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    Walkthrough by Crash

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                                   H A R V E S T E R
                                 Walkthrough by  Crash
    This is the bloodiest and the most disgusting horror adventure game I've ever
    played. The gore is really sick, an axe in the head, head blasting, and more.
    But the story is quite good. Although the interface and the sequence is a little
    out of date. But hey, what the heck. So here it is :
                             THE MAP OF HARVEST
                          Home    Pottsman         Abandoned      Johnson
                                  residence         house         residence
       Barbershop   Post             |                                     
                   office            |                            Mortuary
     ------- Missile ------------- THE    --------- Cemetery ----------------
              base                  LODGE                         Wayward
       Meat      School              |  Edna's      Police     Fire 
       supplier                      |    diner     station      station
                            TV       |                Newspaper
                           station   |                   building
    DAY 1
    Main goals : Submit the lodge's application
    Open the drawer in your room. Get money and pen. Go out. Talk to Hank, your little
    brother. Yikes, he likes blood and gore. Go to the kitchen and talk to your dear
    mother who locked your dear dad up in his room. And watch your little brother,
    the baby in the craddle, swallows a wasp. Yuck. What a family !!!! Pick up the
    newspaper in the living room, then go out. Give the paper to Jimmy, such a strange
    boy. Now it's time to look around this strange city and gain info.
      - Post office : Talk to Boyle. Learn about Lodge application
      - Barbershop  : Talk to the visitors. Learn about some aliens at military base
      - General Store : Talk to the owner. Learn about deputy Loomis that adore some
        dirty pictures. Notice the copier machine. Operate the shelves and buy the 
        dirty magazine ( pay the woman with your nickles ).
      - Pottsdam residence : Talk to Mr. and Mrs Pottsdam. Learn about the wedding
        and the Lodge. Go upstair. Enter the first room on the right. Move the picture
        on the wall. Hmm.. nice act. Open the medicine cabinet. Get aspirin, cough
        medicine, vitamins, tampons, and a jar of Oralube. Try the sink and the closet
        if you wants. Go to the next room. Talk to Stephanie. Learn more about the 
        Lodge and his dirty oldman.
      - Abandonned house : Talk to wasps woman. Learn about the wasps.
      - Mortuary : Talk to the owner. Learn that all the visitor in Harvest has been
        found dead. What a NICE town !!! Get the mortuary ledger.
      - Cemetary : Just look around now and notice the Pottsdam family crypt
      - Fire station : Talk to the fireman. Learn about their habit on drawing nude
        man ( that sick man !! ) and about the newspaper fire.
      - Newspaper building : Get the shovel and use it on the ashes. Get the burnt
        flyer and the button.
      - Police station : Talk to Deputy Dwayne. Learn about the fire. Talk to Deputy
        Loomis. Find out about Dwayne habit.
      - Edna's diner : Talk to Edna and Karin, her daughter. Talk to Dwayne. Open the
        drawer on the left. Get the screwdriver. 
      - Police station : Give Loomis the dirty magazines. Check out the desk drawer.
        Get the checkbook, key, and the note. Read them. Hmm.. blackmail. Use the key
        to unlock the evidence room. Get the sneaker, gas can, and the camera. And
        watch how Loomis get spank on his head.
      - TV station : Talk to the ranger and ask about TV violence. Enter Knight's
        room. Talk to him. Notice his secret safe behind the picture.
      - School : Talk to Principal. Enter the class. Talk to the teacher. See how
        she beats up her students. That's cruel and whacko !!!
      - Meat plant : Talk to the butcher. Received the meat slip that has to be
        signed up by your father if you want the meat.
      - Missile base : Talk to the guard. Be careful about your answer. Don't make
        him angry or your head will be blown out. Learn about the Lodge and Harvest
      - Lodge : Talk to the guard. Learn about the application.
      - General store : Use the checkbook and note on the copier. 
      - Post office : Shows the button and the copies to Boyle. Received the Lodge
        application. Use your pen to fill in the application.
      - Edna's diner : Shows the copies to Boyle. In return, he'll give you the free
        jail ticket ( hey, it's some kind of monopoly of what !!! ).
      - The Lodge : Give the application to the guard. 
