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    Planet X FAQ by Pidgeotto

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                           Planet X The In-Depth FAQ/Walkthrough  
                         for one of the best made games ever, GEX!
                    and written by: Pavel N. (Pidgeotto)
                      Suggestions, Questions, Corrections, Comments? 
                           Contact me at: paffkabg@hotmail.com
                                       Version: 0.7
                                   Started: 20/09/2004
                                 Last updated: 16/10/2004
                   COPYRIGHT PAVEL N. (Pidgeotto) 1998-2004. 
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                   I may even demand legal monetary compensation for such
                   goings-on behind my back, in the near future. 
     ----->Frequently Asked Questions
     ----->Planet X Walkthrough
           -Saucer Section
           -Free Fall
           -Bombs Away
           -Head to Head
           -Newton's 4th Law
           -The Project
           -The Web
     Viewers are kindly requested to correct or send 
     information I have not included. After all, this is a 
     FAQ/Walkthrough under massive construction. Thank you.
       ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
      ++++++++++++                  INTRODUCTION                     ++++++++++++
       ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
     GEX was actually the very first computer game I ever purchased. It looked
     flashy and mildly entertaining in its time and that was the reason I picked
     it up. It was made by Microsoft so I confessed I'd have as few problems
     running as possible. Well, that turned out to be true but nowadays, the game
     is simply too aged to be found played by masses.
     It's still a thrill getting to the end, but what few realized, after 
     completing it, was that it mysteriously had a secretive sixth zone to the 
     already available ones: The Cemetery, New Toonland, Jungle Isle, Kung 
     Fuville and Rezopolis. This one was called Planet X and reaching it was an 
     arduous task. What is more, the developers did not even hint to its 
     existence in the package which further increased the amount of people 
     simply throwing the game away, without having the knowledge it was not 
     fully complete.
     Now, completing Planet X and then proceeding to defeat Rez will award you a 
     very interesting ending which you wouldn't be able to see otherwise. Yeah, 
     well, there's also the thrill of finishing every specific Planet X task.
     Planet X had quite a few levels and each requires a specific ability to be
     mastered. Some others plainly require for the gamer to have curiosity and 
     the want for adventure. Either way, all levels are possible to be completed.
     Have fun.
       ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
      ++++++++++++                       FAQs                        ++++++++++++
       ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
     Here, I have compiled a couple of questions which may be of interest to 
     those playing Planet X and reading my guide.
     >OK. How do I reach Planet X!?<
     ~This is possibly the most difficult part. You'll have to find one Bonus 
     Level at least in each zone and complete it to get a Perfect score. Each 
     time you do so, you gain a segment of the Remote which (when fully 
     acquired) will be usable and will trigger one of the large TVs to lead to 
     Planet X itself.
     Bonus Levels can be reached by finding a portal in usually very well-hidden
     areas and going through them.
     In the Cemetery, all you'll need to do is position yourself next to a stump
     spitting skulls and jump up and down in rhythm with the spitting to tail
     whip them in the direction of the Francken-Geckos. There are ten of them, 
     and your target is to kill them all. Don't let them traverse the ledge and 
     then return, or you'll fail.
     Whilst in new Toonland find the portal leading to a blue-tinged chute. 
     However, before you begin, it is necessary to have obtained the Grashopper 
     Ball which will enable GEX to jump higher. You'll find some around the 
     portal itself, so keep looking. Now, the object is to collect all Silver 
     Flies. You must strike GEX onto the rubbery walls and keep pressing Up to 
     make him ascend. You won't be able to get the Remote piece the first time 
     through, as you'll need to memorise the patern of flies along the way.
     On Jungle Isle, you'll find GEX on a hanging wooden bridge below a 
     waterfall. Silver Flies quite ellusively fall from that fall and it is up 
     to you to get them all. Having the faintest idea of where they'll appear 
     is an extra help and for this reason, you may repeat the Bonus Levels. The 
     easiest way is to keep your cool and run (NOT dash) from end to end, 
     collecting the falling flies. A tail whip (preferably not a tongue lash) 
     will ensure you get them difficult ones.
