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    Chocobo's World FAQ by Saturnyne

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                              Chocobo World Guide (PC)
                                    By: Saturnyne
                            Email: Saturnyne@netscape.net
                            First made: February 25, 2000
                              Updated: February 4, 2001
                              Updated: February 4, 2002
    1. Introduction
    2. Controls
    3. The Game
    4. Chicobo's Stats
    5. World Events
    6. Finding Mog, Weapons, and Items
    7. Coco's effect
    8. Battling Enemies
    9. Conclusion
    10. Disclaimer and Credits
    1. Introduction
    Hello, and welcome to this Final Fantasy VIII FAQ. While this doesn't exactly
    cover the actual game, it covers a game that comes with the PC version, called
    Chocobo World. Oddly enough, no one else has posted an FAQ on this, so I
    thought I'd see if I could be the first. This guide is pretty simple in nature
    in that it explains this easy to use game. Chocobo World is almost like owning
    a virtual Chocobo pet on your PC. The only difference is that the Chocobo,
    called Boko for reference, can get into battles, gain items that can be added
    to Squall's inventory in FFVIII, and meet three friends along his journeys.
    It's not too hard, and if you are beaten in battle, you don't die, you just
    goof off until Boko has all his hit points back. The fun factor is high, but
    it's not something you'll want to play for hours.
    I have to add here, based on the emails that I've recieved, the method by
    which a player "calls Boko home". I thought I had mentioned it, and figured
    that people would be able to figure it out themselves, what with the "Chocobo
    World" menu appearing in the save screen and all, but alas, that is not the
    case. To call Boko home, start up your Final Fantasy VIII game, and go to the
    save menu. Go to the "Chocobo World" menu, and click on the "Home" option.
    Note (2/4/2002): I forgot to credit BradyGames for information I had used
    to complete this guide. As such, I would like to say right now that all of
    the charts used herein are taken verbatim from the BradyGames guide, however
    otherwise, this is not a plagarization of the BradyGames guide.
    2. Controls
    There are all of five keys on your keyboard used to play Chocobo World.
    CTRL - Your basic confirmation key. Pauses the game, makes confirmations, etc.
    Arrow Keys - Moves Boko in the appropriate directions.
    Simple enough? The keys can't be configured, though I don't know why you'd
    want to do that.
    3. The Game
    You'll spend the majority of the game wandering around on the world map of
    Chocobo World, looking for events for Boko to interact with. These events,
    which you can see by pressing CTRL to pause the game, can result in battle,
    found items, or meeting friends, or special events.
        The Map
    The first time you press CTRL, the map screen will show up. The square is the
    map. Reading it is simple too. The flashing dot is Boko. The other dots are
    the various events around him. The arrow to the right of the map is the
    direction Boko is facing. The number underneath the arrow is Boko's level,
    and the time below is the time that your computer shows.
        The Stat Screen
    The Stat screen shows Boko's weapon, level, remaining HP and ID number. The
    weapon is a series of four numbers. Each number will depict the highest Boko
    will damage his opponent. You start off with a weapon in four ones. Now
    obviously it is better to have all high numbers, but that will take some time
    to acquire. One major piece of advice though, is to try to avoid accepting a
    weapon with a zero in it. If you have a weapon like that, there will be a 25%
    chance that Boko will hit his opponent with zero damage. You may be tempted by
    a weapon that is 9080, but you will only actually damage your enemy 50% of the
    time. Okay, you get it. Boko's HP and level are directly linked. As Boko gains
    levels, his HP will increase. Simple enough.
         The Item Screen
    The item screen shows how many items Boko has collected. There are four types,
    A, B, C and D. Each letter corresponds to how rare a found item is. A is rare,
    and D is common.
         The Event Wait Screen
    The Event Wait Screen gives you the option to let the game automatically choose
    the outcome of an event. This is very important, as some events are affected
    by whether or not this is activated.
