience for freeing Tandi - in the game, this is considered a
          risky maneuver, as it is a bit early to face the raiders in combat.
          Mind you, it is possible, and isn't too hard with Ian on your side.
    SHADY SANDS (yet again)
    Notable Areas
    1)  See above listing for Shady Sands
    Notable Characters
    1)  See above listing for Shady Sands
    1)  Talk to Seth and Aradesh.
    2)  Get the reward from Aradesh for freeing Tandi.
    When you enter Shady Sands, talk to Seth and Aradesh. You'll get a reward 
    of $800 dollars, get some xp, and your karma will shoot up. If you've 
    missed a quest in Shady Sands, do it and go back to the Raider camp.
    KAHN RAIDER CAMP (again)
    Notable Areas
    1)  See above listing for Khan Raider Camp
    Notable Characters
    1)  Garl, Raider Leader
    2)  Petrox, a tough desert raider
    3)  Tolya, another tough desert raider
    4)  Diana, a tough she-desert raider
    5)  Gwen, Garl's assistant
    6)  The two slaves
    -   Various Desert Raiders
    1)  Kill everyone except for the two slaves housed in the main building.
    2)  Swipe Garl's Metal Armor, the Desert Eagles and Leather Armors.
    3)  Get the Shotgun and 40 shells from the refrigerator and the desk.
    4)  Acquire as many leather armors as you can from the raiders.
    5)  Get the lockpicks from the refrigator.
    Stuff to get
    1)  4-6 Desert Eagle .44's
    2)  5-10 10mm pistols
    3)  10-15 Leather Armors
    4)  1 Metal Armor
    5)  2 Molotov Cocktails
    6)  Lots of ammunition
    7)  Stimpacks and drugs
    When you enter the raider camp, have your gun (by now you should have a SMG 
    or a shotgun), and make sure that Ian has a gun (probably the 10mm pistol).
    Kill all the raiders, and don't hesitate giving Ian some stimpacks so he can 
    heal himself. 
    Don't be afraid to burst at the raiders. Just make sure Ian isn't in the 
    way. Make sure you kill Garl, the main Raider, preferably using the burst
    mode on the SMG.  Steal Garl's metal armor, and you'll have fairly good 
    defense early on into the game (normally, you would be buying this at 
    Beth's or Jake's weapon store in the Hub). If you have the shotgun from
    Vault 13, that one works well also. That way, you can give the SMG to
    After you kill everyone in the large room in the main Raider building, 
    you'll free two slaves. 200 xp for you. Also, be sure to raid the fridge
    in the building; it has lockpicks, which you should take if you don't
    have any.
    Take all the guns, the ammo, and the stimpacks. You'll need them, and you 
    can sell the guns you found here in the Hub for combat armor and some heavy
    weapons. The extra armors that you can get are good for trading stuff at
    the Hub and possibly the Boneyards if you choose to go there. Head south
    to Junktown to continue your journey.
    It is a good idea to give the Ian the .44 Desert Eagle and all the ammo
    right now. He'll make a good shot with it.
    Rough map
     Crash house / Killian's store
    Notable Areas
    1)  Entrance
    2)  Crash House and Killian's store
    3)  Casino and Skum Pitt Bar
    Notable Characters
    1)  Lars, the leader of the guards
    2)  Killan, mayor of Junktown
    3)  Doc Morbid, doctor of Junktown
    4)  Tycho, another NPC that you can pick up
    5)  Gizmo, crook and casino owner; wants Killian dead
    6)  Neal, Skum Pitt owner
    7)  Marcelles, Crash House owner
    8)  Sinthia, Crash House customer who gets held hostage by a raider
    9)  Vinnie, leader of the Skulz, wears a leather jacket
    10) Phil, Junktown dweller who has dog problem
    11) Dogmeat, dog who is annoying Phil; joins you
    12) Ismarc, singer at the Skum Pitt
    13) Saul, a Junktown boxer
    14) Trish, the waitress at the Skum Pitt
    -   Junktown Guards
    Stuff to get (and as a reward)
    1)  Hunting Rifle
    2)  Mauser 9mm
    3)  Rewards - Choose either:
        - Shotgun with shells (if you haven't gotten it yet)
        - Stimpacks (preferred option)
    Stuff to barter for
    1)  Stimpacks
    1)  Meet up with Killian, and kill Kenji, the assassin that the casino owner 
        has sent.
    2)  Meet Gizmo (the casino owner) instead and kill Killian. Crosses out 
        other quests, though. (This info is not included in this FAQ.) If you do
        decide to kill him, you'll end up killing the innocents and guards who
        inhabit Junktown.
    3)  Lockpick Killian's safe.
    4)  Help Lars bust the Skulz gang. Alternatively, you can do this yourself,
        but the latter option takes a long time.
    5)  Save Sinthia from the crazed raider.
    6)  Recruit Tycho and Dogmeat in your ranks.
    7)  Straighten the deal out with Saul and his girlfriend. 
    8)  Optionally kill Doc Morbid and his guards.
    When you enter the town, be at all costs unarmed and enter at daytime. 
    Junktown takes the law very seriously. 
    There is a guard whose name is Kalnor who is guarding the entrance to
    Junktown. If you have high charisma and speech skill, try to bullshit him 
    around, saying that you have to enter  the city now. Otherwise, you have to
    enter at 6:00 A.M. (It really doesn't matter; all the businesses are closed 
    at 6:00 A.M anyway. You can go in, and rest until 8:00 A.M) Also, speak
    with Lars, the sergeant of the Junktown guards.
    Go to the Crash House area, and enter Killian's store. Talk to him, say 
    that you're new, and be on the friendly side. After the conversation, 
    an assassin pops out and tries to kill Killian. Help kill the assassin.
    After the assassin is dead, Killian will speak to you, and agree to help
    him bust Gizmo (specifically why Gizmo wants Killian dead). Talk to
    Killian again and engage in a conversation about Junktown, and then ask
    about other towns. Be sure to ask about Necropolis.
    Equip the tape recorder in your active item slot. Go to the Casino area, 
    and talk to Gizmo. He's the gigantic fat guy sitting in the chair, way 
    up north in the building. Talk to him. Tell him his assassination failed, 
    and that you'll do the job. But ask him why he wants him dead, and then 
    say that he will be dead before sundown. After that ordeal, go talk to 
    Killian. Tell him that you have the confession, and he will offer you 
    three things: A shotgun and 100 shells, a suit of Leather Armor, or a 
    Doctor's Bag. Take the shotgun, and say you want to help kill Gizmo.
    Go back to the Junktown entrance, speak with Lars, and tell him that you 
    are ready to kill Gizmo. You will be instantly transported to his office. 
    Gizmo will fire at Killian, Lars will fire at Gizmo's assistant Izo, Izo 
    will attack you, and you should attack Gizmo. You'll get heaps of xp for 
    the fight.
    Rest until the evening, and enter the Skum Pitt, a bar on the north-east 
    side of the casino area. Speak with Tycho (discription says he has a gas 
    mask) and tell him to join your group. After you get Tycho, speak with
    Neal, the bar owner. Moments later, a Skulz ganger will attack the Skum 
    Pitt's bartender. Neal, the owner of the bartender, will blow the Skulz
    ganger who attacked the bartender away. You can pick up a leather
    armor from the dead ganger to trade later.
    NOTE: It is possible for Tycho to teach you survival skills. Ask about
          his trip from Nevada to California and how did he survive the
          dangers. Also, Tycho will only join you if you've accepted the
          quest to kill Gizmo for Killian.
    NOTE: If you want to kill the two Skulz punkers, talk to the Skulz
          whose description reads "a man with filed teeth." He'll probably
          attack you.
    There is a guy wearing a cap a bit to the north of Tycho. His name is 
    Ismarc; tell him that you like his singing, and ask if he has been to other
    places. Ask for directions to the Boneyards (or Adytum) as well as the 
    Brotherhood of Steel and the Hub if you haven't done so. Save, and go to the
    Crash House.
    Go to the Crash House and rent a room for one night. Say that you want to sleep
    until the morning. After you wake up, a raider is holding a hotel customer
    hostage. Save the game, enter the room, and attempt to talk to the Raider.
    Keep assuring him that you have his trust, and he'll let Sinthia go. You'll get
    1000 xp. If the raider won't gain your trust, then you'll have to give him $100
    or so, which generally works for all characters.
    NOTE: It isn't a good idea to save between the conversation. Once, I gained
          his trust, saved the game, and after I talked to him, he blew Sinthia
    Now, go back to the casino area, and back to the Skum Pitt. There is a door 
    on the right side that is unlocked; enter the bar from there, and steal the 
    item that looks like a trophy. It is an urn that holds the ashes of Neal's 
    late wife. It is on the large desk where Neal usually is during the evening
    After you steal Neal's urn, go back to Gizmo's casino and go to the room
    where he normally is. Take the iguana-on-a-stick from his desk and head
    to the southeast corner of Junktown in the casino area. You should see
    a man (Phil) being terrorized by a dog (through dialogue; Phil also has
    a woman in leather armor to his left). You can talk to the man and he'll
    ask you to take the dog away. Use the iguana-on-a-stick on the dog and
    he'll join you. Another way is walking towards him with the leather jacket on
    and he'll come and join you.
    Go back to the Crash House, and enter through the doorway at the back. 
    Speak with the Skulz in the leather jacket, tell him you have the urn, and 
    then say that you'll wait to kill Neal later. 
    Head back to the entrance, speak with Lars, and tell him about the Skulz, 
    and offer to kill them. You'll be transported to the bar, and you'll have 
    to kill the Skulz with the help of a few Junktown guards. (There is this one 
    female Skulz that sometimes runs away, and killing her might be the hardest 
    thing.) After the fight, save the game, enter the Crash House area, and rest 
    until morning. Go to Killian's store and open the door that is normally
    locked. Use the lockpicks on his safe, and after you pick the lock, you'll
    get 500 experience. Killian won't care even if he is standing next to you.
    Go to Lars you'll get 500 experience for killing the rest of the Skulz.
    After you've killed them, return Neal's urn. If you want, you can go to the
    Casino area and go to the boxing ring. Speak with Saul, the boxer wearing
    the leather armor. Keep on talking about Junktown,  and if you get the option,
    ask about Trish. You can straighten some things out between them. Be sure to
    tell Saul about Trish's views on his boxing; this helps their relationship and
    you'll receive 250 experience.
    NOTE: There is a nonviolent way to disband the Skulz (albeit much longer).
          You will need extremely high intelligence in order to complete the
          You probably have noticed a female Skulz member standing outside of
          the entrance of their hideout. Her name is Sherry. Talk to her twice,
          and when you talk to her for the second time, ask her about her hobbies
          and interests, and then convince her to leave the Skulz. Wait a week
          later and then get her to accuse the Skulz for the various crimes that
          they have committed. Tell Lars to break up the gang. However, you won't
          get the chance to fight them.
    Before your way out, you can go and kill Doc Morbid and his guards without
    agitating the cops. You'll get some experience, and you can get lots of
    stuff from his dead guards and his lockers. You might need to lockpick
    the lockers to open them. Unfortunately, these killings lower karma. Now 
    that you have finished with Junktown, head for the Hub.
    NOTE: You can engage in a money extortion scheme between Doc Morbid and an
          entrepreneur in the Hub. To do this, head to Doc Morbid's office,
          and then, go to the basement. Talk to the midget standing beside the
          ice chest. Tell him that his boss sent you, and then tell him that
          you're here to get the body parts. Tell him that you're leaving
          afterwards. Leave Junktown for the Hub.
          At the Hub, go to the downtown area, and talk to Iguana Bob. Tell
          him that you know that he buys human parts from Doc Morbid, and
          afterwards ask him about his secret ingredients (alternatively you
          can scream out that his prime choice cuts are made out of people).
          He'll tell you to quiet down, but counter that by threatening to
          turn him into the cops or by directly blackmailing him (the former
          choice also leads to blackmail). You can get up to $200 / 5 days
          initially, but you can increase your payment to a much higher
          amount (this is dependent on your speech skill; in addition, each
          time you demand a raise, your karma will drop down by two points).
    Rough map
        / Merchant center------------Old Town
       /       |
      /        |
    Heights    |
           Water Merchants / COC Hospital
    Notable Areas
    1)  Entrance
    2)  Merchant Center
    3)  Old Town
    4)  Heights
    5)  Water Merchants
    6)  The Underground
    Notable Characters
    1)  Decker, the criminal leader
    2)  Kane, Decker's assistant
    3)  Beth, gun shop owner, likes to gossip around
    4)  Butch, owns Far Go Traders
    5)  Rutger, Butch's assistant
    6)  Demetre, owns Crimson Caravan
    7)  Keri, Demetre's assistant, has sex with you if you're male
    8)  Sheriff Justin Greene, keeps the law; he'll be on your side when you 
        kill Decker
    9)  Deputy Fry, police officer in the entrance of the Hub
    10) Loxley, leader of the Thieves' Circle
    11) Jasmine, Loxley's assistant
    12) Jake, heavy weapons merchant
    13) Vance, drug dealer at old town
    14) Hightower, owns water merchants, quite rich
    15) Jain, Children of the Cathedral priestess
    16) Harold, the old mutant at Old Town, has seen Deathclaw
    17) Slappy, crazed uncle of Beth, knows where Deathclaw is
    18) Irwin, his house has been taken over by raiders
    19) Mitch, owns the General Store (or All-In-One store)
    20) Mrs. Stapleton, Librarian
    21) Lorenzo, loan shark, owns Friendly Lending Company
    -   Police guards (dressed in metal armmor and combat armor)
    -   Guards for the Far Go Traders, Deckker, Hightower, and Jain
    -   Caravan Drivers/Guards
    -   Townsfolk
    -   Skags (only in Old Town)
    Stuff to get
    1)  Cathedral Robes (probably THE most important item)
    2)  Chemicals in Cathedral Armory, most notably the super stim, other
        stimpacks, RadX's, RadAway's, and any Psychos you get plus the
        Hunting Rifle
    3)  Hightower's Necklace
    4)  Any stimpacks or guns found off of Hightower's and Jain's guards
    5)  Spiked Knuckles     (later - see Hub Revisited)
    6)  .223 Pistol         (ditto)
    Stuff to buy
    1)  Combat Shotgun
    2)  Sniper Rifle
    3)  Combat Armor
    4)  Books if your small guns, science, outdoorsman, and repair skills are
        below 75%. Beware that they can get very expensive.
    5)  10+ Stimpacks
    6)  Ammunition (be sure that you have something like 200 rounds for the
        shotgun, 50 for the sniper, and loads of 10mm JHP for the SMG if
        you like spraying bullets)
    Stuff to sell
    1)  Your leather jacket and your 10mm Pistols for the books
    2)  Your leather armors, metal armor, and shotgun for combat shotgun and/or
        sniper rifle
    3)  Your Desert Eagles for stimpacks, extra books, extra ammo
    4)  Your SMG and maybe a Desert Eagle for the 14 mm Pistol
    5)  Your .44 JHP / FMJ ammo, extra armors, first-aid kit and doctors bag for
        either very large weapons and / or an extra two pairs of dynamite if you
        can't get the robes (lockpick the door). Also useful for buying the books.
    6)  Your SMG and its 10mm ammo after the brawl with Decker
    1)  Enter unarmed, and do not enter combat.
    2)  Gossip around and buy items from the General Store, books from the 
        librarian, small arms from Beth, heavy weapons from Jake, and drugs 
        from Vance, the drug dealer. 
    3)  Solve the caravan problem and kill both the deathclaw and the mutant. 
    4)  Kill Darren Hightower, the eccentric rich person and steal his wife's 
    5)  Kill Priestess Jain and her minions.
    6)  Turn Decker into the cops. (Post-Brotherhood).
    7)  Go to the Thieves' Circle in Old Town, and get the lockpicks and
        electronic lockpicks.
    8)  Help Irwin by killing the raiders that have invaded his home.
    9)  Rescue the lost Brotherhood initiate (Post-Brotherhood).
    10) Optionally work the caravan routes. Details below.
    Important note on the Hub
    The Hub has many quests, and they can be done in any order. Here is a
    list on the preferable route:
    - Jake for the weapons/armor at Old Towwn. Be sure you buy the rocket
      launcher, all of the explosive rockets, combat armor from that guy.
    - Mitch (general store, north of FLC buuilding) for 2 RadX's and 2
    - Kill the FLC.
    - Decker for quests to kill Jain and Hiightower.
    - Kill Decker for the Hub police.
    - Irwin for .223 Pistol
    - Butch for the caravan quest.
    - Loxley for the electronic lockpicks
    - Brotherhood of Steel for Power Armor,, Vree's tape, weapons
      and optionally Glow quest if you couldn't pick the lock.
    In the walkthrough, this is how it is covered:
    - Kill FLC
    - Get .223 Pistol
    - Start caravan quest
    - Jake for weapons/armor
    - Finish the first part of the Thieves'' Guild
    - Finish caravan quest
    - Get Decker's jobs and finish them
    - Loxley for electronic lockpicks
    - Kill Decker for the Hub police
    - Brotherhood/Glow
    - Brotherhood (give Cabbot the Glow hollodisc)
    - Hub (missing Brotherhood initiate)
    NOTE: Do not complete the Thieves' Guild quest before you attempt 
          Decker's quests. In other words, do Decker's quests first
          before attempting the Thieves' Guild quest. The Guild doesn't
          want Hightower dead, but Decker does. If you do accept their
          quest, then Kane will not hand out your payment for killing
          the Hightowers.
    In addition, if you have high steal skill, you can go and steal the
    guards' weapons, ammo, and stimpacks. There is a guard in metal armor
    who has an assault rifle that you can steal, and a couple more who
    have combat knives. But then again, you have all of those weapons from
    the Raiders that you can trade for better weapons.
    Information for the caravans is below the walkthrough.
    When you enter the Hub, you'll see 4 caravans. Further down south, there 
    are a couple of buildings, and several armed policemen. Head south to the
    merchant market (or downtown, as it is called on the town map). Enter the
    FLC building and kill off Lorenzo and his guards (a better way is getting
    a loan from him and then killing him afterwards). Loot his body and his
    lockers to get lots of cash.
    Afterwards, continue going east until you go to a new area, Old Town. Go east,
    past the abandoned warehouse, and enter the building directly to its right.
    Talk to Jake, the guy wearing Metal Armor. Ask him about radiation and then buy a
    combat armor, a combat shotgun and a sniper rifle along with their respective
    ammunition plus some .44 FMJ ammo. (Trade in your old old leather armors, metal
    armor, all desert eagles (except for one), shotguns, etc. for the items.) Give Ian
    the Desert Eagle and the ammo and give Tycho the sniper rifle. Keep the combat 
    shotgun for yourself and then put on the combat armor. After you have equipped
    yourself, head eastward until you get to a warehouse that has guards and a man
    wearing a leather jacket standing in the center. Talk to him and buy two RadX's,
    one RadAway, and some stimpacks using any excess inventory that you might have.
    Head back to the merchant market.
    First off, it is time to help Irwin. Irwin is in a dilapidated shack to
    the southern end of the merchant market. Talk to him and offer to kill
    the raiders in his home. Kill all of the raiders and optionally raid their
    corpses. After you've done so, head back to the merchant market and talk
    to Irwin and tell him that the raiders are dead. He'll give you a .223
    NOTE: You'll need high karma to complete the quest. To be on the safe
          side, it is a good idea to have a karma of 18 or higher.
    Now it is time to pacify the FLC. Their bulding is on the southwestern
    end of the merchant market. Go in the building and talk to the loan shark,
    Lorenzo. Ask to borrow some money. After you borrow the money, kill him and
    his guards. Afterwards, lockpick his safe and get all the loot.
    Go to the eastern end towards the Far Go Traders. Talk to the man in leather
    armor and accept the job to find the missing caravans. Afterwards, talk to
    Butch. Accept the job from Butch, and then head towards the gun store
    in the central quadrant of the merchant maket. Talk to Beth and ask her
    about the Deathclaw. Keep on asking about it until she tells you that Harold
    has seen it and that her uncle Slappy mumbles about it sometimes.
    Now it's time to go to Old Town. Head towards the eastern side of the 
    merchant market to go there. When you go to old town, head eastward and
    go to the building to the northern side (it has guards in it). Talk to
    Jake, and trade all of your excess leather armors for a combat shotgun,
    combat armor, a sniper rifle, and some .223 FMJ ammo (and some stimpacks
    as well). Give the sniper and the .223 FMJ ammo to Tycho. Also while you're
    in Old Town, head to the central building occupied by some skags (the
    building has two rooms, one huge one and a little one with a stairwell
    leading to the basement). Go down the stairwell.
    You'll enter the hideout for the Thieves' Circle. Lockpick all of the
    doors using your lockpicks. After you get in, talk to the man in the
    leather jacket (he's to the south). Accept the job to find Hightower's
    necklace. On your way out, talk to Jasmine, the woman in the leather
    armor standing beside the doorway. She'll give you another set of lockpicks
    as well as some flares and a nuke-a-cola.
    Go to the south of Old Town and enter the building with the man in the
    green shirt walking around. Talk to him and ask him about the Deathclaw.
    (He's Slappy.) He'll send you to Harold, the mutant. Give Harold $5 and
    ask him about the Deathclaw. Go back and talk to Slappy and ask him to
    take you to the Deathclaw caverns.
    When you go in the cavern, you'll automatically get 800 xp. Head to
    the east, and then south until you reach the Deathclaw. Kill the
    Deathclaw by using targeted shots to his eyes using the .223 Pistol.
    After the deathclaw has been killed, kill the dying super mutant at
    the end of the cavern. Get his radio (if you don't have one) and his
    holodisc. Be sure to read the holodisc. Afterwards, head back to the
    merchant market. Enter the Far Go Traders building and tell Rutger and
    Butch that the mutants were casuing the caravan disappearances.
