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    FAQ/Walkthrough by jatin

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                            Disney's Hercules Action Game
                         |                                 |
                         |    Complete FAQ/Walkthrough     |
                         |    ------------------------     |
                         |   For          : Hercules       |
                         |   By           : Jatin Bhatia   |
                         |   System       : PC             |
                         |   Started On   : July 05, 2003  |
                         |   Completed On : Not yet        |
                         |   Last Update  : July 05, 2004  |
                         |   Version      : 0.5            |
                         |   Size         : 31 KB          |
     This document :  Copyright 2003-04 Jatin Bhatia. All rights reserved.
     Best viewed   :  Notepad/WordPad, Courier New, 10 Pts, 800x600 resolution.
     My Email Add  :  jb_003_india[at]yahoo.com (replace [at] by @)
                             IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT
     I want to inform all of you that I won't be able to complete this FAQ now,
     since I haven't got the game with me anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.
       Table Of Contents
     1. Introduction
          1.1  General
          1.2  About me
          1.3  About the game
     2. Game Basics 
          2.1  Controls
          2.2  Moves
          2.3  Abbreviations
     3. Walkthrough
          3.1  Training
          3.2  Gauntlet
          3.3  Forest
          3.4  Level Passwords
     4. Important   
          4.1  Reader's Letters
          4.2  Contact info
          4.3  Copyright
     5. Miscellaneous
          5.1  Version History
          5.2  Credits
          5.3  Guide info
                                 1. INTRODUCTION
     1.1 General
    I decided to write a Walkthrough for Hercules simply because there was none
    available for it at Gamefaq's, and also I had a lot of free time. Feel free
    to E-mail any question, correction, addition, suggestion that you may have.
    See the Contact Info (4.2) section for details.
     1.2 About Me
    My name is Jatin Bhatia, and I live in Delhi, India. I am an engineering 
    student and I love playing games. I also like reading, and recently I
    have started writing too. This is the third FAQ that I have written.
     1.3 About The Game 
    Hercules was the strongest man ever. This game is based on the character of
    the TV serial of the same name. The game is a sidescroller (mostly) and I 
    like playing it very much. It has 10 levels, and so is not a very big game,
    but it is thoroughly enjoyable. If anybody knows the story of the game, I
    would be glad if you E-mail it to me.
                                 2. GAME BASICS
     2.1 Controls
    These are the default controls :
     F1 : Help
     F2 : Options
     F3 : Load Game         
     Arrow Keys : Directions
     Z          : Jump
     X          : Sword
     C          : Punch
     D          : Power Punch (hold down to charge)
     S          : Select weapon
     2.2 Moves
    To learn the special moves etc, and the function of special items, read the
    game manual. I am not going to repeat what is already given there. Do note 
    that in the walkthrough I will refer to some moves etc. from the manual. So 
    if you don't have it, get it from a friend or someone else. 
     2.3 Abbreviations
    These are some of the abbreviations that I use in this walkthrough :
     DHAG  :  Disney's Hercules Action Game
     PP    :  Power Punch
     MAGS  :  Mid-Air Ground Slam
     GotG  :  Gifts of the Gods
     HB    :  Herculade Bottles
     HAF   :  Hercules Action Figure
     HV    :  Hercules Vase
     MPV   :  Mystery password vase
     HLM   :  Hermes Level Marker
     HS    :  Hermes Sandals
     DD    :  Damsel Dummies
     DE    :  Dummy Enemies
                                 3. WALKTHROUGH
    This is for the normal difficulty level. I will not be writing about the
    locations of all the coins, though I want all other items to be covered.
    If I missed something, please E-mail me and I will give you the credit.
     Level 1 : Training : Your Basic D.I.D
    In this level, you will learn the basic and advanced moves of the game. 
    Start by taking the silver coins, now hit the DE's either with your sword 
    or punch. You will have to use the weapon while jumping. When you hit all 
    of them, the DD would have been be fully lowered, rescue her and take the 
    silver coin. Phil will now remove the stone figure that's blocking your the
    Don't start hitting the next set of DE's. Jump on the wooden platform on
    which they are hanging and use the MAGS (just jump and press down). Use
    it until all of them are destroyed. Now the platform would have gone up
    and you can take the coins and 'H'. Rescue the DD and move ahead.
