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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by ND

    Updated: 01/06/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    by Andy "ND" Chorosinski
    The guide has its origins in my earlier project called "Jagged Alliance 2 NPCs 
    FAQ", which after some revisions was incorporated here as SECTION 6. My original 
    FAQ was based on Brian C. Robinson's "collective" JA2 FAQ - generally a 
    compilation of postings from the comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic newsgroup. In 
    my FAQ I largely expanded and modified info found in Brian's, keeping some 
    quotes here and there. Some time afterwards I wrote sections devoted to the 
    remaining game topics. By putting it all together I gave this guide its present 
    shape. There is no version history, as I didn't keep track of the changes and 
    saved over the same file. Effectively the whole guide was rewritten about a 
    dozen times ;)
    This guide is based on the experienced difficulty level, realistic style, normal 
    guns option, version 1.03 US. It has a lot of practical info for all kinds of 
    players, also veterans. I strove to be objective in most respects, but many of 
    the solutions given here are just one of the possible ways. As each player 
    develops his/her (?) own strategy and tactics, some other choices may work for 
    him/her better. And although this guide is rather comprehensive, it naturally 
    does not fully exhaust the topic. Refer to the LINKS section for more 
    information on JA2.
    Practically all info in this guide comes from my own playing experience and own 
    copious analyses of particular strategic/tactical issues. A few hints were 
    suggested by various people on JA2 forums. From some other sources I took game 
    stats. See CREDITS for contributions.
    Oh, all the trademarks are copyright of their rightful owners :)
    Following is the list of sites and people that contributed to this guide:
    Sir-Tech Canada www.sir-tech.com
    The makers of this excellent game and the whole JA series (great job, guys!)
    Brian C. Robinson bcr19374@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu
    Usenet postings arranged by him provided the basis for the NPCs section
    Mad Sci mad_sci@usa.net 
    I used his tables with stats of hirable personalities
    Official JA2 Website www.jaggedalliance2.com
    From here I got info on chances to hit
    Cat's JA2 Weapon Library tdoq2hq.virtualave.net/guns
    I used this homepage for weapon stats
    and the people whose names I didn't take down (sorry folks!), who provided hints 
    at the JA2 forums:
    Terravirtua JA2 Discussion Board www.terravirtua.com
    TacticalPlanet JA2 Discussion Board forums.tacticalplanet.com
    Bear's Pit Jagged Alliance Forum www.ja-galaxy-forum.com 
    Well, I'm a student of English Language Studies at the Jagiellonian University 
    in Krakow, Poland. My major is translation. I'm also an avid fan of the JA 
    series and other turn-based tactical/RPG games, like the Fallout series (love 
    it!) or Incubation.
    'nuff said. Enjoy the guide! :)
    CONTENTS & page
    Section 1:	MERCS											4
    	HIRING											4
    	INSURANCE BROKERS										5
    	IMP												5
    	MERC												5
    	STATS, SKILLS & TRAITS									5
    	ASSEMBLING A PRO TEAM									6
    	MECHANICS											6
    	DOCTORS											12
    	JACKS OF ALL TRADES									13
    	TOP SPECIALISTS										14
    Section 2:	RAISING STATS									15
    Section 3:	ARMAMENT & COMBAT EQUIPMENT							17
    	BATTLEDRESS											17
    	CHANCES TO HIT										17
    	RECOMMENDED GUNS										19
    	GUN ATTACHMENTS										20
    	AMMUNITION											21
    	HEAVY WEAPONS										22
    	GRENADES											22
    	EXPLOSIVES											23
    Section 4:	WAYS TO GET EQUIPMENT & FUNDS							25
    	HOW TO GET EQUIPMENT									25
    	HOW TO GET FUNDS										27
    	WEIRD ITEMS											28
    Section 5:	MILITIA										29
    	LOYALTY											29
    	TRAINING											30
    Section 6:	NPCs FAQ										31
    	OMERTA											31
    	DRASSEN											32
    	SAN MONA											35
    	CHITZENA											37
    	CAMBRIA											38
    	GRUMM												40
    	ESTONI											41
    	TIXA												42
    	ALMA												43
    	BALIME											44
    	ORTA												46
    	MEDUNA											47
    	RANDOM LOCATION NPCs									48
    	HIRABLE NPCs										51
    Section 7:	VEHICLES										53
    Section 9:	PROGRAM BUGS (ver. 1.03 US)							55
    Section 10:	LINKS											56
    Section 1:	MERCS
    You start your mission by hiring some mercs from AIM. This earliest choice is 
    perhaps most important in the whole game, as these soldiers will be your 
    vanguard in Arulco. Your initial team will make a reconnaissance of the area, 
    get in touch with the rebel resistance (your allies) and earn their confidence 
    and cooperation. This team will also engage first enemies, the soldiers of 
    Arulcan army. Choosing the right guys (and gals :) for this job is essential. 
    Employing the appropriate people will greatly facilitate the accomplishment of 
    your assignment. Thus you'll finish the game faster and with less pain. 
    Literally ;)
    The amount of initial funds depends on the difficulty level. In any case you 
    should be able to start by hiring at least 3 decent, if not good, mercs for a 
    week. 3 is the minimum number, but don't overdo it. It is more sensible to hire 
    few skilled mercs than a horde of total rookies. A week's deal is good for 
    practical reasons. You won't do much in just a day and the mercs will not want 
    to prolong their contracts then. Although in the beginning you cannot afford a 
    competent team for a longer time, you should select 2 weeks' contracts as soon 
    as you gather some funds (see: SECTION 4 - HOW TO GET FUNDS) This is the most 
    economical choice - in this way you pay the least for a day of merc's service. 
    Moreover, if anyone on your team gains in experience level (which means their 
    wages increase), they will not demand a raise until their contract expires. 
    Therefore they will work for you longer at a lower cost. 
    Most AIM mercs apart from their regular wages require a medical deposit. This 
    money is to cover treatment of a merc who gets dismissed while in need of 
    medical attention. If this happens, any remaining amount will be subsequently 
    returned to you. If the merc is sent away in full health, you will be refunded 
    the whole sum. This deposit is mostly determined by the merc's experience level: 
    the more experienced s/he is, the greater sum is required. By extending mercs' 
    contracts you can avoid paying an increasing deposit; then you do it only at 
    first hire.
    Whether the mercs will or will not be inclined to extend their contracts is 
    based mostly on how they perceive your effectiveness. Among the negative factors 
    affecting your performance are merc fatalities and injuries, high turnover rate 
    (how frequently you hire/fire personnel), lost/deserted battles and any 
    locations reclaimed by Deidranna. Mercs' morale is raised by winning battles, 
    liberating towns and completing quests (see: SECTION 6) Mercs' disposition 
    (friendly, aggressive, etc.) and personal likes/dislikes will also affect their 
    judgment. Sometimes you will be able to keep a quitting merc by offering them 
    higher wages. In such case a 50% increase should do, which is roughly what they 
    demand after gaining another experience level. Some mercs may leave without 
    giving you the chance to extend their contract. This will happen if you are 
    doing badly or if you hire somebody they don't like. Sometimes you might be able 
    to rehire such mercs later.
    At times you may be unable to hire certain AIM mercs. They can refuse because 
    your leadership skills are questionable, because there is somebody they do not 
    like on your team or because they are busy on another assignment. In the last 
    case you can leave a message and they will contact you each time they return. 
    But occasionally you may get a notification of such merc's death while on duty. 
    These accidents are random. If this merc was the one you intended to hire, 
    reload a previous game and hope that now another (or no one) will die ;) As far 
    as I know 3 mercs are killed in this way.
    Optionally you can insure your hired mercs (AIM only) at Malleus, Incus & Stapes 
    Insurance Brokers. The insurance works like this: if a member of your team gets 
    killed before their contract expires, you will get back your money for the 
    remaining period. The premium and the possible refund depend on several factors, 
    read it all on their homepage. If you are a cautious player (and you certainly 
    don't want your mercs to die) you won't ever need insurance. IMO it is only a 
    waste of cash.
    Try not to spend whole funds on AIM. The IMP site which lets you create a custom 
    merc is definitely worth checking out. I think this is one of the best features 
    of the game. Not only is it a highly entertaining process, but it also gives the 
    play a personal touch. The custom merc's stats can be fully adjusted to meet 
    your needs, but this always means a trade-off. You can't simply create a 
    superhero ;) Skills, traits and personality of the created merc, as well as 
    his/her equipment, will depend on the decisions made throughout the 
    questionnaire. Apart from the IMP charge, your custom merc will work for free! 
    You can only create one merc at IMP, but it's still well worth the price. 
    Different answers and stats generate different mercs. Save before you enter IMP 
    and experiment. 
    On the second day you will receive e-mail from Speck, a cowardly merc from 
    previous JA games (though hopeless in the field, he made a cheap, skillful home 
    mechanic) On AIM homepage you will find that Speck has quit this organization to 
    establish a rival enterprise - MERC. Personnel offered by Speck is mostly very 
    cheap, but rather useless. Still, you may find some of them helpful (see: 
    chapters on specialists) These characters can be only hired on a daily basis, 
    but you don't have to pay up front. Speck will remind you of your debit after 
    some time. At the beginning your choice is just 6 "mercs" from the total of 10. 
    To be able to hire the rest you have to employ some of the initial ones and keep 
    paying for their services. Without this Speck will complain about funds 
    insufficient to recruit new personnel.
    All mercs' stats and skills are explained by in-game help ("H" in laptop) 
    Generally, the higher the stat is, the more effective the merc will be in 
    exercising this particular ability. But mercs have both strengths and weaknesses. 
    Some of them are better at certain jobs, other sport great vitality or posses a 
    special aptitude (see below) Use this knowledge to your profit. While there are 
    few top-notch soldiers who surpass other mercs in various fields (see: JACKS OF 
    ALL TRADES), they are usually extremely expensive. You won't be able to afford 
    their services for long or early on. A low physical stat (<70) indicates the 
    merc's deficiency in that province, which will become a difficulty during the 
    assignment. A low skill rating (<35) means that the merc will be unable to 
    perform in that field adequately.
    There are a number of aspects that need to be considered when hiring personnel. 
    The merc's marksmanship (MRK) is probably the most significant of them - this 
    will be their main advantage when dealing with enemies. Agility (AGI) is next in 
    importance, as it greatly affects field performance. Next come these skills: 
    mechanical (MEC), leadership (LDR) and explosives (EXP), each complemented by 
    wisdom (WIS) which facilitates also learning (see: SECTION 2) Finally - these 
    special abilities (traits): lockpicking, teaching and heavy weapons (HW) The 
    above qualities are most substantial; other attributes can be considered of 
    lesser weight. Dexterity (DEX) is important in many actions, but it can be quite 
    quickly raised. The experience level (LVL) appears most vital (experienced mercs 
    will obviously fare better), but it chiefly determines the merc's wages. Thus 
    the most experienced mercs are also the most expensive ones. The price is 
    naturally the key factor limiting your hiring capability, especially until you 
    secure a stable income (see: SECTION 4 - HOW TO GET FUNDS)
    Traits enhance the merc's chance to succeed in specific activities. Expert level 
    trait (E) provides twice the bonus. A description of the traits can be found at 
    the Official JA2 Website; those relevant to specific activities will be 
    indicated below. Most traits are implicitly stated in the merc's resume - you 
    can check them after hiring your team ("Personnel" in laptop) Save before you 
    hire to avoid surprises. Still, mercs' personal quirks and likes/dislikes will 
    become apparent only during the assignment...
    The main task of your team is to efficiently "deal" with the enemy. You will be 
    mostly using firearms for this purpose, so make sure to hire several marksmen 
    (MRK>80 at least) Choose agile mercs (AGI>75), among other assets they will be 
    able to do more things in turn-based combat (especially fire more shots) These 
    soldiers will constitute the core of your squad. At the beginning 3 snipers 
    should be enough to take over a hostile sector, but later you will need at least 
    twice as much firepower. You also have to employ specialists in diverse fields 
    with high: MEC (plus lockpicking), LDR (plus teaching), EXP and possibly with HW. 
    They will be needed at some point in your mission; having no merc skilled in 
    these fields will usually mean your team's failure. The most efficient procedure 
    to set up a proficient and versatile team is to hire agile marksmen with skill(s) 
    in one or more fields (see suggestions in chapters on specialists) You can 
    neglect MRK if the merc is a top specialist in his field and you want to use 
    them only in this province. Or to have an errand boy/girl or a mule when s/he 
    comes really cheap (or free) Note that due to their low MRK they will be 
    practically useless in combat. In any case, you will need at least 4 specialists: 
    a proficient mechanic, a skilled negotiator / trainer, an explosives pro and a 
    medic (*not* a doctor) An HW specialist will also be a valuable addition.
    While putting together the perfect team you may witness some disagreement among 
    your mercs. This animosity (and also fondness) originates in the fact that 
    nearly all characters have preferences concerning their teammates. Mercs may 
    refuse to join when there is somebody on your team that they do not like. 
    Conversely, when you hire a merc hated by somebody already on your roster, the 
    hater's morale will constantly drop, resulting in poorer field performance. Such 
    person will also not want to extend his/her contract - unless you hire somebody 
    they like. Some preferences can be inferred from mercs' bios. For more info on 
    this subject check one of the recommended sites, see: SECTION 10.
    The mechanic is the most important specialist. Contracting a skilled one at the 
    very beginning is crucial to the well-being of your mission. Mech's tasks are 
    manifold. The main duty of this person will be to repair (FIX) equipment which 
    deteriorates with use (especially guns) You will also find or buy various items 
    worth fixing. An efficient repairperson must have MEC>50 and high DEX. When 
    hiring, DEX may be neglected for reasons already mentioned. Mech will PICK locks 
    on doors and lockers/chests with goodies. S/he will also disarm non-explosive 
    traps and merge items. Apart from high MEC and DEX, lockpicking (and sometimes 
    electronics) gives your mech a greater chance to succeed in these activities. 
    WIS may be another factor (has anyone found the equation to tell the likelihood 
    of picking a lock?) The mech's overall proficiency increases with LVL. Any task 
    involving explosives is better handled by an explosives specialist (see 
    appropriate chapter) Later on you should hire another good mech, as you are 
    likely to operate several independent squads. Mechs should always carry 100% 
    tool and locksmith kits. In some towns you can also find NPCs who will repair 
    your equipment for a price (see: SECTION 6)
    Top-10 mechs (descending by overall mechanical expertise):
    Since there is no value for PICK, I took account of all contributing factors to 
    establish a general rating. FIX/PICK gains indicated in brackets are achieved by 
    training DEX. Higher values and better ratings mean greater proficiency.
    M - MERC			N - hirable NPC (see: SECTION 6)		otherwise - 
    Trevor	pros:		FIX 17, best PICK
    		cons:		expensive
    		extra:	MRK 81, best explosives
    Magic 	pros: 	FIX 18, top PICK
    		cons: 	most expensive
    		extra: 	MRK 94, best vitality (physical), LVL 5
    Static	pros: 	FIX 18, good PICK
    		cons: 	expensive, AGI 66 
    		extra:	MRK 86
    Gus		pros:		FIX 15, good PICK
    		cons:		most expensive, AGI 65
    		extra:	MRK 97, top explosives-trainer-doc, HW(E), LVL 8
    Vicki		pros:		FIX 13(+1), good PICK
    		cons:		expensive
    		extra:	MRK 84 
    Scully	pros:		FIX 12, good PICK
    		cons:		most expensive
    		extra:	MRK 92, top explosives, good trainer,(average doc), best 
    vitality, LVL 5
    Gasket (M)	pros:		FIX 12, good PICK 
    		cons:		MRK 44, AGI 61
    		extra:	very cheap
    Nails		pros:		FIX 11, good PICK 
    		cons:		AGI 60
    		extra:	MRK 84, top explosives
    Maddog (N)	pros:		FIX 10, good PICK 
    		cons:		MRK 66
    		extra:	free, top vitality
    Len		pros:		FIX 10, good PICK
    		cons:		expensive
    		extra:	MRK 83, top trainer, (average explosives-doc), LVL 7
    Wolf		pros:		FIX 10, good PICK
    		cons:		MRK 79
    		extra:	(average trainer-doc), top vitality
    Cougar (M)	pros:		FIX 9(+1), average (good) PICK
    		cons:		expensive 
    		extra:	MRK 93, (average explosives), top vitality, LVL 5 
    *	*	*	
    Steroid	pros:		FIX 6(+3), average (good) PICK 
    		cons:		AGI 56 
    		extra:	MRK 89, cheap
    Dimitri (N)	pros:		FIX 6(+3), mediocre (average) PICK
    		cons:		MRK 77
    		extra:	free 
    Strongly recommended (in possible order of hiring):
    	Steroid (good when DEX raised, cheap - slow)
    	Dimitri (good when DEX raised, free)
    	Gasket (very cheap - can't shoot)
    	Nails (good mech, top explosives - slow)
    	Trevor (best mech-explosives - expensive) 
    NOTES:	In any squad there should be at least 1 good mech.
