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    Walkthrough by MMarcelais

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 11/01/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny
    by Westwood Entertainment.
    Solution by Mike Marcelais: Version 1.4, November 1997
    Thanks to Marko Apel, Michael Cruz, Lars Dahlager, MaryJo DiBella,
    Greg Dolan, Justin Emlay, Oliver Grill, Rik Hamilton, Rovio Hammama,
    Ulos Hladnik, Scott Hopkinson, Niko Kaartinen, Trifon Katakuzinos,
    Peter Langelaar, Panos Laskaris, Patticom, Chris O’Rorke, Patrick Ras,
    Russell Roach, David Sibley, Michael Snider, David Solomon, Mark
    Sunderland, Soren Svendsen, Whay-Wang Teo, Kris Verellen, and Song-de
    Wang for providing extra tips, suggestions, and alternate solutions to
    puzzles. If I’ve left your name off this list, it was purely by
    Table of contents
    The Caves of the Draracle 
    The Halls of the Draracle 
    Huline Jungle 
    Hive Caves 
    Huline Village 
    Huline Jungle (again) 
    Hive Caves (again) 
    Dark Halls 
    Savage Jungle 
    Dracoid Ruins 
    Dracoid Cemetary 
    Dracoid Ruins (again) 
    Savage Jungle (again) 
    Claw Mountains 
    The Citadel 
    The Huline Temple 
    City of the Ancients 
    Underground Caverns 
    Belial’s Laboratory 
    Birthing Chamber 
    Evil Luther Solution 
    Weapon Tables 
    Armor Tables 
    Alchemical Combinations 
    Special Items 
    Unknown Items 
    Part I: The Caves of the Draracle
    Okay, you’ve just escaped from the dungeon of Gladstone keep, shifted
    forms three times, run to the ‘safety’ of the Draracle’s Caves and are
    being hunted by the guards of Gladstone. And you have no weapons,
    armor, or equipment.
    In reality, this first area isn’t very difficult. This section is
    mainly to get you used to the interface of the game. The first thing
    you should do is walk over to the green rock cluster and get a
    stalagmite from it to use as a weapon. Also walk over near the water,
    on the right side, and pick three pieces of Cave Aloe from the wall.
    Cave Aloe can heal your wounds.
    Now head out the cave to the west and watch the guards go by. Ambush
    the last guard by sneaking up on him from behind and loot his body.
    This will get you some much needed real armor and weapons. You can
    continue south to the entrance, but the guards there are armed with
    nasty ranged weapons and it is unlikely you could survive. Head north
    As you head north, you’ll see a very large boulder blocking the
    passage to the left and another passage to the right. Head to the end
    of the right passage and you’ll shift forms. If you shift into the
    Lizard, you are now small enough to run through the small passage that
    is here. If you shift into the Beast, you can run back to the large
    rock and push it out of the way (by walking into it) and get into the
    area beyond.
    As you continue north, you’ll run by a large underground lake. To the
    left is a room that has a pit in the middle and several small rivers
    of water pouring into it. If you attack the stagactites which drop
    water into the pool around the edge of the room, the water will pour
    into the room, flooding out some guards. This allows you to get better
    equipment and also find a Mana Foil. Around the corner is an area of
    construction with pillars. You can click on the pillars and drag them
    out of the way to make a passage that you can fit through. After you
    get through, you can turn around and attack the weak pillar to
    collapse the corridor and prevent guards from following you in.
    Head right from the pillars and you’ll get to a room with four exits.
    In the northwest room, there are several crates and a passage high out
    of reach. If you stack three of the crates on top of each other, then
    stack two more crates next to those, then stack the two small crates
    next to those, you have a stairway that you can jump up to get to that
    hidden room. All that is up there are two broken maces and an orc
    shield; but messing with the crates is good practice.
    The next room (to the northeast) contains a former Dark Army creature
    that recognizes you when you approach. He claims to have a gift for
    you hidden away, but dies before he can give it to you.
    The door to the southeast is locked and can’t be opened. However,
    there is a chain set in the wall next to the door. If you cut the
    chain (by attacking it), the door will open and you can walk through.
    In that room, there is an Ancient Magic Stone hidden in the debris
    near the back of the room.
    Now, leave this area and return to the collapsed passage and continue
    past. The black pools here are oil and if you cast a spark spell at
    them, they will ignite into flames. Continue past them, picking up any
    Aloe you see on the way, and you will reach a chamber with a large
    lava pool in the middle. Skirt the rim of this chamber and continue
    In the next corridor, there is an opening in the wall that you can
    look through which reveals a Gladstone guard standing in a pool of
    oil. Cast Spark at the oil (you may have to use the targetting cursor
    in order to get it to work) and the guard will be incinerated in a
    As you continue north, you’ll reach a bridge over an underground river
    and the guards will lock a door behind you. If you pull the lever next
    to the bridge, you will reopen the gate and the door to the guard’s
    room will also have opened. Go in there and get the Light Crossbow,
    Pyro Pod, and a Guardian Sword.
    Cross over the bridge, open the doors, and head to the Draracle.
    Part II: The Halls of the Draracle
    After you hear the speech with the Draracle, you enter his halls. You
    can return to the Draracle’s throne room twice more to get more
    information -- the last time shows the Draracle talking with Dawn and
    Go through the gate and over to the table in the next room. Don’t
    worry about the skeleton; as long as you leave it alone, it won’t
    bother you either. In general, don’t bother creatures which don’t seem
    hostile. Get the gifts that the Draracle has left for you. You can
    pull the lever on the wall now and walk to the mirror to the southern
    continent, but there is something much more interesting than the gifts
    on the table.
    If you click on the Tapestry across the room from the table and then
    click on the wall behind it, a secret passage opens up. This leads to
    the Draracle Museum and it contains many interesting exhibits. Be sure
    to get the skeleton key from the wall at the end of the entrance
    hallway. Inserting it into the triangle shaped holders will give a
    narritive on the exhibit.
    Explore a lot of this area, and you should be able to find many good
    items like the Long Sword Prism, and The Axe of the Long Arm. There is
    also a broken sword that you can take and get repaired laster. I’m
    only going to describe the interesting areas of the Museum.
    At the very start, there is an orb held by a claw. Clicking on the orb
    gives you a welcome message. In front of the orb, on the floor, is a
    hidden opening. Clicking on it will raise a key holder opens a secret
    area behind the orb. Inside are scrolls of Heal, Spark, and Summon.
    Use the Summon to learn it. (Using a scroll will let you learn the
    group, if you didn’t know it already, or cast it if you already knew
    the group). 
    To the north, there is a caged in area that you cannot open. If you
    cast a Spark spell into the area, one of the crates will explode and
    you can reach inside and get a Dragon Stone.
    To the south, there is a large blue gem in the middle of the room.
    Hacking on the gem will break off pieces of Fire Crystal, but they
    will be burned out. Use the Crystal on the flames on the side of the
    room to recharge them.
    Breaking the vases you find in the corners of the room here will
    reveal Ivory Chips. There are two of them in the museum. The only use
    I have found for the chips is to solve a puzzle in the City of the
    Ancients near the end of the game and you can find all of the chips
    you need there.
    To the far east, there is a closed exhibit about Time Travel. You can
    open this area by pulling the lever hidden behind the last picture in
    the gallery to the north. Once inside, break the Hourglass by
    attacking it, then break through the wall and jump through the hole.
    Run down the corridor, and finish off the last skeleton creature.