     Kung Fuville's surprise is quite easy to complete with a perfect score 
     (150 Golden Flies) being obtained by GEX dashing on ledges, blocks and 
     walls all within a single chamber. If you mastered dashing in the game up 
     to now, you'll have a very enjoyable outing.
     Rezopolis, besides being a pain throughout, offers an extra huge pain the 
     neck with its Bonus Levels. The task is to tail whip all 30 golden barrels 
     which fall from the overhead conveyor belts. GEX is on a stationary piece 
     of land, but surrounding him are other conveyors leading away. It's pretty 
     difficult having to regain your balance after falling on one and still 
     have time to not miss any falling barrels. Dashing here is suicidal. Do 
     not dash. Lastly, a word of comfort. You do not need to break all 30 
     barrels, but at least 27 before you are given the last Remote piece. Joy.
     Now, the Planet X remote has had its parts combined and is ready for 
     usage. Select it from the levels screen in any zone, and walk into the big 
     TV that lights up.~
     >What can I use the Balls for in the Planet X levels?<
     ~You'll mostly find pink Butterfly Balls which award GEX an extra life. 
     These'll be lifesaving when you are stuck on a level, wasting away life 
     after life.
     Another is the white Amber Ball. This one will refill an empty paw GEX 
     might've lost in battle earlier in the level.
     The Flea Ball will fill all hit paws and add an extra to the tally.
     The Centipede Ball will energize GEX's leg muscles for a short while in 
     which he'll be able to dash like mad.
     The Grasshopper Ball will enable GEX to cut distances by jumping higher 
     and farther.
     Ladybug Balls'll fill all empty paws, immediately.
     Yes, you might've already experienced these during the game but they're 
     also part of Planet X and deserve to be remembered.~
     >I can't be bothered with playing through the game. Can you provide 
     ~Oh yes, I'll just have to finalise everything and I'll add all passes 
     I know of.
     For now, I think you'll be happy with this:
     It has all Planet X levels already completed but not all extrernal 
     missions. Do check back later for more info.~
       ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
      ++++++++++++               Planet X Walkthrough                ++++++++++++
       ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
     All right, here's the glint of gold everyone was searching for.
     ***                              Saucer Section                          ***
     ***                             ----------------                         ***
     A very easy mission to complete, as long as you ignore your initial 
     frustration of not being able to complete it the first few times. You must 
     memorize the habit of each obstacle and remember where it is best to seek 
     You begin on the usual landing. As the Question Mark'll confide with you, 
     you need to jump and stick to the transparent purplish film. It will then 
     accelerate to the right all the way to the end. A rule of thumb here is to 
     never, I repeat, NEVER lose hold of the surface. That is to say, jump. 
     However, what is seemingly a glitch on my system is that tail-whipping your 
     way will accidentally lose GEX his balance and begin to fall. If you do get 
     in such a tense situation tap your Up button to hopefully readhere.
     The first set of obstacles are vibrating one-seat metallic saucers. GEX is 
     vulnerable to touching their surfaces. Try to keep even the tip of your 
     tail out of reach, because this is the level's area where paws must not 
     be wasted. ollect the scant golden flies along, but approach the visible 
     Butterfly Ball with extreme caution. You are most likely to waste a paw 
     than gain an extra life. Id' rather ignore it if I were you, along with 
     the rest of the powerups along the way if they are out of reach. Once 
     you've cleared these spaceships, come the next obstacles.
     Longer, flatter, metallic flying saucers. These are much more troublesome 
     and you really ought to remember their pathways. For the first, keep as 
     much upwards as possible. Adhere to the left corner. Same goes for the 
     second (right corner, however) but as soon as it passes by, head 
     downwards, grab those flies and so on. 
     The set of two saucers aligned together is passed on the underside while 
     the triplet is above them. Next come pairs of rotating saucers. Traverse 
     from the upper side downwards as they pass. Attack the second pair from 
     the very middle. Don't worry about the tightness of the situation. Try to 
     obtain the Butterfly Ball.
     Next come the hovering one-seat saucers which complete a singular loop 
     around GEX. Keep GEX's position towards the centre of the wall as very 
     soon, a Remote comes up among the aliens' commotion. Get out of their way 
     and proceed to the section with darting jets. Your eye-finger 
     co-ordination is tested near to the max here. Avoid hesitation about the 
     Balls hovering about and dodge the oncoming dangers.
