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    Boss Walkthrough (US) by iDragon

    Version: 9.0 | Updated: 07/20/15 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    F I N A L   F A N T A S Y   V I I I   B O S S   W A L K T H R O U G H
    (c) iDragon 1999-2015
    version 9.0 [final]
    for the Sony Playstation: NTSC-US, PAL and PC [english version]
    by iDragon <idragonx9@hotmail.com>
    This FAQ is intended for private and personal use only. If you want to use it on
    your webpage, ask for my permission first. You must publish the walkthrough in
    it's entirety if used. This disclaimer and copyright notice must appear in full
    as well. I do not want this published in magazines, books, guides, etc. This FAQ
    cannot be used for profitable purposes. Also notice that I only update my
    document at www.gamefaqs.com. So if other sites don't update my document, it's
    not my problem but their laziness. Anyone who has violated this agreement will
    be severely dealt with.
    "Final Fantasy VIII" (c) 1999 Squaresoft (now Square-Enix)
    < I N T R O D U C T I O N >
    Welcome to my Final Fantasy VIII Boss Walkthrough. First I would like to clear
    one thing: I have devoted plenty of my time writing this FAQ, so read it through
    before sending me any unnecessary questions that are already answered in this
    To put it simply this isn't just a boss walkthrough, it also includes a basic
    battle system tutorial and other helpful information on how to play the game in
    order to defeat the game bosses successfully.
    This document is best viewed in notepad type of viewer with Courier New font
    (size 10) in window resolution 800x600 and above. As you have noticed the
    document is not aligned, but you can align it yourself by opening the FAQ with
    a Word type program.
    I would also like to thank everyone who has supported me by writting in with
    comments and contributions. Due to the time passed since the game has been
    released I will not upgrade my FAQ any more.
    Also please consider that english is my second language, therefore please be
    more lenient with typos and grammar mistakes.
    < U P D A T E S  /  V E R S I O N S >
    version 9 [July 2015] 
      - Ultima and Omega weapon newest strategy update.
      - Minor changes to some boss battles.
    version 8 [May 2011] [final version, the document will not be updated any more!]
      - Boss battles updates.
      - Relocated some battle system info.  
    version 5 [March 2007]
      - Minor updates.
      - Added Ultima draw points locations.
      - Added William Plasman <curse_marked_sasuke@yahoo.com> additional game tips.
    version 3.0f [December 2006]
      - Added GF MiniMog info in the Hidden GFs chapter.
      - Updated some boss strategies.
      - Changes in the battle system chapter.
      - Removed some sketches (since they were not needed).
    version 1.8 [September 2000]
      - Removed the card section (didn't fit in).
      - Removed the controls section (didn't fit).
      - Minor grammar corrections.
    version 1.7 [June 2000]
      - Added new contributions.
    version 1.61 [April 2000]
      - Added Lorraine Fisher Ultimecia strategy.
      - Corrected mistakes pointed out by Jereme Bivins.
      - Published Dino Angelo de la Rama's Omega Weapon strategy.
      - Updated some menu sketches.
    version 1.55 [January 2000]
      - Updated almost all sections.
    version 1.5 [December 1999]
      - Published more contributions.
      - Updated boss strategies.
      - Changed the overall look.
      - Added additional info in some sections.
      - Got rid of some more typos.
      - Removed the cast and lyrics chapters (didn't fit in).
     version 1.4 [October 1999]
      - Finally wrote the complete FF8 boss walkthrough.
      - Added tips and secrets chapter (renamed it later to basic tips/hidden gfs).
      - Updated some boss strategies.
      - Updated the basics and battle system tutorial chapters.
      - Added the elemental and status attack explanations.
      - Added info on drawing GFs from Ultimecia castle (sub)bosses.
      - Added more contributions.
     version 1.31 - 1.35 [September 1999]
      - Corrected the line mistake.
      - Grammar corrections in almost every chapter.
      - Added the cast chapter.
      - Corrected the wrong written names thanks to <VvMach5vv@aol.com>.
      - Added a way to get the phoenix summon.
      - Added Obsidian Rose's <judech@mediaone.net> card chapter.
      - Added Teyunde Sakurambo's <jsteadma@gac.edu> FF new game cheat.
      - Added Chris Bradow <tke_277@hotmail.com> tips.
      - Added <fuuie@oldcrows.net> magic junction chart.
     version 1.3 [September 1999]
      - Boss walkthrough (although mostly incomplete) first release.
      - Added Gilgamesh to the GF section.
      - Added info on Quistis's enemy skill items.
      - Mayor updates in the limit breaks chapter.
      - Added limit breaks systems explanation.
      - Added strategies on beating Omega and Ultima Weapons.
      - Added more info on finding weapon upgrade items.
      - Added more information on getting hidden GFs.
      - Added the SeeD test results.
     version 0.0 - 1.3 [September 1999]
      - started writ ting a boss walkthrough, since there wasn't one available at
        that time.
    <   C H A P T E R' S  >
       I.a  EXP, AP, MONEY & STATS
       I.c  HIDDEN GFS
        II.c  LIMIT BREAKS
    < I.  B A S I C  T I P S  /  H I D D E N  G F S >
        I.a EXP, AP, MONEY & STATS
    <<- FF8 LEVEL UP SYSTEM ->>
    So how does the level up system in FF8 work? Read below:
    - With every level up characters stats will increase.
    - All levels ups are one thousand experience points apart from another.
    - Exp. points are earned by defeating enemies.
    - You don't gain any exp. points from bosses.
    - You also gain exp. points if you run from battles.
    - Character with the finishing blow will gain some extra exp. points.
    - Junctioned GFs split exp. points at end of the battle.
    - Exp. points level up junctioned GFs.
    - Characters' level won't increase, if he/she doesn't take part in battles
      or if he/she's dead at the end of the battle.
    - AP points are gained through battles and will let your junctioned GFs
      learn selected abilities.
    <<- EASY WAY TO GET AP ->>
    Land the Ragnarok on small island in the South-East Sentura region. Direct
    east from Edea's house. You'll encounter cactus-like creatures here.
    Finish them off before they run away (having Squall in critical status
    using his Renzokuken works fine). You'll get 20 AP points for each one.
    To gain high stats, learn HP/Str/Spd/Vit... +20%/+40%/+60... boost abilities,
    that most GFs have. It helps if you obtained secret GFs, since they got some
    really juicy abilities to master!
    He is the main and only permanent party member in the game with the most 
    powerful limit break. Try to focus on his stats as much as possible. For
    instance, juction the stock of your most powerful spell to Squall Str attribute.
    The best example would be 100 Ultima spell. Them obtain his ultimate weapon and
    his powerful limit breaks will let you breeze through boss encounters without
    any difficulty. A lot of strategies in this FAQ focus on Squall stats and his
    limit break. There are also other viable possibilities with Irvins Shot limit
    break combined with Pulse Ammo or Rinoa's Angelo Rush limit break, but Squall's
    Lion Heart tops them both in damage potential. Now, are you wondering how to get
    100 Ultima spells for Squall maximal Str attribute? Read below.
    a.) Shumi village: pay 5,000 gil in order to draw from the draw point.
        This can be done again and again. Use the Seed tests results below to get
        the money you need.
    b.) Draw it from draw points at Islands closest to Hell/Heaven with GF Diablos
        Encounter None equipped.
    c.) Esthar, under Lunatic Pandora attack: near the generator where before you
        climb and board 03 elevator.
    d.) Warship Island: check the rock found near the ending path on the 5 
        underground research facility floor and you will find an Ultima draw point.
    e.) Refine it from items (Bahamut's Forbiden Magic Refine):
        1x Ultima Stone   -> 1x Ultima
        1x Energy Crystal -> 3x Ultima
        5x Pulse Ammo     -> 1x Ultima
        1x Dark Matter    -> 100x Ultima
    by Zell <DaMan7050@aol.com>.
    "Secret Ultima draw point. In FH when you go to the mayor's place, if you click
    on that little robot U shaped hand it spins, well if you go down a little and
    get to where you are blocking the view of that hand and press X (U.S.) then you
    found it."
    If you want to efficiently use Irvine's limit break Shot, you need to get his
    most powerful ammo: Pulse Ammo. Use Ifrit's Make Bullets ability and change 1x
    Energy Crystal into 10x Pulse Ammo. You can get Energy Crystal by fighting
    the Ruby dragons located on the Warship Island or Island closest to Hell/Heaven.
    (You can use GF Bahamut Rare Item ability for assistance.)
    by Connollys <flames@nbnet.nb.ca>.
    "The other way to get an energy crystal is to mug the lion with the funny
    stringy whiskers, or the guy with the big sword when they are in the Lunatic
    Pandora over Tears Point. I'm not sure exactly which one I mugged, but I know
    that a had squall do the mugging at around Lv. 61 with a flame sabre (or
    something like that) and it only took me only one shot to kill either one."
    If you're like me who hates frequent encounters, learn GF Diablos Encounter Half
    and Encounter Nothing ability. Remmember you won't get any level ups by only
    beating bosses. But if you want to level up fast without having to enter battles
    all time, read bellow.
    <<- FAST LEVEL UPS ->>
    You can gain fast level ups from very strong monsters located on the Islands
    closes to Heaven/Hell. You can reach them after you have the Ragnarok (disc 3+).
    Island closes to Hell: Located on the most west island of the World Map, near
                           Galbadia Area.
    Island closest to Heaven: Located at northeast from the Chocobo Shrine, near
                              Esthar Area.
    I recommend that you land with the Ragnarok on the Island closes to Hell/Heaven.
    You'll will encounter many tough enemies here (Hexa dragons, Ruby dragons, Blue
    dragons, Malboros, etc.). Their HP and attack damage depend on Squall's level.
    There is a way to defeat them fast. Have Squall's Str near 255. Equip him the
    most powerful weapon (hopefully Lion Heart) and junction Cerberus ability Auto
    Haste. Have Squall in critical status. Now when you enter battle switch
    constantly between attack and limit break option until you can select the limit
    break, then use his Renzokuken.
    You can check if you're in the right location. Enter the main menu, the name of
    the location is shown on the bottom.
    by Chris Bradow <tke_277@hotmail.com>
    "Junction 100 Death to any if not all of the characters' Elemental attacks. This
    won't kill Hexadragons or Ruby Dragons in my experience. But it does make
    extremely short work of most of the creatures on the island. (Blue Dragons,
    Grendels, etc.)"
    <<- MONEY IN FF8 ->>
    Money takes on a completely different role then in most RPGs. You won't get any
    money from enemies, bosses and treasures like in most other RPGs; instead you
    get it by taking seed tests.
    Enter the main menu, select tutorial option and again select Test option.
    Your party receives money from the SeeD on a timely interval. The sum is
    determined by your SeeD ranking. To write the SeeD tests enter tutorial option
    in the main menu screen. The actual number of tests Squall can write depends on
    his level, i.e. a LV. 12 Squall has access to only 12 of total of 30 tests. The
    test answers are gathered bellow:
    Lv 1: Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, N, N   Lv 2: Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N, N
    Lv 3: N, N, Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, N   Lv 4: N, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, N
    Lv 5: N, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, Y   Lv 6: Y, N, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, Y
    Lv 7: Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N   Lv 8: N, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, Y, N
    Lv 9: N, Y, N, N, N, N, N, N, Y, Y    Lv 10: Y, N, N, N, N, N, N, N, Y, N
    Lv 11: Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N, Y, N, N, Y   Lv 12: N, Y, N, N, Y, N, Y, N, Y, N
    Lv 13: Y, N, N, N, Y, N, N, N, N, N   Lv 14: Y, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N, Y, N
    Lv 15: Y, Y, N, N, N, N, N, Y, N, Y   Lv 16: Y, N, N, Y, N, Y, N, N, Y, N
    Lv 17: Y, N, N, N, Y, N, N, Y, N, N   Lv 18: Y, N, N, N, Y, N, N, N, N, N
    Lv 19: Y, N, N, Y, N, N, N, N, N, Y   Lv 20: Y, Y, N, Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, N
    Lv 21: Y, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, Y, N   Lv 22: N, N, N, Y, N, N, N, Y, Y, N
    Lv 23: Y, N, N, N, N, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y   Lv 24: Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, N, Y
    Lv 25: Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, N, N   Lv 26: Y, Y, N, Y, N, Y, N, Y, N, N
    Lv 27: N, Y, N, N, N, N, Y, N, Y, N   Lv 28: Y, N, N, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, N, N
    Lv 29: N, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, N, Y, N   Lv 30: N, Y, N, N, N, N, Y, N, N, N
    Your SeeD rank can also lower or raise according to the actions your party
    takes. (Don't ask which actions, I'm clueless here.)
    <<- PLAY CARDS ->>
    Also consider to play cards (FF8 main minigame) if you want to get some rare
    items (or by turning enemies into cards, a GF ability). Very useful items like
    Hero Drinks and Holy Wars can be obtained through the card mini game by turning
    cards into items (GF ability). If you would like to get more information on the
    card aspect of the game, look for FF8 card game FAQs on www.gamefaqs.com!
    by William Plasman <curse_marked_sasuke@yahoo.com>
    "I have spent 80+ hours on this game, and have been playing it for 5-6 years. I
    have discovered that Haste is not the best junction to speed. Triple does in
    fact carry about 30-40 more speed than Haste.
    Also, when facing monsters with an average defense, Squall can constantly do
    9999 damage to it. First, you must equip Squall with Lionheart or one level
    below that. Next, Juction 100 Ultima to his STR, and Junction 100 Holy to his
    elemental attack. Equip him with a STR 60-80%. His STR will be at 255.
    His HP can easily reach 9999 if the following is completed: Junction 100
    Tornado to his HP. Also, equip him with an HP 80% ability. As well, use the HP
    Bonus ability to increase his HP even more every time he levels up.
    One more thing. All gaining levels does is increase your stats by a point or so,
    and not all of them. This causes a less than 50 pt increase to each stat by
    level 100, seeing as how you start the game at level 7. I would like to point
    out also that I beat Ultimecia at level 18. Early in the game I got Diablos and
    his ENCOUNTER NONE ability by beating Cactaurs, which give surprisingly little
    XP. I was also a coward at the beginning of the game and just decided to speed
    through it, so I ran from every battle and used ENCOUNTER NONE. Using the
    Junctions I listed above, it is possible to do this (Ultima never even got a
    shot at me) for all the psychopaths out there like me who need a challenge.
    Please note however that you must replace the Holy junction for the Adel fight
    and you must remove it completely for the Omega fight."
    In FF8 you can remodel (upgrade) weapons in junk shops to gain new ones. New
    weapons are stronger than previous ones and can also include new limit breaks.
    You need a certain amount of (rare) items and weapon magazines in order to
    upgrade your weapons. Listed bellow is an item list which contains only items
    and magazines needed for every character's ultimat weapon. You can also call a
    junk shop using GF Tonberry Junk Shop ability.
    <<- ITEM LIST ->>
    W - where to find the item
          Adamantine                      Lion Heart, Ehrgeiz, Strange Vision
          W: Win it from Adamandanti (turtles with black shells). They are
             found at the shores of Long Horn Island, North from Galbania.
             You can also turn the Minotaur card into 10 Adamantines.
          Curse Spike                     	                   Strange Vision
          W: Win/steal it from those 3 headed monsters found in the basement
             of Warship Island. You can also win them from from Molboros
             (huge green plants).