         The Mog Screen
    Once you find Boko's pal Mog through rescuing him, this screen will become
    available. You can choose to set Mog to Standby, or Sleep. When Mog is on
    Standby, he will leap into the fight, should Boko fall, and attempt to finish
    off the enemy. If he succeeds, then Boko is saved with one HP. If he fails,
    then Boko will goof off until his HP are restored. If Mog is on Sleep, he
    won't appear in battle at all. It's best to have Mog in Standby, so he can
    help Boko in times of trouble.
         The Movement Screen
    This screen is very simple. Press the arrow keys to determine where Boko will
    4. Chicobo's Stats
    Boko's stats are quite easy to understand, but here's some helpful info.
         Boko's Level
    When Boko wins a battle, he is given a small stone, and it is then arranged on
    a tic-tac-toe screen. When he makes a line diagonally, vertically, or
    horizontally, Boko gains a level. Boko's level corresponds to how many HP he
    has, and the events he will encounter in Chocobo World.
         Boko's HP
    HP are the simplest to explain. As Boko battles, he may lose HP (Hit Points).
    When an enemy slugs our hero, he may lose any amount of HP between one and
    nine. When Boko's HP reaches zero, he loses the fight, and must recover his
    HP. To do that, he goofs off until his HP are restored. To get Boko more HP,
    Boko must gain more levels.
         Boko's Weapon
    Boko's weapon is represented by a series of numbers ranging from one to nine.
    Each number is an amount of damage that Boko can cause to his enemy. With
    each attack, one of those numbers is randomly selected. Boko's Weapon can
    be upgraded (Or downgraded) when he meets Moomba at an event.
    When Boko wants to replenish his HP, he'll loiter, or goof off. As he does,
    his HP will slowly replenish. He loiters by Sleeping, Fishing, Camping with
    Moomba, Watching the stars with Cactuar, Playing in the sand, or Watching TV.
    5. World Events
    On each world map, there are eight event points at all times. Their placements
    are completely random, and no, there's no way to tell what it is until Boko
    visits it. Everytime one is visited, it disappears, and another takes its
    place somewhere else on the map.
    There are three types of events: Story, Random, and Battle. Following is the
    list of events and their probability.
    Probability of Events
    Event                         Probability
    -----                         -----------
    Boko Finds Mog                28/512 (After level 10)
    Meeting Mog Again (If lost)   256/512
    Cactuar appears with an item  128/512
    Moomba appears with a weapon  96/512
    Coco gives Boko a kiss        4/512
    Story Events
    Name                         Description
    ----                         -----------
    Boko meets Coco (Lvl. 20)    Boko meets Coco and falls in love
    Coco's rescue (Lvl. 50)      Coco falls into a pit and Boko saves her.
                                 Coco gives Boko a kiss, which gives him a
                                 star mark. Only happens with Event Wait on.
    Boko's Blunder (Lvl. 50)     Boko falls down a hole and is trapped. This
                                 replaces Coco's Rescue if Event Wait is off.
                                 If you get this event, you can't boost Boko's
                                 attack, as Coco's star mark kiss does that.
    Fireworks Show (Lvl. 75)     Boko, Cactuar, and Moomba sit back and watch
                                 a fireworks show.
    Coco's Kidnapping (Lvl. 100) An evil Demon King appears and nabs Coco.
    Coco's Second Rescue         Boko must defeat the Demon King to rescue his
    (After Kidnapping)           love, Coco.
    The level 50 event has a major effect on Boko. In FFVIII, Boko can be
    summoned into battle with Gysahl Greens, but only if he is home in Chocobo
    World. If you rescue Coco (That is, have the Event Wait option turned on),
    then she will randomly appear and kiss Boko before he does his summoned
    attack. The kiss will get Boko a star mark, which will boost his summon
    strength. If you miss saving Coco, you won't be able to boost Boko's strength.
    6. Finding Mog, Weapons and Items
         Finding Mog
    When Boko finds Mog, you can locate him in the menu screens. You can choose to
    set him on Standby, or Sleep. On Standby, Mog will leap into battle if Boko is
    defeated and attempt to defeat the enemy. If Mog finishes the enemy, Boko's HP
    will be reset to one, and Boko will continue on his adventure. If Mog doesn't
    finish his enemy off, Boko will loiter to regain his HP, and Mog will become
    lost again. Mog will eventually appear with a magic stone in his hand, but
    it may take a long while. It's most worth it to have Mog on Standby.