    		For other possible choices see: JACKS OF ALL TRADES and TOP 
    		Check also recommendations in other fields.
    This specialist is perhaps even more important than the mech. In like manner, 
    hiring a pro before you start your assignment is imperative. Such merc will be 
    chiefly responsible for interaction with NPCs (see: SECTION 6) For this purpose 
    high charisma (LDR>50) is obligatory. Another task of pros in this field will be 
    to TRAIN militia in newly annexed towns (see: SECTION 5), which ability is 
    additionally influenced by WIS. LVL affects this province as well. Mercs with 
    the teaching trait get a bonus to their training competence (see also: SECTION 2) 
    Specialists with high TRAIN score will create town defense faster.
    Top-10 negotiators / trainers (descending by TRAIN value):
    Raider	pros:		TRAIN 130, LDR 87 
    		cons:		none
    		extra:	MRK 88
    Len		pros:		TRAIN 111, LDR 61 
    		cons:		expensive
    		extra:	MRK 83, good mech, (average explosives-doc), LVL 7
    Stephen	pros:		TRAIN 106, LDR 59 
    		cons:		none
    		extra:	MRK 82, top explosives, LVL 5
    Conrad (N)	pros:		TRAIN 106, LDR 51 
    		cons:		most expensive
    		extra:	MRK 95, top explosives, (average doc), LVL 5
    Miguel (N)	pros:		TRAIN 105, LDR 98
    		cons:		none
    		extra:	MRK 85, LVL 6, free
    Gus		pros:		TRAIN 103, LDR 83
    		cons:		most expensive, AGI 65
    		extra:	MRK 97, top explosives-mech-doc, HW(E), LVL 8
    Buns		pros:		TRAIN 88 
    		cons:		none
    		extra:	MRK 86, (average doc), cheap
    Scope		pros:		TRAIN 88 
    		cons:		expensive
    		extra:	MRK 99, LVL 5
    Hitman	pros:		TRAIN 86, LDR 52 
    		cons:		none
    		extra:	MRK 88
    Scully	pros:		TRAIN 85, LDR 70
    		cons:		most expensive
    		extra:	MRK 92, top mech-explosives, (average doc), best 
    vitality, LVL 5
    Vince (N)	pros:		TRAIN 82 
    		cons:		MRK 35, AGI 49
    		extra:	best doc, cheap
    Ira (N)	pros:		TRAIN 80
    		cons:		MRK 55
    		extra:	(average doc), free
    Strongly recommended (in suggested order of hiring):
    	Raider (best)
    	Ira (free, medic - can't shoot)
    	Buns (cheap, medic)
    	Stephen (top trainer-explosives)
    	Miguel (best, free)
    NOTE:		Hire a top negotiator (to deal with NPCs) and then successively 
    other trainers. 4 			trainers will train militia fast.
    Impenetrable door is blocking your way? You stumbled upon a booby trap? Call on 
    the explosives man. This guy may seem not as important as other specialists, but 
    on many occasions his presence will be indispensable. Apart from creating and 
    planting explosives, he will detect and disarm traps (always save before 
    attempting this!) and land mines. The key qualification is EXP>50, other 
    relevant stats are high WIS and DEX. The ability to detect traps increases with 
    LVL. This specialist should carry live (armed) explosives, small door charges 
    and the metal detector.
    Top-10 explosives specialists (descending by overall explosives expertise, 
    excluding easily trained DEX):
    Trevor	pros:		EXP 88, WIS 97
    		cons:		expensive
    		extra:	MRK 81, best mech
    Barry		pros:		EXP 92, WIS 91
    		cons:		MRK 70
    		extra:	cheap, (average mech)
    Red		pros:		EXP 99, WIS 79
    		cons:		AGI 66, MRK 78
    		extra:	good trainer, cheap
    Gus		pros:		EXP 76, WIS 94
    		cons:		most expensive, AGI 65
    		extra:	MRK 97, top mech-trainer-doc, HW(E), LVL 8
    Fidel		pros:		EXP 97, WIS 71
    		cons:		;)
    		extra:	MRK 85
    Devin (N)	pros:		EXP 96, WIS 72
    		cons:		AGI 61, MRK 67
    		extra:	cheap; see also: SECTION 4 - HOW TO GET EQUIPMENT; 
    Stephen	pros:		EXP 66, WIS 94
    		cons:		none
    		extra:	MRK 82, top trainer, LVL 5
    Larry (M)	pros:		EXP 92, WIS 70
    		cons:		MRK 70, drunk
    		extra:	good doc, cheap
    Scully	pros:		EXP 66, WIS 93
    		cons:		most expensive
    		extra:	MRK 92, top mech, good trainer, (average doc), best 
    vitality, LVL 5
    Nails		pros:		EXP 78, WIS 79
    		cons:		AGI 60
    		extra:	MRK 84, good mech
    Conrad (N)	pros:		EXP 68, WIS 88
    		cons:		most expensive
    		extra:	MRK 95, top trainer, (average doc), LVL 5
    Gumpy (M)	pros:		EXP 57, WIS 94
    		cons:		MRK 44, AGI 45
    		extra:	very cheap
    Ivan		pros:		EXP 55, WIS 83
    		cons:		expensive
    		extra:	MRK 92, best vitality, HW
    Len		pros:		EXP 47, WIS 83
    		cons:		expensive
    		extra:	MRK 83, top trainer, good mech, (average doc), LVL 7
    Reaper	pros:		EXP 47, WIS 81
    		cons:		most expensive
    		extra:	MRK 97, good trainer, (average mech), ON-ROOF bonus to 
    hit, LVL 6
    Strongly recommended:
    	Fidel (top explosives - if you can handle his temper ;)
    	Stephen (top explosives-trainer)
    	Red (cheap, good trainer - a bit slow)
    	Nails (top explosives, good mech - slow)
    	Trevor (best explosives-mech - expensive)
    NOTE:		To deal with explosives you generally need just 1 bomb dude.
    This professional is skilled in big guns - grenade launchers, LAWs and mortars 
    (see: SECTION 3 - HEAVY WEAPONS) While every merc can use these weapons, HW 
    specialists have a better chance of an accurate shot - in their hands these 
    babies become even more efficient (read "deadly" ;) Apart from the trait itself, 
    high MRK is important. Only few mercs boast HW proficiency (descending by 
    combined expertise in different fields):
    Gus		pros:		MRK 97, HW(E)
    		cons:		most expensive, AGI 65
    		extra:	top explosives-mech-trainer-doc, LVL 8
    Iggy (N)	pros:		MRK 87, HW(E)
    		cons:		expensive
    		extra:	(average mech), top vitality, LVL 5
    Ivan		pros:		MRK 92, HW
    		cons:		expensive
    		extra:	(average explosives), best vitality 
    Meltdown	pros:		MRK 83, HW
    		cons:		none
    		extra:	cheap
    Grunty	pros:		HW
    		cons:		MRK 78
    		extra:	(average mech), cheap 
    Grizzly	pros:		HW
    		cons:		AGI 69, MRK 79
    		extra:	cheap
    Buzz		pros:		MRK 96, HW
    		cons:		none
    		extra:	none
    Strongly recommended (in suggested order of hiring):
    NOTE:		Although all mercs can use heavy weapons (and it's even possible, 
    though hard, to 			complete the assignment without them), you will 
    soon appreciate having 1 or 2 HW 			specialists on your team.
    Doc's task is to bandage mercs injured during combat and to treat those severely 
    wounded afterwards - if they live that long ;) However, a cautious player who 
    keeps his mercs from receiving serious injuries will not need a doctor. Most 
    docs are hopeless when it comes to fighting, anyway. Thus one *medic* per combat 
    squad, with average doctoring skill (influenced by MED, DEX, WIS and LVL) will 
    suffice to patch up cuts and bruises. S/he will only use a little more medical 
    supplies. It is best to combine medical with another skill. See: TOP SPECIALISTS 
    for possible picks. Doctoring points in this table reflect the merc's ability to 
    heal injured teammates. This determines how fast the merc will restore health of 
    his patients when assigned as "doctor" (in strategic view)
    Some guys are just more gifted (or trained) than others. Their drawback, however, 
    is that they tend to be extremely costly. Mercs listed here possess expertise in 
    multiple fields. Each of them deserves recommendation, but watch the price: it 
    may be too steep for contract extension. Remember also that mercs who gain LVL 
    demand higher wages! Who to employ depends to a large extent on your individual 
    strategy and on the kind of competence you require. Descending by combined 
    expertise in all fields:
    Gus		pros:		top explosives-mech-trainer-doc, HW(E)
    		cons:		most expensive, AGI 65
    		extra:	MRK 97, LVL 8
    Scully	pros:		top mech-explosives, good trainer, average doc
    		cons:		most expensive
    		extra:	MRK 92, best vitality, LVL 5
    Len		pros:		top trainer, good mech, average explosives-doc
    		cons:		expensive
    		extra:	MRK 83, LVL 7
    Conrad (N)	pros:		top trainer-explosives, average doc
    		cons:		most expensive
    		extra:	MRK 95, LVL 5
    Reaper	pros:		good trainer, average explosives-mech
    		cons:		most expensive
    		extra:	MRK 97, ON-ROOF bonus, LVL 6 
    Wolf		pros:		good mech, average trainer-doc, mediocre explosives
    		cons:		MRK 79
    		extra:	top vitality 
    Cougar (M)	pros:		good mech, average explosives, mediocre doc
    		cons:		expensive 
    		extra:	MRK 93, top vitality, LVL 5 
    Cliff		pros:		good (top) doc, average trainer, mediocre explosives
    		cons:		AGI 60
    		extra:	MRK 84
    Iggy (N)	pros:		average mech, HW(E), mediocre doc
    		cons:		expensive
    		extra:	MRK 87, top vitality, LVL 5
    NOTE:		Compare TOP SPECIALISTS below.
    These tables contain highest-ranking specialists in 4 crucial areas. Overall 
    rating in the field, based on all above-mentioned relevant factors, is given for 
    a quick reference.
    TOP 10 MECHS
    Trevor, Magic		best
    Static			top
    Gus				top
    Vicki				top
    Scully			top
    Gasket			top
    Nails				good
    Maddog			good
    Len, Wolf			good
    Cougar			good
    Dynamo			average
    Barry				average
    Reaper			average
    Ice				average
    Steroid			average (good)
    Iggy, Grunty		average
    Dimitri			mediocre (good)
    Raider			best
    Len				top
    Conrad, Stephen		top
    Miguel			top
    Gus				top
    Buns, Scope			good
    Hitman			good
    Scully			good
    Vince				good
    Ira				good
    Thor				good
    Red				good
    Reaper			good
    Ice				average
    Wolf				average
    Carlos			average
    Shadow			average
    Cliff				average
    Trevor, Barry, Red	best
    Gus				top
    Fidel, Devin		top
    Stephen, Larry		top
    Scully			top
    Nails, Conrad		top
    Gumpy				good
    Ivan				average
    Len				average
    Reaper			average
    Cougar			average
    Lynx				average 
    Vince				best (40)
    Dr Q, Danny			top (36)
    Gus				top (35)
    Spider			top (34)
    Thor, MD			good (30)
    Cliff				good (29) (top - 32)
    Fox				good (28)
    Larry				good (25)
    Conrad			average (22)
    Buns, Blood			average (20)
    Wolf, Sidney		average (19)
    Scully			average (18)
    Len				average (17)
    Ira				average (16)
    Section 2:	RAISING STATS
    You've gathered your team. Deidranna, we're coming for you! Omerta is plain 
    sailing, unless you hired complete rookies (but you didn't, right?) On the way 
    to Drassen you meet first enemy patrol and... what the hell? Your mercs can't 
    shoot a barn while "ghost" attackers stuff them full of lead. When your squad is 
    half-dead (or half your squad is dead) you furiously hit "ALT+L"... Damn!
    At the beginning combat might seem very difficult. Your squad will be outgunned 
    and outnumbered. And, as the mission progresses, things will only get worse. How 
    can your team rival the Arulcan army? Sensible battlefield tactics are your 
    great advantage. But there are more of them. You can increase your mercs' 
    abilities by training. This is especially important at the outset, when you 
    can't hire many skilled mercs and they lack good weapons. It also lets you save 
    cash on those really expensive types. Instead of paying thru the nose for their 
    services you'll be wiser to employ cheap but promising mercs and to develop 
    their potential by training. 
    Stats can be increased in a number of ways, some of which verge on cheating. In 
    order to get the most from the increase, it is advised to train the whole squad 
    early on. Now listen to words of wisdom. This stat has greatest impact on the 
    rate of improvement (which stat? wisdom! it's a pun ;) Mercs with high WIS learn 
    faster, which means they will improve their abilities more rapidly.
    Training thru experience
    This is the ordinary way. During the mission stats go up when you make a 
    frequent use of them. E.g. MRK increases by firing a lot, especially with 
    successful aimed head or out-of-range shots; EXP rises when you mess around with 
    explosives (and don't get yourself blown up ;), etc. With much action daily 
    gains of even 3-4 points in some stats are possible.
    Individual practice
    Done by assigning a merc to "practice" a specific ability (strategic view) Quite 
    effective with low stats, which can be thus raised to mid-level. However, gains 
    are slow (we're talking about days here) and training higher stats takes forever. 
    As the name implies, this method requires participation of 2 mercs. Assign the 
    merc whom you want to exercise as "student" and a skilled merc as "trainer" 
    (strategic view) The point is to have a merc with a high stat train his/her 
    teammate's low stat in the same field. Coaching is faster than individual 
    practice, especially when training higher stats. Mercs with the teaching trait 
    get a bonus when instructing his/her companions.
    With coaching and practice stats can be raised to a maximum level of 85.
    "Active" training
    Considered cheating by die-hard players, this is the fastest way to raise stats 
    (in terms of game time) Remarkable gains can be achieved within (game) hours. 
    This is in fact accelerated training thru experience. "Active" training takes 
    place in real-time and requires you to put the merc thru his paces to exercise 
    the particular stat. I found that the best time for such workout is when other 
    mercs train militia (see: SECTION 5) and you have nothing else to do. With this 
    kind of training you can quite easily raise stats to about 90. Training over 
    this level requires much patience, but is still a lot faster than any other 
    technique. Many of the ways given below are in fact "active" training.
    To exercise HEA, travel (on foot) carrying heavy equipment (weight over 100%) 
    This can be also done in real-time: put a great load on your merc and have 
    him/her run around. When s/he falls, wait until his/her energy ("breath") 
    regenerates and... move it soldier!
    AGI is raised by getting interrupts, crawling with stealth on during combat and 
    dodging bloodcats' blows.
