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    Desperation Moves FAQ (JP) by KWee

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    S Q U A R E (c) P R O U D L Y   P R E S E N T S __________________________
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                            ファイナル ファンタジー VIII
                              L O V E - L E G A C Y
    Developed by SquareSoft (C) ______________________________________________
    [F A Q   O N   F F V I I I   D E S P E R A T I O N   M O V E S] VER 1.0
    I N T R O D U C T I O N
    OK. This is another FAQ which I have done for one of my favourite
    console game series of all time Final Fantasy. This FAQ will 
    concentrate solely on FFVIII character's limit special moves,
    their descriptions and details about the steps to get it
    and how to execute.
    R E C O M M E N D A T I O N
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    This faq uses some Jap-Kanji fonts. So please get Njwin or any 
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    A B O U T   A U T H O R
    Name   : How Kwang Wee                         #### #### #   # ### ### TM
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    FINAL FANTASY VIII and it's affiliates are copyrighted (c) 
    SquareSoft of Japan and (c) SquareSoft of USA.
    R E V I S I O N   H I S T O R Y  
    Ver 1.0  28/6/1999 - Debut of this FAQ. Nothing much to say abt it.
    Ver 2.0   3/7/1999 - Made some minor adjustments.
    Ver ??      -      - Later 
                       T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
                       # Definition
                       # Squall's Desperation
                         - Requirements (必需品)
                       # Rinoa's Desperation
                         - Requirements (必需品)
                       # Zell's Desperation
                         - Requirements (必需品)
                       # Quistis's Desperation
                         - Requirements (必需品)
                       # Irvine's Desperation
                         - Requirements (必需品)
                       # Selphie's Desperation
                         - Requirements (必需品)
                       # Credits
    D E F I N I T I O N
    Desperation Moves (必殺技) are inherited by all characters in FFVIII. 
    Each have different moves and dmg incurred. Unlike the limit breaks from 
    FFVII, the number of D.Moves your characters can have in FF8 depends
    on what weapons (武器) you are equipped. i.e The more powerful weapon 
    you get, a new D.Move will be available to the character.
    To be able to use it, your character's hp must be critically low i.e
    yellow in colour (きいろい). Then to activate immediate D.Mov, 
    keep pressing triangle on the controller until your normal attack mode 
    has an arrow on it's right (>).
       |    _Command_________
       |--> Attack (たたがう) > Special (必殺技) 
     E.g    Magic  (まほう)      
            G.F    (守護神)   
            Item   (アイテム)    
    You will eventually hear a 'ting' sound suggesting that the 
    character's D.Mov is available. The Attack Cmd (たたがう) will 
    have an (arrow >) next to it....the attack cmd will also flash to
    inform you that you can perform D.Mov. But don't overshoot while
    pressing the (triangle) button or else the D.Mov will reset and you
    have to trigger it again.
    Another way to enable your characters to perform the D.Movs without any
    hp criticals, cast Aura (オーラ) in placement of getting your characters
    suffer hp dmg. Aura (オーラ) cause your members to use D.Movs regardless
    or whether they have low hp or not. It's a good spell I say..but
    the result of the D.Mov dmg would not be as efficient and high as
    with the low hp. 
    You may suffer 20-30% of D.Mov dmg reduction and less hits using 
    Aura (オーラ). But if you really in need of a swift end to a pestering
    and breath taking battle, Aura is what you need ;).
    P.S Aura spell may be hard to collect so maybe u can use 
        Aura stones (オーラストーン) also ........
    So let's get on with what your characters can perform out of his
    Desperation !! hehe
    S Q U A L L   L E O N H A R T
    スコール . レオンハート
    The Main character of FFVIII. It's obvious his Desperation Attacks are
    the best accompanied with it's awesome hit damages. His end of heart is
    especially similar to Cloud's OmniSlash except it's more slashes
    and better visual enhancement. What can I say, it's definitely the
    best of all specials.