    After this, you'll take a rest in your house. That's the end of Day 1. Brrrr..
    this town's peoples are very weird.
    Goals : Receive first assignment
    Get the newspaper. Go out. Give the paper to Jimmy. Talk to him. Give him the
    sneakers. In return he'll give you the school's broom closet and some tips about 
    the principal's affair. Go to school. Use the key to unlock the broom closet.
    Use the camera on the storage cabinet to blackmail the principal. Accept the 
    offering and received the bat. Go to post office. Use the jar of Oralube on the 
    manhole key. End of the morning.
    Goals : Make a scratch on Johnson's car
    Go to the cemetary. Watch Pottsman digging something. Hmm... strange. Talk to 
    him and notice his nervousness. Get the matches lying on the ground. Go to the
    Johnson's resident. Use the manhole key to open the manhole cover. Then enter.
    Use shovel on the corroded wall on the right side. Enter the hole. Go right until
    you arrive in Johnson's garage. Get the dolly and the fork. Operate the working
    bench. Get the Phillips screwdriver. Use it on car. Go back out. Report this to
    the lodge. End of night.
    Goals : Save Karin and find tools for breaking in the fire station 
    Go to Johnson. Hear news about Karin being kidnapped. Go to Edna's. Ask her about
    it. Then go to police station. Ask Dwayne about it. Go ask Pottsdam about it. 
    He gives you an alibi. I know this dirty old man is tricky. Tell Stephanie about
    the scratching ( actually it's not important wether you tell Stephanie or lie
    about your activities in stealing things ). Go to the cemetary. Go right twice.
    Operate the picnic bench. Use shovel to dig the grave under it. Hey, that's Karin.
    Talk to her. She'll explain about Mr. Pottsman. Bring her to her mom. Receive
    the reward money. Ask Pottsman about it. He'll keep denying it. Go to the school.
    Break the fire alarm. It should attract the fireman's attraction. Go to the fire
    station. Get the fireaxe and the ladder from the garage. Go back to your house.
    Use the dolly with the shelves. Hey, it's an alarm button. Turn off the alarm.
    Go out. Use the phillips screwdriver with the security bar at the window. Enter
    the room. Talk to your father. He'll sign up the meat slip. Go to meat plant.
    Give the meat slip to Pat, the butcher. He'll give you a meat. Go out. It should
    end the morning.
    Goals : Get the clothes from the fire station
    Go to the fire station. Enter. Give the meat to dog. Open the blanket on the
    table. Hey, that's the man model. What he's doing here in the middle of the night ?
    He's another nutcase in Harvest. Talk to him. Answer yes, and he'll give you a
    clue about the clothes hiding place. Turn on the lamp switch. Use ladder with
    the left light glass to get the clothes. Go out. It should end the day.
    Goals : Find the tools for breaking the barbershop
    Get the newspaper. Give it to Jimmy outside. This become an annoying habit. Go
    to the store. Pay Mr. Phelps some money. Pick up the wrench and the ducktape 
    from the shelves. Visit Pottsdam residence. Talk to Mr. Pottsdam. Go up to Stephanie.
    Talk to her. And if you answer yes to her offering of making love, you'll get
    a nice love scene with a pervert peeping from the bathroom ( that's his oldman, 
    that dirty oldman !!! ). Talk to her again about the stealing or just lie to her.
    Report the stealing to the lodge. This end up day 4 morning.
    Goals : Steal the Pastorelli's barberlamp
    Use the ducktape on the door. Break the door using the fireaxe. Enter the barber.
    Turn off the lights with the right switch on the wall. Use the screwdriver from
    Edna's to open the barberlamp. Gotcha !!! Go out. End of day 4.
    Goals : Find tools to set fire at Edna's Diner
    Take to your mother about the bake sale. Get the newspaper and give it to Jimmy.
    Report the stealing to the Lodge. Heard that Pastorelli is dead. Receive the next
    assignment. Go to barbershop. Talk to Swell. Poor Pastorelli's, electrecuted to
    dead. Talk about it with Stephanie at Pottsdam residence ( or just prever lie to
    her, it's your choice !! ). Talk around to the other people in town about the 
    late incident. Go to mortuary. Enter the chapel. Look at the casket. Open it.