    In this section, the enemies are moving back and forth. Stand at a safe 
    distance and hit them when they come directly in front of you. Take the 
    coins and rescue the DD. You receive a gold coin this time. Phil will
    again clear the path so move on.
    Keep running here, because the DE's will fall from above. Jump to take the 
    coins, but do not stop. You will now come across a swinging wooden platform
    thingy. Jump over it and use the MAGS again. Now jump to grab the pole
    and keep swinging and jumping to collect all the gold coins and the 'E'.
    Rescue the DD, collect the coin and move ahead.
    Stand just close enough to the rotating DE's and hit them when they come in
    your front. It should take two complete rotation to finish all of them, if
    you don't miss any of them. Repeat for the next set. Take the GotG, its a
    lightning sword. Take the HB if you are want (who won't). Reach the HLM.
    To grab the high platform, just stand close to it and press jump. Hercules 
    will automatically grab it and jump to reach above the platform. Another HB
    and some coins. Keep going up, and you will receive another GotG. You will
    now be attacked by a group of vultures. Don't jump when they are directly
    above you or very close. Slash them with your sword. 
    Move ahead till the center of this platform, where there seems to be a 
    crack or something. Use MAGS three times and the ground will break. Take 
    the coins and the 'R' and 'C'. Come back up by grabbing the ledges. Now
    at the end of this platform, keep going forward, the wooden plank will 
    begin to break. So try to take the Helmet of Invincibility before that 
    happens. Go back a little to take the HB. 
    As you go up, a lot of vultures are gonna attack you. Use the Helmet if
    you want to. Keep going down until you reach the ground, take the HB.
    Now you will meet the sharks. When the shark is out of the way, move to 
    the center platform (the one over which the shark is jumping) and crouch.
    Let it pass over you once, and then move ahead.
    Repeat the procedure for the next shark, take the HB and HAF, now run like
    anything on the wooden plank which will break. Stop when a shark jumps
    right ahead of you, then continue running, until you reach the HLM. Use PP
    to break this pillar. Take the coins, use PP again. Collect the MPV and HB. 
    Now keep running, there is no use to stay and fight with these DE's, you 
    can easily get past them. Break the pillar with a PP, now you will be 
    attacked by vultures again. Finish them off, and then collect the  GotG
    Fireball Sword in between the trees. Keep running past the enemies who
    shoot fireballs at you.
    Go up this mountain, and on the top you will again come to a cracked spot.
    Use MAGS and collect the 'U', MPV, GotG and HB. Go up, and there are HLM
    and a HAF. Now drop down, but keep yourself to the left side, if you want 
    to collect a HB. Take the GotG, its a Sonic sword. Jump and you can see
    what awaits you.
    Run forward and then take the coins by standing on the stone. Now pick up
    the stone, just stand on its side and press the left or right arrow. You
    walk slower while carrying an object and you cannot jump. Continue moving
    ahead, and don't stop. You may get hurt by some vultures, but you will
    soon receive a lot of HB's. When you get to the mountain, drop down the 
    stone, by pressing X, and now go up, kill the vultures and take the HB's.
    When you are at the edge of the mountain, drop down, but keep to the left.
    You get the 'L'. Now keep running until you get to the next mountain. Now
    wait for the vultures to follow you and finish them all. Now run all the 
    way back to the first pillar. It has a pole on which you can swing. Now 
    you have to swing from one poll to the next one, it might be difficult at 
    first, but later you will enjoy it. 
    Jump to reach the mountain and take the HB. Another one of those cracks.
    Use MAGS, take the 'E', HB and coins. Reach the HLM and keep moving forward 
    and drop down. This is the place, where I remain stuck for quite sometime
    and figured it out only when I read the manual. Use PP on the tree and it
    will break into pieces.
    What, it does not works? Notice the goats. Stand at the beginning of the 
    pathway and press Up. Press Down to go back in. Take the HB on your left
    and move right. Go Up once again, take the con to left, go right, then
    down and then right. Down again, go left and slash the DE, take the coin.
