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    FAQ by RBarrette

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 04/23/95 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.3do
    Subject: GEX FAQ v1.03 - trigger sorted quips, new bonus rounds! more...
    From: rbarrett@oucsace.cs.ohiou.edu (Rich Barrette)
    Date: Sun, 23 Apr 1995 18:50:47 GMT
                                                 .zecu             .@$$$$k
                              THE               $$$$$$$$c         s$$$$$$$
                   .....                  .uu.  R$$$$$$$$I:.     s$$$$$$#"
              .+U@$@$$$$$$N.         .sN@$$$$$$  "*$$$$$$$$$i . d$$$$$$~
           .i$$NN%$$$$I$$$$$$:   .uz$@$$$$$$$*#     $$$$$$$$$$$@$$$$$$*
         .+*95$$$$$E2.$$$$$$$lue$$$$$$$$**"           "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$F
        z@@B6T$$*#"     `"$$$$$$$$$$*""     ..         `9$$$$$$$$$$$F
       !U!$@E$P" ~         9$$$$$$$.   .u$$$$$>          +@$$$$$$$$$NL
      . W*@*$P             4"""$$$$$e$$$$$$$$*"          $$$$$$$$$$$$$Bb.
      T$9$$$$"    .. ..        `R$$$$$$$**         ... .$$@$$$$*$$$$$$$$MM.
      @$$@$B$   `$$$$$$$$ed$$$e.`$$$$$C       ..o$$$$$&$$$$$$P   "^"$R*XMTQF
     *R$*$R$&.  '$$$*$$$$$$$$$$$ #$$$$F  ..oe@$$$$$$$$$$$$$$*      '#RR7RM?M
      *$$$N$$L     - '"$$$$$**$"  $$$$$b$$$$$$$$$$$$*$$$$$$"         '"?SM!`
       "7$$$$$i        @$$$$: *  .8$$$$$$$$$$$*""`   $$$$$$-            `^
       ^R$$$$$$$$>    .$$$$$" .o$$$$$$$#?F"          #$$$$                  TM 
        /#$$$$$$$bouo@$$$$$(  @$$$$$$*#^`              ""L
          `#$$$$$$$$$$$$$""   '"$$"`      FAQ v.1.03
           ' `""#**$$R*"                      by
    			             Rich Barrette
    [I] General information 
    	1] What is GEX?
    	2] What makes GEX so special?
    	3] GEX moves
    	4] Why should I care?
    	5] Who made GEX?
    	6] Okay, cool, where can I get GEX?
    	7] How can I submit information for the FAQ?
    	8] Is there a WWW version?  With graphics?
    [II] The Worlds and Levels 
    	1] Cemetery
    	2] New Toonland
    	3] Jungle Isle
    	4] Kung Fuville
    	5] Rezopolis
    	6] Planet X [Secret World]
    [III] Gex Sayings and Quips
    	1] GEX quips by trigger
    	2] Non-triggered Quips (sorted by world)
    		a] Cemetery
    		b] New Toonland
    		c] Jungle Isle
    		d] Kung Fuville
    		e] Rezopolis
    		f] Planet X
    	3] Is Dana Gould (GEX's Voice) Funny?
    [IV] The Hints and Tips
    	1] General playing style tips
    	2] World specific Hints
    	3] Bonus round tips
    [V] The Cheat Codes, Spoilers and Rumors
    	1] Where are those bonus levels EXACTLY?
    	2] What are the cheat Codes?
    	3] How do I get to the Secret World, Planet X?
    	4] How do I defeat ... Boss?
    	5] Are there any unconfirmed rumors about GEX?
    	6] Are there two different endings in GEX?
    [VI] Miscellaneous
    	1] What's this I hear about a screen saver?
    	2] Does GEX do funny animations while standing still?
    [VI] The Bugs
    	1] Why won't my game save after I kill a Boss?
    	2] Is the scrolling Choppy?
    [VII] Credits
    	1] Who contributed a lot?
    	2] Who contributed a little?