    If they don't buy it, tell them that you killed the Deathclaw and that
    you have evidence that it was the mutants.
    Now, with your money, you can stop at the General Store to buy some books
    and some anti-radiation drugs. Buy a tool and get some RadX and preferably
    some RadAway.
    There is also a library in the merchant center that has an unlimited supply
    of books. Unfortunately, the prices are very high. You can get science books,
    repair manuals, gun magazines, etc. there. It is better to buy the books
    from the General Store shopkeeper. However, the latter doesn't have an 
    unlimited supply. The books can raise science, outdoorsman, first aid,
    and repair skills up to 91%. You need to raise Science to about 80%,
    while Repair at 45% is okay. (Actually, you don't need to, but it is a good
    idea to.)
    You can also go to the Crimson Caravan (its on the northwest side of the
    merchant center). You can loot the desk and get lots of powerful drugs.
    If you're male and want to have sex with his assistant, talk to Demetre
    (he's the guy with the leather jacket and the white undershirt). Accept
    the job offer, and he'll send you to Keri, who is on the left room of the
    Crimson Caravan building. Talk to Keri and tell her that you're interested
    in her. She'll give you three buffouts.
    NOTE: You'll need seven Charisma to screw Keri.
    Afterwards, go back to the merchant center. There is a bar called the Maltese
    Falcon on the west side. When you enter, you'll see a man whose name is Kane
    (he is guarding the southern door). Talk to him, and ask to be taken to Decker
    for jobs.
    When you are taken to Decker, he'll give you the quest to kill Darren 
    Hightower. He will offer what is standard Hub pay: $500 up front for 
    accepting it, $2000 for finishing the job.
    Darren Hightower is a rich guy who is head of the water merchants. He has 
    his own guards and mansion. The Heights, the area in which he lives in, 
    is located to the west of the merchant center. Go through there, and kill 
    all inhabitants there. They won't give you too much trouble, since you have 
    at least the metal armor and the shotgun that you have gotten from Junktown. 
    Kill everyone and disarm the traps and lockpick the footlocker in the 
    building that Hightower is in. Steal the expensive necklace in the locker, 
    and DO NOT SELL OR TRADE IT AT ALL COSTS!!! You'll need the necklace to get 
    the electronic lockpicks, which in turn are needed to get the powered 
    armor quickly. (You might need some regular lockpicks to open the locker; 
    if you don't, skim on down until you see Thieves' Circle. If you have them, 
    you can use them right now.) 
    Go back to the Maltese Falcon and talk to Kane. You'll be taken back to 
    Decker, and he'll give you the $2000. Next, he wants Jain, a COC (Children 
    of the Cathedral) preist dead. This may seem a bit odd, but it is 
    imperative that you do this!!! 
    Go down south in the merchant center, and go to the water merchant's area. 
    You'll see a building with radiation signs on a red flag. Enter it. There 
    is a child there; annoy her a bit about the flower (don't buy it from her).
    Ask her about the holy flame, Lasher, etc. You might have to do this about 
    three or four times to get her to leave. (Why get her to leave? The entire 
    Hub will be against you if you attack her.) A good idea is leaving Ian and
    Tycho in the merchant center (tell them that they can leave, but then talk
    to them again to get them back). Ian killed the kid once.
    After you get the child to leave, there is a woman in purple robes (Jain).
    Save before talking with her (fairly interesting conversation paths). You
    can also say what you want to her, since the objective is to kill her (My
    favorite was when I was pretending to be a COC member and at some point on,
    telling her that her "cups were overflowing with enlightment."  :)
    Afterwards, just kill Jain and her guards. Two of them have Desert Eagles
    and are a bit on the hard side, but don't have much armor. You should
    easily win with metal armor.
    NOTE: Apparently, if you kill the Master, Jain is free from the Master's
    More importantly, there is a locked door to the northwest corner of the 
    building. Hone your lockpicking skill here; try about three or four times 
    to get the door unlocked. If your lockpicking skills aren't good, come here
    after you go to the Thieves' Circle (see below).
    The room contains many things, including armor, stimpacks, drugs, a rifle, 
    and some purple COC robes. Take the COC robes. Even though they are pitiful
    when it comes to arming yourself, the robes serve an entirely different 
    purpose, which you'll find out. In other words, PLEASE KEEP THEM!!!!!!!!
    Go back to the merchant center, and go to the police department. Talk to 
    the cop in metal armor, and tell him that Decker told you to kill Jain or 
    the Hightowers. The cop will get mad, and he'll ask you to help lead the 
    assassination of Decker. He'll offer you again what is standard Hub pay: 
    $300 up front, $1000 for completing the job. The details of the fight 
    are below. You'll also get a boost to your karma and a lot of experience.
    When you are ready, prepare yourself for a good fight. Decker has got Kane 
    and a few other cronies with him. They all have some strong melee weapon 
    and are all clothed in some type of armor. Luckily, you've got two cops 
    and Ian and Tycho on your side. But be ready...both of your NPCs are liable
    to death. If you are not equipped in combat armor, then you might be too.
    Have at least a shotgun ready, and have about 10 stimpacks to be on the
    safe side. After you've killed Decker, talk to Justin Greene to get your
    salary. Now it's time to go to the Thieves' Circle to return Hightower's
    necklace to Loxley. Go there.
    Speak with Loxley again and give him the necklace. He'll direct you to Jasmine,
    who will then give you the electronic lock picks as well as lots of money. 
    More experience for you.
    Leave Old Town, and go to the Brotherhood. If you do not know the location,
    it is on the left of the Hub, past the mountains. Save if you do not know, 
    find it, reload the game, and go to the location (it won't be on the map, 
    but you should know the area in which it is located. It will appear on the 
    world map as an unknown location.)
    Caravan Notes
    The Hub, of course, is a big merchant trading center. It is only natural
    to find caravan companies there who want to hire extra guards. It is a
    good idea to take a caravan to Necropolis, Brotherhood of Steel, or the
    Boneyards if you don't know where the cities are located. Here is a list
    of the two caravans:
    - Crimson Caravan:
      Their pay is $600, and they leave on the 3rd and the 17th of every month. They
      go to the Brotherhood of Steel, Junktown, Necropolis, and the Boneyards. The
      company travels on dangerous routes, so it is a good idea to have something like
      a combat shotgun and metal armor ready. If you return to the Hub with them, you
      get an extra $600. To get the job, talk to Demetre, accept the job, and then
      to Keri.
    - Far Go Traders:
      Their pay is $400, and they leave on 8th, 18th, and 28th of every month. They go
      to the Brotherhood of Steel, Junktown, and the Boneyards. The company travels
      on safe routes, so you don't really need much combat gear - probably metal armor
      and a shotgun max. If you return to the Hub with them, you'll get an extra $400.
      To get the job, talk to Rutger, accept the job, and then talk to the caravan
      driver in the left side of the Far Go Traders building.
    - Water Merchants:
      Their pay is $200, and they leave on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th of
      every month. They go to the Boneyards and Junktown. The company travels on
      extremely safe routes, so having combat gear isn't always necessary. Like the
      other caravans, you can go to the Hub with the company for an extra $200. To get
      the job, talk to the caravan leader in the Water Merchants building, accept the
      job, and then talk to the caravan driver who is standing outside of the building
      with the brahmin.
    The Water Chip
    If you're pressed for time (i.e., you don't have the water chip and time is
    about to run out), you can buy one hundred days' worth of water sent to
    Vault 13 for $2000 from the water merchants. Even though this move gives
    you experience, the mutants will be able to locate Vault 13 faster. You'll
    only have 400 days to destroy the mutant threats, opposed to 500 if you
    don't get the chip. I think the 1.1 patch removes both of the dates, but
    the 500 day limit will be removed with the patch.
    If you want to find the water chip, go to Necropolis (with your combat
    armor) and get the water chip after you accept the quest to get a special
    item from the Glow. Instead of going to the Glow, go to Necropolis first
    and get the water chip (optionally return it to Vault 13), and then go
    to the Glow and back to the Brotherhood.
    Notable Areas
    1)  Entrance
    2)  Building (Levels 1-4)
        - Armory & Training rooms (Level 1)
        - Medical area and initiate's rooms (which includes your room) (Level 2)
        - Library and Armor / Weapon mechanics, Knight's Quarters (Level 3)
        - Governing council and Elder area (Level 4)
    Notable Characters
    1)  Cabbot, initiate and front door guard
    2)  Darrell, front door and only guard wearing airtight helmet to Power 
    3)  Jennifer, a paladin who is standing guard at the entrance on
        Level 1 (Level 1)
    4)  Rhombus, head paladin (Level 1)
    5)  Talus, Rhombus' second-in-command(Level 1)
    6)  Michael, quartermaster, fills out orders from stockroom (Level 1)
    7)  Thomas, Talus's premier student
    8)  Medical Doctor (Level 2) 
    9)  Jerry, your roommate (Level 2)
    10) Vree, head scribe (Level 3)
    11) Sophia, teaches initiates Brotherhood history (Level 3)
    12) Kyle, Power Armor mechanic (Level 3)
    13) General Maxson, the high elder (Level 4)
    14) Mathia, Maxson's personal guard (Level 4)
    -   Brotherhood Guards (in Power Armor))
    -   Brotherhood Initiates
    -   Scribes (in light purple robes)
    -   Brotherhood Elders (in blue robes)
    1)  Attempt to pick the Brotherhood entrance with your electronic
    2)  Get 'Ruins of the Ancient Order' quest from Cabbot. (if you couldn't
        pick the lock to the entrance with electronic lockpicks)
    3)  Get the quest to free the Brotherhood initiate in the Hub.
    4)  Watch the training where Talus is. You'll get a bonus to your melee
        and unarmed skills plus receive 500 experience.
    5)  Speak with Vree about mutants and ask her for the computer course.
        Also, get the holodisc and read it.
    6)  Speak with Kyle and get the systolic motivator from Michael
        or Rhombus for the Power Armor.
    7)  Repair the Power Armor.
    When you enter the Brotherhood, you'll notice two guards in really neat
    armor. This is Power Armor.
    Speak with Cabbot, the guard on the left. Ask about joining the Brotherhood,
    and he'll give you the quest to find the 'Ruins of the Ancient Order', or 
    the Glow. Ask Darrell for directions to the Glow and other general questions
    about the Brotherhood.
    NOTE: If your character has extremely low intelligence (3 or less) Darrell
          will give you a free RadX pill.
    Use the electronic picks on the front door. If it doesn't open, try several
    times. (It is a good idea to have 65% skill. I got it open after several
    tries.) When it does, run right through to enter the building. (BTW, enter 
    the building in a heartbeat because the door will be locked on subsequent 
    visits and you can enter directly through the first floor, and plus, the 
    guards in the interior of the Brotherhood bunker will think that you've 
    completed the quest.)
    Okay, so your lockpick skill sucks and the electronic picks don't work.
    You'll just have to go to the Glow. Go to the Hub, and barter for two 
    RadX's and a rope. Leave the Hub and go to the Glow. Right before you 
    are about to enter it, use the RadX's.
    When you enter the Glow, there is a huge crater in the middle of the
    screen. On the edge of the crater, there is a metal bar. Use the ropes
    on the bar, and descend down. Go south, make a right, and then head on
    north until you get to the room with the dead Brotherhood soldier in
    Power Armor. Examine his body and get the tapes. Leave the Glow and
    head for the Brotherhood.
    When you get to the Brotherhood, read the tapes for 100 experience. Talk
    to Cabbot and give him the tapes. The door will be unlocked and you will
    also receive 1500 experience points.
    If you want more information on the Glow, skim down and read the
    dedicated section for the Glow.
    In the building, you have to speak with Talus. Go on the hallway to the 
    right of the screen, and proceed to the room to the south at the end of
    the hall (the one with the bunch of recruits in combat armors). Talus is 
    the only one in the room with power armor. Speak with him, and ask him 
    about weapons. He'll fill out three scripts of any ammunition you want, 
    plus a suit of Brotherhood Combat Armor. (Not as good as the power armor, 
    but certainly not the worst.) Speak with Talus again, and ask for more 
    weapons. He'll hesitate, but beg him and he'll give you the quest to free 
    the lost Brotherhood initiate. (BTW, you'll need high karma to be given the
    quest. Also, don't tell him that you'll climb the world's largest mountain 
    - you won't be given the quest.) Also wwatch the training going on; you'll
    get a bonus to your unarmed/melee skills and some experience.
    NOTE: There's a storage room with a door that's locked; it's a bit to the
          north of the training room (where Talus is). Don't try to open the
          door with or without lockpicks; the guards will come and attack you
          and you will have to kill all of the Brotherhood members.
    Time to get yourself Power Armor. Go on the third level, and go to the 
    room on the bottom right. (It should have a broken suit of power armor and 
    two people in combat armors.) Speak to the person by the dismantled Power 
    Armor (that's Kyle.) Ask him why this suit is broken, and he'll send you 
    back up to get a systolic motivator. Save the game.
    Go back to the first level, and speak with Michael (the guy in combat armor
    above the room with Talus). Ask him about the systolic motivator, and tell 
    him that "ordinance needs it or it will be my ass." Michael will believe 
    you, and will give you the motivator. (Only works with characters who have 
    high speech skill and/or high charisma.) If you tell him that you need it
    for the broken Power Armor, tough luck - he'll hesitate. You can also beg
    him, and he'll give one to you.
    If your speech skill sucks, go in the room with one person in power armor. 
    That is Rhombus, the leader of the Paladins. When you go in, sneak in the 
    locker and get the systolic motivator. Rhombus will catch you, but beg 
    him to let you go. He'll say that he will forget about this moment. (Don't
    bother him again; he will expel you from the Brotherhood.)
    After you have gotten the part, go speak with Kyle again. He'll soldier it 
    in, but the suit needs repairing. (75% Repair, high luck, or 50% repair 
    with tools does the trick.) After you repair it, the suit will be on the 
    floor. Pick it up and equip it! (Power Armor weighs 85 pounds, so you may 
    have to drop your  armor and weapons, or put them in your Brotherhood room 
    on level 2.) 
    If your repair skill sucks, read the manual that goes along with the Power 
    Armor. If it still isn't 75%, then you'll have to get the quest to find the
    missing initiate from Talus, and then ask for the Power Armor. Repeated 
    tries with a low skill and a tool have also worked.
    Go to Vree on the third level. Ask her about technical information, and then
    as her what is causing the mutations. Ask her why she says what she says and
    then ask her for proof. Afterwards, ask her how to read a holodisc and she
    will offer you a computer course. She'll give you a holodisc about the mutant
    autopsies and the course will increase your science skill by 15%. Read the
    holodisc, and do not give it away AT ALL COSTS! Leave the Brotherhood, and go
    to the Hub. (If you're having difficulty getting the disc, you might be able
    to steal it from her - she has two copies.)
    BTW, if you're radiated or need healing, go the doctor on the second floor
    to heal yourself.
    Character Upgrade Notes:
    - The doctor on the second floor can inncrease any of your main skills
      (except for charisma or luck) by one for lots of money. The operations
      last up to three weeks, so it's a good idea to get the water chip
      before completing the operations. Here's a table on how much each
      operation costs:
      - Strength    : $2000, 3 weeks
      - Perception  : $4000, 1 week
      - Endurance   : $3000, 1 week
      - Intelligence: $6000, 3 weeks ($3000 for characters with bad intelligence)
      - Agility     : $5000, 3 weeks 
    THE HUB (revisited)
    Notable Areas
    1)  See on earlier Hub section
    Notable characters
    1)  See above
    1)  Free the Brotherhood initiate
    2)  Complete any previous quests that you haven't completed
    Now that you have your hands on some good old power armor (erm, Brotherhood
    for those without luck and repair), can complete many quests now.
    Now, even with your power armor on or not, first thing is to go to Old 
    Town. There is a shack with some guards. Kill all of the guards with a 
    shotgun or combat shotgun. Be prepared for a good fight: Ian and Tycho 
    both need good arms. (Before the fight, you can sell all of the leather 
    armors, the metal armor, the Desert Eagles and their ammo, and the 10 mm 
    pistols for some good weaponry. For instance, I bought a combat shotgun for
    myself and a sniper rifle for Tycho with just the leather armors. I gave 
    the SMG I got from Vault 15 to Ian. You can also sell your old shotgun for 
    some ammo.) To kill the guards, talk to one of them. You'll enter combat 
    immediately. If you feel real high & mighty, you can go up close and 
    personal with the combat shotgun and burst them to pieces. (Note that burst
    takes 3 shells, but is one bitch to avoid... use it whenever you can give 
    the shots to the opponent "Up Close & Personal." )
    Talk to the man in the green shirt (use the lockpicks). After you've picked
    the lock, speak with him and tell him that you're an initiate. He'll thank 
    you and leave. Save before going to the Brotherhood. (BTW, it's a good
    idea to re-supply for ammunition and chemicals before you leave.)
    BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL (revisited)
    Notable Areas
    1)  See above section on Brotherhood
    Notable Characters
    1)  See above section on Brotherhood
    1)  Get reward for freeing the Brotherhood initiate.
    2)  Get the quest to scout the northern area for Maxson.
    Go to the first level and speak with Talus. Tell him that you have finsihed
    the quest, and ask him for your reward. Pick whatever you want. (Choose
    Power Armor if you don't have it.)
    Go to the fourth level, speak with Maxson, and talk to him about the war,
    mutants, etc. and offer to scout the area to the north for free. If have
    not done so yet, ask for some weapons. Go back to Level 3 and ask Vree
    about the mutants and get the holodisc if you haven't done so.
    Go to the outside Brotherhood entrance and save the game. Leave the area,
    scout to the northwest, and enter the area enclosed in the green circle.
    This is the Military Base.
    If you want to complete the Military Base/Cathedral, this is the checklist
    that you should follow:
    1. Ditch your NPC's.
    2. Have the COC robes and Vree's Mutant Autopsy Disk with you.
    3. Have the sets of both standard and electronic lockpicks with you.
    4. Don your Power Armor and put your combat shotgun in one of your item
       slots, but you shouldn't let it be in your active item slots.
    *  (The above only applies for infiltration approaches)
    5. Ignore number one for the cowboy military base approach. Your NPC's will
       be dead anyways. If you're intending on going to Necropolis for the
       water chip or want to complete the Boneyard level, then don't worry about
       ditching your NPC's. Or you can leave them outside and pick them up
       after you've wiped out the mutants.
    -  You have to ditch the NPC's for the  infiltration approach because the
       Super Mutant guards will come and attack you if you have NPC's with
    -  Simply destroying the mutant threatss will allow you to beat the game.
       You need not find the water chip!
    -  You can finish the Military Base firrst or the Cathedral (either way
       is okay).
    -  If you don't have the robes, go to tthe Cathedral first.
    Notable Areas
    1)  Entrance
    2)  Military Base
        - Level 1, computer building, small barracks
        - Level 2, armory
    3)  Fortress
        - Level 3, holding pens
        - Level 4, vats and lieutenant's quarters
    Notable characters
    1)  Mutant guards, BS them by saying that you are either a special mutant or
        that you're with the Cathedral.
    2)  Flip, large mutant
    3)  Krupper, another large mutant
    4)  The Lieutenant of the mutant armies
    -   Super Mutant Guards
    -   Nightkin (outside the base)
    -   Children of the Cathedral techniciaans
    Stuff to get
    1)  Key to arm nuke in the Cathedral
    1)  Fake out the mutants with the radio distress signal.
    2)  Either infiltrate the base with the robes, or be high and mighty, taking
        out everything out with the "cowboy" approach.
    3)  Hack the computers and disable the security systems.
    4)  Blow up the base, of course. (With the correct security code)
    NOTE: If you want 1500 experience points for scouting out the base, head
          back to the Brotherhood after you find it or destroy it. If you do
          destroy it, you will lose your chance to obtain three crack assault
          To get the three assault paladins, first speak with Maxson about the
          rumors about a future war. Offer to scout the north for free. You can
          also get a free weapon from Mathia as well. Before you leave the
          Brotherhood for the Military Base, speak with one of the elders, and
          offer to scout the area to the northwest.
          Go to the Military Base and come back to the Brotherhood. Talk to
          Maxson, and tell him that being on the defensive isn't a good strategy.
          You'll be buzzed into a Brotherhood Elder meeting, and you will be
          offered three crack assault paladins who will help you clear the mutants
          standing guard outside of the base. You'll receive an extra 1500 experience
          for getting the paladins.
    Details for the *pseudo* James Bond approach
    When you enter the military base, save the game.
    For this mission, don your Power Armor and take out any weapon in your
    active weapon slot. Equip your radio in your active slot. Walk your way up,
    and the guard will catch you. Tell him that you are either a special mutant
    or you are a member of the Cathedral. He'll believe you. (This works with
    characters that have relatively high speech skill.)
    Now, use your radio to draw off three of the four guards. Here is the
    complete conversation: (you'll also get 1500 xp for drawing them off
    if you succeed)
    Radio: Command to patrol, command to patrol. What is your status? Over.
    You  : Command, we are under attack by a large group of armed humans.
           Request assistance. Over.
    Radio: Understood, patrol. What are your coordinates?
    You  : 4 miles, south-southwest.
    Radio: Understood, patrol. We are sending reinforcements.
    Alternatively, you can use the radio and tell the radio operator the
    dialogue "help...heavy attackers...coordinates 10...argh!" line and
    the mutants will get drawn off.
    3 of the 4 mutants will get drawn off. The one by the door stays. Talk
    to him, and tell him that you are a special mutant for the master. He'll
    believe you.
    There is a locked door in front of the mutant. Use your electronic lock
    picks. Save the game. If the picks don't work, then go behind the mutant
    and steal all of his stimpacks and his holodisk. Read the holodisk to
    find out the code to the door and enter.
    If the mutant catches you stealing, then load the game and keep on trying.
