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    Walkthrough by Anonymous

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                                HINTS TO KNIGHT'S CHASE
       The ticket office
       The Curator's Office
       The steps
       THE CELLS IN 1329
       Under the roof
       Ground floor
       The Scriptorium
       The hospital
       The tannery
       The bakery
       The mortuary
       The torture cell
       The old templar's cell
       The refectory
       The cemetery
       The tower
       The cells
       The church
       The roof
       The abbey
         At the beginning of the game just go inside the museum.
         Go inside the room where the Japanese television is filming.
         Take the headphones.
         Go to the opposite room :
       Take the sword and the shield. Look at the big picture on the wall. It
           will tell you a story about yourself; Then, open the door.
         The ticket office.
         * Take the remote-controlled catapult.
         * Take the compact disc.
         * Switch on the terminal.
         * Use the compact disc.
         Now you can go to the next room
         The Curator's Office.
         * Search in the drawer : you 'll find a key, a magnetic card and a
           magazine (read it)
         * Return in the museum but be careful because the alarm system is
          When you are walking on your knees :
         * Just avoid the laser beams. You have to walk close to the
         Then you're back to the entry hall:
         * Take the screwdriver in the toolbox and use it on the closed door.
         * Enter the room and take the CO2 fire extinguisher.
         * Leave this room and use the key to open the Control box
         Then, switch off the alarm by using the CO2 fire extinguisher on the
         control box.
         Go up the steps.
         * A Knight will appear as soon as you enter the room.
         * Use the sword or fight with your hands to kill him.
         * Watch out for the laser beams.
         * Use the magnetic card on the showcase on the left and take the
           bullets to load your small catapult.
         * Then use the remote-controlled catapult, drive it to the room
           where the other alarm system is on and shoot at the red button to
           deactivate the alarm.
         * You have to avoid the little points on the floor until you are
           facing the alarm switch.
         * Wait for the message telling you you can shoot to be displayed.
         * Use the ammunition and shoot.
         * Alarm is off. Switch off the remote-controlled catapult.
         Now you can take the sword and go outside in the garden (cloister)
         where you have to find the "hologramme". Fight the knight. Then you
         will be thrown down the well.
      THE CELLS IN 1329
         Take the lute and throw it towards the opposite prisoner (Berwal).
         Berwal will play and attract the guard's attention. When the guard
         is in front of you kick him. Berwal will then throw you the key to
         open your cell. Take the sword and kill the guard who will leave a
         key for you to pick up. Go inside the open room (you will find a
         wine bottle). Use the key to open the gate.
         Go up the stairs, don't move and let the old blind man walk in front
         of you. Search the fire place anf pick up the key to open the door
         next to the fire place (opposite the stairs). Mind the sheep!! In
         this room, take the sheep skin and the shepherd's stick. A barrel of
         water is there too. In the next room take the piece of ham, the
         bottle and bucket which you need to fill with water in the next
         Empty the contents of your bucket in the fire place. Search and
         climb inside the chimney.
         Under the roof.
         Use the sheep skin to jump silently from one side to the other. Go
         to the left. When you are above the old man's bedroom, use the stick
         to take his frock. Then, straight ahead and when you are in the next
         room, turn right. Jump.
         Ground floor.
         Search the iron cage and take the book "The Knight's Song" and the
         hologramme. (Do not "push" the cage). Push the big golden cross : it
         is a secret passage.
         The Scriptorium
         You will find cups with :
         * Water
         * Pitch
         * Boneblack
         * Spleen
         * + a stiletto.
         Go up the stairs : take the goose-quill and the wooden box on top of
         the cupboard.
         Stand in front of the desk where you can write and use the book.
         Use the stiletto on the book : you will have a cristal gem.
         Use the water, the spleen, the boneblack and you will obtain some
         Stand in front of the white paper and use the goose-quill to copy
         the contents of the "Knight's Song".
         Go back to the room with the iron cage and put back in the cage the
         "Knight's Song" and the wooden box .
         Don't lose time because a timer is on !!
         Go back to the scriptorium, put on the monk's frock and push the
         torch on the wall.
         The secret passage will close. A monk will enter and you will have
         to follow him very carefully (always walk right behind him). When
         you are outside in the cloister, turn right when you are near an
         open door (a message is displayed) the monk keeps going straight
         forward. Outside, in the back you will see a guard.
         Once you are inside the hospital , do not go out again.
         THE HOSPITAL.
         * Take the wooden pot, which is on the floor on your left when you
         * Smash it against the wall so you can pick up a key.
