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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by foool

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    Gazillionaire Deluxe Guide
    by -fool-
    Gazillionaire is a crazy game where you need to make a gazillion dollars. There
     are good ways to do this, and bad ways to do this.
    01. Which Ship to buy
    02. The Marketplace
    03. Passengers
    04. Advertising
    05. Fuel
    06. Planets and Planet Specials
    07. Insurance
    08. Stock Market
    09. Loans
    10. The Bank
    11. Tips
    12. Special Events
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    |1|.| |W|h|i|c|h| |s|h|i|p| |t|o| |b|u|y|
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    At first you can choose one of many ships, each with thier own advantages and 
    disadvantages. Some may say there is no "best ship" but I disagree, I do 
    beleive there is a best ship. But i will save that and run through all the 
    ships and rate them.
    Stinger XII
    Engine: 7 kuarp
    Cargo: 100
    Crew: 4
    Passengers: 8
    Fuel Tank: 20
    This ship is not good. First off, starting with a high speed engine is not the
     biggest advantage in a broader sense. You can always go to Pyke and buy a 
    better engine; and all the stinger has going for it is speed. The 20 ton tank 
    is a major dissapointment, high tanks let you wait for a good price somewhere 
    (less than 400 kubars) and fill up. Medium passenger count and cargo space are 
    ok, and the 4 crew members arent too bad. The ship is entirely average with a 
    bad fuel tank and nothing special. 5/10
    Fly Catcher
    Engine: 5 Kuarp
    Cargo: 120
    Crew: 5
    Passengers: 8
    Fuel Tank: 40
    Fly Catcher is an alright ship because of it's high cargo capacity; though 5 
    crew members is a bit much. With each member costing 1,500 a week things can 
    add up quite quickly. The rest of the ship is average, with 8 passengers and 
    a 40 ton fuel tank, 5 kuarp engine. The only advantage is the slightly 
    enlarged cargo bay, but it is definitely not worth the 5 crew members to 
    upkeep. 5/10
    Le Rock
    Engine: 5 Kuarp
    Cargo: 80
    Crew: 3
    Passengers: 8
    Fuel Tank: 65
    Le Rock is a nice well rounded ship. It has a large fuel tank, low crew member 
    count, and a 5 kuarp engine. That right there is impressive. 8 passengers is 
    average, and the only thing that is wrong with this ship is the slightly 
    lesser cargo bay, 80 tons. Overall, Le Rock is pretty decent. The biggest 
    advantage would be the huge 65 ton fuel tank, and the biggest disadvantage 
    (which isn't drastic) is the 80 ton cargo bay. Le Rock is a solid choice to 
    play with. 9/10
    Whaler 2000
    Engine: 2 Kuarp
    Cargo: 130
    Crew: 6
    Passengers: 11
    Fuel Tank: 50
    The Whaler 2000 is a massive ship. This thing can hold 130 tons of cargo, that 
    is huge! and it can have 11 passengers! Not only that it has a 50 ton fuel 
    tank. Those are all above average specs, and make the whaler a nice choice. 
    Too bad it is hampered down by a slow 2 kuarp engine, and the large 6 crew 
    members needed to operate. The whaler is manageable. If you can keep making 
    money off passengers, and make the most you can out of the cargo space, then 
    the Whaler 2000 should be a nice choice. 8/10
    Engine: 5 Kuarp
    Cargo: 100
    Crew: 3
    Passengers: 6
    Fuel Tank: 40
    The Retina isnt too bad. 5 Kuarp engine, 100 ton cargo bay, and 3 crew members 
    are all really nice. Average 40 ton fuel tank isnt bad either. The only thing 
    wrong is the 6 passengers. The entire ship is quite well rounded except the 
    passenger limit is rather intense compared to other ships. Though it is a 
    small aspect, the 6 passengers really brings Retina down heavily. It still is 
    a good choice, but you can find roughly the same thing in the Mantagon with 
    more passengers and just slightly less cargo space. 8/10
    Engine: 5 Kuarp
    Cargo: 100 ton
    Crew: 4
    Passengers: 8
    Fuel Tank: 40
    Cerebralis is the average. It has no advantages or disadvantages. Everything 
    it has is the averge base standard for all other ships. Even though everything 
    is balanced for Cerebralis, it doesn't have any real advantages going for it. 