                           [I] General Information
    [1] What is GEX?
       GEX is a Platform style game for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer System.
       GEX is also a lizard, a gecko to be precise, whose character you play
       during the course of the game.  In GEX you run around killing enemies,
       picking up golden flies, gaining power-ups, and generally wreaking havoc
       in order to achieve a goal.  The main goal of the game is to defeat REZ
       your arch-enemy.  In order to do that you run around collecting remote
       controls which in turn open up various levels in the world, which brings
       you closer to your main goal.
    [2] What makes GEX so special?
       GEX is unique for two reasons.  First it is the first totally 32 bit
       platformer.  Second, GEX is the first true platformer to come to the 
       3DO system.  (This is debatable although most don't consider Soccer
       Kid a true platformer)  It has great graphics, awesome sound and best 
       of all, superb game-play.
    [3] GEX Moves:
       GEX has a unique style and innovative abilities.  These include:
       Spinning Tail Whip
       Tongue Lash
       Hurl (fireballs, ice cubes, lightning bolts)
       Wall Stick (to ceilings, wall faces and wall sides)
       Spring Attack
       Super Spring Jump (off of foes)
       Super Spin Attack (while on faces of walls)
    [4] Why should I care?
       If you own a 3DO, you should seriously consider owning GEX, even if
       you normally don't go for platform style games.  The reasons for this
       include; state of the art graphics and sound, Awesome game-play, and
       the raves on Usenet from lots of people who normally don't like 
       platformers and those that love them.
    [5] Who made GEX?
       GEX was written by CRYSTAL DYNAMICS.  The concept was developed by
       Lyle Hall, the Core GEX Team is G-Man, Justin Norr, Mira F. Ross
       and Lyle Hall.  G-Man is the Lead Programmer for GEX and Mira F. Ross
       is the Lead Artist.  The Music was created by Webtone Productions and
       the Quips GEX makes throughout the game were written and voiced by
       comedian Dana Gould.
    [6] Okay, cool, where can I get GEX?
       Any store that carries a 3DO should have GEX.  Currently the mainstream
       stores are: Electronics Boutique, Software ETC, Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us,
       Babbages and others...
       You and also mail-order GEX online from: * Need Vendor Names here *
    [7] How do I submit information for the FAQ?
       First, Thanks for asking!  
       It's easy, just email me (rbarrett@zatharusta.cs.ohiou.edu) with whatever 
       you'd like put in.  I'll stick it in the GEX FAQ and cite you in the 
       credits section.  Please tell me if you want your email address left 
       confidential. :) Send me your ideas and info!
    [8] Is there a WWW version?  With graphics?
       YES!  Chuck McGinley has done an awesome conversion job.  We are 
       collaborating right now so the versions might be slightly different,
       but eventually they will be identical.
       The URL is:  http://www.ohiou.edu/~mcginley/gex.html
       Thanks Chuck!
                           [II] The Worlds and Levels 
    *** I know a LOT of info is missing, I will be collecting some myself,
        (I'm going to start the game again to find the objectives, which
        levels have which remotes etc.) but I would really appreciate some
        help!!!  I know some of you have finished it and are bored, why not
        count extra lives/flies while looking for secrets?  :) :) :)
    *** Rumor has it that every level has a bonus round... lets find out
        if its true!
    [1] Cemetery
       The theme of the Cemetery, is you got it, a graveyard.  GEX will
       fight many scary monster types such as Franken-Geckos, Killer-Tomatoes
       and Chainsaw wielding Jasons.
    o  Frankie and Heli
       Objectives: Find the Remote Control for Grave Danger and learn the 
    	       basic GEX moves.
       Video Tapes: None
       Bonus Round: One
       Cameras: One
       Golden Flies: 183 (x2 with bonus round)
       Extra Lives: 9 (includes perfect on bonus round)
       Secrets: * any?
    o  Grave Danger
       Objectives: Find the Remote Control for Tomato Soup. 