          Dino Bone                                                    Exeter
          W: Win it from T-Rex located in the Balamb training center or
             Island closest to Hell.
          Dragon Fang                                              Lion Heart
          W: Win it from Hexa dragons and Blue dragons located on the Island
             closest to Hell.
          Dragon Skin                                                 Ehrgeiz
          W: Win/steal it from Hexa dragons, Blue dragons or T-Rex located on
             the Islands closest to Hell/Heaven.
          Energy Crystal                        Shooting Star, Save the Queen
          W: You can get this item by fighting the Ruby dragon located on the
             Warship Island or Island closest to Hell/Heaven. (Use GF Bahamut
             Rare Item ability for assistance.)
          Force Armlet                                          Shooting Star
          W: You can buy it from the Timber Pet Shop using GF Tonberry
             Familiar ability.
          Fury Fragment				                  Ehrgeiz
          W: You can get this by stealing from the green shell, red-orange
             skin creatures inside the Tomb of the Unknown King.
          Malboro Tentacle               			   Save the Queen
          W: Steal/win it from Malboros (green creatures with a status attack
             Bad Breath) located on the Islands closest to Hell/Heaven.
          Moon Stone                                                   Exeter
          W: Steal/win it from Iron Giants (very powerful monsters with huge
             swords) located in the Warship Island basement near the Ultima
          Pulse Ammo                     			       Lion Heart
          W: Use Ifrit's Make Bullets Ability and change 1x Energy Crystal
             into 10x Pulse Ammo.
          Regen Ring                     			    Shooting Star
          W: Win/steal it a from leopard creatures with long whiskers
             (Toramas). They can be found in the southern Esthar area and in
             the Warship Island basement.
          Screw                        			           Exeter
          W: Win/steal it from those gray-red creepy crawlers found at
             Galbadia. You also get this by defeating GIM-47N.
          Sharp Spike                                          Save the Queen
          W: You can win it from giant spider monsters found in Sentora Area
             or at the forests near Edea's House.
          Star Fragment                                Exeter, Strange Vision
          W: Steal/win it from Iron Giants (very powerful monsters with huge
             swords) located in the Warship Island basement near the Ultima
          Windmill                      			    Shooting Star
          W: You can get this by stealing from purple birds found in Galbadia
    <<- MAGAZINES ->>
    Weapons Mon: You can buy them all from Esthar Book Store found in the Esthar
                 Shopping center.
    Weapons Mon 1ST: You can buy it from Esthar Book Store using GF
                     Tonberry's Familiar ability.
     Squall - Lion Heart                        Rinoa - Shooting Star
     -------------------                        ---------------------
      Items:                                    Items:
            1x  Adamantine                            2x  Windmill
            4x  Dragon Fang                           1x  Revive Ring
            12x Pulse Ammo                            1x  Force Amlet
                                                      2x  Energy Crystal
             ATK: +26                           Skills:
             HIT: 255%                                 ATK: +17
             Lion Heart (limit break)                  HIT: 107%
                                                       Angel Wing (limit break)
      Magazine: Weapons Mon 1ST
      Cost: 2000G				    Magazine: Weapons Mon 1ST
                                                Cost: 1000G
     Irvine - Execter                           Selphine - Strange Vision
     ----------------                           -------------------------
      Items:                                    Items:
            2x  Dino Bone                             1x  Adamantine
            1x  Moon Stone                            3x  Star Fragment
            2x  Star Fragment                         2x  Curse Spike
            18x Screw
      Skills:                                          ATK: +13
             ATK: +13                                  HIT: 255%
             HIT: 122%
                                                Magazine: Weapons Mon 1ST
      Magazine: Weapons Mon 1ST                 Cost: 1000G
      Cost: 800G
     Zell - Ehrgeiz                             Quistis - Save The Queen
     --------------                             ------------------------
      Items:                                    Items:
            1x  Adamantine                            2x  Molboro Tentacle
            4x  Dragon Skin                           4x  Sharp Spike
            1x  Fury Fragment                         4x  Sparkling Energy
      Skills:                                   Skills:
             ATK: +13                                  ATK: +13
             HIT: 103%                                 HIT: 113%
      Magazine: Weapons Mon Aug                 Magazine: Weapons Mon Aug
      Cost: 800G                                Cost: 800G
       I.c HIDDEN GFS
    There are 5 GFs which are considered to be hidden. Their abilities and summon
    attacks are essential for easier progress through the game. I have also added
    a quick description of locations where you can find other GFs.
    |==|  G F  D O O M T R A I N  |==|
    You need to find the Solomon's Ring. The Solomon's ring can be found  in Tear's
    Point, located south-east from the Esthar capital. It is a shiny item near the
    center statue. Pick it up.
    To activate the item, you need following items: 6x Remedy Plus
                                                    6x Steel Pipe
                                                    6x Molboro Tentacle
    - Remedy Plus:
      Use GF Alexander Medicine Level Up ability to upgrade Remedy. 1x Remedy Plus
      is equal to 10 Remedies.
    - Steel Pipe:
      Win/steal it from green-yellow gorillas found at the hills of Galbadia.
    - Molboro Tentacle:
      Win/steal it from Malboros (huge-green plants, with a powerful status attack
      Bad Breath) located on the Island closes to Hell/Heaven.
    When you obtained all required items, use Solomon's Ring in the item menu and GF
    Doomtrain will join you.
    |==|  G F  T O N B E R R Y  |==|
    Head for the Sentura Region after you have obtained Odin (refer to GF Odin
    section bellow). Fight and Mug Chefs Knives from 10-20 Tonberries. Soner or
    later King Tonberry will appear. Defeat him and he will join you. Refer to the
    boss walkthrough disc 2 if you have problems defeating him.
    by Derek - The Obsidian Rose <judech@mediaone.net>
    "To find GF Tonberry you need to get 20 Chefs Knives. However after fighting
    20 Tonberies the Tonberry King appeared, with 8 knives in my inventory. I'm not
    saying you can't do it by having 20 knives, maybe that is easier, but can also
    be done by defeating twenty Tonberries."
    |==|  G F  B A H A M U T  |==|
    Head for the Warship Island located on South-West corner of the world map
    (uncharted on the world map). Fly low with the Ragnarok and when you're above
    it, enter by pressing [x]. Enter the room with the light source. Proceed
    towards the light slowly when its turned off, if you move when the light is
    turned on, you'll encounter monsters. Talk to the light source and pick the4
    first and the second option (you'll fight the Ruby dragons twice). Refer to
    the boss walkthrough disc 3, if you have problems defeating the Ruby dragons.
    Pick the third (hidden) option to fight GF Bahamut. Refer to the disc 3
    walkthrough section if you have problems defeating GF Bahamut.
    |==|  G F  C A C T U A R  |==|
    Land the Ragnarok on small island in the South-East Sentura region. Direct east
    from Edea's house. Touch the green icon on the Island map. Refer to the boss
    walkthrough disc 3, if you have problems defeating Cactuar.
    |==|  G F  E D E N  |==|
    After getting the GF Bahamut talk to everybody on Ragnarok and re-enter Warship
    Island (Zell must be in your party). Proceed and climb down. Head for the steam
    machine and you will have a guide of operating the machine. You'll need 4 out of
    20 power units to open the 1st gate. In the second floor use 2 units, in third
    floor 2 units, in  fourth 1 unit, in fifth 1 unit, and use the elevator to get
    to the machinery room. Have Zell use the machine and proceed through the door.
    You must get across 5 underground research facility floors to fight Ultima
    Weapon. On each floor you'll encounter very powerful monsters (Toramas,
    Behemoths, Ruby Dragons, Iron Giants, ect.). I recommend that you have high
    character levels before you fight these monsters. You can also use GF Doomtrain
    very effective against all monsters, hitting for multiple status attacks. There
    is save point at the 6th floor (use GF Siren find hidden save/draw points
    ability to see it) and activate the red computer panel after you have saved.
    Next Ultima Weapon will appear. Refer to the boss walkthrough disc 3 on
    defeating Ultima Weapon.
    |==|  G F  O D I N  |==|
    Enter the Sentora Ruins found somewhere in the Sentora region, south part of the
    world. It's on one of those islands in the center of Sentora.
    When you enter the timer will start countdown (20 minutes). Make sure you have
    GF Diablo's Encounter Nothing ability to save a lot of time. First take the
    stairs leading right. Go up the stairs and enter the chamber of the Odin. Next
    examine the stone block, it's an elevator. Take the left ladder. Climb up,
    examine the blue orb and climb down to examine the blue orb on the ground panel.
    It will reveal a stair way. Head up the stairway, until you have reached the
    statue of a monster. Examine the statue and take the Eye Ruby. Head up the
    stairs to the next statue. Climb up the ladder and put the eye and you will be
    given a password. Remove both eyes. Place the eyes on the first statue and a
    torch on the right will be lighted. Enter your password now. A secret chamber
    will reveal and you will fight GF Odin there. Refer to the boss walkthrough disc
    3 if you have problems defeating Odin.
    Note that Odin is not a selectable GF, he has none abilities to learn. But he's
    considered to be a GF because he has summon sequence like all others GFs.
    The higher the luck rate is, more times he will appear. He appears at the
    beginning of the battle and causes death to all enemies using the Zentsuken.
    When in boss battle Odin's will use a attack which deals physical damage.
    by <Grunevald1410@aol.com>
    "He has a 1/10 chance of appearing in each monster battle. Odin will appear more
    often when you junction magic to luck. I also recommend cactuars +50% luck
    ability for a higher appearance rate."
    |==|  G F  G I L G A M E S H  |==|
    Get the GF Odin till the disc 3 end boss Seifer. When you face him, Odin will
    be destroyed by Seifer and GF Gilgamesh will appear at the end of the battle.
    GF Gilgamesh works the same as GF Odin; in addition he has several new attacks.
    |==|  P H O E N I X  S U M M O N  |==|
    You can summon Phoenix only through the item command. To summon him, you
    need to get a Phoenix Pinion item. There are two ways to get this item.
    1. Use GF Alexander Medicine Level Up ability to turn 50 Phoenix into a Mega
       Phoenix. Three Mega Phoenix will refine into a Phoenix Pinion using Medicine
       Level Up.
    2. Find the five stones in the Shumi village.
    Go to the village of Shumi tribe located in the snowy fields in the northern
    continent. Enter the elevator and enter the house in most left corner of the
    Village. Talk to a Shumi near the Laguna's statue. You will be asked to find the
    five stones.
    - Blue Stone
      In the room with the statue. It is on the back wall. Examine the huge blue
    - Wind Stone
      Go to the first screen of the village. Search near the rocks and you'll find
      the Wind Stone.
    - Life Stone
      Go to the chief's house. Go to the middle of the tree and examine it. Squall
      will climb up the branch and get the stone.
    - Shadow Stone
      Go back to first screen and search behind the pillar on the right side. It's
      under the shadow of the container.
    - Water Stone
      Go to the House beside the building where you find the statue of Laguna and
      search by the sink (left side). You'll find the Water Stone.
    When you have collected all the stones, go to the chief's house and you'll
    receive a Phoenix Pinion.
    by Jereme Bivins <jereme_1999@yahoo.com>
    "First use the Phoenix Pinion through item command when in battle. The GF
    Phoenix is like Odin or Gilgamesh. Once you have used your Phoenix Pinion it
    will come out when all your party members are KO'd."
    |~~| G F  M i n i M o g |~~|
    The item Mog Amlet holds the GF MiniMog. You can get the Mog Amlet after you
    beat Chocobo World on the (Sony's) pocket station mini-game. After you beat
    the game, download your game inventory from the mini-game into your game. And
    yes, the only way to get it, is to obviously beat the mini-game. There is no 
    other known way to get him. Although I have not tested this personally, some
    people have confirmed that it exists. You'll need a pocket station, which can
    be only imported from Japan (not 100% sure about this) and I'm not sure if it
    works with NTSC US and PAL versions of the game. Refer to the Mog Armlet
    section in the other contributions chapter submitted by flyskater and
    <DHe7325150@aol.com> for some additional info. If you want more information,
    check some other FF8 FAQs at www.gamefaqs.com regarding this topic. There we're
    at least two pocket stations FAQs for FF8 published the last time I checked the
    Quezacotl:   Meet Quistis outside Baland Garden
    Shiva:      Meet Quistis outside Baland Garden
    Ifrit:      Defeat Ifrit at Fire Caverns (Disc 1)
    Siren:      Draw it from Elvoret in Dollet (Disc 1)
    Brothers:   Defeat Brothers at Tomb of the Unknown King (disc 1+)
    Diablos:    Use Lantern in the item menu given by Cid, and defeat
                Diablos (disc 1+)
    Carbuncle:  Draw it from Iguion in Deling City, at the Presidential
                Residence when Rinoa is attacked (Disc 1)
    Leviathan:  Draw from Norg in Basement of Balamb Garden (Disc 2)
    Pandemona:  Draw from Fujin at Balamb Hotel (Disc 2)
    Cerberus:   Defeat Cerberus at Galbadia Garden (Disc 2)
    Alexander:  Draw it from Edea at Galbadia Garden (Disc 2)
    You can also draw GFs from Ultimecia castle (sub)bosses if you missed them
    Siren:      Draw it from Tri-Point
    Carbuncle:  Draw it from Krysta
    Leviathan:  Draw it from Trauma
    Pandemona:  Draw it from Red Giant
    Cerberus:   Draw it from Gargantua
    Alexander:  Draw it from Catoblepas
    Eden:       Draw it from Tiamat
    < II.  B A T T L E  S Y S T E M  T U T O R I A L >
    Junction abilities are very essential for the FF8 battle system. There are
    6 types of junction abilities: Junction, Command, Boost, GF, Menu and Party.
    Description of junction abilities:
    Junction         Allows you to junction magic to attributes.
    Command          Allows character to use special commands during battle:
                     [Card, Magic, Draw, Treatment...]
    Boost            Allows you to raise character attributes [Vit +20%...]
    GF               Raises GFs HP and power [GF HP +20%...]
    Menu             It allows you to select GF Abilities from the main menu.
    		 Example: GF Siren Refine status magic from items ability.
    Party            Affects the entire party. Example: GF Siren Find/Draw hidden
                     magic and save points.
    Junction menu sketch:
          [JUNCTION]   [OFF]   [AUTO]   [ABILITY]
        PHOTO         CHARACTER                  COMMAND
         OF                                       ATTACK
      CHARACTER       LV 34 |*|                   MAGIC
                      HP 2150 / 4330              DARKSIDE
      [ HP  ] Meteor     145
      [ STR ] Ultima     210    [ SPD  ] Haste       82
      [ VIT ] Full-life   68    [ EVA  ] ------      8%
      [ MAG ] Triple      52    [ HIT  ] Tornado    112
      [ SPI ] Firaga      55    [ LUCK ] ------      14
    And a sketch of the elemental attack/defense window. The status attack/defense
    works similar. Press left to access it from main stats window. There is also
    a status attack/defense window if you press right or left to switch from
    elemental and status attack/defense window.
