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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Locke130

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    -Game: G-NOME
    -System: PC
    -Author: Locke130
    -Author's E-mail: Locke130@yahoo.com
    -Version: 2.0
    -Date: 5/19/02
    Before we start, there is a few things that you MUST agree to before reading
    1. I do not own a burned CD, nor do I know of anywhere you can get it.  If 
    you're begging me to reveal the location where you can get a burned CD, you 
    more than likely don't have the real CD.
    2. Everything in the "Legal Info" section is legal and to break any rule
    stated there is illegal (hence the name "Legal" info).
    3. I am not holding back any information.  Everything I know about G-NOME can
    be found in this FAQ.
                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
    -I: Legal Info
    -II: Credits
    -III: Contact Info and Contact Rules
    -IV: Previous Versions
    -V: Intro
    -VI: Training
    -VII: Walkthrough
    -VIII: Multi-Player
    -IX: FAQ
    -X: Codes/Cheats/Fun Stuff
    -XI: Future Versions
    -XII: Closure
                                 I: LEGAL INFO
    This FAQ copyright 2001 by Locke130, all rights reserved.
    G-NOME copyright their respective companies, all rights reserved.
    You may not take any info in this FAQ, in whole or in part, and use it for
    your own FAQ.  You may not post this FAQ on your website unless I give you
    permission to do so, nor link directly to this FAQ unless it's on your
    website.  You may not alter this FAQ at any time, sell this FAQ in any way
    or put it in a magazine/book.  You may distribute this FAQ freely as long as
    it's not altered in any way, sold or printed in a book/magazine.  I am in
    no way affiliated with any companies that made this game.
    You can't take anything out of the FAQ, even the smallest detail, and use it
    for your FAQ.  You can't put this FAQ on your website unless I say you an
    and you can't link to the TXT file unless it's on your site.  You can't
    change anything in this FAQ, sell it, or put it in a magazine/book.  You
    can hand it out to your friends as long as you don't sell it, alter it or
    print it in a magazine/book.  I didn't make G-NOME or even help.
    Now that you've seen it in 2 styles of English, you should know what's legal
    and what isn't.
                                  II: CREDITS
    Usually, this is one of the last sections but I think I should give credit
    to those who helped with the FAQ before the FAQ.  Anyway, here it goes:
    -Thanks to:
    *The companies that made this game for making a fun, yet challenging game.
    *My friend for finding and questioning this game when I got my computer.
    *Gamefaqs for giving me the inspiration to write a FAQ, and posting my other FAQ. Also for
    keeping the site updated, even in the peak hours of the night.  Also, for 
    some of the codes.
    -Websites that can use my faq:
    I've decided to let anyone who wants to use this FAQ on their site use it
    as long as you e-mail me the location of the website where it can be found.
    If I find it altered in any way, you will be severly punished.
    -My e-mail address: Locke130@yahoo.com
    *Job offers: Thanks for the offer but no thanks.  If I wanted to work for
    you, I'd send you my resume.  Case closed.
    *E-mails covering topics already answered in great detail: I don't mind a
    few of these e-mails so long as it's not a constant problem.  I will accept
    e-mails covering topics that have little to no info in them.  If it's a
    constant problem, I'll block your e-mail address.
    *E-mails with excessive bad spelling/grammar or language: This game would be
    probably be rated "T" so please don't send me e-mails with excessive spelling/grammar errors.
    Please put your e-mail through spell check before sending it or if you don't have one consult 
    your local dictionary.  I will definitely not accept an e-mail using bad grammar/spelling on 
    purpose to look cool (ex. "Wuz up dawg!  I reed yo FAQ n decided to help yo out with my
    knowledg!").  As far as language goes, no one wants to hear it so don't include it in your 
    *Argumentative letters about the game's material: Please don't send me a
    letter saying how G-NOME is "a game based killing others with guns and other harmful 
    materials" because like I stated before, I didn't make the game nor did I know
    anyone that did so please don't send me this type of letter.