    If it still doesn't work after several tries, then you will have to kill
    the mutant in less than three turns. That way, the base won't get alerted.
    A good method is getting in front of him and bursting him with the combat
    shotgun (or another burst weapon).
    Open the door which you just lockpicked. When you enter, you'll see two
    forcefields. You can pass through them, but will take damage (7-15 with the
    Power Armor, 18-25 with the robes). You will have to go to the computer
    complex on the right. (There is a mutant with a rocket launcher guarding 
    the complex.) BS him again. If this sounds too confusing, here is an ASCII 
                  -> --Alternate route to right computer complex
    To left
    complex     ^            |   |
                |         |-|   |-| 
      <- <-               |       | 
        |   |=|    |      |      *| -- Computer complex, console description is
        |   | |    |      |    ---|    plain old "computer" instead of "mach iv
        |   | |    |      |       |    computer"
        |   | |    |      |       |
        |   | |   |       |    |---
        | e |-| f |       |    |       e-forcefield emmiter, disabled except
    ----|         |--------    |         foor when the base is under alert
                  e            |       f-red forcefield, passable, causes damage,
    ------        --------------         caannot be disabled
    I hoped this clarified things. If you still have problems, save the game, 
    and scout the area.
    Now for the left computer complex...
    If you follow the ASCII map above, the passageways that lead to the north 
    take you to the left computer complex. (Again, there might be forcefields 
    blocking your path.) You'll see some Mach IV computers, and another one 
    whose description reads "computer." Use the science skill, and disable the 
    sensors. You can also try to modify pest control and movement security 
    options for the base, but I left them blank. Actually, you don't have to 
    mess with it in the first place.
    There is an outlet to exit the left computer complex on the left side. 
    There will be two robobrains guarding the area (they aren't hostile, 
    so don't worry.) Go in the elevator, and head to level 2, the main armory. 
    You can still BS the guards in the level with Power Armor. This level is 
    essentially a supply depot; you can loot all of the lockers on this level. 
    After you are finished raiding this level, go back into the elevator, and 
    enter level 3.
    As soon as you enter level 3, put on the COC robes immediately. Leave the 
    area, and go to the right (or your character's left). There should be a big 
    mutant walking to the elevator (knows that someone is there.) Since you 
    have the robes on, he'll just think you are another COC tech, and you will 
    be ignored completely. Head on south, and there should be a super mutant 
    that is guarding the holding chamber. He'll talk to you, ask him what is 
    the place, and then thank him. Go onto level 4. If you are unsure where
    everything is, here is a rough ASCII map:
        --------------    |----
                      |       |
     <mini-armory     |       |
      below - can     |       |
      be skipped.>    |       |
                               - branches out to elevator that goes to vats
                      |   |      (out of order)
                      |  *     - *=mutant that guards holding area
                      |   |
              ------- |   |
              | Holding
              | Areas    |  /\ - elevator to fourth level
    When you enter level 4, you should get 2000 xp for just going this far 
    without annoying the guards. Go to the left, and go straight up until you 
    enter the room with all of the computers (control room). There should be a 
    COC tech in Purple Robes guarding the area. He'll surrender, and so will 
    his comrades.
    NOTE: If you want an extra 1000 experience and a minigun, ammo, and
          stimpacks, use 'Repair' (1st) and 'Science' (2nd) on the robot near
          the elevator. He is supposed to blow up the forcefield emitter that
          leads to the Vats.
    There is a computer in the northeast quadrant whose description should say
    "Vats Control Computer" or something like that. Use the computer, and go
    into the Security Codes option. There should be some key codes. Select
    one of the following codes:*
    67209-5574-7805564 (270 second silent self-destruct sequence)
    31914-1041-1251514 (300 second silent self-destruct sequence)
      - the code on the bottom is recommended.
    NOTE: I was reading WhiteChocobo666's Evil FAQ, and his listed a different
          code. If yours lists different codes, leave the system, save, and
    If you select the first one of the ones listed in the game, you have to 
    haul ass in 60 seconds. If you select the last one, it means instant death 
    to you and the base. If you select the middle one, that will set the base 
    on alert.(And the mutants will be after you...if you want to finish them 
    off, don your power armor, pop whatever drugs you have, heal to full 
    health, etc...)
    After you select the code, run to the elevator. Dash to the elevator on the
    northwest corner on the third level, and descend down to the first level.
    Put on your Power Armor, and get the hell out of the base. BS the mutant
    guarding the entryway, and go to the world map area. You should see the
    video that shows the base being blown up.
    For the final required mission, head towards the Cathedral. It is two square
    units south of the Boneyards.
    * If you're going to get the key to arm the nuke in the Cathedral, head
      to the east until you see a large mutant with a COC tech on his side.
      Enter Sneak mode and put the lockpicks in your active item slot. Walk
      towards the edge of the wall and lockpick the locker. Take the key to
      arm the nuke (it looks different). Afterwards, sneak out of the
      room again, towards the edge of the wall. Once your character starts
      to walk to the west you can stop sneaking. You might need relatively
      high sneak skill to do this; I was successful with 60%. Having a Stealth
      Boy also helps.
    Details for the Cowboy Approach
    Be sure that you have killed Dogmeat and have told your NPC's that you
    want them to leave. And when you start to attack the mutants in the base,
    the entire base will be under alert - everything that moves will probably
    attack you (save for the NPC's). You have been warned.
    Use the radio and draw off the three of the four mutants. Go behind the
    remaining mutant and try to kill him in under three turns. Snipers and
    the .223 pistol have worked well. After you pacify the mutant, look at his
    body and take the holodisc and the radio. Read the holodisc. Get your NPC's 
    and enter the base. Kill every mutant on the first level. After the mutants 
    have been killed, go to the computer on the east corner. Hack into it, 
    disable the forcefields, and use the radio on the computer. This sets up 
    remote control.
    Go to the field computer, hack into it, and set the 'Pest' setting to 
    'Large Pests.' That way, the robots will attack the mutants.
    At the last level, there is a robot that is called Mr. Handy. You can repair
    him and use the 'Science' skill on him and he'll blow up the forcefield 
    that goes to the vats. Kill the mutants and the COC techs. In the 
    footlocker in the room next to the elevator, there are two plastic 
    explosives. Take them.
    Also on the last level, there is the lieutenant of the Super Mutants. He 
    has 250 hit points, a gatling laser, and two guards with gatling lasers and
    rocket launchers. He is fairly difficult, but if you use the .223 pistol 
    (or a strong weapon) at the eyes, he'll be dead in about six hits. 
    (Alternate methods: go up to him and attack him. His guards have rocket 
    launchers and gatling lasers, so those attacks will hurt the lieutenant as 
    well.) After the guards and the lieutenant are dead, lockpick the locker
    next to the dead guards. Take the key.
    Go to the computer area (the room whose force field was blown up by Mr. 
    Handy). Use the 'Science' skill on the Vats control computer and access it. 
    Save the game. Access the computer again, and once you have found desired code,
    make a run for the exit. Be sure that every creature is dead on Levels I, III, 
    and IV.
    Go to the third level, and use the radio to toggle the forcefields. If the 
    radio won't work, then use the explosives that you brought earlier. Escape 
    from the base.
    For the final required mission, head towards the Cathedral. It is two square
    units south of the Boneyards.
    Notable Areas
    1)  The Cathedral building
        - Morpheus' Quarters (4th floor)
        - Lasher's Quarters
        - Entrance to the Vault
        - Prayer Room
    2)  Cathedral Vault
        - Psychers' Quarters (Level 2)
        - Prison Quarters (Level 2)
        - Cathedral Control Center (Level 3)
        - Master's Quarters (Level 3)
        - The nuclear bomb chamber (Level 4)
    Notable Characters
    1)  Lasher, High Priest
    2)  Dr. Wu, COC medic (He won't heal you.)
    3)  Ton, mean guy (tries to seduce you if you are female)
    4)  Francine, a devout Cathedral believer
    5)  Morpheus, High Priest and leader of the Cathedral
    6)  Laura, Follower spy
    7)  Jeremiah, COC member who opens door for you
    8)  Gideon, Psychotic nut who will give you nullifier
    9)  Viscious, Strong mutant who guards north area
    10) The Master of the Super Mutants
    -   Cathedral figureheads/techs (purplee robes)
    -   Chanters of the Children of the Catthedral (brown robes)
    -   Followers of the Children of the Caathedral (Ton, etc.)
    -   Nightkin guards (ground and tower llevels only)
    -   Super Mutant guards (vault only)
    -   Mad Scientists
    -   Prisoners
    -   Robots
    Stuff to get
    1)  Red Cathedral Key (barter from Ton)
    2)  Black Cathedral Key (kill Morpheus)
    3)  Robes (if you still haven't got them, get them after
        you kill Morpheus)
    4)  Psychic Nullifier
    1)  Kill Morpheus and his nightkin guards. Alternatively,
        you can slaughter everyone in the Cathedral for the 
        'Cowboy' approach. - OR -
        You can skip steps 2-6 if you speak with Morpheus and 
        ask him to take you to the Master. Choose this option only 
        if you have robes and Vree's autopsy disk.  
    2)  Head on to the Cathedral Vault, and wait for approximately
        a minute for Jeremiah to open the door. Rush in with your
        robes on. - OR -
        Examine the bookcase directly to the left of the secret
        doorway (wall with irregularities). Go on the left of
        the bookcase and use traps on it. I got it open with two
        tries with 38% traps and 5 luck.   
    3)  BS the mutants that are guarding the Vault entrance that you
        have business to do.
    4)  Hack into the computer on the first floor.
    5)  Free the prisoners on Level 2.
    6)  Speak with Gideon and ask him to 'anoint' you (he'll give you the
        Psychic Nullifier)
    7)  Either...
         a - Kill the Master with your gun (Cowboy)
         b - If you have brought the key from the military base (and have
             insanely high lockpick skill), use the key to arm the nuke.
         c - Talk the Master out of his plans (only if you have Vree's
            autopsy report and/or have read it, and have robes on.)
    8)  Escape from the Cathedral after your confrontation with the 
    NOTE: Like the Military Base, there are many ways you can blow up the Cathedral.
          These include two infiltration methods and of course, the cowboy method.
          If you have spoken with Ismarc, then you should already know the
          location of the Boneyards. The Cathedral is to the south of the
          Boneyards by two square units.
    NOTE: Many people in the Cathedral will refuse to speak with you if you have
          a weapon in your active weapon slot, and some might even turn hostile.
    NOTE: Unlike the Military Base, the members of the Cathedral (first floor)
          won't turn hostile if you kill Morpheus and his mutant guards. The
          same applies if you kill mutants on the second floor and enter the
          third. The members do say threatening dialogue and might turn hostile
          towards you.
          The Cathedral Vault is a sealed area. If you kill members on the first
          floor, you can enter the second and third floors without any of the
          mutants turning hostile towards you (provided that you have the robes
          on). But if you kill the Master, the entire Cathedral Vault will be under
    Details for the Diplomatic-Infiltration Approach
    Enter the Cathedral in your Power Armor. Once you get into the
    main prayer area, there should be a man in leather armor. Speak
    with him, and barter for his red cathedral key. (After that, you
    can call him little man or whatever...) Use the cathedral key on
    the locked door next to the lady in the leather jacket. After the
    door is unlocked, climb the stairs until you reach the fourth floor.
    NOTE: Another way of getting the key is bartering it from Sister
          Francis or by asking Lasher really nicely. Also, you can
          lockpick the door (80% with lockpicks works).
    When you reach the fourth floor, put the combat shotgun or .223 pistol
    in the inactive weapon slot. Open the door that goes to Morpheus' room
    (he is the guy in the robes), hit 'A' to go to combat, and kill him.
    There are three nightkin (Super Mutants) who are his guards; two are
    equipped with a flamethrower and one has a minigun. Dispose of his
    guards, and examine Morpheus' corpse and take his black Cathedral key.
    Go back to the first floor, and put on your robes and equip the black
    Cathedral key in your active item slot. There is a locked door leading 
    to a room with a bookcase on it; use the black cathedral key there. Enter 
    the stairwell that leads to the basement.
    When you descend down the stairwell, you will enter the Cathedral basement.
    There is a secret door in the basement that leads to the Cathedral vault.
    Here is an ASCII map showing you where the secret entrance is:
     |       |
     |       |
     |       |
                          b = bookcase
       . . .              * = bookcase with trapdoor switch.   
    |        |----
    |           b
    |           *
    |            secret doorway
    There are two ways into the Cathedral vault. One is to wait for a minute
    until Jeremiah (Master's messenger) opens the door and goes up the stairs.
    The second way is to examine the bookcase that is directly to the left
    of the secret entrance. On the left of the bookcase, examine it. After your
    examination, use the traps skill on the bookcase. Eventually, you will find
    a hidden switch (I got it with two tries on 38% skill and 5 luck). Then 
    examine it again to open the door. Rush in.
    When you enter the cavern entrance to the vault, there will be several 
    grotesque creatures, namely floaters and centaurs. They'll ignore you since 
    you are wearing the robes.
    Like Vault 13, this vault has an entrance on the north corner guarded by 
    two super mutants. They'll stop you as you go in, but since you have your 
    robes on, you can BS them easily. Just say that you are on important business, 
    and give them a blessing. You'll get 750 xp.
    There is a computer next to the elevator. Use science on it to find the 
    location of the military base...(even though you know it already, it gives 
    you 1250 xp). Enter the elevator, and go to level 2.
    On Level 2, go to the room with a lone super mutant guard with some 
    scientists. Enter the room, and go south. You'll see some trapped 
    prisoners. Go to the terminal on the wall, use it, and the prisoners will 
    be free. You will get 2000 xp for your efforts. (BTW, once the prisoners 
    escape and reach the terminal, they'll be blown away...no known way to stop
    Go in the northwest of level 2, and enter the room on the left of the 
    prayer room(the room with people in COC robes and two super mutants). Speak 
    with the man with the green shirt, and ask him for a nullifier. He'll give 
    you one, and you'll receive 1000 xp. Also, be sure to equip the nullifier 
    in your active item slot. Go back to the elevator for level 3.
    When you enter level 3, head south and take a turn (your right or your 
    character's left). There should be a mutant walking towards you. He won't 
    talk to you or attack, so there is no need to worry. Head towards the 
    control area (the area with the goo-covered computers) and open the door. 
    Go through the door, through the passageway, and you should see the master. 
    Speak with him. Now, here is the conversation:
    Master: So what shall it be? Do you join the Unity or do you die here? 
            Join! Die! Join! Die!
       You: If you can prove to me that your Unity is the best course for
            humanity, then I will help you.
    Master: I don't have to prove anything to you! Prove.
       You: I can't know you represent the best future unless you prove it to 
    Master: Very demanding for one in your tenuous position. But I can respect
            your needs.
       You: So tell me.
    Master: The Unity will bring about the Master race...to our destiny. 
       You: That race being the mutants, of course.
    Master: Of course. Mutants are best equipped to deal with the world...age 
            of mutants. Mutants!
       You: You mean to change others into mutants, as well.
    Master: All that resist, yes...last of their race.
       You: You've got a problem with your master plan.
    Master: And what is that?
       You: I happen to know that your mutants are sterile.
    Master: Preposterous! The FEV-2 virus doesn't destroy the reproductive 
            organs of those it mutates.
       You: Have you talked to any of your mutants about this? (NOTE: you have 
            read report, but do not have it)
    Master: I believe I shall. Don't move.
            My scientists assure me that nothing is wrong. What do you say to 
       You: How about a female mutant?
    Master: Reasonable. One moment. Are you sure? What about the other females? 
            It cannot be. Be.
       You: Sorry, your race is doomed.
    Master: But it cannot be...failure...be.
       You: Sorry, this isn't an option for you...race...die.
    Master: < Last speech...choose 'done' and leave Cathedral immediately. >
    NOTE: You'll need high intelligence to get this conversation. Eight works,
          six or seven might work. High speech skill is also a good idea to
          have. The "smooth talker" can help in this area, if your intelligence
          is a bit lacking.
    After the conversation, run down to the elevator, down to the first level,
    and exit out of the Vault cavern through the secret door and basement. After
    you go climb the stairwell that leads to the first floor, leave the Cathedral
    through the entrance that takes you outside. After you get outside (with some
    people in leather armor and brown robes), run to the red exit. You'll see a
    video of the Cathedral blowing up, and the game will be over.
    Details for the Diplomatic Approach
    This one is pretty much the same as the above. Instead, wear your robes
    from the outset and barter for a red key. Use the key to open the locked
    door, and go to Morpheus' room. Talk to Morpheus, and tell him that you
    have some information for the Master, namely Vault 13. Morpheus will
    take you to the Master. After you're there, do the same conversation
    approach, and after he realizes the fault with his plan, leave the Cathedral.
    Details for the Cowboy Approach
    This method is pretty much the same as the above, but you kill everything
    that moves. Be sure to don your Power Armor, use stims often, and also save.
    Be sure to pick up heavy weapons from the dead mutants.
    On Level 2, be sure to free the prisoners and get the Psychic Nullifier if
    you can.
    Level 3 will probably be the hardest area to fight. There are several 
    assault robots and many super mutants, each with at least 100 hit points. 
    Then there is the Master as well. (For tips on defeating the Master, see 
    the 'tactics' section.)
    After the battle with the Master, you have to run from the Cathedral.
    Details for the *pseudo* James Bond Approach
    A bit different from the traditional infiltration approach, this one
    goes through in the same way as the original one, except that it
    requires you to have the Lieutenant's key to arm the nuke. Vree's
    holodisc is not required.
    When you have gone to the third level, head to the south and to the
    west, and enter the room that's full of super mutants. Use the
    electronic lockpicks on the door that is locked (if you don't have
    them, they can be found on the fourth floor of the Cathedral).
    After you've locked that door, lockpick the elevator door. (You can't
    use your picks.) Enter the elevator and go to the fourth level. When
    you go to the fourth level, again, you can't use your lockpicks to
    open the door. After you open the door, equip the key in one of your
    active item slots. Enter combat mode, put the key into the atomic 
    computer, and then put on your power armor kill the two mutants.
    After the two mutants are dead, remove your power armor and escape
    from the Cathedral.
    NOTE: You'll need good lockpick skill to complete this mission, and
          electronic lockpicks are highly recommended. I tried this with
          80% skill, and I know for a fact that 60% and below will not
    Now you have completed the game, but you want the full scope of the Fallout
    Below are the sections for the LA Boneyards and Necropolis if you want 
    Notable Areas
    1)  Hotel
    2)  Sewer System
    3)  Town Hall
    4)  Watershed
    5)  Vault 12
    Notable Characters
    1)  The Ghoul Leader (underground), gives you quest to fix water pump
    2)  Set, the leader of Necropolis
    3)  Harry, stupid super mutant who is guarding the Water Shed
    4)  The Ghoul prisoner, tells you location of Vault 12
    -   Ghouls
    -   Glowing Ghouls
    -   Super Mutant guards at watershed
    -   Children of the Cathedral healers aat watershed
    -   Rats
    Stuff to get
    1)  Junk (to fix the water pump)
    2)  The Water Chip
    3)  There are several dead bodies in the sewers; one has a Plasma
        Pistol. Yours to take, I didn't myself.
    1)  Kill any ghoul/rat that wants to attack you.
    2)  Get quest from Set to kill the mutants at the watershed.
    3)  Find the junk parts to the water pump.
    4)  Return to the underground Ghoul leader, tell him that
        you have the parts, and he will give you some repair books
        if your skill isn't high enough.
    5)  Fix the water pump by using the junk parts on it.
    6)  Free the ghoul prisoner (his cell is close to the water pump)
    7)  Get the water chip from the command center in Vault 12.
    8)  Kill the mutants guarding the water shed. 
    NOTE: If you enter Necropolis and there aren't any ghouls in the city,
          you have come there too late. The mutants have invaded Necropolis.
          The water chip can still be found there. You should reach Necropolis
          in mid to late January. The mutants take over Necropolis in the middle
          of February.
    Necropolis is a fairly linear area (usually there is only one way to complete
    things). When you enter, there will be some ghouls attacking you...they have
    12, 36, or 42 hit points and are easy fights if you have power or combat armor.
    I had no trouble attacking them unarmed.
    There are some sewer holes in the hotel area; open one up and go down. Kill
    any rats that are in the sewer, and head northward. Be sure to examine the
    ghoul corpses; one has a Plasma Pistol while another one has a Cattle Prod.
    When you enter the north area, talk to the ghoul leader and tell him that
    you will fix the water pump. Go to the southeast area, and climb the ladder
    When you climb up the stairs, leave the shack in which you have entered and
    enter the large building (the one with a ghoul guard who has a spear).
    Enter, and at the far end, you should see three ghouls with shotguns and
    rifles. Talk to the one in the middle, tell him that he is intelligent, and
    offer to kill Harry and the fellow mutants at the watershed. Go leave the
    area; descend down the ladder from which you came.
    Back at the sewers, go to the north area until you find the exit. There
    are some rats there; they are all easy fights.
    At the north of the sewers, kill any rats, and climb the stairs. Again,
    you should be at a shack; leave the shack, and go north. You should see a 
    super mutant next to a manhole; open the manhole, and go down. Kill all of 
    the rats there, and in the northeast part of the sewers here, you should
    find some junk parts. (These are the parts needed to fix the water pump.) 
    Climb the ladder, and there should be a large building with four mutants in 
    it. Save the game, and then enter the building.
    There is a stupid mutant guarding the building, and his name is Harry. If 
    you are female, Harry thinks you are pretty. Tell him that you need a big 
    man, and he'll realize that you are a normal, and plead with him to let you
    go. He'll let you go.
    If you are male, tell him that you're a ghoul with snazzy-looking clothes
    and afterwards ask him what is he doing. Harry will tell you that he is
    looking for normals (humans), and then assure Harry that you aren't a normal.