                                           ELEMENTAL ATTACK
                                Fire      - 80%    Poison - 0%
      -> E ATK Fira             Ice       - 0%     Wind   - 0%
         E DEF Tornado          Lightning - 0%     Water  - 0%
         E DEFx2 Thundara       Earth     - 0%     Holy   - 0%
                                           ELEMENTAL DEFENSE
                                Fire      - 0%     Poison - 0%
                                Ice       - 0%     Wind   - 90%
                                Lightning - 70%    Water  - 0%
                                Earth     - 0%     Holy   - 0%
    Junctioned abilities menu sketch:
     -> ABILIY
         - ITEM
         - REVIVE
         - GF
         - STR +60%
         - HP +40%
         - COUNTER
         - RARE ITEMS
    <<- HOW DOES IT WORK ->>
    You must junction a GF to your character in order to use it's abilities. GFs
    can learn different junction, command, boost, GF, menu and party abilities, by
    selecting them in GFs learn menu. Sometimes you'll have to learn weaker
    abilities first in order to get the stronger ones. (Example: HP +20% -> HP +40%
    -> HP +80% ). Magic spells can also be junctioned to your characters attributes
    to increase stats. In order to junction a magic spell to a character's attribute
    (example: HP-J, allows you junction magic spells to affect characters HP), a GF
    with this junction ability must be junctioned to your character. Note that a
    character can have multiple G.Fs junctioned.How much a certain spell boosts your
    stats is listed in <fuuie@oldcrows.net> magic junction chart at the end this
    Example: Junction GF Quezacotl to one of your characters, ie. Squall. His HP
             junction ability will glow (turn white), now you'll be able to select
             and junction any spell you wish to Squall HP attribute. Select the HP
             junction ability and assign your chose of magic to it.
    Example 2: You can junction magic to STR, VIT, SPI, E ATK, E DEF, E DEFx2,
               attribute when you have learned all GF Shiva junction abilities.
               Shiva must be junctioned to your character to use the junction
    Example 3: Ifrit can learn additional command Mad Rush, Str +20%, Str +40% and
               other abilities, after you learned his inital ones.
    List of attributes:
    HP     - Health Points --> Shows the maximum HP capacity.
    STR    - Strength --> Determents physical attack damage.
    VIT    - Vitality --> Resistance against physical attacks.
    MAG    - Magic Strength --> Determents the magic attack damage/affectivity.
    SPI    - Spirit --> Resistance against magic-based attacks. Sometimes also
             refered as Spr.
    SPD    - Speed --> The higher the speed value, the faster the character's
             ATB charges.
    EVA    - Evasion --> The % chance of evading physical attacks.
    HIT    - Hit Accuracy -->  The chance of hitting your enemy using physical
    LUCK   - Luck --> Determents the drawn amount of spells, critical hit
             rate, Odin's appearance, ect.
    E ATK  - Elemental Attack --> Attacks with a certain element.
    E DEF  - Elemental Defense --> Adds certain element to your defense.
    ST ATK - Status Attack --> Causes status attack to your enemy.
    ST DEF - Status Defense --> % defense from a certain status attack.
    Elemental attack allows to add an element affinity to your physical attacks.
    Example: When you fight cold-elemental monsters junction fire to you elemental
             attack and the inflicted damage will be 100% higher than usual. If you
             use fire elemental on a fire-based monster, the damage will be reduced,
             nullified or even absorbed by the enemy.
    Elemental attack allows you to reduce or absorb damage from enemy's elemental
    based attack.
    Example: Elemental based monsters, will mostly attack you with elemental based
             physical attacks or spells. If you junction Wind-based (Wind, Tornado)
             spell to your elemental defense you'll be able to reduce or absorb
             enemy's Wind-based physical attacks and spells.
    Your character will cause the status ailments as he/she attacks. The rate of the
    character casting a status ailment on the enemy depends of the number of spells
    that you have junction to that character's status attack junction.
    Example: Junction 100 Pain spells to your status attack. Every time the
             character uses a physical attack on enemy, he will additionally inflict
             Poison, Blind, Silence on the enemy (depending on the enemy's weakness
             for specific status ailments).
    Status defense allows your character to reduce enemies status ailments attack
    rate. Characters status defense rate depends of the number of spells that you
    have junctioned to that character's status defense junction. 100 junctioned
    status ailment spells of one type will cause immunity to that particular status.
    Example: Junctioning Esuna will raise all status ailments defense rate for 20%.
    - Junction 100 Ultima spells to Squall to raise his Str points. Also junction
      Str +40 % or Str +60% character ability to get Squall Str to maximum 255.
      Squall attack power is very important when you're using his Renzokuken. It
      can become the most powerful attack in the game if you have his ultimate
      weapon Lion Heart.
    - Junction 100 haste spells to characters speed attribute. Character speed will
      improve greatly. You can also add the GF Cerberous Auto Haste ability or
      others GFs Spd +20% & Spd +40% to boost speed to maximum.
    - Junction 100 Aura of Full-life spells to character HP. In addition, you can
      also use GFs HP +20%, +40% & +80% ability to reach maximum 9999 HP.
    - If you have obtained GF Odin, junction 100 of a very powerful spell to the
      luck attribute and use GF Doomtrain, Cactuar or Eden Luck +50%  ability. Odin
      will  appear more often and kill your enemies with a single strike at the
      beginning of the battle.
    - Use Full-life, Life, Esuna and Protect spells to increase your all-elemental
      and status defense.
    - Learn GF Diablos Mug ability to steal items from enemies. This is a very
      important ability which will help get rare items.
    - Learn GF Eden's Expendx3-1 to cast thee spells at the cost of one.
    by Vexer9 Blue moon <vexer9@hotmail.com>.
    "Try this if you want to be almost invincible against status attacks and
    absorb 90% of all elementals.
    100 Holy
    100 Ensuna
    100 Reflect
    100 Pain
    100 Ultima
    100 Full-Life
    100 Life
    100 Shell"
    by <KurtCo96@aol.com>.
    "If you equip all the following magic to Elemental Defense, you should be
    able to absorb all Elemental attacks.
    100 Ultima
    100 Meteor
    100 Full-Life
    100 Life"
    by <fuuie@oldcrows.net>
    note: the chart values age gained by junctioning 100 of each spell to
          different atributes.
     Name       | HP  | STR |  VIT  | MAG   | SPI | SPD | EVA | HIT  | LUCK
     Fire       |100  | 10  |   4   |  10   |  4  |  8  |  3  |  10  |  8
     Fira       |200  | 15  |   8   |  15   |  8  | 12  |  4  |  16  |  12
     Firaga     |1400 | 30  |  16   |  30   | 16  | 14  |  4  |  20  |  14
     Blizzard   |100  | 10  |   4   |  10   |  4  |  8  |  3  |  10  |  8
     Blizzara   |200  | 15  |   8   |  15   |  8  | 12  |  4  |  16  |  12
     Blizzaga   |1400 | 30  |  16   |  30   | 16  | 14  |  4  |  20  |  14
     Thunder    |100  | 10  |   4   |  10   |  4  |  8  |  3  |  10  |  8
     Thundara   |200  | 15  |   8   |  15   |  8  | 12  |  4  |  16  |  12
     Thundaga   |1400 | 30  |  16   |  30   | 16  | 14  |  4  |  20  |  14
     Water      |300  | 20  |  14   |  18   | 14  | 12  |  4  |  18  |  13
     Aero       |300  | 17  |  10   |  16   | 10  | 20  |  8  |  22  |  15
     Bio        |700  | 24  |  15   |  24   | 15  |  5  |  2  |   4  |  4
     Demi       |1600 | 34  |  18   |  36   | 18  | 12  |  4  |  14  |  10
     Holy       |3800 | 55  |  28   |  45   | 48  | 10  |  8  |  24  |  14
     Flare      |3200 | 56  |  26   |  44   | 26  | 12  |  4  |  26  |  12
     Meteor     |4600 | 75  |  34   |  52   | 34  | 30  | 12  |  40  |  22
     Quake      |2600 | 40  |  20   |  40   | 20  |  7  |  3  |  30  |  12
     Tornado    |3000 | 48  |  24   |  42   | 24  | 33  | 13  |  38  |  14
     Ultima     |6000 | 100 |  82   |  100  | 95  | 60  | 24  |  60  |  64
     Apocalypse |4200 | 80  |  80   |  80   | 90  | 30  | 12  |  30  |  30
     Cure       | 200 | 4   |  15   |  4    | 15  |  3  |  2  |   2  |   2
     Cura       | 500 | 8   |  28   |  8    | 28  |  4  |  2  |   3  |   3
     Curaga     |2200 | 20  |  65   |  20   | 65  | 10  |  4  |  10  |  10
     Life       |1200 | 8   |  50   |  10   | 50  |  4  |  2  |   3  |   4
     Full-life  |4800 | 20  |  80   |  20   | 85  |  8  |  4  |   8  |  20
     Regen      |2600 | 18  |  70   |  18   | 60  |  8  |  4  |  12  |   8
     Esuna      | 500 | 6   |  36   |  12   | 36  |  3  |  2  |   3  |  10
     Despell    |1000 | 12  |  36   |  16   | 60  |  8  |  4  |   8  |  14
     Protect    | 400 | 6   |  40   |  10   | 18  |  3  |  2  |   3  |  14
     Shield     | 400 | 6   |  18   |  10   | 40  |  3  |  2  |   3  |  14
     Reflect    |2000 | 14  |  46   |  20   | 72  | 10  |  4  |   8  |  16
     Aura       |3400 | 70  |  22   |  24   | 24  | 10  |  2  |  50  |  40
     Double     | 200 | 15  |   6   |  18   |  6  | 10  |  4  |  40  |  2
     Triple     |2400 | 70  |  10   |  70   | 10  | 70  | 16  | 150  |  30
     Haste      | 500 | 12  |  16   |  20   | 20  | 50  |  8  |  10  |  10
     Slow       | 500 | 12  |  16   |  20   | 20  | 40  |  8  |  10  |  10
     Stop       | 800 | 18  |  20   |  30   | 24  | 48  | 10  |  20  |  10
     Blind      | 100 |  6  |   5   |  12   | 10  |  3  |  2  |  30  |  2
     Confuse    | 700 | 22  |  18   |  28   | 18  | 18  |  4  |  8   |  8
     Sleepel    | 100 |  6  |   5   |  8    | 10  |  4  |  4  |  3   |  2
     Petrify    |1000 | 20  |  20   |  34   | 35  | 10  |  4  | 10   |  12
     Death      |1800 | 22  |  22   |  38   | 58  | 10  |  4  | 10   |  38
     Drain      | 400 | 13  |  30   |  20   | 24  |  6  |  2  |  5   |  4
     Curse      |2800 | 42  |  36   |  60   | 45  |  4  |  2  |  4   |  40
     Berserk    | 300 | 13  |   8   |  14   |  8  |  5  |  2  |  4   |  3
     Flight     | 200 |  8  |  15   |   8   | 15  | 16  |  4  | 12   |  20
     Zombie     | 800 | 15  |  24   |  15   | 12  |  2  |  1  |  2   |  2
     Meltdown   |1500 | 24  |  80   |  20   | 20  |  3  |  2  | 12   |  8
     Scan       | 100 |  5  |   5   |   5   |  5  |  3  |  2  |  3   |  3
    Example: Let's say that Squall's maximum HP is 1680. If you junction 100
             Blizzagas to his HP through HP J (HP junction ability), his HP will
             increase by 1400 making it 3080.
    Besides the basic commands (Item, Magic, GF, Draw) GFs can also learn
    additional commands. Additional commands allow your character to use special
    commands during battle. Each character has maximum four commands slots.
     | C A R D |
       G.F:          Quezacotl
       Function:     Allows you to get a Card from a monster. The monster will turn
                     into a card when his HP is critical. You can also turn bosses
                     into cards, although not all, for example: Fujin, Raijin,...
       AP needed:    40 AP
     | D E A T H  S E N T E N C E |
       G.F:          Shiva
       Function:     It causes an Instant Death status. You see a counter on the top
                     of the enemy. Once the counter reaches zero, the monster will
                     be killed instantly; it doesn't work on bosses.
       AP needed:    60 AP
    | M A D  R U S H  |
      G.Fs:          Ifrit, Eden
      Function:      Causes Berserk, Haste, Shield and Protect status on all allies.
      AP needed:     60 AP
    | T R E A T M E N T |
      G.F:           Siren
      Functions:     This command is pretty useful as it will remove all status
                     aliments from that character. I works like Remedy.
      AP needed:     100 AP
    | D E F E N D |
      G.Fs:          Brothers, Cactuar
      Function:      Allows the character to defend attacks reducing damage from
                     monster's physical attacks.
      AP needed:     100 AP
    | D A R K S I D E |
      G.Fs:          Diablos, Doomtrain, Eden
      Function:      This command does more damage using physical attacks, and
                     lowers your HP at the same time. Use this when the enemy's HP
                     is running low.
      AP needed:     100 AP
    | R E C O V E R |
      G.F:           Leviathan
      Function:      Restores all your HP during the battle. Works like X-potion.
                     Extremely useful! Try to learn it fast you can.
      AP needed:     200 AP.
    | A B S O R B |
      G.Fs:          Pandamona, Doomtrain
      Function:      You can drain HP from monsters. The amount of HP depends on
                     the monsters HP.
      AP needed:     100 AP
    | R E V I V E |
      G.F:           Alexander
      Function:      Revives a dead party member and restores character's HP fully!
                     It has same effect as a Phoenix Down and X-potion together.
                     Very useful!
      AP needed:     200 AP
    | K A M I K A Z E |
      G.F:           Cactuar
      Function:      The character will run into an opponent and explode. Character
                     can inflict 20000+ damage, but you can't use him in the battle
                     anymore. You must revive him after the battle, though.
      AP needed:     100 AP
    | L E V E  L   D O W N |
      G.F:           Tonberry
      Function:      Levels down your opponent's level and reduces his attributes.
                     You will also gain less exp. points when defeating the enemy.
      AP needed:     n/a
    | L E V E L  U P |
      G.F:           Tonberry
      Function:      Levels up your opponent's level and raises his attributes.
                     You will also gain more exp. points when defeating the enemy.
      AP needed:     n/a
    | D E V O U R |
      G.Fs:         Eden
      Function:     It's an Instant Death move, but it has very low hit rate.
                    (You view some scenes from the opening FMV.)
      AP needed:    n/a
    | K O - M O G R I |
      G.F:          All (use the Mog Armlet item on a GF)
      Function:     Restores all GFs in summon progress (when a character is
                    summoning a GF) 1500 HP. Check the Hidden GFs chapter on how to
                    get mog summon and ko-mogri command.
      AP needed:    (don't have this info)
    Each character has a special type of attack called limit break. Characters can
    unleash their limit breaks when they're in critical status - his/her HP turns
    yellow (he has about 15% HP left) or Aura spell is used on them. Next a flashing
    arrow will show right of the attack command. Press right to select the limit
    break. You can also constantly switch between your party members trying to get
    the limit break option more often. It's interesting that Luguna and his foes
    also have their own unique limit breaks, but since you will use them only for
    brief time, their limit breaks aren't described in this FAQ.
    Aura spell will let you use your special moves more often (even at full HP).
    It's a very important magic spell, so don't waste it.
    << Squall Leonheart >>
    Enter the main menu - Squall status menu. Push the [x] button twice to enter the
    limit break screen.