    To raise DEX really quick, find some throwing knives and crows (after some time 
    they appear on rotting bodies) This shouldn't be a problem in towns ;) Use crows 
    as targets. Blades are not consumed and new hungry birds always appear, so pick 
    the knives up and repeat until satisfied with the result. If you throw a knife 
    at a crow which is taking off, you lose the blade (wow, it's spinning!) DEX goes 
    up also by punching enemies, animals or vehicles and repairing stuff.
    STR can be raised by punching, opening crates and carrying heavy stuff (same way 
    as HEA)
    Training militia increases this stat notably, especially when you put a skilled 
    trainer with a less experienced one in the same sector (see: SECTION 5)
    This stat is the one most difficult to raise. During normal gameplay it hardly 
    ever changes. Still, wisdom can be trained by attaching a detonator to 
    explosives, setting it and then disarming. Of course, there is a great chance 
    you will detonate yourself in the process. Therefore this task should not be 
    attempted by mercs with low EXP, and even with high EXP it's best to save 
    frequently. Fortunately, EXP can be easily increased.
    The fastest way to raise this crucial stat is to throw knives at crows, 
    gradually increasing the distance. I strongly suggest this for all marksmen. You 
    also gain DEX in this way.
    MEC is increased, as could be expected, by repairing stuff, picking locks, and 
    merging items.
    To raise explosives like fire lay and disarm a mine over and over again. If the 
    merc's EXP is too low to disarm it, use your explosives specialist and continue 
    as before. And did I mention "save"? 
    Quite plainly, medical skill is raised by performing first aid and by doctoring 
    injured mercs.
    Experience level
    This collective stat goes up as the merc develops his/her abilities. The number 
    of kills, as well as completed quests (see: SECTION 6) influence the experience 
    level. LVL rises also when the merc gains in his stats! :)
    To take over Arulco, besides specialists (see: appropriate chapters in SECTION 1) 
    you need a crackerjack fire squad - adept snipers with high MRK, AGI and LVL. 
    Appropriate personnel is, however, just one part of the job. To come into their 
    own they need proper equipment. You really don't wanna fight Deidranna's army 
    bare-fisted (and bare-assed ;)
    The importance of body protection needs not be explained. Outfit your team 
    (particularly snipers, who will see most combat) in the best you can get. 
    Spectra armor treated with compound-18 offers superior protection against enemy 
    bullets and to a certain degree grenades. Don't use c-18 on anything other than 
    spectra, it's too rare to be wasted. Apply it first to vests, then to pants and 
    finally to helmets - in this way you will gain most extra shielding. Ceramic 
    tiles (sometimes found in farmhouses) when put into the vest provide even more 
    protection. With all these improvements your armor can even exceed 100%! 
    (possibly a bug?) All your snipers must wear sun goggles which raise their sight 
    range during the day (see: CHANCES TO HIT), and the extended ear to hear the 
    approaching enemies. They also need to carry gas masks against chemical attacks. 
    Put these on when necessary. And although it's better not to engage the enemy 
    after dusk, some sharpshooters may be additionally equipped with night vision 
    goggles which improve sight range in the dark - just in case. All marksmen (and 
    particularly those with lower AGI) should carry at least one canteen, an 
    indispensable fast energy refreshment. Camouflage helps in the open, especially 
    when crawling in stealth mode (the stealthy trait gives another bonus, see: 
    SECTION 8)
    CHANCES TO HIT (adapted in part from the Official JA2 Website) 
    A sniper's outfit would not be complete without a firearm. Give your hitmen some 
    iron and now they are ready to take on the Arulcan army. Shooting unfriendlies 
    seems basic - how much does it take to fire a gun? Yet, in (game) reality this 
    action is complex. Your chances to actually hit the enemy with a firearm are 
    conditioned by multiple factors. The first one is the distance between you and 
    your target. Obviously, the lesser this length is, the greater the chance of a 
    successful shot. This factor, also referred to as the sight range, is 
    additionally modified by the time of the day. By night and underground your 
    sight range is significantly decreased in comparison with daytime. Mercs with 
    the night-ops trait have the edge in such circumstances and night vision goggles 
    help, too. Another determinant is the enemy's posture. You are most likely to 
    hit him when he is standing. You are less likely to do so when he is crouched, 
    and even less when he is prone. Your chance depends also on which part of the 
    body you are pointing your gun at - torso (good), legs (lesser), or head (least) 
    Besides, the more APs are spent on aiming, the higher the chance of getting a 
    hit (this action produces much better results with the sniper scope; see: GUN 
    ATTACHMENTS) Shooting at the same enemy multiple times uses less APs with each 
    shot and also gives a bonus to hit. But being shot (even without health loss) 
    decreases accuracy, and wounds received (whether untreated or bandaged) give a 
    penalty, too. Whether you fire a single shot or a burst also makes a difference: 
    autofire is penalized and moreover each round in a burst has an increasingly 
    lesser chance to hit the target. These penalties are reduced by the auto weapons 
    trait. Following aspects, the merc's MRK and LVL, have already been dealt with 
    (higher stats mean better accuracy) I believe that the merc's posture while 
    taking a shot further affects their chances to hit, which should be greatest 
    when shooting prone, then crouching, and then standing. Finally we come to the 
    firearms proper. Here 3 factors come into play: the gun's range, condition and 
    attachments. A long-range firearm enables sniping at the enemy. Besides, long 
    range increases the likelihood of hitting him, with a bonus also at short 
    distances. But if the gun is out of range, this chance is halved. As the 
    weapon's condition drops, it becomes less accurate, and more prone to jamming. 
    Just what you need in the heat of the battle... not! A jammed gun can become 
    operational after repeated attempts to fire it (if you get lucky) or after 
    repairing it. Gun attachments (see appropriate chapter) add to shooting 
    precision. One last thing - firing a single or two guns (in both hands) at once. 
    Unless the merc has the ambidextrous trait, using 2 pistols or SMGs (only they 
    can be fired together) reduces his accuracy considerably. 
    With all factors taken into account, the accuracy (chance to hit) of any shot 
    can never be greater than 99% Much like in real life. This means you *might* 
    miss the enemy standing right next to you! ;)
    Of course, a merc who cannot see the enemy won't be able to hit him, except by a 
    blind chance ;) A small red number in the merc's portrait represents the amount 
    of enemy soldiers within his/her sight range. When you're not sure, check their 
    positions by clicking on this number (or press "E") several times. This will 
    cycle thru enemies visible to that merc. But beware: the fact that you can't see 
    an enemy does not mean that *he* cannot see you. An enemy soldier may spot your 
    merc before s/he (the merc) realizes it. In such case the enemy will open fire 
    and you can only take cover and/or retreat. To learn how to avoid being spotted, 
    see: SECTION 8. Keep in mind that mercs will initially refuse to take a shot if 
    they don't have a clear line of sight. Moreover, sometimes the enemy could have 
    such a good cover that it will be only possible to target his head. In some 
    circumstances this cover can deflect or even block your bullets. In such case 
    you will not get a hit regardless of other factors.
    Many of the above considerations are in effect also when you become a target. 
    E.g.: you are most difficult to get hit by the enemy when you're lying prone. 
    The actual damage inflicted on the enemy (or you) is likewise modified by a 
    number of factors. Among them are the armor type, weapon type and damage, ammo 
    caliber and type (see: AMMUNITION), distance, APs spent on aiming (max aiming 
    resulting in "critical hits" usually does greatest damage), which body part was 
    shot, whether the hit was direct or ricochetted and so on. Check out also the 
    Official JA2 Website for more detailed info and sample calculations of to-hit 
    NOTE:		There is a user-made JA2 utility which calculates the chance to hit 
    of every shot			(see: SECTION 10)
    NOTE:		This chapter deals only with the weapons available via the "Normal 
    guns" setting.
    The choice of a weapon depends largely on the tactics you employ. Some players 
    prefer sneaking with close-range fights; others go in with their guns on full 
    auto. I personally favor long-range precision shooting. This enables me to take 
    out the enemies from a significant distance before they approach my squad. At 
    the same time the foes themselves are too far to take accurate shots - if they 
    ever get a chance to shoot ;) The gun I need must meet three conditions, in 
    order of importance: long range, fast operation and high damage. On these 
    grounds I rule out shotguns (short range, slow) and sniper rifles (excellent 
    range and damage, but awfully slow) But few other guns fulfil the above criteria 
    and are thus worth serious attention (ascending by overall value):
    Glock 17
    Your initial weapon. It's the best pistol: quite fast with 15-round magazine and 
    easy to repair. On the downside, its short range and low damage make it 
    effective only at close quarters. But what else can you expect from a pistol?
    This SMG has a longer range. Fast operation and big magazine make shooting 
    easier. And you can burst at short distances. The MP5K is a very common gun. 
    Several can be already found around Drassen.
    Once you use it, you will see the difference. This single-shot rifle can be 
    fitted with a scope plus sight (see: GUN ATTACHMENTS), making it first sniper's 
    weapon. It uses the popular 5.56mm round to deliver high damage. It's also quite 
    fast and has a better range.
    This should become your standard weapon. A good all around gun. Comparable to 
    the Mini-14, with even longer range and auto capability.
    One of the guns to use until the end of the assignment. With 7.62mm caliber it 
    dishes out the greatest damage of all rifles. Quite fast firing with range 
    slightly longer than the G41. Ammo is scarce, though.
    Many people regard it as No.1 gun. No doubt it makes the best use of the 5.56mm 
    round. And it's Canadian ;) Superior range and fast operation make this 
    versatile assault rifle the preferred weapon.
    There is no better firearm. The FN-FAL offers the finest in long-range precision 
    shooting, along with very fast operation. You will only get a couple of these 
    and 7.62mm clips are hard to come by.
    Some people believe that the rocket rifle beats all other weapons. In my opinion 
    its slow operation and small magazine downplay the exceptional range and damage. 
    Worst of all, it doesn't accept any attachments (see appropriate chapter) This 
    excludes accuracy at long ranges and the built-in laser doesn't help much. The 
    RR is also extremely hard to repair and the mini-rockets are in short supply. If 
    you decide to give it a try, keep in mind that the RR can be used exclusively by 
    its owner, i.e. the first merc to use it. Some RRs may have an ID lock on them, 
    which can be broken only by the fix-it man in Grumm (see: SECTION 6 - Fredo)
    In addition to regular guns you may come across some unique weapons. They can be 
    sometimes found in random locations (e.g. P90, CAWS) or taken from certain 
    enemies (G11, auto rocket rifle) - see: SECTION 4. You can also obtain some by 
    completing quests (Automag); see: SECTION 6 - John and Mary. Of these weapons I 
    find the G11 useful: it becomes a gun of choice after modifications (see: GUN 
    ATTACHMENTS) To my knowledge only one such rifle can be recovered (see: SECTION 
    6 - Mike) The G11 uses very rare ammo that pierces armor with ease (see: 
    AMMUNITION) It is also very hard to repair.
    These accessories can be fitted to guns to increase their firing capabilities. A 
    firearm will accept up to 4 different attachments. Some of them can only be used 
    with specific gun types (listed in brackets) and some cannot be used in 
    conjunction. Make sure to keep the attachments in a top condition, otherwise 
    they will make the weapon less accurate!
    Sniper scope (some SMGs, shotguns, all rifles, LMGs)
    A must for any gun. Equip your snipers with these ASAP. The scope decreases 
    penalty due to distance with every extra AP spent on aiming, thus allowing 
    accurate shots. A hell of a difference especially at long ranges, the sniper 
    scope makes penetration of the enemy's skull a "remote" possibility ;)
    Laser sight (all guns)
    Second most wanted supplement. Gives a flat bonus to hit for any/every shot 
    taken. Nicely enhances the sniper scope. Rocket rifles have a built-in laser 
    targeting system.
    Bipod (all rifles, LMGs, CAWS)
    Slightly increases the chance to hit when shooting prone. Since all shots ought 
    to be taken while prostrate, the bipod makes a valuable implement.
    Silencer (pistols, some SMGs)
    Muffles the gun it is attached to. This allows taking out the enemies one by one 
    without attracting unwanted attention. Possibly reduces the bullet's power (?)
    Duckbill (shotguns)
    Changes the pattern of buckshot fire from the regular circle to a horizontal 
    spread, thus providing wider coverage. Not much difference at a close range.
    Barrel extender (all guns)
    This non-removable attachment should be installed by a skilled mech only after 
    repairing it. The extender increases the gun's range by 10 when in perfect 
    condition. Created by combining a steel pipe with quick glue and duct tape.
    Rod & spring AKA spring-bolt replacement (all guns)
    Second permanent supplement, reduces the AP cost of single and burst shots by 
    1/6 (the difference is rounded down) Best results achieved with slow guns. 
    Created by joining an aluminium rod with a spring.
    Talon (standard and assault rifles, LMGs)
    Underslung grenade launcher. Requires 2 slots, as one slot must remain empty to 
    load a 40mm grenade. Operates very much like the M79 launcher (below), except 
    that it must be attached to a firearm. Apart from this fact, the Talon works 
    like a heavy weapon and as such it retains all their characteristics (not sure 
    about the bonus for HW, though) Unfortunately, this weapon is very inaccurate, 
    possibly due to a bug.
    A word about weapon modification. Save the permanent attachments for best guns, 
    the ones you intend to keep till the grand finale. Don't trouble with other 
    weapons, unless you are really pressed for money. Budget solutions are the 
    Commando with an extender (comparable to the G41) and the Mini-14 or the G41 
    with an extender plus bolt (comparable to the C-7). The M14 with an extender and 
    bolt is a killer, on a par with the FN-FAL. The extender attached to the C-7 or 
    the FN-FAL gives them an incredibly long range, and the bolt makes them 
    *lightning* fast. A modified FN-FAL sometimes needs just 1AP/shot (unaimed)! 
    Also the G11 with an extender and bolt is a premium weapon.
    Remember, however, that adding permanent supplements practically excludes the 
    use of the Talon which occupies 2 slots. In long-range shooting you definitely 
    need these slots for the scope and the sight. One way around is to use the M79 
    or hand grenades (see: HEAVY WEAPONS; GRENADES) Another is to carry the Talon 
    and to attach it only when necessary ;) Still, because of its large inaccuracy 
    the Talon seems unusable.
    As stated earlier, the choice of armament is determined by tactics. The one that 
    works for me involves daytime attacks. My fire squad is 5 to 7 snipers with MRK 
    trained to 100 (see: SECTION 2) I equip them with the best guns available (from 
    the selection above) and later modified. All guns have the scope, the sight and 
    sometimes the bipod attached. In combat I almost always go for long-range head 
    shots with extra aiming. They inflict greatest damage, but occasionally a torso 
    shot does more harm.  I use only the AP ammo (see: AMMUNITION) and always fire 
    prone from behind a cover to avoid being shot. Fast guns allow my mercs to shoot 
    at least 3 times per turn, with aiming. In many cases the enemy dies already 
    from the second bullet :)
    Since ammo goes pretty fast, you should heap a nice stock of it. Each of your 
    snipers should carry at least one spare clip. Nothing is more infuriating than 
    running out of bullets in the middle of the fight. Remember to reload your guns 
    whenever the game enters real-time, especially during a battle. This saves APs 
    which you will need in turn-based mode. When picking up items collect ammo for 
    your guns first. Merge half-empty clips to save space.
    The damage inflicted by ammo depends on its caliber and type. Guns recommended 
    above use 4 calibers and 3 types of ammunition. The 9mm pistol round (Glock 17) 
    is the weakest one. The 9mm SMG round (MP5K) is a bit better. These two are 
    compatible, i.e. pistol ammo can be used in SMGs and vice versa. The 5.56mm 
    round (Mini-14, G41, C-7) does average damage and the 7.62mm NATO round (M14, 
    FN-FAL) is the most powerful of all. The 4.7mm is a unique G11 round with power 
    comparable to the 5.56mm. Besides the caliber, ammo comes in 3 types: AP (armor 
    piercing, red), HP (hollow-point, blue) and standard. AP ammo can penetrate 
    armor, but it delivers less damage. HP ammo inflicts great damage on unarmored 
    targets, but can be stopped by basic body protection. Regular ammo is a trade-
    off between the two, and the 4.7mm round is AP *par excellence* Since you can't 
    tell which enemies wear armor, it is best to always use the AP ammo.
