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    FAQ/Walkthrough by bananagirl

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/25/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                   ~ Full Throttle ~
                      A Fast-Paced Motorcyle Adventure for the PC
                             FAQ/Walkthrough by Bananagirl
                                    v1.1 - 06/25/02 
    This document is copyright 2002 Bananagirl. All information contained within is 
                       protected by international copyright law.
                        .:*~*:.  < Table of Contents >  .:*~*:.
    1. Introduction
    2. Preliminary FAQ
    3. General Information
         o Story
         o Characters
             > Ben
             > Malcolm Corley
             > Maureen
             > Adrian Ripburger
             > Miranda Rose Wood
             > Nestor & Bolus
             > Polecats
             > Vultures
             > Rottwheelers
             > Cavefish
    4. Game Basics
         o Controls
         o Saving/Loading
    5. Walkthrough
         o Kick Stand
         o Melonweed
         o Kick Stand
         o The Highway
         o The Mine Road
         o Corley Motors
         o The Highway (Again)
    6. FAQ
    7. Revision History
    8. Copyright & Contact Information
    9. Credits/Thanks
                         .:*~*:.  < 1. Introduction >  .:*~*:.
    Howdy, and welcome to my Full Throttle FAQ/Walkthrough. If you're reading this,
    you probably need help. Which is good, 'cause this guide takes you by your 
    greasy little mitts and walks you step-by-step through the game. And if that's
    not what you're after, just check whichever area of the game you happen to be
    stuck at and skim through the section until you get to what you need.
    Full Throttle is an adventure game from LucasArts. At first glance, it seems 
    like the sort of game only motorcycle-lovers would enjoy, but fear not. It's 
    fun for the whole family. I loved this game, and I don't even like motorcycles. 
    I could hardly bring myself to finish reading Hell's Angels, even though it was
    one of those last-minute desperate school assignment type things. 
    Moving on... Just enjoy the guide. Try not to spoil the game for yourself or 
    anything, though. It's just not as fun that way. I mean that. Don't use this
    guide unless you really have to, and don't read anything other than the part
    you need. That said, enjoy what you *do* read, but don't overdo it.
     - Bananagirl
                       .:*~*:.  < 2.  Preliminary FAQ >  .:*~*:.
    Q. Is this game good for my kids?
       As long as they're at least twelve or so, yeah. There's a bit of swearing, 
       and a lot of hitting people with chains and chainsaws, but a twelve year-old 
       should be smart enough to realize that riding your bike with a chainsaw in
       one hand while your little sister chugs along beside you on her tricycle is
       a bad idea. And chances are pretty good that you've said all the harsh 
       language used in front of them, and if you haven't, they've heard it in 
    Q. I hate motorcycles. Is this game for me?
       Sure. I think motorcycles are overrated, and I loved Full Throttle. Maybe 
       it's the chance to hit people with boards. Maybe it's releasing bunnies onto
       a minefield and letting them blow up. Maybe it's just the classic LucasArts
       humor. But it's a great game. Go buy it. Now.
    Q. OK. Where can I find it?
       I got it in one of the LucasArts Archives collections. Either the first one
       or the third one. I forget. I just remember that it wasn't the second. Check
       out the LucasArts website at http://www.lucasarts.com and check their 
    Q. Where can I find _____?
       Use the find function on your browser or word processor. It's a good tool. 
       Learn it. Live by it.
    Q. How do I do _____?
       Ditto to the above.
                     .:*~*:.  < 3.  General Information >  .:*~*:.
    You are Ben, leader of one of the many local motorcycle gangs. While hanging
    around in a bar with your gang, Malcolm Corley, the last remaining motorcycle
    maker in the world, stops by for a chat. But halfway through, his partner,
    Adrian Ripburger, walks in and requests that you and your gang ride with Corley
    to a shareholders' meeting.
    Even though the gang is broke, the Polecats are not keen on being hired out, so
    you turn the job down. However, Ripburger has plans for you and your gang that
    he can't change, so he'll just have to get you out of the picture.
