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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Stealthfury

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    An FAQ by Stealthfury (chimichanga42@hotmail.com)
                    -Funky Chicken, Batman! It's-
     ________           _________             _____
    |_      _|         / ________|           / ___ \ 
      |    |          / /                   / /   \ \
      |    |         | /                   |_|     | |
      |    |         | |                          / /
      |    |         | |     ______              / /
      |    |         | |    |____  |            / /
      |    |          \ \        | |           / /
     _|    |_          \ \_______| |          / /
    |________|          \__________/         / /
                                            / /______
     A thanks goes out to my math buddy Vergil for fixing the "G"
                        and supplying the leet 2!
                          -Imperium Galactica 2-
     First of all, this is my first /real/ FAQ, meaning I made it from scratch
     I know my ASCII art is bad, and I'm not that good at this game, so I intend
     for this FAQ to heavily be based on contributions to Stealthfury@aol.com
     I just made this FAQ because I was bored, and I noticed that there were
     NO FAQ's for IG2. Most of the tips/ideas/strategies I give in this version
     (1.1) are mostly common sense.  Again, I would greatly appreciate anything
     you have on this great game. Put in the subject line "I, oh powerful one,
     humbly gravel and give this advice to you." Or maybe just "IG2 FAQ"
     Also, to Trombo: Hey, it looks like you have a nice FAQ going for you.
     Although you seemed to work on it for two months (?!), mine was first on
     GameFaqs, and it seems that about 3/4 of it has been somewhat derived from
     mine :)~. 
     "...it is very advantaegeous to have at least 20 tanks. This is
     because after 20 I think is when they group up. This means that you may have
     like 3 tanks when you only see one!" -this FAQ
     "I think that after 20 tanks they will group up appearing the number
     of tanks. This means that you will see one tank but it's three and when
     one dies the number decreases and you will continue to see one tank."
                                          -Trombo's FAQ
              IG2 FAQ   (that rhymes!)
                         *About the New Legal Jargon*
     It seems that noone can be trusted nowdays. It happens to turn out that
     I am not supposed to have this FAQ, by order of my parents. Well, my
     relatives went onto dogpile.com /after/ I upgraded my FAQ to 1.0, and
     what did they search for? My name. They found a site that still had .999,
     and it somehow got to my parents. I got burned because some little site
     took advantage of my generosity. To put it in layman's terms:
     (You can't update, you can't display!)
     (Actual legal text under section entitled "Legal Stuff")
     I. Foreword
     II. About the new legal stuff
     III. Race-Independent
         A. Space Fleets
         B. Tanks/Ground Defences
         C. Research
         D. Colony Strategies
     IV. Kra' Hen
         A. Backround
         B. Pros/Cons
         C. Game Strategies
         D. Goodies
     V. Solarian
         A. Backround
         B. Pros/Cons
         C. Game Strategies
         D. Goodies
     VI. Shinari
         A. Backround
         B. Pros/Cons
         C. Game Strategies
         D. Goodies
     VII. Other Races
        (yet to be finished)
     VIII. Spoilers!
     IX. Cheats
     X. What exactly this game is
     XI. Legal stuff
     XII. Version History
                             Let the FAQ begin!
           note: if anyone has any logical way to organize these random
                        thoughts, please e-mail me
                             -Race Independent-
     III.A:  Space Fleets
                      Always remember that you cannot send reinforcements in
     ONCE A BATTLE HAS STARTED. Moving you fleet is almost useless until you
     are only faced with fighters. (small dots that look like gnats) Concentrate
     all fire onto one ship, until it dies. This is much more effective than
     letting each ship decide on which ship to attack, because once you have
     killed a ship, you have less stuff flying at you. I am still debating
     on whichever is better: many small ships or a few large ships. See, if
     you have lots of little ships, when one dies, you still have the majority
     of your firepower intact, plus, your enemies might try the dumb attack
     (spreading out fire at all ships, instead of one at a time). However,
     if you have a large ship (battleship) you can fit better shields and
     it has a much better chance of surviving, plus they can hold groovier
     weapons and can move much faster. If you are chasing a fleet that is
     a bit faster than you, you might be able to catch up to it, especially
     if it stays in your planet's radar range. This is possible because they
     often zigzag instead of a straight line, more often than not picking up
     fighters in the way. Don't retreat, the only time you would was if you
     had lots of ships left, and then why would you want to retreat? Combat
     Cloaking is a good accesory to have if you are up against a big ol' enemy
     with like an anti-matter ray or something. Don't use your cloaked ships
     until they fire their massive weapon on some stupid ship, then attack all
     at once. If you see a small fleet appoaching a highly defended planet,
     look for any "free" planets, (ones which have no defences or very little,
     like 1 rocket fort late game) because chances are the small fleet is
     going to make a detour around your planet and take the undefended one.