    *Advertisements: No matter how much money you offer, how many new cars I'll
    own if I click on the link, I will NOT advertise for you.  I get 20
    advertisements a day (at least) and I don't need any more to accompany the
    other junk.
    *Plagiarized work: If I can find your exact e-mail on any major code/faq
    site or FAQ, I will delete it.  I don't care if it's the rarest code on the
    planet and there are only 2 locations to find it, because it's going
    straight in the ol' dumpster.  The only exceptions to this rule are if you
    attach an e-mail from the original contributor of the code saying it's
    alright to use the info or if you're the one who contributed it in the first
    *Questions/Comments/Suggestions: As long as the e-mail doesn't conflict with
    one of the above rules, I'm all for it.  I love receiving these types of
    e-mail because it tells me what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong.
    These types of e-mails are gladly accepted and you'll probably get a reply
    from me about it.
    *Contributions: If you're sending me this type of e-mail, and it's your own
    work, I'll gladly put it into the FAQ and give you credit.  I'll send a
    reply to all legal contributors...hopefully.
    Sorry if I was a little harsh or offensive up there, but I knew that someone
    would do one of those things if I didn't outlaw them here and now.
                             IV: PREVIOUS VERSIONS
    -Version 2.0: MAJOR update.  Finished Levels 2 + 3 walkthrough and fixed a couple
    spelling errors.  Added more codes.
    -Version 1.2: Added another site that can use my FAQ.  Still haven't
    gotten enough time to work on the walkthrough though.
    -Version 1.1: Added a site that can use my FAQ.
    -Version 1.0: Got the thing up and running with 12 sections!  Added an incomplete
    walkthrough, but I hope to get it complete in the future.
                                   V: INTRO
    It may sound silly to have the introduction in the middle, but IMO (In my
    opinion), the above sections should go above everything in my FAQ.  ANYWAY,
    this is a great, challenging game that you'll be playing for a while.  This is the
    place to find out how to beat the game, read my strategies or just hang out until
    the popcorn finishes.  Oh and by the way, sorry if the art at the top doesn't
    look like a CD (I'm not too good).
    Here is my basic walkthrough setup for this game explained:
                          MISSION 1        <-- Tells you what mission it is
           Level 1-1: Renegade Mercs  <-- The mission #, level # and name
    -Objectives:     <-- In this FAQ, I call the "things to do" objectives and
    assign each one a number.
    1. Head for waypoint one
    2. Primary: Destroy Merc raiding party
    -Enemy Races Encountered:    <-- What enemy races you'll find in this level
    -Characters Encountered:    <-- What characters you encounter in this level
    -Order Completed:         <-- The order the objectives are completed in
    1. Head for waypoint one (objective 1)
    2. Primary: Destroy Merc raiding party (objective 2)
    --OBJECTIVE 1: HEAD FOR WAYPOINT ONE:   <-- What I do so you will notice
    which objective you are having trouble so you can learn about THAT OBJECTIVE.
    (Walkthrough and additional objectives follow)
    And that's my setup.  Hope it's easy to read.  Here are the controls you
    need to know:
    *H: Help and learn the controls
    That's all you need to know to learn the controls.  Well, if you're ready, let's
    take that glorious step into the world of G-NOME training!
                                 VI: TRAINING
    The training appears on the "Game" menu.  Here's what the options on the
    left do:
    *New: Starts a new game
    *Load: Load a saved game
    *Save: Save your current progress in the solo missions
    *Credits: View the credits
    Click on new.  Here's what the new options do:
    *Campaign: Start a new game
    *Training: Brings up the training sub-menu where you start training.
    *Mission: Select a mission to play (as long as you've beaten it, you can
    select it and play it).
    Click on training and then on the first option, "HAWC Refresher".
    Wait for the game to load, then you'll start out in a HAWC.  You'll 
    shortly hear from your training officer, who you should listen to very 
    carefully. Once he's done, press 9 and run forward toward the mountain.  
    Press <tab> to select an abandoned building, then, if you're lazy, press A 
    to put your HAWC into autopilot.  Follow the pathway until you reach it, then
    your sarge will tell you to destroy it.  Destroy it with the method he
    describes (press buttons 1-4, can't be number pad next to arrow keys), then
    wait for his next message.  He'll tell you to eject using <backspace>, so
    do so.  Wait for a couple of seconds to complete the first level of training.