       Video Tapes: None
       Bonus Round: Yes
       Cameras: One
       Golden Flies: 160 (x2 with bonus round)
       Extra Lives: 14 (includes perfect on bonus round)
       Secrets: *
    o  Tomato Soup
       Objectives: Find the Remote Control for Disco Inferno
       Video Tapes: None
       Bonus Round: Yes
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o  Disco Inferno
       Objectives: Find the Remote Control for Spin -n- Puke
       Video Tapes: One
       Bonus Round: Yes
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o  Spin -n- Puke 
       Objectives: Defeat the Boss!  Gain the Remote Control to Pow!
       Secrets: *
                              - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [2] New Toonland
       New Toonland is a checkerboard ride through falling pianos, safes and
       anvils.  GEX mush dodge large spiked balls while looking for elusive
       power-ups.  GEX get to ride rockets and battle super-gecko.  Filled
       with Frums (the little purple present wielders), Toonland proves to be 
       one wild trip.
    o Pow!
       Objectives: Find the Remote Control for Twin Towers.
       Video Tapes: None
       Bonus Round: Yes
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o Twin Towers
       Objectives: Find the Remote Control for Rock It!
       Video Tapes: None
       Bonus Round: Yes
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o Rock it!
       Objectives: Find the Remote Controls for Knock! Knock! and the
       Video Tapes: None
       Bonus Round: Yes
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o Knock! Knock!
       Objectives: There is no Remote Control on Knock! Knock!
       Video Tapes: None
       Bonus Round: Yes
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o The Flatulator
       Objectives: Defeat the flying fartman.  Gain Remote Control for
                   Feeding Frenzy
       Secrets: *
                              - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [3] Jungle Isle
       Regarded by many as the most visually stunning world, Jungle Isle is
       full of Gorillas, spiders, piranha and Indy-geckos.  Featuring an
       Aztec pyramid that scrolls automatically, GEX must be on his toes
       to beat world.
    o Feeding Frenzy
       Objectives: Find the Remote Control for Congo Chaos.
       Video Tapes: None
       Bonus Round: Yes
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o Congo Chaos
       One thing of note on this level, once you get to the end the
       scrolling stops and you can go back a ways to explore.  You can go
       back as far as the long spiked pit you have to jump over (the one
       with all of the crumbling blocks).  The scrolling will start up
       again if you go there so don't bother.  There is quite a bit to be
       found by going backwards so explore!
       Objectives: Find the Remote Control for Jungle Gym.
       Video Tapes: None
       Bonus Round: Yes
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o Jungle Gym
       Objectives: Get to the top and let the Ape do the work.  Gain the Remote
                   Control for Sumo City.
       Secrets: *
                              - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [4] Kung Fuville
       "HIEEEE YA!"  GEX is faced with menacing lightning bolt tossing dudes
       straight out of little china.  The Sumo Wrestlers are slow, but make great
       bouncing platforms.  Watch out for the firecrackers though, the result
       of jumping on them is far from harmless...
    o Sumo City
       Objectives: Find the Remote Control for Fish Bait.
       Video Tapes: None
       Bonus Round: Yes
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o Fish Bait
       Objectives: Find the Remote Control for Chop Chop.
       Video Tapes: None
       Bonus Round: Yes
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o Chop Chop
       Objectives: Find the Remote Control for Toxic Turtle.
       Video Tapes: None
       Bonus Round: Yes
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o Toxic Turtle
       Objectives: Wipe out that nasty spiked turtle.  Gain the Remote Control to
                   Rez Knight Fever.
       Secrets: *
                              - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [5] Rezopolis
       GEX will face his toughest challenge here, REZ himself!  First he must
       battle through Rez knights and acid pools, then onto tubes and moving
       platforms.  These levels will not only stun you with excellent graphics,
       but work out your reflexes as well...
    o Rez Knight Fever
       Objectives: Find the Remote Control for On the Move.
       Video Tapes: None
       Bonus Round: Yes
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o On the Move
       Objectives: Find the Remote Control for Rez' Lair.
       Video Tapes: None
       Bonus Round: Yes
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o Rez' Lair
       Objectives: Kill Rez, save yourself.
