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"Turn based strategy at its best."

Okay, I have to say this game is excellent. Turn based strategy may sound boring, but this game delivers it all. It delivers everything probably every aspect a turn based strategy game needs.

Graphics: Okay, as I write this (7/22/01) the graphics aren't that revolutionary or anything. The game was made around 1997 or so, nothing special. But it isn't like only 50 polys per character. By looking at the game, the Anti-Aliasing doesn't do too good of a job, but the stages are well detailed for it's time. It looks more like a PlayStation game. Ranking: 7

Sound: Sound Nothing special here either. There is almost no music, and the sounds of the creatures are like any alien game, the classic screech! like any other. But what's really horrible is the narrator between missions. He's talking with like a third of his normal voice and he's describing horrible things as if he didn't care. Ranking: 4

Story: There isn't much of a story to the game, and since the voices are so hard to hear, I guess it really doesn't matter. You start out as this guy named Bratt(yes I know the name is weird) and you are sick and tired of patrolling the halls of a spaceship. Bratt wants some action, and finally some monsters start ''Incubating'' in it and other ships, and it's your job to kill them all. Not much is it? Well, strategy comes important later.

Gameplay: The most IMPORTANT part of a game, and this is where the game packs a punch. Okay, imagine you're playing chess. Except now, let's change a few things. Instead of like 16 pieces (I don't know the exact amount) you have only 3 people. Don't get your hopes down with only 3, it's enough for this game. Now let's add a few things. Instead of ramming into other pieces, you can attack from a distance with a gun, or if your gun has a knife attached to it you can attack from short distances also. Now, let's add a puny board, but a stage. With walls, and doors and boxes with supplies and vents. Now let's add some enemies, and their turn they can move and attack. Those are the basics.
But there's more. You start out with about 3-10 turns per person(depending on your level) and you can move(1 turn per block), defend(2 turns, when enemy is in sight you attack), heal yourself(4 turns), and all the other stuff like items and resting etc. But there are so many details too, like your gun overheating!
And besides that, there are multiplayer modes. Online or hotseat, where you do your set of turns for your characters then your friend's characters. Both are a lot of fun, and will keep you occupied for quite some time.
There are some flaws though. The camera angles sometimes get annoying, but you can freely change them. And losing your ammo is pretty common, but there are ammo boxes in each level, but then there it takes awhile to get to. Ranking: 10

Challenge: This game is hard. I mean, really, REALLY hard! Sometimes you'll get so mad you will wanna throw your monitor out the window. But hey, I'm just saying this for people who don't even know what they're doing, which is what you will be acting like the first time you play. You'll be like ''What does this button do?'' a lot, but give it some time and the buttons will become just as easy as memorizing the alphabet. I'm warning you that this game is challenging, in a good way (a good challenge) and in a bad way (too hard for amateurs). Try hotseat with a friend for awhile, and get the hang of the game. Ranking: 10

Replay Value: This game is pretty addicting if you get the hang of it, and you're a big fan of strategy. Playing online with someone you don't know is also fun, because you know you shouldn't get mad at your computer. ^_^ Ranking: 8

OVERALL: 10 So sure this game may be old, and it may not be a game that you find in every store. But if you happen to find a store with this game in it, don't rent(you probably can't anyway) BUY! Most likely by now the game probably costs about $10-$20, not a bad deal for a great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/23/01, Updated 07/23/01

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