    There are several vials of Dragon’'s Blood here. If you use the Blood,
    an icon appears in the corner of the screen. This is a timer. The
    Blood will explode in about five seconds. Either throw the blood or
    drop and run. After you’ve gotten the blood, open the door, and ask
    the dragon for a lift to the southern continent. (Don’t attack the
    Part III: Huline Forest
    Begin CD 2
    This area is a very large forest area and it is hard to get a good
    idea of where places are located around here. When you first arrive,
    you will be in a clearing. Heading north, you are approached by a
    two-headed catbeast. Sometimes he’ll attack you; other times, it just
    ignores you. There is a lot of wildlife in this forest, and you don’t
    want to upset it -- don’t attack things that don’t attack you. And
    don’t walk under the spiders: they can poison you if you do.
    There are many bushes around here that have bright green leaves. These
    are Aloe plants and you can pick the leaves off the plants. They will
    heal you. You may also see a beehive or two; you can get wax from these.
    Continuing around the corner, you’ll meet a Huline guarding the
    village. He refuses you entrance because Shalla and her daughter are
    missing. Seems like the best thing to do is head into the forest and
    search for them.
    Heading west, you meet a pair of Huline mothers that look less than
    thrilled to see you. They distrust you and tell you little, eventually
    leaving with complains that you aren’t very polite.
    Head through the forest, going generally west and staying between the
    two streams that flow through the forest. You are looking for the
    house of Kity’ara and you know you’re getting close when you see a
    double bridge over the northern stream. Head south from here a bit,
    then head west.
    Kit’yara seems excited to see you and lets you loot her shack for
    equipment: swords, Gargoyle bracers, and a bow. She tells you about
    the Long Sword Firestorm which seems like a really cool weapon, but
    you can’t have it. She will also tell you about Power Orbs, the
    Monestary, and the wild ones that live across the river Bane (just
    east of where you started).
    After leaving her shack, take the first path south that you can (it
    should be easily visible on your automap) and you’ll run into the
    Huline women again. After you finish your conversation with them, head
    west. This area is filled with growing branches that can be cut down.
    The automap will show which areas of the walls can be cut. If you
    simply cut the walls, they will grow back in a few seconds. Using a
    Spark spell on them will burn them to the ground and they won’t grow
    back. (If you are stuck in Lizard form now, you will be unable to hack
    the walls; you’ll have to use Spark or wait until you change back. You
    want to go through the woods here until you get to a lake to the
    Across the lake from where you entered this clearing is a cave
    entrance. If you go inside, you’ll enter the realm of the Hive Caves.
    This is where Shalla is being held.
    Part IV: Hive Caves
    This is a very hot and unstable cave system. There is a lot of amber
    found on the ground here. When you walk through, don’t worry about the
    clouds of gas, but do worry about green bursts of liquid as they can
    poison you and watch out for cliffs, falling rocks, and lava.
    Head down into the caves until you get to a room with a small beast
    with two heads sticking out of its body. This is the Executioner that
    the Huline were talking about. Kill it and investigate its nest across
    the chamber to the north. Hidden inside, you’ll find some plate armor.
    Good stuff.
    To the north of the Executioner’s lair is a cavern that becomes a
    lizard tunnel leading back into the forest near the Monestary. I never
    found this tunnel useful because I hate the lizard form and it was too
    easy to fall off the small ledge into the lava.
    Now, just to the west, there is a large chasm. If you attack the
    ceiling, using a ranged weapon, you’ll cause the roof to collapse and
    the chasm will be filled with rubble so you can cross. Head across and
    take a left at the fork. Somewhere in this next room is a spider
    creature. Kill it and head all of the way north. You’ll find Shalla
    hiding in a corner of the cave. When you’ve convinced her that the
    spider is dead, she will head back to the Huline village.
    Now, return to the fork and take the other passage. It ends in a large
    lava field that has several islands of rock growing from it. Hop
    across the islands until you get to the northern exits. Fortunately,
    lava is not instantly fatal, although it does hurt a lot.
    From here, to the north, is a chamber with lots of amber. To the west
    is a room with several pillars supporting the ceiling. Behind the
    pillars is a large sword set in the wall with two statues flanking it.
    Crawl between the pillars (sometimes I can get through in human form,
    although I usually have to wait until I’m in Lizard form), get the
    sword, and run out. The roof will collapse in a moment. Attacking the
    columns will also bring the roof down on you. The sword is too large
    for you to wield, although it may come in handy later.
    Now, exit the cave area and return to the Huline Village.
    Part V: Huline Village
    Now that Shalla is safe, you are welcomed into the village. There are
    a few things you need to do here, but mostly, this is a chance to
    advance the plot and collect reward.
    Travel through the village by heading left of the entrance. Follow the
    edge of the village until you meet a huline in a back alley. He’ll
    give you a password: "ankhman".
    Then travel to the southern edge and enter the cantina (the shop in
    the middle of the fixed screen). Inside, you’ll meet Bacatta. He’ll
    tell you that Dawn is also in the southern continent doing research
    about Ancient Magic. He lets you go on your word that you’ll return.
    Next, head across town to the magician’s house, just to the north of
    the entrance gate. When you ask him about ancient magic, he’ll suck
    all your magical energy out of you, but allow you to take his items.
    You can get three fire crystals, a manafoil, a war cluster, and a
    Speaking Stone which shows the sinking of the ancient city. If you
    show him the broken sword, he claims he can repair it, but it will
    cost you a Power Orb. It seems like everyone wants one of these things.
    Head just west and visit the King of the Huline village. He seems very
    unconcerned with what is happening and ignores your concerns.
    Heading around behind one of the buildings near the King, you will
    find an abandoned building. Click on the cellar access and you are let
    into this dingy room under the building. Knowing the password will let
    you inside a thieves guild. He will offer to give you the sword
    Firestorm if you kill Kelsrick. There is also a skull key here and
    poison paint that is yours for the taking. The key opens most of the
    buildings in town and lets you get a large supply of alchemy
    ingredients and some more weapons. I would wait before fulfilling the
    contract so that you can still get the mage to repair your sword.
    Inside one of those buildings is a simple throwing dagger. If you take
    that dagger to the Huline Mystic, he will enchant it into the Dagger
    of Light at no cost to you.
    Exit the village and head back out into the forest.
    Part VI: Huline Jungle (again)
    Your next goal is to visit the Monestary. Before you go there, stop by
    a few interesting parts of the forest that you may have missed on
    previous trips. Just to the north of Kit’yara’s house, at the
    headwaters of the stream just to the north there is a waterfall.
    Searching in the water will get you a Lightning Crystal and you can
    enter a cave to the right where you’ll find a corpse that holds a
    Speaking Stone showing the end of a great battle.
    To the northwest of the Huline Village, there is a river that has
    several geysers erupting out of the middle. If you follow that river
    upstream to the west, you will come to a pool with a single geyser.
    Attacking the geyser will cause it to break and the pool to drain
    away. You can then enter a lizard tunnel a little to the east in the
    north bank of the river. Inside that tunnel is another Speaking Stone,
    a storm crystal, two fire crystals and three ancient magic stones.
    Following that stream all of the way east will lead you to a
    waterfall. At the base of the waterfall, on the north shore, is a
    small passage you can crawl through to get a recipe scroll, and a
    Summon scroll. On the south side of the waterfall, there are three
    Mind Clusters hidden cleverly behind a bush right next to the
    waterfall. To get out of this area, go along the shore of the Bane
    River towards the south, wait until you shift into Lizard form, and
    run down the lizard tunnel there.
    Head south, almost due south from the village, across two rivers, and
    you’ll arrive at a clearing completely blocked by a pink lake with a
    bridge across. You cannot cross this bridge in beast form (as the
    bridge will collapse). On the other side of the bridge is the Monestary.
    Out behind the monestary is General in charge of vegetables. He’s
    mostly a waste of your time. In the library to the left is Dawn. She
    looked much better in the first Lands of Lore game...but I digress.