       Video Tapes: None
       Secrets: *
                              - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [6] Planet X [Secret World]
       The infamous secret world.  It is rumored that it is the most
       challenging of the worlds, but defeat brings sweet rewards because 
       the ending of the game is much sweeter if you manage to pull it off.
    o Saucer Section
       Objectives: Ride the wall and dodge enemy spacecraft. Find the 
    	       remote control.
       Video Tapes: None
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o Free Fall
       Objectives: Fall down the level following the trail of golden flies and
                   avoiding the electric fields.  Get the remote control.
       Video Tapes: None
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o Bombs Away
       Objectives: Find the remote control.  Navigate the shaft of alien gunners.
       Video Tapes: None
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o Newton's Fourth Law
       Objectives: Find remote control, learn to use the anti-gravity areas.
       Video Tapes: None
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o Head to Head
       Objectives: Super-Spring from one enemy to the next across the acid
                   pools.  Get the remote control.
       Video Tapes: None
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o The Project
       Objectives: Learn to map the level.  Find the remote control in the HUGE
                   maze and find the way out.  Find the two secret hidden games.
       Video Tapes: None
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o The Web
       Objectives: Find the remote control and maneuver the helicopter platforms
                   to the exit.
       Video Tapes: None
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
    o Clothesline
       Objectives: Dodge the oncoming beams and girders (Sonic & Knuckles-style), 
    	       collect the video tape.
       Video Tapes: Yes
       Cameras: *
       Golden Flies: *
       Extra Lives: *
       Secrets: *
                           [III] GEX Sayings and Quips
    *** This list is by no means complete.  Send me what you've heard!
    [1] GEX Quips by Trigger
    o  TAIL WHIP
       o  ENEMY
          "It's tail time!"
          "Oh yeah, it's tail time."
          "Who took out the can of Whoop-ass!?"
          "Now that's what I call gettin' some tail!"
          "He's dead Jim." - Star Trek   
          "This one's for Johnny!"
          "This is for Keith Moon!"
       o  TV
          "That's for twelve years of Full House."
          "Hey look, SNL!"
          "Hey... reruns of Rhoda."
          "Kill your TV man."
          "Read a book!"
          "Off the TV, nothin' but net!"
       "Into the garbage chute fly-boy!" - Star Wars
       "Go into the Liiiight." - Poltergeist
       "I know when I'm not wanted."
       "I'll just go in here."
       "Adriane!" - Rocky
       "Ohh, that had to hurt!"
       "You probably think that hurts, OUCH!"
       "Not yet thanks."
       "Higher, Higher, Lower!"
       "Sorry, I only cry at weddings."
       "Nobody touch me."
       "Feed me!" - Little Shop of Horrors
       "Soylent Green is good!" - Soylent Green
       "I'm hungry dammit!"
       "For me? ... You shouldn't have!"
       "This is perfect for my collection!"
       "One for me and one for me."
       "Sweeet, like candy."
       "Need it need it need it need it!"
       "I'm so hungry I could cry!"
       "I see you've met Mr. Tongue."
       "I'll take this and this and this and this."
       "Hungry.  Must find food."
       "Thats it, that hits the spot."
       o FIRE
       o ICE
         "I've dated colder."
         "She's as cold as ice."
       o LIGHTNING
         "I feel like Ben Franklin's wallet."
       o TURBO
         "Dude, I'm trippin'."
         "Pulse racing, heart pounding, where's the john?"
         "I am IRONMAN!"
       o SUPER JUMP
         "I'm Superman!"
         "Scottie, shields up!" - Star Trek
    o  JUMP or BOUNCE
       "I'm invincible!"
       "Beat it!" - Michael Jackson
       "They call him flipper, flipper..."
       "Ibs harb bo quib when your unber waber."
       "I'm workin' without a net here!"
       "This looks familiar."
       "Mental note to self, throw up later."
       "Spock, do you read me?" - Star Trek
       "Now we're right back where we started -- it's just like college!"