    When you wake up, you're in a dumpster. Ripburger and his friends are gone, as
    is the gang. Now what?
     Leader of the Polecats, one of the last remaining motorcycle gangs. Ben is the
     character you'll be controlling throughout the entire game. He has a big jaw,
     but he's a pretty tough guy, and he's also pretty crafty.
    Malcolm Corley
     Owner of Corley Motors, the last motorcycle company in the world. He's nearing
     the end of his days, but his partners seem to think the end hasn't come soon
     enough, so they aren't going to wait around for natural causes. Besides, if 
     they wait too long, Corley might write a will that doesn't include them as 
     owners of Corley Motors.
     Maureen runs a small toaster repair shop in Melonwood. She and her dad used to
     be big on bikes, but one day he left and didn't return, so Maureen went to 
     live with her Uncle Pete at his Mink Ranch. Now she's all grown up, and when
     Miranda drags a cut-up Ben and a broken bike into Mo's shop, she fixes them
     both free of charge. 
    Adrian Ripburger
     One of Corley's partners, Ripburger is out for Corley Motors when the old man
     kicks the bucket, and he'll stop at nothing to get it. And nothing includes
     murder, of which he's done quite a bit.
    Miranda Rose Wood
     Miranda is a journalist looking for coverage on accidents, and when she finds
     Ben "all twisted up like a pretzel," she has a perfect model. When she's done
     taking pictures of him, she brings him to Mo. Not because she's nice, though.
     She just wants a quote.
    Nestor & Bolus
     Nestor and Bolus are Ripburger's little flunkies. They help him out with all
     the illegal stuff he engages in, and take care of loose ends. These include
     photographers, gang leaders, and the occasional heir to Corley Motors.
     Ben's gang is tough, but they aren't the strongest, fastest, or brutalist. 
     They don't even have much money, so they jump at the opportunity to act as
     Corley's escort, even though Ben says no. Of course, Ben is only the leader
     'cause he's the smartest and toughest one in the gang. Maybe they should've
     listened to him when he said no.
     The Vultures are one of three gangs who patrol the Old Mine Road looking for
     trouble. Most of them are pansies, but there are a few among them with 
     boosters on their bikes that make them a bit harder to deal with. 
     The Rottwheelers are usually big, ugly, and bald. They aren't exceptionally
     smart, either. They *are* tough, but nothing your average Polecat can't
     These guys are creepy. Their hideout is a hidden cave along the Old Mine Road, 
     and only they can see it. They're pretty much blind from being in the dark all
     the time, so they have to use special goggles to ride. They're also vicious 
     little buggers, well-known for hijacking semis and stealing their cargo. Don't
     worry, though. They're fairly easy to deal with as long as you have the right
                         .:*~*:.  < 4. Game Basics >  .:*~*:.
    Unlike most of the adventure games from LucasArts, Full Throttle doesn't use 
    the command box. Instead, you have a little + cursor that you wave around. When
    it has a little red box around it, you can click and hold to select the action
    you want to perform. Otherwise, clicking will just make you move to wherever 
    the mouse was placed, if possible.
    - The most important action is the hand. You can use that to knock, open, pull,
      take, punch, and climb. You'll be using it a lot. Get used to it.
    - Across from the hand is a picture of Ben's boot, which you'll be using to 
      kick down doors and other such things. 
    - The eyeballs of the skull are used to examine things, which can either 
      trigger something or just give you some information on an object.
    - Below the eyeballs is a tongue. If used on most people, it will cause Ben
      to talk to them. Otherwise, it will be some sort of mouth action like
      licking, kissing, sucking, etc. Stop laughing. None of this is dirty, you
    - To use an item, access your inventory with your right mouse button and 
      choose the one you want. Next, move your mouse out of the inventory area
      to close the window, and use the item on whatever it was you wanted to use
      it on.
    - To open the menu to save or adjust settings, press F1. 
    - To pause the game, press the spacebar.