    She suggests you go see Brother Julian, who is behind the closed doors
    in the center of the first Monestary screen. He will be amazed by your
    tales of the Draracle, but require you to get a wax copy of runes
    hidden deep in the caves. He gives you a flute which operates the lift.
    Part VII: The Hive Caves (again)
    Exit the monestary and return to the caves. Remember that area to the
    west of where you killed the spider creature that I said you could
    ignore? Well, go there now. As you approach the area, you should see
    four runes on the wall to your right. Make a note of them. Also, be
    sure that you have a piece of wax. You can get wax from behives in the
    forest. Stand on the edge of the ledge and use the flute. This will
    raise the lift up to the top. The lift platform has eight buttons on
    it -- pushing one of the buttons will move the lift to that floor.
    Most of the floors also have a call button on them, in case you get
    separated from where the lift is.
    Floor 2: Clicking on the three stone blocks on the roof reveals a
    hidden fountain that heals you when you drink from it.
    Floor 3: A spider creature lives here. Kill it and then crawl into its
    nest in the back of the room to get two Lightning Crystals and a Net
    of Exile.
    Floor 4: In the entrance area, there is a speaking stone showing the
    death of the Old Dracoid king. There is also amber here and a lizard
    tunnel to floor 6.
    Floor 5: Clicking on the three blocks to your left will open a passage
    in the wall. Climbing down the very steep walkway all of the way to
    the bottom will get you into a large area where a spider creature
    lives. Halfway down, there is a disembodied hand that has a Ring of
    Regeneration that you can take.
    Floor 6: When you enter this area, it seals shut behind you. Climb up
    the ramp until you get to a chamber. To your right, there are three
    buttons set in the wall. Click these buttons in the same order as the
    runes you saw just before the lift area. (If you don’t remember, its
    “left”,“left”,“right”,“top”. This will raise the ramp up further and
    allow access to another room.
    In this room, slide the three blocks into the cubbyholes that have the
    same symbols. When you do this, two side rooms open up, and the stone
    block that seals you in here also raises up. Get the two items here,
    the Bow Shift and the Death Stroke Shield. Also, in the corner of the
    room is a cubbyhole containing Helin’s Ring and wax. You should now
    have two pieces of wax.
    Floor 7: Run into the room and get the scroll. The room will start to
    lower and there will be two large stone balls in the room. Dodge the
    balls for a few seconds until the room comes to a stop and exit onto
    the eighth floor.
    Floor 8: From here, head towards the exit that looks like it has oil
    on the floor. Don’t walk on that floor, as it will explode. Instead,
    turn to the right and put the flute in the slot in the wall. A tile
    walkway will slide out.
    Go across the tiles and instead of turning right, open a secret door
    straight ahead. This passage lets you avoid the spinning knives. Then,
    when you are past the blades, turn left and run to the end of the
    passage. Turn around and watch the boulder come flying towards you and
    break a hole in the floor.
    On one side of the hole, there is an unlit brazer. Light it with a
    spark spell and jump into the pit. On the left side of the screen is a
    holder for an Ancient Magic Stone. On the right is the totem that is
    enscribed with the runes. Use the Wax on it to get a wax impression of
    the runes. Do this twice.
    Now head outside. At the entrance, you’ll meet Dawn. Give her one of
    the two copies of the runes and return to the monestary. Talk to Dawn
    in the library. She will give you a charm (which you should use) that
    gives you the Dampen spell. Then head upstairs to talk with Brother
    Julian and give him the other wax copy of the runes. He will give you
    a Power Orb in return.
    In the monestary, a new section is opened up. The doors on the left
    side of the screen lead down to a secret area which is entirely
    optional called the Dark Halls.
    Part VIII: Dark Halls
    You start in a simple monestary room with many crates. There is a door
    which leads out into the garden. On one wall is a shelving unit.
    Attack the unit and a hole will open up near the ceiling. Drag crates
    over and jump on them so you can jump through the hole.
    Once inside, this is basically a haunted area. There are blue ghosts
    which have the distressing habit of appearing directly behind you, but
    they always taunt you with warnings. Just wander around, always taking
    side passages when they appear. There isn’t much in the way of problem
    solving here, just plenty of stuff to collect.
    In the first room with all of the bookcases, be sure to search the
    bookcases well. One contains several Cure scrolls and the other
    contains a Prism scroll.
    About halfway through the corridors, there is a side room that
    contains many wilted trees and several blue ghosts. If you click on
    the chains that are just to the right of the doorway you came through,
    this opens up the roof and lets in the light. The sunlight destroys
    the ghosts and also makes the trees bloom. This gives you a large
    quantity of Vell’s fruit.
    At the very end, there is a very large circular room. Don’t enter that
    room for a moment. Instead, continue to the steel door. Drag one of
    the crates over to the door, open it (by clicking on the top), stand
    back and cast Spark at it. This will blow the door open. Once you have
    finished exploring that room, drag one of the crates into the large
    circular room. As you get to about the middle of the room, check your
    automap. One of the stone blocks in the walls will have an opening
    behind it. (It is the one just south of center on the far wall, and it
    is between the two blocks labeled in different colors.) Drag the crate
    over to that wall, open it, and ignite it with a Spark spell. This
    will blow a hole in the wall that you can jump out of and you will end
    up in the Huline Jungle, just south of the Monestary.
    At this point, you will want to stop by the Huline Village or
    Kit’yara’s hut in order to sell your Power Orb. Now is also a good
    time to fulfill the contract against Kelsrick if you want.
    Head north, keeping to your right and head towards the Bane River,
    which is east of where you originally entered this area. Along the
    way, you will meet Kit’yara, who will give you a gift for her son in
    the Savage Jungle so you will be accepted there. You will also meet
    Bacatta, who will escort you past the Gladstone guards that are at the
    Bane River bridge. When you get to the bridge, an army of spider
    creatures will take the bridge away. Use this opportunity to sneak
    into the Savage Jungle.
    Part IX: Savage Jungle
    Begin CD 3
    When you enter the jungle, you meet the “wild ones” that Kit’yara
    mentioned, and specifically, you meet Daniel. Give the gift to him.
    When they run to the trees, he drops the blade. Pick the blade up and
    take it with you.
    (Note: If you are not on good terms with the Wild Ones, see the Evil
    Luther solution notes at the end.)
    Head into the forest to the east and bear south. You will find the
    Huline Temple that you are looking for. Unfortunately, nobody is home,
    at least nobody that you want to meet, and the temple is sealed shut.
    Now head generally north, heading towards the Wild Ones village. When
    you meet the guard who tells you to begone, give him Daniel’s sword.
    He will let you in the Wild Ones village.
    Give the sword to Daniel. This time he actually keeps it. He won’t be
    able to give you any useful advice, except to go away and leave him
    alone. Leave his hut.
    Go exploring around the rest of the city. To the right of the main
    screen is an herbalist that will let you take two Ironwood Sap, Cave
    Aloes, and Amber. To the center is a shaman that says he can’t be
    bothered with your problems unless you join the tribe. When you
    volunteer, he requires you to go to the Dracoid Cemetary and get a
    Silverleaf. He gives you a Dracoid Sigil that unlocks the gate to the
    Dracoid Cemetary. You can also click on the back door in the shaman’s
    hut and he will show you a spider creature that he has captured.
    Leave the village, but instead of heading immediately for the
    Cemetary, head south for the deep pit. There is a log spanning the
    edge of the pit to a small peak in the middle. Walk across the log and
    hop down the peaks until you get to the bottom. (Save, as the fall
    will kill you and it will likely take you many attempts.) At the
    bottom, there is the entrance to the Dracoid Ruins.
    Part X: Dracoid Ruins
    This a large and very dangerous area. Save frequently and often. The
    caves here are littered with stone creatures that shoot fireballs at
    you and vicious dragon snakes. Also, you’ll see several crystal globes
    that are mounted on pedestals and green clovers on the top of spikes.