       "My name is Forrest GEX."
    o  END LEVEL
       "Obi Wan has taught you well!"
       "I suppose you know its be kind to geckos month."
       "If I had a life I'd be glad to get back to it."
       "It reminds me of Ed tapping his birthday keg." - Johnny Carson
       "Thats one small step for GEX."
       "Lock and Load Little Lizard."
       "Time to teach someone some manners."
       "This place is weirder than Rick James' place on the 4th of July."
       "This is about as much fun as being Mike Tysons cell-mate on 
        Valentines day."
       "This place has all the warmth of a Dick Clark special."
       "Waaaa, All I really wanted was this."
       "Ah!  Not yet, no!"
       "Oh yeah!"
       "If this were a plane crash I could eat the other passengers." - Alive
    [2] Non-triggered Quips (sorted by world)
    o Cemetery   
       "Welcome to the New York City Transit System."
       "You moved the headstones but you didn't move the bodies!" - Poltergeist
       "Hey Scoob, Lets get back to the Mystery Van." - Scooby Doo
       "Ewww... trick or treat"
       "Do your arms ever get tired?"
       "Big fan of Kid-n-Play?"
       "Someone ring a dinner bell!"
       "Sorry Mr. Presley."
       "Hey Don King!"
       "Who catered this thing?"
       "With a little cover-up I could work magic on your scar."
       "Talk about your fixer-upper."
       "Like the slime, boys, nice touch."
       "Okay, time to call the maid."
       "I have a scientologists lust for life."
       "Comin' through."
       "Woooo that's rich!"
       "We've lost visuals captain." - Star Trek
       "That was really wild!" - Johnny Carson
    o New Toonland
       "Looks like Betelgeuse threw up!"
       "Phone call for Mr. Hoffa."
       "You are a disgrace to your leotards."
       "I'm too young to have a second childhood."
       "My inner child is coming out, and it HURTS!"
       "WILMA!" - Flintstones
       "Looks like Bugs after the trots."
       "Wish these stars looked more realistic."
       "Rocket Mannn" - Elton John
       "Luke, at that speed will you be able to pull out in time?" - Star Wars
       "I don't remember reading about THIS in the manual"
       "Would you like to swing on a star"  (sung)
       "This is Major Gex to ground control" (sung)
    o Jungle Isle
       "Me GEX you Jane"
       "Spock, what kind of creature is this?" - Star Trek
       "Jim she said she is laying eggs." - Star Trek
       "All this thanks to Miracle Grow."
       "Welcome to the Jungle!" -Guns N Roses
       "Jungle Boogie" -Kool and the Gang
       "You're just mad because you're lonely."
       "Okay, whose turn was it to mow the lawn?" 
       "This place is hotter than Tom Arnold's sauna pants."
       "What a tangled web we weave"
       "And they said atomic testing would have no affect here."
       "Loved you in the Empire Strikes Back."
       "George, George, George of the jungle!"
       "Throw me the idol and I'll throw you the whip." - Indiana Jones
       "Looks like someone had too much chili at Wendy's."
    o Kung Fuville
       "I'm having 'Nam flashbacks and I wasn't even there!"
       "My name is Kane, I seek water" - Kung Fu
       "Without that shell, you're a big naked lizard!"
       "Big Rocket turtle go bye-bye."
       "Kind of cocky after you beat the hare."
       "Hey baby, its the fourth of Juuuly!"
       "Fire in the hole!"
       "Why yes, I've come to pick up my laundry."
       "Where is my dry cleaning?"
       "Listen to me grasshopper."
       "It's nice to see Gamara get another gig."
       "Pants pressed and no starch on the shirts..."
       "I said no starch!"
       "I sure hope thats a candy-bar!"
       "Ahhhh Detroit, the pearl of the orient."
       "Thats not MY bra!"
       "Look Ma, no gills!"
       "Photon topedos away captain."
       "Snap crackle and ..."
       "Number one, raise shields."
       "Come on Jake, its Chinatown." - Big Trouble in Little China
       "I love a paraaaade."