    Go right, then Up, take the HB. Go right, jump to take the coins, then go 
    UP. Go all the way left and take the MPV and 'S'.
    Return to the right and go down the path, take the coins, go right, Down
    and then left. Jump and slash the DE, take the coins and then move all the 
    way right. Keep going up the mountain, collecting all the coins as you go.
    At the top, collect the Lightning and the level is complete. See your
    Hero rating (I got Hero) and the percentage of coins collected (98).
     Level 2 : Gauntlet : Hero's Gauntlet
    This is not a side-scroller, you will be following Hercules from behind.
    Press Up to increase his speed and down to decrease it, but you can't
    stop him in this level (making my job even tougher). There would be two
    crossroads in the level, and you will have to choose left or right. I am
    writing for the right path (cause its the right path). Apart from the 
    arrow keys, only the jump button will be available.
    Start by taking the coins, avoid the coming enemy, and the DE. Another
    enemy is coming towards you, then coins, then DE's. Take the 'H' and
    get past these rotating blades before the enemy reaches you, then dodge 
    him and his partners. Take the HB.
    Hanging and swinging blades are the next hindrance. Slow down when you 
    reach close to it, allow it to get past once, then move ahead. Take the 
    HAF, dodge the moving hammer thingy, take the HB, coins and HS. You begin
    to run fast. Don't be afraid of the coming boulder, you can smash it now.
    BTW I don't think rescuing the DD's is worth the effort in this level.
    Take the coins, the 'E', get past the DE, the swinging blades and the 
    stone punch. Take the MPV, HB and then go right, there is a HLM. Take the 
    coins and avoid the incoming boulder. Now there is a small pond and two 
    platform that you need to jump on to cross it. On the first there are 
    some coins and on the second there is an 'R'.
    Dodge the stone punch and then there is another small pond, on the first 
    platform are some gold coins, and on the second is HB. Avoid the coming 
    enemies and take the HAF. Dodge the DE's and the stone punches. More DE's 
    are up ahead. You come to yet another pond, HB on the first platform and 
    MPV on the other.
    Take the 'C' and the coins and get ready to avoid (or at least try to) a 
    lot of rolling stones (hey wait, where have I heard that before). Take 
    the HB, coins and avoid the hand hammers. Go right again, and you will 
    find another HLM.
    Take all the coins, avoid the DE and three sets of rotating stone 
    thingies. There are two more enemies coming towards you. Take the HB, 
    coins, dodge the DE and take the coins again. Avoid the stone hands and 
    the coming enemies, and then two falling stone hands.
    Take the 'U' and stay clear of the swinging blades and then take the HB. 
    another pond greets you. On the first platform is a coin and on the 
    second is a MPV. Avoid the two pair of stone hands, take the 'L' and the 
    HAF, after avoiding the DE's.
    Take all the coins and the HB, then dodge the stone hands, take the coin 
    and dodge the swinging blade. Take the GotG, Helmet of Invincibility, 
    which will get activated automatically, and the 'E'. Avoid the stone 
    hands, take the coins and then avoid the rotating stone thingy.
    All right, now all these pillars are going to fall in your path. Just keep 
    jumping over them, while pressing the key of the direction opposite to 
    which they fall. Of course, alternatively you can press the Down button 
    and just pass along the fallen pillars. Do take the 'S' and the HAF. 
    Avoid the DE's.
    Another pond, the first platform has HB and the second has a MPV. Take 
    the HS's, avoid the wooden rotating things with blades and crash into the 
    boulder, which will give you a MPV. Avoid the hand hammers and the 
    rotating stone thingy, then the swinging blades, and then the stone 
    If you have survived all of the above, then congrats, you just finished 
    the second level. Your score is shown again. My Hero rating was Hero and 
    the percentage of coins was 78. I missed quite a few of them.
     Level 3 : Forest : The Centaur's Forest
    Start by going a little left. standing close to the tree, then jumping. 
    Hercules will grab the tree, now jump when on top of the tree, you get a 
    'H'. Now go right, through the pond, take the coins and then use PP to blow 
    the stone barrier.