    Name of Special : Consecutive Sword/Blade (連続剣)
    Min/Max hits    : 4/8
    Time Duration   : Nil
    Finishing Move  : Varies
    Affects         : Single/All
    Characteristics : Finishing Move is randomly picked
                      New Moves is available when
                      gunblade is upgraded. R1 trigger optional
    * You can choose to trigger the hit attacks yourself or let it be
      automatic as shown below.
      Renzokuken (Auto) | On | Off     
      Trigger Bar       | On | Off     
    * If you want to manually control the special, a time bar will
      appear at the screen during the execution of the move.
       ______Here________________________________    - Trigger using the
       <<<<<| XX |<<<<<<< Trigger !! <<<<<<<<<<<<      (R1) button
    If you managed to trigger all the hits at the XX position,
    the word PERFECT !! would be shown. Else it will only show the no
    of hits you managed to trigger.    
    * The finishing move will be performed randomly irregardless of
      whether you have all the perfect hits (R1) or not.   
    * There are a total of 4 finishing moves you can use.
    * The following types of gunblade you upgraded to will have that
      move available for use.
    NOTE - Each no from weapons match the respective no in specials
           which means only that weapon reveals a new special. I wanted 
           to place all the chunk together instead of putting numbers 
           but the jap fonts would mess up the whole alignment. Sheesh
         Weapons available (武器)                
     (1) Revolver        (リボルバー) 
     (2) Keer Straight   (キアストレート)
         Cutting Trigger (カッティングトリガー) 
         FlameTan        (フレイムタン)
     (3) Lance of Slit   (ランスオブスリット)
         Crime & Penalty (クライム&ペナルティ)
     (4) Lion Heart      (ライオンハート)
         Techniques available (必殺技)                 
     (1) Love Divide   (ラフディバイド)            
     (2) Fatal Circle  (フェイテッドサークル)    
     (3) Blasting Zone (ブラスティグゾーン)
     (4) End of Heart  (エソドオブハート)
    R E Q U I R E M E N T S 
    This part will discuss what are the materials to get to upgrade
    Squall's gunblade. This is necessary for the availability of the 
    specials. But I won't bother to say where to scout for it duh.
    Note - You need to read Weapons Magazines (武器雑誌) which can be 
           bought at certain shops to enable you to upgrade better weapons. 
           e.g Monthly Weapons Magazine 1st Issue (月刊武器 創刊号) 
    Weapon             : Revolver (リボルバー)  
    Materials required : 6x Magic Stone Fragment (魔石のかけら)
                         2x Screw (ネジ)
    Weapon             : Keer Straight? (キアストレート)
    Materials required : 1x Iron Pipe (鉄パイプ)
                         4x Screw (ネジ)
    Weapon             : Cutting Trigger (カッティングトリガー) 
    Materials required : 1x Mesmerize Blade (メズマテイズの刃)
                         6x Screw (ネジ)
    Weapon             : FlameTan (フレイムタン)
    Materials required : 1x Friend Killer Sword (味方殺しの剣)
                         1x Turtle Shell (カメのこうら)
                         4x Screw (ネジ)
    Weapon             : Lance of Slit (ランスオブスリット)
    Materials required : 1x Eerie Dragon Bone (恐竜の骨)
                         2x Red Fang (赤い牙)
                         12x Screw (ネジ)
    Weapon             : Crime & Penalty (クライム&ペナルティ)
    Materials required : 1x Kitchen Knife (ほうちょう)
                         2x Star Fragments (星々のかけら)
                         1x Turtle Shell (カメのこうら)
                         8x Screw (ネジ)
    Weapon             : Lion Heart (ライオンハート)
    Materials required : 1x Adamantium (アダマンタイン)
                         4x Dragon Fang (竜の牙)                  
                         12x Wave Bullets (波動弾)  
    R I N O A   H E A R T I L L Y 
    リノア . ハーティリー
    The Main Female character of FFVIII. But compared to Squall, Rinoa's
    special techniques are just average. I don't particularly like her
    specials cos to me, they are nothing but just normal attacks...