    Squall's limit break configuration sketch:
     GUNBLADE AUTO               | ON   |  OFF
       Rough Divide         Fatal Circle
       Blasting Zone        Lion Heart
    <<- HOW DOES IT WORK ->>
    Gunblade Auto: If this option is turned on, Squall will automatically do his
    Renzokuken combo, followed by a random selection of the pecial move.
    Renzokuken Indicator: If Gunblade Auto option is turned off, you can choose
    between Renzokuken Indicator on and off. If the Renzokuken Indicator is turned
    off, Squall Will trigger automatically, followed by a random special move, if
    you tap trigger button repeatedly. If the Renzokuken Indicator is turned on, an
    indicator bar will be shown on bottom of the screen when Squall uses his
    Renzokuken. You'll see flashes moving from the right side to the left. When a
    flash enters the small square near the left edge, press trigger buttion to
    double the damage. In the trigger bar, you will see flashes ranging from 1-7
    hits (or perfect). After the Renzokuken combo press the trigger button
    repeatedly to unleash a (random) additional special move.
    Upgraded weapons will give you new moves.
    Weapon:                              Limit Break:
           Revolver              --->                Rough Divide
           Keer Straight (+)     --->                Fatal Circle
           Lance of Slit (+)     --->                Blasting Zone
           Lion Heart            --->                Lion Heart
    Limit Breaks:
    Name: Rough Divide
    Effect: single strike, 1 opponent
    Name: Fatal Circle
    Effect: single strike, all opponents
    Name: Blasting Zone
    Effect: single strike, all opponents
    Name: Lion Heart
    Effect: 18 strikes! 9999 damage each! The most damaging attack in the game,
    1 opponent
    << Rinoa Heartily >>
    Rinoa learns new Limit Breaks When you have read a certain Pet Magazine and the
    name of the move will be uncovered. Buy them from the Timber Pet Shop, for those
    special editions use GF Tonberrys Familiar ability. Set the limit break move you
    want to learn and the bar will built up as Rinoa walks on the field. (Make sure
    that she in your party and equip GF Diablos Encounter Nothing to learn abilities
    Certain moves will be executed if Rinoa is under attack. Examples are Angelo
    Rush, Angelo Recover and Angelo Search. All these moves don't cause a turn.
    Learnig Rinoa's Limit Breaks (read the following magazines):
    Angelo Rush            -  Initial Attack (one)
    Angelo Recover         -  Pet Pals Vol. 2
    Angelo Strike          -  Pet Pals Vol. 1
    Angelo Cannon          -  Initial Attack (all)
    Angelo Invisible Moon  -  Pet Pals Vol. 3
    Angelo Reverse         -  Pet Pals Vol. 4
    Angelo Search          -  Pet Pals Vol. 5
    Angelo Wish Star       -  Pet Pals Vol. 6
    Angel Wing             -  Rinoa's ultimate weapon - Shooting Star
    These moves will be executed if Rinoa is under consecutive attack.
    Name: Angelo Rush
    Effect: single strike, 1 opponent
    Name: Angelo Recover
    Effect: use Cure-type magic on Rinoa
    Name: Angelo Reverse
    Effect: uses a Phoenix Down on Rinoa
    Name: Search Rush
    Effect: search for an Tent-type item and gives it to Rinoa
    Select a learned move in the status menu and you'll be able to use as a limit
    break. You can use it when a flashing arrow next attack command is shown.
    Select the Combine option.
    Name: Angelo Cannon
    Effect: single strike, all opponents
    Name: Angelo Strike
    Effect: single strike, 1 opponent
    Name: Invisible Moon
    Effect: uses Hero Drink on allies
    Name: Angelo Rush
    Effect: 10 strikes (can do around 5000 damage each!), 1 opponent
    <<- Rinoa secret special move ->>
    Name: Angel Wing
    Effect: Rinoa casts random magic on her self or enemy. The magic is 4x more
    << Irvine Kinneas >>
    Irvines limit break requires bullets. You can get different types of bullets by
    turning items into bullets using GF Ifrit Make Bullets ability. You can use them
    when a flashing arrow next attack command is shown. Select the Shot option and
    select the bullets you want to use.
    <<- BULLETS LIST ->>
    Name: Normal ammo
    Effect: single strike, 1 opponent
    Name: Shotgun ammo
    Effect: single strike, all opponents
    Name: Fire ammo
    Effect: single strike inflicting fire damage, 1 opponent
    Name: Dark ammo
    Effect: single strike inflicting status damage, 1 opponent
    Name: Demolition ammo
    Effect: single strike, 1 opponent
    Name: Fast ammo
    Effect: single strike (fast attack), 1 opponent
    Name: AP ammo
    Effect: single strike inflicting armor loss, 1 opponent
    Name: Pulse ammo
    Effect: single strike. Can inflict 9999 damage when Meltdown is cast at the
            enemy! 1 opponent
    << Selphie Tilmit >>
    Selphie's special moves depend on the amount of magic that she has stocked in
    her inventory. She has the ability of casting many magic spells at one time.
    Example: She can cast 3x Thundaga, 2 Haste, ect. at once.
    You can use it, when a flashing arrow next attack command is shown. Select the
    Slot option. She has also some unique moves (listed bellow).
    Name: Full Cure
    Effect: Fully restores all characters HP
    Name: Wall
    Effect: Casts Protect and Shield on a character
    Name: Leviator
    Effect: Causes Flawless victory (doesn't work on bosses and
            some enemies)
    Name: The End
    Effect: This move instantly removes all enemies from the battlefield. IT WORKS
            it doesn't work on Ultimecia (the end boss).
    << Zell Dincht >>
    Zell's limit breaks are similar to FF7 Tifa Limit Breaks. You can do a combo of
    various moves within the time limit.You can use it when a flashing arrow next
    attack command is shown. Select the Duel option. To gain Zell's new special
    moves you have find/buy the Combat King magazine issues.
    You can buy all Combat King magazines from Esthar Book store using Tonberry's
    Familiar ability.
    Zell's limit break configuration sketch:
    F - Forward   B - Back   U - Up   D - Down
    C - Circle   T - Triangle   S - Square
    Name of Move:     Button Configuration:      Volume:
    Description - DS:
    - Punch Rush           C, X                           Initial Attack
    DS: single strike, 1 opponent
    - Booya                F, B                           Initial Attack
    DS: single strike, 1 opponent
    - Heel Drop            U, D                           Initial Attack
    DS: single strike, 1 opponent
    - Mach Kick           B, B, C                         Initial Attack
    DS: single strike, 1 opponent
    - Dolphin Blow       L1, R1, L1, R1                  Combat King 001
    DS: single strike, 1 opponent
    - Meteor Strike       D, C, U, C                     Combat King 002
    DS: single strike, 1 opponent
    - Burning Rave       D, D, D, D, C                   Initial Attack
    DS: single strike, all opponents
    - Meteor Barret      U, X, D, T, C                   Combat King 003
    DS: single strike, 1 opponent
    - Different Beat     T, S, X, C, U                   Combat King 004
    DS: single strike, 1 opponent
    - My Final Heaven    U, F, D, B, T                   Combat King 005
    DS: single strike, all opponents (9999 damage all)
    =||= Finishing Blow: Burning Rave              (initial technique)
    1. If the timer starts lower than 6'40: Rush Punch, Mach Kick, Rush Punch,
       Heel Drop/Meteo Strike -> Burning Rave.
    2. If the timer starts higher than 9'00: Booya, Heel Drop, Meteor Strike,
       Booya -> Burning Rave
    =||= Finishing Blow: Meteo Blast                (Zell at Level 40)
    1. If the timer starts lower than 6'40: Rush Punch, Dolphin Blow ->
       Meteo Blast
    2. If the timer starts higher than 9'00: Booya, Meteo Strike, Dolphin Blow,
       Mach Kick -> Meteo Blast
    =||= Finishing Blow: Different Beat             (Zell at Level 80)
    1. If the timer starts lower than 6'40: Booya, Meteo Strike, Head Shock ->
       Different Beat
    2. If the timer starts higher than 9'00: Booya, Heel Drop, Mach Kick, Heel
       Drop, Head Shock -> Different Beat
    =||= Finishing Blow: My Final Heaven           (Zell at Level 100)
    1. If the timer starts lower than 6'40: Booya, Heel Drop, Meteo Strike ->
       My Final Heaven
    2. If the timer starts higher than 9'00: Head Shock, Heal Drop, Mach Kick,
       Rush Punch -> My Final Heaven
    << Quistis Trepe >>
    Quistis limit breaks are enemy skills you can gain from items that can be
    acquired from those enemies.
    W - Where to get the item.
    Enemy skill:       Laser Eye
    Item:              n/a
    Effect:            single strike, 1 opponent
    W:                 It's the initial special move for Quistis.
    Enemy skill:       Super Vibration
    Item:              Spider String
    Effect:            single strike, 1 opponent
    W:                 At the forests of Balamb, you'll fight caterpillar like
                       structures (win/steal it).
    Enemy skill:       Thunder Strike
    Item:              Corel Fragment
    Effect:            electric based attack, all opponents
    W:                 You can get this by stealing from the Creeps (shadow
                       like creatures) in Deling city sewers.
    Enemy skill:       Level ?? Death
    Item:              Curse Spike
    Effect:            Quistis cast Death at all enemies (misses often)
    W:                 You can get this by defeating Malboro.
    Enemy skill:       Detonator
    Item:              Black Hole
    Effect:            Demi based attack, all opponents
    W:                 You can win/steal from creatures found in Laguna last
                       scenario. Changing GF Diablos Card will do also.
    Enemy skill:       Aqua Breath
    Item:              Crystal Water
    Effect:            water based attack, 1 opponent
    W:                 You need to fight water-based creatures in Esthar area.
                       Use GF Bahamut's Rare Item for assistance.
    Enemy skill:       Micro Missile
    Item:              Missile
    Effect:            demi based attack (reduces 3/4 enemy HP), 1 opponent
    W:                 You need to fight GIM52A or BGH251F2 to steal from it.
                       BGH251F2 is actually the BOSS in the Missile Base.
    Enemy skill:       Boiling Liquid
    Item:              Mystery Fluid
    Effect:            single strike, 1 opponent
    W:                 You need to fight Gayla. Gayla is found at the snowfield
                       of Travia/Esthar.
    Enemy skill:       Gatling Gun
    Item:              Machine Gun
    Effect:            multiple strikes, 1 opponent
    W:                 You need to fight SAM08G or BGH251F2. Just steal from
                       Samoga (looks like a robotic dinosaur).
    Enemy skill:       Fire Breath
    Item:              Fire Dragon Fang
    Effect:            fire based attack, all opponents
    W:                 You will need to fight the Ruby dragon at the Island
                       closest to Hell. Steal from it.
    Enemy skill:       Bad Breath
    Item needed:       Molbor's Tentacle
    Effect:            multiple status attack, all opponents
    W:                 You will need to fight Molbors found at the Island
                       closest to Hell/Heaven.
    Enemy skill:       Laser Canon
    Item:              Laser Canon
    Effect:            single strike, 1 opponent
    W:                 You need to fight the robotic boss (Trauma) at Lunatic
                       Pandora, you can also steal it from him.
    Enemy skill:       Angel Whisper
    Item:              Wind Whisper
    Effect:            restores all characters HP!
    W:                 Get it from Adamantines, found at the shores of Long
                       Horn Island, or just steal it from them. You may need
                       Bahamut's Rare Item ability for assistance.
    Enemy skill:       Mighty Guard
    Item:              Barrier System
    Effect:            Casts Haste, Regen, Flight, Barrier and Shield on all
                       allies (sometimes Aura too).
    W:                 You will encounter Behemoths near the Esthars barrier,
                       just steal it from them.
    Enemy skill:       Ray Bomb
    Item:              High Output Occurrence Device
    Effect:            mayor single strike, all opponents
    W:                 Steal it from Iron Warriors at Lunatic Pandora.
    Enemy skill:       Shockwave Pulser
    Item:              Dark Matter
    Effect:            a powerful single strike, all opponents - Givera uses
                       this before it dies! It does an outstanding 5-digit
    W:                 Get 100 Curse Spikes and acquire GF Siren's Make Tools
                       ability. Change the 100 Curse Spikes and you will get
                       the Dark Matter. Note that GF Siren's level must be
                       100 in order to make the Dark Matter.
    < III.  B O S S  W A L K T R O U G H:  D I S C  1 >
    <=I=F=R=I=T=> [GF]
    Location:  Fire Cavern located West from Balamb Garden.
    Name:      Ifrit
    HP:        880
    Facts:     Weak against Ice/water. Nullifies Fire attacks.
    Attacks:   Fire, Jump Swap
    Draw:      Scan, Cure, Fire
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   20
    Win:       4x G.F Returner, 1x Ifrit's Card
    Using GF Shiva repeatedly should finish him quick. Physical attacks will do
    also. Take the opportunity to draw some Scan and Cure spells from him. Beating
    him won't be a problem, after all he is the easiest boss in the game.
    Location:  Dollet communication tower.
    Name:      Elvoret
    HP:        2882
    Facts:     Weak against Wind. Nullifies Poison attacks.
    Attacks:   Bolt, Claw swipe, Flood Breath, Fire
    Draw:      Thunder, Cure, Double, Siren [GF]
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   18
    Win:       2x Elixir, 2x Cottage, 3x G.F Returner
    At the beginning of the battle you'll fight Wedge and Biggs. Take them out
    quickly using GF Quezacotl, Shiva and Ifrit or your best spells (blizzard, fire,
    etc). Next Elvoret will appear. Use your GFs and magic to deal out damage. Draw
    magic from Elvoret and use it on him. Use Potions and Cure spells to restore
    lost HP and Phoenix Downs to revive dead members. You can also draw Double,
    and use it on yourself to cast repeatedly two magic spells at one turn.
    That way you'll defeat him faster. Don't forget to draw GF Siren from it, before
    it dies!
    Location:  You'll met it during the Dollet communication tower retreat.
    Name:      X-ATM092
    HP:        4800
    Facts:     Weak against Thunder. Strong against Poison.
    Attacks:   Desperate Charge, Claw Attack, Leg swipe, Ray Bomb
    Draw:      Fire, Blizzard, Cure, Protect
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   50
    Win:       random items
    Now this boss is pretty hard! You DON'T have to fight him. If your characters
    are low levels, better run from battle every time he attacks you. If you want to
    beat him, note that it can only be done the 2nd time you face it. The best place
    to take it down is the bridge. Have GF Quezacotl learn Summon Magic +10% (+20%)
    and Boost ability to improve his summon attack. Repeatedly use GF Quezacotl with
    character having the highest affiliation with GF Quezacotl. Using Squall's and
    Zell limit breaks works great if you have high attack stats (junction some magic
    to Str). Use Lightning-based spells on him to dish out some damage or junction
    them to Squall E.ATK. Watch out for his Raybomb attack! Draw Cure from him and
    use it on yourself, if your HP is running low.
    by Tim Robinson <panzer_saga77@hotmail.com>
    "If your level is very high, and I mean very high you can actually kill the
    creature 8 times if you have the abilities SumMag+10%, 20% and 30%, and also
    boost, Quezacotl compatibility must also be near 1000. This way you can get 400
    <=G=E=R=O=G=E=R=O=> [fake president]
    Location:  On the fake Presidential train.
