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    Intro Song Translation by DeeBlackthorne

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    This is a translation of the lyrics to the opening song of Final Fantasy 8, 
    entitled "Liberi Fatali."  Immediately following this introduction is the 
    Latin version of the song (thanks, Sailor Bacon) to be followed by its 
    English translation.  Unfortunately, the refrain phrase "Fithos lusec wecos 
    vinosec" is not standard Latin and is not included in this translation.
    Please note:  This translation is dual copyright material as of October 2000 
    by myself, Dion Hill, and the professor who assisted in this endeavour, John 
    Svarlien of Transylvania University.  Though the work is intended for 
    personal use (only), it is not to be downloaded, edited in content or form, 
    posted on the Internet at locations other than GameFAQs.com, or placed into 
    other forms of documentation including HTML language.  Please request 
    permission through e-mail at dhill@mail.transy.edu prior to use.  
    Excitate vow e somno, liberi mei.  
    Cunae non sunt.  
    Excitate vow e somno, liberi fatali.  
    Somnus non eat. 
    Invenite hortum veritatis. 
    Ardente veritate  
    Urite mala mundi.  
    Ardente veritate  
    Incendite tenebras mundi. 
    Valete, liberi,  
    Diebus fatalibus.
    Kindle a vow from dreams, my children,  
    There are no cradles.  
    Kindle a vow from dreams, children of fate  
    Let not dreams go [away]. 
    Get up.  
    Go find the garden of truth. 
    With flaming truth  
    burn away the evils of the world.  
    With flaming truth  
    set fire to the shadows of the world. 
    Farewell, children  
    on these fateful days. 

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