    Maybe the only interesting part is her dog (Angelo) ^_^
    Name of Special : Combine / Combind ???(コンバイン)
    Original Attk   : 2
    Advanced Attk   : 6
    Time Duration   : Nil
    Affects         : Single/All
    Characteristics : New Techniques are available 
                      through reading Pet Magazines
    Rinoa's Specials
       |    _Command_________
       |--> Attack (たたがう)  > Angelo   (Random Attacks)
            _________________  > ヴァリー (Angel - Final Special)
            Magic  (まほう)      
            G.F    (守護神)        
            Item   (アイテム)      
    ** During battle if Rinoa can perform D.Mov, you can choose
       Angelo which is random Angelo hit or there's another special
       D.Mov by Rinoa (ヴァリー) which can be obtained after the
       witch museum quest. Rinoa will hover in air with large wings
       and cast random extreme spells against the enemies ;)
    * Special - Angelo
       Angelo Rush      -------------------  > Initial Attack                        
       Angelo Recover   -------------------              
       Angelo Rebirth   -------------------             
       Angelo Search    -------------------             
       Angelo Canon     -------------------  > Initial Attack               
       Angelo Strike    -------------------              
       Invisible Moon   -------------------              
       Wish Star        -------------------             
    The specials above are the ones which you will be allowed
    to perform during battle. However to have that move available,
    you need gain experience for that move. Those available ones
    will be highlighted will those N/V will be shaded grey.
    * Certain moves will be self-executed if Rinoa is under attacked
      for a long period of time. 
      e.g Angelo Rush, Angelo Recover.
    R E Q U I R E M E N T S 
    Needless to say, Rinoa's specials can be obtained by read 
    pet magazines. Below are the ones which gives additional specials.
    Pet News Vol.1 (ペット通信1号) -- Angelo Strike  (Angeloストライク)
    Pet News Vol.2 (ペット通信2号) -- Angelo Recover (Angeloリカバー)
    Pet News Vol.3 (ペット通信3号) -- Invisible Moon (イソビジブルムーソ)
    Pet News Vol.4 (ペット通信4号) -- Angelo Rebirth (Angeloリバース)
    Pet News Vol.5 (ペット通信5号) -- Angelo Search  (Angeloサーチ)
    Pet News Vol.6 (ペット通信6号) -- Wish Star      (ウィンツュスター)
    Z E L L   D I N C H T 
    ゼル . ティン
    Zell's special packs a devastating damage to any enemies which is
    one reason why I like his moves. Another reason is because it's
    interesting to do the moves. You have to complete a series of
    moves within a given time to be able to unleashed Zell's last move.
    Name of Special : Duel / Duer??(デュエル)
    Min/Max hits    : Dependent on user's reflexes (hehe)
    Time Duration   : Random
    Finishing Move  : Manual
    No of Moves     : Random (Series Execution)
    Affects         : Single
    Characteristics : New Techniques are available 
                      through reading Fighting Magazines
                      Specials done by Button triggering
                      and auto feature optional 
    * Choose to perform the moves yourself or let it be automated.
      Duel (Auto)       | On | Off
    * Specials Zell can performed during battle when in critical or Aura 
      (オーラ) usage condition.
       Rush Fist      (ラッツュパンチ)       > O, X                       
       Head Shock     (ヘツドツヨツク)       > Fwd, Bk                    
       Heal Drop      (かかと落レ)           > Up, Dwn                    
       Mach Kick      (マツハキツク)         > Bk, Bk, O                  
       Dolphin Blow   (ドルフイソブロウ)     > L1, R1, L1, R1             
       Meteo Strike   (メテオストライク)     > Dwn, O, Up, O              
       Burning Rave   (バーニソグレイヴ)     > Dwn, Dwn, Dwn, Dwn, O      
       Meteo Blast    (メテオバレツト)       > Up, X, Dwn, Triangle, O    
       Different Beat (ディファレソトビート) > Triangle, Square, X, O, Up 
       Final Heaven   (俺式ファイナルヘブソ) > Up, Fwd, Dwn, Bk, Triangle 
                                               * Abbreviations Used
    * Execution of the numbers of moves depend on how fast you can tweak 
      the controller in a given set of time.