    You will only need the 9mm ammo in the beginning and there is enough of it 
    around. Better guns use the 5.56mm ammo which is also common - you will quickly 
    gather a load of it. However, 7.62mm clips are hard to get and even more are the 
    special 4.7mm magazines. The only advice is to buy them whenever they become 
    available. I have also noticed that enemy soldiers tend to drop ammo of the same 
    caliber as used by your squad. See also: SECTION 4.
    These big guns cover wide area in a single discharge. They do not accept any 
    attachments. Because of the explosion they create and due to their limited 
    accuracy, they work best against clusters of enemies. Heavy weapons are slow to 
    operate, allowing only 1 shot per turn. They should be handled by HW specialists 
    (see: appropriate chapter in SECTION 1) who take more accurate shots with any 
    weapon of this type. 
    See: GUN ATTACHMENTS. For effects of damage refer to GRENADES.
    This 40mm grenade launcher is fired from the shoulder and has a longer range. As 
    with the Talon, the effects of damage depend on the type of grenade used (see: 
    GRENADES) Since the M79 has no problems with accuracy, the bug makes the Talon 
    rather useless.
    Designed to destroy tanks, this anti-armor weapon is just as lethal against 
    infantry platoons. You don't wanna be standing at *either* end of it ;) Comes 
    loaded with one missile, after discharging becomes scrap. The LAW operates much 
    like a firearm, which means that the missile must hit something to explode. Keep 
    some of these babies for your final assault on Meduna (did someone say "tanks"?)
    Bow to the M224, Master of Destruction. This powerful weapon can easily smoke 
    multiple enemies in a single discharge, regardless of aiming. Like the LAW, it 
    provides broadest spread. It is excellent against both personnel and tanks. Use 
    the mortar wisely, shells are sparse. Bring it to Meduna to im-press the Queen's 
    Elite Guard ;)
    Like the heavy weapons, grenades are most effective against groups of enemies. 
    Some grenades serve special purposes. They come in 2 sorts: hand grenades and 
    40mm shells. Hand grenades are intended to be thrown (what else did you think? :) 
    This makes your merc vulnerable to enemy attacks, since in order to throw a 
    grenade s/he has to stand up. Throwing range depends on the merc's strength (STR) 
    and throwing accuracy on their MRK and LVL. The throwing trait increases both. 
    Already described grenade launchers (M79/Talon) use the 40mm type and can be 
    fired when the merc is crouched or prone. Grenades seem to do more damage to 
    standing targets. Their varieties are as follows:
    Mini (only hand)
    Throwing range of this baby grenade is longer, but it lacks spread and damage. 
    It can be used to weaken low-rank soldiers and to finish off groups of severely 
    wounded enemies.
    Regular (hand & 40mm)
    Standard fragmentation grenade. Good spread and damage. Tough enemies often ask 
    for another. Ah well, some folks just can't get enough ;) Can be also used 
    against tanks.
    Stun (hand & 40mm)
    It doesn't do damage. But it takes the enemy's breath away - literally ;) The 
    stun grenade saps the energy (blue bar) of the victim, bringing their APs down 
    to zero. Nearby targets are also affected, though to a lesser degree. 2 or 3 
    stuns are usually enough to exclude an enemy (or you) from the ongoing skirmish. 
    The stunned person becomes a sitting duck: he can't move or shoot for few turns. 
    Wearing a gas mask does not help.
    Smoke (hand & 40mm)
    This grenade creates an expanding cloud of harmless smoke. The fumes drastically 
    restrict visibility, making it hard for the enemy to spot you. Useful in stealth 
    maneuvers. It also offers a good way to mount the attack by firing 1 or 2 
    smokers into a batch of foes. Nothing feels like shooting the blind pups as they 
    emerge from the haze ;) Alternatively, you could draw enemies towards your 
    position, drop a smoker right beside your tightly-formed squad and shrouded in 
    fumes wait for an interrupt when a groping enemy pops right in front of your 
    Tear gas (hand & 40mm)
    The tear gas grenade will have the enemy on the run. It works much like a stun: 
    a growing cloud of irritant drains the energy, causing the subject to pass out. 
    Useful for flushing out those annoying well-covered snipers or for clearing out 
    rooms. A gas mask prevents energy loss.
    Mustard gas (only hand :(
    Extremely harmful. Releases a dispersing toxic cloud that kills anyone engulfed 
    in it in a couple of turns. Gas masks offer protection for just a short time and 
    only when in perfect shape. If your merc finds himself in the fumes without it, 
    get him out in the same turn and rush a medic to save his life - and your money. 
    These type of grenade is very effective in enclosed areas, provided you are not 
    the one inside. Deidranna's elite soldiers are keen as mustard to taste some ;)
    Not only grenades and heavy weapons make a blast. Explosives are capable of 
    causing even more damage. They are primarily used to blow up solid structures 
    (like walls/doors) and other objects restricting access to enclosed areas. They 
    can be also planted as booby traps intended for enemy units. Explosives are 
    particularly effective against tanks. Every now and then you will also discover 
    a locker/door trapped with explosives or with some other booby trap. If you 
    manage to disarm it, you will usually get your hands on some goodies. But keep 
    in mind that dealing with explosives is touch-and-go. Not everything may go as 
    planned. Generally all the job should be done by the explosives specialist (see: 
    appropriate chapter in SECTION 1) Even he can sometime meet a serious challenge. 
    Therefore it is strongly advised to save before any "explosive" encounter.
    Good ol' trinitrotoluene. Average power and dispersion; best used straight. 
    Powerful composite that generates a blast bigger than TNT. Better still as an 
    ingredient of C4.
    These strange crystals will not go boom on their own; they need to be detonated 
    with grenades or combined with other explosives. RDX mixed with TNT or C1 yields 
    their stronger counterparts. Still, the process of blending the components can 
    prove a formidable task even for top explosives specialists. 
    This is what you get from joining TNT and RDX. Blasting power comparable to C1. 
    Not much use, since RDX produces better results with C1.
    The ultimate in explosives, obtained by blending C1 with RDX. C4 has greatest 
    blast radius and inflicts tremendous damage. Unfortunately, it is hard to create.
    No explosive material will go off unless you attach a detonator to it. The 
    ignition can be set for a period of 1 to 4 turns. Once you plant the bomb, allow 
    some time and APs for evacuation, unless you wanna kiss your bomb dude goodbye.
    Remote detonator
    Works like the regular one, but it allows precisely timed explosions. Requires a 
    remote trigger to operate. Great for ambushes. The remote detonator can work in 
    one of 4 different frequencies, but several explosions can be set on the same 
    frequency. This type of detonator is difficult to install; in addition to 
    proficiency in explosives, the electronics trait may be necessary.
    Remote trigger
    Once you've installed the remote detonator and planted the explosive, use this 
    radio transmitter to blow the device up. The trap(s) can be set off at any time 
    by choosing an appropriate frequency. One remote trigger suffices per squad and 
    should be carried by the explosives specialist.
    Shaped charge
    Every now and then a secured door will prohibit your entry. There are many ways 
    to deal with this obstacle, and some have been already mentioned (all methods 
    are listed in SECTION 9) Placing a shaped charge on the door is one possible 
    solution. A small explosion will destroy the lock, but not the door. It may be 
    necessary to force the door open afterwards.
    Land mine
    This booby trap is supposed to snuff a wandering enemy. But it turns out pretty 
    useless in combat. Chances of laying a mine near an enemy without being noticed 
    are minimal. Even when you succeed the soldiers will rarely fall into it, unless 
    you plant a lot of mines in close proximity (which requires carrying the whole 
    bundle) And still it will explode only when the enemy steps *precisely* on it. 
    Land mines can be used to create nice chain explosions, but on the whole usage 
    seems justified only in narrow passages, like doorways.
    These weapons can be put to use when fighting at close quarters. In some 
    circumstances they may prove more effective than firearms. Blunt weapons will 
    quickly knock enemies out, which allows stealing their weapons (see: SECTION  4 
    - HOW TO GET EQUIPMENT) Blades penetrate any armor, causing great harm. 
    Different skills come into play when working with bladed/blunt weapons. Mercs 
    with the knifing trait are more likely to stab their victims with a combat knife 
    or a machete and are also better at parrying knife blows. Throwing knives ask 
    for the same abilities as hand grenades (see appropriate chapter) The damage 
    inflicted by knuckles and crowbar is proportional to merc's strength and is 
    additionally increased by the hand-to-hand trait (H2H, see: SECTION 6 - Darren) 
    However, using bladed/blunt weapons has its drawbacks. To employ them, you have 
    to get very near to the target, unnoticed. Unless you slay your victim promptly, 
    you risk serious injuries in his counter-attack. Since enemies usually appear in 
    groups, you could also be spotted by other soldiers and get under heavy fire. 
    Therefore bladed weapons are best suited to eliminate stray enemies, 
    particularly when backed up by sneaking (see: SECTION 8)
    Combat knife
    There's quite nothing like sinking a steel blade between the enemy's own 
    shoulder-blades. Three stabs will eliminate even the roughest and toughest of 
    Slower than a combat knife, but deadlier. Sometimes just one swing will make 
    your opponent think of a better life. As with the combat knife, go for the neck 
    to inflict most severe injuries.
    Throwing knife
    In favorable conditions a single throwing knife can score an instant kill 
    (critical hit) Doubles as a toothpick ;) They are also invaluable aids in 
    raising some stats (see: SECTION 2)
    Make your blows a little stronger. Two punches should put the foe "at ease"
    Who said a crowbar is merely for opening stuck covers? (see: SECTION 8) If 
    knuckles seem not enough, take this bar to crack some ribs.
    You know the deal. No weapons, no progress. No progress, no dough. No dough, no 
    weapons. And so on. Apart from Deidranna, equipment and money are the two things 
    you will be looking for in Arulco. And you will need both in large quantities. 
    Finding them fast gives your team a much better chance to survive in this harsh 
    Once you know what to choose from, it would be nice to lay your hands on some 
    good arms (pun intended ;) Without them even the best mercs will be nothing but 
    cannon-fodder. Proper weapons and equipment are the key to victory. You can get 
    these items from various sources.
    Hired personnel
    When hiring AIM mercs, you have the option to buy their equipment. This purchase 
    is obviously necessary when you assemble your first team. With later hires you 
    will already have a stock of items to deal out. Other recruitable characters 
    (MERC, NPCs) also have some belongings, which become yours as soon as you hire 
    them. Generally, more expensive personalities posses better inventories, 
    although cheap ones can have something valuable on them, too.
    You can make an easy start in Arulco in the following manner: hire a merc with a 
    good weapon for a day and when his/her contract is over, give the equipment to 
    someone else. This will give you the edge in initial battles.
    Killed enemies
    Deidranna's men will constitute your primary source of new stuff. Her soldiers 
    carry diverse combat equipment - why not "free" them from this burden? Some 
    enemies will leave their things when killed, but not all of them are that "kind". 
    So, how to get "more bucks for your bang"? There is yet another way to get the 
    enemy's gun. Just *steal* it from him *before* you waste the bastard! This is 
    hard, but worth the effort. You will need a stealthy agile merc. Sneak upon the 
    enemy and knock him out (H2H & martial arts welcome; see also: SECTION 8 for 
    tips on stealth) Two - three hits and the sap lies flat. Now use the "hand" 
    cursor (the "CTRL" key) on him to take his gun! This may not always work. In any 
    case finish him promptly or prepare for a nasty stab (ugh!)
    Sometimes also militiamen drop items. This could happen if they die while 
    defending their sector (see also: SECTION 5 for tips on militia battles)
    In like manner killed bounties will leave good guns and other equipment (see: 
    SECTION 6 - Bounties)
    NPCs' dwellings
    Equipment can be found in areas inhabited by Arulcans. This means not only towns, 
    but any sectors with buildings or other structures. Whenever you enter/take such 
    a sector remember to check every chest, locker, drawer, workbench and so on. In 
    some cases explosives or mechanical skill may be necessary to open them (see: 
    chapters on specialists in SECTION 1; SECTION 8) Items may be also found in the 
    mines (underground)
    You may discover a couple of well-defended sites out of town. These are the army 
    stations. Such sectors will contain a lot of equipment. Their location is random, 
    but you will find at least two, one being not far from Meduna (N7)
    Items found in some sectors reappear (may be a bug, see: SECTION 9)
    Weapon dealers
    In certain places you can buy equipment - but don't expect credit ;) One way to 
    do it is to place an order at the Web-based Bobby Ray's Gun Store. You need to 
    pay cash up front and ordering has some drawbacks. You have to wait for the 
    delivery and the cargo can be sent only to Drassen. From there you have to pick 
    it up yourself (see: SECTION 6 - Pablo) The cost of freight is high, especially 
    if you want it fast. Fortunately, in Arulco you will find some stores. Apart 
    from money, their owners may be interested in some of your items. You can trade 
    in, barter or sell them the things that you don't need. To let the merchants 
    refresh their cash and goods' supplies you have to leave their sector for a day. 
    Tony in San Mona, Keith in Cambria, Jake in Estoni and Franz in Balime will sell 
    and buy items. Sam and Howard in Balime and Devin (random) only sell things. 
    See also: SECTION 6 for info on specific traders.
    Once in a while you may get some items from NPCs that are in need. If you do 
    them a favor, they will usually give you something in return for your trouble. 
    Be friendly and talk to all NPCs you encounter. See: SECTION 6 for details.
    As in real life - money is everything ;) Without it you can't hire personnel, 
    buy equipment or train militia. In brief, you can't go on with the assignment. 
    The funds received at the beginning will run out very quickly. Finding new 
    sources is imperative. How successful you are at it will determine further 
    development of your mission. Securing a stable income early on will put you 
    closer to victory. Here are the ways to make money in Arulco:
    This is the primary source of dough - the most efficient and the most reliable 
    one. Mining provides steady positive cash flow which will constitute the greater 
    part of your income. That's why gaining control of the mines pronto is crucial. 
    Their location can be checked on the strategic map. To make them generate profit, 
    persuade the head miners to work for you. Remember to station a full garrison of 
    regular militia there (see: SECTION 5) Sometimes a mine may run out of ore. 
    Unluckily, there is no way to prevent it or to replenish its deposits :(
    See also: SECTION 6 - Head miners.
    Note that this is different from the *process* of mining. Mines themselves 
    present an additional source of capital. In their underground chambers you will 
    find silver and golden nuggets which serve exactly the same purpose as cash. 
    They can be deposited into your account by mercs who carry them. Collected 
    nuggets will reappear (not sure if this is a bug; see: SECTION 9)
    You can sell some of your items to certain NPCs. Among them are the storeowners: 
    Tony in San Mona, Keith in Cambria, Jake in Estoni, Franz in Balime and Micky. 
    Some traders will pay more for specific items. Tony offers highest prices for 
    weapons, ammo and attachments, Keith pays more for any other equipment and Jake 
    gives best bargains on junk. All merchants have a limited amount of cash, which 
    is renewed on the next day.
    See also: SECTION 6 for info on specific merchants.
    Money can be also earned by taking part in some quests. Most profitable are 
    bounty hunting (see: SECTION 6 - Carmen & Bounties) and the Extreme Fighting 
    Competition (EFC) in San Mona (ibid. Darren) To get rewards for killing the 
    felons you must find Carmen and accept his offer, then deliver their heads to 
    him. Each noggin is worth $10K. With 6 terrorists this means $60K, but you could 
    get more money due to a bug (see: SECTION 9) Another way is to win the EFC. 