    Once it loads back up, select the next option, "Advanced HAWC".
    You'll be starting out in a HAWC when the computer finishes loading, but
    don't get too used to it.  Listen to the sarge and he will tell you about
    moving your views and highlighting waypoints.  Once he's finished, highlight
    waypoint 1 and go there.  Once there, it will automatically select waypoint
    2, so do as your instincts want and start over there.  Once you hear the
    sarge, immediately STOP WHERE YOU ARE.  Listen for his instructions and
    aim towards the meson tower.  Start open-firing on it, just like you did
    with that abandoned building in the last training.  Just press 1,2,3 and 4
    at the same time rapidly to send your opponent a few going-away gifts.  Once
    it's gone, wait around in your HAWC to complete the mission.
    As soon as you return to the main menu, select the last and final option,
    "G-Nome Tactics".
    Hey, remember how you started out in HAWCs the last 2 times?  Well, kiss it
    goodbye because you start on your feet.  Wait for the sarge to speak, then
    run up towards the tank in front of you (don't worry, its the sarge's tank
    and he'll let you ride in the back until you get to your rendezvous point).
    Accept his generosity (yeah right) and run into the tank.  This will cause
    you to enter and you cannot do anything except eject while here.  Watch the
    background movement closely until the tank stops and the sarge tells you to
    get out with <backspace>.  
    Ignore him and then listen on what you're supposed to do next.  Once you know
    clearly what to do, eject from the vehicle.  Once out, immediately press 9 and
    run toward the meson tower.  Once you get close, use a Gashr on it to send 
    the occupant out.  Show this enemy who's the best at G-Nome and start 
    shooting it with your PRIF44 (Laser).  Once it explodes (it really does!), 
    enter the tower.  The sarge will again annoy you with another broadcast, but 
    this time it's very handy.  Press E to find the nearest enemy, then turn 
    towards it.  Press F1 and tell the sarge to attack it, while blasting it 
    yourself.  Once it's blown up, press E again.  You'll find a small structure 
    that the sarge will miss a lot, but still tell him to attack it.  Blast it 
    with a couple of rockets to blow it up, then the sarge will say his final 
    words to you and you'll complete the mission.
    Congrats!  You've completed G-Nome training!
                               VII: WALKTHROUGH
    Once you've completed the training, select "Campaign" from the menu.  It will
    set you up with a new G-Nome game which you can do. 
                           MISSION 1        
           Level 1-1: Renegade Mercs  
    1. Head for waypoint one
    2. Primary: Destroy Merc raiding party
    -Enemy Races Encountered:
    -Characters Encountered:
    -Order Completed:
    1. Head for waypoint one (objective 1)
    2. Primary: Destroy Merc raiding party (objective 2)
    You'll start out on foot with a mech straight in front of you.  If you like
    first person mode, keep it on that mode.  If not, press C for a "stay-behind
    -me" type camera view or press Z for another cool one.  Either way, press 9
    and run straight for it.  Bump into it and you'll enter it.  If you're lazy
    or in the middle of something that won't take very long, press s and press
    a to automatically go to waypoint one.  If not, select it with s and then
    run towards it.  Once you get there, this objective will be complete.
    If you had autopilot on, you'll automatically go to waypoint 2.  Go towards
    there and you'll see a red dot on your radar.  Press e and you'll see its an
    enemy merc.  Press a to automatically go to it, or manually go there.
    Whichever way you choose, he will start to run at you so shoot the crap out 
    of him.  You can do so by pressing 1 and 2 at the same time.
    -BATTLE: Merc
    -Difficulty: Medium
    -His tactics: Run around you in circles and shoot every 5 seconds.
    -What you should do: Go into first person (by pressing the button you pressed
    to get out of it) and then hold the button that will make your mech follow
    him (left/right).  Do so and then shoot him with your weapons until he dies.