    Cast Spark on these to light them. Most of them trigger a lock that
    opens up a new section.
    Head immediately west. You’ll get to a span of river. Lighting the
    crystal globe to your right will lower a bridge that lets you cross.
    Head all of the way to the west and enter the Mage’s Tower.
    Note that the stairs going up are blocked off with a forcefield. So
    don’t head up, head around behind the stairs. There is a globe there
    that you can light. Do so and go down the stairs. Get the goodies down
    Head back to where the field is and enter the side room next to where
    you entered. There is a globe that when lit will lower the field. Now
    is a good time to mention that there is a snake creature on each level
    of the tower and releasing the field lets him get to you. Be prepared.
    On the next level, the alcove near the stairs has another crystal that
    can be lit. There is also a pedestal with a claw on it. This is the
    White Glass Globe Generator. You can’t use it now, but it is very
    On the next level, there is a creature in the alcove. When you defeat
    it, you can take the bracers from the wall nitch. These bracers allow
    you to speak with the dead (as the dead corpse tells you when you pick
    them up). There is also a globe to light to gain access to the next
    Not much here, although you can discover a path much later that
    follows a river and lets you get in the window on the wall. Head back
    down to the main level and return to the caves.
    Right around the corner from the Mage’s Tower is a globe that when lit
    opens a door. There is a large mirror on the wall here. Jump into the
    mirror and you will be teleported to a room that your Automap calls
    the ‘Teleport Room’. There are three mirrors here. One leads back to
    the forest and is one way. One leads back to where you just came from
    (and is two-way). The third leads to the Dracoid Cemetary. It is two
    way, but the end in the Cemetary only works after you have gone from
    here to the cemetary.
    While you are here, explore this area. Right around the corner is the
    old Dracoid leader’s bedroom. If you look up and click on the imp that
    is on the top of the headboard, the seal on the headboard will glow
    and the wall opposite the bed will open up for just a moment. Behind
    the wall is the Axe Traitor. It may take you several tries in order to
    get it; the best shot is to stand at the foot of the bed, as far away
    from the bed as you can and quickly turn around once you click on the
    imp. You can also explore around the rest of this area, but there
    isn’t a lot to find. When you are done, return to the teleport room
    and go through that mirror to the Dracoid Cemetary.
    Part XI: Dracoid Cemetary
    Use the Dracoid Sigil that you got from the Wild One Shaman to unlock
    the gate to the Dracoid Cemetary. Note the large number of dead
    walking around. For the most part you can ignore them and concentrate
    on the buildings themselves. Unfortunately, most of the buildings are
    magically locked. Most doors have a stone face near the door. Clicking
    on the face will cause an arrow to light up below the face. The arrow
    will be one of three colors: white, yellow, or blue. To open the door,
    you need to put a glass globe charged with the correct color in the
    face’s mouth. Head due north. The last building on your left before
    you get to the wall is completely unlocked and you can enter it. Once
    inside, there is a glass globe on the floor. Get the globe. You can
    also search the coffins in the room, one of them has a Bezoar Ring in
    With the globe, head out of the cemetary, hop through the Teleporter
    and return to the Mage’s Tower. Put the glass globe into the claw and
    then get it. It is now charged white. Fortunately you only need one
    white globe, and the other color generators are located in the
    Cemetary. Return to the cemetary and head west to the wall, then
    north. The second building (from the wall) to the north opens with a
    white globe.
    There is nothing actually in this building, but right next to the
    entrance (on the inside) is a lever that you can pull. This opens a
    secret door on the building to the south. When you enter that
    building, there is a glass globe on the floor. Get that and head back
    to the entrance. Make sure you are standing inside the room, in human
    form, a few steps back from the doorway, looking out towards the
    barrel in the doorway. Click on the barrel there and it will flip
    over. (If it doesn’t flip over, you are probably too close to it; try
    backing up a step or two. There is also a bug that prevents you from
    flipping the barrel if you enter the building when you aren’ in human
    form; and a bug in general that prevents you from flipping it at all.
    In these cases, try reloading from an earlier save game from before
    you entered this building and try again.) Then push it by walking into
    it and it will roll down the hill and into the next building, through
    the door you just unlocked, and shatter on the floor. When you head
    over there, you’ll notice that the floor is covered with oil.
    Now, the fun part. While you might be tempted to, don’t cast a
    low-level Spark at close range. You need action at a distance. Use
    either a 4th Level Spark spell, a Lightning Crystal, or a Dragon’s
    Blood to ignite the pool of oil from a distance. Watch the building
    blow up. This reveals an opening into the catacombs below the city.
    Head back into the wreckage and jump into the opening.
    You are now in the underground area beneath the cemetary. Down here,
    in this area, is a generator for blue globes. It is to the north.
    There should also be a glass globe at the generator. Charge both
    globes that you have blue. To get out of the underground area, jump
    over the fences down to a lower level. You will have to jump over two
    fences. Then head for the stairs which lead up to a building in the
    southeast of the cemetary area.
    From here, head to the two buildings that require blue globes to open.
    In one of the buildings is the Crossbow Valkyrie which is a very nice
    weapon. In the other is the ghost of an ancient Dracoid Priest. You
    need the Bracers of the Dead to talk to him, but you don’t actually
    need to have them equipped. He will give you a Silverleaf if you go
    find his body in the city below, burn it to ash, and put the ashes in
    this urn that he gives you, and return them here.
    Almost every building in the city requires a glass orb charged
    appropraitely to open. Opening these doors uses up the glass globe,
    but you can find another glass orb inside almost every building
    (including the one which contains Valkyrie). There are also glass orbs
    in some of the unlocked buildings and near the globe generators.
    In the building directly west of the one with the ghost, there are
    sloped ramps along the side of the building. If you wait until you are
    in lizard form, you can run up the ramps. Under the roof on one side
    of the building are three ancient magic stones; on the other side is a
    suit of Reflective plate mail.
    To the west, east of the building you detonated, is a building that
    contains two rooms. The first room has two coffins and this pecular
    tile on the side of the wall. The tile can be broken through to reveal
    many items behind it. Whenever you break the tile, a Lightning Storm
    fills the room -- the best way to get at the stuff is to stand outside
    the building and use Valkyrie to shoot into the room. Inside the
    niches are several Fire Crystals, a Spark scroll, Amber, Ironwood Sap,
    Dragon’s Blood and a Dracoid Dagger.
    To the southwest and northwest are two more buildings that have the
    same tile on the side of the wall, although these tiles won’t zap you
    with lightning when broken. The northern building contains more amber,
    a Cure scroll, and a speaking stone, while the southern building
    doesn't contain anything in the niches.
    For now, don’t head to the city quite yet. Instead, go back down with
    the two globes you have and take them to the Yellow generator that is
    to the north and west of the stairs leading down into the catacombs.
    Go and unlock all of the yellow buildings in the cemetary. Each
    building contains another glass sphere and one of them contains two.
    When you are done, be sure to have either 3 uncharged globes, or 2
    uncharged and 1 yellow. Take a second of the globes and charge it
    blue. Leave both of the charged globes here and head back to the
    underground ruins.
    Part XII: Dracoid Ruins (again)
    To find the ashes, you will need to explore most of this area. Towards
    the north part of the ruins, there is a river. Just to the south of
    the river, in the middle of the ruins, there are two buildings of
    import: One contains a statue that looks like Belial, the other
    appears to be just an ordinary two story building. If you climb to the
    second story, head out on the balcony towards the left side and peer
    around the corner of the building, you will see a walkway along the
    edge of the building leading into the wall. Head down that walkway and
    you’ll get to the river again. You can walk along the edge of the
    river to the north, over the bridge, and along the edge of a huge
    lake. At the end of the ledge, there will be a room to the right and
    in that room is a corpse and an altar. Move the body onto the altar,
    light both of the globes and the corpse will be incinerated. Put the
    ashes into the urn and head back to the cemetary.