    Fighting takes place on alternate days. With $5K (max bet) placed on each fight 
    and a skilled merc you should be winning $15K every other night! A grand idea to 
    make big bucks this way is to hire a cheap merc skilled in H2H or martial arts, 
    airdrop him in San Mona (see: SECTION 6 - Skyrider & SECTION 7) and keep him 
    just for the fights. This merc must be able to get into the club. If he cannot 
    persuade Spike to let him in, use another merc with higher LDR. Remember to 
    leave the sector for 2 days after the fight, otherwise you won't be able to 
    compete again. However, there is a nasty bug that can screw this bonanza; see: 
    SECTION 9.
    Every once in a while you will stumble upon an object with no apparent purpose. 
    Seeing no use for it you leave it behind. But some of these items are quite 
    useful. Here's what you can do with them (info in some places incomplete, ideas 
    Silver/gold nuggets
    See: Mines above
    Throw them on the ground and whoever steps on them will fall down. Very handy in 
    the Extreme Fighting Competition in San Mona ;) (see: Quests & SECTION 6 - 
    Walkman, portable TV
    Distract the merc who uses them. S/he can't hear approaching enemies (why the 
    hell would you wanna use it?)
    Platinum watch
    Sell it for some cash (?)
    Deidranna/Arulco T-shirt
    Put these on and enter an enemy-occupied sector. After some combat you should be 
    given a chance to surrender. When you agree you will be taken to prison in N7 
    and interrogated by Deidranna and her aides. If you survive you can escape from 
    the cell (" Elliot, you IDIOT!" ;) Find your stuff nearby, or at least some 
    weapon. With a bit of luck it is even possible to kill Deidranna here, in which 
    case the game will end. It seems that the interrogation takes place only if Tixa 
    and Alma were taken before. Save and check this out (then load and complete the 
    assignment properly!)
    Position your mercs outside and throw a rock against closed doors or through a 
    window. Enemies soon come out and you should get an interrupt (other use?)
    Steel pipe + quick glue + duct tape
    Aluminium rod + spring
    All of them used to make gun attachments, see appropriate chapter in SECTION 3.
    Soda + string
    Combine them to make a door alarm. Never tried it (?)
    X-ray tube + fumble pack + chewing gum
    Use a highly skilled mech with electronics to merge them into an X-ray unit.
    Lameboy + copper wire
    Do likewise to create an LCD display.
    X-ray unit + LCD display
    Join them to make an X-ray detector. This device works like a radar, when used 
    it displays positions of enemies not seen by your squad. It has a limited range 
    and requires batteries.
    Power the X-ray detector. Yes, they do run out and yes, they are non-
    rechargeable ;)
    Gas can
    Fuel for the ice-cream truck and the Hummer (see: SECTION 7)
    Video camera
    Necessary for Madlab's robot to work. Give it to Madlab, who will install it and 
    offer you the robot afterwards (see: SECTION 6 - Madlab & Robot)
    Glass jar
    These are useful only in the SF mode (not covered by this guide)
    Cigars, golf clubs, silver platter, rubber band, porno mag, 2nd porno tape
    They seem to serve no purpose in the game. Jake buys and sells them as junk. May 
    be just artwork (?)
    Section 5:	MILITIA
    So, you've liberated Drassen? Good work, Commander. Now other towns are waiting 
    for your intervention. People throughout the country still suffer under 
    Deidranna's regime. And your mission is to end her reign of terror. Your team 
    has to move on. However, it would be stupid to lose this bridgehead. You have 
    just secured a strategic location of Arulco (the airport and the mine) and the 
    Queen is not the kind of person to take such losses lightly - you sure can tell 
    that by her speeches ;) In fact Deidranna will soon try to recover Drassen. But 
    don't expect civilians to fight back on their own - they are merely intimidated 
    citizens. Stationing your mercs to guard towns makes sense, but you must get on 
    with the assignment. So other means of defense have to be found. What you need 
    is to convince the locals to join your cause. You need militia.
    Militia will defend their town whenever it is attacked by Deidranna's army.  She 
    will send her grunts to reclaim almost every lost location, so it is crucial to 
    keep garrisons in all areas under your control. Militia can be recruited in 
    towns and at SAM sites, but still in some places it is not possible (and don't 
    ask me why) The golden rule is to have defenders in *each* secured location. 
    This will save you much unwanted trouble, including the dread necessity of re-
    taking the same town.
    The factor that makes militia training possible is the town's loyalty; with SAMs 
    it is irrelevant. If the loyalty is quite high (indicated by a green number on 
    the strategic map) the inhabitants in that town will cooperate, but if it falls 
    below 20% (not sure, the number turns red) they will refuse to be trained. But 
    even if this happens, any militia that you already have there will still follow 
    their orders. Loyalty is conditioned by a number of factors. The first one is 
    the number of controlled sectors of the town: if you secure the whole place, its 
    loyalty will rise. Conversely, when you lose control of town sectors, the 
    loyalty will drop. Training militia in towns also improves their loyalty, as do 
    completed quests assigned by their residents (see: SECTION 6) Won battles help 
    increase loyalty, while lost and abandoned battles work the opposite way. Beware 
    of killing innocent citizens, especially those mistaken for the bounties(see: 
    SECTION 6 - Eldin & Bounties) Doing so will drastically lower the town's loyalty. 
    It will also go down when there is no offensive action on your part for more 
    than a week; then you will get a message from Enrico urging you to move on. Note 
    that also the output of the associated mine is highly dependent on the level of 
    loyalty in its town. In simple words, higher loyalty equals higher income! (see 
    also: SECTION 4; SECTION 6 - Head miners)
    Basically all mercs can teach militia, but why leave the job to rookies when it 
    can be handled by professionals? Skilled trainers (see appropriate chapter in 
    SECTION 1) will create the garrison much faster. Other mercs may not be able to 
    train enough militiamen before the army strikes back. This means you will have 
    to defend the town with one of your own squads - provided that it happens to be 
    there at the moment of the attack, which is very unlikely with SAM sites. In 
    other case the attacked location can fall to Deidranna again. That's not 
    precisely what you wanna see... To prevent such situation never leave the place 
    until you've trained the maximum amount of militia (that's when the message "You 
    can't train more militia in..." appears) Up to 20 militiamen can be stationed in 
    one sector. Always put at least 2 mercs in the same sector to train them. To 
    create the garrison fast, place other trainers in the adjacent sectors and have 
    them all train militia simultaneously. 4 skilled trainers should soon get the 
    job done. Remember to rest them fully before they start and put them to sleep 
    after they've trained a new group of militia - leave them on "train militia" and 
    after some rest they will resume automatically. In this way they will finish 
    their job in a shorter time.
    The militiamen come in 3 ranks: novice (green in strategic view), regular (blue) 
    and veteran (dark blue) The greenhorns appear first. Further training turns them 
    into regular units. Veterans cannot be trained - militia attain this rank only 
    thru battle experience. Hence before you proceed to another site there should be 
    20 regular militia in each sector of the captured location. The enemy will 
    mostly go for strategic areas, like the mines and SAMs. Place your first militia 
    there: they can be moved within town borders using "view militia" and 
    right/left-clicking a sector on the strategic map. The garrison will stand their 
    ground when attacked, but sometimes even 20 regulars can lose a battle. On the 
    experienced level I've seen assaults of 20+ enemies, including a dozen elites - 
    especially on those critical sectors. Oddly enough, veteran militiamen usually 
    die first. I guess the enemies simply go for best guards :( This also has to do 
    with the militia's crap AI. When you do take part in a fight involving militia, 
    you will see how ridiculously they die.
    So, is it better to join your militia in combat or rather to resolve their 
    fights automatically? In battles consisting of militiamen only the latter way 
    causes fewer casualties on their part, especially with the "instant resolve" 
    (skip forward) button. However, the same is not true of your mercs. You should 
    *never* autoresolve battles in which they participate, as this often gets them 
    killed. Don't rely on that stupid CPU when you can do better. Remember, tactics 
    is your advantage! Another thing is that in battles resolved automatically both 
    enemies and militia tend to drop only few items and of little value. Battles 
    fought the regular way will usually provide much better spoils. See also: 
    SECTION 4.
    Section 6:	NPCs FAQ
    Interaction with non-player characters (NPCs) constitutes a crucial part of your 
    mission. You will mostly meet them in the towns you conquer, but sometimes also 
    in other sectors. In the latter case you will be notified of their presence when 
    entering such location ("Squad x has noticed someone in Sector x") You have a 
    greater chance to find most NPCs by day, as many locales close for the night. 
    Contacts with NPCs generally call for a skilled negotiator (see appropriate 
    chapter in SECTION 1) Most Arulcans when talked to will utter only a brief 
    comment, sometimes disclosing important clues. The ones listed below are vital 
    to your goal. It may be even impossible to accomplish the assignment without 
    their help (see also: SECTION 4)
    Whenever you encounter an NPC, let your negotiations expert step in. Be 
    "friendly" until they have nothing more to say. This conversation may have 
    various outcomes. Many NPCs will ask for your help (quests) and several may 
    agree to join your team (see: HIRABLE NPCs) NPCs will not talk until you 
    liberate their sector or the neighborhood. Approach them again when you've 
    gained control of the whole town (see also: SECTION 5 for info on loyalty)
    Not all NPCs will be kind towards you. Sometimes it may be better to be "direct" 
    instead of "friendly" But be careful using "threaten", or better don't do it. 
    Many NPCs will ignore your threats, others will warn you to stop (or not) If you 
    don't, they will attack and their buddies will join in. Such encounter may put 
    your team six feet under before you get a chance to retaliate. Always remember 
    to save before talking to an NPC - in case you screw something up. And don't 
    kill innocent NPCs! (see: SECTION 5 - LOYALTY)
    NOTE: 	Though this section covers all but few of the NPCs appearing in the 
    game, it does 			not describe *every single* one you may (or may 
    not) encounter on your way. Some 			insignificant NPCs have been 
    left out because they have no bearing on the play, or 			because 
    they are discussed together with other NPCs.
    HIRABLE NPCs (see appropriate chapter)
    Ira, Dimitri, Carlos, Miguel
    Fatima (and Pacos)
    Q:	Who is she?
    A:	One of the rebels. Either she or her son will be the first NPC encountered 
    by your team in 	Arulco.
    Q:	Where do I find her?
    A:	In the sector where you start your mission (A9) Talk to Pacos and follow 
    him into the 	demolished house.
    Q:	How do I deal with her?
    A:	Fatima will acquaint you with the rebels, but she needs a proof of your 
    meeting with 	Enrico (your employer) Give her the letter and accompany 
    Fatima to the adjacent sector. 	Inside the rebel hideout she will introduce 
    you to their leader Miguel. You will be able 	to recruit Ira then. This is the 
    only way to gain cooperation of the rebels. 
    	See also: Father
    Pablo, Doreen, Father, Fred (head miner)
    RANDOM NPCs (see appropriate chapter)
    Carmen, Devin, Micky
    Pablo (and Sal)
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	Pablo keeps watch over the shipments you receive from Bobby Ray's.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	In the airport (D11)
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	Talk to Pablo and he will (unwillingly) agree to supervise your cargo. 
    When the shipment 	arrives (notification via e-mail) talk to Pablo again 
    and take the ordered stuff from the 	crate.
    	See also: SECTION 4 for more info on Bobby Ray's.
    Q:	How come the equipment I ordered is missing?
    A:	Does Pablo look honest? He may sometimes steal from your shipments. When 
    this happens, 	bribe him ($10 will do) or use "threaten" Or just test your 
    hook on him ;) He should then 	return your stuff along with some other 
    items (.38s, tool kits) If you already have some 	militia at the airport and 
    give Pablo cash, he should never steal in the future.
    Q:	When I attack Pablo, he just shouts "What is wrong with you!" Then he runs 
    off and gets 	killed by militia.
    A:	Unless one of your mercs says that something is missing while taking the 
    items from the 	crate, Pablo has not stolen anything (yet) In such case when 
    you attack him, the militia 	will most likely take him for an enemy and shoot 
    him down.
    Q:	Thieves must be eliminated. But can I still receive shipments when Pablo 
    is dead?
    A:	Is this the way to treat a trusty worker? Yeah, right ;) But fortunately a 
    new guy will 	arrive soon.
    Q:	So, who is this new cargo supervisor? Is he any different from Pablo?
    A:	His name is Sal. He will make you long for Pablo. Really. Sal is such a 
    nice boy; he won't 	steal from your cargo. Instead, he will lose *whole* 
    shipments. Say goodbye to those 	mortar shells or the FN-FAL, because they're 
    gone for good. Bribe him, threaten him, beat 	him or whatever, but this won't 
    change a thing.
    Q:	That does it! I killed the moron. Will there be another replacement?
    A:	Nope. Forget Bobby Ray's. Understand? F-o-r-g-e-t! Loyalty in Drassen will 
    also go down 	drastically. Moral: don't kill civilians (see also: SECTION 5 
    - LOYALTY)
    Q:	Who is she?
    A:	She's the sweatshop manager exploiting child labor. Everyone in Drassen 
    hates her.
    Q:	Where do I find her?
    A:	In the small textile factory (C13)
    Q:	How do I deal with her?
    A:	Persuade her to leave ("friendly" or "threaten") or simply kill her for a 
    loyalty boost in 	Drassen. She may drop a key to the adjacent small room, where 
    you can find an MP5K 	(random)
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	A drunk priest. He will help you gain confidence of the rebels.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	Before noon he is usually in the bar in C13, after noon in the church (D13)
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	The rebels in Omerta need supplies and Father can arrange them. Talk to 
    him and he will 	attend to the problem. Then go back to Omerta and see Miguel 
    again. The loyalty in Omerta 	and Drassen will go up and you will be able to 
    recruit Dimitri.
    	See also: Miguel
    Head miners 
    Q:	Who are they?
    A:	They are the supervisors of Arulco mines.
    Q:	Where do I find them?
    A:	The first you will meet is Fred in Drassen (D13) Others are Calvin in 
    Chitzena (B2), Carl 	in Cambria (H8), Oswald in Grumm (H3) and Matt in Alma 
    Q:	How do I deal with them?
    A:	The head miners control the extraction of Arulco's natural resources. 
    However, the mines 	will remain idle unless you gain cooperation of their 
    supervisors. First you need to 	liberate the bordering town and then talk to 
    the miner. Afterwards the mine becomes 	operational and the ore is 
    automatically converted into money on your account. The output 	of the mine 
    depends on its base income (modified by the difficulty level), town control  	(# 
    of sectors annexed) and the loyalty. The mines will be prime targets of 
    Deidranna's 	attacks, so don't leave them without proper guard (see: 
    SECTION 5)
    	See also: SECTION 4 for more info on mining.
    Q:	One of my mines is running out of ore! What can I do?
    A:	This may occur about two weeks after the start. A miner will pop up and 
    tell you about it. 	The income of such mine will be increased significantly 
    and then drop to zero during the 	next couple of days. I think only one mine 
    (if any) will be affected. This situation is 	random and may not even take 
    place, but once it happens nothing can be done.
    Q:	That miner in Alma says something about his missing brother. What's the 
    A:	Matt will tell you the location of Deidranna's hidden penal compound in 
    Tixa. He will also 	ask you to liberate his brother held prisoner there. 
    Freeing Dynamo will raise Alma's 	loyalty. You don't actually need to bring 
    him there, but you can keep Dynamo on your team.
    	See also: Dynamo
    Q:	One of my mines has been overrun by aliens!
    A:	You must be playing the SF version, which is not covered by this guide. 
    Refer to the LINKS 	section or check some other guide on the subject :)
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	He's a helicopter pilot that will help you out.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	His location is random, but he is never far from Drassen. The NPCs here 
    will give you a 	clue (Skyrider is hiding in a house in the nearby swamps)
    Q:	That guy says I killed the pilot! What can I do now?
    A:	You killed the pilot that worked for Deidranna, not Skyrider. He is fine.
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	Once you've found Skyrider, he will ask you for an escort to Drassen. Take 
    him to the 	airport and there he will offer you his services.
    Q:	So, how can he help me?
    A:	With his helicopter Skyrider can deliver your mercs just about anywhere. 
