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"The Second Final Fantasy On The PC Is Finally Out Now!!!"


I will try and make this review as short as possible. If you want to know more about the graphics, gameplay, combat etc of Final Fantasy VIII, please refer to my Final Fantasy VIII review on the PlayStation. It's meaningless for me to describe everything over again since this will be repeating the same old stuff over and over again. Instead, I will discuss my personal thoughts about the PC version and compare the differences between the PlayStation and PC version of Final Fantasy VIII. Is that fine?

I don't have the PC version yet but I have seen and played a bit of the PC version at my friend's house. There are a total of five discs, including an installation disc for the PC Final Fantasy VIII. Should you buy it or not, even if you have a PSX version? I guess that's the question that bothers everyone. I am here to give everyone some suggestions.

What's New???

Some say that the PC version doesn't look as good as the PlayStation version. Well, from what I have seen, I don't really see much differences. That's because I have seen and played the PC version for less than five minutes. Pardon me for saying that and stop scolding me that I am blind and not able to realise that the PSX version actually looks better. This is quite disappointing since the PC version is supposed to look better. I got an e-mail from someone who says that the PC version looks even worse than the PSX version, even though his PC is PII or PIII or whatever. [I can't remember all!] Anyway, whoever he is, I have to thanks him for telling me that. By the way, make sure that you have a very fast CPU, if not, the game will play very slow.

The bad point about the PC version is that you have to use a keyboard to control. I am assuming that you do not have a PC controller. Of course, you can go out and buy one. But, think about the PlayStation's dual shock controller. Analog support and vibrational function... which one do you like more? Dual shock controller or just the keyboard??? The answer is obvious, right? Do i need to say anything more?

Everything that you can find in the PlayStation version remains the same in the PC version, whether it is translation, gameplay or replay value and so on. As for the translation in the PC version, I don't think there's any differences between the PlayStation version. I haven't finished the entire PC Final Fantasy VIII so I do not wish to comment on the translation. Don't forget that Square Electronic Arts or SquareEA now holds the right to publish Final Fantasy VIII on the PC, not Eidos anymore. Everything, including Choco World, Guardian Forces, Triple Craid card game etc can be found in the PC version. To an RPG fan and a non-PlayStation owner, this is definitely a good sign.

Now, my answer to your question. Should i buy the PC version or not? Of course, if you do not have a PlayStation version, it's worth giving the PC Final Fantasy VIII a try. After all, RPGs are very scarce in the PC market. If you haven't tried out what's so-called the best RPG series, this is your chance now.

So, what if i already have the PlayStation and completed the game already? Do you think it's worthwhile to buy it and play it over again? That will depend on you. Do you think you have enough of Final Fantasy VIII? For me, i have enough of Final Fantasy VIII. That's because i have already completed both the Japanese and US PlayStation versions many times. But, if you have completed the US version once and have missed out a few secrets like Guardian Forces, magazines etc, it's a good idea to buy the PC version and play it. Why? Choco World is a good reason to buy and play the PC version. Just think about it! How many PlayStation owners have a PocketStation? Not even me and till today, i have not played Choco World yet. [Stop asking me about Choco World anymore because i really don't know much about it.] Of course, if you are replaying it again, you can't expect that the experience is that immense as the first time, right?


Without a doubt, Final Fantasy VIII on the PC will definitely sell well. Of course, the sales will never exceed that on the PlayStation. Why? You can figure out that yourself. [Final Fantasy VIII was released earlier on the PlayStation. There are other reasons why too but I guess I leave you to think for yourself.] For the sake of playing Choco World, the PC Final Fantasy VIII does deserve my every single recommendation.

Minimum Requirements

Just in case you are interested. Below shows a list of the minimum requirements that your PC needs to have to play PC Final Fantasy VIII.

Window 95/98 Compatible System
Intel or 100% Compatible CPU
Pentium 200 [Pentium II 266 recommended]
32MB RAM [64MB recommended]
8MB 3D Accelerator Graphics Card [16MB recommended] [Highly recommended]
Direct 6.1 [Included]
DirectSound and DirectMusic compatible sound card

Buy it or not! It's up to you! I have already given you some suggestions!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/14/00, Updated 12/16/02

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