    If you look across the lake here, there are lights on the far shore. I
    don’t know how to get to them and if anyone knows what is out there
    (and how to get there) please let me know. Like most “hard to get to”
    locations, there is probably something very cool there.
    Other areas of interest: Near the entrance, off to the east, there is
    a room that is blocked off by several large pillars. To get into the
    room, either wait until you shift into Lizard form, or shoot the three
    chains across the room (through the pillars) with a ranged weapon.
    This will cause the pillars to rise. Inside the room, you find a
    Greater Bezoar Ring.
    North of the entrance area, there is what appears to be a castle
    across a large pit. Just to the south, there is a lizard cave that
    runs into the castle. Inside, you find several Prism scrolls. To get
    out, you need to drag a chair onto the bar (under the hole you came
    in). You are only strong enough to drag the chair when in human or
    beast form. Then, when you shift back to lizard form, jump onto the
    bar, then the chair, then you can jump into the tunnel and run out.
    An alternative way of getting into the castle is to head north of the
    castle into a small cave by a house. There is a water pump in this
    cave. If you break them, the area will start filling with water which
    fills the moat leading to the castle. There should be a door floating
    in the middle of the moat which you can use to jump over to the front
    door of the castle.
    If you ever want to cross the river, the beast form is the easiest to
    do it in. He can step up the banks in many places that the human and
    lizard forms can’t and it seems that the beast drowns the slowest. It
    is also possible to break the prison doors off their hinges (in the
    area to the extreeme northwest) and build a bridge out of the doors
    across the river.
    On your way back, stop by the Mage’s Tower and get your last uncharged
    globe charged White. You also should do lots of exploring as there is
    quite a bit of neat stuff lying around and this is your last
    opportunity to explore this area in peace.
    Once back in the Cemetary, pick up the two globes and return the
    ashes. It seems that you are refered to a higher power. Take the Ankh
    and head toward the door in the southeast of the cemetary. Use the
    Ankh on the door. Inside the room, there are three pedestals. If you
    click on the pedestals (when you are real close to them), they will
    open up and there will be a receptacle for a globe inside. Use each
    globe on the pedestal (matching colors of course) and the door past
    the pedestal will open. To get it all of the way open, use the Ankh
    again. Inside, you will find another Dracoid Ghost who wants to
    vindicate his race by animating Belial’s statue to kill some kind of
    wurm. Get his corpse from the coffin and return to the Ruins.
    In the ruins, head for the statue. Before you do anything with the
    statue, make sure you have explored the area just to the west and
    north. You’ll notice this temple like area with a waterfall down the
    north wall and at the end of the corridor there will be the worm that
    the Dracoid was talking about. (The Worm will get really upset at you,
    but it doesn’t actually do you any harm.)
    Now, back to the statue. Put the corpse into the urn on the statue’s
    left. The Dracoid will animate the statue. Follow it all of the way to
    the wurm. Save the game now. The Statue will kill the wurm, but in the
    process the ceiling will crack and water will start to fill the caves.
    Run back and right into the room with the temple. Jump onto the table
    by the waterfall. Tables float. Nice that. Stand on the table until
    you get near the ceiling. There is an opening in the wall near the top
    of the waterfall. Jump into that opening, run down the corridor, head
    around the large hole in the next chamber and through the opening in
    the far wall. You will wind further up until you find a wooden door.
    Throw the door over the edge, follow the door off the edge and stand
    on the door. The water should be rising up the large center hole in
    this room now and you can float on the raft all of the way up to the
    Part XIII: Savage Jungle (again)
    Once back on the surface, you will meet Dawn again. She talks about
    the Huline temple, about not animating dangerous statues, and about
    speaking with the dead. Give her your Bracers of the Dead (you don’t
    really need them anymore) and she will give you an amulet that teaches
    you the Human spell and a Speaking Stone.
    Return to the cemetary. (On the way, you may meet Bacatta tied up in
    one of those snares. Just cut him free.) Return to the room where the
    ancient Dracoid was and he will thank you. At least I think he is
    thanking you -- its hard to understand what he is saying now. Anyway,
    all of the mandrake root plants in the cemetary change into silverleaf
    plants so you can collect one. There is also a Mist of Doom scroll
    waiting for you.
    Return to the Wild Ones village and give the Silverleaf to the shaman.
    He will tell you that to complete your initiation, you need to fight
    one of their tribe members in single combat. It isn’t that hard,
    although keep the combat close as he can cast some fairly nasty
    spells. The shaman will then give you a potion to use against the
    Lharkon and a charm that casts the Lizard spell.
    You can head down to the building that is near the Temple in the south
    of the jungle. (The building is to the west of the temple.) One of the
    Wild Ones will greet you and let you in where you can take several
    Guardian Orbs and Ancient Magic Stones.
    Mix the potion with a silverleaf to get the Lharkon Vapours. Then head
    to the east where the river is. There is a tree with a long branch
    extending towards you. You can jump across the river if you can land
    on that branch on the way over. So save, and take your best jump. Once
    across, head up the hill, run towards the Lharkon, and use the vapours
    on it. It will pass out. You can then walk past him and into the Claw
    Part XIV: Claw Mountains
    Begin CD 4
    When you first arrive in the Claw Mountains, you meet Dawn again. How
    did she get past the Lharkon? A mystery for another day. Anyway, she
    think she has all of the answers, etc. When you get done talking with
    her, strike out across the ice towards the north.
    You’ll get to a clearing with a large chasm crossed by an ice bridge.
    Ignore the bridge for now and head straight ahead. Here is a community
    of lovable gorilla thingies. Behind the back of the stockade, there
    are several boiling pools of tar and many tar crystals around it. In
    the eastern-most building in the stockade, there is a niche in the
    wall that holds Bracers of Valor.
    Cross the bridge and go down the ice tunnel. In the next clearing,
    there is a lake. To your right is a cave in which sleeps a polar cat.
    It is just like the cats in the Huline Jungle, except its white. Kill
    it and then turn into a Lizard. Behind one of the stalagmites is a
    lizard tunnel. Inside is an ancient magic stone, and a crystal globe
    that you can light with your Spark spell. Doing this raises a small
    building in the middle of the lake. You can hop from ice flow to ice
    flow in the lake and get very close to the building. On top, there is
    a Great Axe Blizzard which you can reach once you get close enough.
    Continue down the ice passageways. This next area is very dangerous.
    As you enter the clearing, the snow you are standing on will begin to
    collapse. Your best bet is to run at full speed towards the other
    side, staying near the wall on your right. Eventually everything will
    settle down, but the drop is too steep to survive. (You can sometimes
    survive the fall when in Beast form.)
    From this side, notice that there are wooden stakes nailed into the
    wall of the canyon on the other side? Return to the other side and
    look straight down. You can’t use the stakes that are facing the
    avalanche since you won’t be able to make it around the corner;
    instead, face the river (right near the corner) and take a leap of
    faith down to the stakes. Then, run down the stakes until you are at
    river level.
    Explore both sides of the bank here. On the far side of the river,
    there is a caved in doorway. If you attack the doorway, it will open
    up revealing a narrow passage into the ice. Become a lizard and enter.
    Keeping right, you will arrive at a large chamber with a pool of water
    in it and several people frozen into the ice in the wall. The person
    directly ahead of you is holding a bow. If you cast spark on him, he
    will melt and drop the bow into the water. Quickly grab it. This is
    the Shard. Head back outside now.