    To save or load your game, access the menu by pressing F1 and select the 
    desired action. When saving, select a saved game slot and type in the name you 
    want to give your game, then press OK. If you're loading, just click on the 
    game you want to load and press OK. That was easy, wasn't it?
                         .:*~*:.  < 5. Walkthrough >  .:*~*:.
                                      Kick Stand
    When you finally take control, it will be in back of the tavern from the 
    introduction. Your character doesn't seem to be around, but if you click the 
    cursor on the right side of the dumpster's lid, Ben will punch his way out. Go 
    around to the front of the Kick Stand.
    If you try to ride your bike, you'll find that the keys are gone. The Kick 
    Stand is closed now, but you can kick the door down and go in. The bartender 
    isn't talking, so use your hand on him to force some information out of him. He
    doesn't know much, but he does have your keys, so now you can get out of there.
    As you speed down the highway, you'll encounter a Rottwheeler. Rival gangs 
    can't very well share the road, y'know... You'll have to fight. "Come on, 
    kitty. Let's get down." Keep using your enter key or left mouse button to 
    punch him, and use the arrow keys or your mouse to stay on the road. 
    When it's all over, Ben will do a victory wheelie or sorts, but someone's
    tampered with his bike. When he comes to, there's someone taking pictures of 
    him in the middle of the desert. By the time he's come fully awake, he's in 
    Maureen's toaster repair shop. 
    You can talk to her for a bit if you want, but sooner or later you'll have to
    leave Mo alone to fix your bike. Ask her how your bike looks and she'll tell 
    you what she needs. Grab the hose and gas can in the corner of the shop, then 
    Outside, you'll run into the reporter who found you. You can chat with her for 
    a bit, or you can just leave. Mention "ambush" and she'll go away. Otherwise,
    just wait. It will happen soon enough on its own. Close the mailbox on your 
    way out. 
    Might as well go get Maureen's welder now. Head for the trailer with the 
    glowing thing in front of it. When you get there, you can look at the skylight.
    Someone seems to be doing some welding. Go knock on the door. OK, that didn't 
    go over well. Knock again. When the owner comes up to ask what you want, kick 
    the door in. With Todd out of the way, you've got free run of the place. 
    Open the cabinet over Todd's bed and take the lockpick that's hanging on the 
    door. Next, raid the fridge. It's got some meat you might want to take with you
    in case you (or someone else) gets hungry later. When you're done stealing all
    of Todd's stuff, use his top-secret hidden dresser elevator thing to go 
    down to his workshop. Take the torch, and Ben will go back to Maureen's to give
    it back to her.
    Now that you have the lockpick, getting the gas should be no problem. Make sure 
    you have both the hose and the gas can, then head for the big tank thing in the
    upper section of town. There's a lock on the door, so use Todd's lockpick to 
    take care of that. Pick up the lock before you go in.
    This next part is a bit tricky. You're standing in front of a giant tank of 
    gas, but if you touch the ladder, you'll set off the alarm, and the guards will 
    sweep in on their supercool flying thing to catch you. Beyond the tower, there
    are no lights, so go duck behind the tank on the left side. The guards will 
    climb up to get the guy who they think is hiding up there, so run out and steal
    the gas from their vehicle. 
    First, open the gas cap. Then put your hose into the tank and put your gas can
    under the hose. Gas doesn't just jump out of the tank, though. You'll need to 
    start the flow somehow, so put your lips on the hose to start the siphon. The
    tank will be filled in no time, leaving Ben to hightail it, gas can in hand,
    back to Maureen's. The police will go call for reinforcements. 
    All you need to find now are the new forks. Head for the junkyard beyond Todd's
    trailer for those. The entrance appears to be blocked off for now, so pull on 
    the chain to take care of that. Unfortunately, that only works temporarily. As
    soon as you let go, the door springs back into place. Plan B.