       "Everybody was Kung Fu fighting."
    o Rezopolis
       "What are you, a student loan officer?"
       "Helium makes my voice do this."
       "Hey cutie!"
       "Jane, stop this crazy thing!" - The Jetsons
       "To boldly go..."
       "What do you MEAN Darth Vader was my father!?" - Star Wars
       "Hey!  It's Darth Vaders younger brother Myron."
       "Nice teeth, heh... Do we floss?"
       "So THIS is New Jersey."
       "All this because of Rose Bud?"
       "YOU call it a cloak, I call it a dress."
       "When is Grace Jones gonna retire?"
       "This guy's a nut, have you been on Geraldo yet?"
       "Hey, where's Jane Fonda?"
       "Ugly is as ugly does."
       "I'm working hard and not getting anywhere."
       "Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!"
       "Great, I've found a health club in the belly of Hell."
       "This is the worst health club I've ever been in."
       "I would have to join a health club in the valley of hell."
       "Pretty Balloon!"
    o Planet X
    [3] Is Dana Gould (GEX's Voice) Funny?
       This is obviously a matter of opinion.  Many of the sayings are very
       well impersonated, some frankly are not.  Most of them are very funny
       if you know where they came from, others you just won't get (say WHAT?).
       But one thing remains constant: if you don't like them, you can shut
       them off.
                              [IV] The Hints and Tips
    [1] General playing style tips
       - Use the super-spring jump off of foes to reach otherwise inaccessible
         areas and items.
       - Use the left shift to run up inclines and gain more momentum to get
         height on jumps.
       - GEX can swim!  You don't even have to worry about air.
       - Want to save your game?  Go to the Tomato Soup level in the Cemetery
         for an easy video tape.  This will save your game with all of the
         levels you have conquered.
    [2] World specific Hints
       New Toonland: Jump on the pianos and whip your tail for a note to ride on.
    [3] Bonus round tips
       o Cemetery
         Hit the first skill before it reaches the top, that will give you
         plenty of time to hit the second.  Timing, timing, timing!
       o New Toonland
         Go up the right hand side first, then switch to the left on the
         seventh bounce, drift a bit to reach the fly in the middle.  On 
         the left side, wait until you have enough room to clear the center
         block, drift right to catch the fly on that side then back up on
         the right hand side to the block thats moving up and down.  Go up
         the left hand side, stay to the left until you reach the next 
         block, clear it and drift down to the right to get the fly, then
         straight up to the right.  Clear the center block with enough height
         so you don't land on it, and drift down to the last two and a piece
         of the remote.
       o Jungle Isle
         You don't have to tail whip all of the flies, just hit them with
         your body, although it helps to tail whip a few.  Learn the drop
         pattern.  Practice, practice, practice!
       o Kung Fuville
         Keep the shift (running) button pressed the whole time!
       o Rezopolis
         The barrels bonus is easily mastered by facing to the right, and
         crouching.  Snap your tail just before the left barrel hits the
         ground and you'll hit it every time.  Timing is such that this
         snap kills the one in front of you as well.  There's a couple of
         tricky timing spots, but it's easy enough to get 30.
                    [V] The Cheat Codes, Spoilers and Rumors 
    [1] Where are those bonus levels EXACTLY?
       o Cemetery
         The easiest one is on the first level, Frankie and Heli.  There is
         a camera in the middle somewhere.  You want to go up as high as
         you can from that camera (you will have to jump up and stick to
         the walls).  You will see a moving platform to the east, ride that
         and the others all the way to the right, jumping onto the ceiling
         protrusions along the way.  On the last platform is an entry to the
         bonus round.
         Another can be found in the Grave Danger level.  At one point there
         is a section of platforms, one of which has a Franken-gecko on it,
         the platform right after has two Heli-teevees floating one on top of 
         the other on it.  You need to do a super-spring bounce off of the
         top Heli-teevee to reach the platform above, which has an entrance
         to the bonus round.