    Now go Up, kill the thug and the vulture, take the coins, now jump up the 
    tree to the left again to take the 'E'. Although there is no path, you can 
    still go Up from here to take the HAF and a coin. Return back Down and head 
    right. Take the HB and use PP on the stone barrier. Go Up and left to take 
    the Gotg, sonic sword.
    Kill the vultures, take the coins, take the HB, then go Up. Take the coins, 
    kill the vultures, then go Up again. Go left, take the coin, go Down, then 
    left to get the HV. Return by going right, Up, right, Down. Now go right, 
    in to the water, and keep going right. Jump Up and Up again to reach the 
    Kill the vulture, then kill the thug. Take the HB and kill the vultures. 
    Use MAGS on this cracked place and collect the 'R', HB, MPV and a GotG. 
    Also take the HAF and the coins, then use the branch to come up again. Go 
    right, take the coins and the GotG, keep dropping down. Break the stone 
    barrier, then reach the HLM.
    Now you will face a new enemy, half human and half horse. Equip one of the 
    special swords to kill them. Take the HB, then fire on them only when there 
    feet's are on the ground again after taking a hit. Break the stone barrier, 
    take the HB, then go Up. Kill the vulture and again the group of vultures 
    when you go right.
    Go Up and left to get the GotG, fire sword. Equip it and then go Up. Take 
    the HB and kill the human horse. Break the stone barrier, then go right, 
    take the HB and the MPV, then go Down. Take the coins, go down again, go 
    left to get the HV, then go right. Take the coins, and reach the HLM.
    Go up the platform and up again, kill the vultures, the go up again. Kill 
    this black panther with wings (or whatever it is). Go right, kill the 
    vultures, take the HB, then go Down. Now drop to the left. You get HB, then 
    'C'. Break the stone barrier to get 'U'. Now return to the right and go up.
    Kill the black panther, go right, break the cracked ground with MAGS. 
    Collect the 'L', HB, two GotG, MPV, HAF and coins. Come back up, now go Up, 
    then left, keep climbing up, you get 'E' and HB, return to the original 
    position and go right. Take the coins and the GotG, Helmet of 
    Equip the helmet and then go right, break the two stone barriers by PP, and 
    turn the invincibility off when you reach HLM. Kill the vultures and then 
    the black panther, go Up. Kill the vulture, go left, then go Up, kill the 
    vultures, and then the black panther. Go Up, then right and kill the black 
    panther, go right and Down.
    Kill the black panther, then go left, kill the vultures, go Down, take the 
    MPV, go Down again, take the GotG and the HB, then go Up, then right. Kill 
    any vulture that attacks you, collect the two HB's. Keep going right, break 
    the two stone barriers and take the two HB's. Drop down to the HLM and also 
    meet the boss of this level, Centaur.
    Killing him is easy, but figuring out how to do that is not. Your weapons 
    are useless against him. What you need to do is to stand at the platform 
    where the HLM is placed. Now wait for Centaur to come and attack you. He 
    will either punch the platform or use his legs. These will harm you, so 
    keep jumping to avoid that. After some try, he will go right and stand 
    there while looking confused. At this time jump on his back, and see how 
    Hercules rides a horse.
    You have to repeat this process, until his health bar is empty, then he 
    will become unconscious. Go right, take the 'S', then give him a PP, and he 
    has been defeated. View your score. My Hero rating was Champ and the 
    percentage of coins was 93.