    Put the padlock you snagged from the tank door onto the rolling door to hold it
    in place. Now pulling the chain won't move it. Try to do it anyway, and Ben 
    will climb up and into the junkyard. Inside, there's a whole pile of spare 
    forks... But there's also a guard dog. Don't touch the forks for now; just jump
    off the wall and head to the right.
    Working quickly, put the meat you took from Todd's refrigerator into the blue
    car. The hungry little pooch will dive in and start eating, but he'll come out
    again if you touch anything. You'll have to trap him. See that magnet dangling
    from the crane above the cars?
    Climb back onto the wall and head to the right, then climb up the tower that 
    leads to the crane controls. Move the magnet over the blue car using the center
    lever, then use the left one to lower the crane. Hit the button on the right to
    turn on the magnet, then raise it again using the left controls. The dog is no
    longer a problem, so head back to the pile of forks and grab one.
    This is the last thing Maureen needs, so she'll get to work on fixing your bike
    right away. Ben will turn to leave, but he'll go back and ask about the picture
    on Maureen's wall. It's of Maureen and her Uncle Pete, taken in front of Pete's
    Mink Ranch. Pete's dead now, so the ranch belongs to Maureen. Now he'll really
    leave this time, but only to step outside and think out loud. Miranda is still 
    around, but if she hears "ambush" she'll perk up. Then she'll take the car she 
    supposedly didn't have and speed off. As soon as she does so, Ben's bike will 
    be ready. You're free to go.
    As soon as you leave town, you'll come across the reinforcements sent to look 
    for you after the tower incident. There's no way you'll get past them this 
    time, so Ben will turn around and head back to town. Go back to the gas tower
    and touch the ladder again to trigger the alarm. The police will come back to 
    nab you, but Ben is waiting at the edge of town on his bike to go as soon as 
    the way out is clear. 
    Soon, you'll stumble across a few of your fellow Polecats, who say Corley's 
    taking a pit stop. After a bit of talk, the scene will cut to Corley struggling
    with his fly and singing. The reporter is lurking in the bushes taking pictures 
    as Ripburger shows up to take care of his little problem. She'll get away, but
    now Ripbuger's henchmen are after that camera. 
    Ben will show up during Corley's last moments, and Corley will tell him about 
    his plans for the company. He'll also tell you to find his daughter. Luckily, 
    the two of you have already met. Unluckily, Maureen's about to meet Bolus. 
    She'll take care of him, and the scene will cut to Ben speeding back to 
    Melonwood to get her. Then it's back to Mo, who's found the camera. I guess 
    that guy caught the reporter... 
    When you get back to Maureen's shed, you'll find that both Ripburger and Mo
    are gone. Those of you who are careful observers will note that the picture of
    Maureen and her uncle is gone, too. There's nothing to do inside, so go out and
    dig through the debris. Ben will find the camera Bolus took from the reporter,
    but it's smashed and the film is gone. He'll also find the missing picture, 
    which he'll pocket. 
    Uncle Pete's Mink Ranch seems to be your only lead now, so hop back onto your 
    bike and leave town. Again. And again, you'll be turned back by the police. And 
    this time you can't hit the tower to get by. You'll have to leave town another 
    way. Get back on your bike and ride out via the road beside the junkyard. 
    You'll end up back at the Kick Stand.
                                      Kick Stand
    You seem to be a murderer now. When you walk into the bar, you'll be greeted by
    the bartender and a TV showing the news. Your gang's been arrested, but now 
    there are roadblocks all over the place looking for the leader. And that leader
    just happens to be you. Talk to the Emmet, the guy at the table with a knife. 
    If you ask for a ride, you'll learn that they aren't even letting truckers 
    through the block. That's a bit of a let-down, eh? Head outside and around to 
    the back, where the game began. 
    Miranda's calling you from the dumpster. She wants you to find her editor, so 
    she'll give you a fake ID to get past the road block. Go back into the bar and
    give Emmet the fake ID you got from Miranda. When you mention Pete's Mink 
    Ranch, he'll talk about how he used to buy meat there and sell it to school 
    lunch programs. This sort of thing makes me glad I bring my own lunch...