    Name:      Gerogero
    HP:        2750
    Facts:     Weak against Holy/Fire/Earth/Heal. Strong vs. Poison
    Attacks:   Fire, Thunder, Flood Breath, Blind, Berserk, Zombie
    Draw:      Esuna, Double, Berserk, Zombie
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   20
    Win:       8x Zombie Powder
    First you'll be attacked by fake president. He pretty weak, so finish him
    quickly using GFs or physical attacks. Next fake president will reveal his true
    self - Gerogeru. Attack him using your GFs, fire-based magic spells or physical
    attacks. Use limit breaks for assistance. Take a note that you can restore your
    status by drawing Esuna from Gerogero and using it on yourself.
    Location:  Tomb of the Unknown King.
    Name:      Sacred
    HP:        1420
    Facts:     Weak against Poison/Wind. Strong vs. Earth.
    Attacks:   Regen (on himself), Pole swing
    Draw:      Shield, Protect, Berserk, Life
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   0
    Win:       8x GF Hi-Potion
    First summon GF Siren to remove Sacred HP regeneration status and to silence
    him. If you don't have GF Siren cast Silence spell on him, it will do the same.
    Follow by using Wind-based spells and GFs to hit hard. Draw Protect from him
    and use it on yourself to reduce his physical attacks damage. Don't forget to
    stock some Life spells from him.
    <=S=A=C=R=E=D==A=N=D==M=I=N=O=T=A=U=R=> [GF]
    Location: Tomb of the Unknown King.
    Name:     Sacred
    HP:       1600+
    Facts:    Weak against Poison/Wind. Strong vs. Earth.
    Attacks:  Regen (on himself), Swing Pole
    Draw:     Shield, Protect, Berserk, Life
    Mug:      n/a
    Name:     Minotaur
    HP:       3300+
    Facts:    Weak against Poison/Wind. Strong vs. Earth.
    Attacks:  Regen (on himself), Earthquake
    Draw:     Shield, Protect, Berserk, Cure
    Mug:      n/a
    AP gain:  40
    Win:      8x GF Returner, 8x GF Hi-Potion, Sacred's Card
    First summon GF Siren to remove Sacred HP regeneration status and to silence
    him. If you don't have GF Siren cast Silence spell on him. Junction Wind based
    spells to your Elemental Attack and finish off with your physical attacks. Use
    your GFs and limit breaks (Squall) for assistance. Finish off Minotour first as
    he can has the highest HP and most offensive attacks. Don't forget to remove
    their regen status with Dispel, if they cast it.
    by Raylene Funk <taraskett@ignmail.com>
    "There is another way to beat Minotaur and Sacred. When you scan them, it says
    that their regen only happens when their feet touch the ground, so that got me
    thinking, I had some floats that I drew from Thrustavies'. So when I fought
    them, I cast float on them, so their feet didn't touch the ground! Then you can
    take them out with GF's and regular physical attacks."
    <=I=G=U=I=O=N=> [2x]
    Location:  At the residential Residence.
    Name:      Iguion (2x)
    HP:        1260
    Facts:     Weak against Earth/Holy. Nullifies Fire/Poison attacks.
    Attacks:   Bite, Whip, Acid Breath, Double Vibration
    Draw:      Esuna, Petrify, Cure, Carbunkle [GF]
    Mug:       4x G.F Returner
    AP gain:   20
    Win:       8x G.F Returner
    Note that you can only use Squall and Irvine in this battle. I recommend that
    your learn GF Brothers Summon Magic +10% (+20%) to inflict mayor damage on the
    boss. Beware of the boss Acid Breath as it could turn one of your members into
    stone. Counter with Esuna (which you can draw from the boss), to restore status.
    You might want to use Irvine and Squall limit breaks. Don't forget to draw GF
    Carbunkle from the boss!
    <=D=I=A=B=L=O=S=> [GF - disc1+]
    Location:  Use item Magic Latern given by Cid in the item menu.
    Name:      Diablos
    HP:        11200
    Facts:     Weak against Wind (Aero).
    Attacks:   Gravinja, Demi, Charge, (counter Curaga)
    Draw:      Cure, Demi
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   20
    Win:       8x G.F Returner, Diablo's Card
    Stock Demi from Diablos and cast it on him. He will counter with Curaga and heal
    your party. Continue until his HP becomes critical, then use a powerful attack
    (GF summon or limit break) to finish him off in one or two quick turns.
    Location:  At sorceress Edea's parade.
    Name:      Seifer
    HP:        1465
    Facts:     n/a
    Attacks:   Gunblade, Fira, Fire swipe
    Draw:      Fire, Cure, Life
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   0
    Win:       n/a
    You control only Squall in this battle. If you are low on HP, just draw Cure
    from him and use it on yourself. You will probably defeat him using GF Shiva,
    Ifrit, Brothers or normal attacks if you have high Str stats. Seifer is pretty
    weak. Take this chance to stock up Life spells.
    Location:  You fight her after you have taken out Seifer.
    Name:      Edea
    HP:        5480
    Facts:     n/a
    Attacks:   Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Dispell
    Draw:      Curaga, Dispell, Life, Double
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   20
    Win:       n/a
    She is quite a hard cookie, but there is an easy way to defeat her. At the
    beginning of the battle have your HPs full and summon GF Carbunkle to reflect
    all her attack spells. She will waste her turns removing the reflect status from
    every character. Use the given time to attack with GFs and limit breaks or use
    recovery items when you're under reflect to restore lost HP. When she removes
    the reflect status from all, summon Carbunkle again and you'll buy some more
    time to attack her.
    < IV.  B O S S  W A L K T R O U G H:  D I S C  2 >
    Location:  Desert missile base, command room.
    Name:      Galbanian captain
    HP:        2300+
    Facts:     Weak against Poison.
    Attacks:   Machine gun fire, Charge, Merton, Cure, Aura
    Draw:      Fire, Lightning, Ice, Scan
    Mug:       Tent
    Name:      GIM-52A (2x)
    HP:        1800+
    Facts:     Weak against Lightning/Earth/Water.
    Attacks:   Charge, Micro Missile
    Draw:      Slow, Haste
    Mug:       Missel
    AP gain:   8
    Win:       Windmill
    This boss can be quite hard, so have some Hi-potions and Phoenix Downs for this
    battle. Draw Haste from GIM-52A and use it on yourself to boost your party's 
    speed. Draw Slow and use it on the Captain so that he won't be able to attack
    so frequently. Watch out GIM-52A Micro Missile attack, it reduce 3/4 of your HP.
    Use Hi-Potions to restore lost HP. I recommend that you remove the Captain
    first by using physical attacks (if your Str is high) and make full use of
    your GFs to remove those pesky GIM-52A robots. Mug Missile from the GIM-52A, 
    it's a very useful limit break for Quistis.
    Location:  You encounter him when you try to escape the missile base.
    Name:      BGHZ51F2
    HP:        7120
    Facts:     Weak against Lightning/Earth/Ice. Poison has no effect on him.
    Attacks:   Machinegun attack, Laser Beam
    Draw:      Shield, Protect, Stop
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   4
    Win:       1x Weapon Mon Jun
    Junction Lightning/Earth/Ice to your elemental attack to hit hard or repeatedly
    summon GF Quezacotl, Shiva and Brothers. Once you have destroyed one of his
    parts, the BGH251F2 will counter with Beam Cannon (900+ HP damage), so watch
    your HP. Draw Protect and Shell to lower the physical and magical damage.
    Recover your party with Hi-potions and Phoenix Downs. After you have taken out
    BGH251F2, you'll fight a Galbadian Captain and 2 Galbadian Soldiers. Take them
    out quickly. The whole fight should take you no more than 10 minutes.
    <=O=I=L=B=O=Y=L=E=> [2x]
    Location:  They will attack you in the Garden basement.
    Name:      Oilboyle
    HP:        4120 (2x)
    Facts:     Weak against Fire. Absorbs Water.
    Attacks:   Grab and Bite, Light Beam, Flood Mud
    Draw:      Esuna, Blind, Cura, Confuse
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   20
    Win:       10x Magic Stone
    Start with repeatedly summoning GF Ifrit and casting Fire-based spells (Fire,
    Fira, Firaga). Flood Mud can inflict 400+ damage so watch your HPs. Counter by
    drawing Cura from them and use it on yourself. Junction Fire to your
    party elemental attacks to inflict more damage.
    Location:  Basement of Balamb Garden.
    Name:      Middle Orb
    HP:        2020
    Facts:     Weak against Poison. Strong against Lightning.
    Attacks:   n/a
    Draw:      Cura
    Mug:       n/a
    Name:      Side Orbs (left & right)
    HP:        2145
    Facts:     Strong against all Elements.
    Attacks:   Thundara, Aero, Fire
    Draw:      Thunder, Life
    Mug:       4x Magic Source (left)
    Name:      Norg
    HP:        11600
    Facts:     Weak against Wind (Aero). Poison does not work on him.
    Attacks:   Water, Shield, Blizzara, Mirror Blast
    Draw:      Shield, Protect, Esuna, Leviathan [GF]
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   20
    Win:       8x Magic Stone
    I recommend that you have 2 members attack the side orbs to keep them from
    turning red (and use it's powerful magic). Mug Magic Source from the Left
    Orb as well. Squall should cast poison to destroy the Middle Orb. Next Norg will
    reveal himself and attack you. Draw GF Leviathan from him first, then attack
    with wind-based (Aero, Tornado) spells, Demi magic or Shiva/Brothers/Ifrit.
    Use GF Carbunkle to reflect Norgs magic. Have some Hi-potions and Phoenix
    Downs ready, just in case.
    Location:  You encounter during the FH City docking.
    Name:      BGH251F2
    HP:        7600
    Facts:     Weak against Lightning/Earth/Ice. Poison has no effect on him.
    Attacks:   Gunshot, Gun Beam
    Draw:      Shield, Stop, Reflect
    Mug:       1x Adamantium
    AP gain:   20
    Win:       8x Fang Machine Gun
    A very similar boss to BGHZ51F2 (you encounter it when you try to escape the
    missile base). Due to your higher levels, he shouldn't very hard to beat. If
    you have any troubles defeating him refer to the BGHZ51F2 strategy listed above.
    <=O=D=I=N=> [GF - disc2+]
    Location:  Refer to the Hidden GFs section.
    Level:     28
    HP:        9000
    Facts:     n/a
    Attacks:   n/a
    Draw:      Stop, Death, Double, Triple
    Mug:       1x Writings of Luck
    AP gain:   20
    Win:       8x G.F Mega Potion
    Odin is probably the easiest boss in the game. Why? Because he doesn't Attack
    you at all. But watch the time limit. Wisely use your time to draw some triple
    and double spells from him. DON'T forget to mug Writings of Luck from him
    (rare item)!
    <=K=I=N=G==T=O=N=B=E=R=R=Y=> [GF - disc2+]
    Location:  Refer to the Hidden GFs section.
    Name:      King Tonberry
    HP:        80000+
    Facts:     n/a
    Attacks:   Kitchen Knife, Earthquake Stomp, Lantern Shot, Death
    Draw:      Death, Curaga, Full-life
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   24
    Win:       1x Royal Crown
    I recommend that you fight King Tonberry when you have Squall Str at least 170+.
    Have Squall in critical status or use Aura on him to use to unleash his
    Renzokuken. Cast Meltdown on King Tonberry to double the damage. After a few
    Renzokukens King Tonberry will die. The above described way is the fastest. You
    can also bring him down with double and triple casted upper tier magic and GFs.
    Use Recover command (GF Leviathan) to recover your health quickly from his
    attacks; it's a must for the battles later on.
    Location:  At the Balamb hotel
    Name:      Raijin
    HP:        8040
    Facts:     Weak against Poison. Nullifies Lightning attacks.
    Attacks:   Pole strike, Spin Pole
    Draw:      Thunder, Thrundara, Shield, Protect
    Mug:       4x Power Source
    Name:      Galbanian Solders (2X)
    HP:        600+
    Facts:     Weak against Poison.
    Attacks:   Sword attack, Fira
    Draw:      Fira, Thrundara, Blizzaga, Cura
    Mug:       1x Hi Potion
    AP gain:   12
    Win:       2x Potion, 1x Power Source
    Fist take quickly out two Galbanian Solders, so they won't bug you anymore.
    Junction Bio spell to inflict some mayor damage to Raijin. Use all GFs except
    Quezacotl. I recommend that you raise Squall Str to 150+ in order to inflict
    2000+ physical damage on her each time! Mug Power Source from Raijin - which
    will raise your Str attribute by one point.
    by <ElGrande727@cs.com>
    "Well you have to beat him first and the soldiers. First you cast a sleep spell
    on Raijin (there is no guarantee this will work the first time but if not keep
    trying). Make sure you have GF Ifrit and Shiva junctioned, Diablos is good too.
    Once you have sleep spell cast on him use only the most powerful GF except
    Quezacotl. Ifrit and Shiva will do most damage and also use Bio's against him.
    This should get him out the way rather quickly."
    Location:  At the Balamb hotel.
    Name:      Raijin
    HP:        8800
    Facts:     Weak against Poison. Nullifies Lightning attacks.
    Attacks:   Pole attack, Spin pole, Lightning Strike
    Draw:      Thunder, Thundara, Shield, Barrier
    Mug:       n/a
    Name:      Fujin
    HP:        7720
    Facts:     Weak against Poison. Nullifies Wind attacks.
    Attacks:   Dart roll
    Draw:      Wind, Cura, Life, Pandemona [GF]
    Mug:       4x Magic Source
    AP gain:   20
    Win:       1x Power Source, 1x Combat King 002, 1x Megalixir
    First draw GF Pandemona from Fujin. Them draw Blind from him and use it on
    her to reduce her hit rate. You can draw magic from Fujin and use it on Raijin
    and vice versa. Quezacotl won't work on Raijin, so use all other GFs. Try to
    make good use Of Squall Renzokuken if you have high Str stats. Junction Bio
    magic to your elemental attack to inflict higher physical damage and poison
    by <ElGrande727@cs.com>
    "This battle will be a little more difficult. Cast sleep on both Raijin and
    Fuujin. Once again there is no guarantee this will work on first try but keep
    trying. Once asleep cast Demi on Fuujin, this will cause a lot of damage. Use GF
    Ifrit for Raijin. Keep repeating this as many times as possible and as quick as
    you can. If they wake up from sleep before they are defeated which is very
    likely do not try to cast sleep right away, the likelihood of this working back
    to back is very slim. If you have a sufficient amount of Demi's Fuujin should
    be out of the way quickly. If you do not have Demi's then I recommend you get
    them before going into battle against Fuujin because this will be the most
    affective way I have found to beat her. Make sure that you draw GF Pandemona
    from Fuujin before defeating her."
    <=C=E=R=B=E=R=U=S=> [GF]
    Location:  You'll encounter him in the main hall of Galbania Garden,
               when Galbanian Garden is under attack.
    Name:      Cerberus
    HP:        9800
    Facts:     Wind has no effect on him. Absorbs Lightning damage.
    Attacks:   Berserk, Tail Whip, Triple, Thundaga, Earthquake
    Draw:      Quake, Double, Triple
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   20
    Win:       8x G.F Returner, Cerberus Card
    Cerberus will often cast triple on himself, so remove it with Dispell. Attack
    will all GFs except Quezacotl and Pandemona. Also use Squall Renzokuken to hit
    hard. Cast Demi spells on him to reduce his HP. To remove status disorders cast
    Esuna on yourself. You can Draw Triple from him, take advantage of this
    Location:  In the third floor of Galbania Garden.