         * The key opens the door on your left hand side entering the
         * In this room, find a book on a stone edge and read about how to
           make a sleeping potion with the ingredients you will find on the 3
         Go out and get inside 4 other rooms with shut doors.
         THE TANNERY.
         You will find a leather cutter on the shelves on your left hand .
         THE BAKERY.
         Another door opens onto a room with a bread oven. Find then 2 pieces
         of bread, one in the oven, the other on the opposite table. Pour
         your green potion on one of them. You are now able to open the
         fourth door and meet an old templar. Throw your "green bread" at
         him. Use then your leather cutter on the hospital statue to take a
         ruby. Repeat the operation on all hospital statues. Keep a watch for
         the 2 guards who are waiting for you outside the old templar cell.
         THE MORTUARY.
         Provided that you picked up the key the second guard left behind him
         after your fight, you can now open the mortuary door. In this room,
         push on the heart of the corpse and find his golden heart. Do not
         use it on the statue as long as you don't have in your possession 8
         gems (among them 3 diamonds). Then use of the golden heart on the
         statue in the corner, quickly go towards the other statue at the
         other end of the room and drink out of the golden glass the statue
         offers you.
         You will become drunk and Wolfram will catch you and put you in
         Tied on the wheel, you can move towards left (right arrow on
         keyboard), to burn the rope which holds you. Once you are free,
         fight with the guard and do not forget to pick up your things on the
         To leave the room, invert the position of the 2 torches. This will
         open up a door for you. To avoid getting lost in the corridor, take
         the first to your left and show the ring without a stone to the old
         After he dies, pick up the objects he leaves behind and look in the
         chest. Take everything you find. Place the strange red stone inside
         the leather pouch to dazzle Wolfram.
         The 9 gems are ready for you to pick up in the golden chalice.
         To open the secret door, use your ring.
         Once you are back in the library, you may meet 2 devils dressed up
         in monks.
         In the library, you can open the big double door leading to the
         Do not rush! You must first pick up the stack of plates on the table
         at your right handside and then walk towards the kitchen with the
         plates in you hands.
         Then go to the scullery where you will find two tombs. Use the
         stones on them and take the key which will allow you to open the
         door in the kitchen.
         THE CEMETERY.
         You are now in the cemetery where zombies and a ghoul wait for you.
         First get rid of the ghoul using the small wooden cross. It will
         leave a tooth for you to open the door at the bottom of the tower.
         Then go towards the two other tombs and use the stones.
         THE TOWER.
         Once you are inside the tower, on your left handside you will find a
         secret passage. To open it push on the small statuette on the wall.
         THE CELLS.
         Back in the cells you will have to find your way back to the torture
         room to access the cells where you were made prisoner with Berwal.
         Go to Berwal's cell but be careful appearances can be deceitful! Go
         back up to the library.
         THE CHURCH.
         Now get out of the library and breathe some fresh air in the
         cloister. Go round and get rid of the guard in front of a door. Go
         inside and look around you. You are in a church. Look at all the
         carved pictures on the wall (stations of Christ). When you see the
         number 7, push the picture. A door will open. Fight the black knight
         and go up the steps. Use the first weight you find on your left and
         use it.
         THE ROOF.
         You are on the roof now and you can use your three diamonds on the
         You will be caught but your friend Berwal will come to your rescue.
         THE ABBEY.
         As soon as you see the executioneer quickly leave your iron cage and
         go straight ahead to hide from Montfalcon who is watching you from
         above. Take everything on the table and use the corn. You are now as
         impressive looking as your enemy and ready to fight. Then go
         straight to the entrance of the church in the small chapel. Push the
         Golden cross and go upstairs. Once you are on the roof you have to
         know that the only way for you to get rid of Montfalcon is to push
         him and make him fall. Then go back inside and stand in front of the
         double door where you saw Wolfram. Push the torch on the wall.
         Go up the steps and use the small wooden cross on the statue. Push
         the small font which has just appeared.
         Go downstairs through the secret passage now open. In the red
         basement (Wolfram's lair) avoid the pentacle and search everywhere.
         Follow meticulously the indications in the book found on the table
         in the 2nd room. Use the lit torch on the pentacle to make it
         disappear and use the potion on the closed book held by the statue.
         A door opens. It will lead you to Juliette at last! Take the seal.
         Use the bucket and fill it with water (do not fall in the well) and
         pour the water on Juliette.
         Run away from the evil creature and go back up the church. Avoid the
         pentacle and find the big cross next to the stained glass. Push it
         until you reach the sign on the floor. It will collapse on Wolfram.
         Juliette is now free and will run towards you with the glove. Place
         the seal on the glove and use it.
         You are now back in 1995.
      - THE END -

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