    Anyway, now that Emmet can get past the roadblock, he's a bit friendlier. He'll
    even let you ride in his engine compartment. How nice of him! Emmet's a bit 
    smarter than he looks, and you'll get through easily. 
                                      The Highway
    When you reach the ranch, Emmet will dump Ben and the bike off and drive away, 
    along with the fuel line from Ben's bike. This could be a bit of a setback. 
    There's nothing you can do about the truck for now, so just head into the 
    house. If you move the pillow, you can nab a tire iron that someone was 
    sleeping on. At least I *hope* that's what they were doing with it... Use it 
    to break the lock on the chest at the foot of the bed, and you'll find a new 
    fuel line.
    As you leave, Maureen will ride out of the barn, and Ben will hop aboard and 
    give chase. Unfortunately, she took his booster fuel, so Ben's stuck behind 
    everyone else, including Mo, Emmet, and some members of the Cavefish, a rival 
    gang. Emmet will drop his trailer to take out the Cavefish, but as soon as he
    hits the bridge, it will explode and Emmet's truck will crash into the water 
    When the chase is over and you've regained control of Ben, pick up some 
    fertilizer from the mess on the ground. Use your tire iron on the semi's wheels
    to loosen them up, and Ben will shove over the trailer, effectively blocking 
    the road. Get back on your bike, and head out to the right. 
    When you reach the bridge, check out that sign and look at the pictures. 
    According to the plaque, only one person has successfully crossed Poyahoga 
    Gorge -- a guy on a souped-up Corley motorcycle. This would all be fine and 
    dandy, but Maureen just made off with your booster fuel, and your bike doesn't 
    hover. You also don't have a ramp. It ain't gonna happen without those three 
    things. Hop back on your bike and go back to the Mink Ranch. Ripburger's 
    friends are waiting there, and as soon as you get there, they'll chase. Stay
    on the highway and take them through the overturned fertilizer truck. 
    As soon as Ripburger picks them up, turn around and go back to the scene of 
    the crash. When you see the stop sign, press enter or click your mouse to bring
    your bike to a halt. Use your tire iron on the car to steal their hover 
    equipment, then use it on your bike. Take off again. This time you're headed 
    for the Mine Road. When you get near an exit, click the mouse or press enter 
    to get off. The highway, you pervert!
                                     The Mine Road
    The Mine Road is teeming with cyclers, and most of them won't think twice 
    about punching you. The first one you'll come across is actually a retired
    Polecat. Former leader, really. Ben will stop to chat a bit, but he doesn't 
    really tell you anything interesting, except for some fighting tips you should
    listen to. 
    Father Torque will tell you that timing is more important than muscle, and also 
    that the blind Cavefish ride by looking at the dots on the road. If you ask him 
    about the Vultures, he'll mention their boosters. Finally, ask him about the 
    gorge, and he'll tell you that the Cavefish have the ramp in their hideout, but 
    you can only see the entrance if you're wearing Cavefish goggles. Looks like 
    you'll be punching out a few of your fellow riders before you can continue.
    When you're done talking to Father Torque, he'll speed off, leaving you alone 
    to deal with your problems. Keep going until you run into a cycler, then punch 
    him or her out. Most of the cyclers carry weapons of some sort, so try to pick 
    up a chain or chainsaw. Maybe a board or spiked chain. Your call. You can cycle 
    through your available torture devices with your right mouse button, so always 
    be sure to use the best one you've got. The tire iron is a good choice for 
    starters, but remember to keep a bit of space between yourself and your 
    competition for best results. 
    The best weapon to have is probably the chainsaw, if you can take out the punk 
    who has it. Unfortunately, it's hard to knock her down. If you have the 
    fertilizer, you can use that and she'll fall down almost immediately. It only 
    takes one hit from the chainsaw to knock down most bikers...
