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    FIFA 98 Movelist
    Basic In-game Controls: 
    Run              D-Pad    D-Pad          D-Pad      Keypad      D-Pad
    Pass             B        Yellow         Yellow     S           1
    Shoot            C        Green          Green      D           2
    Lob              A        Red            Red        A           -
    Switch player    B        Yellow         Yellow     S           1
    Tackle           C        Green          Green      D           2
    Slide tackle     A        Red            Red        A           -
    Sprint           Y        Blue           Blue       W           -
    Skill Moves
    (with another button)   L or R        L2 or R2       -          Alt or Ctrl
    When your team has the ball...
    Alt or Ctrl +   A = Flick the ball up to yourself
                    S = Beat player by rolling the ball around them
                    D = Fake a shot then beat a player
                    E = Fake one way but go the other way
                    W = 360 degree spin to beat a player
                    Q = Run foot over the ball then flick it to the side
    Double Tap:     A = Flick the ball up to yourself
                    S = Through pass
                    D = Chip shot
                    E = Take a dive
    Give and Go
    Press Q to pass the ball to a teammate. Run into space using the passer of the
    ball (the teammate will be computer controlled) then press S to recieve the 
    ball back. 
    When the opposition has the ball...
    Alt or Ctrl +   Q = Push
    Press:          Q = Vicious tackle/lunge
    Double Tap:     Q = Hip check or elbow
    When the ball is in the air...
    Hold:           A = Header to a teammate
                    S = Headed pass
                    D = Powerful header/headed shot on goal
    Tap & Hold:     A = High Volley
                    S = Volleyed Pass
                    D = Volleyed Shot
                    D + left or right = Bicycle kick
    When taking a Free Kick, Corner or Goal Kick...
    Press:          Alt = Swing the ball the right
                    Ctrl = Swing the ball to the left
    Here's something cool to try in FIFA 98. After your team has scored and they 
    are celebrating press the following buttons repeatedly to hear special sounds 
    from the crowd.
    Shoot Button = Loud Drums
    Lob/Long kick button = Horns
    Pass Button = Crowd Cheers
    Sprint Button = Normal Drums

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