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    X-ATM092 Guide (US) by LVeitch

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/21/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    			     X-ATM092 Guide
    		   By Liam Veitch (lveitch@freenet.co.uk)
    			  Version 1.0 21/11/99
    Many of my friends ask me 'how do you defeat that giant robot spider
    thing?' and still get a good SeeD rank, This is how you do it.
    Getting a High SeeD rank
    The first time I played through the game, I started with SeeD rank 5
    (or course I didn't defeat the X-ATM092 (robot spider))If you want to
    get SeeD rank 10 though, its a little trickier.
    Everything you do in 'Ifrit's cave' mission and Dollet mission.
    To gain SeeD rank 10:
    1.Before going to Ifrit's Cave, set your GF's (shiva & quezacotl) to 
      learn the 'Boost' Abiltiy (its only 10 AP so you should learn it
      quickly. Once learned enter Ifrit's cave, choose the 10min option or
      30min for Jap version. Using Shiva and Blizzard spells, take Ifrit's
      HP to just bellow 100. Once the timer reaches between 20-15 seconds,
      barrage Ifrit with Blizzard spells and Psyical Attacks. This will 
      give you Judgement 100.
    2.Do not talk to anyone in Balamb city before the dollet mission
      Do not talk to anyone apart from your own team in Dollet, Leave 
      the defeated Biggs alone, and follow all seifer's orders i.e
      when he asks you to take a look outside while you are in the ship.
      Do not jump over the cliff when you meet Selphie. This will give you
      Attitude 100.
    3.Kill 75 enemies before fighting X-ATM092 without running away and
      without using G.F's although you may equip them. This will give you
      Attack 100.
    4.Do not escape from any battles apart from the first X-ATM092 battle
      outside the comms tower. This will give you Spirit 100.
    5.Reach the Shore at Dollet with 25:00 left on the clock. This will 
      give you Conduct 100. You do not need to do this if you followed 
      the other 4 above. If you do, it may give you an even higher SeeD
    Fighting the X-ATM092
    X-ATM092  HP: 5,492  Weak: Thunder  Strong: Poison
              Draw: Fire, Blizzard, Cure, Protect
              AP: 50 (or none)
    Asuming you killed the 75 enemies beforehand, you should be at a level
    somewhere around 15 and your GF's around level 22. You should have the 
    boost skill learned with Quezacotl, Ifrit and Shiva so just barrage it
    with those GF's and the boost skill (hold select and hammer Square).
    When Zell says 'Lets get out of here' run by holding R2 and L2. 
    Run around the cliff and the X-ATM092 will follow you, just keep 
    runing and it will jump over you. You will have to fight it again
    but this time do not run away just keep hitting it with GF's with the
    the 'Boost Skill' and it should die very easily. You will get a very 
    good item from it and 50 AP!
    Now just retrace your steps through the city back to the shore and bord
    the ship. Et Voilla!
    When you get back to Garden, go anti-clockwise (couter-clockwise for 
    you american folk) around Garden and Talk to Siefer. Afterwards a 
    tanoy message will tell you to go to 2F hallway. Once there talk to 
    everyone twice then head towards the elevator again. A Garden Facilty
    will take you to the headmaster's office, he will give you your rank 
    reports. After a while of story you have to go to the front gate, here
    talk to the headmaster to get the 'Magic Lamp'. Once you are outside
    garden you will see your rank reports - you should have SeeD rank 10.
    This Guide is intended for private and personal use, and can only be re
    -produced electronically if you contact me via e-mail first. This Guide
    cannot be used for profitable purposes

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