         Finding Weapons
    Every once in a while, Moomba will appear with a new weapon for Boko to use.
    Be careful when you select, as you usually want higher digits in all four
    slots. If you have one nine, and the rest zeros, that's a useless weapon,
    as you'll cause no damage to your enemies 75% of the time. It's a lot better
    to peck your enemy to pieces, than to swing ten times and not even cause any
         Finding Items
    This part is big... Boko's friend Cactuar will find items sometimes, and it is
    added to Boko's inventory. The items have four grades, A, B, C and D. The items
    aren't actually determined until you bring Boko home, and add them to Squall's
    inventory. Below is a list of the grades of items, and the probability that
    Cactuar will find them.
    A Rank
    Name                  Probability
    ----                  -----------
    Friendship            5/64
    Aegis Amulet          1/64
    Elem Atk              5/64
    Elem Guard            5/64
    Status Atk            5/64
    Status Guard          5/64
    Bomb Spirit           5/64
    Hungry Cookpot        5/64
    Rocket Engine         2/64
    Moon Curtain          1/64
    Steel Curtain         2/64
    Monk's Code           1/64
    Hundred Needles       2/64
    Three Stars           5/64
    Ribbon                5/64
    Dark Matter           5/64
    Shaman Stone          5/64
    B Rank
    Name                  Probability
    ----                  -----------
    Hero                  1/64
    Ultima Stone          1/64
    Gysahl Greens         1/64
    Friendship            3/64
    Tent                  1/64
    Cottage               1/64
    G-Hi-Potion           1/64
    G-Returner            1/64
    Amnesia Greens        1/64
    Str-J Scroll          1/64
    Mag-J Scroll          1/64
    Spd-J Scroll          1/64
    Aegis Amulet          2/64
    Elem Atk              1/64
    Elem Guard            1/64
    Status Atk            1/64
    Status Guard          1/64
    Rosetta Stone         1/64
    Magic Scroll          1/64
    Draw Scroll           1/64
    Gambler Spirit        1/64
    Phoenix Spirit        1/64
    Hungry Cookpot        1/64
    Mog's Amulet          1/64
    Star Fragment         1/64
    Samantha Soul         1/64
    Silver Mail           1/64
    Diamond Armor         1/64
    Giant's Ring          1/64
    Power Wrist           1/64
    Orihalcon             1/64
    Force Armlet          1/64
    Hypno Crown           1/64
    Jet Engine            1/64
    Rocket Engine         1/64
    Steel Curtain         1/64
    Accelerator           1/64
    Hundred Needles       1/64
    Ribbon                1/64
    "Girl Next Door"      1/64
    Pet Nametag           1/64
    Magical Lamp          1/64
    HP Up                 3/64
    Str Up                3/64
    Vit Up                2/64
    Mag Up                3/64
    Spr Up                2/64
    Spd Up                3/64
    Luck Up               2/64
    LuvLuvG               1/64
    C Rank
    Name                  Probability
    ----                  -----------
    Potion                1/64
    Hi-Potion             1/64
    X-Potion              1/64
    Mega-Potion           1/64
    Phoenix Down          1/64
    Mega Phoenix          1/64
    Elixir                1/64
    Megalixir             1/64
    Remedy                1/64
    Remedy+               1/64
    Shell Stone           1/64
    Protect Stone         1/64
    Death Stone           1/64
    Holy Stone            1/64
    Meteor Stone          1/64
    Rename Card           2/64
    Regen Ring            1/64
    Turtle Shell          1/64
    Doc's Code            1/64
    Ochu Tentacle         1/64
    Cockatrice Pinion     1/64
    Zombie Powder         1/64
    Lightweight           1/64
    Sharp Spike           1/64
    Screw                 1/64
    Mesmerize Blade       1/64
    Fury Fragment         1/64
    Betrayal Sword        1/64
    Sleep Powder          1/64
    Life Ring             1/64
    Dragon Fang           1/64
    Spider Web            1/64
    Coral Fragment        1/64
    Curse Spike           1/64
    Black Hole            1/64
    Water Crystal         1/64