    Then tell him that you are a robot. Harry will let you go. The same procedure
    also works with the female character.
    Of course, the alternate method is killing all of the mutants. It shouldn't
    be that bad with Combat Armor.
    Use the parts on the water pump, and you'll receive 1500 experience. Go 
    south and speak to the ghoul prisoner. Offer to free him. Once you have 
    freed him, he'll tell you where the entrance to Vault 12 is (directly to 
    the prisoner's right or your character's left).
    Open the door, descend down the ladder, and go down the drainage pipe.
    You'll be at Vault 12. There isn't much at Vault 12; kill every ghoul that 
    attacks you, and on the third floor, the water chip is located on the only 
    working computer. Take it and leave. (Yessss! Now you have 12 and something
    years to finish the game....) Optionally kill the mutants guarding the 
    watershed; you'll get quite some experience but the reward is slim: four 
    flares and four nuke-a-colas. You'll also get 2500 xp for the water chip.
    (At the Boneyards, there is a ghoul at the Followers' Library. Tell him
    that you killed the mutants, and he'll give you a flamethrower.)
    After you kill the mutants and ask Set for information, he'll attempt to
    kill you. If you have combat armor and a combat shotgun, this fight will
    be pretty easy. You'll get loads of experience plus a boost to your karma.
    Be sure to return the water chip to Vault 13. You'll get 7500 experience.
    You'll get two quests: destroy the mutant laboratory and kill the mutant
    leader (the Master).
    Rough Map
            Blades - - - Deathclaw - - - Gun Runners
            /  |         Warehouse
           /   |
          /  Adytum (start point)
    Notable Areas
    1)  Adytum, main city
    2)  Blades
    3)  Followers Library
    4)  Deathclaw Warehouse
    5)  Gun Runners
    Notable Characters
    1)  Jon Zimmerman, mayor of Adytum
    2)  Smitty, blacksmith
    3)  Miles, chemist
    4)  Razor, leader of the Blades
    5)  Nicole, leader of the Followers
    6)  Gabriel, leader of the Gun Runners
    7)  Zack, sells you weapons (at Gun Runners)
    8)  Caleb, organizer of the Regulators 
    9)  Chuck, fortune-telling gypsy
    10) Katja, Boneyard scavenger who'll join you
    11) Talius, the Vault 13 citizen who is now a ghoul.
    12) MacRae, the guard at the Blades
    13) Christine, Blades member
    14) Michael, Blades member
    -   Regulators at Adytum
    -   Blades at the downtown area
    -   Followers at the library
    -   Deathclaws at the warehouse
    -   Gun Runners at the fortress
    Stuff to get
    1)  Junk from the Deathclaw
    2)  Plasma Rifle from the Gun Runners if you feel brave enough to kill
        all of the mutants at the Cathedral/Military Base. It is a good idea
        to have decent energy weapons skill for this one.
    1)  Go to Chuck's tent on the southeast. You can get your fortune told and 
        can get a chance to raise your Luck by two points.
    2)  Offer to help Miles fix the hydroponic farms. The equipment is at the 
        Deathclaw warehouse, on the body of a dead merchant.
    3)  Go to the Blades, speak with Razor, and offer to get weapons from the 
        Gun Runners to kill the Regulators.
    4)  Kill all of the Deathclaws in the warehouse. Go inside the deserted 
        building, and go down the stairs. Kill the Deathclaw mother and destroy 
        all of the eggs.
    5)  Go to the Gun Runners and ask to speak with Gabriel. Tell Gabriel that 
        the Deathclaws are dead and that you want to give weapons to your 
        friends (i.e, the Blades)
    6)  After the weapon deal is complete, assault Adytum with the Blades.
    7)  Give the parts to Miles, who will turn you over to Smitty. Give the 
        parts to Smitty, who will repair them, and then give the parts back to 
    8)  Go to the Followers and speak with Nicole. Ask for help in killing the 
        Master...this is optional. You can pick Katja from there as well.
    NOTE: If you ever talked to Talius and got the bugged Spy quest, there's
          no way of completing the quest (it was removed). It's not really
          a bug but isn't included in the game. It's not discussed in the
          paragraph(s) about the Followers.
    When you come into the LA Boneyards, you'll start out in Adytum. Two of the
    Regulators (take control of Adytum) will ask you to holster your weapons. 
    Go south, and there should be a tent next to a building. Save the game, and
    enter the building. Talk to Chuck, choose the last option in the 
    conversation, and ask for advice, and thank him. Continue to ask for his 
    advice until Chuck gets the 'Fool' tarot card. Talk to him again, ask him 
    about his profession, and ask for more advice. He will pull out the 'Fool' 
    tarot card again, and your Luck skill will increase by two.
    NOTE: The Tarot readings tell you that the Military Base is to the north
          and that the Cathedral is to the south.
    To your left (or your character's right) should be a building with a 
    whitish wall with a man in a smock close by. (This guy's name is Miles.) 
    Tell him that you will get the parts to fix the hydroponic farms. Head 
    north, to the Blades.
    In the Blades area, go to the north and enter the building. Speak with the
    lady in the leather jacket. Get the background story about the Regulators
    from her (how they killed Zimmerman's son) and offer to get the Blades 
    better equipment so they can take on the Regulators. Save the game. If
    your fighting skills aren't up to par (not as high as 91%), you can ask
    MacRae, the Blade at the entrance, to teach you some fighting skills.
    Head east to the deathclaw warehouse. There are two to three deathclaws, 
    and the basement on the bottom contains the mother deathclaw and all of her
    eggs. You must kill all of the deathclaws and the eggs in order for the Gun
    Runners to give weapons to the Blades. (For more information on killing the
    deathclaws, please see the tactics section below.) The dead merchant should
    be on the northeast side of the warehouse.
    After you have disposed of the deathclaws, make your way further east to 
    the Gun Runners. Ask the guard about seeing Gabriel, the boss. He'll let 
    you through.
    When you enter the main Gun Runners building, speak with Gabriel. (He's the
    guy in the combat armor). Tell him that the deathclaws and the eggs are 
    dead, and ask him to give weapons to the Blades. He'll do so. Alternatively,
    you can ask for lots of weapons and ammo from the Gun Runners. See below on
    how to kill the Regulators with this option. Either way, you'll get a big
    discount on their weapons if you decide to buy them.
    Go back to the Blades, talk to Razor, and tell her that you are ready to 
    take on the Regulators. Seven Blades, all clad in Combat Armor, will arrive
    (two are in the back). The fight will be easy, but you will have to watch 
    out for the Regulator who has the ripper and for civilian casualties. To 
    end the fight, (obviously) kill all of the Regulators and finally, Jon 
    Zimmerman. Note that the civilians will be on your side. After the fight 
    has ended, Razor will appear at the entrance to Adytum, and she'll thank 
    you for your efforts.
    If you get the weapons, go to Adytum and talk to Zimmerman and give him the 
    holodisc that Razor gave you earlier. One of the Regulators should kill 
    him; you'll have to kill all of the Regulators yourself. Civilian casualties 
    will be quite high.
    NOTE: There is no way to save Jon Zimmerman. He'll fight on your side
          initially. After all of the Regulators have been killed, he'll
          start to attack you. You have to kill him in order for the Blades
          to gain control of Adytum.
    Go south and talk to Miles, who will send you to Smitty (the man with 
    Leather Armor). Smitty will repair the parts and give them to you, and then
    you have to go back to Miles. Miles and Smitty now can upgrade Power Armor
    and Plasma Rifles. To upgrade the Power Armor, talk to Miles while wearing
    the armor. He'll send you to the Hub to buy some science journals so he can
    learn how to harden the armor. You can get the journals from Mrs. Stapleton
    for about $750. For Smitty to upgrade the Plasma Rifle, get one and give it
    to him to upgrade the original to the Turbo Plasma Rifle.
    Afterwards, you should go to the Blades area and talk to MacRae. Ask him to
    teach you some things, and you'll receive an increase to your fighting skills.
    Go inside the Blades building, and talk to Michael. (He's in the western area
    of the first room; his description reads "an intense young man.") He'll give
    you five stimpacks and some money for killing the Regulators.
    You can go to the Followers' library that is due west of the Blades. You 
    can recruit another NPC whose name is Katja. She's pretty good at combat 
    and can pick locks as well. You should also speak with Nicole (she is the 
    woman who does not move; a bit north of Katja.) She can give you some
    help in destroying the Cathedral.
    Downstairs, there is a ghoul who was a former citizen of Vault 13. He went 
    to go look for the water chip, but was taken captive by the super mutants 
    at Necropolis. Talk to him and offer to kill the Master for him. The ghoul 
    will give you a flamethrower and 20 flamethrower cartridges. If you have 
    killed the mutants at the watershed, he'll just give you the flamethrower.
    Leave the Boneyards and go south to the Cathedral. However, the next section
    covered is the Glow.
    Notable Areas
    1)  Crater
    2)  Levels 1-6 (especially 5)
    Notable Characters
    1)  Zax, supercomputer on Level 4.
    -   Robots
    Stuff to get
    1)  Raid every locker and every dead creature you can find. This includes:
        - Rocket Launcher (Level 4)
        - Minigun (Level 5)
        - Plasma Rifle (Level 5)
        - Combat Armor (Level 5)
        - Stealth Boy (Level 5)
        And LOTS of other stuff. Several sniper rifles, assault rifles, etc.
        can be found on the dead robots.
    2)  The yellow, red, and blue key cards.
        - The yellow keycard is found on the dead guy in Power Armor on Level 
        - The red keycard is found on the dead body in the northeast area,
          with the radioactive rat on Level Two.
        - The blue keycard is found on the only dead body in Level Four.
    3)  The four holodiscs. Read them for experience and for the fun of it.
        - The disc that the Brotherhood wants you to retrieve is on Level one,
          on the dead Brotherhood knight.
        - The other three discs are on Level five.
    1)  Swallow two RadX's before you enter the crater and take any RadAway's
        that you need to zero your radiation.
    2)  Use a rope and descend down the crater.
    3)  Kill all of the robots that you see before you turn on the power.
    4)  Fix the power generator on Level 6. This lets you go to Level 5.
    5)  Raid everything - lockers, dead bodies, etc. 
    Right before you enter the glow, swallow two RadX's. Enter the Glow, and
    use the rope on the metal bar that extends out into the crater.
    Go to the south; take a right, and head north to get to the Brotherhood
    soldier. Take the yellow key and his holodisc. Use the key on the elevator
    and descend down. On Level 2, your primary focus is to find the red key,
    which is on the lone body in the room on the northeast. Go back to the
    elevator, use the yellow key, and go to Level 3. Be sure to kill all of the
    deactivated robots -- this is probably the easiest experience that you'll
    There isn't anything much on Level 3. Kill all of the robots and go to the
    northwest. Use the red keycard on this elevator. Go to Level 4.
    On Level 4, on the central-west room there is a dead body with the blue
    keycard. Take the blue keycard and go to Zax, the supercomputer. Ask for 
    mainframe mode and download all of the files that you can, plus you can 
    also chat with the computer and play chess with it to make it like you 
    On Level 6, kill the robots, and fix the power generator. There are some
    repair books scattered around the Glow; use them to increase your skill.
    Repair the generator on Level 6. Go to the northwest corner, and use the
    blue keycard on the elevator. Go to Level 5.
    On Level 5, kill all of the robots. After they are dead, explore the
    east wall lockers. They are full of goodies, and be sure to check out the 
    rusted lockers nearby. Save, and leave the Glow. Be sure to use the 
    keycards on the elevators. Here is a list:
    - Yellow: Elevator for Levels 1-3
    - Red: Elevator for Levels 3,4, and 6.
    - Blue: Elevator for Levels 4-6. Power  must be enabled for this one.
    After you leave the Glow, go back to the Brotherhood. Give Cabbot the
    disk that you found on Level 1. You will also receive 1500 experience.
    Most experience, most kills.
    - Complete the game up till you have Poower Armor, and then return the
      water chip to the Vault. Be sure to fix the Necropolis water pump
      as well.
    - After you return the water chip, compplete any extra sidequests in the
      Vault, and then kill everyone in Vault 13 except for the Overseer.
    - In Shady Sands throughout the Boneyarrds, do the same. Slaughter the
      Brotherhood if you feel high and mighty.
    - Do the 'Cowboy' approaches for the Miilitary Base and the Cathedral.
    If you want the highest karma possible, this is what you'll have to do:
    - Completely avoid Decker's quests. Youu can ask for a job, say something
      derisive, and kill him. Or you can accept the job and turn him into the 
    - After you get Power Armor, go to Necrropolis and kill whatever creature
      that comes in your path. Kill the mutants at the watershed, fix the
      water pump, and then get the water chip. After the mutants are dead,
      get the reward from Set, and then kill all of the Ghouls. This gives
    - Go to Vault 13, and before you returnn the water chip, finish the extra 
      quests (water thief, rebel faction).
    - Do the 'Cowboy' approach for the Cathhedral and Military Base. Kill all
      of the mutants. Killing FEV creatures and ghouls in general gives you
    There aren't many evil quests in Fallout (save for Junktown), but you get
    your bad reputation by killing the townsfolk.
    Vault 13
    - Kill all of the rats.
    Shady Sands
     - Ask Katrina for help.
     - Get Ian.
     - Kill eight of the nine radscorpions. Optionally make the antidote if 
       you get poisoned.
    Vault 15
     - Kill all of the rats and raid the Vault.
    Raider Camp
    - Join the Raiders. Tell Garl that you  "want to kick some serious ass." He 
      might let you in. If he doesn't, kill him. I haven't been successful on 
      this one.
    - Help Killian kill the assassin. Acceppt the quest to get evidence to
      kill Gizmo.
    - Go to Gizmo and offer to kill Killiann.
    - Get Tycho and Dogmeat. After you get  them, kill Killian.
    - Steal Neal's urn from the Skum Pitt.  Give it to the Skulz and kill Neal.
    - Afterwards, just kill everybody at Juunktown save for the Skulz and Gizmo.
    - You should get a combat shotgun and ccombat armor before doing anything.
      You can get them from Jake's weapon shop.
    - Complete Decker's quests, killing Higghtower and Jain. Don't kill the 
      flower girl yet.
    - Kill Lorenzo and his guards at the Frriendly Lending Company.
    - Somewhat complete the caravan disappeearance quest. Go in the cave and 
      kill the Deathclaw. Do not kill the mutant, and don't tell Butch that it 
      was the mutants who were causing the caravan disappearances.
    - Get Electronic Lockpicks from the Thiieves' Guild. Kill them after you get
      the Electronic Lockpicks.
    - Make sure you get the robes from the  locked doors in the Children of the
      Cathedral Building.
    - If you're male, screw Keri and get thhe buffouts. Also, be sure to take
      everything from Demetre's desk.
    - Pick the doors with the Electronic Loockpicks, and get Vree's tape, 
      complete her computer course, and get the Power Armor. Take the Glow
      quest if you can't get in, however.
    - If you do go to the Glow, be sure to  raid it - completely. And do kill
      all of the robots.
    - Get your fortune told from Chuck.
    - Help the Regulators kill the Blades.  (Go to the Blades and kill all
      of the characters there.)
    - Kill the Deathclaws. Go to the Gun Ruunners and ask for ammunition and 
    - Get Katja, and then kill all of the FFollowers and the Gun Runners.
    - Kill Dogmeat and leave all of your NPPC's outside.
    - Kill Morpheus. Unfortunately, this giives karma, but you need the Black 
      Cathedral Key.
    - Hack into the computer on Level 1 to  get location of Military Base.
    - Blow it up, infiltration method is prreferred. Be sure to hack into the 
      computer on Level I of the Vault for the location of the Military Base. 
      Also, be sure that you kill Dogmeat.
    - Get all the equipment that you need aand kill everyone except for Decker. 
      Kill the flower girl and the kid with brahmin in the entrance.
    - Kill everyone that is left.
    Shady Sands
    - Kill everyone, including the kids andd brahmin.
    Vault 13
    - Kill Everyone except for the overseerr. Make sure that you don't talk to 
      him; he'll kill you.
    - If you're brave enough, slaughter theem. 
    Right outside military base
    - Steal all of Ian's, Katja's, and Tychho's stimpacks and weapons. Kill all 
      of them.
    Military Base
    - Blow it up, infiltration method is prreferred.
    No kills...none at all. You'll also need a specific character. See the
    character section for the 'Pacifist' character. This is also the
    hardest one to complete.
    What 'Pacifist' essentially does is preventing you from killing things
    by avoiding sidequests that involve death. If you get caught in a
    random encounter, run away if possible.
    Vault 13
    - Strip the bones on your right. Do nott kill any of the rats.
    Shady Sands
    - Ask Katrina for help and get Ian. Aftter you get him, steal all of his
      equipment and stimpacks, and also ask him for directions to the Hub
      and Juktown. Tell him to leave afterwards.
    - Get the Scout Handbooks, the rope, annd raid Razlo's bookcase.
    - Go to the farm and tell the farmer abbout crop rotation.
    - Go to the Crash House area and save tthe game, and put your pistol in
      the inactive item slot. Go talk to Killian, and ask him about the
      other cities near Junktown. The assassin will come, and just shoot him
      once. After the assassin is dead, help Killian get evidence to kill
      Gizmo. Be sure to get the assassin's weapon.
    - Go to Gizmo's and offer to kill Killiian, with the tape recorder in the
      active item slot.
    - Go to Killian, give him the confessioon, ask for Leather Armor, and
      decline his offer to kill Gizmo. You can go and swindle him as well.
      (Trade four stimpacks for four of his stimpacks. Since you will probably
       have a better offer, this is a good way to increase your money. Do this
       until he runs out.)
    - Go to the Crash House and rest for onne day. When you get up, save Sinthia
      from the Raider.
    - Go to the Casino Area and go to the SSkum Pitt. Enter from the back entrance
      and steal Neal's urn. Leave the Skum Pitt, rest until the evening, and
      enter the bar again. Ask Tycho to join you. After he joins you, steal all
      of his equipment and tell him to leave. Also, speak with Ismarc and get
      the locations of the Boneyards, the Brotherhood, and the Hub. Speak with
      Neal. After you speak with Neal, one of the Skulz will attack the barmaid.
      Neal will kill him. After Neal kills the Skulz, speak with Trish and ask
      about Saul. Leave the Skum Pitt, go to the boxing area and talk to the 
      man in the leather armor. Ask about Junktown and continue asking him 
      about the city until you can speak about Trish. You'll get some 
      experience for helping their relationship.
    - Go back to the Crash House area and rrest until the morning. Enter the Crash
      House through the back entrance. Talk to the Skulz in the leather jacket, 
      tell him that you want to join, tell him that you can prove it to him that 
      you are tough, and tell him that you have stolen Neal's urn. Decline the 
      offer to kill Neal. Also, enter Killian's store and enter his private
      quarters and lockpick his safe. Raid it completely.
    - Go to Lars, tell him about what the SSkulz are going to do, and decline 
      the offer to kill the Skulz. Barter for his radio and cheat him (just like
      what you did with Killian).
    - Go to the Crimson Caravan and take evverything in their desk.
    - Go to Mitch at the general store and  buy one rope and one tool if you
      don't have one.
    - Go to Butch at the Far Go Traders, assk about the job and accept it.
    - Go to Beth, and cheat her just like wwhat you did to Killian. Ask her
      about the Deathclaw.
    - Go to Old Town and speak with Jake. TTrade your Leather Armor and other 
      items for Combat Armor. Ask Jake about radiation and RadAway; he'll send 
      you to this guy named Vance at the east end of Old Town. Buy two RadX's 
      and two RadAway's from him.
    - Go to the Thieves' Guild, and of courrse, pick all of the locks. When you
      get there, speak with Loxley and accept the quest to find Hightower's
    - Go to the south end of Old Town and ttalk to Slappy. Slappy will send you
      to Harold. Give Harold $5 and ask him about the Deathclaw. Go back to
      Slappy and ask him to take you to the Deathclaw cavern. When you get 
      there, immediately leave.
    - Go to the Crimson Caravan and take evverything from Demetre's desk and
      if you're male, screw Keri.
    - Leave the Hub, and go to the Brotherhhood.
    - Get the Glow quest from Cabbot.
    - Right before you enter it, use your RRadX pills.
    - Use the rope on the metal ladder. Desscend down the crater. Go south, take
      a right, and then head north to get to the corpse with the holodisc. Read
      the holodisc. Optionally raid Levels 1-6 except for 5, and do not repair
      the power generator. Don't attack the robots, either.
    - Give the tape to Cabbot.
    - Ask for some weapons and ammo from Taalus, and watch the training on Level 1.
    - Go to Vree on Level 3 and ask her forr her mutant autopsies report and 
      take the computer course. Read the report about the autopsies. Also, talk
      to Sophia, ask about Brotherhood history, and read the holodisc that she
      gives you.
    - Go to Maxson on Level 4, offer to scoout the northwest for free, and ask for 
      some weapons. Also, be sure to ask him about the Brotherhood and read his
    - Repair the Power Armor on Level 3. Geet the systolic motivator from Michael.
    - Go to Level 2 and into your room (toppmost room). Dump all of your holodiscs
      and useless items except for Vree's disc into one of the lockers. Leave
      the Brotherhood for Necropolis.
    Necropolis (optional)
    - Don't kill anyone. Navigate the sewerrs and offer to fix the water pump
      for the underground ghoul leader. Don't kill any rats, and get the parts.
      Once you get the parts, bullshit Harry and fix the water pump. Also, be
      sure that you free the ghoul prisoner. Optionally get the water chip.
      If you do get the chip, return it to the Vault. (You've got Power Armor
      or at least Brotherhood Armor, so the rats shouldn't do much damage,
      or any damage for that matter.)
    Junktown/Hub (optional; on your way to Vault 13)
    - Buy some explosives from one of the mmerchants from either city.