    But air transport 	is not for free. Skyrider charges $100 for each safe 
    sector en route and $1K per unsafe 	one. A safe sector is one outside SAM's 
    targeting range (shown as green on the air map); 	an unsafe one lies within 
    the SAM's range (red) The chopper will take damage when entering 	such sector; 
    it can only endure 2 attacks per flight. Be careful - or you will lose the 
    	aircraft, not to mention its pilot. The game will also crash due to a bug 
    (see: SECTION 9) 	This loss can put you at a disadvantage especially later in 
    the game. 
    	After delivering your squad to its destination Skyrider has to fly back to 
    the airport to 	refuel. He doesn't charge for the return. Later on it will be 
    also possible to refuel 	the chopper in Estoni (see: Jake & Shank) But 
    remember: if you fly over an unsafe sector 	and take damage, the helicopter 
    will very likely get hit again on its way back.
    	Some time into the game Skyrider will mention on the air map the 
    coordinates of all SAM 	sites. Additionally, whenever Skyrider detects enemy 
    movement while flying over a sector, 	he should tell you so. Strangely 
    enough, he will refuse to land in such a location, while 	airdrops in "red" 
    sectors are not a problem.
    	See also: SECTION 7 for more info on vehicles.
    Angel and Maria, Tony, Kingpin, Darren, Joey (see: Cambria)
    HIRABLE NPCs (see appropriate chapter)
    RANDOM NPCs (see appropriate chapter)
    Carmen, Devin, Micky, Bounties
    Angel and Maria (with Madame, Billy and Kyle)
    Q:	Who are they?
    A:	Angel is the leather shop owner and brother of Maria. His sister was 
    captured by Kingpin 	to work in his, ehm, house ;)
    Q:	Where do I find them?
    A:	Meet Angel first and he will tell you where to look for Maria. He is in 
    his leather shop 	(C6)
    Q:	How do I deal with Angel?
    A:	He will try to palm off a jacket on you. Refuse his offer but continue the 
    conversation 	and he will ask you to rescue his sister. Liberate Maria and 
    bring her back to Angel. To 	express his gratitude he will give you the jacket 
    for free and also the deed to his shop. 	Take the deed and go to the Tattoo 
    Saloon (C5) Talk to the pansy there (Kyle) and give him 	the deed for $10K.
    Q:	A damsel in distress! Where is poor Maria?
    A:	In the Shady Lady brothel (C5) She is in the room at the end of the hall.
    Q:	How can I rescue her?
    A:	Still wondering why this dumb guard blocks the entrance? Ah yes - you need 
    to pay. Cash 	only, no credit ;) Talk to Madam and pay for the "service"; 
    it's possible for $100. Billy 	will then step aside. You might also try the 
    back door but the alarm on it is extremely 	hard to disarm. Inside, in 
    watchman's room on the left (the one with the open door) there 	is a key and a 
    switch. Sneak into the room unnoticed, take the key and push the switch to 
    	disable the alarm. Go into the room where Maria is, talk to her and offer 
    an escort. Then 	using the key get out thru the double back door. If you didn't 
    get the key, open the door 	from the outside with your mech. Watch out not to 
    set off the alarm or you will have the 	whole town on your back. You cannot be 
    seen slipping in or out of the watchman's room or 	together with Maria. Even 
    if you escape the guard or kill him right after he spots you, 	other grunts 
    will attack you. Leave the brothel unnoticed and go to Angel. Listen to 
    	Maria's speech to learn whether you were successful in eluding her 
    Tony (with Hans and Brenda)
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	An arms dealer. He offers prime wares, at least most of the time.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	In the back room of the porn shop (C5)
    Q:	But I can't get there!  How can I get the storekeeper to let me in?
    A:	You need to get rid of the pesky customer for him. Look around the sector 
    for an X-rated 	videotape (2 can be found) and give it to Brenda, the dyke in 
    the shop. When she's left 	talk to the storekeeper again and he will 
    introduce you to Tony. Then whenever you want 	something from Tony just be 
    "friendly" to Hans and he will let you in.
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	Tony sells weapons, their attachments and ammo and also buys them at the 
    highest price. 	Sometimes he has rare armament that cannot be gotten elsewhere. 
    Every few days he may 	leave for new merchandise.
    	See also: SECTION 4 for more info on traders.
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	He's the infamous "mayor" of San Mona.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	In his mansion in the lower part of D5, but you cannot just walk in. To 
    meet him you must 	either win 3 consecutive fights in the Extreme Fighting 
    Competition (EFC) at the club 	(see: Darren) or somehow open the back door 
    to his mansion.
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	When you are introduced to Kingpin, he will offer you $20K for bringing an 
    ancient 	artifact called the Chalice of Chance. But you definitely should 
    return it to the people 	of Chitzena. Still, it is possible to complete 
    *both* quests. First take the Chalice from 	Balime and send a fully armed 
    squad to San Mona with it. Give the artifact to Kingpin, 	take the money, then 
    assume positions and... let's rock! Kill Kingpin and clear the whole 	town of 
    his goons. You will end up with lots of stuff. Pick up the Chalice from 
    Kingpin's 	cadaver and head for Chitzena to return it where it belongs. Of 
    course, now you won't be 	able to make money on the EFC (see: SECTION 4), so 
    think it all over before the attack.
    	See also: Yanni & Eldin.
    	You can also steal Kingpin's funds stashed in the abandoned mine ($30K) 
    The cash is buried 	underground in D5 (enter and exit via D4). However, in 
    such case he will send his thugs 	after you. They will pursue you throughout 
    Arulco and will get tougher with time. While 	this seems a good way to get 
    extra equipment, you won't be able to enter San Mona (and 	Tony's store) 
    without starting a fight. But there' s no problem in taking Kingpin's money 
    	after killing him ;)
    Q:	Do I really have to fight the whole town to recover the Chalice?
    A:	There is another way, which seems to be a bug. Get into Kingpin's mansion 
    without starting 	a combat. Then drop a mustard gas grenade *next to* him, but 
    not right on him.  Nobody 	should attack you and the gas will eventually kill 
    him off. Now you can take all his stuff 	without ever angering anyone. You can 
    also go into the mine and get his buried money.  	Remember to exit by the 
    mine entrance and not by the trapped ladder ;)
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	He is Kingpin's honcho running the club in San Mona. He organizes the 
    Extreme Fighting 	Competition (EFC)
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	In Kingpin's club (D5) after 8 PM.
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	To enter the club you must get past that blockhead Spike. Any merc with 
    some LDR should be 	enough for this. Inside always save before talking to 
    Darren. He will challenge you to 	enter the Extreme Fighting Competition. If 
    you accept, you can place a bet of $1K-5K on 	each of your fights. In the case 
    you win, you take double the amount. If you lose... oh 	well. You can 
    withdraw after any fight. Remember that you cannot use any weapon in the 
    	ring (with the lucky exception of knuckles :) or you will lose your bet. 
    Even worse, the 	spectators can turn on you and this almost spells death. Win 3 
    fights in a row and Kingpin 	will ask you for a favor (see: Kingpin) You can 
    participate in the Extreme Fighting 	Competition every second night.
    	See also: SECTION 4 for more info
    Q:	How do I win the Extreme Fighting Competition? My merc always gets beat up!
    A:	You will need a H2H or martial arts (MA) specialist here. These skills 
    give your merc a 	bonus to hit and dodge plus a damage bonus in bare-handed 
    combat (double bonuses for 	experts) Fidel, Grizzly, Thor, Malice, Bull 
    (expert!) and Bubba (MERC) are skilled in H2H; 	Blood, Dr Q and Numb (MERC) are 
    skilled in MA. Dusters - the only weapon "allowed" in the 	ring - provide 
    additional damage, but only to H2H specialists. However, mercs good at MA 
    	can deliver a special windmill kick, which inflicts double damage on a 
    weakened enemy. 	Before you agree to fight, sleep your merc so that his energy 
    is at its peak. An agile and 	dexterous merc will be able to deliver more blows 
    during his turn. The key to win the 	fight is to strike first - try 
    entering the ring in different places.
    	You can also use an energy booster to increase your APs for a couple of 
    turns. The drug 	will then wear off and the merc's APs will fall below their 
    normal level, but the 	injection can help you win. Or simply use the marbles ;) 
    (see: SECTION 4 - WEIRD ITEMS)
    	To win you only need to knock the other contestant out and for good. Don't 
    kill them - 	this will only screw other fights, possibly due to a bug (see: 
    SECTION 9)
    Yanni, John and Mary, Calvin (head miner)
    RANDOM NPCs (see appropriate chapter)
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	A Chitzena elder who acts as a tour guide.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	In the sacred ruins (A2), by the entrance.
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	He will tell you the story of the Chalice of Chance, which was stolen from 
    the ruins by 	Deidranna. Yanni will ask you to return it to the people of 
    Chitzena. The Chalice is on 	exposition at the museum in Balime. Bring the 
    sacred artifact back to its rightful owners 	and see a major loyalty boost 
    throughout Arulco. In this way you will also be able to 	recruit militia in 
    Balime, otherwise the loyalty is too low for training (see: 	SECTION 5)
    	See also: Kingpin & Eldin
    John and Mary
    Q:	Who are they?
    A:	Tourists lost in Arulco.
    Q:	Where do I find them?
    A:	Somewhere among the ruins (A2), generally before noon.
    Q:	How do I deal with them?
    A:	All they want is to leave Arulco - small wonder why ;) Escort them to the 
    airport in 	Drassen for $2K in cash. Air transport (see: Skyrider & SECTION 7) 
    is the fastest (though 	quite expensive) solution here, with at least 1 merc as 
    an escort. Some time later John 	will also send you 2 powerful pistols and 
    some ammo for them.
    Martha and Joey, Keith, Perko, Steve, Carl (head miner), Daryl
    HIRABLE NPCs (see appropriate chapter)
    RANDOM NPCs (see appropriate chapter)
    Carmen, Devin, Micky, Bounties
    Martha and Joey
    Q:	Who is she?
    A:	Mother of Joey, an impudent teen. 
    Q:	Where do I find her?
    A:	In her house in the western section of G8.
    Q:	How do I deal with her?
    A:	She will ask you to find her runaway son. Bring Joey back and the town's 
    loyalty should 	reach 100%. Now you can get free medical treatment in the 
    hospital and recruit one of the 	doctors there (see: Steve and Vince)
    Q:	The kid sure needs his ass flogged. Where do I find Joey?
    A:	In San Mona. Hans or the barkeep will tell you where. Joey is either 
    looking in the front 	window of the brothel or nosing around the abandoned 
    mine. Threaten him to come with you 	and escort to his mother promptly.
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	A merchant dealing in various goods.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	In his general store (G9)
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	He sells chiefly secondhand equipment. His goods are cheap, though not 
    much useful. Keith 	will buy most items at best prices (except for weapons, 
    see: Tony, and junk, see: Jake) He 	will also ask for your help with the Hicks 
    (see: Daryl) When you're done with them, talk 	to Keith again. He will now 
    offer a better selection and Cambria's loyalty will rise.
    	See also: SECTION 4 for more info on traders.
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	He is a handyman.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	In his workshop (G9)
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	Perko can repair your damaged equipment for a price. However, he is quite 
    sloppy (can't 	you tell?) and may not fix your stuff on time. He won't take 
    electronics (for these see: 	Fredo) Perko does his job faster if you give him 
    the items shortly after midnight and 	also when you collect them one at a 
    time. Keep in mind that with beat-up equipment the 	cost of repair is usually 
    higher than their sell price. So pay only for fixing the items 	that you 
    really need and intend to keep. Sell all other things. Leave any minor/periodic 
    	repairs (like guns) to your mech(s)
    	See also: Arnie
    Steve and Vince
    Q:	Who are they?
    A:	Doctors at the only hospital in Arulco.
    Q:	Where are they?
    A:	Where else but in the hospital? (F8)
    Q:	How do I deal with them?
    A:	They can heal your wounded mercs for a fee. If you gain more loyalty in 
    Cambria, they will 	lower their price or even treat you for free. Vince can 
    be also recruited (see: HIRABLE 	NPCs)
    Q:	How can I get them to heal me? All they do is say the hospital is out of 
    A:	The doctors will help you only if you didn't open any crates with medical 
    equipment in the 	hospital storehouse. If you did, forget the treatment. They 
    won't do shit for you. 
    Daryl and the Hicks
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	The leader (and father!) of a hick gang harassing Cambria.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	East of Cambria, inside the farmhouse (F10) Do not confuse him with his 
    son Darrel 	(standing by the door)
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	First talk to the storeowner in Cambria, who will ask for your help (see: 
    Keith) It is 	impossible to resolve things with the Hicks in a peaceful 
    manner. The only way to settle 	the issue is to kill all of them (must be 
    the redneck temper ;) When a woman merc talks to 	Daryl, he proposes to her. 
    If you agree, you can take Hicks' weapons without bloodshed, 	using the key 
    in the hovel by the house. But in such case you will lose the gal! She will 
    	leave the team to join other "girls" in the barn... I don't know whether 
    it is possible to 	rehire her after exterminating the Hicks.
    Q:	How do I execute the damned rednecks? There's too many of them!
    A:	This will be a tough battle - the Hicks have shotguns and Mini-14s. One 
    shot from a short 	distance can seriously injure your merc even if s/he is 
    wearing top armor. But 3 mercs 	with a good interrupt (high LVL) can do the 
    job. To avoid getting shot and under 	crossfire, put them in the small room 
    with no window, crouching and facing the door. Make 	a Hick enter this room or 
    have him stand in the doorway by exchanging places and attack 	the boor. All 
    your mercs must be inside. You can also shoot one of the Hicks and rush back 
    	into the room, closing the door after you. Either way the Hicks will start 
    pouring into 	the room and you should be getting interrupts all of the time. 
    Fire with no extra aiming 	to conserve APs. With good fast guns you should be 
    able to kill any Hick with 2 (or even 	1!) shots in the head. 
    	You can hide in the weapon shed instead, having killed the guard there. Or 
    you can climb 	onto the roof and snipe 'em down. In any case - save!
    Arnie, Fredo, Oswald (head miner)
    RANDOM NPCs (see appropriate chapter)
    Carmen, Devin, Micky, Bounties
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	He is a skilled handyman.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	In his workshop (H1)
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	He can repair your broken equipment for a price, except for electronics 
    (see: Fredo). And 	he does it really fast.
    Q:	How come he doesn't want to take my equipment?
    A:	Sticky fingers, huh? If you take any item from Arnie's workshop, including 
    the ones in the 	crates, he will refuse to repair anything. See: SECTION 8 
    about "owned" items.
    Q:	I could really use these mortar shells... Any way to get at them?
    A:	There is a way. Leave a merc in the workshop for the night and when 
    Arnie's not there...
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	This transvestite is the only handyman dealing with electronics.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	In his workshop opposite Arnie's (H1)
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	He will repair damaged electronics (night vision goggles, laser scopes, 
    etc.) Fredo is 	also the single man in Arulco capable of breaking the ID lock 
    on rocket rifles (see: 	SECTION 3 - RECOMMENDED GUNS)
    Q:	But he doesn't want to take my equipment!
    A:	See: Arnie.
    Jake, Skipper
    HIRABLE NPCs (see appropriate chapter)
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	A junk dealer. He will also arrange gas supply with Shank.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	In front of or inside his house at the junk depot.
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	He sells beat-up, but sometimes useful stuff, like the compound 18 and 
    ceramic plates. He 	pays best money for junk (discarded LAWs and other 
    useless items) Jake will tell you about 	the Tixa prison and ask you to find 
    his friend (see: Shank). Rescue Shank, bring him to 	Estoni and talk to Jake. 
    Now he will also have some gas cans in his stock and it will be 	possible to 
    refuel the chopper in Estoni (see: Skyrider & SECTION 7). Jake's son Maddog 
    	can be recruited.
    	See also: SECTION 4 for more info on traders.