    Engine: 7 Kuarp
    Cargo: 80
    Crew: 4
    Passengers: 7
    Fuel Tank: 30
    The Globulizer is like the Stinger in respect that it's major draw is the speed
    y engine (which becomes null after a few trips to Pyke), and has less of most 
    other features because of the speed. Low passenger limit, low fuel tank, and 
    low cargo space make Globulizer just fast with nothing to make money. 6/10
    Engine: 6 Kuarp
    Cargo: 110
    Crew: 4
    Passengers: 5
    Fuel Tank: 40
    Locomotis is a nice ship. It has a good engine, a large sized cargo bay, 4 
    crew members, 40 ton tank. It's alright except for the 5 passenger limit. All 
    of the other specs are fine except for the passenger limit, just like the 
    Retina. However, this ship suffers from even less passenger limit than the 
    Retina, and passengers make a lot of money. Though Locomotis is a nice well 
    rounded ship for the most part; the incredibly low passenger limit makes it 
    an easy one to skip over. 6/10
    Engine: 4 Kuarp
    Cargo: 90 ton
    Crew: 3
    Passengers: 10
    Fuel Tank: 40
    The Mantagon is quite simply the best ship in the game. It has the standard 4 
    kuarp engine, and standard 40 ton fuel tank, it already has no disadvantages. 
    Next it has a low crew count, 3, major advantage. As well it has room for 10 
    passengers, great advantage. The only possible thing wrong is the 90 ton cargo 
    bay, which is 10 tons less than the average (which is a rather small difference
    ). The best thing about the Mantagon that most other ships dont have is both 
    commodity and passengers in one ship. It has a nice cargo bay and a large 
    amount of Passengers, it plays both styles of money making extremely well. 
    Overall, the Mantagon is the best ship you can get in the game because it 
    works so well all around. 10/10
    Engine: 3 Kuarp
    Cargo: 150
    Crew: 2
    Passengers: 1
    Fuel Tank: 35
    Kegger is a monster. It is slow, slightly low fuel tank, and incredibly low 
    passenger limit, it has a very low crew count and extremely high cargo 
    capacity. The kegger can function as a nice ship, it just requires a smart
    player to really know how to work the commodity aspect of the game. If you 
    can work through all of that, Kegger shouldnt be too bad; just make sure you 
    visit Xeen every once in a while to try and add some passenger slots. 7/10.
    Worm Shuttle
    Engine: 6 Kuarp
    Cargo: 75
    Crew: 12
    Passengers: 16
    Fuel Tank: 35
    Worm Shuttle sucks. Bottom line. Sure it is a little interesting to play 
    sometimes, but if you really are going for a hard game that will be 
    challenging, Worm Shuttle is definitely not the way to go. You should have been
    turned off instantly by the 12 crew member tag. That is over $15,000 a week. 
    The 30 ton fuel tank is a disadvantage, though not fatal, it can be annoying. 
    The 75 ton cargo bay is tiny. Cargo definitely wont be your main form of
    income. Overall Worm Shuttle just focuses too much on the passenger game, and
    loses on the cargo game. 12 Crew member is just insanity. 5/10
    Engine: 6 Kuarp
    Cargo: 110
    Crew: 6
    Passengers: 8
    Fuel Tank: 40
    Squidocity isnt too bad. Fuel tank and passenger limit are average, but the 
    cargo bay is nice and the 6 kuarp engine is a cool little enhancement. The only
    issue would be the 6 crew members, which is a little high; but if you can keep
    a lot of passengers and cargo going on in your buisness you should have a 
    profitable expierence. 7/10.
    +-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    |2|.| |M|a|r|k|e|t|p|l|a|c|e|
    +-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    There are a few rules about the Marketplace.
    1. Always buy the max cargo you can for each item
    2. Always look at the bottom of the list up (highest price commodities).
    3. Whatever you buy will determine which planet you go to next, do not say 
    "oh, I am next to Vexx let me see what it is low on so I can go there."