    Shady Sands (optional)
    - Solve the radscorpion problem by bloccking the cave. Place the dynamite
      as close to the weakened wall as possible (it should tell you this
      in the description of the wall).
    Vault 13 (optional)
    - Do the sidequests and return the wateer chip.
    Shady Sands (optional)
    - Get the quest to find Tandi from Araddesh and Seth.
    Khan Raider Camp (optional)
    - Talk Garl into releasing Tandi or barrter for her release.
    Shady Sands (optional)
    - Return Tandi to Aradesh.
    - Get your fortune told from Chuck.
    - Go to the Followers' Library. There aare three Children of the Cathedral
      robes in a room on the first floor. Here is a rough ASCII map showing 
      you where the robes are:
           room            .  stairwell          * - Nicole
                |          .   to basement
            |----   *      .     
            |                  ...
            |    entrance
      The robes are on the south end. Also, be sure to ask Nicole about the
      location of the Cathedral. Don't ask for assistance, however. That
      complicates things a bit.
    - Go to Adytum, and go to Tyne, the merrchant. Get one plastic explosive
      in case. (Tyne's in the basement in Adytum; the stairwell is in a shack
      to the northwest of the entrance to Adytum.)
    - Partially complete the Deathclaw quesst (get the parts for Miles). It's
      a good idea to have Power Armor for this one. If the Deathclaw comes
      towards you, run away.
    - Go speak with Sister Francis or Ton aand barter for a red Cathedral pass.
      Use the pass to open the locked door. Put on your robes and go to the
      fourth floor.
    - On the fourth floor, lockpick the foootlocker and get the electronic
      lockpicks. Go back on the first floor and lockpick the door next to
      the door that you opened with the red pass. If you can't lockpick
      the door, then use explosives. They will open the door. And if you
      haven't done so, immediately put on your robes.
    - Blow up the Cathedral by talking the  Master out of his plans. Be sure
      to get the Psychic Nullifier, free the prisoners, and hack into the
      computer on Level 1. Also make sure that you have at least read Vree's
      mutant autopsies.
    Military Base
    - Walk around the complex in the world  map until it is midnight. Then
      enter it.
    - Use the radio to bullshit the mutant  guards. Choose the last option.
      After the mutants leave, use the electronic lockpicks to open the
      door. Enter the base.
    - On Level 1, hack into the computer annd head for Level 1 and go to
      Level 3. After you get in Level 3 and pass the forcefield, put on
      your robes. Go to Level 4.
    - On Level 4, repair Mr. Handy and bloww up the Military Base using the
      Infiltration Approach.
    Playing with a character with an Intelligence less than three...and getting
    high on Mentats...and on perks...
    Vault 13
    - Kill all of the rats. Wait for a day,, and go back to the Vault. Go to
      the water storage room and take their Mentat pills. Head for Shady Sands.
    Shady Sands
    - Take a Mentats. Do all of the stuff tthat you would normally do, but don't
      read the books yet. Be sure to steal lots of money from the villagers...
      you'll need to. After you level up to 3, you can take the perk "Smooth
      Talker" if you want to have "normal" dialogue conversations.
    Well, this is what I view as the ultimate spoiler.
    - Mutant armies are drawn away, they esscape to the west. Happens
      regardless to what you do.
    - Necropolis
      - Rediscover engineering, create new technological breakthroughs.
        Happens if you fix the water pump and enter Necropolis before
        the 88 day limit.
      - Necropolis is invaded by mutants. Happens if you...
        1) take the water chip and not fix the pump.
        2) enter Necropolis after the 88 day limit.
    - Boneyards (Followers)
      - Nothing. Happens if you visit them and complete the game in
        less than 88 days.
      - Followers are invaded by mutants. Happens if you take longer
        than 88 days to destroy the mutant threats.
    - Shady Sands
      - Aradesh and Tandi start the NCR. Happens if you kill the 
        radscorpions and return Tandi after getting the quest.
      - Shady Sands falters, has bad start. Happens if you kill Aradesh.
      - Shady Sands is invaded by mutants. Happens if you take a long
        time to complete the game and you kill everyone there. (I'm not
        sure about this one.)
    - Junktown
      - Killian establishes firm control over Junktown and life
        is fair and safe under his law. Happens if you kill Gizmo.
      - Gizmo establishes control over Junktown, expands casino,
        and dies while choking on an Iguana-on-a-Stick. Happens if
        you kill Killian.
    - Brotherhood of Steel
      - Assist NCR in bringing technology. Happens if you join
        the Brotherhood.
      - Take over NCR and start the 'Steel Plague.' Happens if you
        kill Rhombus.
    - Hub
      - Nothing. Happens if you complete the game in less than 88 days.
      - Hub is invaded by mutants. Happens if you complete the game if
        you take more than 88 days to destroy the mutant threats.  
    - Raiders
      - They break up with the death of Garl. Happens if you kill
      - The raiders continue to terrorize the local people. Happens
        if you visit the Raider camp, but in the process you don't
        kill Garl.
    - You
      - Your involvement with the communities is documented by future 
        historians. However, nobody knows what happened to you.
        What actually happens is that the Overseer kicks you out. He'll
        say that you know too much about the outside world and he is
        afraid that you will kill the other Vault dwellers.
        If you have the trait 'Bloody Mess' or have the karmic title
        'Berserker,' your character pulls out a .44 and blows the
        Overseer away. Alternatively, you can leave a gun in one of your
        item slots, and after the Overseer finishes talking, you can
        enter combat mode, switch to your weapon, and then blow him away.
        Your character starts the community called Arroyo, and the
        overseer is court marshaled and is banished or executed, I don't
        know. Eventually, you'll learn that the Vaults were all a special
        case involving the government. This plot is finely displayed
        in the sequel...Fallout 2, the post nuclear adventure set 80 years
        ahead of Fallout.
    If you don't go to a specific area, then you won't see the ending for
    the area.
    Here are some general tips to fine-tune your combat. Also included is a 
    boss guide.
    - You can cripple your foe at five poinnts if you score a critical while 
      aiming at their legs, arms, or eyes. If you cripple your foe's legs,
      he or she will have a hard time walking around. If you cripple one of
      the enemy's arms, then he or she won't be able to use two-handed weapons
      (and of course, if you cripple both of them, then the enemy will have to
      resort to unarmed attacks). If you cripple your opponent's eyes, then he
      or she will suffer from reduced Perception levels.
    - Aiming for the eyes usually gives a hhigh critical chance and does gobs of
      damage. Also, on male NPC's, hitting them in the groin makes them fall
    - Always use the right weapon for the jjob. Sometimes, a .223 Pistol won't 
      do you that much good (i.e, long range combat) while the Sniper or the 
      Combat Shotgun will work well.
      Generally, burst weapons do peanuts for damage against armored targets. 
      For example, lasers are good against leather armor, but don't do much 
      damage against critters with power or metal armor. And burst weapons, 
      well, you can just forget about them. Don't confuse this info with aimed
      shots, however. You can do heaps of damage with an aimed shot, especially
      to the eyes or head, regardless of what weapon you use or what armor the
      target is wearing. You can pacify mutants with Desert Eagles and 10mm
      pistols if you keep on aiming for the eyes.
      And it is pointless to waste precious ammunition against little critters
      like rats. Always go for unarmed/melee attacks if you can. If you have
      a Super Sledgehammer and Power Armor, then you can kill the Deathclaws at
      the Boneyards without much trouble.
    - Also use the right ammo for the job aas well. AP ammo might seem to be
      better than JHP ammo while hitting armored targets, but the game engine
      always gives lots of negative modifiers to damage with AP ammo. AP ammo
      penetrates better than JHP ammo, but always use JHP. It's the best type.
      FMJ isn't that bad either. The only exceptions to the rule seem to be
      AP and Explosive rockets, which to me seem to deal about the same amount
      of damage.
    - You can give your shots "up close andd personal." This works well in the 
      early game. Garl, the raider leader, can be killed in one hit...without a
      critical! (I once did 71 hp damage to him w/o critical using JHP rounds 
      and 54 using AP rounds)
    - Burst shots have a wide area of effecct. If an ally is in the middle, you 
      might want to not do a burst shot. Here is an example of the 
      "burst cone:"
                      X (you)
                     / \
                    / | \
                   / ||| \
                  / ||||| \
                 / ||||||| \
                Area of effect
      This is why giving the shots "up close and personal" deals gobs of 
      damage. The shots saturate the target with bullets, dealing an immense
      amount of damage. If you attack multiple characters at range with
      a burst shot, then both will get hit.
    - If the target is heavily armored, donn't use burst shots. You will see
      this happen to you when you get power armor and mutants are trying to
      kill you with miniguns. 
    - Sniping is a good idea for immobile ttargets, such as the master, or 
      against unarmed critters. It is also good for long-range combat.
    - Sniper Rifles, Hunting Rifles, and Asssault Rifles are your best bet for 
      long range sniping. However, the Sniper Rifle is the best. You can also 
      use the Assault Rifle in the burst mode.
      The Sniper works well against any target, even if it is armored or not.
      It has a damage range between 14 and 34 hp, compared with (max) 16 with
      the assault and 20 with the hunting rifle.
      Hunting Rifles work OK on lightly armored targets. The Assault rifle is 
      all right for mid-armored targets and good for bursting on lightly 
      armored targets.
    - You can use a Combat Shotgun for shorrt distance sniping, such as fighting
      unarmed or melee-weapon using mutants or humans. It is the best weapon 
      for mid armored targets, and is excellent for short range control. It 
      works well in conjunction with Power Armor when fighting Decker, and can
      even  be used to pacify Deathclaws.
      If you get your hands on the .223 Pistol, it is even better than the 
      Combat Shotgun. The only drawback is that it is less accurate and it has 
      only a 5 ammo magazine. This gun eliminates the need for energy weapons
      later on.
      In general, combat shotguns and the .223 pistol are extremely effective
      in short-range combat, like the fights in the Hub.
    - If you have a high energy weapons skiill, get a Plasma Rifle. No armor can
      withstand Plasma damge well. I got 132 hp on an eye shot on a Deathclaw 
      once. The Turbo Plasma Rifle only costs 4 AP's for a single shot!
    - You can kill Deathclaws easily this wway with a high small guns skill and 
      high luck. Get a sniper and/or .223 pistol, cripple their legs, and then 
      go for head and eye shots when they are down.
      In general, the above tactic works well against unarmed people and shines 
      when used in tandem with a super sledgehammer. (You can hit them, run 
      away, and hit them again while conserving ammo. The spiked knuckles work 
      well here.)
    - If you have good small guns skill (1220%+), then go straight for aimed 
      shots. 150%+ should give you a 95% chance to hit anywhere at decent range, 
      even at night.
    - If you use long-range weapons, you'lll get a negative modifier if you are
      attacking critters at really close range. This is an issue with the
      Fallout combat engine.
    - If you have a sledgehammer, use the wweapon against unarmed critters. Aim
      for the legs. After they have been crippled, you can score aimed shots to
      the head and eyes easily. Rippers work just as well.
    - If you have Power Armor and have spikked knuckles, then you can use those 
      against any critter...regardless of their armor. I dealt 46 damage to a 
      Deathclaw once (critical to the eyes). Power fists are even better, and 
      can kill scores of enemies. Ditto for Super Sledgehammers and Rippers.
    - It is recommended that you bring the  water chip to your Vault and kill
      the Regulators. Their metal armors sell well, and you need the experience.
    - If you want to assault the base, heree is a good list on what to bring.
      This might be a bit steep, but if you do kill the regulators, there
      are many metal armors and they sell for $1000.
      You: Advanced Power Armor, 2 Psychos, Turbo Plasma Rifle, 300+ cells,
           80+ stimpacks
      Ian: .223 Pistol, 300+ ammo, 30+ stimpacks
      Tycho: Sniper Rifle, 300+ ammo, 30+ stimpacks
      Katja: SMG, 600+ ammo, 30+ stimpacks
    - Enter the Military Base at night, aroound midnight. There are few guards
      in the base.
    - Guard Tycho and Ian; they don't have  much armor and their weapons deal
      quite a lot of damage. If they die, be sure to take Ian's and Tycho's
    - There are many, many, many mutants thhere. Here is a list of what I think
      is there.
      - Level 3: about 15 mutants, several robots and COC techs plus the Master
      - Level 2: 5 mutants, some scientists and COC chanters
      - Level 1: 2 mutants, one COC member, several centaurs and floaters
      - Ground floor: 1 nightkin, lots of humans
      - 2nd floor: 2 nightkin, one COC member
      - 3rd floor: 3-4 nightkin
      - 4th floor: 3 nightkin, Morpheus
      Military Base: (night)
      - Outside: 4 mutants
      - Level 1: 10 mutants, 3 robobrains
      - Level 2: 15 mutants, 2 robobrains (note: two mutants were dead...because
                 of what I don't know.)
      - Level 3: 5 mutants, 1 human
      - Level 4: 5 mutants, Mr. Handy, 3 robobrains and 6 humans plus 
      Military Base: (day)
      - Outside: 4 mutants
      - Level 1: 13 mutants, 3 robobrains
      - Level 2: 13 mutants, 2 robobrains
      - Level 3: 5 mutants, 1 human
      - Level 4: 5 mutants, Mr. Handy, 3 robobrains and 6 humans plus 
        NOTE: The mutants on future levels will regroup after attacking. This
              holds true for the night approach.
              Also, if you kill the mutants within three turns, then they
              won't set off the alarm. (In other words, one fistfight can
              last up to three turns.)
    BOSS TACTICS (or big creature tactics)
    Fallout doesn't really have any bosses, but it does have its share of
    powerful opponents that you will meet in the game. This section has
    strategy information for the biggest of the bad guys.
    - Garl (The Raider Leader)
      Hit points: 70
      Armor     : Metal Armor
      Weapon    : Desert Eagle .44
      Difficulty: Hard
      Watch out...this is one of the two fights that can result in your death.
      Since you are attempting this fight in the early game, it is quite
      difficult. Equip the SMG and go burst right in his face. And, as always,
      use stimpacks...but in this case, frequently.
      Garl also has about 14 allies, which are fairly easy kills. The only ones
      that should give you trouble are those that weild guns, like Petrox,
      Tolya, and his female raiders.
      Ian comes in real handy during this battle. The fight is difficult, but
      with the amount of equipment that you'll gain, is well worth it.
    - Gizmo (The Casino Owner)
      Hit points: 70
      Armor     : None
      Weapon    : Mauser 9mm
      Difficulty: Stupid Easy
      This guy is really easy. You'll get two good allies, plus Ian and Tycho
      and Dogmeat. Just attack Gizmo first, and later Izo. Izo has 50 hit
      points, metal armor, and is unarmed.
    - Decker
      Hit points: 50-95
      Armor     : Vaires; none to leather armor
      Weapon    : Strong pistols/strong melee
      Difficulty: Medium
      This is the last one of the death fights. You'll have Ian, Tycho, Dogmeat,
      and two Hub Police guards, but they don't have many hit points. Decker's 
      guards are somewhat tough, and Kane has 95 hit points and somehow seems 
      difficult to kill. Also, one has a sledgehammer. You might lose Dogmeat
      in this battle.
    - Deathclaw (at Hub)
      Hit points: 225
      Armor     : Strong Skin
      Weapon    : Claw
      Difficulty: Somewhat easy
      Actually, this fight is pretty easy...you can do the job in Metal Armor and
      semi-decent big guns skill, something like 35%. Get Jake's Rocket Launcher
      and pummel that deathclaw down...
      Sniper Rifles and Combat Shotguns in conjunction with Combat Armor work 
      Aim the shots (if you have the sniper) at the Deathclaw's legs or eyes. You
      can cripple his legs, and then it will be quite easy.
    - The Lieutenant of the Mutant Armies ((aka Lou)
      Hit points: 250
      Armor     : Unknown, equivalent of Brotherhood Armor
      Weapon    : Gatling Laser
      Difficulty: (Him: Easy)
                  (His mutant troopers: Difficult)
      This brute is pretty tough, and has two super mutants on his left and right.
      Both have about 80-90 hit points and wield gatling lasers and rocket 
      launchers. One great tactic is entering combat mode, running up in front of
      him, and using the .223 Pistol at the eyes. The Lou will attack, and so will
      his guards. Since the guards' weapons have the 'area' effect, they will work
      wonders on the lieutenant. His armor cannot withstand rocket launcher damage 
      well. This fight is pretty difficult, but with Power Armor, a strong weapon, 
      and several stimpacks, it will be well worth it.
      The .223 Pistol, the Combat Shotgun, and Sniper Rifles are excellent small 
      arms choices for this fight. If you have a Plasma Rifle with you, then the 
      fight would be even easier.
      It is also a good idea to pick the Rocket Launcher and Minigun from dead 
      troopers. Miniguns work wonders on the mutants with minimal clothing.
      Your main worry for this fight is the chance that the enemy will score 
      critical hits. Since they wield huge weapons, there is a small chance of 
      survival, and it is advisable to save often.
    - The Master of the Mutants
      Hit points: 500
      Armor     : Thick skin
      Weapon    : Twin Gatling Laser cannons with unlimited ammo
                  Can spawn mutants at will (they have 50 hit points and good
      Difficulty: (Him: Somewhat Difficult)
                  (His mutant troopers: Difficult)
      Two things: Plasma Rifle and Power Armor. Or if you have excellent small
                  arms skills, a .223 pistol and a sniper will also work well.
      These two will kill him in an instant, and since he is immobile, you can
      use the columns to your advantage. This is what to do:
           X  (Master)
       O      O  (Columns)
       *         (You)
      Stand behind one of the columns, and when it is your turn, go move out one
      hex, aim for his eyes (with decent skill) or just attack him, and then
      fall back. This trick is guaranteed to work, and you will have a clear 
      line of fire for the mutants he spawns.
      This method takes time, but with criticals, he is toast. I scored 119 
      points on him once at the eyes. Pretty much, you can devastate the entire 
      cathedral with about 300 cells, 35 stimpacks, Power Armor, and of course, 
      the Plasma Rifle. If you have an extremely high critical chance (or have 
      leveled up enough to get 'sniper'), you can use a gatling laser from the 
      dead body of a mutant. Gatling lasers deal a lot of damage with 
      criticals...it is entirely possible to kill the master in two hits.
      Again, your main worry is that the master or his mutants might score a 
      critical against you.
      NOTE: According to Eric Wills, this guy is what became of Richard Grey.
            Earlier, it was stated that Grey was the Lieutenant of the mutant
      NOTE: This is the actual text from Bernardo Barros, as he had more info
            to give:
            "Actually, it's half-true. On the military base, when you access the
             Vats computer, you can search the logs. There are two that are
             useful: Maxon's and Grey's. Maxon's diary was written by Captain
             Maxon, who founded the Brotherhood of Steel (he's related to General
             Maxon). It says all about the true circumstances of the foundation of
             the Brotherhood. Grey's diary was written by Harold's missing friend
             [Harold is the ghoul who lives on the Hub (Old Town) and tells you about
             the deathclaws - he mentions Dr Grey if you ask him about his story, he
             also says how he lost contact with him while raiding a certain "military
             base"]. It says Grey started mutating, he found out about the FEV while
             in there, he started his wicked plan and then looked for another suitable
             base of operations (which happens to be the Cathedral). However those things
             only serve your own curiosity, since nobody cares about it (I tried Harold;
             General Maxton and his assistant; Vree; and the Elder who talks to you)."
      Deathclaws (at Boneyards)
      Hit points: 225-320
      Armor     : Strong skin
      Weapon    : Claw
      Difficulty: With .223 Pistol: somewhat easy
                  With Combat Shotgun: between medium and hard
      This fight is pretty difficult if you are stuck with the combat shotgun and
      combat armor. This fight is also relatively easy if you have the .223 pistol 
      and power armor. Keep on aiming for the eyes, and you'll guzzle up about 10
      stimpacks in no time. Deathclaws don't deal much damage to you (5 tops) 
      with power armor, and with hardened it is almost nil, but you've got to 
      watch out for the critical attacks.
      Once I played it and there were three Deathclaws on the ground floor.
      The second time, there were two. This could be due to the difficulty
      You also have to know that the deathclaws will respawn (i.e., more will come)
      after about one to two hours if you kill the critters on the ground floor and
      forget about the deathclaw mother and the deathclaw eggs on the basement
      floor. This is a good way to get heaps of experience since one deathclaw is
      worth a thousand experience a pop.
    1. Quest/Experience Table (gives quest name and brief discription)
    2. Armor/Items/Weapons/Chemicals list
    3. List of NPC's with their respective pros/cons
    Pretty much, this section gives you info about quests in Fallout.
    'kxp' denotes experience that you get from kills.
    Some of the information given might be inaccurate.
    - VAULT 13
      - 500 kxp  - Kill all twenty rats in the Vault 13 cavern.
      - 750 xp   - Calm the rebel faction by talking with Theresa.
      - 700 xp   - Access both of the learning terminals at the Vault 13
      - 1000 xp  - Catch the water thief.
      - 7500 xp  - Return the Water Chip to the overseer.
    - SHADY SANDS (First Visit)
      - 250 xp   - Speak with Katrina. Choose the dialogue "Please Help Me..."
                   and ask everything that appears in the menu.
      - 100 xp   - Convince Ian to join your group.
                   Reward: Ian joins your group
      - 990 kxp  - Kill all nine of the radscorpions in the radscorpion caves.
                   Ask Seth to send you there. Also, take the tail off of one
                   dead radscorpion.
      - 500 xp   - You will get this after you kill all nine of the 
      - 250 xp   - Make a radscorpion poison antidote. Speak with Razlo during the
                   day and tell him that you have some radscorpion flesh.
                   Reward: Antidote against poison.
      - 400 xp   - Heal Jarvis, Seth's brother. He is suffering from the 
                   effects of the radscorpion poison; use the antidote that 
                   Razlo gave you on him.