    When you come across a Vulture, you'll have to be quick, because this guy has a 
    tendency to speed away with his booster. The chain is the fastest weapon there
    is, so use that to knock him over, and you'll be set.
    At some point, you'll have to fight a Cavefish. This guy is tough. He doesn't 
    really fight back, but if you get too close, his bike shoots out oil or some 
    other slippery substance that makes you fall instantly. Use your board and get
    close enough to hit him but not enough for him to knock you down, and wait for 
    him to sit up. Then close in and whack him with your 2x4. The goggles are 
    If you can't handle all of this and you want to be a big pansy, just hit Left 
    Shift and V to bypass the fight. If you do that, I don't like you. I just want
    you to know that.
    At this point, the only thing you need to get across the gorge is the ramp, 
    which is hidden in the Cavefish hideout. Travel the road until a picture of 
    the goggles appears in the upper-right corner of the screen, then hit the
    right mouse button to put them on. Keep an eye out for the word "cave" to
    appear in the lower left corner of the goggle viewing area, then hit enter or 
    click the left button to go in.
    Take your bike furger into the cave, and eventually you should come across the
    ramp. At this point, get off your bike and push the ramp. Hook it onto your 
    bike and drive out. at the next screen, unhook your ramp and push it again. It
    will remove the dots on the road that help the Cavefish navigate. Ben will 
    drive out of the cave, ramp in tow, and take it to the edge of the bridge. 
    At this point, you should have everything needed to jump the bridge. Hop onto 
    your bike, and Ben will take it back to the ranch to get a good start. Watch 
    the lovely stunt, then it's all over here. You're off to Corley Motorcyle 
                                     Corley Motors
    When you arrive, go right towards the stadium, then go in. Tempting though it 
    is to buy a bunny now, you're broke. Pick up the joystick and play with the car
    a bit. The batteries will die, but that's OK. Look at the souvenirs behind
    Horrace to make Ben ask if they're 100% cotton. While Horrace checks, grab that
    bunny. You're still poor, so there's nothing left to do. Go back to your bike,
    climb on, and ride north. You'll come to a minefield. 
    Ever hear about that sixth sense animals seem to have when it comes to hidden
    mines? Put down your bunny and follow it. OK, so it doesn't work with 
    mechanical bunnies... Either way, it dropped its batteries. That's something, 
    isn't it? Pick them up and head back to Corley Motors, and then back to the 
    Put your batteries into the car and drive it north, then take it through the
    turnstile. Horrace will go chasing after it, leaving Ben alone with the 
    bunnies. Snag that box under the souvenirs, then go back to the minefield.
    Let loose your minions, but pick them up before they can blow up. They won't
    make it all the way across, and you don't want to waste them, do you? Go back
    the stadium and lift another box, and head back to the minefield. Drop your box
    and let the bunnies go. They'll clear a big chunk of a path out, but not enough
    to let you cross. This is where you let the rest of the bunnies go...
    When all your bunnies have sacrificed themselves for the greater good, cross 
    the minefield to the Vulture's hideout, where you'll be accused of killing
    Corley. They'll string you to their bikes, but you'll have a chance to talk.
    Say "Let me go or else..." then proceed to tell her that you'll call her names.
    Tempting though some of them are, use Diapered Dynamo to get out of this mess.
    Maureen, who had the film, will go get the pictures developed, and apologize
    to Ben upon seeing Ripburger doing the bludgeoning. They'll then formulate a
    plot to fake Ben and Maureen's death. 
    When the unnecessarily violent demolition derby thing begins, hit the ramp on
    the left. Ben will land on the brown car, stalling it. You need to get to
    Maureen, who's in the yellow car, but Ripburger's friends in the blue car
    aren't letting you get past. You'll have to push the stalled brown car all the
    way over to the right. Shove it off the ramp on that side, then drive off it
    yourself. Ben will take out the Boom-Boom Brothers by landing on them, leaving
    him free to smash into Maureen. 