     Finally, the transparent wall comes to a halt on a metallic landing ledge. 
     Drop off and wreck the TV.
     ***                                Free Fall                             ***
     ***                               -----------                            ***
     This is quite possibly the fastest to complete and most facile of all 
     Planet X missions. The reason is simple, gravity being the only force 
     driving you towards the end. Yes, as the level's title implies this is a 
     free fall. Though the area is surrounded by flat walls, they are 
     unclingable. As much as we anted the reverse to be true, it is not.
     You begin the level very much on solid ground. YOu are required to dive 
     into the narrow floor opening. What follows is an exciting drop down a wide 
     chute. Golden glies are everywhere, and in order to avoid tose nasty 
     electric rays, you are encouraged to keep following their trails. Avoid 
     diverting your position and lash your tongue here and there to obtain as 
     many flies as is possible. At some point, while drifting down the golden 
     pathway, you'll encounter another Remote. 
     Afterwards, you'll come across an attractive little Butterfly Ball field 
     where there's a very large abundancy. Anything above two collected Balls 
     is sheer swell. A little farther down, GEX reaches the bottom where a 
     bronze TV is waiting to be crashed.
     Basically, this is the odd level where you are permitted to replenish 
     your stock of life. Try and collect as many lives as possible here before 
     moving on to the next levels and always return when you are at a lack of 
     ***                               Bombs Away                             ***
     ***                              ------------                            ***
     An entertaining little level where you are given the choice to easily 
     replenish your lives and pop some serious alien ass. Hehe, J/K. All you'll 
     need is a bit of patience, precision and care to accomplish what is another 
     easy mission.
     You begin the level in a safe position. Snatch the flies hovering above 
     the queer humps and head down the slopes. Continue grabbing flies and 
     swallow all those Balls waiting around the corners. At the bottom, climb 
     the vertical wall in the new chamber and trigger the port to appear. Once 
     fully open, jump in from above and slam on your Up button. Here come the 
     The port drops you off in the middle of unmapped land. Before you can take 
     in your surroundings, you are plummeting down a chute surrounded by very 
     unfriendly-looking humanoid aliens in large numbers. What you must
     remember here is to keep your cool, and avoid pressing any buttons, lest 
     tail whipping the goodies flying by.
     Finally, you'll land with a silent thud (well, not quite, but meh...) at 
     the very bottom. Thankfully, we are all quite safe here. Grab a snapshot 
     and pick up the Remote mounted on the distinctive pedestal. 
     When you are all ready and motivated, you can begin your climb. This is 
     done by climbing the walls and avoiding the projectiles hurled by the 
     numerous critters. Just place GEX on the wall below each one and wait for 
     it to expel a bullet. Jump upwards and tail whip away. Just make double 
     sure you don't tail whip any of the pick-ups because you'll regret getting 
     only one hit paw filled after slashing the Flea Ball. Steadily make your 
     way upwards where you'll emerge winner. Head towards the right, through 
     the solid-looking wall and into a new room decorated by many, many goodies. 
     If, however, you immediately turn left, you'll enter the room with the 
     exit which you could've heard or seen much earlier. Collect everything 
     possible and climb onto the ceiling of this room. Release hold once you're 
     above the arrow compromised of golden flies. GEX lands on a teeny weensy 
     ledge. Drop and make sure you get the  point, by sticking to the ledge's 
     sides. Just below the ledge is the portal leading to the exit...
     A not very important but necessary end note is the transfiguration of a 
     particular Ball along the chute. It is one which some times appears as a 
     Centipede Ball, other times as a second Flea Ball. Well, this is it for 
     this level.
     ***                               Head to Head                           ***
     ***                              --------------                          ***
     This is perhaps my most cherished Planet X level. Though the skill needed 
     may be a little troublesome, you may get the hang of it quickly enough, 
     providing you used GEX's tail bounce operation. If you simply can't gather 
     what this is Jump and when descending to land, press and hold you Down 
     button. A question mark towards the beginning says so too.