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	An old derelict who lives by collecting trash.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	Wandering around the junk pile.
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	Unbelievable as it seems, this bum can actually help your team. Offer him 
    any junk item 	and in return he will give you a keycard to Deidranna's secret 
    research facility in Orta 	(see: General & Walter). How he came by the card 
    is simply beyond me ;)
    TIXA (J9)
    not shown on the map until you talk to Jake in Estoni or Matt in Alma
    Warden, Brewster
    HIRABLE NPCs (see appropriate chapter)
    Dynamo, Shank
    Q:	Who is she?
    A:	She is in charge of the prison here.
    Q:	Where do I find her?
    A:	In her office at the end of the right wing of the main building.
    Q:	How do I deal with her?
    A:	I don't think it is possible to talk to her, she attacks when she sees 
    your team. So just 	kill the bitch. When you clear the sector (including the 
    basement) you may find your 	captured mercs here. But of course no one on your 
    team was taken prisoner :) There are 	also 2 jailed NPCs here that can be 
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	He is the unfortunate Warden's hubby. A good reason to feel like this, 
    don't 'cha think?
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	In the small house in the lower right corner of the compound.
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	Sneak past the guards into his house (use stealth and/or wire cutters) 
    Brewster will tell 	you how to surprise the Warden off duty and will also 
    give you the key to her office. 	There you will find 2 red buttons. The one 
    on the left sets off the alarm and the one on 	the right releases tear gas 
    inside the building. Put the gas masks on before pushing it 	and then 
    eliminate the dazed guards ;)
    General, Sergeant, Auntie, Matt (head miner)
    RECRUITABLE NPCs (see appropriate chapter)
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	He is one of Deidranna's generals, and one totally devoted to his employer.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	In the training facility, AKA the Military Academy (H13)
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	If you talk to him long enough, he will disclose the location of 
    Deidranna's secret 	research facility in Orta. Visit this place with a 
    strong squad for lots of quality 	equipment.
    	See also: Walter & Ernest.
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	Another fine representative of Arulco's armed forces.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	Also in the Academy (H13)
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	Unlike the General, this soldier can actually think. In fact, the Sarge 
    wants to desert 	the army. He will even offer you his rocket rifle as a token 
    of good will. You must find 	the Sergeant really quick (possibly using stealth) 
    and speak to him before anyone pushes 	the red button nearby. You can also 
    position one of your mercs right before the button so 	that no one can 
    touch it. The enemies will run about - you know what to do. If any soldier 
    	hits the red button, Sergeant's RR will explode and the blast will wound 
    him. Bandage him 	if this happens (but of course it won't) Talking to the 
    Sergeant will also increase 	loyalty in Alma.
    Q:	Who is she?
    A:	A dweller concerned about her town's safety.
    Q:	Where do I find her?
    A:	In her house in I14.
    Q:	How do I deal with her?
    A:	She will ask you to kill the bloodcats, which have long plagued the town. 
    In order to 	fulfil her request you will need to wipe out the bloodcat den 
    in I16. Send a well-armed 	squad there and when done talk to Auntie again. 
    Alma's loyalty will go up. Remember to 	pick up the animal parts and sell them 
    to the appropriate trader (see: Micky)
    	See also: SECTION 8 for hunting tips
    Eldin, Franz, Sam, Howard, Armand and Laura, Dave
    Bounties (see appropriate chapter)
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	He is the museum janitor (and security guard)
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	Hmm... (L12)
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	Chat with him for a while to find out when he goes off duty. Don't go into 
    the museum at 	night or Eldin will take you for a thief and attack you. Then 
    everything is lost. The 	thing is, you cannot kill him no matter what. If 
    you do, the town's loyalty will drop to 	zero and you will not be able to have 
    militia there (see also: SECTION 5) But you need the 	Chalice of Chance. In 
    order to steal it bring a full squad of mercs to the museum by day. 	When 
    Eldin leaves the display room block his passage so that he cannot enter the main 
    	lobby or return to the exposition. Go into his office and switch off the 
    alarm, then take 	the Chalice. Make sure Eldin doesn't see you walking out with 
    the artifact. Another way is 	to sneak into the museum at night, disable the 
    alarm and decamp with the Chalice, avoiding 	Eldin. Make sure to bring the 
    Chalice to Estoni afterwards, possibly stopping in San Mona 	on the way ;)
    	See also: Yanni & Kingpin
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	He runs the electronics store.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	Behind his counter (L12)
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	He sells electronics and buys some items. Among his selection noteworthy 
    are the video 	camera, needed for Madlab's robot (see: Madlab & Robot) and 
    the components used to make 	the X-ray detector (see: SECTION 4 - WEIRD ITEMS)
    	See also: SECTION 4 for more info on traders.
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	The owner of the hardware store.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	It's your guess (L12)
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	He sells various items but does not buy anything. Sam also has the video 
    	See also: SECTION 4 for more info on traders.
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	Yet another Alma merchant.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	In his drugstore, of course (L12)
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	You can get medical equipment here but Howard will not take any of your 
    	See also: SECTION 4 for more info on traders.
    Armand and Laura
    Q:	Who are they?
    A:	A rich spoilt couple, friends of Deidranna.
    Q:	Where do I find them?
    A:	In their mansion in L11.
    Q:	How do I deal with them?
    A:	Armand is a man both affluent and influential. Take advantage of his first 
    quality by 	threatening him and be sure to mention his wife ;) He will give you 
    $10K to leave her 	alone.
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	The service station manager.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	He is just east of Balime (L10)
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	Dave has a Hummer to sell. Give him the money he wants and you can take 
    the car next 	morning. He will also refuel her for free, if he has gas.
    	See also: SECTION 4 for info on vehicles
    ORTA (K4)
    not shown on the map until you talk to General in Alma
    Walter, Ernest
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	He is the head scientist of the secret research facility here.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	Inside the compound.
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	There is more to this building than just the ground floor. The hitch is 
    how to get inside. 	You can bribe Walter with around $20K and he will open 
    the basement door. You can kill him 	afterwards to get your money back. If 
    you have the keycard from Estoni (see: Skipper), you 	can use it on the door 
    instead. You may also use explosives to blow a hole. The basement 	is where 
    the fun begins. Make sure to bring gas masks, unless you like mustard ;)
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	Another scientist putting Deidranna's twisted plans into life.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	In the left part of the vault, in one of the small rooms behind a locked 
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	Once you've eliminated the security, talk to Ernest. He will open the door 
    to the armory 	if you give him about $20K. Gee, they all must have been 
    underpaid ;) As with Walter, you 	can reclaim your cash by putting him to a 
    long-deserved sleep. Ernest will also open the 	door if you keep threatening him.
    Elliot :), Joe, Deidranna (duh!)
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	Deidranna's thoughtless personal assistant. Unless you skipped the cut-
    scenes (and missed 	a great deal of fun) you should be pretty familiar with 
    him by now ;)
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	He should be in the Palace (P3) or rarely in the underground shelter there.
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	About the only thing you can do is to put an end to his miserable life. 
    Kinda felt sorry 	for him... I guess I liked poor Elliot after all ;)
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	Queen's Chief Security Officer (or something)
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	If you decide to take the Palace (P3), you will encounter him in the SW 
    corner with the 	Queen herself. You have to find them fast, otherwise Joe will 
    retreat with Deidranna into 	the bunker.
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	Joe is very tough, but you need to waste him. Or you can pay him off and 
    thank for his 	sudden change of heart.
    Deidranna (at last!)
    Q:	Who is she?
    A:	Please tell me you're joking ;)
    Q:	Where do I find her?
    A:	If you are quick in assaulting her residence, you can catch her in the SW 
    corner of the 	Palace (P3) with Joe. No, it's not what you think... ;) If you 
    don't get there fast 	enough, they will descend into the bunker underground 
    and you will have to hunt her down 	there. Of course she won't be alone (now 
    can't you really think of anything else?) The 	secret entrance to the bunker is 
    the fireplace in the room with the piano.
    	There is also an easier way to find Deidranna, which obviates the need to 
    storm the 	Palace. Go into the maze (gardens) in O3 and find a remote there. 
    Obviously, it must have 	been lost by Elliot ;) Once you have the device, 
    use it on one of the 4 statues nearby. 	Enter the vault and proceed N. You 
    should surprise the Queen in the Throne Room.
    	Either way you choose, you will need a good explosives specialist with a 
    metal detector.
    Q:	How do I deal with her?
    A:	Oh well... If you don't know how to deal with Deidranna, then how did you 
    get this far???
    These NPCs are randomly placed across various sectors of Arulco. Their location 
    is different each time you start the game. However, there are some clues for 
    finding them.
    Madlab, Mike, Micky, Devin, Carmen, Bounties
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	He is a scientist who had worked for Deidranna, but escaped after finding 
    out her cause.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	He can be found in a non-town sector after Deidranna finds out about his 
    leave. He is 	usually somewhere in the upper half of the map. Madlab is 
    hiding in a secret partition of 	a barn. To access it you must activate a 
    switch hidden in a cabinet in the adjacent 	farmhouse.
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	Madlab is working on a robot. He is willing to give you the droid, but it 
    needs a rifle 	and a video camera. The camera can be bought in Balime at the 
    electronic or tool store 	(see: Franz) or even taken from the museum there. 
    The choice of weapon for the robot 	depends on how you are planning to use it. I 
    recommend only top guns (e.g. the C-7), since 	a poor rifle will limit the 
    droid's capabilities. The rocket rifle is also a good choice, 	but it cannot 
    have an ID lock on it (see: SECTION 3 - RECOMMENDED GUNS) The weapon will be 
    	installed permanently, so choose wisely. Before giving the gun and the 
    camera to the 	scientist make sure they are in perfect shape. Madlab will 
    also give you the headset 	required to control the droid. If the robot gets 
    destroyed, Madlab will build another one 	(not sure as I did not verify it)
    	See also: Robot
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	Mike was the top mercenary in the previous two Jagged Alliance games. 
    Apparently, he was 	hired by Deidranna this time.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	He always guards a crucial sector (e.g. a SAM site or a mine) as 
    reinforcement of 	Deidranna's elites.
    Q:	How do I know if Mike is around?
    A:	After you seize 2 cities (Omerta and San Mona don't count) the Queen will 
    have her little 	speech where she says something like "I'll give them a 
    surprise they will not soon 	forget" You will then encounter Mike in one of 
    your battles. Mike is a very tough 	opponent, but with proper tactics killing 
    him should not be a big problem. He has a unique 	powerful rifle - 	kill 
    prior to taking ;) (see: SECTION 3 - RECOMMENDED GUNS)
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	He was the cheesy arms dealer in JA: Deadly Games. Now he's changed to 
    animals. What a 	relief! ;)
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	In one of the bars in Arulco (Drassen, San Mona, Cambria or Grumm)
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	He buys only bloodcat parts. Pick them up and sell if you manage to kill 
    those beasts. 	See: SECTION 8 for hunting tips.
    	See also: SECTION 4 for more info on traders.
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	An explosives dealer.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	In one of the bars in Arulco (Drassen, San Mona, Cambria or Grumm)
    Q: 	How do I deal with him?
    A:	He sells all things that go "boom" (and their accessories), but doesn't 
    take anything. 	Devin can be later recruited (see: HIRABLE NPCs). However, in 
    such a case he will give up 	his trade. So it is better to use him as an 
    explosives retailer instead.
    	See also: SECTION 4 for more info on traders
    Q:	Who is he?
    A:	He is an international bounty hunter pursuing his prey in Arulco.
    Q:	Where do I find him?
    A:	In one of the bars in Arulco (Drassen, San Mona, Cambria or Grumm)
    Q:	How do I deal with him?
    A:	Carmen will ask for your help in finding some criminals at large (see: 
    Bounties) He will 	give you a diskette with info on the suspects. If you 
    meet any of them, kill them and cut 	their heads off, then bring them as 
    proof to Carmen. He will split the reward in half 	($10K per each head 
    delivered) However, he does not pay immediately. Give the head to 	Carmen 
    and meet him in the bar in Drassen after one day. There you will get your share.
    	See also: SECTION 4 for more info on traders
    Q:	How can I cut off the criminals' heads?
    A:	Use either a machete or a combat knife.  Put it in your main hand and 
    right click to bring 	up the knife cursor.  Click on the dead body of the 
    bounty. You may have to try a few 	times because only one of the squares will 
    let you cut off the heads in some 	circumstances.
    Q:	I cut the bastard's head off, but now I can't find Carmen anywhere!
    A:	He is always in one of the bars. It he is not in the bar you enter, talk 
    to some NPCs and 	they should tell you of his whereabouts.
    Q:	I forgot to meet Carmen in Drassen! Is my reward lost?
    A:	No :) Other NPCs will tell you where Carmen is. Better yet, he may pay you 
    more than once 	for the same head because of a bug (see: SECTION 9)
    Q:	How do I spot a bounty?
    A:	The bounties are always disguised. Their names and looks are altered. But 
    an observant 	Commander like yourself should notice that in some cases the 
    faces of certain NPCs and the 	bounties' mug shots on Carmen's diskette are 
    quite similar. Another clue is that the 	bounties are not chatty and cannot be 
    hired. If you are still unsure, attack the suspected 	person and see if his/her 
    name changes to anything else (save your game first!) If it 	does, this is 
    one of the bounties you are looking for. After killing the criminal cut 
    	his/her head off (it may take several tries) and bring it to Carmen. The 
    bounty's head 	will be described with his/her alias. But beware of killing 
    innocent NPCs! (see: SECTION 5 	- LOYALTY)
    Q:	How to take out the damned criminals? They kill my mercs!
    A:	You have to be extremely careful in approaching the bounties. All of them 
    are well armed 	and dressed in best armor. Always "ALT+S" before trying to 
    kill one. This will save you 	much stress and often the lives of your mercs. 
    Sometimes a shot in the head from point-	blank range (using a good gun) or a 
    burst will give you the edge - provided that the 	bounty will be injured 
    seriously enough not to fire back.
    	Another good idea is to shoot the bounties while they are inside buildings. 
    Wait for the 	suspect to get into a house or make him do so by exchanging 
    places. Have your mercs lie 	outside under the windows and facing the bounty 
    (he will not see them), then move one 	merc as far from the house as possible, 
    but so s/he can see the bounty inside. Have this 	merc lie prone and/or take 
    cover if possible, but s/he still has to see the suspect. Now 	shoot at the 
    suspect with one of your mercs. It can even be a merc who doesn't see him, 
    	although s/he will obviously miss. The suspect will attack back, hopefully 
    spending his 	whole turn to fire at the far-away merc - the only one he can 
    see. The bounty will most 	possibly miss all of his shots. Then it's your 
    turn. Crouch the mercs waiting outside the 	house - at least one of them 
    should be able to see the bounty now. Shoot the bastard 	inside dead, he 
    won't interrupt. With a good gun one merc can kill the bounty by putting 2 	or 
    3 bullets in his head. This technique requires some practice, but works every 
    time. 	Remember to cut the bounty's head off and bring it to Carmen for 
    your reward. As a bonus 	you get to keep the criminal's all personal 
    belongings (good guns!)
    	Alternatively, you may try some explosive weapons against the terrorists. 
    However, in this 	case their equipment will be much damaged.
    Q:	Who are the bounties and where can I find them?
    A:	Except for the Druggist their locations are random. However, they are 
    always found in the 	following towns: San Mona, Chitzena, Cambria, Grumm and 
    Balime (never heard anybody find 	them in other locations) Keep this in mind 
    when visiting the above places. Whenever you 	stumble upon a suspicious 
    character there, chances are s/he is a bounty. Use the tips 	above to 
    reveal their true ID. You may not be able to find all the terrorists, though:
    	Impostor:	Chris, impersonates a Canadian (ha-ha, Sir-Tech)
        	Druggist:	Charlie, bartender in Grumm (H2)
        	Tiffany:	Joe, impersonates a tourist
        	MOM:		Annie, impersonates a student
        	Slay:		Terry, impersonates a wheelchair case
    	T-Rex:	Jasmin, impersonates a moron ;)(or does he really?)