    Make Ben run around in his cute little asbestos suit. If you run along the 
    wall, you can set the stadium on fire. The spectators will run, but shortly 
    after, Bolus and Nestor will get their car started again, and use it to chase 
    after Ben, who will jump onto the brown car. When the blue car starts ramming 
    it, jump on. When you get the chance, run into the inferno that is your car, 
    and the blue car will follow.
    Back at the Vulture hideout, Ben will find Maureen digging through her dad's
    disassembled bike. She needs the key that was hidden in it, but it's nowhere
    to be found. Talk to her if you want. You'll find out that the reason Corley's
    been hiding her all these years is that Mrs. Corley isn't her mother. You can
    find the key on one of the parts. Just examine them, and you'll find a number.
    Ride back to the factory to try to find the passage. Mo will give you the 
    pictures on your way out, in case you get the chance to show them to anyone. 
    At the factory, head around to the back and wait for all the green flashing 
    things to turn black. Then look for a spot that would be eye-level to a six
    year-old and kick. The place you want to kick is on the left side. There is a
    cluster of chunks of wall that have been separated from the rest by the cracks
    surrounding them. The one you want is the second from the end. It's pretty 
    small. Kick it, and you're good to go. 
    In Corley's office, examine the floor safe in front of the desk. You're looking
    for a six digit number to input as the safe code. Those parts had a six digit 
    number on them. Did you write it down? If not, it's 154492. When you've entered
    the code, hit the square in the middle. You'll snag a card and a tape. Head out
    through the doorway to the right. The first door on the right is locked, so 
    slip the card you got out of the safe into the slot to the left of the door and
    go in.
    Flip both the switches on the side of the projector to halt Ripburger's 
    presentation. Flip the light switch twice. You'll ruin the machine. Bravo! 
    While she's fixing the machine, slip into the next room down the hall and 
    deposit your pictures onto the easel. You'll get a nice little slideshow of 
    Ripburger doing the killing. Looks like Ben's out of trouble. He'll play the
    tape from the safe for the audience. 
                                  The Highway (Again)
    Maureen will take over the stage, and Ripburger will run away. She'll tell her
    story, and she and Ben will take off on their way to get Mo's bike back. 
    Unfortunately, hey'll soon be overtaken by Rip in a semi. When he hits you, 
    you'll be hanging on for dear life. You've only got a few minutes before you 
    reach the broken bridge, so work quickly. If you fail, you'll have to start the 
    scenario over again. 
    Ben and his bike will be dangling from the front of the semi, but Maureen will 
    slip off. Fortunately, the Vultures aren't far behind, so flip up the grill on
    the front of the truck. The fan inside is blocking any further progress, and 
    your tire iron is too small to handle it. Flip up the panel above the grill and
    grab Rip's cane when he sticks it out. Jam the cane into the fan, and Ben will 
    slip through onto the back of the truck. Use your tire iron on the fuel line on 
    the far right to disconnect it. 
    Just when it looks like all is over for Ben, Maureen will crawl back onto the 
    front of the semi and save the day. The Vultures' disabled plane will sweep 
    them up, but they're still heading straight for the gorge. Climb up the ladder
    to get to the cockpit. 
    Once there, you'll find all the controls have been shot out. Activate the 
    screen that miraculously escaped Ripburger's bullets. Emergency though this is,
    it's landing gear that's keeping the plane moving. Go to the TAKEOFF menu and 
    hit the Post-Takeoff option. Then select Gear, and finally Raise Gear. The 
    plane will come to a screeching halt, and just in the nick of time. Crawl into 
    the cab of the semi and activate the screen. Go to the Main Menu and then to
    the Defense Systems menu, and choose the Machine Guns. Under the Controls menu, 
    turn the system off. Since Rip is dangling from one of the guns, this is the
    end for him. 
    Crawl back to the plane, which is about to self-destruct. The whole setup is
    severely unbalanced now that the Vultures are out of there, so you've only got
    a few seconds to run. Walk to the left side of the plane and hop on your bike,
    or you'll never make it out of there alive. Just as the plane crashes over the
    broken bridge, Ben will fly out of the flames like some daredevil stuntman
    type. Watch the ending scene, and it's all over. Congratulations.
