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Reviewed: 07/23/12

It could of been better and often confusing experience!

A total letdown, when you play enough of the game and find what everything does and clear a few missions, you realize it repetitive, a few flaws and you may decide to stop playing and find another game to play because this game wasn't fun. You'll find that the game does a basic job on what to do, however after a while, many of the mechanics are confusing, misleading and sometimes unfair. Even with my experience in retail and business, I found the learning things the hard way which is mainly the way the game is programmed and what I can or cannot do however there a few things that are worth praising.

Industry Giant is a business simulation which allows you to gather up materials, manufacture them into products and sell them for product on a huge scale, thus making millions in the process.

Industry Giant expansion adds new industries such a printing press and ship and airplanes as transport. As well as new scenarios to put them on. They do feel a bit tacked on however they are interesting to work with and does show off what Industry Giant can do..

Even with my 4 years retail (real life) experience and completing a course and my knowledge in business, the game does lay out the rules on what you can or cannot do. If you are smart, you'll find that retailers can stock up on products and you can use transport to take those products to another location if that retailer over stocks, thus making it more cheaper to transport these goods and obtaining more profit.

Retailers in the game are really cheap however if the idea of stocking up and using that building to stock up convinces you to move that building outside of the city and use it to almost cheat the game into winning, it doesn't work that way. The game limits and forces you to build those retailers in cities.

However if stocking up is your thing, the game offers warehouses (as a bit more higher price) which you can place anywhere which allows you to expand your business.

The game has a career mode where you have to work really hard making money. Scenarios are more story base and give you objectives and fix you with a toolbox to that story. One mission is based on expanding on taking over a dolls company and taking this production line and expanding the range of toys. Even after a while, all the scenarios are like this and you'll quickly find that it's all the same.

The game does have a board screen where you can make decisions without finding locations and clicking buildings, retailers, factories and etc for information, it becomes useful as you can pause the game and use this to make decisions. It looks boring howver it works and will save you alot of time and get a better result. Unforturately, this isn't happen when you clicke the buildings and pause the game.

Unfortunately, transport doesn't show off what it can do. While the game does everything you can do in terms of making products, sorting out transport is problematic. You'll find the hard way that sorting out the rails, roads and platforms becomes a mess. The game doesn't let you know how much platforms (which is key to your success) you may build and sometimes encourages you to mis-manage your transport. This can force you to restart entire scenarios again which becomes unfair. If the game ironned up a few flaws and made the game and it's mechanics more accessible, it would of been worth while.

After a while, you'll be screwing more about the transport. Sometimes it's funny to watch, you can build roads and truck depots in the middle of nowhere and watch them work and it works for the game.

The game does a poor job on keeping other 'secrets' in the game. The game has a listing all the products in a section you can make even before they are invented. So if you're playing and want a good story in how you deal with the scenarios and missions, the game spoils it. It doesn't make the game exicting. Considering there's scenarios and missions that use these varity.

Interesting enough, some factories and retailers don't appear until the year they were invented and becomes accessible on your toolbox. For example, the car dealership doesn't appear and shows up on your list until the early 1970s. It makes sense compare to the list of 'products' section.

Once you know how to run a tycoon and complete a few scenarios and see all the content, you may aswell quit halfway and forget about the rest because you'll find it's all the same, you'll find a more rewarding expereince running or taking part in your own or others business in real life or play Capitalism.

Even for Windows 95, you can't alt and tab your way out when you just want the game to run and there no window mode. It's forces you to watch which can be the most boring part of it all.

Once you find all those flaws and get the hang on those mission, you may aswell forget about the rest and find another business game.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Industry Giant (Best Of) (EU, 02/23/01)

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