    These characters are different from other NPC in that they can join your team. 
    Just like normal NPCs, they are found mostly in towns. Many of them are free or 
    very cheap, although some are quite expensive. Recruiting is simple: be 
    "friendly" until they have nothing more to say. Some NPCs will offer you their 
    services on their own, with some you will have to use "recruit" when they've 
    finished. As with ordinary NPCs, use your best negotiator; otherwise they may 
    refuse to join you. With certain NPCs additional conditions must be met (e.g. 
    completing a quest) After the recruitment they can be given orders just like 
    regular mercs. And just like AIM/MERC personnel they have stats, skills, traits 
    and preferences. Here is a list of all hirable NPCs found in Arulco with their 
    locations, prices and usefulness:
    Ira, Dimitri, Carlos, Miguel, Skyrider, Hamous, Devin, Vince, Iggy, Maddog, 
    Dynamo, Shank, Conrad, Robot
    See also: SECTION 1 for info on specialists
    Underground rebel base in Omerta (A10); free
    She can be recruited right after Fatima introduced you to Miguel. Ira will be 
    your guide in Arulco, providing interesting info on the country along the way. 
    She is a good trainer and an average medic, but useless in combat (very low MRK) 
    I also use her as a spotter and a mule ;)
    Underground rebel base in Omerta (A10); free
    He joins after Father from Drassen arranged food for Omerta. Dimitri sometimes 
    forgets his orders. He will make a good mech and can even be a sniper after 
    training DEX with MRK (see: SECTION 2) He is also an excellent thrower.
    Underground rebel base in Omerta (A10); free
    He will join after you take 5 cities (Drassen, Chitzena, Cambria, Grumm and Alma) 
    Average trainer and a strong thrower, but poor aim. 	
    Underground rebel base in Omerta (A10); free
    He will ask you to find Father in Drassen, who can provide food for the rebels. 
    Afterwards you can recruit Dimitri. Like Carlos, Miguel will join after you take 
    5 cities (Drassen, Chitzena, Cambria, Grumm and Alma) The rebel leader is a top 
    militia trainer and a good marksman with LVL6.
    See: OMERTA & SECTION 7; free apart from the flight charge
    Random road sector between Drassen, Cambria and San Mona; $250/day
    He has the ice-cream truck. If you want to use it, you have to hire him. But 
    once the truck is yours, its previous owner can be dismissed. He only shows up 
    once, so don't waste this chance to get the vehicle. Hamous himself is rather 
    See also: SECTION 7 for info on vehicles
    One of the bars in Arulco (Drassen, San Mona, Cambria or Grumm); $800/day
    He sells explosives and cannot be recruited immediately (business affairs?) It 
    is better not to hire him and have a steady source of grenades and other stuff 
    instead. Besides, though Devin is a top explosives specialist (what did you 
    expect?), he is slow and has a low MRK.
    See also: SECTION 4 & 6
    Cambria Hospital (F8); $500/day 
    In order to recruit him you cannot open any crates in the hospital storehouse. 
    You also must bring Joey home (Cambria's loyalty must be around 100%) Vince is 
    the best doctor and a good trainer, but his abysmal MRK and AGI exclude him from 
    any combat.
    See also: Steve
    Usually in San Mona, the bar above the Shady Lady (C5); $1,95K/day
    He appears after your encounter with Mike. Apart from the rocket rifle he also 
    has multiple abilities. Iggy is a HW expert, an average mech and a mediocre 
    medic. His other assets are high MRK, LVL5 and top vitality.
    Wandering around broken fuel pumps in Estoni (I6); free
    He has a CAWS shotgun. Maddog is a good mech with top vitality, but his poor aim 
    makes him hopeless in battle.
    Tixa prison dungeon (J9); asks for $50/day, but if refused joins for free
    His brother Matt in Alma will ask you to rescue him (see: DRASSEN - Head miners) 
    You may need to try a few times until he agrees to join. Dynamo is an average 
    mech, but slow and a poor shot. If you decide to keep him, you'd better do 
    something about his health.
    Tixa prison dungeon (J9); $20/day
    Bring him to Estoni and talk to Jake. Now you will be able to buy gas and refuel 
    the chopper here. Shank himself is absolutely worthless.
    See also: Jake, Skyrider  & SECTION 7
    Alma training building (H13); asks for $5,5K/day, but if refused drops his price 
    to $3,3K
    Hiring him is tricky; he may even get mad and attack you. A multitude of talents: 
    top training and explosives, excellent MRK, average medic and LVL5 to boot. Only 
    his price...
    Random sector generally in the upper half of the map; free
    In order to get the robot you must find the missing scientist and bring him a 
    rifle and a video camera. The robot can move and shoot like a human merc (it 
    cannot reload) but it is slow and its stats are poor. However, it has a decent 
    MRK (80) and high HEA. It also takes much less damage than your mercs when shot. 
    A battered robot can be repaired by a mech. When employed properly, the droid 
    can make a valuable addition to your team. The robot is only active when a merc 
    uses its remote control, which excludes using any other headgear.
    See also: Madlab
    Section 7:	VEHICLES
    Using vehicles will notably shorten the time of movement from one location to 
    another. Not only will you get there faster, but also your team will be less 
    tired after the journey. This aspect is very important in combat, as the mercs' 
    condition is reflected in their APs. However, not all vehicles come free and 
    some cannot be used to reach certain areas. Up to 6 mercs (a full squad) can be 
    accommodated in any vehicle. This is done by assigning them to a specific means 
    of transport in the strategic view. After reaching your destination assign the 
    mercs to a squad again. Three vehicles can be found around Arulco:
    To use the chopper you have to find its pilot (see: SECTION 6 - Skyrider) and 
    clear the airspace by capturing (or destroying) the SAM sites. Once you achieve 
    this, you can dispatch your team just about anywhere by air. It takes only 10 
    minutes per sector to travel. For his service Skyrider charges a fee which 
    depends on the distance. Also, the helicopter needs to refuel after each journey, 
    either in Drassen or later in Estoni (see: SECTION 6 - Jake & Shank) This 
    operation is performed automatically. While airborne avoid travelling thru 
    unsafe sectors. The helicopter will get hit and eventually shot down by SAM 
    missiles, which additionally induces a bug (see: SECTION 9) Flying the chopper 
    is definitely the fastest way to move a squad over long distances, though not 
    precisely the cheapest one.
    Ice-cream truck 
    The truck can be found in a random road sector between Drassen, Cambria and San 
    Mona. To get hold of it you need to hire its driver (see: SECTION 6 - Hamous) 
    Driving is restricted to roads, but it takes just half an hour per sector. This 
    vehicle only shows up once, so don't waste the opportunity to acquire it.
    This civilian version of the famed military Hummvee is every man's dream :). And 
    it is waiting for you east of Balime, in L10. All you have to do is pay $10K to 
    the guy there and pick up your car on the next day (see: SECTION 6 - Dave) 
    Unlike the real Hummer, this one can travel only along roads. And I certainly 
    *don't* like this! Driving takes half an hour per sector.
    The truck and the Hummer need gas, which is scarce in Arulco. Several cans can 
    be found in non-town sectors and more can be bought from Jake after rescuing 
    Shank (see: SECTION 6 - Jake & Shank) To refuel the car put a can into the 
    merc's hand, then right-click and left-click on the vehicle. You can check how 
    much gas there is in the tank by moving the cursor over the two bars in the 
    vehicle's picture. One of the bars represents the car's condition (can be 
    repaired by assigning a mech), the other shows the amount of gas left. When you 
    run out of juice while traveling, you will have to abandon the vehicle (you can 
    still pick it up later) To avoid such surprises always fill 'er up before the 
    journey and have a spare can on hand.
    Enemy encounters while in a vehicle will proceed in the normal manner. But if 
    you withdraw your team from the battle, the car will be left in that sector.
    Ground vehicles can be also boarded in tactical by "CTRL"+ left-clicking on them.
    1. 	Unless you have a specialized well-equipped night-ops squad, avoid 
    attacking by night at 	all costs. These encounters are very hard, especially in 
    the beginning of the game.
    2. 	Always shoot prone taking a good cover, thus minimizing the enemy's chance 
    to hit you.
    3. 	Always finish off those "critical" enemies. While they don't seem 
    dangerous, they can 	still make a very lucky shot or even surprise you with a 
    4. 	If after movement you don't have enough APs to shoot, don't forget that 
    you can always run 	in combat. Running uses less APs (and more energy) than 
    walking, which can give you the 	chance to make that crucial shot.
    5. 	Always remember to quick-save and to reload your guns whenever the game 
    enters real-time 	during a battle. This can save your ass on many occasions.
    6. 	In an enemy sector move on stealth mode to avoid being spotted (especially 
    in real-time) 	Crawling, camouflage, high LVL and the stealthy trait add to 
    your sneaking skill. Make a 	good use of smoke grenades. When you discover the 
    enemy's position, most of the time you 	will also gain AGI.
    7. 	Keep everything in perfect shape. Use only top condition guns, attachments, 
    equipment, 	etc. This does not apply to explosives and grenades (they can also 
    be repaired!), although 	beat-up items may not go off at all.
    8. 	HP ammo works wonders against bloodcats. Don't bother with other types of 
    ammo, unless 	it's a burst at a very close range. Use fast guns and don't 
    waste APs on aiming. Someone 	suggested tear gas as a defense barrier while 
    fighting the cats, with the masks on. It 	seems that the beasts attack only 
    squads traveling on foot (not in a vehicle) Large groups 	of mercs should not 
    have much trouble in exterminating the bloodcats, though it might as 	well 
    turn into their carnage. Small teams stand no chance unless equipped with fast 
    HP 	loaded weapons. Bloodcat parts can be sold to Micky (see: SECTION 6 - 
    9. 	Some items in the sector inventory may be grayed-out in the strategic view. 
    This is either 	because your mercs can't pick them up (e.g. they were left in 
    the store that closed for 	the night) or because they are owned by somebody 
    else. If you try to take such things (in 	tactical) while the owner is near, 
    expect trouble (yes, they will attack you) The trick is 	to pick them up 
    while their holder is away and can't see you stealing his property. You 
    	can block his way with other mercs or move him out by exchanging places. 
    However, this is 	not always possible.
    10. 	Whenever you stumble upon a locked door, crate or locker, first check if 
    it is not 	trapped. The merc may not discover the trap on his/her first attempt. 
    Have your mech or 	explosives guy remove any traps before proceeding. Then 
    see if you already don't have a 	key for it. If not, have a merc with high 
    STR force it open or use a crowbar on it. 	Alternatively, a mech with a 
    high PICK rating can pick the lock. Also the bomb dude can 	destroy the lock 
    (but not open the thing) with a shaped charge. All these actions are 
    	performed by choosing a proper icon from the "open" menu. The merc 
    attempting them must 	have the suitable items in his/her inventory. When you 
    are still not successful, you can 	shoot at the thing until the lock gives way. 
    However, this doesn't seem to work on all 	doors/crates/lockers. As a last 
    resort you might try explosives, the LAW or the mortar - 	with extra care not 
    to hurt anyone near (unless they are enemies) This only works with 	doors... 
    you guess why ;)
    	See also: chapters on specialists in SECTION 1.
    11. 	Some advice on destroying the tanks. The LAW seems the natural choice, but 
    also the mortar 	works well against armor. The drawback of this method is that 
    the enemy will know the 	position of your squd the moment you fire. Another 
    very effective technique is to plant a 	strong explosive right by the tank 
    (the C4 is preferred here) This method requires 	superior sneaking skills 
    and/or luck. Move under the cover of smoke, stay prone and crawl 	next to the 
    tank. You may be attacked by its machine gun, so make sure to wear top armor. 
    	Leave enough APs to place the bomb and to get the hell out of there. It is 
    best to use 	remote detonators; sometimes 2 explosives may be necessary. If 
    you have nothing else on 	hand, you might also try regular grenades. They 
    are far less effective, but will 	eventually do the job. And remember to save! 
    12. 	If any of your mercs are captured by the enemy, there are three locations 
    where they can 	be taken. Until you conquer Alma, they are held in the 
    Military Prison there (I13) 	Afterwards the POWs can be found either in the 
    Tixa jail (J9) or the army station in N7, 	known as the "LAW cache" (you 
    will know why once you get there :) This is also where they 	may be 
    interrogated by the Queen herself (see: SECTION 4 - WEIRD ITEMS). But of course 
    you 	will never surrender or abandon the battle, Commander!
    Section 9:	PROGRAM BUGS
    NOTE: These bugs appear in version 1.03 US. I hope the patch will have most of 
    these fixed. 	Well, maybe not all of them... ;)
    1. 	In the Extreme Fighting Competition in San Mona, while in the ring, your 
    opponent will 	sometimes start shooting at you in the middle of the fight. I 
    believe this was not 	intentional, but there is not much to be done about it. 
    You can either knock the boxer out 	the normal way (taking some serious damage) 
    or reload a game and try your luck again. If 	you use any weapon, you will 
    lose the bet and everybody will turn on you.
    	There is also another bug. Incredibly, it' even worse than the previous 
    one! It can happen 	that after giving your bet to Darren the fight will not 
    start at all. If you leave the 	ring, your cash is lost. When you talk to 
    Darren he acts as nothing had happened. Losing 	$5K this way is extremely 
    annoying :( I suspect it has to do with killing the opponents in 	an earlier 
    fight, instead of just knocking them out. This happened to me, and boy, was I 
    	pissed off not seeing these 15 grand every second night!
    2. 	In few non-town sectors items will reappear once more some time after 
    taking them. The 	respawning stuff seems to be random. This also happens in the 
    mines: after collecting the 	nuggets new ones will appear in few days, but only 
    once :( I don't know if this was meant 	to be.
    3. 	After taking the items from a mine the town's loyalty goes down by 1% This 
    is not so 	relevant, but I see no reason why it should happen.
    4. 	When you don't meet Carmen on the next day in Drassen after delivering a 
    bounty's head to 	him, he will pay you for this same head multiple times - 
    whenever you find him. Nice 	compensation for the screwed EFC ;)
    5. 	If the chopper gets hit for the third time, the game will crash and kick 
    you out to 	Windoze(tm) It seems that there is a voice file missing. In order 
    not to encounter this 	bug, don't fly over unfriendly sectors, and if you 
    really have to, make sure there is only 	one en route (Skyrider will usually 
    take the same way back home!)
    6. 	Sometimes the mercs will move in a funny way, sideways and backwards, as 
    with the "ALT" 	pressed. To remedy the problem, depress this key and quickly 
    double-click around them. 	After some attempts they will walk normally.
    7. 	On some occasions you may end up with duplicated items while picking up 
    stuff from the 	ground. This happens when the merc's backpack is full and one 
    hand slot remains empty, 	while trying to pick up more than one item. I'm 
    not trying to suggest anything here, 	but... (wink-wink :))
    Section 10:	LINKS
    If this guide did not answer your JA2 problems, I strongly recommend visiting 
    the following sites:
    Jagged Alliance Galaxy www.tacticalplanet.com/ja-galaxy
    Probably the best and most comprehensive JA site on the net, part of the 
    Tactical Planet network.
    CW: Postcards from Arulco www.redrival.com/rakki/ja2 
    Excellent JA2 site with many funny accents throughout.
    FREELANCER: Your tactical source www.freelancer.ag.ru
    Very detailed stats of JA2 equipment and characters. Also lots of stuff on other 
    tactical/RPG games (Fallout, X-COM, etc.)
    Magnum's JA2 Equipment Field Manual redrival.com/magnum
    Another very good source of item info.
    Official JA2 Website www.jaggedalliance2.com
    Many JA2 links and game info straight from the programmers (check out the 
    secrets section)
    and of course:
    Sir-Tech Canada www.sir-tech.com
    Homepage of the creators of JA!

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