    Name:      Seifer
    HP:        7650
    Facts:     Weak against Poison.
    Attacks:   Gunblade swipe, Firaga, Fire, Thundara, Tornado Sword attack,
    Draw:      Fira, Thundara, Despell, Haste
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   20
    Win:       8x Mega Potion
    Seifer has improved a lot from the last fight. Junction Bio to your Elemental
    attack to make advantage of his weak spot. Cast Protect on members to reduce
    physical damage. Use all GFs to attack him (I prefer Leviathan). When he starts
    to using his powerful Tornado Sword attack, have two character as healers to
    recover quickly (use Cura or Hi-potion). Use limit breaks and GFs to finish
    him off.
    Location:  At the main hall of Galbania Garden, after you have defeated
    Name:      Seifer
    HP:        5000
    Facts:     Weak against Poison.
    Attacks:   Gunblade, Fira, Thundara
    Draw:      Fira, Thundara, Despell, Haste
    Mug:       1x Hero Drink
    Name:      Edea
    HP:        10000
    Facts:     n/a
    Attacks:   Shadow Flare, Death, Silent, Blizzaga, Despell, Reflect
    Draw:      Blizzaga, Demi, Esuna, Alexander [GF]
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   50
    Win:       1x Hero Drink
    This is a very hard fight. Take out first Seifer by using Leviathan, Diablos
    and Squall limit breaks. Use Aura on Squall for assistance. Draw Alexander from
    Edea and continue by casting Shell on all members to reduce Edea spells damage.
    GF Carbunkle doesn't work here (she will cast reflect on herself). Don't have
    more than two characters in critical status, at least one should always be at
    full health ready to revive/heal others.
    < V.  B O S S  W A L K T R O U G H:  D I S C  3 >
    Location:  You encounter him during Laguna's third scenario.
    Name:      Ruby dragon
    HP:        16981
    Facts:     Weak against Ice/Holy, nullifies wind and fire-based attacks.
    Attacks:   Bite, Claw Swipe, Dragon Breath
    Draw:      Fira, Wind
    Mug:       2x Fire Dragon Fang
    AP gain:   14
    Win:       1x Fire Dragon Fang
    Junction 100 powerful Thundara/Thundraga spells (or Blizzara/Blizzaga) your
    elemental attack and 100 powerful Fire spells (ie. Fira/ Firaga) to elemental
    defense. His Dragon Breath damage will be greatly reduced due to your fire
    elemental defense. Attack him with Ice-based magic. If you have high Str stats
    use Lagunas limit break (it can do up to 9999 damage). Note that Laguna's stats
    mirror Squall's, so use this to your advantage.
    Location:  In the snowy area, when you search for Esthar.
    Name:      Abadon
    HP:        16010
    Facts:     Weak against Holy/Fire.
    Attacks:   Claw grab, Claw swipe, Confu
    Draw:      Curaga, Esuna, Despell, Flare
    Mug:       1x Power Wrist
    AP gain:   40
    Win:       10x Flare Stone
    At the beginning of the battle cast Zombie on Abadon. Now use the GF Leviathan
    Recover command on him. It will do 9999 damage on him (do this twice to kill
    him). If you don't have the Recover command, use X-Potions (9999 damage),
    Elixirs (9999 damage) or Hi-potions (1000 damage) to defeat him easily.
    <=B=A=H=A=M=U=T=> [GF - disc3+]
    Location:  Refer to the Hidden GFs section.
    Name:      Bahamut
    HP:        42000
    Facts:     Drains Poison. Wind/Lightning has no effect on him.
    Attacks:   Claw swipe, Tetra Flame, Flare
    Draw:      Flare, Curaga, Full-Life
    Mug:       1x Hyper Wrist
    AP gain:   40
    Win:       1x Hyper Wrist, Bahamut's Card
    I recommend that you fight Bahamut when you have Squall Str at 200+ or 
    Irvine's Pulse Ammo. Junction GF Cerberus Auto-Haste to Squall or Irvine. When
    you enter the battle cast Meltdown on Bahamut and use Squall (cast Aura on him)
    Renzokuken or Irvine's Pulse ammo to finish him off. If you haven't acquired
    any You can also try to cast double, or better, triple of your strongest magic
    combined with GFs who have high compatibility with the summoner. Don't forget
    if you don't have Auto-Haste, cast haste on every character at the start of
    the battle. When it wears off, cast it again. Speed is essential for tougher
    boss encounters.
    <=C=A=C=T=U=A=R=> [GF - disc3+]
    Location:  Refer to the Hidden GFs section.
    Name:      Cactuar
    HP:        ????? (90000+)
    Facts:     Weak against Water.
    Attacks:   10,000 Needles, Quake smash
    Draw:      Meltdown, Demi, Tornado
    Mug:       3x Cactaur Thorn
    AP gain:   20
    Win:       1x Ring of Gaia
    Have Squall Str at 200+, junction 100 Haste to his Speed. You can also use GF
    Cerberus Auto-Haste ability. Draw Meltdown from Cactuar and use it on him. Use
    Squall Renzokuken repeatedly to finish him off. Standard routine for Squall's
    Limit Break fans. Is obvious which character has the most powerful blows and
    limit breaks in the game, and he's always the default party member. So if you
    don't have his strength over 200 by now, take some time to find hidden Ultima
    draw points (using GF Siren ability) or other powerful spells (like Triple).
    For more info check the magic junction chart in the junction abilities chapter
    or basic tips/hidden gfs chapter for ultima draw points locations.
    by Zell <DaMan7050@aol.com>.
    "Easy way to beat Cactuar - Well first off  he is weak against water so be
    sure to have Leaviathan, Then junction 100 waters to Squall's Elemental Attack
    and use LionHeart once, I killed him just like that but if you don't kill him
    with 1 lionheart then just kill him with one shot from Leviathan."
    by Chris Bradow <tke_277@hotmail.com>
    "Junction 100 Waters to Squalls Elemental Attack. Use Squalls Limit Breaks, but
    also summon GF cerebus and when the other characters' don't have to heal anyone
    use Water using GF Eden Expendix3-1! Add one casting of meltdown and even when
    Squall's level is 100, the Cactuar will drop like a fly."
    <=U=L=T=I=M=A==W=E=A=P=O=N=> [disc3+]
    Location:  Refer to the Hidden GFs section.
    Name:      Ultima Weapon
    HP:        ?????? (100000+)
    Facts:     n/a
    Attacks:   Sword Swipe, Shadow Flare, Earthquake, Meteor, Light Pillar
    Draw:      Regen, Despell, Ultima, Eden [GF]
    Mug:       1x 3 Stance
    AP gain:   100
    Win:       100 Ultima Stone, Eden's Card
    Before your encounter him please read the following recommendations. Have Squall
    or your strongest Limit Break user Str at 255. Junction 100 Haste to all party
    members speed. Speed is the key factor in defeating the Weapons. Junction GF
    Cerberus Auto-Haste ability to Squall. Try to equip Squall with his ultimate
    weapon Lion Heart. If you can get Irvine's ultimate weapon Exeter and Pulse
    Ammo, it's also a great option. Have some X-potions, Mega Phoenixes and Elixirs
    ready. Every party members HP must be higher than 5000. You can have some Hero
    Drinks or Holy Wars ready, if your starts aren't optimal.
    Learn GF Alexander Medicine Level Up ability and refine 50 Phoenix Downs into 1
    Mega Phoenix.
    by Sparrowhawk <sparrowhawk72@gmx.net>
    "There is a nice trick to use one of Ultima Weapon's (U.W.'s) attacks for
    healing purposes. This attack is the QUAKE spell - just equip 100 QUAKES to the
    Characters ELEM-DF. The defense value will be 150%, thus regenerating the HP of
    each character by about 1000-1500 HP."
    At the beginning of the battle Ultima will probably attack with Light Pillar and
    kill one of your characters. Quickly revive your character with the revive
    command or use a Mega Phoenix. Cast Meltdown on Ultima Weapon and Aura on
    Squall/Irvine and let him unleash his Renzokuken/Pulse ammo. Due to your high
    speed you'll be able to attack several times before Ultima counters. Ultima
    Weapon'll die after 3 to 4 Renzokukens or 12+ Pulse ammo shots. Lion Heart
    will automatically kill Ultima Weapon if you can get it. Always revive your
    party members quickly if they are KO. Don't forget to draw Eden from it before
    it dies! If your want to make the fight easier and attack more by healing less,
    use Hero drinks or Holy Wars.
    by Logan <CaptainKhaos@aol.com>
    "When fighting the Ultima Weapon, if Squall has the Lion Heart, all you have to
    do is hit Squall with an Aura stone (or spell) and he will automatically do his
    Renzokuken Lion Heart attack which will kill Ultima in ONE attack.  I did this
    5 times already! (Because I kept killing him before I could draw Eden.)"
    Location:  After you crash the Lunatic Pandora with Ragnarok.
    Name:      Fujin
    HP:        16400
    Facts:     Weak against Poison. Nullifies Wind attacks.
    Attacks:   Dart Roll, Rush Swipe, Meteor, Haste, Blind, Tornado
    Draw:      Wind, Curaga, Full-life, Tornado
    Mug:       2x Megalixir
    Name:      Raijin
    HP:        20780
    Facts:     Weak against Poison. Nullifies Lightning attacks.
    Attacks:   Spin Pole, Pole Rush, Lightning Strike, Aura
    Draw:      Thundara, Thundaga, Protect, Shield
    Mug:       1x Power Source
    AP gain:   20
    Win:       3x Power Source, 1x Megalixir
    Cast blind on Raijin to reduce his hit rate. Use Dispell to prevent any status
    boosts that the enemy will cast on them (Raijin -> Aura, Fujin -> Haste). Use
    all your GFs except Quezacotl and Pandemona. Repeatedly use your strongest limit
    breaks and powerful spells like Tornado, Flare, Ultima to win the battle
    quickly. If you took some time for side quests, you should have no problem
    defeating them. Draw Full-life from Fujin to revive dead party members. You can
    also cast Protect and Shield on all party members to reduce the damage when
    being hit.
    Location:  You encounter it when inside Lunatic Pandora.
    Name:      Mobil Suite No.8
    HP:        40000+
    Facts:     Weak against Lightning.
    Attacks:   Underground Blast, Laser Cannon, Tentacle whip, Fallen Shone
    Draw:      Firaga, Thundraga, Blizzaga, Flare
    Mug:       1x Laser Cannon
    Name:      Mobil Suite Left/Right side
    HP:        9500 (2x)
    Facts:     n/a
    Attacks:   Laser Cannon, Fallen Shone, Dash
    Draw:      Curga, Demi (left), Esuna (right)
    Mug:       2x Guard Source (left side)
    AP gain:   40
    Win:       2x Laser Cannon
    Take note the Fallen Shone will reduce everyone's HP to 1, so quickly counter
    with Cura, Recovery command or some Exlirs. Junction 100 Thundraga to party
    elemental attack to hit him for more physical damage. Use Triple or GF Eden
    ability to cast tree spells at one turn and combine it with powerful spells like
    Ultima, Meteor, Flare and Tornado. If you have Squall Str 200+ make full use of
    his Renzokuken. 
    Location:  Third floor of Galbania Garden.
    Name:      Seifer
    HP:        26800
    Facts:     Weak against Poison.
    Attacks:   Sword swipe, Firaga, Fire-all cross-slash
    Draw:      Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Aura
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   40
    Win:       1x Hero Drink
    He is one easy boss. Why? Because you can Draw Aura from Seifer and use it on
    Squall and other party members to unleash their limit breaks, without having
    them in critical heath! Try to draw as many as possible Aura spells (very useful
    against the hardest bosses) from him; don't miss this opportunity.
    If you have obtained Odin by now, Seifer will kill him at the beginning of the
    battle. After few turns Gilgamesh will appear and defeat Seifer. Use this time
    wisely to draw as many Aura spells as you can.
    < VI.  B O S S  W A L K T R O U G H:  D I S C  4  +  O M E G A  W E A P O N >
    Location:  After you have beat Seifer at the Lunatic Pandora.
    Name:      Adel
    HP:        ????? (55000+)
    Facts:     n/a
    Attacks:   Life Drain, Meteor, Swipe, Shock Bomb
    Draw:      Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga, Flare
    Mug:       1x Soul of Samantha
    Name:      Rinoa
    HP:        6245
    Facts:     n/a
    Attacks:   n/a
    Draw:      Esuna, Despell, Regen
    Mug:       8x Megalixir
    Do not use any GFs or all-attack spells in this battle. Use Protect and Shield
    magic to raise your defense. Cast Aura on Squall. Let him unleash Renzokuken.
    Do not trigger the special attack! Cure Rinoa if her HP is low (if she dies,
    you'll lose automatically). Draw Regen from her and use it on yourself.
    You can also use Triple and cast Flare three times (or use GF Eden Expendx3-1).
    Don't forget to mug Soul of Samantha from Adel (rare item).
    Location:  Next Adel will appear in her final form.
    Name:      Witch Type A (6x)
    HP:        3390
    Facts:     n/a
    Attacks:   Swipe, Fire, Thunder, Thundaga
    Draw:      Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga
    Mug:       Meteor Stone
    Name:      Witch Type B (5x)
    HP:        4496
    Facts:     n/a
    Attacks:   Flick, Meteor, Double, Haste
    Draw:      Haste, Double
    Mug:       Meteor Stone
    Name:      Final Witch
    HP:        ????? (90000+)
    Facts:     n/a
    Attacks:   Creepy Touch, Ultima, Double, Meteor
    Draw:      Flare, Holy
    Mug:       Ultima Stone
    AP gain:   55
    Win:       5x Ultima Stone
    Try to have Squall Str over 200 and use GF Cerberus Auto-Haste to boost his
    turns. Use Squalls attacks, Meteor or Ultima spell to finish the Witches
    quickly before they can attack. Cast Aura on Squall and Meltdown on the Final
    Witch. Make a full use of Squalls Renzokuken. You can also use Zell limit break
    if you have high Str stats or Irvine limit break with Pulse Ammo (up to 9999
    damage each shot if the enemy is under Vit 0 status - Meltdown). Boosted GF
    Eden at high levels (70+) can also do a tons of damage (40000+).
    Location:  Go upstairs in the main hall of Ultimecia's Caste.
    Name:      Sphinxaur
    HP:        12000+
    Facts:     n/a
    Attacks:   Countdown to death, Charge, Firaga
    Draw:      Firaga, Thundaga, Blizzaga
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   30
    Win:       1x Megalixir
    Junction powerful magic like Ultima, Triple, Aura to character's Str attribute,
    since you can only use the attack command in this battle. Using limit breaks
    will finish him off very quickly.
    Location:  Examine the main picture in Gallery room next to the entrance
               room. The answer is VIVIDARIUM, INTERVIGILIUM and VIATOR.
    Name:      Trauma
    HP:        30000+
    Facts:     Weak against Wind.
    Attacks:   Life Drain, Create, Cannon Blast, Whip
    Draw:      Flare, [GF Leviathan]
    Mug:       n/a
    Name:      Drama
    HP:        2410
    Facts:     Weak against Wind.