    Take a picture of it with your camera. Enter the morgue. Talk to Moynahan about
    the corpse. Try to pick up the glue. Agree with his offering. Receive the glue.
    That should wrap up day 5 morning.
    Goals : Burn down Edna's Diner
    Go to the school. Enter the hall. Talk to PTA mom, then go out. Someone will shout
    about the fire at TV station. Go there. Look Boyle walk in a hurry. Go to Edna's
    diner. Use ducktape on glassdoor. Use axe to break it. Enter. Get the cake cover.
    Use glue with the cover. Use the cover with the smoke alarm on the ceiling. Then
    turn on the stove. Use matches to lit it up. Run like hell to outside or you'll
    be burnt. That's the end of day 5.
    DAY 6 
    Goals : Get into the Lodge
    Get the paper and give it to the boy outside the house. Yup, another delivery service.
    Visit the TV station. Talk to Range Ryder. Hey he looks like Fred Krueger, Nightmare
    in Harvester ?? Go to Edna's diner. Enter. Watch the sad scene about Edna's suicide
    and she killed her own daughter. What a tragic family !!! Go to Pottsdam residence.
    If you want, just make love with Stephanie. Talk about the fire at Edna's. This
    time lie to her to make her happy. Go back to your house. Talk to your mother 
    about the fire. Then, watch the sickest and most disgusting scene in the game.
    Your mother poke the eye of the baby, YUCK !!!! How can she does that kind of 
    thing ??? Anyway, she'll inform you to go to see Stephanie. Something is happening 
    to her. Go there. Climb up. Talk to Mr. Pottsdam. Watch Stephanie becoming a skeleton.
    And that sherrif keeps eating the pie ??? This town's peoples is really sick !!!
    Get the Lodge invitation on the bed. Go to the Lodge. Show the invitation. Unfortunately
    it isn't enough yet. You must steal the skeleton and show it to him. Talk around
    the town for more info about Stephanie. Then go to cemetary. Use ladder on the
    crypt. Break the glass with axe. Climb down. Kill the wolf. Open the casket. Get
    the spine inside. Give ot to th Brother in Arms at the Lodge. Now, enter the Lodge.
    Prepare to die mister !!!!
    Goals : Find a way to level 2 ( there are 2 ways you can use )
    Talk to Valvet. Then go out through the trapdoor. Yooooooo, you slides down to 
    the slimy tunnel. Kill all the creatures insight. Then slide into the room with
    many eyeballs on the wall. Pops off the biggest one with your Lodge blade. Then,
    there's a way to the level one. Hmm... secret door. Enter the main room. First 
    of all, you must find a way to clean your jeans from the acid, or you'll die soon. 
    First, go up to the door. Open it. Kill the wolf. Go right to the bar. Operate 
    the liquor shelves. Drink the strong beer on the top shelves. Now, quickly kill 
    your image. Get the bar key. Use it to unlock the cash register on the bar. Get 
    the 200 dollars bill and the 5 dollars bill. Go to the left door back to dining 
    room. Go left to the kitchen. Get sandwich, the torso and the leg that scattered
    around. Talk to the cheff. Kill him to get his cleaver if you want. But it's not
    a good weapon. Head back down to the main room. Go left to the laundry room. Pay
    the servant with 5 dollars bill to clean your clothes from Acid ( If you fight
    carefully before, you shouldn't have an acid on your clothes ). Kill him to get
    his shotgun. Woww this game is full of blood !!! 
    Get the clothes that hangin' on the rack. Put it on the peg, second from the left.
    It should trigger the secret compartment. Enter. Get the schyte and the bullets.
    That's a good weapon. Go out. Operate the light switch. It should unlock the door
    on the left. Enter it. Kill the creature ( use your schyte for easy killing ).
    Get the baseball bat and the billiard stick. Eat the candy to gain your health
    back. Enter the left door. Throw the torso to the bubble on the pond. Quickly
    cross the bridge to the locker room. Get the weed's killer on the locker. Go back
    to the bridge. This time throw the legs to the bubbles. Go back to main room.