    4. Always fill up your ship.
    When going into the marketplace you are looking for the highest price 
    commodities, these are listed at the bottom of the list. These items will get 
    you the most money possible (though cost the most themselves). First off you 
    are really looking for the highest profit margin. All items will tell you the 
    price range, wether it be 5-40 or 90-720; that is the price range. You want to 
    buy the items that have the closest cost to the bottom of that range. So if 
    you see a bunch of cantaloupe for 20 kubars/ton with a range of 5-40, and a 
    bunch of exotic for 90 Kubars/ton with a range of 90-720, buy the exotic. The 
    Cantaloupe is cheaper, but the Exotic will get you more money because it is 
    closer to the bottom of the range (in this case it was the bottom of the range)
    Step 1: Buy Stuff
    Look at the list of items, and from the bottom up look for an item with its 
    price close to the bottom of its price range. If many items cost a lot of 
    money, use this. Take the top of the price range, lets say the item is Exotic 
    for 90-720 kubars. You take 720 - Cost of item at planet = Profit per ton. If 
    that number is low, look for another item. You are always looking for the 
    highest profit margin item. If you see an item with a price at the absolute 
    bottom of it's price range, it can usually make you a lot of money. Like 
    Toasters. Lets say toasters have a range of 80-440 kubars, and you see them 
    for 80 Kubars/ton. If you buy them, and sell them, you will make 360 
    kubars/ton profit (that is 440 for the max range minus the price you paid). 
    However, if you see X-Fuels with a price range of 90-760 kubars/ton, and it 
    is selling for 260 kub/ars ton, look at it. Toasters are seling for 80/ton. 
    X-fuels are selling for 250/ton. Toasters are selling for the bottom of thier 
    price range. X-fuels are selling near the bottom of thier price range. 
    Toasters will make 360 kubars/ton profit. X-fuels will make 500 Kubars/ton 
    profit. Why would X-fuels make so much more money? Look at the price and its 
    range. The top of the range, 760, minus the price, 260, that is 500. Even 
    though X-fuels cost a lot more than the toasters, and the X-fuels were not at 
    the bottom of the price range, they made more money.
    This is another reason why you should always look for the higher price 
    commodities first (listed on bottom of the market place list).
    Step 2: Look for a planet.
    You should look for the best high price commodity, 1 commodity you can buy. 
    Just 1 at first. Lets say just Gems. So you buy 50 tons of gems. Well Now you 
    would click on "supply" and see who is low on Gems, lets say Vexx is low on 
    gems. (BTW - You can click the Vexx coloumn in the supply window and it will 
    have a yellow name on the planet page to remember where you want to go easier).
    So Vexx has a 0% gems listing. You would first before leaving check to see 
    what else vexx is missing. If it is low on something else, buy that and take 
    it to Vexx with you. You want to have a full cargo bay every single trip.
    Step 3: Sell Everything on the next planet
    All of your items should be sold on the next planet. Everything you buy 
    should be sold the next turn you have. Dont buy 2 items, for 2 different 
    planets, and sell 1 item, then go to the next planet and sell the next. 
    Everything should be gone by the next planet. It makes the most money.
    That's about it. Once you can master the Marketplace, you should be able to 
    make over 100,000 kubar deals every week!
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    |3|.|0| |P|a|s|s|e|n|g|e|r|s|
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    Never underestimate how big of a role passengers have in making money. They 
    are huge. You want to set your price to something high, 3,000 works well, but 
    if you are really trying to make a lot of money on passengers you may want to 
    raise it to 4,000. Over 4,000 and not many people show up. Depending on the 
    amount of passengers as well you should set your price accordingly. I 
    reccomend 3,000+ price and advertise a lot.
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    |4|.|0| |A|d|v|e|r|t|i|s|i|n|g|
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    Advertising is simple: Do it every week. Nonstop. You want to advertise based
    on what your ship is capable of. If you have a high passenger limit (high is 
    9 or higher) then do EVERYTHING for passenger advertising, and make the price 
    4,000. If you have a mid range passenger count (8), then make the price 3,000 
    - 4,000 and do T.V. advertising. Adjust your passenger advertisements so you 
    can usually get a lot of passengers every time. Getting 8 passengers at 3,000 
    each can get you 24,000 kubars right off the bat. As you buy a bigger ship, 
    advertising costs increase, but you should be making more money. 
    For commodity advertising it depends on how much you buy in commodities. The 
    only thing advertising affects is the AMOUNT of commodity there is to buy. So 
    if you dont really have a big cargo bay, dont advertise a lot (but dont 
    advertise nothing). But if you have maybe the Kegger ship, then go all out 
    advertising commodity. 
    You should advertise every single round.