    Attacks:   Scuba Dive, Beam Cannon
    Draw:      Esuna, Despell
    Mug:       2x Meteor Stone
    AP gain:   30
    Win:       1x Elemental Attack
    He is a pretty nasty boss! If you're able to access magic, cast Ultima or Flare
    two or three times at once. Use Double and Triple or Junction GF Eden Expendix
    3-1 to your character. I recommend using Squall's or Irvine's limit breaks on
    Trauma. Make sure you have high Str stats and watch out for Drama's Beam Cannon!
    Location:  Examine the hatch in the banquet (room with a chandelier).
    Name:      Tri-Point
    HP:        25000+
    Facts:     Weak against Fire. Nullifies Lightning-based attacks.
    Attacks:   Mega Spark, Charge, Swipe.
    Draw:      Haste, Tornado, Bio, [GF Siren]
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   30
    Win:       1x Rocket Engine
    Take care that Tri-point will mostly counter your physical attacks and spells
    with Mega Spark (it can do up to 3000+ damage). His powerful attack is also his
    weak point. Junction 100 Thundara or Thundraga spells to your Elemental defense
    and Tri-point's most powerful attack will be absorbed by you. Additionally use
    your best limit breaks and spells (Ultima, Meteor) to finish him off quickly.
    Location:  Head down for the basement of Ultimecia's castle. Enter the open
               door at the middle. You will find a corpse holding a key,
               examine it and you will fight Red Giant.
    Name:      Red Giant
    HP:        28800
    Facts:     Strong against physical attacks.
    Attacks:   Swipe, Swipe-All, Sword Punch
    Draw:      Flare, [GF Pandemona]
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   30
    Win:       1x Ring of Giant
    Red Giant is simply the most defensive boss in the game. He will reduce your
    physical attacks to 1/10 damage. But he has a weak point; he's pretty weak
    against magic. I recommend that you use magic like Ultima, Flare, Tornado and
    Meteor on him. For a faster victory use GF Eden Expendix3-1 ability to cast
    three magic spells per turn. If you want to defeat him using physical attacks
    and limit breaks, lower his defense with Meltdown and inflict status disorders
    by summoning GF Doomtrain.
    by sashiel angel <unit01@mail.com>
    "I know a better way to defeat the red giant in ultimecia's castle, just use GF
    Dialos on him and it will cause 9999 damage, with only 2 or 3 summons that
    bastard will be done for."
    Location:  When you cross the wooden near the Chapel, a key appears to fall
               off! Head down for the basement of Ultimecia's castle. Examine
               the canal to the right of the screen to pick up the Armory Key.
               Enter the door to right.
    Name:      Gargantua (Head)
    HP:        10280
    Facts:     n/a
    Attacks:   Barrier, Haste
    Draw:      Esuna, Haste, Bio
    Mug:       n/a
    Name:      Left Hand
    HP:        6880
    Facts:     Weak against Holy.
    Attacks:   Grab, Whip, Reflect, Flare, Cure, Meteor
    Draw:      Shell, Protect
    Mug:       1x Rune Bracelet
    Name:      Right Hand
    HP:        6880
    Facts:     Weak against Holy.
    Attacks:   Grab, Whip, Reflect, Flare, Cure, Meteor
    Draw:      Bio, Demi, Quake, Regen
    Mug:       1x Magic Guidance Stone
    Name:      Gargantua (whole)
    HP:        15000+
    Facts:     n/a
    Attacks:   Counter grab, Demi, Smash, Eyes Beam, Earthquake,
               Status Stare.
    Draw:      Bio, Quake, Reflect, Flare, [GF Cerberus]
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   42
    Win:       Magic Guidance Stone, 2x Rune Bracelet, 5x Magic Stone,
               1x Devil's Bracelet
    This boss often uses status-based attacks, so junction Berserk, Blind, Slow
    (and Esuna) to your Status defense. First take his head and both hands with
    all-attack spells (use Triple and Double abilities or spells) or GFs. When the
    whole Gargantua appears switch to Aura-limit break-summon GF combo. He shouldn't
    pose a threat by now, if you done some side quest to find powerful spells,
    hidden gfs and ultimate weapons. You can check the first chapter for additional
    Location:  From the Elevator Hall, head back a screen to the dark corridor.
               Look for a door to the left (which is partially hidden. It's
               somewhere down the middle). Inside the Treasure Vault will be 4
               coffins. Just open all of them up and Catoblepas will appear.
    Name:      Catoblepas
    HP:        34500
    Facts:     Absorbs Lightning-based attacks. Weak against Earth/Water.
    Attacks:   Swipe, Charge, Thundraga, Meteor
    Draw:      Meteor, [GF Alexander]
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   30
    Win:       1x Status Attack
    Not a hard one. Summon GF Brothers and GF Leviathan repeatedly and junction
    Earth/Water-based spells to your character elemental attack to inflict some
    mayor damage on him. A very good and quick tactic is also the Doomtrain->Aura->
    limit breaks combo.
    Location:  Have your second party use the Green Spot in the Banquet Room
               (with chandelier). Now go across the chandelier with first party
               (note that chandelier won't fall down). Enter the door on the
    Name:      Krysta
    HP:        12000+
    Facts:     Nullifies ice-based attacks.
    Attacks:   Cyber Frost, Rush attack, Ultima, Cyber shot
    Draw:      Holy, [GF Carbuncle]
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   30
    Win:       1x Elemental Guard
    Krysta can do a very powerful attack - Cyber Frost (3000+ damage), so take
    notice. His weak point is his low HP. Summon GF Doomtrain to inflict random
    status disorders on him and finish him using your limit breaks, GFs or best
    spells (Ultima, Meteor, Flare, ect.). Krysta will summon Ultima before it dies,
    so have your HP always above 3000.
    Location:  You will find a huge bell swinging from right to left at the top
               of the Ultimecia's caste tower. Be in a position near the edge.
               Wait for the bell to come and press Circle. Go in the hole.
    Name:      Tiamat
    HP:        89000+
    Facts:     Strong against Fire/Lightning. Wind has no effect on him.
    Attacks:   Claw Swipe, Shadow Flare
    Draw:      Flare, [GF Eden]
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   30
    Win:       1x Status Guard
    At least one character should have HP higher than 8000 and equip him the Revive
    command. At the beginning of the battle Tiamat will countdown the Shadow Flare
    attack. Use GF Cerberus Auto Haste ability to boost Squall turns. Try to kill
    him, before he uses Shadow Flare. Repeatedly use Squall's Renzokuken, Irvine's
    Shot (with Pulse Ammo) or Zell's Final Heaven to defeat him before he casts
    Shadow Flare. If he casts Shadow Flare (8000+ damage to all) revive all you
    party members quickly and continue to use limit breaks and powerful GFs
    (Eden, Bahamut, Diablos). You can also avoid the high Shadow Flare attack
    damage by junctioning very powerful spells to Spr junction. Equip Spr +20%,
    +40% abilities, so that way you can lower the spell damage greatly. Cast
    Meltdown on him to double the damage of your physical attacks and limit breaks.
    by Jacquay Eichelberger <quaydogg@hotmail.com>
    "I came up with an extremely easy way to beat Tiamat.  All you need to do is
    junction 100 Firagas to each of your character's elemental defense. That's it!
    All you do now is punish Tiamat with GFs or Limit Breaks and when he finally
    unleashes Shadow Flare, everyone will be set up to absorb it."
    <=U=L=T=I=M=E=C=I=A=> [end boss]
    Location:  Ultimecia castle.
    Name:      Ultimacia
    HP:        35200
    Facts:     Weak against Poison.
    Attacks:   Earthquake, Dispell, Firaga, Thundaga, Whip, Angel
    Draw:      Haste, Slow, Reflect, Demi
    Mug:       n/a
    Name:      Givera
    HP:        ?????? (120000+)
    Facts:     Earth has no effect. Absorbs Poison.
    Attacks:   Demi, Status Affect breath, Remove magic spells, Triple, Angel,
               Shockwave Pulser (before it dies)
    Draw:      Bio, Quake, Tornado
    Mug:       n/a
    Name:      Ultimecia-Givera
    HP:        ?????? (150000+)
    Facts:     n/a
    Attacks:   Swipe, Tornado, Meteor, Remove magic spells, Angel
    Draw:      Firaga, Blizzara, Thundaga
    Mug:       n/a
    Name:      True Ultimecia
    HP:        ?????? (200000+)
    Facts:     n/a
    Attacks:   Hell Judgment, Flare, Remove magic spell/junction, Angel,
               Apocalypse, Hell Judgement
    Draw:      Flare, Holy , Apocalypse (lower half)
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   n/a
    Win:       n/a
    <<- FINAL BOSS TIP ->>
    For the end boss she can be very tough and cause trouble sometimes, but luckily
    she is not as tough as the Ultima and Omega Weapons. You won't have any
    problems with her you have obtained at least half of the ultimate weapons
    and hidden GFs described in the fist chapter of the FAQ. Also try to have as
    much as possible of strong spells like Ultima, Tornado, Flare, Full-life, Aura,
    ect. Also note that Hell Judgement can't kill your characters, it only reduces
    your party member's HP to 1. The boss strategy is divided into four parts - the
    same as the end battle.
    Have Squall Str at 200+. Junction 100 Haste to all Character's speed to boost
    their turns. Junction GF Cerberus Auto-Haste ability to Squall. You will need
    GF Alexander's Revive and GF Leviathan's Recover command. Have some X-potions,
    Mega Phoenixes and Elixirs ready. At least one characters HP must be higher than
    8000. Equip him the Revive command. Try to have a stock of at least 10 Aura
    spells. This way the final battle will be a breaze. If don't have Squall Lion
    Heart, you can also try using other characters top limit breaks (Irvine's
    Pulse ammo, Zell's My Final Heaven, etc.) and upper tier GFs combined with
    Ultima, Flare and other powerful spells.
    <<- QUICK HINT ->>
    by Glenn <ayres1437@email.msn.com>
    "Quick hint for the last boss. Spells like aura and haste (and poison and Vit 0)
    remain in effect throughout the fight, so if you can keep the character alive
    you don't need multiple auras/whatever."
    She will chose three characters random at the beginning of the battle. If your
    junctioned (party member set up for the final battle) character isn't in your
    party, kill the unjuctioned one and Ultimecia will replace him with an other
    party member. When you have all your proper party, begin the battle. Cast Aura
    on Squall to unleash his Renzokuken or use other characters limit breaks
    combined with powerful GFs (Eden, Diablos, Bahamut) to finish the first stage of
    the battle quickly. If she casts meltdown, use the Treatment command or
    Remedies to recover your status.
    Cast Regen on yourself and Aura on Squall and let him use his Renzokuken or use
    Irvine's Pulse ammo or other powerful spells repeatedly until he dies. When he
    dies, he will cast Shockwave Pulser, which does 8000+ damage to all. Reduce the
    damage by junctioning powerful spells to Spr ability of the character who
    will revive party members. You can equip Spr +20%, +40% to lower the spells
    damage further. The character who survived must quickly revive your other
    party members.
    Quickly recover via items (Elixirs, Megalixirs, Phoenix Down,  Mega Phoenix)
    or Curaga, Life, Full-life or even better with Recover and Revive command.
    Again, repeatedly use party's most powerful limit breaks combined with aura
    spell. It's also very damaging if you cast Ultima/Flare triple (use GF Eden
    Expendx3-1). It's attacks aren't very damaging, so it's shouldn't take
    you to long to defeat it,
    She will often cast Hell Judgement, which will reduce every characters HP to 1.
    Counter with Elixirs, Megalixirs (I recommend that you turn Bahamut's Card into
    100 Megalixirs) or Leviathan's Recover command. Every while she will use Magic
    Drain on a character which will remove an specific magic spell from your
    character (if that spell is junctioned to an attribute, the value of that
    attribute will lower). She will repeatedly use Flare (3000+ damage, 1 opponent)
    and Apocalypse (3000+ damage to all). Again, use Squall's Renzokuken and other
    powerful limit breaks combined with upper tier GFs (Eden, Bahamut) to do some
    serious damage. If you're running low on spells draw Apocalypse from her and
    then use it on her! Again if you have problems defeating her, check the fist
    chapter for some guidance.
    by Lorraine Fisher <lorrish@hotmail.com>
    "Here goes...
    I have 3 characters at level 100, each with 9999 HP. Having squall's at strength
    255 and haste junctioned to speed, I simply made sure the other characters had
    item commands equipped and used one to cast Aura Stone to squall (which
    incidentally does NOT last the whole battle) and one to cast a Mega Elixir each
    time, the just used the renzokuken each time, it doesn't matter then if the
    weaker characters die quickly, and when you are left with the 3 strongest just
    repeated this process, but wait before using the Mega Elixir, until Ultimecia
    has cast her damaging spells, especially Hell Judgment which reduces every
    characters HP to 1).
    Using this strategy, there is no need to run through your magic or GF, which
    takes valuable time, as long as Squall uses his limit each time, there is no
    problem, I beat the end boss first time without the need for revive spells or
    losing any of my 3 strongest characters."
            OMEGA WEAPON [secret boss]
    Location:  Ultimecia castle
    Name:      Omega Weapon
    HP:        ?????? (750000+)
    Facts:     Absorbs Holy.
    Attacks:   LV5 Death, Meteor, Swipe, Terra Break, Gravinja, Ultima, Light
               Pillar, Medigo Flame
    Draw:      Flare, Holy, Meteor, Ultima
    Mug:       n/a
    AP gain:   250
    Win:       Three Stars
    I recommend that you read the requirements listed bellow before you fight him.
    The main party (with which you will encounter it) should be in the garden
    outside (near fountain - north from the banquet room) and use the green save
    spot to switch to the other party. Now the other party should go to the room
    right from the main hall. You should notice a bell here. Pull the rope in the
    Southeast corner of the screen. The bell will ring. Now use the green spot and
    switch to the main party. Go forward to the Cathedral and you'll see the Omega
    Weapon near the organ. Touch it, to enter the battle.
    Speed is the key factor in defeating the Omega Weapon. Junction GF Cerberus
    Auto-Haste and Spd +20%, Spd +40%  abilities to Squall (or you most powerful
    attacking character). Equip Squall's ultimate weapon Lion Heart. Have Squall
    Str (strength) at 255 and junction 100 Haste to all Character's speed attribute.
    Equip Squall and the second party member Defend command, that way he'll be
    able to block the Terra Break, Omega's strongest attack. You'll also need GF
    Alexander's Revive and GF Leviathan's Recover command. Have some X-potions,
    Mega Phoenixes, Elixirs and Megalixirs ready. Two characters (including Squall)
    must have their HP at maximum - 9999. The third should have 5000+ HP. Junction
    100 Death spells to status defense, if character level is multiple with 5.
    Have the strongest attacking character (Squall, Irvine, or ...) equip the
    Revive command. If you have Irvine's ultimate weapon Execter, you can equip it
    with Pulse Ammo, which combined with casting Meltdown it can deal 9999 damage
    per shot (assuming his strength is 255). Also if Irvine is main attacking
    character, switch Spd +20%, Spd +40% and Auto-Haste from Squall to him. You'll
    also need a lot of Aura spells for this battle. You can make the fight a lot
    easier, if you have obtained some Hero Drinks or Holy Wars.