    Congratulations on your first official victory!  Press E again to see there
    is another in the distance, but don't worry about him yet.  Continue to
    waypoint two and on your way, you'll notice rockets heading your way.  Turn
    to them and you'll notice another Merc.
    -BATTLE: Merc
    -Difficulty: Medium
    -His tactics: Run around you in a zig-zag pattern.  Then he stops and shoots
    at you.
    -What you should do: Same as before.
    As soon as he's dead, you'll complete the mission.
           Level 1-2: Drawbridge
    1. Commandeer Darken vehicle
    2. Primary: Lower bridge and cross River Angada
    3. Avoid sweep turret. Eject if surrounded.
    -Enemy Races Encountered:
    -Characters Encountered:
    -Order Completed:
    1. Commandeer Darken vehicle (objective 1)
    2. Primary: Lower bridge and cross River Angada (objective 2)
    3. Avoid sweep turret. Eject if surrounded (objective 3)
    After the loading, you'll find you're in the middle of nowhere.  Press E and
    go towards the target.  You'll find a short, stubby little creature.  This is
    a darken soldier.  Shoot him until he explodes.  If he lies down, lie down too
    with j.  After that, another darken will come from behind him and will start
    attacking you as well.  Attack him until he's dead, then get up (j) and look 
    toward the hill northeast of the darken soldiers.  You see a vehicle right?
    It's unmanned so go get it!  If you don't see it, search that area until you
    do.  Once you're in it, you'll complete the objective.
    Go to the other side of the hill.  See that building?  Go towards it.  Once
    you're about 50 meters away, eject and enter the building which happens to be
    a bridge control building.  The reason you're in here is because the bridge is
    up and you have to get across it.  When you get in the control building, look
    near the picture of a bridge.  Pull the lever there and the picture shows the
    bridge lowering.  Eject and get back into your mech.  The bridge is lowered,
    right?  Before you cross it, destroy the little building to the right of the
    other side of the bridge.  Why?  If you eject at any point, this stupid little
    building will kill you instantly.  Cross and you'll complete the objective.
    Before you start dancing a victory dance, there are a few guys that want you
    dead.  2 are to your left, 1 to your right.  Once you cross the bridge, 2 of
    these guys will immediately start attacking you.
    -BATTLE: Darken x2
    -Difficulty: Very Easy
    -His tactics: Run towards you then backs away.  After their vehicle blows up,
    shoot lasers and the occasional Gashr.
    -What you should do: Just rapidly press 1 and 2 at the same time as fast as
    you can.  After their vehicle blows up, run towards him to kick them and
    they'll explode.  If they get you out of your vehicle, just go back in and
    There.  Those 2 are dead, now go towards the one on your right.  He won't
    notice you until you shoot him.  Just use the strategy you did for the other
    2 guys and you'll beat him easily.  After he's dead, you'll complete the
            Level 1-3: Convoy
    1. Primary: Enter Darken HQ at Chansk
    2. Obtain IFF code from motor pool
    3. Commandeer Union HAWC
    4. Join Darken convoy to Chansk
    -Enemy Races Encountered:
    -Characters Encountered:
    -Order Completed:
    1. Commandeer Union HAWC (objective 3)
    2. Obtain IFF code from motor pool (objective 2)
    3. Join Darken convoy to Chansk (objective 4)
    4. Primary: Enter Darken HQ at Chansk (objective 1)
    After completing objective 4, follow the group of Darken until you reach
    the darken headquarters.  Eject from your mech and enter the headquarters.
    Finish objective 3 and then come back to this one.  Exactly after you complete
    objective 3, a HAWC will attack you.  Blow it up and look around.
    -BATTLE: Darken
    -Difficulty: Very Easy
    -His tactics: Run towards you then backs away.  After their vehicle blows up,
    shoot lasers and the occasional Gashr.
    -What you should do: Just rapidly press 1 and 2 at the same time as fast as
    you can.  After it's vehicle blows up, run towards it to kick it and
    it'll explode.  If it gets you out of your vehicle, just go back in and
    You should see a building around you somewhere (depends on where your battle
    lead you).  Blow up the attack tower next to it and enter the building (eject
    first!).  Stay in there for a couple seconds.  Make sure you remember the IFF
    code.  Write it down if you need to.  Eject to complete the objective.
