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"One of the best RPG's I've ever played"

I really didn't know what to expect from Final Fantasy 8 I tried it out and found a great game. Like all of the FF's this one is different than the others, but this also happens to be different than just about every RPG on the planet.

-Story- The games story is really good. Focusing on Squall Leonhart a SeeD cadet. Basically Squall is training to become a mercenary and after a successful test, which starts out the game, Squall, becomes a member of SeeD and his first mission is where the story really picks up. Three major plot lines weave around creating this games complex story. First Squall and his friends versus an evil sorceress. Secondly a love story between Squall and a girl named Rinoa. And third Squall and crews mysterious dreams. All these plot lines create a great story.

-Game play- The game play revolves around the junctoin system. Basically to gain abilities you have to junction(Its like equipping) a Guardian Force or GF. After junctioning a GF you select the abilities for your characters. Magic is obtained by ''drawing'' it from draw points and enemies. After obtaining magic you can then junction it to your stats to act as armor and stat enhancements. Weapon enhancements are some by finding certain items then taking them to a junk shop where they're turned into your new weapon. You receive money on a paycheck system. After becoming a SeeD you are given a paycheck regularly after taking a certain amount of steps. You can receive more money with your paycheck by taking tests about the game. In battle the GF's serve as your summons. Since MP has been removed they act on a HP system. There is also a boost feature, which you can use to strengthen your GF's attacks by rapid button presses. Timed hits have been added to strengthen your characters attacks. Limit breaks in this game can be activated when your characters HP is below a level. Every character learns they're limits differently and some are interactive. There is also a massive card mini game and chocobo world a game originally for the pocket station, which you can play to get extra items and strengthen your chocobo.

-Sound/Music- The sound effects are very good above those of the previous games. The music is also good but on the PC some of the music was ruined. Lyrics have been removed and it just doesn't sound as good.

-Graphics- FF8 has some awesome graphics. The environments all look good the FMV's are some of the best I have ever seen in a game. The characters are extremely detailed and look pretty good but they are a bit polygonal.

FF8 is a very different game, which is why some like it less than others it tries to be different than anything else and succeeds.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/25/01, Updated 09/25/01

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