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"A business game mixed with a bit of Railroad Tycoon"

Industry Giant is a game not known too well. I actually found it in a small video game shop. It looked interesting enough and I decided to buy it. I took it home and popped it in. To my surprise, it was much better than I thought it would be, but then again its not a perfect game You start off by selecting a color and some options for the terrain. From there you must make many decisions. What would you like to sell, where do you want to sell it, and how will you make the product you are selling. Here's and example. I decide to make plastic toy cars. I start off by placing a toy store in the middle of a town or city. Placement is very important. It decides the demand for a certain product. If you can handle it, you obviously want to put it in a more central spot so the entire town can reach it. This is not an option for the poor businessman. It can cost thousands of dollars in destruction cost. After you place your store you want to place a toy factory. Since the toy cars are plastic, you need to find a chemical plant that makes plastic. After all your buildings are placed, you need to start up a transportation unit. They range from trucks, trains, boats, and planes. Once your transportation unit is up a running, you transport materials and goods. In the case of the toy cars. I send a train to pick up the plastic, take the plastic to the factory, then transport it to the stores. In the beginning, you pick a decade. Picking a later decade means more things are available to make and cities are slightly bigger. It is possible to buy your opponents out if problems arise. Defeating your opponents in not the goal though. The goal is to get 75% of votes in your favor from a picky board of directors. Your opponents are very smart. They come in five degrees of difficulty, and each one has their own special ways of dealing with problems and situations. The graphics of the game are nice and everything is very clear to see. The sound is also very good. The music is a little boring, but the sound effects are top notch. The gameplay is ok. The game is fairly easy to use, but the transportation units can be hard to setup. The replay value is high since each game is different. Industry Giant is a good game all together, but its not perfect. This game is great for a rainy day.

Graphics - 9 (Everything is very clear to see and the trees changing between the seasons is a nice effect) Sound - 7 (Music is a little dull, but the sound effects are very well done) Gameplay - 6 (Easy to use, but the transportation unit can be very hard to control at times.) Replay Value - 9 (Each game is different and there are many products to choose from.)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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