     Unless it's not possible, always make sure that your ships have shields
     instead of torpedos. As much as you want them, save torpedos for destroyers
     and Space Bases. A shield is extremely useful because unlike health, they
     are completely recharged when the battle is over, making your ships ready
     for long missions. Ship manipulators are good, but stay away from anti-matter
     rays. By the time it charges, you could have done more damage with the gun
     you could have put in there.
     III.B Tanks/Ground defenses
                       Don't even bother trying to win if they have a fort and you
     only have a wheeled tank. A few tracked tanks have a chance with a rocket
     fort, and maybe a machine gun fort. AG tanks can take care of rockets by
     themselves, a few will take a machine gun fort with moderate damage, and a
     lot might be able to take a laser fortress, depending on the weapon. Now,
     with MT's, they can obliterate rockets, kill machine guns with ease, take
     down a laser, and a lot (equipped with a moderate weapon) can take a heavy.
     Now, I will discuss Tank weapons because, unlike ship weapons, they are
     different and more varied. A good setup for about 10-20 tanks is to make them
     all MT's equipped with Ion turret, laser turret, range extension, and either
     missile or radar jammer. If you have more than 20 tanks, try this: Make a few
     tracked, equipped with anyhting as long as you make it radar jammer. Then,
     make the rest MT's, with laser strike, laser pod, range extension, and missile
     jammer. Drop all your tanks in the farthest place from the enemy tanks/buildings.
     Now, all you gotta do is hit the button next to retreat, and select a target.
     I doubt the enemy will find you, because you have on radar jammer, and since
     you have lots of MT's, you get 20+ free shots from your friends in space.
     A warning, though, the lasers are pretty inaccurate, and I guarantee you will
     destroy buidings other than the target, which means you have to replace them,
     out of your own pocket. Shouldn't be too much of a biggie, because your tanks
     didn't even get shot at! If you do get a caravan of tanks coming toward you,
     try aiming the strike ahead because it take a few seconds to hit. Anyways, you also 
     that laser turret allowing you to mow down the enemy! A word about Air Strike:
     This is a pod much similar to Laser Strike in that it is a "remote fire tool."
     (Able to fire from any distance at any target.) However, instead of having a
     few powerful lasers aiming in a somewhat small area, this sends signals to
     fighters in space (I never tried without a fighter in a fleet, though) to
     come down (remember the Solarian intro video?) and swoop across the whole
     screen (the only part you can see) and literally rain down small lasers
     everywhere. Don't even bother to aim, it's too inaccurate. The only good
     I can see from this is when you have a bunch of tanks scattered everywhere.
     This is as powerful (as far as I can tell) as Laser Strike, but each individual
     laser is about enough to kill half a tracked tank. One last thing I will
     hit on is that it is very advantaegeous to have at least 20 tanks. This is
     because after 20 I think is when they group up. This means that you may have
     like 3 tanks when you only see one! This is good because usually, when you
     attack a fort, first you have one, then three, then five... Making the first
     one have a greater chance of getting killed. Now, what would happen if the
     first tank was really a barrage of three? The fort gets killed much quicker,
     and keeps your tanks in danger shorter.
     III.C Research
        (yet to be completed)
     III.D Colony
                 If you have a planet with 3 Bld research buildings, 3 Tank
     research buildings, and 3 Ship research buildings, and you are only researching
     a tank tech, and the population is short, TURN OFF THE OTHER 6 BUILDINGS!!!!
     Same goes for factories. Build lots of military establishments,  but turn
     them off. Turn them on if ANY fleet other than yours comes near your planet,
     even if it is an ally. Put in lots of planetary guns and planet shields.
     FREE TECHS/BUILDINGS!: Take a stupid colony (barren, barely enough to support
     a low population) and then turn off all the buildings, and make the tax oppressive.
     Have an extremely small fleet nearby. Save your game right now. Turn off Autobuild.