         At one point close to the end of the level, there are two pillars
         that you have to jump on to cross some water.  Right before those
         two pillars is a short section of collapsing floor prefaced by a
         longer section of collapsing floor with several pillars.  Drop
         through the small section- you will drop to the bottom of a pit
         where there is a tomato to whip.  Then jump up to the left and
         there is a bonus round warp.
       o New Toonland
         In the Rock It! level.  When you see the third rocket (the first
         blue one) wait until it launches then drop straight down from 
         where it emerges.  The entrance to the bonus round is there.
         Twin Towers: There is an arrow that points to it from two floating
         squares.  Drop down into the bonus level.
         In Knock! Knock!: On the 'night' side, where there are a bunch of
         cliffs or platform looking things with spikes all along the sides, there
         is one to the left of two punching boxes, just to the left of a ladybug
         (?...the one that fills your health completely up).  Here's a picture:
         x          ff    ff
         x          xx    xx   f=fly
         x    ff    xx    xx   b=punching box
         x    xx    xx    xx   l=ladybug
         x w  xx l  xx bb xx   w=warp
       o Jungle Isle
         In the temple, the entrance is close to a ceiling that looks
         like this (not to scale):
    	+----		W = Warp
    	| W   		B = Block
         ---+ B		S = Spikeball traps
         S  S B   
         You need to break the bottom B in the above diagram then jump onto
         the top B and warp into the bonus round.  These two blocks and the
         warp are right after the square spikeball trap with the gecko-paw
         in the center.
         In the other level, go just past the camera and drop under the
         wooden bridge there (the easiest way is to fall through the
         collapsing section)..  You can go INSIDE the land just to your
         left.  The warp portal is hidden in there.  You won't see it, but
         you'll know it by the sound.
       o Kung Fuville
         In Sumo City, there is a sumo wrestler at the end.  To your left,
         almost off of the screen, there is a platform.  The bonus level
         is up there.  To get there, you'll have to super-spring jump off
         of the eyeball floating up and down.
         In Chop Chop, there's a set of falling platforms which will let
         you reach one of two warp portals, depending on how quickly you
         jump up the platforms.  There's a third portal above those two,
         which will lead to the bonus stage.  To get up there, you must
         super-spring jump off of an eyeball floating left and right above
         the first of the falling platforms _WITHOUT_ making the platforms
         start to fall.  By clinging to the ceiling and crawling along it
         you'll be able to jump to that third portal.
         In Fish Bait, after the last camera, after the squid, and after
         the spitting heads, there is a section of water that changes back
         and forth from clean to poisoned.  The above water area just
         before this consists of a pool of normal water to the left (where
         you came from), a pool of lava in the middle, and the
         clean/poisoned water to the right.  Would you be surprised to
         know you can jump into the lava pool?  Get on the back wall, and
         get as close to the lava as you can, and drop in.  You do not
         want to jump from too high a height, because this kills you.  At
         the bottom of this suddenly normal pool, you will find a couple
         extra lives, and a bonus round.
       o Rezopolis
         In On the Move, there is a series of cameras.  Near one of those,
         maybe the second, there is a way to jump up and over some helium
         bubbles.  There are some flies on the east side of the wall in
         an arc pattern.  Jump and cling to the west wall, over the spikes,
         and climb up, the entrance is right there.
    [2] What are the cheat Codes?
       There are no known cheat codes for GEX (yet).
    [3] How do I get to the Secret World, Planet X?
       Step 1. - Find a bonus round in each world
       Step 2. - Get perfect on each bonus round you find, except in 
    	     Rezopolis you only need 27 barrels.
       This will give you a new remote control that you can use to get into
       Planet X.
    [4] How do I defeat ... Boss?
       o Spin-n-Puke
         The key is to tail whip the skulls at first, get rid of a few, then
         whack her when they fly away.  Avoid the sides of the screen you 
         might get crushed.  When you get hit, tail whip a GEX-paw.  Avoid
         the green puke when she turns ugly, there is a pattern to it.