    You should see an ice sheet flow down the river. Jump onto it. About
    halfway around, there will be a cave in the outer wall. Jump into it
    and get the Greater Bezoar Ring and a recipie for acid. If you hit the
    tripod here with a fireball or spark spell, it will break and reveal
    Obsidian Chain Mail. Then hop back onto another ice sheet and then
    back to shore. On your way back, notice that there are ice walkways
    along the cliffs.
    To get back up, you’ll have to climb up the stakes again. There are
    several chances to fall to your death here, so save early and often.
    Now that you are back up top (or you never went down), cross the
    avalanche area again and enter the caves on the far side. You’ll see
    Kenneth dead on the ice. If you raid his body, you can get his
    girlfriend’s picture. Throw the picture at one of the walls a good
    distance away and it will shatter revealing Kenneth’s Charm, which is
    a much better trinket than the picture. If you stand at the edge of
    the cliff here, you can drop down to the ice walkways you saw earlier.
    Do so and then walk to where you can jump to the walkways on the inner
    Entering the core of the circular river, you’ll meet Bacatta. He’ll
    tell you that Dawn was captured in the Citadel, and tells you to go
    rescue her. He is too weak to help you, but warns you of their potent
    magical powers. Head across the ice bridge beyond and enter the Citadel.
    Part XV: The Citadel
    This part of the game was very frustrating to me. The creatures in
    here move very fast, use magic aggressively, fly, and in general piss
    me off. And you need to kill all of them.
    Anyway, walk in. You’ll be pestered by one in the first room. Click on
    the globe in the center of the room to open the door. There are two
    more in the next room. Clicking on the globe in the second room will
    open two doors. To the right is the Egg Chamber. The eggs here will
    regenerate any killed Ruloi, so you have to destroy them. The easiest
    and best way to do this is to shoot the light at the top of the room.
    This will drain all of the acid away from the room, destroying all of
    the eggs and leaving behind some high quality items, Halberd Bastion,
    Crossbow Myriad, and the Coward’s Target Shield. In the back of the
    room, click on the globe. This turns on the purple stairway to the
    upper level when you get to the main Ruloi area.
    In the other direction is a long corridor that leads to an elevator,
    which you can activate by clicking on the globe. This next room is
    very large and filled with lots of those magic using creatures. Save
    often -- it is easy to have an instant death here. Run around trying
    to chase down all of the creatures. Patience will eventually get you
    the victory.
    Alternatively, you can use the Coward’s Target Shield. When you equip
    it you will become invisible. Then you can walk around the lower area
    unmolested. The only problem is that if you accidentally bump into a
    Ruloi or shift forms, then you will become visible which can be very
    inconvenient. The fight usually raises you about three to four levels
    which you will miss out on.
    Now that they are all dead, take a look around. There are several more
    globes that can be clicked on to raise display tables in the floor.
    These tables contain all kinds of alechemical reagents, plus other
    useful objects like Lightning and Fireball Cyrstals. If you attack the
    crystal growths on the ground all around here, they become Sulfite
    To the north are two rooms. The one on the right is a corridor that
    leads to a green pool with a black circle in the middle. Jump to the
    circle and it will take you to a prison cell (on the outside) where
    several women are imprisoned. If you attack the cell, you reveal a
    lever on the left side of the screen. Pull the lever to free them. If
    the women don’t want to leave, it means that there is still a Ruloi
    alive somewhere.
    Just to the east of the Prisoners is another globe hidden in the
    corner behind a tall pillar. Click on this to light it up. This will
    enable the bridge going across top of the room (described below).
    The room on the left has a globe in the center. Clicking on it will
    open a passage to the north, open another door you haven’t gotten to
    yet and causes both of the statues on the sides of the room to start
    shooting at you. Run north and you’ll get to a prison cell holding Dawn.
    Now, return out and look for a wall that has purple glowing platforms
    sticking out from it. (I don’t remember which direction it is, but its
    around here somewhere.) You can climb that ladder by jumping from one
    platform to another on your way up. At the top, there is “gun” that
    shoots across the chasm and in its wake, a bridge forms. (If the gun
    isn’t firing, then you didn’t turn it on by clicking on the globe at
    the back of the Egg Chamber.) The bridge only stays a short while.
    What you need to do is run across the bridge immediately after a shot
    has been fired. If the door on the far side of the bridge is closed,
    that means you didn’t click on the globe in the previous paragraph
    like I told you to.
    Once across, head around the ring until you find an extrance to the
    central core. Click on the door and you’ll see several of those flying
    magic creatures fighting a spawn of Belial, and getting their ends
    kicked. When the animation ends, you’ll have to fight the spider
    creature. I didn’t find it too tough, especailly after fighting the
    creatures below.
    Once he’s dead, you can enter the room with the Dreamstone. Before you
    take it, head right to the empty pedestal. You can put a weapon the
    pedestal to enchant it using the Dreamstone’s magic. The only weapons
    that I could get to enchant were Thohan’s Great Sword (from the
    Museum) and Firestorm (which becomes Darkstorm when enchanted). When
    you are done, get the Dreamstone from the holder and then hop on the
    teleport platform which takes you back to the entrance. Go back
    inside, and rescue Dawn. To avoid having to climb the platform again,
    head back to where you entered this large room. There is a walkway
    going up the stone cluster right in front of you. Halfway up, there is
    a teleport pod that takes you back to the beginning. Once at the
    Citadel entrance, use the Dreamstone to open the door to go out and
    Head back through the mountains, and into the Savage Jungle. To cross
    the river, you’ll need to jump across to the platform on the left
    side. It is possible, although it may take you a try or two. Once
    across, head towards the Huline Temple. Use the Dreamstone to gain
    Part XVI: The Huline Temple
    Return to CD 2
    When you enter the temple, you will see an open area with a body lying
    on the ground. Walk past the body and enter the next room. There is an
    altar that has two bowls on it.
    BUG!!! If you click on the bowl to the left, Aloe will appear in it.
    For me, once that has happened, you can’t do the steps described in
    the next paragraph and you’re hozed.
    Instead, place Aloe in the bowl on the left and poison paint (made
    from Venom Sacs and Lamplight Eggs) in the bowl on the right. (If you
    don’t have any with you see the next paragraph.) The platform behind
    you will raise up. Drag the body from the courtyard and put it on the
    platform. Then click on the body. You should see a lightning bolt zap
    it and the body will disappear.
    Next, head out the east exit. You will arrive in what looks like a
    chapel. Behind the altar to the north is some Aloe and some Poison
    Paint on the floor. Continue past the room and there will be a pool
    with a green crystal in the stone in front of the pool. Take the
    Side note: Out in the Huline Jungle, there was a hut that a platform
    you could walk up onto and five torches. It was about due north of the
    Temple and a little south and west of where the Wild Ones village was.
    If you light all five torches using Spark, the stairs will rise up to
    a door on the top level. The door is locked, but the crystal you just
    will unlock the door. All I found in there was Kieran’s Circlet and
    the Dagger of the Empty Hand, as well as ingredients for making more
    Lharkon Vapours.
    Once you’ve taken the crystal, you can also attack the pillars that
    hold up the ceiling. When you break two, the ceiling will come
    crashing down. This is kinda cool because the floor is a little weak
    here and when you get to the underground area and discover the
    spiders, they will be able to exit the underground through this room.
    Lowering the ceiling prevents them from getting out this way.
    Head back to the entrance and take the second left, then turn south.
    This leads to a circular open-air room with a fountain. If you push
    the button on the wall by the entrance, an Aloe tree will grow here.
    Heading back north, there will be barracks and a kitchen area. When
    you get here, a spider should break through the north wall. Follow the
    spiders into the next area. There are a lot of spiders here, and you
    can’t kill them all as they will regenerate.