     Watch as your colony revolts, and when it does, check to see who to. If it goes
     to any nation you are not at war with, load back up your old game. Keep doing
     this until your planet revolts to pirates or a warring nation. (preferably pirates)
     Now, lauch a satillite over to your planet and wait until it builds a fort of any
     kind. When it does this, send over the small fleet you have to capture the planet
     for free. Hopefully you got plans to a new kind of building, but chances are
     that you got double the buildings, and you didn't even pay for them! I'm not sure if
     this works on planets with bases because the pirates/enemy nation might
     enable the base, and if it is technically behind you, it will get plans for
     a new base, power plant, etc.
     Kickuindanuts says:
     I think it is better to build a lot of Planetary Guns and Space bases. I have
     built at least 5 planetary gun 5's and 5 Adv Space Bases fully upgraded. Some
     Laser fortresses seem to work [butt] well if they [enemy] get past [your defences].
                            Race Specific Info/Tactics
                                   -Kra' Hen-
     IV.A Backround
                    Not much here. Bloodthirsty, warlike, self-sacrificing. (and no,
     they are not humans) Commanded by a dude called a 'god emperor'. You are an
     Imperator, who basically does what the god emporor tells him to do. Made for
     the easy game, because they are made for the "easy" way to beat the game, kill
     everyone. This is Socialism at it's finest.
     IV.B Pros/Cons
           Pro: Player doesn't have to deal with diplomacy, spying, or trade.
           Con: Player can't make alliances, steal, or buy stuff.
           Pro: Player cannot be spied upon.
           Con: They are ugly.
           Pro: Maybe they kill that way.
           Con: Can't use the stuff more advanced races can.
           Pro: But they make warships cheaper.
           Con: They are bent on taking over the galaxy.
           Pro: They are bent on taking over the galaxy.
     IV.C Strats
             Common sense: Make lots of warships and send wave after wave of men until
     you win. Do whatever the god emperor does or he'll get real mad (don't know how
     mad, never tried)
     IV.D Goodies
              You get to see a terraformer toast a planet. (Need any more accent on
     the turning?)
              They have psychics (called 'seers') that may be able to give the positions
     of enemy units for a while.
              Every once in a while you are forced to sacrifice a percentage of your
     population to the god emporor. (The more the merrier!)
     V.A Backround
                   Ok, I'm gonna try to make sense of the opening movie. The beginning
     opens up with some bad dudes trying to start a civil war. Then, it moves to a guy,
     I think he's a normal human, who talks about humans evolving or something and why
     the 'tears' were stolen from us, then he goes into cryo sleep. Then, you come into
     power of the 'evolved' humans, the Solarians, and hope that this dude, who founded
     the "Brotherhood of Tears" doesn't come back again. Somthing like that...
     This is for the intermediate game, and this one actually has a storyline.
     V.B Pros/Cons
           Pro: They actually have a storyline
           Con: Hope that you play through the storyline before you conquered the galaxy
           Pro: You can use diplomacy, spying, and trade
           Con: You can be spied upon
           Pro: Research goes faster and cheaper
           Con: Average in all other areas
           Pro: The guy has neat hair
           Con: The guy never smiles
     V.C Strats
      (yet to be completed)
     V.D Goodies
           You see a picture of a guy with neat hair.
           You may find a 'Tear'. (hint hint)
                   (I once had a Toulen spy named Shinarri)
     VI.A Backround
        Merchants, diplomats, spies. Don't trust these guys, they have double the
     spying success rate. Alias: "Backstabbers." As you can see from the movie, the
     Pirate leader needs an escort, claiming that his cargo is not too valuable. The
     Shinari turn on the vessel mid-flight and kill the pirate ship, believing that
     the cargo was more valuable than what the Pirate told the Shinari.
     VI.B Pros/Cons
         Pro: Double Spying success rate
         Con: Less trusted in Multiplayer
         Pro: Better chance of success in Diplomacy (getting what you want)
         Con: Military is less powerful
         Pro: You are approached more by mechants with info/technologies
         Con: You have more of a chance to be gipped.
         Pro: You get double the money on trade.
         Con: No Mezongun
         Pro: You can use manipulators (tank, ship), and I believe that you can
     buy ships (Trade screen) with Mezonguns.
     VI.C Strats
         As the manual says, use the distrust between nations to your advantage.