    Since I won't be able to complete the walkthrough, I am including the Level
    Passwords to help those stuck in the game:
    1. Your Basic DID 
    Coin, Helmet, Hydra, Lightning (Beginner) 
    Pegasus, Archer, Minotaur, Medusa (Herculean) 
    Gladiator, Minotaur, Gladiator, Medusa (Medium)
    2. The Hero's Gauntlet 
    Hercules' Head, Medusa, Pegasus, Pegasus (Beginner) 
    Nessus, Hydra, Helmet, Lightning (Herculean) 
    Hydra, Medusa, Coin, Medusa (Medium) 
    3. Centaur's Forest
    Lightning, Coin, Lightning, Archer (Beginner) 
    Lightning, Minotaur, Gladiator, Gladiator (Herculean) 
    Nessus, Hercules' Head, Minotaur, Archer (Medium) 
    4. The Big Olive Part 1
    Archer, Gladiator, Hydra, Lightning (Beginner) 
    Minotaur, Medusa, Hydra, Medusa (Herculean) 
    Nessus, Coin, Hydra, Hercules' Head (Medium) 
    5. The Big Olive Part 2
    Lightning, Minotaur, Medusa, Coin (Beginner) 
    Archer, Helmet, Archer, Coin (Herculean) 
    Gladiator, Hydra, Archer, Gladiator (Medium) 
    6. Hydra Canyon
    Pegasus, Coin, Lightning, Archer (Beginner) 
    Medusa, Gladiator, Pegasus, Coin (Herculean) 
    Coin, Helmet, Coin, Gladiator (Medium) 
    7. Medusa's Lair
    Nessus, Helmet, Gladiator, Lightning (Beginner) 
    Hydra, Gladiator, Pegasus, Nessus (Herculean) 
    Archer, Pegasus, Archer, Nessus (Medium) 
    8. Cyclops Attack
    Pegasus, Nessus, Nessus, Hydra (Beginner) 
    Helmet, Pegasus, Minotaur, Medusa (Herculean) 
    Helmet, Pegasus, Hercules' Head, Archer (Medium) 
    9. Titan Flight
    Pegasus, Pegasus, Helmet, Coin (Beginner) 
    Hydra, Pegasus, Pegasus, Helmet (Herculean) 
    Gladiator, Coin, Coin, Lightning (Medium) 
    10. Passageway Of Eternal Torment
    Gladiator, Hercules' Head, Medusa, Coin (Herculean) 
    Medusa, Gladiator, Nessus, Pegasus (Medium) 
    11. Vortex Of Souls
    Coin, Hydra, Minotaur, Gladiator (Herculean) 
    Gladiator, Lightning, Gladiator, Nessus (Medium) 
    12. View FMV sequences
    Nessus, Medusa, Helmet, Hydra (Herculean) 
    Pegasus, Gladiator, Nessus, Gladiator (Medium)
                                 4. IMPORTANT
    From: Lvferro@aol.com  
    thank you for the great walkthrough! I do have one question you are not 
    going to like, but I don't know where else to find it: my son just started 
    playing this game, we bought it used without the manual....so.....we can't 
    figure out how to save the game. He gets so frustrated from starting over 
    all the time. Could you please tell us?
    Thank you!
    From: "Nguyen Q Thong" <nqthong@yahoo.com>
    I like the game Hercules too, and i've found your walkthrough is very
    helpful!. Just wonder that why you don't write more about other next 
    (big olive I, II,hydra canyon...) ?
    From: "Dirk Francke" <dirk.f@bigpond.net.au>
    G'day Jatin!
    I recently searched the web for info on how to play the Hercules Action 
    Game and found your instructions posted on faqs.neoseeker.com
    My eldest son who turned 4 last month absolutely loves the game as do I 
    and we've spent many hours playing it together. Thanks heaps for taking 
    the time to put all the instructions up!
    I also wanted to tell you that my son Calneh discovered a way to defeat 
    the centaurs (half man half horse) that throw boulders at Hercules in the 
    Centaur's Forest. I'm quite proud of him, that at his age he was able to 
    accomplish this. Unfortunately we didn't get an instruction manual with 
    this game so we have to find all this out through websites like yours and 
    trial and error.
    There are two places where Hercules faces the boulder throwing Centaurs 
    the first one is halfway through the forest after you've defeated the 
    second Centaur that attacks with a sword. Here's how it's done...
    When the Centaur hurls a boulder at Hercules, just before the boulder 
    reaches its peak, make Hercules leap and swing his sword simultaneously. 
    When the timing is just right Hercules sword will deflect the boulder 
    back towards the pacing Centaur. The direction that Hercules is facing 
    is the same direction that the boulder is deflected to. This is important 
    as the Centaurs hurl their boulders and then walk away, so make sure that 
    Hercules is facing the direction that they are walking towards.
    Try this and watch them spin and drop!! 