    This is the first one you'll complete.  When you start, you should see a HAWC
    in the distance to the northeast.  Run towards it and once you enter it, this
    objective is completed.
    When you get back into your vehicle, immediately change your IFF code to the
    one in the motor pool.  Do this by pressing the u, i, o and p keys until the
    number on the screen is the same as the one you got in the motor pool.  From
    the attack tower (when its on the left of the motor pool), go right and
    through the first opening.  You should see three darken vehicles.  If your
    IFF is set to the one in the motor pool, they will be green on the radar.
    If not, they will be red and will start to attack you.  Make sure that your
    IFF makes them green, then approach them.  The leader will tell you to
    identify yourself.  Press F1, then press F9.  The leader will then tell
    you their mission.  After the leader is done, the objective is completed.
               Level 1-4: LATLON
    1. Primary: Enter and Disable LATLON array
    2. Defeat facility defenses
    3. Destroy Shield Generator
    4. Destroy LATLON/Evacuate Area
                               VIII: MULTI-PLAYER
    Now onto one of the better parts of the game, the multi-player.  Even though
    the name is "multi-player", two people at the same computer can't play it.
    One person can play against others on the internet/network, or against AI
    players.  Let's talk about the menu options:
    -Host: Create a multi-player game.
    -Join: Join a created multi-player game.
    -Protocol: Choose how you'll play the game (i.e. network, internet)
    If you're playing alone, select host and choose your protocol (if you're 
    playing by yourself, choose the Internet TCP option).  It will ask you for
    a name for the game and yourself.  Do so and it will have some game options.
    -Deathmatch/Cooperative: Choose which type you want.  Deathmatch is usually
    free-for-all, kill each other and the other is usually team related.
           -Last Defense- 
    *Teams: 2
    *Objectives: Team one attacks the base, team two defends it.  
    *Tips: There is a energy border around team two's area with the base.
    Just destroy the building with what looks like antennas and you'll destroy
    the field.
    *Best type of vehicle: Hover
    *Win if: Frag limit is reached; Team one destroys team two's base; Team two
    stays alive for 20 minutes.
        -RedHot Bottleneck-
    *Teams: 2
    *Objectives: Destroy the other teams base.
    *Tips: Have a group on your team for attacking and another for defending.
    After a guy on the attacking group dies, have him switch with a member of the
    defending team to be even.
    *Best type of vehicle: A powerful mech for attacking, a defensive mech for
    *Win if: Frag limit is reached; One team destroys the other's base.
        -King of the Hill-
    *Teams: 2
    *Objectives: Occupy the Citadel for a minute.
    *Tips: Attack the opponent who goes for it and then go for it yourself.  Make
    sure you don't blow up the Citadel.
    *Best type of vehicle: A fast one.
    *Win if: Frag limit is reached; Opponent's team destroys the citadel; Occupy
    the citadel for 1 minute.
    -Teams: usually none, but there can be up to four.
    -Objectives: Reach frag limit.
    -Tips: Look at the crate design before picking it up.  If you don't, you could
    blow up.
    -Best type of vehicle: A strong one with high defense.
    -Win if: Frag limit is reached.
          OPTIONS (cont.)
    Now, back to the ol' selections.
    -Team Play: Allows you to play with teams.  In cooperative, there can be a
    max of 2 teams.  Deathmatch can have 4.
    -AI Players: Will the computer be allowed to play?
    -HAWC Regeneration: Will your HAWC reappear in it's original location if it
    blows up?
    -Frag Limit: How many kills are needed to win.  Must not be unlimited in 
    deathmatch games or else it will never end.
             GAME OPTIONS
    After you choose a game, there will be the following options (most are for
    the host).
    -Player: Shows the human players under the host's name.
    -Team: Shows what team the player is on (can only change own, option avalible
    to joiners).