     Spy like heck, lie about other nations, of course while forming alliances.
     Be backstabbing. Use manipulators, they literally let you control a ship.
     What you do is have all your ships without manipulators target the weakest
     ships, and have the ones that do target the strongest enemy ships. This
     way you can make up for the Shinari's weak military power by controlling
     enemy ships! If a ship is manipulated, it will have a green halo around it.
     Call off all attacks on it unless it's the last ship left. Now, unless you
     need it to fight, move the controlling ship far away. You can instruct the
     enemy ship just like your own! The same tactics apply to tanks, however since
     tanks are so frail I would move the controlling tank far away from battle,
     because if it is destroyed you lose control of the enemy tank/ship.
     VI.D Goodies
         Same Terraforming movie as Kra'Hen (you gotta see it).
         You can spy better.
         You look like a ram.
                         -Other Races-
        See above
                      ***** WARNING! *****
     These are for cheap people who don't want to risk their money in investing
               possibly false technologies/offers given to you by merchants.
             Skip this section if you enjoy taking risks.
     (note: All of these were taken unless otherwise noted as "I'm interested" and/or
     "I agree." If you get different results when choosing other answers please e-mail me)
     1. "Alien Artifacts on planets"
           Case: Merchant approaches you with coords to strange, alien artifacts
     on a planet.
          I believe that half of these are false. If there is something there,
     you usually get a technology that you could have already researched (IE:
     you chose to research corvette over bar, then you might get bar.)
          However, unless you have a large empire (3/4 the galaxy) this planet is
     usually far off. This allows you to send an armed colonization party over there
     to springboard your planet and race contact, as well as provide you with
     a "safe place" to hide so noone can hopefully find you, or at least a planet
     to give to a race for trade if nothing else.
          I would consider it a deal.
     2. "Hypergun"
        Case: Merchant approches you with plans for a highly powerful weapon.
          Takes all the energy of a planet to fire on shot, even so, inaccurate.
     3. "Tenori Drive"
        Case: Merchant approaches you with plans for a drive to literally move planets.
          So instable, that, as your scientist puts it: "It's like asking the whole
     population to sit on a large nuclear bomb."
     4. "Planet with strange crystal"
        Case: Merchant approaches you with coordinates to a planet (mine had a dense
     asteroid field) that hides a 'strange crystal.'
        It's worth all the money you have.
        My 'strange crystal' was a Tear. If you have a dense asteroid field around it:
        Send in 5 fighters to the area. You might want to have a ship with a hyperdrive
     go with them, just to speed up the flight. When you arrive, answer like this:
        Only fighters. 5 fighters. (even though if you said "all" only 5 would go)
        You get a neat CG and a Tear. (mine was #4)
     5. "Black hole generator" / "Particle beam" -sent in by ???? (I lost the e-mail,
        so I don't know who it's from"
        Case: Although they coudn't quote it, it went something like this: 
        A merchant approaches you with plans for a superweapon that could destroy planets
        either by creating a black hole or a powerful particle beam (disruptor?)
        Household appliance plans. 'nuff said.
        (Unusable if you haven't figured out)
     Ok, I denounce cheating and all (it's like drugs- it's only fun for the
     first few times) but I've had a lot of e-mail concerning how to use them.
     Well, for your cheating pleasure, I present my Mini-FAQ! (I'm not going to list
     the cheats here, they are posted all over the 'net)
     First and Foremost, if you don't even know what a shortcut is, stop reading
     this and go and buy a computer book or something. I'm not going to hold your
     hand and walk you through every step, but if you know a bit about the Windows
     (gosh I hate that OS) operating system, you should make it through.
     Ok, first, make a shortcut to the IG2 executable file (I don't know the filename
     offhand). Now, right-click and hit properties. In the "Target" box, add the
     parameter "+setconsole1" (without the quotes, if you haven't guessed). Now,
     all you have to do is run the program _with this shortcut_ and hit the tilde
     key (~). Follow the website instructions from there. I would suggest putting
     this shortcut file on your desktop and renaming it "IG2 Cheats" or something,
     so it's easily accessible.
     (Thanks to Al Amaloo and About.com for what parameter to use)
                        -What exactly this game is-
     Imagine Civ2, Comand & Conquer, Homeworld, Warzone 2100, Chess, and Simcity,
     all watered down and put into one game, with a random storyline, and neat
     cinematics. You have IG2.
