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"An old but still good Grand Theft Auto"

Well GTA London is an expanson pack for the orignal grand theft auto that has the exact same game play as the orignal GTA and almost the same gameplay as GTA 2.

Gameplay 10

Well unlike GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas there is NO main story mission in GTA London instead for every mission you go to you will have to go to a pay phone to start your missionsand you will also have a choice of who you want your player to be when you start do thats pretty cool. Now these missions that you do can pretty much be anything to blowing up a bus, shooting somebody, or robbing a bank or a store. And some this else that is different in GTA London and all of the older GTAs is that there are levels so like in level one you need $100,000 to continue on to level 2 and to continue the game so this is a nice thing that they had. Unlike GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas you dont play this game in a 3RD person veiw following you character evry where he goes. Instead you will be looking down on you character as well the city in a topdown helicopter veiw. This game is still lots of fun even though this game looks different it still plays the same you can still steal cars and kill random people. But one othewr big differnce besides the camera angle is the weapons. In the new GTAs you get like 15 or 20 weapons i think it maybe higher but any way in this game you only get 5 weapons and they are the ---Fist--- like to punch people, ---Handgun--- to shoot people, ---Machinegun--- to shoot multiple people at the same time, ---Rocket Launcher--- to blow stuff up or to blow people up, and lastly the ---Flamethrower--- to burn people alive to blow up cars. This is really all you need since this game isant as complicated as the newer ones. And the last big differnce in this game is that there are Taxi, FireTruck, Medic or anything like that in this game but there are side missions witch are very fun.

Graphics 8

Now at the time when this game came out there were games looking much better then this so this is the fault. But yet again when you think about it this game is a topdown camera game and its not like GTA SA so its not as detailed as the new ones. So really since theres not really much detail in this game there was really no reason to try and make it have good graphics. But still they still could'a made it have good graphics even though theres not much to the game.

Control 10

your playing this game on a keyboard so you can set your controls and even if you dont wnt to play this game on a keyboard you can but a Controller for your computer if you like the feel of playing it on a PSX, or DC or whatever.

Sound 9

Now these arent state of the art sound effects but still do sound really cool. Some thing sound even cooler then others like when you blow up a car. But shooting your gun sounds good too. There is also a key on your key board that when you push your character will make a farting noise or he will spit on the ground. So even though this game dosent sound ass good as well like Quake 3 Arena or Metal Gear Solid it still soounds pretty good.

Replay Value 9

If you recall this is a Grand Theft Auto game so this game has high replay value. Its so high because this game is a free roming game and you have so much to do.

This is where i tell you if you should buy this game or just borrow it from your friend and then give it back when your done playing it well GO AND BUY IT for this awsome reason. because now at gamestop and other videogame store they have whats called the Grand Theft Auto Classics Collection witch is three games for the price of $10 or $15 dollors witch has Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto London 1969, and Grand Theft Auto 2. So this is deffinite buy and this could be the buy of the month or the year.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/25/05

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