      ____________        ___________
       --   --             --   --
      |  | |__|     --->  |  | |  |
      |  | |  |           |  | |  |
       --   --  45         --   --  00 (series combo will stop)
    * For example you are allowed to finish all the given combos within in 
      this case 8 secs. You can select what moves to perform in each set
      of combos but will eventually come to the finishing special of the last
      Mach Kick        Bk, Bk, O                       e.g Just an example
      ____________________________________________         of chain combos
      Burning Rave     Dwn, Dwn, Dwn, Dwn, O               in each set to
      ____________________________________________         enter.
      Different Beat   Triangle, Square, X, O, Up 
      * Message box containing 3 combos. 
    PS Choose either one move and proceed to the next set of combos
       till the final special. If you miss or entered the move wrongly,
       the time will be wasted and you probably miss the final move.
       Do the combos fast to continue the chain reaction or else Zell
       will just stand there
    R E Q U I R E M E N T S 
    The concept is the same as Rinoa's. Just collect magazines for Zell.
    They can be bought as certain shops or you can find them at some
    areas if I'm not wrong.
     KOF Mag 001 (格闘王001) -- Dolphin Blow   (ドルフイソブロウ)
     KOF Mag 002 (格闘王002) -- Meteo Strike   (メテオストライク)         
     KOF Mag 003 (格闘王003) -- Meteo Blast    (メテオバレツト)
     KOF Mag 004 (格闘王004) -- Different Beat (ディファレソトビート)     
     KOF Mag 005 (格闘王005) -- Final Heaven   (俺式ファイナルヘブソ)       
    I R V I N E   K I N N E A S
    アーヴァイン . キニアス
    Irvine's desperation is even more deadlier than Zell Dincht in my
    opinion. This is especially true if you use those powerful bullets.
    Irvine usually takes only a couple of shots to eliminate his opponents
    except bosses lol. His special by far is the most interesting way 
    to achieve and perform. 
    Name of Special : Shot (ツヨツト)
    Min/Max Hits    : Dependent on user's reflexes
    Shots Release   : R1 trigger
    Time Duration   : Dependent on type of bullets
    Affects         : Single/All
    Characteristics : New Bullets are available through 
                      buying and changing materials 
                      into bullets using Ifrit's bullet ability
    * During Battle, if you are able to use special, the diagram below 
      would appear when you select the D.Mov option.
       ______________>>__Special P1______>>__Special P2_
                         XXXXXXX 99          XXXXXXX 99 
                         XXXXXXX 99          XXXXXXX 99 
                         XXXXXXX 99          XXXXXXX 99 
                         XXXXXXX 99          XXXXXXX 99 
    * The special will expand and list out the type of bullets you have 
      and it's amount. There are a total of 8 bullets you can have 
      and this range from P1 to P2 (2 pages total to select your bullets).
    * XXX is the name of the bullet type and the 99 is actually the amount
      you can have in maximum.
    * The better the weapon Irvine has, the more efficient is the bullets.
      So get yourself Irvine's ultimate gun (エグゼクター).
      Remember, there's a time limit for his limit special
    R E Q U I R E M E N T S 
    * You need the following bullets/arsenal to enable new specials.
    1 General/Normal Bullets (通常弾)
    2 Spread Bullets         (散弾)
    3 Darkness Bullets       (暗黒弾)
    4 Flame Bullets          (火炎弾)
    5 Destruction Bullets    (破壊弾)
    6 Speed Bullets          (速射弾)
    7 Armor Bullets          (徹甲弾)
    8 Wave Bullets           (波動弾)
    Q U I S T I S   T R E P E
    キスティス . トゥリープ
    Quistis's special move is a variety of enemy skills. Remember the
    materia enemy skill from FFVII ? I bet you still have some recollection.
    Quistis's move is quite similar to it except it's damage is a lot more
    incredible and better visual and sound effects. Some skills are returning
    from FFVII like Angel Whisper, Mighty Guard, Level Death and most element
    attacks are quite similar to the ones in FFVII.