      - 500 xp   - Tell the farmer in the brahmin-pen area of Shady Sands about
                   crop rotation. You'll need high (40%+) science skill in 
                   order to do this.
    - VAULT 15
      - 365 kxp  - Kill all of the rats on Level I.
      - 525 kxp  - Kill all of the rats on Level II.
      - 840 kxp  - Kill all of the rats on Level III.
      - 500 xp   - Reach the command center. It is buried under rock.
    - SHADY SANDS (Second Visit)
      - 0 xp     - Get quest to release Tandi from the Khan raider camp.
                   Reward: Spear, two Stimpacks
    - KHAN RAIDER CAMP (First Visit)
      - 400 xp   - Release Tandi without using any violence
                   Reward: Tandi joins your group
    - SHADY SANDS (Third Visit)
      - 500 xp   - Return Tandi to Shady Sands.
                   Reward: 500 dollars
    - KHAN RAIDER CAMP (Second Visit)
      - 1125 kxp - Kill all of the Raiders.
      - 400 xp   - Free the two female slaves that Garl is holding.
    - JUNKTOWN (experience for killing Killlian and Neal is not available)
      - 400 xp   - Kill the assassin  - 250 kxp  - Kill the assassin
      - 500 xp   - Secure Gizmo's confession.
                   Reward: Choice of shotgun and 100 shells
                           Leather Armor
                           Doctor's Bag
                           20 stimpacks
      - 600 xp   - Kill Gizmo and speak with Lars after you assist Junktown's 
                   guards in the death of Gizmo.
                   Reward: $500
      - 425 kxp  - Kill Gizmo and Izo.
      - 300 xp   - Talk with Tycho; ask him to teach you some
                   survival skills. Also ask him to join you.
                   Reward: 5% increase to outdoorsman. Tycho joins your group.
      - 1000 xp  - Save Sinthia from the crazed raider.
                   Reward: One free room at crash house
      - 100 xp   - Get Dogmeat out of Phil's house.
                   Reward: Dogmeat joins your group.
      - 400 xp   - Steal Neal's urn and give it to Vinnie.
      - 185 kxp  - Kill the Skulz.
      - 300 xp   - Kill the Skulz. 
      - 500 xp   - Speak with Lars after you assist Junktown's guards in the
                   death of the Skulz.
      - 250 xp   - Straighten out the issues between Saul and Trish.
      - 600 xp   - Kill Killian for Gizmo. You'll kill most of Junktown this
                   way as well.
      - 530 kxp  - Kill Doc Morbid and his guards.
    - HUB
      - 345 kxp  - Kill Lorenzo and his guards at the FLC.
      - 975 kxp  - Kill Hightower and his guards.
      - 600 xp   - Tell Decker that you have killed Hightower.
                   Reward: $3000
      - 575 kxp  - Kill Priestess Jain and her minions.
      - 700 xp   - Tell Decker that you have killed Jain.
                   Reward: $5000
      - 980 kxp  - Kill Decker.
      - 1400 xp  - Help the Hub police eliminate Decker.
                   Reward: $1300. If ask Beth about Decker and tell her that 
                           you killed him, she'll give you six stimpacks.
      - 500 xp   - Blackmail Iguana Bob.
                   Reward: A payment of $50+ every five days.
      - 800 xp   - Enter the Deathclaw cavern.
      - 1000 kxp - Kill Deathclaw.
      - 300 kxp  - Kill the dying mutant.
      - 1000 xp  - Tell Butch and Rutger that mutants are causing the caravan
                   Reward: $800, 15% discount at Beth's Weapon Shop
      - 100 xp   - Lockpick all of the doors at Thieves' Circle
      - 900 xp   - Talk to Loxley and agree to find Hightower's necklace
                   Reward: Lockpicks, flares
      - 500 xp   - Give Loxley the necklace.
                   Reward: $3000, Electronic Lockpicks
      - 570 kxp  - Kill Raiders at Irwin's house.
                   Reward: .223 Pistol
      - 2000 xp  - Buy water from the Water Merchants.
                   Reward: 100 extra days until water runs out at Vault.
                           400 days (instead of 500) for you to kill the
                           Mutants. This doesn't apply for Fallout 1.1.
      - 2000 xp  - Successfully complete the Glow quest.
                   Reward: You join the Brotherhood.
      - 100 xp   - Read the ancient Brotherhood tape.
      - 500 xp   - Watch the initiate combat training.
                   Reward: 5% Unarmed, 5% Melee skill increase
      - 500 xp   - Repair the Power Armor on Level 3.
      - 100 xp   - Read Vree's autopsy report.
      - 580 kxp  - Kill Raiders at the Hub.
      - 1500 xp  - Tell Talus that you have freed the initiate and
                   accept the award.
                   Reward: Rocket Launcher
                           Laser Pistol
                           Super Sledgehammer
                           Power Armor (15+ karma only)
      - 1500 xp  - Notify the Brotherhood of the military base.
                   Reward: 4 paladins for military base assault
    - GLOW
      - 1425 kxp - Kill all of the robots on Level 2.
      - 950 kxp  - Kill all of the robots on Level 3.
      - 650 kxp  - Kill all of the robots on Level 4.
      - 475 kxp  - Kill all of the robots on Level 6.
      - 1000 xp  - Enter Level 5. This is really experience for fixing the
                   power generator, but you get it if you enter Level 5.
      - 1600 kxp - Kill all of the robots on Level 5.
      - 400 xp   - Read all of the holodiscs that you find here.
      - 3340 kxp - Kill all random critters that attack you. This includes
                   ghouls, glowing ghouls, and rats.
      - 1550 kxp - Kill Super Mutants at watershed
                   Reward: Four flares, four nuke-a-colas, flamethrower from
                           the Ghoul in the Followers' library if you tell him
                           that the mutants in the watershed are dead.
      - 1960 kxp - Ask Set for information after you kill the super mutants at
                   the Water Shed. He'll attack you if you do.
      - 1000 xp  - Repair the water pump.
      - 2500 xp  - Find the water chip.
      - x520 kxp - Kill all of the deathclaws, the deathclaw mother, and the 
                   eggs. (x = number of deathclaws killed)
      - 1000 xp  - Notify Gabriel that the deathclaws are dead.
                   Reward: Discount at the Gun-Runners
                           Free ammunition and weapons for you (choice 1)
                           Ammunition, weapons, and armor for the Blades
                           (choice 2)
      - 1305 kxp - Kill all of the regulators.
                   Reward: 5 stimpacks and money from Michael, MacRae (the door
                           guard at the Blades) can teach you fighting skills
      - 60 kxp   - Kill Jon Zimmerman.
      - 2000 xp  - Razor and the Blades gain control of Adytum. This happens once
                   you have killed Zimmerman and all of the Regulators.
      - 200 xp   - Convince Katja to join you.
                   Reward: Katja joins your group.
      - 1500 xp  - Trick the mutants guarding the entrance.
      - 800 xp   - Hack into the computer on Level I.
      - 2000 xp  - Reach the last level, without being caught in the robes.
      - 1000 xp  - Fix Mr. Handy.
      - 1000 xp  - Overhear the Lieutenant and Van Haggen's conversation over
                   Vault 13.
      - 10 K xp  - Blow up the base.
      - 1650 kxp - Kill Morpheus and his guards.
      - 1000 xp  - Kill Morpheus.
      - 750 xp   - Bluff your way past the guards.
      - 1250 xp  - Hack into the computer on Level 1.
                   Reward: Location of Military Base
      - 2000 xp  - Free the prisoners on Level 2.
      - 1000 xp  - Convince Gideon to give you a Psychic Nullifier.
      - 10 K xp  - Blow up the Cathedral. 
    Some notes for this part of the appendix include...
    AC: Armor Class (the higher it is, the less likely the enemy will
                     score a successfull hit)
    Normal (N), Laser (L), Fire (F), Plasma (P), Concussion (E)
    - 1.  Ammo
    - 2.  Armor
    - 3.  Pistols
    - 4.  Large Weapons and SMGs
    - 5.  Rifles and Shotguns
    - 6.  Energy Weapons
    - 7.  Unarmed
    - 8.  Melee Weapons
    - 9.  Throwing Weapons
    - 10. Chemicals
    - 11. Items
    - 12. Useless Items
    JHP - Jacketed Hollow Point 
    AP - Armor Piercing
    FMJ - Full Metal Jacket
    12S - 12 Gauge Shell
    MFC - Micro Fusion Cell
    SEC - Small Energy Cell
    The type of ammunition used will change the amount of damage dealt to
    the target. JHP is always the superior choice, followed by FMJ. Forget
    AP ammo. AP is, in the first place, more expensive, and although it
    does penetrate a bit more than JHP ammo, it deals very little damage.
    It's useless against anything - JHP is always superior. Shotgun Shells
    deal good damage regardless of the target used, and FMJ is like a
    'neutral' ammo - it works okay on both armored and non-armored targets.
    It doesn't suffer nearly the damage penalty of AP ammo, but it penetrates
    far better than JHP.
    As for energy weapons, their real effectiveness depends on the type of
    weapon used. For instance, laser weapons aren't as effective as plasma
    weapons on armored targets. Plasma is good against anything except for
    Tesla armor. The Alien Blaster uses a different technology (and from
    the death animations seen from Fallout and Fallout 2, I think pulse)
    which is goes through any type of armor. The cells themselves don't
    serve as damage modifiers, but are merely power units.
    Consider combat armor, which has a damage threshold of 8 hit points
    and a damage resistance of 60% against laser attacks. (8 hp/60%)
    The way armor works is like this: if you are wearing combat armor
    and somebody hits you with a laser rifle, you will receive x amount
    less. Say that if you're wearing the Vault 13 jumper, which has
    no protection whatsoever, and the enemy uses the laser rifle and hits
    you for 42 hit points of damage.
    Take the same situation with combat armor on. The armor will naturally
    deflect 8 hit points of damage because of the damage threshold. Now
    only 34 hit points remain. The armor can resist 60% of that damage.
    Multiplying 34 by 60% will give you 20.4, and rounding that down
    will give you 20. You'll only take 20 hit points of damage with the
    armor instead of 42.
    1. Pressed Vault 13 Jumper (starting)
    2. Leather Jacket
       N- 0 hp / 20%  P- 0 hp / 10% 
       L- 0 hp / 20%  E- 0 hp / 20% 
       F- 0 hp / 10%  AC- 8 points  
       First seen : Vault 15 in locker on 2nd floor
       Selling price : $300
       Weight: 5 lbs.
       First seen: Vault 15, locker in the living quarters to the south
       Merchants: 1) Killian, General Store in Junktown
                  2) Beth, Gun Store in Hub Downtown
       Special attributes: If you are a male and are wearing this, at the 
                           Raiders' camp, many people will think you are Death
                           Hand. Adds several interesting conversation options.
    3. Leather Armor
       N- 2 hp / 25%  P- 0 hp / 20%
       L- 0 hp / 20%  E- 0 hp / 10%
       F- 0 hp / 20%  AC- 15 points
       Selling price : $800
       Weight : 8 lbs.
       First seen: Raider camp, standard issue for other Raiders
       Merchants: 1) Killian, General Store in Junktown
                  2) Beth, Gun Store in Hub Downtown
       Special attributes: None
    4. Metal Armor
       N- 4 hp / 30%  P- 4 hp / 20%
       L- 6 hp / 75%  E- 4 hp / 25%
       F- 4 hp / 10%  AC- 10 points
       Selling price : $1000-1670
       Weight : 35 lbs.
       First seen: Raider camp, Garl is wearing it
       Merchants: 1) Beth, Gun Store in Hub Downtown
                  2) Jake, Jake's Weapons in Hub Old Town
                  3) Gun Runners, LA Boneyards
       Special attributes: None
    5. Tesla Armor
       N- 4 hp / 20%  P- 10 hp / 80%
       L- 19 hp / 90% E- 4 hp / 10%
       F- 4 hp / 20%  AC- 15 points
       Selling price: $4500
       Weight: 35 lbs.
       First seen: Cathedral, Tower level 4
       Merchants: None
       Special attributes: None
    6. Combat Armor
       N- 5 hp / 40%  P- 4 hp / 50%
       L- 8 hp / 60%  E- 6 hp / 40%
       F- 4 hp / 30%  AC- 20 points
       Selling price: $6000
       Weight: 25 lbs.
       First seen: Hub, available for purchase (or you can kill the guards 
                   and swipe the armor).
       Merchants: 1) Jake, Jake's Weapons in Hub Old Town
                  2) Gun Runners, LA Boneyards
       Special attributes: None
    7. Brotherhood Armor
       N- 8 hp / 70%  P- 7 hp / 60%
       L- 8 hp / 70%  E - 8 hp / 40%
       F- 7 hp / 50%  AC- 20 points
       Selling price: Slightly less than standard issue combat armor
       Weight: 25 lbs.
       First seen: Brotherhood of Steel; anyone in that building who look 
                   like they have combat armor on.
       Merchants: None, just ask Talus and he'll give you one for free
       Special attributes: None
    8. Power Armor
       N- 12 hp / 40%  P- 10 hp / 40%
       L- 18 hp / 80%  E- 20 hp / 50%
       F- 12 hp / 60%  AC- 25 points
       Selling price : Not sold, but you can sell it for $12500.
       Weight: 85 lbs.
       First seen: Brotherhood of Steel door guards; Darrell is only one 
                   wearing airtight helmet
       Merchants: None, repair it from Kyle or get the suit after completing 
                  the quest from Talus.
       Special attributes: Adds 3 to strength, cannot be taken from dead
                           wearing power armor, special dialogue options
                           from people in Hub
    9. Hardened Power Armor
       N- 13 hp / 50%  P- 13 hp / 50%
       L- 19 hp / 90%  E- 20 hp / 60%
       F- 12 hp / 60%  AC- 25 points
       Selling price : $15000
       Weight: 100 lbs.
       First seen: Nobody is wearing it, but looks the same as standard power 
       Merchants: None, but Miles can harden the regular Power Armor for you 
                  in the Adytown in the LA Boneyards if you fix his hydroponic 
       Special attributes: Adds 3 to strength. None other than that.
    10. Children of the Cathedral (COC) Robes
        Selling price : $90
        Weight: 10 lbs.
        First seen: Jain is wearing them, pick them up from the Church armory
                    in the Hub.
        Merchants: None
        Special attributes : You can completing the entire Military Base level 
                             (required to beat the game) while in the robes by 
                             bullshitting all of the mutant guards by saying 
                             that you are a member of the Children. Those 
                             buggers will believe you. Ditto for the Cathedral.
    1. 10 mm Pistol
       Selling price: $450
       First seen: You start out with it
       Required strength: 5
       Damage: 5-12 hp, normal
       Range: 25 hexes
       Ammo usage: single shot only, can be aimed
       Ammo type: AP or JHP 10 mm bullets
       Ammo capacity: 12 bullets
       Action points used: 5 for single, 6 for aimed
    2. 14 mm Pistol
       Selling price: $1000-1400
       First seen: Buy from Jake in Old Town, located in the Hub. You can also
                    get it from killing the guards in the Heights.
       Required strength: 4
       Damage: 12-22 hp, normal
       Range: 24 hexes
       Ammo usage: single shot only, can be aimed
       Ammo type: AP 14 mm ammo cartridge
       Ammo capacity: 6 bullets in cartridge
       Action points used: 5 for single, 6 for aimed
    3. Desert Eagle .44
       Selling price: $800
       First seen: Swipe from Raiders
       Required strength: 4
       Damage: 10-16 hp, normal
       Range: 22 hexes
       Ammo usage: single shot only, can be aimed
       Ammo type: .44 caliber JHP or FMJ bullet
       Ammo capacity: 8 bullets
       Action points used: 5 for single, 6 for aimed
    4. Mauser 9 mm
       Selling price: $2000
       First seen: Kill Gizmo to get it
       Required strength: 4
       Damage: 6-10 hp, normal
       Range: 22 hexes
       Ammo usage: single shot only, can be aimed
       Ammo type: 9 mm parabellum
       Ammo capacity: 7 rounds
       Action points used: 5 for single, 6 for aimed
    5. .223 Pistol
       Selling price: $4000
       First seen: Solve Irwin's quest and he'll give it to you
       Required strength: 5
       Damage: 20-30 hp, normal
       Range: 30 hexes
       Ammo usage: single shot only, can be aimed
       Ammo type: .223 FMJ cartridge
       Ammo capacity: 5 rounds
       Action points used: 5 for single, 6 for aimed
    1. MP9 Sub-Machine Gun
       Selling price: $1000
       First seen: Vault 15, locker on 3rd floor
       Required strength: 5
       Damage: 5-12 hp per bullet, normal
       Range: 25 hexes
       Ammo usage: single shot, can be aimed, burst shot of 10 bullets
       Ammo type: 10 mm JHP or AP bullets
       Ammo capacity: 30 bullets
       Action points used: 5 for single, 6 for aimed, 6 for burst
    2. Minigun
       Selling price : $3800
       First seen: Buy from Gun Runners, or pick it from the Super Mutants.
       Required strength: 7
       Damage: 4-10 per bullet, normal
       Range: 35 hexes
       Ammo usage: burst shot of 40 bullets
       Ammo type: 5 mm JHP or AP bullets
       Ammo capacity: 120 bullets
       Action points used: 6 for burst
    3. Rocket Launcher
       Selling price: $6000
       First seen: Buy from Old Town in the Hub.
       Required strength: 6
       Damage: 35-100 hp, explosive
       Range: 40 hexes
       Ammo usage: single rocket
       Ammo type: Explosive or Anti-Armor rockets
       Ammo capacity: one rocket
       Action points used: 6 for single
    4. Flamethrower
       Selling proce: $2000
       First seen: Buy from Old Town in the Hub.
       Required strength: 6
       Damage: 30-60 hp, fire
       Range: 5 hexes
       Ammo usage: burst of flames
       Ammo type: Flame Fuel
       Ammo capacity: Enough fuel for 5 shots
       Action points used: 6 for burst
    1. Hunting Rifle
       Selling price: $900
       First seen: Random encounter or swipe from Kenji when he attacks Killan
                   in Junktown. (Kenji  is the would-be assassin for Killian)
       Required strength: 5
       Damage: 8-20 hp, normal
       Range: 40 hexes
       Ammo usage: Single, can be aimed
       Ammo type: .223 FMJ
       Ammo capacity: 10 rounds
       Action points used: 5 for single, 6 for aimed
    2. Assault Rifle
       Selling price: $1300
       First seen: Hub, Old Town
       Required strength: 5
       Damage: 8-16 hp per bullet, normal
       Range: 45 hexes
       Ammo usage: Single, can be aimed, burst fire of 8 bullets
       Ammo type: 5 mm JHP or AP bullets
       Ammo capacity: 24 bullets
       Action points used: 5 for single, 6 for aimed, 6 for burst
    3. Sniper Rifle
       Selling price: $2200
       First seen: Hub, Old Town
       Required strength: 5
       Damage: 14-34 hp, normal
       Range: 50 hexes
       Ammo usage: Single, can be aimed
       Ammo type: .223 FMJ
       Ammo capacity: 6 rounds
       Action points used: 6 for single, 7 for aimed
    4. Shotgun
       Selling price: $800
       First seen: Raiders Base, it is in the fridge
       Required strength: 4
       Damage: 12-22 hp, normal
       Range: 14 hexes
       Ammo usage: Single, can be aimed
       Ammo type: 12 gauge shells
       Ammo capacity: 2 shells
       Action points used: 5 for single, 6 for aimed
    5. Combat Shotgun
       Selling price: $2750
       First seen: Hub, Old Town. Either buy it from Jake or kill the thugs
                   holding the Brotherhood initiate captive.
       Required strength: 5
       Damage: 15-25 hp per shell, normal
       Range: 22 hexes
       Ammo usage: Single, can be aimed, burst of 3 shells
       Ammo type: 12 gauge shells
       Ammo capacity: 12 shells
       Action points used: 5 for single, 6 for aimed
    6. Red Ryder BB Gun
       Selling price: $200
       First seen: Killian's General Store, in the locked storage room
       Required strength: 3
       Damage: 1-3 hp per pellet, normal
       Range: 22 hexes
       Ammo usage: Single, can be aimed
       Ammo capacity: 100 BB pellets
       Action points used: 5 for single, 6 for aimed
    7. Red Ryder LE BB Gun
       Selling price: $3500
       First seen: Random Encounter (Bob's Used Cars)
       Required strength: 3
       Damage: 25 hp per pellet, normal
       Range: 32 hexes
       Ammo usage: Single, can be aimed
       Ammo capacity: 100 BB pellets
       Action points used: 4 for single, 5 for aimed
    1. Laser Pistol
       Selling price: $1600
       First seen: You can get it from the Brotherhood, or kill COC techs and 
                   take it from them.
       Required strength: 3
       Damage: 10-22 hp, laser
       Range: 35 hexes
       Ammo usage: Single, can be aimed
       Ammo type: Small Energy Cells
       Ammo capacity: 12 cells
       Action points used: 5 for single, 6 for aimed
    2. Plasma Pistol
       Selling price: $2750
       First seen: I found it in the sewers of Necropolis, but you can also buy
                   it at the Gun Runners or find it at the Glow.
       Required strength: 4
       Damage: 16-35 hp, plasma
       Range: 20 hexes
       Ammo usage: Single, can be aimed
       Ammo type: Small Energy Cells
       Ammo capacity: 16 cells
       Action points used: 5 for single, 6 for aimed
    3. Laser Rifle
       Selling price: $5000
       First seen: Harry has one, and you can get one from the mutants at the
                   Cathedral/Military Base.
       Required strength: 6
       Damage: 25-50 hp, laser
       Range: 45 hexes
       Ammo usage: Single, can be aimed
       Ammo type: Micro Fusion Cells
       Ammo capacity: 12 cells
       Action points used: 5 for single, 6 for aimed
    4. Plasma Rifle
       Selling price: $4000 ($6000)
       First seen: Again, you can buy it from the Gun Runners, pick it up from
                   the nightkin guards in the 2nd-4th levels of the Cathedral, 
                   or get one real early from the 5th level of the Glow, if you 
                   decide to go there.
