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"The one with the best storyline in the FF series."

Storyline- 9/10
After the confusing and tough to understand storyline in
Final Fantasy VII we are treated with a more simple and easier to understand love story. Yes although the idea of love was supposed to be in FFVII to FFX I feel that the love story was better done in this game.FFX's love story although quite good in the end was kinda rushed in my opinion. Also this game has one of the best endings in the FF games that I have played from FFVII to FFX. I will not comment on FFX's ending since squaresoft actually had a reason for giving that ending. But seriously speaking and to sum it up if you were lost and confused and upset over the storyline in FFVII trust me on this one you will not be upset in FFVIII. Yes thats what I like about FFVIII's storyline.

Seriously speaking although FFIX came out after FFVIII this one had graphics that were better than FFIX. When I was playing FFVIII and watching the FMV my friends and relatives said wow those characters looked so realistic. When I was playing FFIX people were saying is this a older game ? Well I guess most people and me were not really impressed with FFIX's dwarven style graphics. Anyway this game has many FMVs much more than FFVII. They are also much better. As for the graphics they are more consistent with the ones in the exploration mode and battle mode.

Character Design-10/10
Personally Squall is my favourite main character among the 4 FF games that I have played from FFVII to FFX. He is really not overshadowed by any of the other characters in the game. Anyway my only minor compaint about the FF games is that the female leads always have this similar look which can be found in Tifa in FFVII, Rinoa in FFVIII, Garnet in FFIX and Yuna in FFX. Wow did the same girl get reborn so many times? Well anyway although FFX had great characters like Auron and Lulu they actually made them so good that they occasionally overshadowed the main characters. FFX also had characters like Khimari and Wakka that were not really great designs. Thus on conclusion I feel that FFVIII has the best character design in that all the party members were quite well designed and the main characters really looked like the main characters.
For a very long long time this game's music was the best in the FF series that is until FFX came out. FFX's music is just slightly better than this one. You will really love all the music in this game. In fact music wise I find that its a major improvement over FFVII and is also better than FFIX.

This game has the worst gameplay value in the FF series. There are a couple of major flaws that will make the player sad and upset. I will not go into details over this one but will just name the few major ones. The GF magic takes a long time to cast and cannot be cancel out completely. Hey come to think of it I would have prefer the option to cancel out all animations if it makes things run faster. Than there is the draw system where if you want to cast a spell you must cast it. It means you must keep your enemies alive just to draw his spells. This game has the most rematch in battles in the series. While FFVII suffers from weak story development for the opponents they really over do it in this one. You will fight some of your most familiar enemies for many occassions. Then there is the ridiculous idea of fighting random encounters to get parts for your weapons. This is the most ridiculous idea and makes the game frustrating since you will be struggling like a mad man to find those parts and fight just too many random encounters. Yes this idea was repeated in FFIX but in a toned down manner. Also it is near impossible to beat this game if you do not get those parts. Also certain monsters will not appear if you do not hit a certain level. Anyway in FFX they also have all these meaningless stuff to do but they were optional. In this game its a life or death manner.

Conclusion- While having a great improvement in graphics,storyline and soundtrack over FFVII this game suffers from a weaker gameplay compared to FFVIII. But I feel that the storyline is the best in the series that you really should ignore the poor game play and play it. But I would really advise you to use some sort of cheat code or hack into the files to make your progress easier. If this sounds difficult my advice for you is to wait for FFX to come to the PC or go and buy a PS2 and play FFX instead.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/17/03, Updated 06/17/03

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