    Head back into the bar. Now take the right door. Use the weed's killer on the 
    plant. That should kill that disgusting thing. Open the fountain gate. Operate
    the fountain. Pick up the fountain key. Can you see it ??? It's near your right
    shoulder ( the small thing ). Then use it in the hole on the right column. It 
    should open the door. Enter. Kill the gigantic creature. Then climb the rope.
    P.S : You can go to the level 2 through the fireplace behind the right door at
          the main room. Just distinguish the fire with water. Then climb up.
    Goals : Gain access to level 3
    Talk to the art collector. Kill all the living statue ( use your schyte ). One
    of them should drop a key. Use it to unlock the door nearby. Enter. First go to
    the left door into the library. Talk to the librarian. She'll help you if you 
    give her the book from Mc Cain. Go to the right. Follow the right track until
    you find a door at the edge. Open it. Kill Mc Cain, the big guy. Retrieved the 
    book. Give it to the librarian. She'll give you a clue about the chessmaster's
    key. Now go right, then up. Open the left door. Operate the right column for a
    weapon. Get the snail ( search the vines carefully to get the snail ). Go out, 
    then open the north door. Talk to the level 2 Director. He'll give you a clue 
    about kewpie doll. Is this some kind of festival or what ??? What the heck, just
    find the "kewpie doll". Follow the path to the right. Find a door between two
    ashtrays. Operate the ashtray to get some bullets. Open the door. Talk to the
    chessmaster. Beat him in the game of chess. Follow this order :
               3 .                   Xd6 move to b7
               4                     Xb8 move to a8
               5   .                 Xb7 move to c5
               6 . .   x             That's should do it. And the axe split the
               7                     chessmaster's head. Ugggh gross !!!
               8   x                 Get the chessmaster key.
                 A B C D E F G H
    Go out. To the left. Left again. Open the door. Go down. Use your shotgun to kill
    the janitor. Retrieved his nailgun. Go right. Unlock the door using the chessmaster's
    key. Enter. Kill the clown and retrieved the kewpie doll and the kewpie key. Hmm..
    cute. Go back to the director room. Show him the kewpie doll. He'll tell you to
    find your girl at the Chapel of Love in level 3. Go out. Now follow the path until 
    you find double doors. Use kewpie key to unlock it. Enter. Get the 2 flags. Enter
    the gap at the curtain. Collect 3 wooden plank in that big room. Get the sandwich
    too. Eat it if you're injured very bad. Open the door. Kill the skeleton. Get
    the lighter near the sofa. Go out. Operate the mask on the wall. Move the happy 
    mask 4 times to the right, and the sad masks 7 times to the right ( I guess 7
    is his lucky number isn't it ). This will open the secret door. Enter.
    Now it's a scene with limited time. You must hurry or you'll be fried. OK, let's
    see .... a broken pipe has released the steam out. Collect the 3 pipes that scattered
    around. Then get the wrench. Turn the valve near the broken pipe. Release the
    broken pipe using the wrench. Combine the 3 pipes in your inventory to make an
    S-pipe. Use it with the shortcut pipe to release the steam up. That should open
    the boiler and voila there's a key inside. Use it to unlock the door to the left.
    Enter. Use the planks with the lava then quickly cross the handmade bridge.
    Use the two flag with the cement pedestal. It should trigger the escape door when
    the ceiling reach the flag. Then climb the rope to level 3.
    LEVEL 3
    Goals : Find and release Stephanie. Destroy the brotherhood.
    It's killing time. You should pass this level if you kill everyone. First, see
    that fatso eating the burger. Operate the burger and he'll get mad. Kill him.
    Then kill the guard too with your nailgun. Enter the door. Welcome to the temple
    of motherly love. Look at the children. They're eating their mom. Uuugh, sick 
    scene. Kill them all. Next things to do are just kill all the people you meet.
    Then you'll see the leader. It was the principal. Then you'll be given 2 different
    endings, but both are ...... sick !!!
      - If you marry Stephanie, the you'll live happily ever after ....... in
        Harvest. But dead in the real world.
      - If you kill Stephanie, then you become a ...... serial killer. 
    So, just choose as you wish. And the ending scene, both are bloody.
                                 Sleep well, guys !!!!
                             Ha ... ha... ha... ha... ha..

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