         She takes #? shots to kill.
       o The Flatulator
         You have to dodge his farting lunges, do this by jumping over him,
         time it with the sounds.  Stay in the middle.  After his fourth 
         blast, go right and duck.  When he launches, climb to the top and
         tail-whip the anvils on the ceiling so they hit him, tail whip them
         early so the timing is right.  Repeat.
         He takes 10 anvils to kill.
       o Jungle Gym
         All you have to do is make it to the top.  MOST of the jumps can be
         made without the shift-run, but a few critical jumps need a running
         start to be successful.  Keep moving, really quickly, and she won't
         be able to keep up with you.  Remember where the holes are and try
         to be where a hole is not.
       o Toxic Turtle
         Climb to the top of the right hand wall, smack him with your tail and 
         jump down to the ground.  Run left, then right as he descends to the
         floor.  Jump on the wall and avoid the whatever that is he shoots from
         his mouth (little whirlwinds?).  Repeat.
         He takes #? tail-whips to kill.
       o Rez
         Notice the little bug that flies in the beginning?  That is the key
         to defeating Rez.  You have to go get it.  Avoid the boomerang and 
         all of the other nasty defenses.  When he hits the remote and teevees 
         drop from the sky (the ones that explode) climb up the wall and jump 
         from teevee to teevee to reach the other side.  Tail whip the bug 
         shell, slurp up the bug and then shoot it at Rez.  Repeat.
         He takes 5 bug shots to kill.
    [5] Are there any unconfirmed rumors about GEX?
       As a matter of fact, Gregg Tavares sent me these:
       * Every level has a bonus level (except bosses and planet x).
       * There are around 13 secret codes.
       * There are about 400 sayings.
    [6] Are there two different endings in GEX?
       Yes!  If you manage to make it through the basic worlds and defeat Rez,
       you are treated to a decent ending, but it may leave you feeling a bit
       let down.  But...
       If you manage to defeat every level on Planet X, then defeat Rez again,
       you will be treated to a much better ending!  So beat those bonus rounds
       and get that remote!  The ending is WELL worth it!
                               [VI] Miscellaneous
    [1] What's this I hear about a screen saver?
       That's right, GEX has a built in screen-saver!  Just hit pause and wait,
       soon, little gecko paw prints will start to fill the screen, saving your
       TV from screen-burn in.  Those who own big-screen teevee's like this one!
    [2] Does GEX do funny animations while standing still?
       Well, funny might not be the word, but entertaining to say the least :)
       Instead of pausing the game, just stand still and watch for a while, 
       GEX goes through several animations and sayings
                                 [VII] The Bugs
    [1] Why won't my game save after I kill a Boss?
       Reps from CRYSTAL DYNAMICS regard this as a "feature" not a bug.  The
       way it has been told is that they printed it in the manual but never
       implemented it in the game, so it's not a bug, more of an omission.
    [2] Is the scrolling Choppy?
       This is the subject of heated debate on Usenet.  Some people say yes,
       some people say no.  GEX definitely suffers from the same slow downs
       that all platformers do when there are LOTS of sprites on the screen,
       and to be honest, the scrolling is occasionally choppy in some areas,
       but the general consensus seems to be that it does not detract from 
       game-play at all.
                                 [VIII] Credits 
    [1] Who contributed a lot?
       Rich Barrette  (rbarrett@zatharusta.cs.ohiou.edu)
       Trevor Powell  (tpowell@cmcvax.mckenna.edu)
       Chuck McGinley (mcginley@ll.mit.edu)
       Enrique Conty  (conty@mcs.com)
    [2] Who contributed a little?
       Morris Davis		The Blue One 		David Brown
       Gregg Tavares 	Derrick Ellis	 	Wolf
       Brian Klaus		Doug Dyer		Jeffrey Hersh
       Gamer3DO		Chris Curry		Rick Hallock
       Mike Danielson	Gene Gingrass		Orion
       Keith N. Thompson	Eric Carter		Craig Stelter
            A hearty THANKS! to everyone who has contributed thus far.

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