     The target here is to traverse across the numerous ponds filled with 
     deadly substance and get to the end. This is done by tail bouncing onto 
     the inanimate robots trundling in the pools. From bot to bot and finally 
     to a safe landing. In some places, you'll need to bounce over a bot twice 
     which is an extra difficult task as they transform after the first impact 
     into spinning machines which self-destruct after a couple of seconds. Just 
     make sure you don't get hit by their small explosions and dive into the 
     At first, you'll lose may lives before you get the hang of it. Don't let 
     this discourage you, for there are two waiting Butterfly Balls along the 
     way, numerous flies and a treasure of lives towards the end. Just hang onto 
     your hat and don't restart! Whip the camera halfway across to catch your 
     breath and make sure you collect the lonesome Remote along the way.
     ***                            Newton's 4th Law                          ***
     ***                           ------------------                         ***
     I've never bothered to check what Newton's 4th Law states, nor what it 
     concerns (though it is evident from the mission gravity is involved) but 
     that shouldn't prevent you from running away from the screen to consult an 
     old Physics book. Overall, this is somewhat of a regular mission as it 
     involves the use of most of GEX's functions, unlike a singular feature of 
     varying difficulty revolving across the whole level.
     The basics here are as follows: tail-whip all the purple or yellow cameras 
     to discover a changed part of the layout, to continue. Solid barricades 
     are turned off/on in such a way and you mjust sometimes strike a single 
     camera several times to get a desired effect. At one point, you'll be met 
     with two very close such barricades. In this case, you'll have to first 
     turn off the first and cross the invisible line where it once stood. Duck, 
     and tailwhip the device from a distance such that the first one reappears 
     but the new one vanishes into thin air. Well done if you crossed this 
     without help.
     In the section with very little gravity, simply keep pressing Jump to 
     trigger GEX upwards. Just like water in regular missions. Once you reach 
     the diagonal slopes, stay alert for any cameras along the way, as not 
     striking them may land you in a very nasty pool with toxic green fluid. 
     Discover the hidden (well, not quite) Flea Ball which is situated near 
     the ceiling high above one of the slides.
     The rest is just a continuation fo repetitive obstacles. Electric zappers 
     are to be left well alone and toxic pools avoided. Eventually, you'll 
     reach the end but you'll have to repeat the level if you didn't manage to 
     grab the Remote which is located just above one of the first falling 
     Some small notes towards the level's completion perfection are here. 
     Whenever you begin the level and destroy those pesky blocks, you 
     encounter your first slide. Instead of going down, here grab onto the 
     ceiling and crawl along it, downwards. Just two inches above the first 
     electric bolts, jump upwards and you'll 'magically' land on an invisible 
     wall within the solidness. You'll slide down to a ledge and from there 
     you can proceed to the left and ascent the diagonal ramp. At the top are 
     twenty-five golden flies. Just don't leap over the edge or you'll exit 
     the level'sconstruction.
     Another place to do the above, if not accidentally, is once you descend 
     down the vile, poisonous green liquid towards the end to snatch those 
     collectable flies with it. You'll reach a very hospitable little 
     corridor. If you dash across it and grab onto the upper ceiling, you'll 
     drop down and out if you continue towards the upper-left corner once 
     the passage slopes down.
     ***                                The Project                           ***
     ***                               -------------                          ***
     WHEN will game designers finally learn that adding maze-like puzzle levels 
     to games may lengthen the gaming experience but greatly annoys the person 
     forced to play through the level? Well, I agree that this is only 1996 but 
     I've had the same annoying ordeals in later games too. This one can 
     frustrate you so much, I wouldn't be surprised if anyone who purchased the 
     game disposed of it in a deep dark cupboard for years after attempting to 
     complete this.
     I am currently working on hand-drawing a map which I'll possibly link to 
     in the near future as the whole place is so mixed up and dumbfounding, 
     your head can explode. Before you start, be assured that there are (at 
     least) four exits in the form of portals taking you to a chamber with 
     the familiar giant TV. Sadly, there is only one Remote available and 
     this is quite distressing indeed. There are around ten Butterfly Balls 
     and huge numbers of golden flies dispersed throughout. You can collect 
     these and use them as markers to see where you've already been. 
     Thankfully, you cannot lose paws or lives here.
     A big, but rather necessary spoiler is that the level is entirely 
     rectangular. This means is has four impenetrable sides. If you shed sweat 
     to reach these extremities, you'd see the closing, solid walls. 