    Missile               1/64
    Mystery Fluid         1/64
    Running Fire          1/64
    Inferno Fang          1/64
    Malboro Tentacle      1/64
    Whisper               1/64
    Laser Cannon          1/64
    Barrier               1/64
    Red Fang              1/64
    Arctic Wind           1/64
    North Wing            1/64
    Dynamo Stone          1/64
    Shear Feather         1/64
    Venom Fang            1/64
    Steel Orb             1/64
    Moon Stone            1/64
    Dino Bone             1/64
    Windmill              1/64
    Dragon Skin           1/64
    Dragon Fin            1/64
    Poison Powder         1/64
    Dead Spirit           1/64
    Chef's Knife          1/64
    Cactus Thorn          1/64
    Chocobo's Tag         2/64
    Pet Nametag           1/64
    D Rank
    Name                  Probability
    ----                  -----------
    Antidote              1/64
    Soft                  1/64
    Eye Drops             1/64
    Echo Screen           1/64
    Holy Water            1/64
    Normal Ammo           4/64
    Dark Ammo             4/64
    Demolition Ammo       4/64
    AP Ammo               4/64
    M-Stone Piece         12/64
    Magic Stone           13/64
    Wizard Stone          12/64
    Screw                 1/64
    Mesmerize Blade       1/64
    Coral Fragment        1/64
    Arctic Wind           1/64
    Dragon Skin           1/64
    Poison Powder         1/64
    7. Coco's Effect
    When Boko reaches level 50 and saves Coco, Boko's summon in FFVIII will
    change. When you summon Boko, Coco will randomly appear and give Boko a
    kiss. Each kiss gives him a star mark, and the maximum is three. You can
    check Boko's stars in FFVIII in the Chocobo World menu. In FFVIII though,
    they appear as squares instead of stars.
    Stars     Summon         Effect
    -----     ------         ------
    None      Choco Fire     All enemies take fire damage
    One       Choco Flare    All enemies take great damage
    Two       Choco Meteor   All enemies take strong damage
    Three     Choco Buckle   All enemies take enormous damage
    8. Battling Enemies
    During a battle, the screen displays a simple arrangement. On the left is
    Boko's opponent, and Boko is on the right. Below the enemy and Boko are
    numbers. The far left number is the opponent's remaining HP. The number on
    the far right is Boko's remaining HP. In the middle, there are two boxes
    with numbers that count down. They are like the battle meters in FFVIII.
    As they count down, the box that reaches zero first allows that person to
    attack. If the left number reaches zero before the right, the enemy gets
    to attack Boko. If the number on the right reaches zero first, Boko gets
    to attack, and the countdown begins again. To assist Boko, tap left and
    right on the arrow keys to help the counter go faster.
    When Boko defeats an enemy, he is given a magic stone which is placed on a
    board in a tic-tac-toe fashion. If he makes a line in any direction, he
    gains a level.
    Name       Level       HP
    ----       -----       --
    Creeps     1~100       HP level plus 6
    Red Bat    10~100      HP level plus 8
    Blobra     30~100      HP level plus 10
    Demon King 70~100      HP level plus 16
    9. Conclusion
    So concludes the Chocobo World FAQ. Thank you for reading, and good luck to
    all you owners of the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII that get this game.
    If you still have questions, email me: Saturnyne1D@netscape.net
    10. Disclaimer and Credits
    This document is in no way affiliated with Squaresoft, and is not to be used
    to obtain profit. If it is to be linked, link to the GameFAQs page it is on,
    not the FAQ itself. You may distribute this document so long as it is
    unaltered, and is not duplicated in any way shape or form. All charts in this
    document appear courtesy of the FFVIII PC BradyGames guide, and their
    appearance is in no way meant to challenge any ownership of their contents.
    Writer: Saturnyne
    Game: Squaresoft
    This document  Dan Big Plume, Feb. 25, 2000

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