    -Race: Shows what race the player is (can only change own, option available to
    -Vehicle: Show what vehicle the player has (can only change own, option
    available to joiners).
    -Status: Wait or go (can only change own, option available to joiners).  This
    decides whether the player is ready to play or not and you can't start the
    game until every player has go.
    -Launch: Start the game.
    -Reject: Boot out the selected player.
    -Abort: Cancel the game.
    -Setup: What the game options are.
    -Chat: This is where the humans can chat.  A computer named Trivia! will
    randomly post trivia things in which the human can try to name (i.e. State
    Select launch to start the game.  Remember to go easy on them!
                                    IX: FAQ
    Q: Why can't I go full speed?  My mech just goes about 5MPH.
    A: Press 9 to go full speed.
    Q: Hey!  The cheats don't work when I play multiplayer!  How come?
    A: Think about it.  You're on the internet and you start shooting the heck
    out of a guy with ion cannons.  He doesn't take a bead of damage.  He shoots
    you...no damage.  This would go on forever and since most games end when a 
    frag limit is reached, they wouldn't ever end.  That's why.  Better yet,
    imagine if someone has invincibility and you don't.  How do you expect to win?
    Q: My mech is going very slowly, even though I pressed 9.  How come?
    A: You legs are severely damaged and are about to break.  If you're playing
    multiplayer, find a new mech, avoiding battles, and take that one.  If you
    are playing the solo-missions, check for solo enemies.  If you find 1, shoot
    them out of their vehicle (use a Gashr) and use that one.
                             X: CODES/CHEATS/FUN STUFF
    -Open cheat prompt: Press Ctrl + F1 to open the cheat prompt.
    -Invincibility: Open the cheat prompt, then enter "Had A Nude On" exactly
    like that.  You'll hear a ding if you did it right.  Press ctrl + I in a
    mission to gain invincibility.
    -Gain Ammo: Open the cheat prompt, then enter "Brass Clue" exactly like that.
    You'll hear a ding if you did it right.  Press ctrl + Z in a mission to gain
    -Destroy Target Instantly: Open the cheat prompt, then enter "Rotted Drop"
    exactly like that.  You'll hear a ding if you did it right.  Press ctrl + F
    in a mission to instantly kill whatever you targeted.
    -Funny Voices: Open the cheat prompt, then enter "Dunk It Here" exactly like
    that.  You'll hear a ding if you did it right.  You should now hear a funny
    -Play any Level: Open the cheat prompt, then enter "Redtop Trod" exactly like
    that.  You'll hear a ding if you did it right.  Now go to the mission select
    screen and play any level you want.
    -Teleport to your Target: Open the cheat prompt, then enter "Half Libel" 
    exactly like that.  You'll hear a ding if you did it right.  Now, when
    you're playing a mission, choose a target and press ctrl + B to teleport to
    your target.
    -7th Level HQ: Open the cheat prompt, then enter "Swiss Throat" exactly like
    that.  You'll hear a ding if you did it right.  When you get to level 2-6,
    enter the citadel.  This is now the 7th Level HQ.
    -Irish Drill Sargent: Open the cheat prompt, then enter "O'Sarge" exactly
    like that.  You'll hear a ding if you did it right.  Now, when you open the
    training missions, the sargent will talk in an Irish accent.
    -Take Screenshots: Open the cheat prompt, then enter "A Scramble On" exactly
    like that.  You'll hear a ding if you did it right.  In a mission, hold
    Shift + Ctrl and press the right button on your mouse.  This will create a
    picture of the screen right now and make it your desktop.
    -Mount Rushmore: Open the cheat prompt, then enter "Mother Mourn Us" exactly
    like that.  You'll hear a ding if you did it right.  In mission 1-5, one of
    the mountains will resemble Mount Rushmore, only the heads will be of the
                             XI: FUTURE VERSIONS
    In the future versions, I hope to have:
    -A complete walkthrough
    -More codes
                                 XII: CLOSURE
    In conclusion, I loved writing this FAQ and I hope you enjoyed it too.  This
    awesome game never was too popular and I don't see why.  Well, have fun with
    the game!
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