    In the first room, there will be three “coffins” on the right. In one
    of them will be a flute. Get the flute. (This is the same as the flute
    you used back in the Hive Caves.) Head down the corridor across from
    the coffins, and take the passage to the left. Around the corner after
    turning left, there will be a table with that corpse from above down
    here and a large machine. Click on the button by the corpse and it
    will zap to the machine where it will get ground into pulp. Walk
    around the back of the machine and pull the box out of the machine and
    put it into the second machine. (I had to push and prod to get it to
    go down the ramp easily.) Then go around behind the machine and get
    the statuette.
    Continue down the corridor, push the button and a set of stairs will
    appear that leads into a bedroom. Morph into a lizard and head for the
    red sofa-like thing against the wall and jump on top of it. Behind it,
    there is a lizard tunnel and on the right wall, just inside the
    entrance is a button. Push that button. You can continue down the
    corridor; it leads to a library that has an ancient magic stone on top
    of one of the bookshelves. Another secret door leads out of the
    library to the chapel on the east side.
    With the statuette, return to the entrance. Head east again, and enter
    the alcove on your left. (If this alcove is still closed, that means
    you didn’ push the button as described in the previous paragraph.)
    There will be one wall niche that isn’t filled. Put the statuette into
    it and it will close. From the floor will rise a pedestal that holds a
    second crystal shard. Take it.
    Return to the entrance and head west, taking the first left. In this
    room there are two large bowls and carvings of green crystals on their
    bases. Put the crystals into the bowls and the wall will open up. Go
    through the wall into the next room and use the Dreamstone in the
    receptacle in the pillar. This will create a spiral stair going up.
    Climb the stairs.
    In this room, there are three archways leading to three
    “extradimensional” areas. Enter the one on the left. You will be at
    the top of a large maze room. Jump from platform to platform making
    your way across the room. If you fall down, you can find ramps back up
    to the start near where you started. Staying to the north is your best
    bet. When you get past that room, there is another room with a long,
    winding path leading towards a statue in the middle of the room. Run
    down the path to get to the statue. Things start shooting fireballs at
    you, so don’t go too slowly, but don’t fall off either. When you get
    to the end, pick up the idol and you’ll be teleported back to the
    start. There are also Cure scrolls by the statue.
    Enter the center archway. As you walk across the room, the floor will
    start to tilt in one direction or the other. The direction that the
    floor tilts is based on how much weight is on each side. There are
    lots of quail in this room and they count towards the weight on the
    floor also. What you need to do is push the four buttons at the sides
    of the room (two on each side) and you can only reach the buttons when
    the floor is tilted up at that side of the room. You can either run
    around hoping to get the floor to stay tiled up as you run uphill, or
    kill all of the birds and drag their bodies around to keep the weight
    correct. When you have pushed all four buttons, the floor will level
    out and the door to the next area will open. Get the idol here. There
    are also Stroke Daggers here, and Gorgonite Nodules, and Amber behind
    the pedestal.
    Enter the right archway. In this room, there are three long, thin
    paths leading to the edge of the room with fire blocking the start of
    the paths. Run down each of the paths and push the button at the end.
    You can either run through the fire quickly or hit the green globes
    with a first level Mist of Doom spell to turn off the fire for a short
    time. There is also a Mist of Doom scroll there. When you have pushed
    all three, a bridge should have lowered itself into place on the other
    side of the room. Walk across it and get the idol. Hidden behind the
    tapestry on the wall behind the idol is a niche that has an alchemical
    recipie. If you click on the wall at the back of the niche, another
    secret wall will move aside and you can find the Noble Valkyrie
    Now you have all three idols. Walk around the archways and go down the
    passageway behind the center arch. You will get to an area where the
    floor is black. Does this look familiar? It is the same as the first
    trap from the Hive Cave, except that this time around, the traps are
    much more deadly. Anyway, to your right is another receptable for a
    flute. Put the flute in it and walk across the newly formed floor.
    Next comes the spinning blades. Again, just like last time, there is a
    secret door to the right of the blades that lets you bypass this area.
    The third trap is the rolling ball. Run down the corridor until you
    see two buttons on the wall. Run past them, turn around, and push the
    both. This will cause the floor to fall away, the stone ball won’t
    crush you and the door further ahead will open. Don’ stay an admire
    the view too long as the door only stays open a short amount of time.
    If you don’t make it through, you can walk around the edge of the wall
    (on the ledge).
    In this room, three holders will fall from the ceiling. Put the three
    idols in the display cases. A stairwell to the next room will form. In
    this room, there is a wooden bridge. When you step on it, the bridge
    goes down a little, but not very far. Soon, some birds will enter the
    room. Kill the birds and drag their bodies onto the bridge. Once two
    are on the bridge, then you can step on the bridge and go all of the
    way down to the bottom. An alternative solution is to morph into the
    Beast, as that form is heavy enough to lower the bridge on its own.
    At the bottom, there is another clone of Belial. Kill it, then enter
    the Hall of Voices to the east. Use the Dreamstone here and the City
    of the Ancients will be raised from the water. You will be taken to
    the City of the Ancients.
    Part XVII: City of the Ancients
    Return to CD 4
    You arrive on the balcony of the Ancient City. Take the elevator down
    to the main level. A note about the geography down here. There is a
    central area, which is due south of you. There are four corner towers,
    to the northeast, southeast, southwest and northwest of that central
    area. Straight south is the water fountain and straight north is where
    you are now.
    You need to solve the four tower puzzles. To solve one of them
    requires four ivory chips. So first, we wander all over the city
    looking for those chips.
    Head to the right at the first intersection. When the street turns
    north, there is a gap in the wall straight ahead that leads to a
    balcony. I never figured out what this area was for. Follow the street
    north and when it turns again, there is another opening straight
    ahead. In this room, there is a chalice on a pedestal. If you place
    Mandrake Root into the chalice, you will be transported for a short
    while to a large area that contains many scrolls. There are three
    spell scrolls here and many recipie scrolls. You will automatically be
    transported back after a few moments, so you don’t have time to get
    Just to the east of the Chalice room, there is another room that
    contains three fountains. Freeze the fountains and break them. There
    are many ways to freeze things and you’ll be doing a lot of that in
    the city. The ways I’ve discovered were to shoot the fountains with
    the bow Shard, attack the fountains with the Axe Blizzard, or use an
    ice seed from the claw mountains. If you don’t have any of these,
    there is a way to make some ice seeds described below in about ten
    Once you’ve frozen and broken the ice, move the block next to the
    entrance over onto the square in the ground. Then go down the stairs
    and do the same thing on the next level. This opens up a secret wall.
    To cross over the lowered wall, jump on the block and then jump over.
    On the other side are stairs leading up again and at the top of the
    stairs is a statue holding one of the chips. Take the chips and start
    running back towards the stairs because the ceiling is lowering. Once
    back downstairs, move the block next to the wall, jump over, and exit
    the area.
    Continue down the street west and there will be another side room to
    the south. Open the doors to get in this room and then look at the
    statue holding an ivory chip across a vast chasm. Walk across and get
    it, stone steps will appear beneath your feet. Don’t walk across in
    lizard form since the steps that appear are far enough apart to fall
    through if you are a mere lizard. Wait until you are in human or beast
    form. (Its like that scene from The Last Crusade with the Leap of
    Faith test.) You now have two chip pieces.
    Now follow the main street until it ends at a large maze of rising and
    falling walls. There are three important features here: A spinning
    stone disk which is just to the left of the entrance, a glowing white
    sphere and a glowing red sphere. Attack the stone disk with your
    weapon to break it; cast Mist of Doom at the red sphere to dispel it,
    and cast a 3rd level Spark (Chain Lightning) at the white sphere to
    dispel that one. (None of the other Spark spells will do.) You should
    see a large fireball erupt from a pyramid that was hidden previously.