    Name of Special : Green Magic (青魔法)
    Min/Max Hits    : Random
    Time Duration   : Nil
    Affects         : Single/All
    Characteristics : New Enemy Skills are learned 
                      by stealing or getting materials 
                      from specific monsters 
    * Similar to Irvine's special, if you are able to use special at the 
      battle, the diagram below would appear when you select the D.Mov option.
       ____________>>_Special P1_____>>_Special P2_
                |     XXXXXXX 99        XXXXXXX 99 
                |     XXXXXXX 99        XXXXXXX 99 
                |     XXXXXXX 99        XXXXXXX 99 
                |     XXXXXXX 99        XXXXXXX 99 
                |    ____________      ____________
                |__>>_Special P3_____>>_Special P4_
                      XXXXXXX 99        XXXXXXX 99 
                      XXXXXXX 99        XXXXXXX 99 
                      XXXXXXX 99        XXXXXXX 99 
                      XXXXXXX 99        XXXXXXX 99 
                     ____________      ____________
    * There are altogether 4 pages of enemy skills for you to choose
      from. Each have different uses and some are meant for certain
      enemies (status differ). 
    * Names and order of enemy skills
      Limit Skills________________________
       Laser Eye        | Super Vibration 
       Thunder Strike   | Level ?? Death   
       Detonator        | Aqua Breath      
       Homing Missile   | Boiling Liquid   
       Gattling Gun     | Fire Breath      
       Bad Breath       | White Whisper    
       Laser Canon      | Mighty Guard    
       Shockwave Phaser | Ray Bomb        
    * You may experience distortion while looking at the JIS info.
    R E Q U I R E M E N T S 
    Get the raw materials gained by stealing or winning it from certain
    I will be listing the types of monster you can retrieve later.
    S E L P H I E   T I L M I T T
    セルフィ . ティルルミット
    Selphie's special is by far the worse of all. I was quite disappointed
    when I realized how inferior Selphie's skills is to others. Even
    Kiros and other's special is better than her. Except the fact that
    she is able to cast several times of spells like fire 3 on the enemies,
    she seems incapable of inflicting any 'Serious' damage. Perhaps the only
    thing good about her skills is her "Wall" , "Full Cure" spells, "The End"
    spells etc.
    Name of Special : wa-ro ??(ウォール)
    Min/Max Hits    : Random
    Time Duration   : Nil
    Affects         : Single/All
    Characteristics : Spells in Selphie's inventory 
                      are used randomly during battle 
                      other ultimate spells are also 
    * Below is an example of what selphie's special battle options
      would look like. You can select the spells listed in the box.
      Usually you can find a certain ultimate spell in it.
      |Slot ?? (スロツト)     
                           Spell  1回
                           Select  (やクなおレ)
                           Execute (はなつ) 
    * Below are the ultimate spells which Selphie will execute outside of 
      her spells inventory. This is the only thing worth using Selphie in 
      my opinion.
      Wall      (?E ?H ?[ ??)
      The End   (ジ エ ン ド)                     
      Full Cure (フ ラ ケ ア) 
    R E Q U I R E M E N T S 
    This is dependent on the spells stocked in Selphie's inventory. I
    will add something to this area later.
    C R E D I T S
    - Thanks to Steven Bruck (Stevenbruck@bigfoot.com) for his help on
      some (JIS) items and minor details 
    - Thanks to ScottOng (kangning@mbox5.singnet.com.sg) for his faq info
      on weapons necessities.  
    - Gamefaqs for publishing this FAQ (www.gamefaqs.com)
    - MySelf for taking time to note down those (JIS) words/info from FFVIII.
    - Everyone who takes time to read my faq.
    Thanks to Square for making such a great game for us to enjoy.
    Other Faqs under me includes PSX games like Parasite Eve, FFVIII etc.
    More will be done in future.
                     F I N A L   F A N T A S Y   F F V I I I
                             ファイナル ファンタジー VIII 
                     C O P Y R I G H T (c) 1 9 9 8 - 1 9 9 9 
                                   - E N D -

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