                             .:*~*:.  < 6.  FAQ >  .:*~*:.
    Q. Hey, who took my keys?
       Oh, I dunno... why don't you ask Quohog inside? He might know something. 
       You'll have to get physical if you want him to talk, though.
    Q. I keep getting caught at the gas tower! How do I avoid the guards?
       You'll have to hide in the shadows. Don't worry; the tower isn't the only
       source of gas around here.
    Q. How do I get past the tower guards on the highway?
       They're searching for the guy from the tower, so why not make them think
       he's back there again?
    Q. How do I get past the road block?
       They're only letting people of authority through, so you'll have to find a
       federal agent (or at least someone with the ID for it) to smuggle you past.
       Miranda might be able to help.
    Q. I need a fake ID, but I can't find Miranda!
       She's been disposed of the same way as most of Ripburger's victims. Go back 
       to where the game began and look in the dumpster.
    Q. How do I get past the minefield?
       You've heard of that uncanny ability animals have for sneaking around 
       landmines, right? You'll have to get your hand on some bunnies.
    Q. How do I stop my bunnies from exploding?
       Don't worry, they're mechanical. They aren't supposed to be able to tell the
       difference. Let them go.
    Q. I ran out of bunnies before I got to the end. Where can I find some more?
       You can only carry one boxful at once, so you'll just have to carry a lot of
       them separately. Then you can run back and grab another box and let that go.
       And when they're all gone, you can let the rest of them go. Problem solved!
    Q. I keep running out of time at the end!
       What a pity. Try again. Work faster this time.
    Q. How can I ask you something else?
       Just email me at bananasquid@msn.com. Make sure your question hasn't been
       answered already, though. And also make sure you don't have a virus or 
       something before you email me. They make me sad.
                       .:*~*:.  < 7. Revision History >  .:*~*:.
    v1.1 (06/25/02)
     I lied. I fixed some weird spelling and grammar things, though. The world 
     makes sense again.
    v1.0 (06/24/02)
     This thing is about as complete as it ever will be. I'll probably send in a 
     few more updates if people actually ask questions, though. 
               .:*~*:.  < 8.  Copyright & Contact Information >  .:*~*:.
    This document is copyright 2002 Bananagirl (bananasquid@msn.com). 
    This document was written exclusively for use on the internet. It is not 
    intended to be used in any way that is profitable for anyone, including the 
    author. It is not to be reproduced in any way without express written permission 
    from the author. 
    The information found within the document is, to the best of the abilities and 
    knowledge of the author, 100% accurate. However, the possibility exists that 
    inaccurate information may be found within. Any errors (human, computer, or 
    otherwise) should be reported to the author as soon as possible. 
    Full Throttle and all characters, locations, etc., are trademarks of 
    LucasArts. The author makes no claim to the creation of these. This document 
    can only legally be found at http://www.gamefaqs.com.
                        .:*~*:.  < 9. Credits/Thanks >  .:*~*:.
    Bananagirl (bananasquid@msn.com) 
    Thanks to 
    LucasArts, for creating some of the funniest and best games ever published.
    Whoever wrote the guide that I used oh-so-many years ago when I was stuck on a
    few parts the first time I played the game. I don't know who you are, but 
    thanks anyway.
    Whoever else thinks they deserve my thanks, for whatever reason. Nothing dirty,
                                            K   jf
                                      ;LLfjjW    LLGLLf:
                                     GDi;;;t#     W;;;;E;
                                    .ELLLL;tK     KLDfjLt
                                         tGEi    f#t
                                         D#f     E,
                                        jWK  jLfLEf;
                                 .fEt,,,,tDL,fG. .W;;Ki
                              :tGGi,,,;LDf,iEt    K;tK
                            tDLi,,;tLDGi,;DL.     jLE:
                                                          Copyright 2002 Bananagirl 

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