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+
    |5|.|0| |F|u|e|l|
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+
    Fuel is pretty simple. Just keep waiting, and waiting until you see a nice 
    price (less than 400 kubars) per gallon of fuel. If you need to just buy 
    enough fuel to get by each week, do so until you see a price to fill up on. It 
    is best to visit the planet Nosh to buy fuel because it's planet special lets 
    you get the cheapest fuel easier.
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    |6|.|0| |P|l|a|n|e|t|s| |a|n|d| |P|l|a|n|e|t| |S|p|e|c|i|a|l|s|
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    When Making a game there are some planets that are much better than others 
    when placing them because of thier specials. Planet specials are availible in 
    planet options and let you gain special rewards or punishments that are quite 
    helpful. You should do a planet special every week. Here is a breakdown of 
    every planet, and how good they are to have in the game.
    Hork - Media Capital
    Hork is the Media Capital of the solar system. It really just lets you meet 
    stars, or get paid to do commercials (which can earn you a lot of money). Hork 
    basically can either earn you a lot of money or do nothing, or randomly lose 
    you money. I think the chances to make money are great, and the cash amount is 
    around 40,000 - 50,000 so check out Hork. 8/10
    Pyke - Engine Upgrades
    Pyke lets you upgrade your engine by 1 each time you visit, and the prices can 
    range from extremely cheap to way over priced. If you have the money, an 
    engine is a nice buy. But dont stress too much. All engines can be bought 
    under 10,000 kubars, even around 5,000 kubars; so if they throw a 30,000 kubar 
    engine at you decline it. Whenever you land on Pyke check out the special. 8/10
    Mira - Sages
    On Mira the Sages can change your luck. Luck comes in loops sometimes you will 
    have good luck and sometimes you will have bad luck. Mira can turn this around.
    Always check out those sages and place mira in the game. 9/10
    Stye - Traders Union
    On Stye you can go to the Trader's Union and lobby for a raise on your bank 
    account interest (which will not go above 2%, so dont try if you have 2% or 
    they will lower it). You can also lower loan interest rates at Stye, but if 
    you ask a lot, or it already is very low they may raise it instead. Stye is 
    great for the bank account 2% interest, that is a must to succeed. But, the 
    bank account interest randomly jumps uo to 2% on a special event, same with 
    loan interest rates and credit limits. Even though all of its features can 
    happen in special events, Stye isnt too bad. 7/10
    Zile - Mr. Zinn
    All Zinn can do is raise credit limit or lower interest rate. Early game this 
    planet may be useful but after you have paid off the loan there is no use of 
    this planet's special so it becomes pointless. Visit him as much as you can 
    until you have paid off his loan. 7/10
    Vexx - Magistrate
    On Vexx you can pledge to lower taxes and it rarely ever works, but if it does 
    its a nice break. However, the game randomly has events that raise/lower taxes 
    anyway. So Vexx is more or less obsolete. And dont forget, sometimes they may 
    raise taxes if they are low. So if taxes are low skip the special, but if they 
    are high give it a shot; but bottom line Vexx isnt too useful. 6/10
    Nosh - Fuel
    This special is one of the best. You can buy fuel for usually more than half 
    off the the regular price, and this special RARELY ever fails. If you ever 
    need to re-fuel your ship, head over to Nosh and do the special. Keep Nosh in 
    the game. 9/10
    Xeen - Parts
    Xeen is the best planet special you can have. It upgrades your fuel capacity, 
    cargo capacity, or passenger seating for a price, and that is a permanent 
    change which is awesome. Never miss an opertunity to expand your ship. A new 
    passenger seat can add 3,000 kubars per week, it will pay for itself in no 
    time. I highly reccomend doing the special every time (unless the price is 
    insane) and definitely have Xeen in the game. 10/10
    Tilo - Gambler
    Tilo has an alright special. You can gamble 5% of your cash, not money in the 
    bank. If you win the first round you can double or nothing. The chances of 
    winning both are small, but just winning the first round has alright chances. 
    Try it every once in a while, Tilo is just alright. 7/10
    Loro - Vacation
    One of the best planet specials once again. Loro can do 2 awesome things: 
    first it might say you dont need to pay your crew (so never ever pay your 
    crew before doing the Loro special, it may pay it for them) OR it may make 
    your crew lower thier salary by 100 dollars which is great, and really adds 
    up. Always do the Loro special. Even though you MAY run into a fine (it says 
    they partied so hard you need to bail them out of jail), the fine is 
    relatively small. Loro is great. 9.5/10
    Bass - Stock Capital
    Bass is useful if you run the stock market for money, which is a more 
    advanced way to make money. Just do what it says and you should be fine. 
