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"A good game. Takes a while to get used to."

Industry Giant is a real time strategy game where you have to buy resources, provide retail and production venues, manage budgets, buy vehicles and establish carefully planned routes for your vehicles to travel along.

Industry Giant gives you several starting dates ranging from 1960 to 2040. Your job is to obtain a certain amount of votes for you by the year 2060. You need to purchase the raw materials – which include wood, steel, gold, plastic, silver and copper -, transport them to a factory, where they are made into products which then have to be shipped off to a retail venue. The products include sporting goods, building materials, electrical equipment, jewelry and toys. You can purchase a variety of vehicles including trucks, trains, planes and boats. In the game, five years pass in one hour, making it a slow process. Some reviewers think this is a downfall, but I think it gives an opportunity to build very complex trade routes and have a very large budget. As time goes by, more industries, products, buildings and vehicles become available. Starting in 1960 is a lot harder than starting in 2040, but gives you more time. The game stops in 2060. I find this rather annoying to see weeks of work go down the drain. Still, it gives you something to aim for.

The graphics in industry giant are fair. The trees show seasons and there is animation in the way of pollution coming out of smokestacks and vehicles moving. However, there are only eight views of each vehicle, so when a truck turns a corner, it looks a little weird. The pictures are quite clear and are detailed and well colored. For a game that I picked up for $15.00, the graphics are much better than I expected. If I were to remake the game, I would not change very much about the graphics. The graphics are much better than those of some of the $50.00 games that I have played or purchased. I am quite happy with the graphics in the game.

The music and sound in Industry Giant are average. You can hear the normal noises. These include cats meowing, birds chirping and truck driving. The sound is not really all that good, but the game does not rely on it. The sound in this game is there as something to listen to and enjoy as you play the game. The sound is not essential, as there is no speech or important sounds. My opinion is, that if you don’t like it, turn your speakers off.

Industry Giant is not one of those cheap boring $20.00 games that ends up in the bottom of a cupboard or in the attic collecting dust. It might be cheap, but it has endless possibilities with both endless (until 2060) and scenario game types. You can start out in the endless game and improve your skills and then move to scenario game style when you think you are ready, or start out with the scenarios. The scenarios have different skill levels and different goals to keep you going.

SCORES (Out of 10):

Game play: 9
Graphics: 8
Music/ Sound: 7
Lifespan: 8
Overall: 8

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Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/07/02, Updated 08/07/02

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