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"The "Mentor" of the New Era of RPGs"

Final Fantasy 8 is one whole new kind of RPG in the Final Fantasy series by Squaresoft. After beating my first Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy 7, I was anxiously waiting for FF8 to come out. I bought it the day it came out for the PC. I installed Final Fantasy 8 right away on my computer and I started playing. It was really great. I really enjoyed playing and beating Final Fantasy 8.

Gameplay 9.1/10: This is a really great game to play for many reasons. The game is addictive, fun, and the battle system is complex, not like old and classic RPGs. Once you get going onto battles and SeeD missions, it gets fun and good. Battling enemies and bosses are really fun, because some have challenges to them and you may just like to experiment with Guardian Forces and Magic. You may find yourself playing this game to test magic and see Guardian Forces. You won't probably want to miss the side quests. Final Fantasy 8 also has an interesting world you can explore. Final Fantasy 8 also has the unique Triple Triad Card Game, it is sort of like a side game linked to the game itself and a side quest throughout the game. This little mini game is also highly addictive, you gamble and must learn to make some choices. Square also gives you Chocobo's World, a mini game that is also some use to your Final Fantasy 8 file. You have to travel around finding items that you can transfer over to FF8. But I think some people will find this game ''unaddicting and boring.'' So really, Final Fantasy 8 for the PC can be better than the PSX version for some reasons.

Graphics 10/10: I have never seen a game have amazing graphics like Final Fantasy 8. Although many PC and PSX games have those 3D cinemas, no game has much cinemas as Final Fantasy 8. It is amazing, because it looks like Square put lots of time in the movies. The 3D characters are very realistic, and not just the cinemas are great. Battle animation is cool too. Guardian Force summon attacks, magic, limit breaks animation is realistic and awesome. It is probably the best I ever seen in a game. Also, the world map and the backgrounds of cities are realistic. Final Fantasy 8 is really popular because of its graphics.

Sound and Audio 8.4/10: The reason I gave this game an 8 for audio is because some of the music isn't good. It sounds like some real band played it alright, but there isn't a big collection of themes like in Final Fantasy 7. Battle sound effects are cool, and it really goes with the great graphics. But the only thing is music will sound great only if you have a good computer.

Storyline 7/10: Maybe the least liked quality of Final Fantasy 8. Some people don't enjoy the storyline and some do. I didn't think the time setting was great, because most things were too futuristic. Unlike the other Final Fantasies, FF8 is advanced in time instead of a time where future and medieval collide. People don't really enjoy the idea of the villain. Also, no one wants the idea of a cold main character for the rest of the game. However, the romantic storyline idea backs up the way-too advanced time.

Challenge 6.5/10: This game isn't too hard or too easy for those of you who want a challenge that isn't impossible. I can't guarantee you that you won't need a strategy guide, but who needs to buy one when you have the Internet? But for those of you who have beaten many Final Fantasy games, this game may be a bit too easy. If this is your first Final Fantasy game or RPG, you are in luck, cause this game may have what you need to get you stimiluated for RPGs.

Value of Cost 8/10: The only store that practically has this game for the PC is Electronics Boutique. They even have it for a great price, around $35-$42. It's a really great price compared to the PSX version. This game is great too, so it deserves a good price. But if you don't have time to play this game, you'll be wasting money. Another factor is that this game can cause problems for your computer because of the many bugs.

Fun Factor 8.7/10: This game is practically fun if you have time to play and understand the main concepts of the junctioning system and battle system.

Controls 6.9/10: I don't really like how the controls are set up on the keyboard. It is confusing, and I wish the controls were more like FF7 for the PC. It takes long to get use to the controls.

Overall 9/10: Hey, this game is probably an RPG you should buy. It is worth its cost because gameplay, graphics, and audio is all above average for an RPG. If you don't have this game yet and you are looking for a good RPG, this is one great RPG.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/23/00, Updated 06/23/00

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