    So use Bass all the time, and its handy to have in the game if you play the 
    stock market. 8/10
    Queg - Smuggler
    Queg is useless. It's special sometimes lets you buy commodities at a lower 
    price (not much lower) than regular. It supposedly is a smugglers planet, and 
    they will sell you like Moon Ferns for 20 kubars / ton when at the market 
    place it costs 25 kubars/ton. First off the commodities are either bad (The 
    highest price one I have seen is oggle sand), or 75% of the time its the exact 
    same price when they try to sell it lower to you. That is actually more of the 
    big issue. They just sell it you at the same price. Suffice to say i rarely, 
    if ever, use the special on Queg. Skip on Queg. 5/10
    Ooom - Fortune Tellers
    Ooom is awesome. It really is. It costs money to have your fortune told, 
    depending on ship size, and it really is a small amount so pay it. I think at 
    first it is only 2,500, and it goes up by 1,000 i think with each upgrade. The 
    only rewards from Ooom are massive amounts of cash. Ranging from 40,000 - 
    300,000 kubar; Ooom is awesome. Always to do the special. Always put it in the 
    game. 9.5/10
    Frac - Insurance
    I rarely buy insurance, and all Frac does is sometimes lower the price of 
    insurance by a percent of roguhly 5% - 40%. Sometimes it gives you a random 
    charge when you do the special which can cost around 20,000 kubars so dont do 
    the special unless you really want to buy insurance. If you dont buy insurance 
    it says they dont have a sale on record anyway, so nothing happens. Skip over 
    Fraqc's special, and dont really put it in the game to begin with. 4/10
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    |7|.|0| |I|n|s|u|r|a|n|c|e|
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
    Insurance is nothing short of pointless. I dont usually buy insurance because 
    the price can be crazy high, but if it is low.. (under 1000) then it may be 
    worth it. The most important time to buy it would be maybe if you just had a 
    huge accident and lost a ton of money. Luck comes around in Loops, so if you 
    just had a big accident, maybe 2 accidents in 1 turn, then get some insurance 
    to be alright. But generally, i dont buy insurance.
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+
    |8|.|0| |S|t|o|c|k| |M|a|r|k|e|t|
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+
    The Stock Market is a rather hard to way to make money, but it can make you a 
    lot of cash if you know how to play it. The stock market is more or less 
    random. Nothing really affects it. The stocks shoot up at times, and crash at 
    times. It is best to visit the planet Bass, get a stock market sheet, and buy 
    what it says to buy. Now buying stocks is sort of tricky. You can buy stocks 
    based on how much cash you have. You can only pay i thik 15% of your cash into 
    stocks. So if you are serious, take all the money out of the bank and buy a 
    You can only buy and sell the ones for which planet you are on, but you can 
    check how your's is doing from another planet. Special events happen in the 
    stock window that wont happen if you dont open it. Like a big jump. A big 
    stock jump wont just happen, it will only happen when you open up the stock 
    screen. So every turn open up the stock screen, and a random jump may occur.
    There isnt much to say about stocks. Usually 1 or maybe 2 will go higher than 
    most for the entire game, and the rest will stay relatively low. Its all 
    andom, but if you buy the right ones it can work out well. Just go to Bass, 
    just the special, and you should be fine.
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+
    |9|.|0| |L|o|a|n|s|
    +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+
    Zinns Loan
    Zinn at the start gives you enough money to start your company with a low 
    interest rate. You dont need to pay his loan off right away, and if you need 
    to keep it for a while, do it. It has a lower rate than the trader's union. 
    Try your best to not have to take out loans from the traders union. For Zinns 
    loan at first try to keep it around 100,000 kubars. Then gradually push it 
    down. Maybe the first 5 turns you keep it at 100k, then 80k, then 60k.. and 
    down to 0. Never pay off his loan if it means you will have no money 
    afterwards. Your cargo can be stolen in one turn, and there goes your money. 
    Only pay off his loan if you will have atleast 50,000 kubars left over 
    afterwards, and if you do it gradually and dont let it go past certain 
    limits, then you should be alright.