       Required strength: 6
       Damage: 30-65 hp (35-70 hp), plasma
       Range: 25 hexes (35 hexes)
       Ammo usage: Single, can be aimed
       Ammo type: Micro Fusion Cells
       Ammo capacity: 10 cells
       Action points used: 5 for single, 6 for aimed (4 for single, 5 for aimed)
       Upgrade: Turbo Plasma Rifle! Ask Smitty in the Boneyard. The upgrade 
                lowers the AP cost as well as slightly increasing damage and 
                greatly increasing range. This is the best weapon in the game.
    5. Gatling Laser
       Selling price: $7500
       First seen: You can kill Brotherhood guards to get it, but your karma
                    will go way down. The lone Nightkin guarding the entrance
                    to the basment in the Cathedral has the only Gatling Laser
                    which you can get peacefully (BTW, all of the Brotherhood
                    guards will be after you.) The lieutenat also has one, but
                    he is encountered too late in the game.
       Required strength: 6
       Damage: 20-40 hp per cell used, laser
       Range: 40 hexes
       Ammo usage : Burst of laser rays using 10 cells
       Ammo type : Micro Fusion Cells
       Ammo capacity : 30 cells for 3 laser ray bursts
       Action points used: 6 for burst
    6. Alien Blaster
       Selling price: ???
       First seen: Available in a special random encounter with two dead aliens.
                   Only is available to characters with extremely high luck.
       Required strength: 2
       Damage: 30-90 hp, pulse (good against any armor)
       Range: 10 hexes
       Ammo type: Small Energy Cells
       Ammo capacity: 30 cells for 30 shots
    On all unarmed weapons, you can hit single or aim an attack. The single
    costs 3 action points, and the aimed costs 4 action points. All items
    require one Strength and do normal damage.
    1. Brass Knuckles
       Selling price: $60
       First seen: You might start out with them, but you can get a pair from
       Damage: 2-10 hp
    2. Spiked Knuckles
       Selling price: $250
       First seen: You can pick them up from Kane once you confess to the 
                   Police about Decker in the Hub. Some of the mutant patrols 
                   at the military base have them.
       Damage: 4-15 hp
    3. Power Fist
       Selling price: $2200
       First seen: I know for sure you can get this at the Brotherhood, or you
                   can buy one at the Gun Runners or possibly find one at the
                   Glow. There is one in the footlocker on the top level of the
                   Cathedral, the one next to Morpheus' Room.
       Damage: 12-29 hp
       Ammo capacity: 25 small energy cells
       Ammo usage: 1 cell per punch
    4. Rock
       Selling price: $0
       First seen: Shady Sands, the shelf in Aradesh's house/building
       Damage: 1-4 hp
    All melee weapons cause normal damage. The maximum damage value might vary
    as it is a direct result of your melee damage bonus.
    1. Knife
       Selling price: $40
       First seen: You start out with one. There is another one to the bones of
                   another vault dweller to your right. (Or your character's
       Required strength: 2
       Damage: 2-10 hp
       Attack methods: Swing or thrust
       Action points used: 3 for swing or thrust, 4 for aimed swing or thrust
    2. Combat Knife
       Selling price: $160
       First seen: I saw it at Beth's store; you might be able to get one from
                   the raiders at Irwin's house.
       Required strength: 2
       Damage: 3-11 hp
       Attack methods: Swing or thrust
       Action points used: 3 for swing or thrust, 4 for aimed swing or thrust
    3. Throwing Knife
       Selling price: $100
       First seen: Raiders
       Required strength: 3
       Damage: 3-6 hp
       Attack methods: Swing
       Action points used: 3 for swing,  4 for aimed swing
    4. Sledgehammer
       Selling price: $120
       First seen: It's in the room to the east of the farm in Shady Sands.
       Required strength: 6
       Damage: 4-10 hp
       Attack methods: Swing or thrust
       Action points used: 3 for swing, 4 for thrust or aimed swing, 5 for 
                           aimed thrust
       Special: You can hit people from two hexes away.
    5. Super Sledgehammer
       Selling price: $3750
       First seen: Jake at Old Town sells it.
       Required strength: 5
       Damage: 14-39 hp
       Attack methods: Swing or thrust
       Action points used: 3 for swing, 4 for thrust or aimed swing, 5 for 
                           aimed thrust
       Special: You can hit people from two hexes away.
    6. Spear
       Selling price: $80
       First seen: Aradesh gives it to you when you tell him that you will find 
       Required strength: 4
       Damage:  3-13 hp
       Attack methods: Thrust
       Action points used: 5 for thrust, 6 for aimed thrust
       Special: You can hit people from two hexes away.
    7. Club/Police Baton
       Selling price: $30
       First seen: Beth sells them.
       Required strength: 3
       Damage: 1-7 hp
       Attack methods: Swing
       Action points used: 3 for swing, 4 for aimed swing
    8. Crowbar
       Selling price: $50
       First seen: Vault 15
       Required strength: 5
       Damage: 3-13 hp
       Attack methods: Swing
       Action points used: 4 for swing, 5 for aimed swing
    9. Viroblade Ripper
       Selling price: $900
       First seen: The Gun Runners sell them.
       Required strength: 4
       Damage: 15-35 hp
       Attack methods: Swing or thrust
       Action points used: 4 for swing or thurst, 5 for aimed swing or thrust
       Ammo capacity: 30 Small Energy Cells  
    10.Cattle Prod
       Selling price: $600
       First seen: True to his name, Lasher has one. You can buy one at the
                   Gun Runners.
       Required strength: 4
       Damage: 12-23 hp
       Attack methods: Swing or thrust
       Action points used: 4 for swing or thrust, 5 for aimed swing or thrust
    1. Spear
       Selling price: $80
       First seen: Aradesh gives it to you when you tell him that you will find 
       Required strength: 4
       Damage:  3-13 hp, normal
       Range: 8 hexes
       Action points used: 6 for throw, 7 for aimed throw
    2. Throwing Knife
       Selling price: $100
       First seen: Raiders
       Required strength: 3
       Damage: 3-6 hp, normal
       Range: 16 hexes
       Action points used: 4 for throw
    3. Molotov Cocktail
       Selling price: $50
       First seen: Raiders Base
       Required strength: 3
       Damage: 8-20, fire
       Range: 12 hexes
       Action points used: 5 for throw
    4. Fragmentation Grenade
       Selling price: $150
       First seen: There are a couple in the Vault 15 lockers
       Required strength: 3
       Damage: 20-35 hp, explosive
       Range: 15 hexes
       Action points used: 4 for throw
    5. Plasma Grenade
       Selling price: $300
       First seen: Glow or Gun Runners
       Required strength: 4
       Damage: 40-90 hp, plasma
       Range: 15 hexes
       Action points used: 4 for throw
    6. Pulse Grenade
       Selling price: $250
       First seen: Jake sells them at Old Town in the Hub
       Required strength: 4
       Damage: 100-150 hp, electromagnetic pulse
       Range: 15 hexes
       Action points used: 4 for throw
       Special: Only affects robots.
    7. Rock
       Selling price: $0
       First seen: Shady Sands, the shelf in Aradesh's house/building
       Required strength: 1
       Damage: 1-4 hp, normal
       Action points used: 4 for throw, 5 for aimed throw
    1. Stimpack
       Selling price: $100
       What it does: Heals you - 10-20 hp gained.
       Addiction rate: 0%
    2. Super Stimpack
       Selling price: $250
       What it does: Heals you, up to 75 hp gained. You lose 9 hp due to the powerful
                     nature of the chemicals.
       Addiction rate: 0%
    3. Buffout
       Selling price: $200
       What it does: Increases strength by two and endurance by three for six hours.
                     The withdrawal effect is losing four strength and endurance as
                     well as four agility for twelve hours.
       Addiction rate: 50% (33%-100%)
    4. Mentats
       Selling price: $280
       What it does: Increases intelligence and perception by two and charisma
                     by one for one day. The withdrawal effect is losing four
                     intelligence and perception as well as three charisma for
                     four days.
       Addiction rate: 50% (33%-100%)
    5. RadX
       Selling price: $300
       What it does: Increases radiation resistance by 50% for one day. You
                     lose 25% radiation resistance after that day and then
                     lose 25% the next day. RadX has no withdrawal effects.
       Addiction rate: 0%
    6. RadAway
       Selling price: $500
       What it does: Removes radiation poisoning, 25 rems.
       Addiction rate: 10% (10%-25%)
    7. Psycho
       Selling price: $400
       What it does: Increases damage resistance by 50% and decreases
                     intelligence by three. After six hours, your intelligence
                     increases by 1 and damage resistance decreases by 25%.
                     After an additional six hours, your intelligence increases
                     by two and damage resistance decreases by 25%.
       Addiction rate: 50%
    8. Antidote
       Selling price: $50
       What it does: Removes poisoning damage, 25 points.
       Addiction rate: 0%
    *  Addiction rates are really variable. Sometimes I could take two
       Psycho's and still not get addicted, but on the other hand, I took
       one and I got addicted. It's totally random.
    1. Rope
       Selling price: $25
       Use: In Vault 15, you will need it to descend down the elevator shafts.
            In the Glow, you'll need to attach the rope to the beam and descend
            down the crater.
       First seen: Shady Sands has one in one of the houses in the farm. You 
                   can also buy one from Seth.
    2. Tool
       Selling price: $200
       Use: Use it whenever you are repairing things to get an increase of 25% to
            the 'Repair' skill.
       First seen: You start out with one if you have enough repair skill. Killian
                   has one in his store.
    3. Lockpicks
       Selling price: $150
       Use: Use it whenever you are picking conventional locks for an increase
            to the 'Lockpick' skill.
       First seen: You start out with them, or you can get them from the fridge in
                   the Raiders base.
    4. Electronic Lockpicks
       Selling price: $375
       Use: Use it whenever you are picking electronic locks for an increase in
            the 'Lockpick' skill.
       First seen: You must give the necklace that Hightower owns to Loxley. 
                   He'll send you to Jasmine, who will give you a set of 
                   electronic lockpicks.
    5. Radio
       Selling price: $350
       Use: Use it to draw off the mutants in the military base, and it can also
            be used to remotely toggle the computer in the base.
       First seen: I traded some caps and flares for it from Lars at Junktown.
    6. Flares
       Selling price: $35
       Use: Twist the cap and drop the flare for an increase in brightness in an
            area. Not too great.
       First seen: You start out with them.
    7. Dynamite
       Selling price: $500
       Use: Set the timer and the explosives will blow. Good for destroying
            forcefields, disabling locks on locked doors, and killing
            immobile foes (i.e, Master).
       First seen: Vault 15 lockers, third floor
    8. Plastic Explosives
       Selling price: $850
       Use: Same as Dynamite, but a bit more powerful.
       First seen: Tyne sells it. He is a merchant in Adytum; to get to his
                   store, head on to the left and enter the small shack and
                   descend down the ladder. Or if you've visited the Military
                   Base, some pieces are in a locker in the fourth floor.
    9. First Aid Kit
       Selling price: $200
       Use: Increases 'First Aid' skill if you use this item.
       First seen: You start out with one.
    10.Doctor's Bag
       Selling price: $300
       Use: Increases 'Doctor' skill if you use this item.
       First seen: There is one in Razlo's bookcase.
    11.Motion Sensor for Pip-Boy
       Selling price: $800
       Use: Lets you see all of the critters on the Pip-Boy automap.
       First seen: Random encounter (police box) or buy from the Hub.
    12.Geiger Counter
       Selling price: $650
       Use: Lets you see how much radiation is in your system.
       First seen: Killian has one.
       Selling price: $1800
       Use: Makes you slightly invisible and increases chances using the
            'Sneak' skill.
       First seen: Random encounter (footprint) or kill the Nightkin at
                   the Cathedral.
       Selling prices: Scout Handbook: $200
                       First Aid: $175
                       Guns and Bullets: $425
                       Dean's Electronics: $130
                       Big Book of Science: $400
       Use: Increases your skills, up to 91%. Guns and Bullets increases
            Small Guns, the Scout Handbook increases Outdoors, the First
            Aid book increases First Aid, Dean's Electronics increases
            Repair, and the Big Book of Science increases Science.
       First seen: Scout Handbook: Shady Sands
                   First Aid: Shady Sands
                   Guns and Bullets: Gizmo's bookcase
                   Dean's Electronics: Hub
                   Big Book of Science: Hub
       Selling price: variable, average is $100
       Use: You can read them in the Pip-Boy. Gives out information.
       First seen: Here is a list of various holodiscs that I have found.
                   Vault Locations: Mrs. Stapleton has this disc.
                   Mutant transmissions: The dying mutant has this disc.
                   Ancient Brotherhood tape: The dead paladin has one in
                                             the Glow.
                   Alpha/Delta/other holodiscs: Get them from the Glow.
                   Mutant autopsies: Vree has this disc. She has two copies
                                     of it.
                   Brotherhood history: Sophia has this disc.
                   Maxson's Log: Maxson has this disc.
                   Combination key for Military Base: The nightkin watching
                                                      the entrance to the
                                                      Military Base has it.
                   Zimmerman's son's death: Razor has this holodisc.  
    16.Key Cards
       Selling price: $40 (Yellow), $10 (Red and Blue)
       Use: Open the elevators at the Glow.
       First seen: Yellow Key Card: Level 1, Brotherhood soldier
                      Red Key Card: Level 2, dead soldier with remains of
                                    a radioactive rat.
                     Blue Key Card: Level 4, only dead body
    17.Cathedral Pass Keys
       Selling price: $12 (red), $400 (black)
       Use: Open the locked doors on the first floor of the Cathedral.
       First seen:   Red Pass Key: Lasher has one. You can barter them
                                   from Ton and Sister Francis.
                     Black Pass Key: Morpheus has one.
    18.Vats Control Computer Key
       Selling price: $40
       Use: Operates the Vats Control Computer at the Military Base.
       First seen: The Cathedral tech standing by the Vats Control Computer
                   has one.
    19.Military Base Key
       Selling price: $25
       Use: Arms the nuclear bomb at the Cathedral.
       First Seen: It's in the locker where the lieutenant is nearby.
    20.Tape Recorder
       Selling price: $80
       Use: Records Gizmo's confession for Killian so that he has evidence
            to kill him.
    21.Wire Tap (Bug)
       Selling price: $50
       Use: You can plant it on Gizmo's desk to give Killian the evidence
            he needs to kill Gizmo.
    22.Backpacks, Bags
       Selling price: Less than $100
       Use: It holds items. It's there to better organize your inventory at
            the expense of carrying weight.
    23.Systolic Motivator
       Selling price: $150
       Use: It's required to repair the Power Armor suit on Level 3 of
            the Brotherhood of Steel.
    24.Psychic Nullifier
       Selling price: $1000
       Use: Use it to "nullify" the Master's psychic attacks.
    USELESS ITEMS (brief descriptions)
    1.  Beer (lose one perception)
    2.  Booze (lose one perception)
    3.  Nuke-A-Cola (you can get addicted to it)
    4.  Lighter (unknown, but you can sell it)
    5.  Box of Noodles (you can sell it)
    6.  TV Dinner (you can sell it)
    7.  Cat's Paw Magazine / You Have No Idea (you can sell it)
    8.  T-51b Repair Manual (it's in the locked storage room at the Brotherhood)
    9.  Flower (unknown, but you can sell it)
    10. Keys in Killian's store (unknown)
    Here's some information about your allies. They don't level up, but in my
    personal experience they seem to get better in combat as you progress in
    the game further. Maybe it's coincidence, I don't know.
    - Ian
      Hit points: 50
      Armor: Leather Jacket
      Starting weapon: 10mm Pistol
      What he can use: All one-handed pistols (excpet for energy), knives, unarmed
      Usefulness: Very high
      How to get him: He is in the guard house at Shady Sands. He'll join you 
                      for free if you ask about his injury and tell him that 
                      you are sorry. Ask him to join you. If he asks for money,
                      tell him that he can have a piece of the action and he'll
                      join you for free.
      Deadly with: .223 Pistol or 10mm SMG (be careful if you choose the latter)
      Extra info: He can give you directions to the Hub and Junktown.
      * Pros: Good with one-handed weapons, high small guns skill, not too bad
              with unarmed weapons
        Cons: Armor not too great, two-handed weapons pose a problem, he
              uses spiked knuckles instead of a gun (if you give the former to
              him), gets burst-happy (like all NPC's)
    - Tandi
      Hit points 35
      Armor: None
      Starting weapon: Knife
      What she can use: Knives and Pistols
      Usefulness: Low
      How to get her: After you rescue Tandi from the Raiders, don't return her.
      Signature feature: Probably running away...haven't used her as an NPC
      Deadly with: Possibly a Ripper
      Extra info: She can't really talk with you. Also, if you return her to
                  Shady Sands, she won't join you.
      * Pros: Okay at best with 14mm Pistol or Ripper
        Cons: Low hit points, no armor, and if she's dead there isn't a way to
              finish the Shady Sands quest.
    - Tycho
      Hit points: 60
      Armor: Leather Armor
      Starting weapon: Shotgun
      What he can use: Small guns and spears, prefers rifles and shotguns
      Usefulness: Very High
      How to get him: Wait unti the evening and enter the Skum Pitt. Talk to 
                      him and ask him to join you. You can only recruit him
                      if you agree to help Killian "clean up" Junktown (accept
                      the quest to kill Gizmo).
      Deadly with: Combat Shotgun or Sniper Rifle  
      Extra info: He can increase your outdoorsman skill.
      * Pros: High small guns skill, can use virtually any small arms, decent
              uarmed/melee choices, has the best armor out of any NPC
        Cons: Like other NPC's, he gets burst-happy
    - Dogmeat
      Hit points: 50
      Armor: none
      Starting weapon: unarmed (teeth)
      What he can use: Teeth
      Usefulness: High
      How to get him: He's at Junktown, just like Tycho. He's messing with this
                      man named Phil. Feed him with an iguana-on-a-stick or 
                      walk around him with a Leather Jacket on.
      Deadly with: Teeth (what else?)
      Extra info: He can't use items (he's a dog!), and for that matter, can't
                  talk to you. He's very loyal, however.
      * Pros: Lots of action points and high critical chance
        Cons: He won't leave you until he's dead, and he soaks up damage like
              a sponge (literally)
    - Katja
      Hit points: 39
      Armor: Leather Jacket
      Starting weapon: throwing knife
      What she can use: Throwing Knives, all one-handed pistols (like Ian)
      Usefulness: Medium-High
      How to get her: Go to the Followers' Library in the Boneyard and talk to 
                      her. Tell her that you don't plan on staying at the 
                      Boneyards and she'll join you.
      Deadly with: 14mm Pistol (I've heard she gets good criticals with that
      Extra info: She can pick locks. This comes in handy in the endgame,
                  especially in the first floor of the Cathedral (if you find
                  Morpheus and his mutant guards too much to bear).
      * Pros: Can lockpick doors, okay with 14mm Pistol
        Cons: Can't use SMG's well (unlike what she says), fewer hit points
              than other NPC's, weak armor
    There are many, many critters that you will see in Fallout. They range from rats
    to super mutants to Deathclaws. This is an incomplete list, as there are
    a myriad number of creatures in the game.
    Rats are relatively easy creatures that you will see in the beginning of 
    the game.
    - Cave Rat
      - 6 hit points, 25 xp 
      - Weapon: teeth
      - Armor: fur
      - Special: instant death (to the rat) with strong critical 
    - Pig Rat
      - 10 hit points, 50 xp
      - Weapon: teeth
      - Armor: skin
      - Special: instant death (to the rat) with strong critical
    - Lesser Mole Rat
      - 22-26 hit points, 65 xp
      - Weapon: teeth
      - Armor: fur
      - Special: instant death (to the rat) with strong critical
    - Greater Mole Rat
      - 26-30 hit points, 120 xp
      - Weapon: teeth
      - Armor: fur
      - Special: instant death (to the rat) with strong critical
    Radscorpions are closely related to the North American Emperor Scorpion,
    and have been mutated by the war. The increased size makes them larger
    than humans, and the venom contained in their tails can be used to make
    an antidote.
    - Radscorpion
      - 26 hit points, 110 xp
      - Weapon: tail
      - Armor: carapace
      - Special: poison attack
    Range from varying (townsfolk) to medium (raiders, guards) to difficult
    (Brotherhood Guards) - note that they have no special. Experience earned
    is not dependent on the hit points and/or difficulty of the targer.
    - Townsfolk
      - 10 to 141 hit points
      - Weapon: varies (one guy carries a Super Sledge at the Boneyard)
      - Armor: varies from none to combat armor
    - Raiders
      - 12-35 hit points
      - Weapon: Pistols, SMG's, various melee weapons
      - Armor: Leather Armor
    - Junktown City Guards
      - 20-50 hit points
      - Weapon: Pistols, rifles, shotguns, various melee weapons
      - Armor: Leather Armor
    - Hub City Guards
      - 59 or 83 hit points
      - Weapon: Combat Shotguns, Assault Rifles, unarmed/melee weapons
      - Armor: Combat Armor or Metal Armor
    - Brotherhood Guards
      - 35-95 hit points
      - Weapon: Miniguns, gatling lasers, assault rifles, one has a rocket
      - Armor: Power Armor/Brotherhood Armor 
    - COC Techs COC Preists, BOS Scribes annd Elders
      - 35-75 hit points
      - Weapon: vaires, none to small energy weapons or pistols
      - Armor: COC robes (BOS Scribes have bluish or dark purple robes)
    FEV creatures & Ghouls
    This is the direct result of what happens when a normal human is injected
    with the forced evolutionary virus. Extremely big and strong, Super Mutants 
    make a formidable opponent. They are typically seen with floaters and 
    centaurs, two creatures that the FEV can also spawn. (At least I think so...)