     Now, the mission cannot be completed successfully unless you grab the 
     Remote and run off to the following mission. I don't recommend quitting 
     the stage without it, though it is very likely since once a portal opens, 
     it drags GEX through it, even if you try to escape. The Remote, itself, 
     is placed on a high, black pedestal right next to the TOP, LEFT CORNER 
     of the whole level. A tip is to head that-a-way and you'll eventually 
     steal a glimpse of it from the wrong passageway or even better, slam 
     headlong into it. An exitting portal is situated very conveniently 
     nearby, right on the corner.
     Elsewhere, some of the other portals are situated very near to the 
     starting spot, if you take the right route. You'll know you're on the 
     right track if you begin falling down an unbelievingly deep chute. 
     However, you'll quit the mission without aquiring the Remote for the 
     next mission. So, pretty much, you're stuck unless you take the left 
     ***                                 The Web                              ***
     ***                                ---------                             ***
     A not completely straight-forward stage as this special mission involves 
     mazes surrounded by walls of high voltage electricity running through 
     them. You'll die if you touch any part of the continuous beams and lose a 
     paw if you get fried by the pausing ones. All you'll need is accuracy and 
     a lizard's cold-bloodedness.
     You begin in a small chamber. Cross the sparkler when it's off, just to 
     get a preliminary taste of these. Slide down ad drop down the chute, 
     controlling his fall as GEX may easily scathe himself on those walls. Land 
     in another chamber, this one involving the three Question Marks which'll 
     inform you how the chopper blades a little up ahead are ridden. Hop onto 
     it and press the Right button to get out of the enclave and begin an 
     arduous journey into a maze of electricity.
     Along the way, you'll meet several other on-and-off type electric beams 
     where you'll need to be cautious and wait for them to turnoff. Aside from 
     these, the flies are numerous.
     The real maze begins with the hopping onto different choppers. You'll 
     have to park your first one and climb onto a new one. This, in turn, 
     will lead you to another parking area where you'll pick up other 
     choppers. The problems arise with the fact that very few gamers try out 
     the tactic of forcing the chopper in one direction and jumping off, 
     allowing it to fall to some other place where it will have stopped to 
     remain for your arrival. This is done here with some of the bots.
     At last, you'll come across a portal which takes you to another area 
     where you'll be given the chance to save your progress. What follows 
     is a horizontal corridor surrounded by electric floors and ceiling which 
     can be traversed on the provided chopper. Trouble arises when those 
     columns descending from the ceiling prevent GEX easy access. You'll 
     have to jump and stick to them before the chopper does, go down and 
     over to the other side where you'll bounce off and land again onto 
     solid metal. Make a mental note that these travel slower if not mounted.
     In the end, you'll be provided three portals to chose from. Two lead 
     back to the beginning of this long chamber while the other takes you 
     to the Remote and therefore, the eagerly awaited exit.
     In the last area, grab the Remote and jump onto the chopper. Let it 
     go up until you can jump and grab that solid wall. Let the chopper 
     fall in the meantime and go to the other side,landing on the 
     neighbouring chopper. Let this one go up, and as it does, jump 
     upwards and only then press Left to grab onto the solid wall as to 
     allow the machine to travel upwards while you ride the first chopper 
     upwards. Higher and higher, you'll experience more such shifts but 
     always remember to press the direction keys only after GEX has jumped 
     in order to prevent the choppers falling down.
     Once you clear those obstacles, you are presented with two portals, 
     one leading to where you picked up the Remote and one into the small 
     chamber adorned with the exit TV. I'll leave the decision-making 
     to you.
     By the way, if you manage to somehow screw the progress of the 
     choppers up and you can find your way downwards, use the portal you 
     came through as a reset button which will bring them back down.
     For a final note, I'll have to please those who saw a chamberful 
     of Butterfly Balls near the beginning of the level. Yes, it can be 
     reached and reaching it will provide you with an alternative 
     pathway around the electrical maze. So, do listen up!
     Just after the three Question Marks and the parking spot of the 
     very first chopper, you can drop down into the chasm and grab the 
     side of the shockless wall. Crawl downwards and you'll be amazed 
     that GEX swerves invisibly into the wall and into a hidden passage. 