    Change Laguna's card into 100 Hero Drinks and Gilgamesh's card into 10 Holy
    Wars! Win Laguna's card from Ellone during the space scenario and Gilgamesh's
    card from the CC Group King at Balamb Garden. If you would like to get more
    detailed information on the card mini game, check out FF8 card game FAQs on
     <<- OMEGA WEAPON TIPS ->>
    by Jonathan Chan <lunarticpandora@hotmail.com>
    "Omega weapon absorbs ALL kind of magic elements, not just holy so don't
    junction any magic onto your element attack. I recommend that you use Rinoa and
    Squall since they have limits like Lion Heart and Wishing Star.
    Remember to use aura on Rinoa and Squall before the third person put in holy-war
    otherwise you'll have to attack with basic stuff for several minutes before you
    can do aura again.
    Don't use eden twice in a row without using another holy-war because you could
    lose invicibility while charging up Eden (unless you have 1000 comparability
    with Eden)."
    LV5 Death (only at the beginning of the battle) -> Meteor -> Medigo Flame
    -> Gravinja -> Terra Break -> Ultima -> Light Pillar -> Meteor...
    At the beginning of the battle cast Meltdown on Omega Weapon. Follow by casting
    Aura on Squall or Irvine or your strongest attacking character. Try to use
    Squall's Renzokuken or Irvine's Pulse Ammo or other character's limit break
    (example: Rinoa's Angelo Rush) on Omega Weapon as many turns as possible.
    Always keep strongest attacking character's HP at maximum - 9999. When he
    attacks with Medigo Flame quickly revive and restore your party's HP (use Mega
    Elixirs, Mega Phoenixes and the Revive command). Next he'll attack with Gravinja
    and decrease your HP greatly. After this one he unleash the most powerful attack
    in the game - Terra Break (15000+ damage to all - greatly depending on
    characters spirit attribute). Use defend command on your primary and secondary
    party member. You can also use a Hero Drink (on Squall/Irvine/...) or a Holy War
    on the whole party. The characters who survived should quickly revive dead party
    members and restore health. Continue using Squall's Renzokuken/Irvin's Pulse
    Ammo/... on Omega (cast Aura on Squall/Irvine/... if they died) and restoring
    your party HP's when Omega attacks. Don't forget to cast Meltdown if it wears
    out. He will repeat the same attack pattern all over after Light Pillar. If you
    manage to get the Lion Heart 4 or more times, he'll probably die. Without 
    Squall's Renzokuken or Irvine's Pulse Ammo (and maybe Rinoa's Angelo Rush) the
    battle can get quite lengthy and stressful; try to combine GF Eden cast triple
    spells with Ultima and Flare (draw it from Omega weapon) and watch out for your
    strongest magic caster during battle. Using upper tier summons can help
    (especially high level GF Eden), but be careful that Terra Break doesn't finish
    them off. Use the ones that have the highest character alignment, since it takes
    less time to summon. Hero Drinks and especially Holy Wars can be very helpful if
    you lack extremely powerful limit breaks. If your can deal 50000+ damage per
    Omega attack cycle and have ton's of recovery items and lot's of patience, then
    it can be pulled off.
    By Dino Angelo de la Rama <dino_de_la_rama@yahoo.com>
    "Here goes:
    1. All you need is your three best characters (I really don't care who, besides
       Squall and Zell of course) equipped with Initiative and the BEST junctions
       (probably all best magic junctioned to Spd-J, Str-J, Spr-J, Eva-J and Vit-J).
    2. Characters at Level 100 and 100 Deaths at St-Def-J and at least everyone must
       have the Item command and Holy War as first selection in the Battle.
    3. EXTREMELY LOW HP (probably 800-1000 HP is enough) but be sure that your
       characters have their max base HP (1000/9999).  Remember this: you want 
       Zell's 12-second Duel, Squall's Lion Heart and Irvine's slow Time Bar do you?
       And since you may want the idea of not wasting any Aura spells because it's
       junctioned to a stat, a low HP increases the chances of a better Limit Break
       rather than an Aura spell (heck, its my opinion).
    4. A couple of Holy Wars or Rinoa's Invincible Moon (for the holy wars: Card Mod
        Laguna card, then Med Lev Up all 100 Heroes into 10 Holy War-Trials, then 10
        Holy War-Trials into 1 Holy War or Card Mod Gilgamesh card for 10 Holy
    5. Speedy characters but leave a weak character because you want him/her to do
       the Holy War thing and probably a cast of Meltdown to lower Omega's
       vitality stats (junction 100 Triple to Spd-J plus a couple of Spd+% 
       percentages, it's up to you plus the Initiative ability for all three
       characters from Pandemona, Cactuar and Tonberry).
    <<  START THE FIGHT  >>
    >> If Omega Weapon will use a Physical Attack at the start of the fight:
    Answer: Junction lots to Vit-J plus lots of Vit+% percentages and lots to Spd-J
            and Eva-J if you don't have Vit-J junction.
    >> If Omega will use LV5 Death at the start of the fight:
    Answer: Junction 100 Death to St-Def-J beforehand or any level that's not a
            multiple of 5.
    >> A. Use this character lineup :
    First: Your average fighter, probably a support member for using Holy Wars and
           casting Life/Phoenix Downs/Mega Phoenix.
    Second: Squall
    Third: your next strongest fighter, also a speedy, but fighting, character
    >> B. Your first member must use the Holy War (scrap Aura, you'll have low HP
          and higher chances of a stronger limit break).
    >> C. Heck, you know what to do right now, do you? If not, cast Meltdown, then
          LION HEART! DUEL!  SHOT!  Those interactive Limit Breaks can sure bring
          Omega Weapon down easily.
    >> D. If you lose Invincibility status, use any of your characters to Holy War
         (you have speedy characters, so you may outrun Omega Weapon's attacks
         before he uses the deadly Mendigo Flame (9998 damage) or Terra Break
         (meteor-like attack that deals 5000-9000).
    >> E. Well, that's about it! Just repeat these four steps and Omega will go down
          fast. (Lousy suggestion : since you'll be gaining 250 AP afterwards, I
          suggest that you move Eden's learning to Expend-3x1, that is if you're not
          done researching all those high-priced abilities. Lousy, isn't it? :)
    You can "lower" the damage done by the Terra Break IF you junction to 255 Spirit
    (magic defense).  One time Krysta (the crystal boss in the balcony at the back
    room of the chandelier) casted Ultima on me and did about 200 damage!
    That above I said 'the BEST junctions (probably all best magic junctioned to
    Spd-J, Str-J, Spr-J, Eva-J and Vit-J)'. It's actually  optional to junction to
    Eva-J and Spr-J/Vit-J but it's better to play safe in case you lose
    Invincibility status and Omega suddenly attacks you. You may have some doubts
    about this alternative strategy, but believe me, I did this each and every time
    I battle Omega Weapon and believe me, it works like a charm! I didn't have to
    use Aura because it's junctioned to St-Def-J (I just want to prevent the
    'curse' status: disables Limit Breaking ability)."
    <<- PROOF OF OMEGA ->>
    After you have defeated the Omega Weapon enter the main menu. Select the
    Tutorial menu and select the information option. You'll see the Proof of Omega
    option, select it. It's not much, if you consider all the trouble you had to
    put up in order to get it!
    < VII.  O T H E R  C O N T R I B U T I O N S >
       FF8: new game+
    by Teyunde Sakurambo <jsteadma@gac.edu>
    "Well, actually, there isn't REALLY a New Game+ option like Chrono Trigger's in
    FF8, but there's a trick I've discovered that lets you do essentially the same
    thing if you've got a GameShark.
    Step 1: Program your Game Shark to access the Debug Room with the following
            codes, discovered by the Game Genie Code Creators Club 
             D00705E8 010F
             800704A8 0001
             D00705E8 010F
             800704AA 0049
    Step 2: With these codes active, boot up the game with your last save on Disc 4.
    Step 3: Press L1, L2, R1, R2, and Select at the same time to warp to the Debug
    Step 4: In the main area of the Debug Room, talk to the Main Control guy. You'll
            find him towards the southeast part of the screen -- he's the only
            person in the room besides yourself who is not standing on a tile with
            Japanese writing.
    Step 5: The Main Control guy will present you with a list of cool things. Choose
            'Save Menu', 'Disc 1', and save your game. This creates a new saved game
            file for Disc 1 in the debug room.
    Step 6: Reboot the game from Disc 1 and open the saved game file. (You won't
            need the Game Shark anymore.)  Talk to the Main Control guy again and
            choose 'To main', then select 'From the beginning'.
    Ta-da!  The story will restart (completely with the opening FMV), but you'll
    have all your GF's, items, weapons, and your characters will still be just as
    strong as they were in Disc 4. Enjoy giving the worst of FF8's really tough
    bosses the whupping of their lives with your overpowered limit breaks!
       Auto-draw trick
    by Derek Minasian - The Obsidian Rose <judech@mediaone.net>.
    "Here's a cute trick I discovered. Its kind of childish and stupid, yet highly
    effective. In some parts of the game you find spells like Firaga, Death or
    Curaga or any spell you'd like to stock 100 of. The trick is simple.
    Equipment (besides the obvious):
    Roll of tape
    Notebook paper
    A: On the configure menu, set your "Cursor" to "Memory".
    B: Next get into a battle with an enemy that you can draw the desired magic
    from. The monster should not be so strong it can kill you easily. (ie. monsters
    on islands closest to Hell/Heaven)
    C: Have each of your party members Draw the desired spell, then pause the game.
    D: (now this is the tricky part) tear a one inch strip of paper from a notebook
    and roll it up real tight. It is also a good idea to tape around the roll of
    paper to hold it together.
    E: Take the tape and tear about a 6 inch piece from the roll and tape the paper
    over the "X" button tightly in a awy the it depressed the "X" button, and holds
    it down (note leave some of the tape not sticking tothe controller so you can
    peel it off easily.)
    F: Unpause the game and let your characters draw the bejeezus (^?^) out of the
    G: Once you've gotten 100 of a spell you can then flip up the tape and switch to
    a different spell, beat the monster, or run away.
    This is a great way to stock simple spells (ie scan elemental magic, ect.) Also
    I've found doing this works great alongside the "High Stats walkthrough" simply
    run away or card the monsters after you've drawn everything you can. Depending
    how tough the monster your fighting you should monitor your progress every
    couple minutes. Remember even if you draw the full 100 and aren't there the
    second to change your draw, the battle will greatly slowdown because you will
    continually get a "Cannot draw anymore message".
    Remember: Always use it for a good cause."
       Free Rosetta Stone in Esthar
    by Derek Minasian - The Obsidian Rose <judech@mediaone.net>.
    "You can get a free Rosetta stone in Esthar. You may want to try this out. If
    you go to Cheryl's store during the time the Luntic Pandora is flying over
    Esthar, I got the Rosetta stone first try. It's very easy if you know your way
    around Esthar, to go from Doc Odines lab, to the mall, get the stone, and make
    it to the first contact point with 2 minutes to spare time, if you junction GF
    Diablos Enc-None."
       Mog Amlet
    by flyskater <flyskater@hotmail.com> and <DHe7325150@aol.com>.
    "You have to aqiure the mog aumlet in the pocket station when you load the
    "chocobo world" game into it. When you get the items in the pocket station,
    somehow you load the items into the FF8 game. You may already know this, but im
    telling you just in case.
    You get the Mog Amlet after you beat Chocobo World on the PocketStation
    mini-game. After you beat the game, download your game inventory from the
    mini-game into your final fantasy 8 game. And yes the only way to get it is to
    beat the mini-game. The Mog Amlet holds the GF MiniMog."
    NOTE: You need a pocket station to pull this off. And you can only import it
          from Japan, because it's not for sale in the US and Europe, but I'm 99%
          sure about this fact. Also I don't know if it's compatible with other than
          the Japanese version of the game! For more info, search for FF8 pocket
          station FAQs at www.gamefaqs.com
    < VIII.  T H A N K S  T O >
    |==| Thanks YTH (Yani The Hacker) for the various tidbits and help.
    |==| Thanks Derek Minasian - The Obsidian Rose <judech@mediaone.net> for
         the card tutorial section (sorry didn't fit in the FAQ), auto-draw trick,
         another way of getting King Tonberry and Free Rosetta stone in Esthar
    |==| Thanks <fuuie@oldcrows.net> for the magic junction chart.
    |==| Thanks Dino Angelo de la Rama <dino_de_la_rama@yahoo.com> for
         the very efficient Omega Weapon strategy.
    |==| Thanks <VvMach5vv@aol.com> for correcting me about the wrong written names.
    |==| Thanks Teyunde Sakurambo <jsteadma@gac.edu> for the FF8:new game+ section.
    |==| Thanks Zell <DaMan7050@aol.com> for the secret Ultima draw point in FH,
         Cactuar strategy and Shumi Village Card mode (sorry didn't fit in the FAQ).
    |==| Thanks Logan <CaptainKhaos@aol.com> for the Ultima Weapon strategy.
    |==| Thanks <ElGrande727@cs.com> for your Raijin and Fuujin strategy.
    |==| Thanks Jacquay Eichelberger <quaydogg@hotmail.com> for Tiamat strategy.
    |==| Thanks Lorraine Fisher <lorrish@hotmail.com> for the Ultimecia strategy.
    |==| Thanks Jereme Bivins <jereme_1999@yahoo.com> for his corrections in
         the Hidden GF section.
    |==| Thanks Glenn <ayres1437@email.msn.com> for the Ultimecia quick hints.
    |==| Thanks Raylene Funk <taraskett@ignmail.com> for the Sacred and Minotaur
    |==| Thanks Vexer9 Blue moon <vexer9@hotmail.com> for the elemental and
         status defense junction tip.
    |==| Thanks <KurtCo96@aol.com> for the all-elemental defense junction tip.
    |==| Thanks Jonathan Chan <lunarticpandora@hotmail.com> for your Omega
         weapon tips.
    |==| Thanks <TipsyJoe@aol.com> for the Rinoa card info (sorry didn't fit in
         the FAQ).
    |==| Thanks Connollys <flames@nbnet.nb.ca> for Energy Crystal tip.
    |==| Thanks Chris Bradow <tke_277@hotmail.com> for useful tips.
    |==| Thanks Dyne Strife <dyne.strife@mindspring.com> for getting the Eden
         and Angelo card info (sorry didn't fit in the FAQ).
    |==| Thanks Sparrowhawk <sparrowhawk72@gmx.net> for the Ultima weapon tip.
    |==| Thanks Tim Robinson <panzer_saga77@hotmail.com> for the X-ATM092 strategy.
    |==| Thanks WaiKay Kong <flyskater@hotmail.com> and <DHe7325150@aol.com>
         for the Mog Amlet info.
    |==| Thanks <Grunevald1410@aol.com> for the Odin Apperance Tip.
    |==| Thanks William Plasman <curse_marked_sasuke@yahoo.com> for additional game
    < IX.  C O N C L U S I O N >
    Well this warps it up. I hope I helped you beat the boss when you got stuck.
    Anyway this is my last update, so please don't send me any more contributions
    because I won't publish them. If you have too much free time, check out some
    other great PSX RPGs like Xenogears and Chrono Cross.

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