    The other place offcourse is when Hercules is crossing a body of water 
    that is protected by Centaurs who also hurl boulders at him from a 
    distance. In your instructions you've said to equip the GotG Helmet of 
    Invincibility and PP your way through the two stone barriers which works 
    like a charm with no harm coming to Hercules. But if you employ the same 
    method of deflecting the boulders back at them (as outlined above) you 
    can actually defeat these Centaurs as well which I think is far more fun.
    You're most welcome to include these instructions on your website or any 
    other as long as you mention my son as the discoverer of this technique.
    His name is Calneh Francke and we live in Victoria Australia.
    Best Regards...
    Read these instructions before E-mailing me :
    * If I missed something/something is wrong in this file, please inform me.
    * I would also be happy to receive any grammatical corrections. 
    * Any Comments, Contributions, Suggestions, and Corrections are welcome.
    * I would reply to any question regarding the game, if I can.
    * I am new to writing FAQ's and I know its not so good, but I don't need
      you to keep reminding me that again and again (just once, maybe ^_^ ).
    * If you want to host this FAQ on your site, contact me first.
    * Please include something like 'Hercules FAQ' in the subject.
    * If you do not want to be credited, mention it clearly.
      E-mail        :  jb_003_india[at]yahoo.com (replace [at] by @)
      AOL ID        :  jatin003
      Gamefaqs ID   :  jatin
      Home Page     :  www32.brinkster.com/jb003
     4.3 COPYRIGHT
    All the contents of this document belongs to the author and may not be 
    reproduced in any form without his written permission. It has been written
    by me based on my personal experience, except where otherwise noted.
    This guide can be hosted by the following sites only -
    GameFAQs      ->  http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    Neoseeker     ->  http://www.neoseeker.com/
    My Home Page  ->  http://www32.brinkster.com/jb003/
    If you find this guide at any other site, please inform the author.
    If you want to host this guide at your site, request me and I will let you.
    Copyright 2003-04 Jatin Bhatia. All rights reserved.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Hercules is a trademark of The Walt Disney Company.
                               5. MISCELLANEOUS
    Version 0.3 : July 09, 2003 :
    -> First draft, walkthrough is not complete yet.
    -> Added everything else, and the format is also done.
    -> Three levels done, hence the version 0.3
    -> Spell Checked and sent to Gamefaqs.com
    Version 0.5 : July 05, 2004 :
    -> Exactly an year since I first started the FAQ.
    -> Added the letters sent by readers.
    -> Added Level Passwords.
    -> Changed the ASCII at top.
    -> Updated copyright info.
    -> Added guide info.
    -> Minor changes in layout.
     5.2 CREDITS
    I want to thank :
    God                 :   For everything
    My family           :   For being good to me
    My PC               :   For letting me play the game and write this FAQ
    CJayC               :   For creating GAMEFAQs.com and including this FAQ
    Disney Interactive  :   For making the game
    Game manual         :   For providing me elementary info about the game
    Gamewinners.com     :   For the level passwords
    Calneh Francke      :   For discovering a way to defeat the centaurs
    You                 :   For reading this FAQ
     5.3  GUIDE INFO
    Version     : 0.5
    Size        : 31 KB
    Lines       : 741
    Columns     : 79
    Font style  : Courier New
    Font size   : 10
    Text Editor : Metapad
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        _/    _/ _/       _/    _/ _/       _/    _/ _/       _/       _/
       _/_/_/_/ _/_/_/_/ _/_/_/_/ _/       _/    _/ _/       _/_/_/_/ _/_/_/_/
      _/    _/ _/       _/_/     _/       _/    _/ _/       _/             _/
     _/    _/ _/       _/  _/   _/       _/    _/ _/       _/             _/
    _/    _/ _/_/_/_/ _/    _/ _/_/_/_/ _/_/_/_/ _/_/_/_/ _/_/_/_/ _/_/_/_/
    Written By :-
             _________        _________  _____  
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                 |      /__\      |        |     | \  |
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    You can (if you want to) see the other FAQ's written by me on Gamefaqs at :
                             Hope this FAQ helped you.
                                  G O O D B Y E

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