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"Stick to the Playstaion version."

Final Fantasy VII is the 8th Final Fantasy, and I don't know whether it's underrated or overrated, because everyone has mixed opinions of it. It may have a terrible storyline, but the graphics do make up for it (Well, compared to the Fake graphics in Final Fantasy 7). Alot of people think it has a great storyline, some think it's terrible, some people think the main reason it was bad was because it used Life-size figures (So did Final Fantasy X but you don't see people dissing Final Fatnasy X for that), some people say this game is one of the best because it uses life-size figures. But what do I think?

Graphics: 10/10
These are a big improvement. The Characters are taller and more realistic. I really like the way Squall and Irvine look, and Ultemacia looks so realistic, she looks like a 100% Carbon copy of my sister. (Square must have used my sister as a model for Ultemacia, she looks that real enough) Though the PC already had these kind of graphics before.

Sound: 10/10
The music is awsome. Force your way and The Extreme are the best ones. The music is pretty good, but just buy some headphones so you don't disrupt your sister doing her next-to-impossible-and-pointless-integrated-algebra-project. The sound is 100% realistic too. It's not the kind that sounds totally fake, like where rods make a cross between a boing and a whap, these are real. The guns make firing noises, the gunblades make slashing noises, and everything's 100% realistic, like I said.

Controls: 0/10
These controls are alot more complicated than on the Playstation. Not only are there alot more buttons to push, but they're assuming that you don't have the Playstation version.

Difficulty: 0/10
Yes, Difficulty was another thing that people kept juggling opinions over. The game is really really hard to catch onto, especially on the PC version, which I'm revewing. It took around a million hours to beat the game, and you need to be at level 99 to even think about going anywhere near a boss, just like in Final Fantasy legend 3.

Replay Value: 0/10
If this was the Playstation version, you'd wanna replay it. But if you were unlucky enough to be playing the PC version, then you'll wanna sell it faster than you can say ''I dreamt I was a moron''.

Overall: 5/10
Yes, the PC versions really do suck don't they? This does prove that people would rather save the world from their dens, not offices.

Best part:
Kicking Ultemacia's arse into oblivion.

Worst part:
It's too hard.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/14/03, Updated 06/14/03

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