     In depth:
     Before I got his game I was (and still am) a big supporter of the extremely hard
     but fun and well done Homeworld. Knowing this, a friend told me that this game was
     "Homeworld with politics." Although still a great game, this game is almost
     completely contradictory to this statement. The space battles are pitiful. :)
     This game is most like Civilization 2. Because this game was four years in
     the making, a bit of it (main starmap) has old-school sprites, and it runs in
     640x480. There is a setup that will let you run it in higher resolutions, but
     it still looks exactly the same. Most of the game is done well, though, and
     the CG movies are excellent. I think that since it deals with raw data more
     than the fancy 3D graphics and 3D plane of Homeworld (if only IG2's main map was in
     3D...) that the only slowdown I experience is every 2 years (autosave) and when
     I do real well (I have too many fleets/planets). The neat thing is that I have
     a 350mhz computer, and a really bad 3D card, yet I can still run it fine with High
     graphics effects. The ground battles are of the C&C type, and not as in-depth as
     C&C, but since you can change the view and the graphics are really nice colony-wise,
     this part of the game is eerily Warzone 2100-like. You can move the view around,
     tilting, slanting, and zooming in. The space battles have almost no tactics, just
     "Which ship should I kill first?" I think that the worst part of the game is the
     space battles, but oh well. GET THIS GAME NOW! Wait, you are reading this FAQ...
     You must have this game...
                          -Legal Stuff-
     The holder of the e-mail address Stealthfury@aol.com will henceforth be referred to
     as "Mike."
     This document (Henceforth known as "File") may not be sold, in any way, for any thing,
     to any one or many, unless otherwise specified by Mike. This File may be reproduced
     electronically for home use, and on paper or any other medium for home use only. It may 
    not be
     used for any use in any commercial publication that is sold or otherwise makes any kind 
    of profit,
     electronic or by any other medium. This File may be not be used on or by any non-profit 
    or otherwise
     "free" publication, including any freely accessed "website". If you know of a site who 
    is violating these rules, please notify the person who legally accepts mail from 
    "Chimichanga42@hotmail.com".  However, any copy, any  distribution,
     any part, or any other form of this File must contain all of the text under the heading 
     Stuff". This File may not be modified and shown to the public, in any way, unless given 
     by Mike first. This File may not be copied without the section entitled "Legal Stuff".
     Certain rules may be deemed null and void to any specific party that Mike
     deems appropriate. Copyright Mike, 2000   All trademarks are used without permission.
                             -Version History-
     1.1 5/25/01 Available @ GameFAQs.com ONLY
     Added a user tip or two, added Cheats section, changed legal liscense, LAST DAY OF 
     Got Earthlink, ditched AOL, added info on how Trombo stole from my FAQ (kidding!)
     Decided that the words "Funky Chicken Batman, It's!" at the top...
     1.0 FINALLY! (Available @ chimichanga42@hotmail.com)
     Someone (Kickuindanuts@yahoo.com) has finally sent in a contribution. I
     would like to thank him for this, so, thanks! Added info about Air Strike
     pod for tanks.
     .999 9/26/00 -Available at chimichanga42@hotmail.com-
          Still no suggestions, rewrote some stuff on Shinari, added strats for colonies
     and space defence. Rewrote spoiler section a bit. Rewrote the FAQ so peeps don't
     know my real name. Next revision will be ".9999" unless sufficient people send in
     .99M 9/25/00 -Available (modified version of .99) at Stealthfury@aol.com-
          Slightly rewritten from original version (.99) While writing .999, accidentally
     was saved as .99, permanently deleting the "untouched" version of .99. The accidental
     modifications were realized after being saved mid-modification, leaving a choppy FAQ.
     The modifications over .9 can be read in ".99"
     .99  -Lost forever-
          No Suggestions, Added minor Shinari stuff, Added spoiler section.
     Added a few strats. Never published.
     .9M 9/26/00 -Available at Chimichanga42@hotmail.com-
         Simply rewrote Legal section of FAQ. No other modifications made to ".9"
     .9  9/23/00 -Original FAQ, Stored but not Available at Chimichanga42@hotmail.com-
         Decided to be released as .9 because this was mainly a "beta FAQ," literally
     half-finished, and I wanted the "1" FAQ to be released with USER CONTRIBUTIONS!

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