     This leads to a little complicated area with lots and lots of 
     pick-ups, Golden Flies, but also ruddy enemies and some electric 
     beams. Have a go at everything worthwhile.
     To exit this, you'll have to ride another chopper all the way to 
     a portal leading you to the second area which (as you've read 
     above) is long, horizontal and packed with electricity from 
     ceiling to bottom. Or, find the small square roomlet with an
     invincible metallic ball which rolls, stops and shoots pellets
     that guards the four Butterfly Balls. The portal will take you to
     the mentioned area for you to recontinue your mission towards the 
     end. Secrets! I just loove Secrets! 
     ***                               Clothesline                            ***
     ***                              -------------                           ***
     A very simple level, though it may prove as ruddy difficult as hell. 
     Sometimes, you may be able to complete it without even realizing what 
     you're doing but generally, everyone gets killed at least once even if 
     they make an effort in surviving.
     The object is this: ride the speeding chopper horizontally all the way 
     to the end, hopping, ducking and plainly avoiding those steel girders 
     along the way. The speed is quite rapid and once you lose control of GEX 
     hopping to and fro, the chance of getting him GUILLTOINE'D is enormously 
     high. Hopefully, you'll avoid them by accurate hops from girder to 
     girder. Golden Flies are definitely not your objective here.
     A simple way to complete this with as little fuss as possible is to 
     duck through the whole journey. It gives you a higher chance of 
     Don't forget to jump once the chopper hits the wall as it'll rapidly 
     descend into oblivion. Hop onto the platform and take care to obtain that 
     Tape. Then, proceed to the exit.
       ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
      ++++++++++++                     HISTORY                       ++++++++++++
       ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
     What I've been doing in the past few months... Dates are listed in the 
     European and standard (imo) way. (DD/MM/YYYY)
     20/09/2004- Began work on the first few missions in the walkthrough (8.4KBs)
     03/10/2004- Nearly completed walkthrough. Clothesline still remains under
     suspicion (12.8KBs)
     16/10/2004- Whoaa! Everything is nearly dealt with. Only passwords remain 
     and possible fixes here and there, if existant. Added the one-space margin
     to the left for some users with troublesome screen resolutions. Will post
     today. (34.1KBs)
     11/09/2004- I am afraid I'll be unable to further update this document due
     to the impossibility of finding time and resources at this point in life.
     I guess this is farewell.
       ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
      ++++++++++++                     THANKS                        ++++++++++++
       ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
     First of all, I would like to give a big thank you to GameFAQs
     and CJayC for their outstanding work and the excellent idea
     of making a website which gives gamers the ability to form a
     Microsoft for creating such an early installment that works so perfectly
     and smoothly, with as few requirements as possible.
     Rogier Meurs for creating a little Notepad displacement program (Notepad+) 
     allowing for unlimited amounts of text. Praiseworthy.
     A big thank you will also come to the people who contribute
     something here. You'll know who you are.
       ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
      ++++++++++++                    COPYRIGHTS                     ++++++++++++
       ++++++++++++                                                 ++++++++++++
     © & (p) 1996 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
     GEX is Copyright Crystal Dynamics 1995. All rights reserved.
     Crystal Dynamics, the GEX character and GEX are
     trademarks of Crystal Dynamics.
     This GameFAQs FAQ/Walkthrough is 
     Copyright (©) Pavel N. (Pidgeotto) 1998-2004. 
     All rights reserved.
     No part of this FAQ can be copied, reproduced, or dispersed via electronic 
     means without my written consent. I would like to remind you that I love 
     my work along with the time I spend on it so, please, if you want this 
     published on your site, kindly email me for my possible consent at 
     This can ONLY be viewed from GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com), 
     IGN (www.ign.com), NeoSeeker (www.neoseeker.com), DLH (www.dlh.net), 
     GameSpot (www.gamespot.com) and CheatBook.de (www.cheatbook.de). Any other 
     appearances on other websites are simply ILLEGAL, unless I have given 
     them permission, in which case I will include their URL on this 
     publication. Report immediately if the site you're viewing this from does 
     not have my authorization.
     Thank you for reading and have a nice day. 

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