    Traders Union Loans
    Traders union loans are very expensive because of the high interest rate. If 
    possible dont take out loans from the trader union, but if you must you will 
    have to. Try to pay them back as fast as possible or keep them at a certain 
    cost so the interest doesnt run it too high. Once you pay off Ziin's loan, 
    traders union loans are the only ones you can get. If you have no money and 
    you are fined or need to pay a lot of money for a special event, then you will 
    automatically take out a traders union loan. Just keep it down a bit, dont let 
    it run too high, and you should be fine.
    Credit Limit
    Always let your credit limit go higher. It is just that simple. Its free 
    padding incase something goes wrong. If you get a deal from Zinn saying he 
    will give you 50k Kubars, and increase your limit by 75k, DO IT. Even if you 
    dont need the money do it. You can pay off the 50k right when your turn comes, 
    and lose no money off interest, and you just increased the limit by 75k. 
    Always increase the limit if you can.
    +-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+
    |1|0|.|0| |T|h|e| |B|a|n|k|
    +-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+
    At the end of every turn put all your money in the bank. Never have cash. The 
    bank earns you interest, and thats all. It makes you money. Cash left out of 
    the bank after each turn is a waste.
    +-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+
    |1|1|.|0| |T|i|p|s|
    +-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+
    1. Never pay your crew until it turns red
    You dont have to, and you may run into a special event saying you dont have 
    to pay them, and it goes away.
    2. Never pay your taxes until it turns red
    Again you may run into a special event saying you dont have to pay your taces 
    and it goes away.
    3. Never run out of fuel
    This is huge. Running out of Fuel costs around 90,000 kubars - 120,000 kubars 
    for a ship to go out and refuel you. If you are making a long journey, and are 
    low on fuel, buy enough so you are 1 gallon above of the maxium used per trip 
    just incase. running out of fuel really sucks hard.
    4. Always try to buy those stations that earn money each visit
    These really can add up over time, and pay for themselves after a while.
    5. Always buy a bigger ship when offered to you
    Big ships can cost up to 100,000 kubars, but it is definitely worth it.
    6. Alwyas buy warehouse space if you can afford it
    It adds to net worth, so it cant do any harm; even if you dont use warhouse 
    space (I dont).
    +-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+
    |1|2|.|0| |S|p|e|c|i|a|l| |E|v|e|n|t|s|
    +-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+-+
    Special events are random, but rather easy to tell what to say yes to. If you 
    can make a lot of money, and it is illegal, say yes, you most likely wont be 
    caught. If someone asks you to take them to a planet, you may or may not make 
    a lot of money. Depends on your fuel and how badly you need to sell your 
    commodities. If you ever get asked by Dred Nicholson to make a donation, 
    always say yes. If not you get fined for usually double what they asked for.
    If you ever get asked to have a pet dog, say not, it causes damage. If you are 
    asked by wobbler to pay for his artwork, say yes. You have a good chance of it 
    being a nice peice of artwork and receiving 3 times what you paid back. If you 
    have the ability to exchange 1 crew member for a computer do it, it's 
    expensive and doesnt always work, but it will be worth it over itme.
    IF someone asks you to trade commodities, only do it if they have a much 
    higher priced commodity than you. If you bought Whip Cream, and they are going 
    to trade it for Exotic, get the Exotic, it is much higher priced. If someone 
    asks to buy all your cargo for double the price you paid, you need to think 
    about how much you are going to make, if you bought it for the aboslute lowest 
    price and are going to sell it at a planet with a 0% tag for that item, say no.
    If someone is going to sell you stocks, you might want to consider it. They 
    usually sell stocks at a lower price than average. A bad one ot say yes to is 
    the coin toss one where you can win a lot of money, say no, you wont win. 
    Another one you wont win on is the guy that asks you to give him money, and 
    you will see ten times it in return. Bottom line is you wont, its a scam. 
    There is one guy that asks you to trade engines with him for 150,000 kubars. 
    Do it. Its worth it for a slower engine.
    One you really should look out for is one that sabotages other players. This 
    one is really great, it causes all the other players to lose around 250,000 
    kubars and it only costs you about 50,000. 
    Thats my guide.
    Comments, suggestions: fool@bucketofkfc.com
    Copyright 2:14 PM 11/6/2004 -fool-

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