    Tim Cain stated that ghouls were victims of radiation poisioning, not victims 
    of the FEV virus on an IGN post. It turned out that the ghouls were former 
    inhabitants of Vault 12 (where Necropolis is at). Vault 12's doors never 
    functioned, therefore Ghouls are victims of radiation poisoning. Many thanks
    go to Eric Wills (lord_xeen@hotmail.com) and Tim Cain for contributing to
    NOTE: I have found evidence that supports both approaches to how ghouls
          were formed: Either speak with Talius at the Boneyards or see what 
          happened to the inhabitants of Vault 12.
    The FEV was designed at the place now known as the Glow with hopes of 
    creating a super soldier. The virus makes the humans stronger, but lowers 
    intelligence and in its current state, makes them sterile.
    - Super Mutant
      - 40-140 hit points, 250-500 xp
      - Weapon: any big gun or large energy weapon (or unarmed) 
      - Armor: green - very lightly armored
               black - somewhat armored (miniguns/SMG's don't work
                       that well against them)
    - Ghoul
      - 12-100 hit points
      - Weapon: same as humans, except they cannot use big guns or
                large energy weapons.
      - Armor: none
    - Glowing Ghouls
      - 36-60 hit points
      - Weapon: same as humans, but I've only seen unarmed so far
      - Armor: none
      - Special: They can radiate you!
                 If you use the geiger counter, you'll see about
                 5 to 10 rems.  (Estimate here)
    - Floaters
      - 50-75 hit points
      - Weapon: Some weird appendage that I have no knowledge of 
                (it's reasonably powerful and can knock you over)
      - Armor: thick skin (like master)
      - Special: I'm not sure, but they can poison you.
    - Centaurs
      - 94-130 hit points
      - Weapon: Teeth, virtually the same knocking-over capabilities of its
                "floating" bretheren
      - Armor: thick skin, but not as thick as Floater skin
      - Special: Same as floaters (I think)
      You'll only see Centaurs and Floaters in random encounters or
      in the first level of the Cathedral.
    Robots - in a post nuclear game. They are either found in the Glow 
    or in the two mutant bases. Pulse grenades do the best job, but
    plasma grenades and energy weapons should also do the job.
    - Sentry Robots (tan)
      - 40 hit points, 175 xp
      - Weapon: Unarmed
      - Armor: Steel
    - Floating Eye Robots (red)
      - 60 hit points, 275 xp
      - Weapon: Unarmed
      - Armor: Steel
    - Sentry Robots (black) / Robobrains
      - 80 hit points, 300 xp
      - Weapon: Rifles or Shotguns
      - Armor: Strong Steel
    - Mr. Handy
      - 113 hit points, 400 xp
      - Weapon: Minigun
      - Armor: Strong Steel
    Creatures that wander around the wasteland, and don't fit under a
    particular classification.
    - Deathclaw
      - 225 hit points, 1000 xp
      - Weapon: claws
      - Armor: thick skin (don't be fooled - very strong)
      - Special: none. Nope, it cannot blind you, etc.
      Deathclaws are very strong and deadly creatures. Fighting one by
      itself isn't too hard with decent small guns skill, but fighting
      many is difficult. If you give Ian the .223 Pistol and Tycho the
      Sniper Rifle, then the two make an excellent Deathclaw-killing
      squadron. They (deathclaws) have an insane amount of action points,
      so watch out!
    - Mantis (found outside)
      - 20 or 30 hit points, 
      - Weapon: appendages
      - Armor: exoskeleton
      - Special: only found in random encounters
    - Dogs
      - 14 hit points
      - Weapon: teeth
      - Armor: fur
    These can be good or bad. Generally, good encounters can be identified
    with a cross, while bad encounters can be indentified with a lightning
    icon. Good encounters can be found with high luck and perception.
    Good Encounters (most in Desert)
    - Talking Cows: I don't know what this  means. Ignore the message about
                    something going wrong. I think it is a possible reference
                    to Mad Cow disease or something.
    - UK Police Box: Go to it, and the box  disappears, and a motion sensor
                     appears. Desert only. Reference to the popular 1970's
                     'Dr. Who' show in England.
    - Bob's Used Cars: Inside his shack, thhere are two guns. In a crate to
                       the left is the Red Ryder LE BB gun and in the footlocker
                       there is a standard Red Ryder BB gun as well as 100 BB
    - Footprint: Has a Stealth Boy on the ccorpse on the footprint. Occurs in 
                 the desert. Possible reference to Godzilla.
    - Overturned truck: Contains a box withh loads of money. 
    - Bob's Used Cars: If you pick the lockked door and open it, you'll find
                       both the Red Ryder BB and LE BB guns.
    - Aliens: You can find the alien blasteer along with a portrait of Elvis
              in the ship. Reference to the 1947 Roswell incident.
    - Patrick the Celt: You don't need highh luck for this one. He'll give you
                        directions to places. You can ask him to sing a song
                        to you in Gaelic, and your Charisma will increase by
                        one. Identified with the lightning icon and he is found
                        in the mountains.
    Bad Encounters (can occur anywhere)
    - Random critters, from rats to deathcllaws
    - Raiders and Thugs attacking you
    - Raiders and Thugs attacking peasants  or each other
    - Dehydration (Don't worry if it says yyou lost health points. There isn't
      a health point statistic in the game.)
    - Rough terrain (only in mountains)
    - Nausea (happens when radiation is in  your system)
    - Town guards (if traveling close to ciity)
    - Caravans
    - Dead traveller (sometimes accompaniedd with critters). Usually, the
      corpse has some items in it.
    - Caravan guard, deathclaw ate his caraavan. At least he'll give you his
      equipment, so it isn't too bad. Good for a scare, though.
    - Fisherman and his son (only at coastaal areas)
    Even with the patched release, Fallout contains several bugs. Here is a list
    of a few of them (included are workarounds, if necessary):
    - You can barter and steal over your maaximum weight limit. It's corrected
      in Fallout 2.
    - Irwin's quest takes about 14 days. Buut on the Pip-Boy, it will only
      subtract two days until the deadline for the Vault to run out of
    - Using Power Armor and drugs can get yyou perks that you were not entitled
      to getting.
    - If you offered to scout out the northhern area for Maxson, destroyed the 
      Military base, told Maxson that the (imploded) base is crawling with
      mutants and were asked to go to the Elder meeting, this causes an endless
      conversation. After you enter the Elder meeting room, the elder on the
      bottom left will continue to congratulate you.
      Workaround: Right after the elder finishes talking, hit 'A' to go into
                  combat mode and run away. This works. Alt-Tabbing during
                  the conversation seems to make the problem go away.
    - There are some Brotherhood of Steel aand Shady Sands ending irregularities.
      Sometimes it seems quite strange when the Brotherhood takes over NCR
      when Shady Sands gets taken over by mutants (and doesn't start NCR).
    - It's possible to gain two Luck from CChuck, the fortuneteller in Adytum
      if you choose the right conversation path.
    - One of the FAQ readers told me that tthe bridge guard wouldn't move after
      you've told him even with version 1.1. The only workaround is to kill the
      Gun Runners and then take care of the Regulators by yourself (without the
      Blades assisting you). I personally haven't had this problem myself.
    This section of the guide covers patch versions, bugs, system requirements,
    and information for setting up Fallout on Linux/UNIX OS's and Windows NT
    and its derivative OS's.
    - Version 1.0: Initial North American rrelease. (Fallout 'Gold')
    - Version 1.1: Updated North American rrelease. Corrects lots of bugs
                   and removes the time limit.
    - Version 1.2: European release. I thinnk it fixed some more bugs in
                   version 1.1 (probably new ones were made in the process).
                   Children are removed in the game, and possibly the violence
                   and language filters are toned down.
    First of all, do NOT patch version 1.2!
    Several speech bugs fixed.
    Radiation increasing your stats has been fixed.
    Once you return the water chip, there is no requirement for you to complete
      the quest to kill the Master and the blow up the Military Base in a
      certain amount of time. (Without the patch, it is 500 days if you didn't
      take the water caravan or 400 days with.) However, there is a 13 year 
      time limit in the game engine.
    The NPC duplicating bug has been fixed.
    Increases the stability of the game.
    Increases save/load times.
    However, some bugs aren't fixed. The Stealth Boy can turn into a motion
    sensor if you turn it on and save in combat...hasn't occured to me. It
    could happen with Fallout v.1.0. Here are some bugs in Fallout v.1.1.
    - You can barter and steal over your maaximum weight limit. It's corrected
      in Fallout 2.
    - Irwin's quest takes about 14 days. Buut on the Pip-Boy, it will only
      subtract two days until the deadline for the Vault to run out of
    - Using Power Armor and drugs can get yyou perks that you were not entitled
      to getting.
    - If you offered to scout out the northhern area for Maxson, destroyed the 
      Military base, told Maxson that the (imploded) base is crawling with
      mutants and were asked to go to the Elder meeting, this causes an endless
      conversation. After you enter the Elder meeting room, the elder on the
      bottom left will continue to congratulate you.
      Workaround: Right after the elder finishes talking, hit 'A' to go into
                  combat mode and run away. This works. Alt-Tabbing during
                  the conversation seems to make the problem go away.
    - There are some Brotherhood of Steel aand Shady Sands ending irregularities.
      Sometimes it seems quite strange when the Brotherhood takes over NCR
      when Shady Sands gets taken over by mutants (and doesn't start NCR).
    - It's possible to gain two Luck from CChuck, the fortuneteller in Adytum
      if you choose the right conversation path.
    - One of the FAQ readers told me that tthe bridge guard wouldn't move after
      you've told him even with version 1.1. The only workaround is to kill the
      Gun Runners and then take care of the Regulators by yourself (without the
      Blades assisting you). I personally haven't had this problem myself.
    - There's no way to finish the Spy in tthe Followers quest. The quest was
      removed from the game sometime during the development of Fallout. The
      patch won't fix the issue.
    - Whenever you fight the Master he summmons Nightkin to come and attack you.
      You can save the game and load it, and then the Nightkin will be gone. 
    For starters, the easiest one is to swindle the shopkeepers in the game.
    For example, you can sell a stimpack to a shopkeeper for $100 and buy
    it back for $80! Repeat until you have enough money or are just tired.
    Works on all versions.
    You can use drugs and get perks that you normally aren't entitled to
    getting. This is good for obtaining slayer and sniper. Power Armor
    also should get you perks.
    Every time you go in the Deathclaw cavern, you'll get 800 experience.
    You can leave and ask Slappy to take you there again, and you'll also
    get the experience! Works on version 1.0 only.
    You can take the Gifted Trait and then use the Mutate! perk to change
    Gifted into another trait. The main skill point bonus still remains,
    and the secondary skill point penalty is lifted. Works on version 1.0
    Several issues have been brought about the system requirements. Many of my
    freinds told me that I could not run Fallout on my Pentium 75 MHz. I played
    it on the 75, beat it, later upgraded to a 233 MHz IDT C6-2 chip, and have
    not noticed any performance gain (except for ending your turn/combat). So,
    to clarify things, here is the "real" requirements to run Fallout. 
     - 32-bit x86 CPU with math co-processor (or 100% compatible)*
     - 16 megs of RAM
     - approx. 45 megs free hard drive space
       - 2 for binaries
       - 10 for saves
       - 32+ for swap file
     - 2x (Double-speed) CD-ROM drive for minimum install
     - 1x (Single-speed) CD-ROM drive for full install
     - PCI Local Bus graphics card, 1 megabyte of VRAM, must support 640x480
       resolution with 256 colors, must be compatible with DirectX 3.0a or
     - Keyboard
     - Mouse
     - Win32 Kernel 4.00.950
       (Windows 95)
     - DirectX 3.0a Run-Time Library (minimum...only install it if you're
       running Windows 95 or NT 4.0 with service pack 3)
     - 32-bit x86 CPU with math co-processor (or 100% compatible)*
     - 32 megs of RAM with approx. 500k free conventional memory
     - approx. 12 megs free hard drive space
       - 2 for binaries
       - 10 for saves 
     - 2x (Double-speed) CD-ROM drive
     - PCI or VLB graphics card, 1024k VRAM, must support 640x480 resolution
       with 256 colors, must be compatible with VESA 1.2 through hardware.*
     - Keyboard
     - Mouse
     - MS-DOS version 5.0
     - If your card doesn't support VESA 1.2 through hardware, get the Scitech
       Display Doctor for support through software.
     - CD-ROM drivers, Mouse drivers
    *NOTE: Fallout tends to have some problems running on Pentium clones,
     such as Cyrix, IDT Centaur, and (maybe) AMD K5 CPU's. It is recommended
     that Fallout be run on an Intel (Pentium and above) or AMD (K6 and above) 
     processor. (For my story, please see CRASHES.)
     Some people have reported success with running Fallout on a 486 class
     processor. You might need a fast video card or more memory to run it
     on the lower CPU class. If you do plan to run it on a 486, make sure it
     is either an Intel 80486/DX or AMD Am486-DX processor; the minimum
     recommended speed is 66 MHz.
    DOS vs. Win32 or DOS running in Win32 DOS Shell :
    DOS 5.x:
    - Much slower load times
    - Memory hog (even with 64+ megs of RAMM, possibly due to the
      lack of the swap file.)
    - Requires fast (8-speed +) CD-ROM drivve to play movies at
      30 fps (otherwise they stutter). Sometimes they don't work
      at all.
    - Faster gameplay with fast CPU and/or  graphics chip, up to
      60 frames per second (fps).
    - Requires VESA 1.2 directly in hardwarre support (or through SciTech
      display doctor)
    - Much faster load times
    - Not much RAM required, 16 megs shouldd run it well
    - Slightly slower gameplay, limited to  about 30 fps (VSYNC enabled?)
    - Requires DirectX 3.0a
    Well, the requirements are the same for the Win32 version, except for 
    the fact that you'll need 24 megabytes minimum memory and Service Pack 3. 
    Service Pack 6 is available at Microsoft's website at www.microsoft.com.
    (Note that the information listed previously applies to Windows NT only.)
    It should run on Windows 2000 and XP without service packs and possibly on
    their respective beta builds.
    Shown below are the instructions. Here, the CD-ROM drive will be shown as drive
    Requirements: (in addition to the requirements for the Win32 version):
    - 24 megs of RAM for Windows NT 4.0
    - 32 megs of RAM for Windows 2000
    - 64 megs of RAM for Windows XP
    - Service Pack 3 for Windows NT 4.0
      * You should update Windows NT and 2000 to their updated service releases for
        maximum compatibility, performance, etc.
      * Also, make sure that programs can run under the 8-bit 640x480 display in
        Windows XP. 
    1) Copy the file d:\program\win\falloutw.___ to c:\fallout\falloutw.exe.
    2) Create a text file in the Fallout directory, and save it as
       fallout.cfg. This is the Fallout configuration file.
    3) Open the file with Notepad (or a text editor) and insert the line:
       You now have different options depending on what files you want to
       - If you want to copy the Master Data File (master.dat, 318 megs) on
         your hard disk, go ahead and do so.
         Or, if you don't, then add this:
      - If you want to copy the Critter Animations (critter.dat, 150 megs),
        go ahead. 
        Otherwise, add this:
      - Add this to the line:    (This line is for NT-specific issues)
        freespace=0   (zero)
      - Create a new block (sound) and add this:
    4) This is how your configuration file should look:
       (NOTE: This is an example file with all of the data on the CD)
    5) This is it! Run Fallout, and if it works, get the Windows 1.1
       patch from Interplay. (Latter applies to North American
       version only.)
       If Fallout won't work, then install the DOS version and
       play it on the DOS shell.    
    I'm not a big fan of Linux, much less UNIX (or any OS other than Mac
    or Windows). But for those who want "Penguin Fallout", here is a FAQ
    on the requirements for Wine. DOS emulation is not possible due to the
    fact that DOSEMU in Linux does not have support for protected mode DOS
    extenders (DOS/4GW), and Wine says it can emulate DOS, but it cannot as
    far as I can tell.
    You'll need:
    - Latest build of Wine, available at wwww.winehq.com*
      (I've heard that it runs on build 990613)
    - 5th-generation x86 CPU (runs too sloww otherwise)
    - 32 megs of RAM with 63 meg swap partiition, 64+ megs recommended
    - 5 megs of hard drive space
    - PCI Local Bus video card with 1 megabbyte of VRAM
    - Latest Kernel versions and XFree86 veersions are recommended.
      - Kernel v.2.x.x
      - X-Server
      - NOTE: Kernel v.2.2.19 is recommended for older computer models
              (less than 32 megs of RAM); faster computers with 64 megs
              of RAM and 300+ MHz CPU's should try out the latest versions
              of the 2.4.x kernel.
              A good X-Server to use is XFree86 3.3.6 or 4.(1+).x. Use
              the latter only if you have a newer computer model, as it
              requires a bit more memory.
    - Fallout will run on Wine with the X-ssettings set to 640x480 resolution
      at 8-bit color depth. The display settings must be set. The exact
      procedure is different for each Linux distribution (Caldera uses COAS,
      Mandrake uses HardDrake, etc.)
    Configure wine (the /etc/wine.conf file), and in the console, type the
    following in:
    wine --winver win95 file:/mnt/cdrom/install.exe
    (If this does not work, change into the CD-ROM directory and
     type in 'wine --winver win95 install.exe' )
    NOTE: Changing win95 to nt40 might be better, I don't know.
    NOTE: The exact command parameters are different for the many versions of
          Wine. This is what you would type if you were running Linux-Mandrake
          v.7.1 with Wine from the Mandrake 7.1 disc.
    Wine should run, and then install the program. Check your root C:
    drive for the Fallout directory. If the installer won't install the program
    correctly, do a manual install (see the manual install for NT above). You'll
    have to change directories, like the example below:
    copy file:/mnt/cdrom/master.dat to file:/win32/fallout/master.dat, and on the
    config file, change it to c:\fallout\master.dat, etc.
    In the console, change into the Falllout directory, and execute Wine again.
    wine --winver nt40 file:/win32/fallout/fallout.exe
    On some Linux distributions (such as Mandrake 7.1), some of the config
    info might be incorrect. Check out file:/etc/wine.con and look where
    the C: drive and the Windows directories are set. Create the Windows
    and the Windows/System directories as shown below, as according to
    the Wine.conf file. You might need to login as the 'root' user to modify
    or view the Wine.conf file.
    Windows directory       (e.g.  file:/win32/windows)
    System sub-directory    (e.g.  file:/win32/windows/system)
    I've also seen these variations:
    - file:/mnt/hdb1/windows 
      (these will show up if you have a slaved FAT hard disc drive loaded in
       the kernel)
    - file:/root/windows
      (sometimes Wine.conf will point to the home user's directory)
    *NOTE: I personally have not tried this method, but some Win32 applications
     that I tried worked perfectly. (such as SESS.net's Cokehead) But yes, it
     does work, and I've seen instructions that parallel mine.
     You should log on as the root user while running Wine.
     You should also know that Wine is beta software and therefore you should
     expect many, many anomalities while running Fallout on Linux.
    On some Intel/AMD clone processors (like Cyrix, IDT Centaur, Rise MP6, etc.),
    Fallout can (and probably will) crash on systems utilizing these CPU's.
    It can happen when you are talking to an NPC with speech. There is no
    workaround that I know of.
    Also, sometimes Fallout randomly crashes upon completing something. This
    is more common on systems without enough memory or with a slow processor.
    It will not bring your entire system down, and Fallout can be safely restarted.
    The crash might not even occur again.
    - Chris Smith for writing an excellent  Fallout FAQ and for allowing me to
      take some info from his weapons tables.
    - Eric "Xeen" Wills (lord_xeen@hotmail..com) for correcting many mistakes
      throughout the FAQ, particularly some info about Richard Grey. He also
      contributed the information of making Garl (raider leader) think that you
      are his father. He was the one who corrected the big mistake - Ghouls are
      victims of radiation poisoning, not the FEV virus. He also added some stuff
      to the 'tactics' section.
    - Robert Sorrells (robertsorrells@hotmaail.com) for information regarding 
      Vault 13, the Doc Morbid killings, and some info about the 'tactics'
      section as well as the idea for the Quick Shooter (end-game badass)
    - Kurt Linsenbardt (Dead81436@aol.com)  for pointing out the radiation
      sickness and rads issue.
    - John Nolden (phoon27@yahoo.com) for tthe extra information (two stimpacks)
      regarding Tandi's capture/release.
    - Christian Gimelli (cgimelli@freeuk.coom) for telling me about the Brotherhood
      of Steel operations. They were present in v.1.66, but not in the right
    - Chris Lucas (chaech@earthlink.net) foor finding out what happens to you if
      you're a male character and talk to Harry, the mutant at Necropolis.
    - Steve Griffin (sgriffin2@carolina.rr..com) for telling me that there's a
      Hunting Rifle in Vault 15.
    - "asp5" (asp5@mindspring.com) for poinnting the second diplomatic approach
      that I completely forgot about.
    - Mors Muertos (der_death_wish@hotmail..com) for giving details about the
      crack paladins.
    - "Jessica M" (jessi_rosario@hotmail.coom) for the nonviolent approach to
      disband the Skulz gang.
    - "G Foyle" (gullyfoyle@hotmail.com) foor giving information about the links
      between the Thieves' Guild and Decker quests, and for pointing out that I
      had forgotten about Neal's urn.
    - Thomas Teh (vilik@home.se) for contributing the information on how to
      extort money from Iguana Bob.
    - Bernardo Barros (barrosbs@bol.com.br) for adding more info on the side-story
      about Richard Grey.
    - Any websites hosting this version of the text-based walkthrough.
    - Yahoo! GeoCities for hosting the Falllout-Next website.

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