    The fireball will flow across the room and strike the center of the
    tower to the north, blowing the doors open. At the door will be a
    storm crystal. Take the stairs up and you will see another movable
    block and a glowing sphere. The sphere is a teleporter; drag the block
    into it and then follow it in. Once on the other side, drag the block
    into the square hole right in front of you. Head around the circular
    gate and you will see a large plane. Off to one side of the center is
    a glowing octahedron. Click on it and part of a tower will raise in
    the center of the area. This process I will call “raising the tower”
    and you will have to do it after completing each one of the four
    corner tower puzzles. Jump back through the gate to return to the city.
    Return to the intersection and head south. Directly ahead in the
    center hub I mentioned with part of a building constructed here. As
    you raise parts of the building in the outer part of the city, the
    building will also be built here. Continue to your right.
    On the north side of the street is another side room. As you enter
    this, there is a glowing force field directly ahead, and two globes on
    each side wall. Light the two globes on each side using Spark and a
    secret door will open between them. Go inside there and spark like the
    globes on the inside. This will open the forcefield. Behind the field
    is the third chip. As soon as you take it, the lights go out and the
    floor starts to fill with water. Head directly south (using your
    compass as a guide) until you get to a wall. Click on the wall to open
    it and you will re-emerge on the city street.
    Continue around the central hub counterclockwise until you are on the
    east side of the south exit from the central circular street. There is
    another room off to the south here. It contains a simple fountain that
    contains another ivory chip. Freeze the fountain, then break the ice
    and take the chip. You should now have all four ivory chips. Return to
    the street and head back around the center loop and take the west exit.
    As you head down this street, there is a side room at the corner when
    the street turns south. You need to click on the wall in the alcove to
    get in. In the room are eight side rooms that hold exhibits of
    alchemical ingredients, all of which you can find at the Ruloi Citadel
    or elsewhere in the game. To open the doors requires the museum key
    from the Draracle’s Museum. You attack the glass to break open the
    exhibit and then take the item. When you do, the ceiling lowers itself
    on to you, and you have to move quick to avoid being crushed to death.
    As you head south, there is another side room to the east. You have to
    open another hidden wall to enter. This leads to a view of a large
    room with silverleaf on the side. The floor is very far down and there
    is no way right now to access the silverleaf. Opening the secret door
    allows you to get the silverleaf a little bit later.
    Now, return to the center hub and go around to the east side. As you
    head east, there is a center island at the corner that has several
    large glowing pillars instead of a statue like most of the other
    pillars have. If you go around behind it, there is a holder for an
    ivory chip. If you put a chip into the holder, a bright light shoots
    out. (Someone mentioned that you can take the chip back after shooting
    the bright light -- I have’t tried this though.) These lights go two
    places: One enters the museum area and breaks down the glass door
    blocking the back end of the museum. The other bounces into the area
    with the Silverleaf and raises the floor for a moment. This allows you
    to get some Silverleaf if you don't have any. You need one piece of
    Silverleaf. Since the floor only stays up a moment, run to the
    Silverleaf room first and enter through the near (west) entrnace so
    that you get there before the glowing ball does. A chime will sound
    right before the floor returns to the bottom and if you get stuck in
    the room, there is an entrance to the Underground caverns here. In the
    museum, if you pull in the ink pen on the desk behind where the wall
    was, a secret door will open up revealing a door and a Speaking Stone.
    The door can be opened by using yet another Ivory Chip and behind the
    door is a Museum key.
    At the south end of the street, there is a room that has holders for
    four ivory chips. Put a chip into each holder and the pyramid in the
    room will shoot a fireball at the tower doors to the south. Do the
    Raise the tower actions with that tower. Then head back to the central
    city area and take the south path.
    At the end of the path, there is a fountain at the top of a set of
    stairs. floating above the fountain is a water globule. Freeze the
    water ball and then break it. This will cause water to start flowing
    in the fountain and flooding the canal behind the stairs. This allows
    water to get at the third and fourth towers; without that water, those
    puzzles are insolvable. Head north and take the east path from the
    center circle.
    As you head south, after turning the corner from east, there is a side
    room on the right. Inside this room, there is a small pedestal in
    front of a large platform. As you get close, six alcoves open up (2
    are around the corner) revealing three pairs of items. The first pair
    is a Fire Crystal and an Ice Seed. The second pair is an Ancient Magic
    Stone and a Ring of Regeneration, and the third pair is Lightning
    Crystal and a Stone Cube. If you place one of the items from a pair
    (it doesn’t have to be the item you got here) on the small platform,
    the other item will appear on the platform. This room allows you to
    make items that you may want to need to solve puzzles in the City if
    you didn’t bring the necessary items with you.
    Continuing south to the tower area, there is a door in the west wall.
    In this room, jump over the canal and take the stairs up to the south
    and get a few of the Black Lichins. Then head back down and go through
    the yellow doors. There are four sets of yellow doors, but only one of
    the three in each set actually lets you go through. I don’t know if it
    is the same from game to game, but when I played, it was south, north,
    south, middle. After going through all four, you will see a statue of
    Belial over an oil pit with a fountain. Light the fountain with a
    Spark spell to create a huge explosion. Take the bow that is dropped
    in the oil and leave the area. The fireblast will break the pyramid at
    the other end and open the door to the tower. Raise the Tower.
    Note that if the water isn’t on when you do this, you die from the fire.
    Head back up to the north where the fouth tower is (directly across
    from the first tower -- it should be obvious looking at the map). All
    you have to do here is click on the octahedron to water the area, put
    a silverleaf into pyramid in the center of the room and click on the
    hourglass on the far side. This advances time and causes the
    silverleaf plant to grow through the pyramid, breaking it. You can
    also plant lichen or aloe in the plots of land on the side and every
    time you advance time a new plant grows that you can harvest. Raise
    the Tower.
    Now that the entire tower is raised, head back towards the very center
    of the city and enter the building. The sparkling opening is a
    teleporter that takes you to the real building.
    Inside, another version of Belial is waiting for you. Once you kill
    him, head through the room. There will be another forcefield that you
    should walk through. This is the Mantle of the Ancients. Getting it
    raises your magic level by 2 and also gives you the fifth level curse
    control spell which allows you to expel your curse. I haven’t found
    this useful except once when the plot requires it.
    Return to the city and head towards the southeast tower. Before you
    turn the street to the south, there is a room to the north. In this
    room, there are light beams which shoot across the screen. Dodge those
    and open each of the doors on the left and right of the room. Behind
    each door is a globe you can light up. In the first room on the right,
    there is a passage that leads around the corner. On a pedestal in that
    room, there is a Jeweled Scarab. When you take it, a large fireball
    shoots at you. After all of the globes all lit, head through the door
    at the far end of the room. Move the curtain out of the way to reveal
    a dry fountain. In the next room, there is a fountain with a dragon’s
    head sticking up out of it. Jump into the fountain and attack the
    Dragon. He will bleed into the fountain which opens up a door behind
    him. The corridor behind this door will lead to a one way teleporter
    to the underground caverns.
    Part XVIII: Underground Caverns
    Very important note here. This area is filled with green spider
    creatures. They are very numerous and very irritating, but they are
    mostly harmless. If you kill them, a brown spider is formed somewhere
    else in the cavern. Brown spiders are nasty. The best way through this
    area is to not kill anything and just run.
    If you need to get back to the City of the Ancients, you can use the
    teleporter pad that you arrived on. However, before it will work, you
    have to use a Spark spell on the four crystals surrounding the
    teleport pad. This lowers a teleport pad and enables you to return you
    to the City.
    Run through the corridors heading mostly south and west. Avoid any
    spiders you see and keep going south and west. All of the way to the
    south and west is a room that has a fleshy looking ceiling with
    several hatching pods hanging from the ceiling. In the back corner of
    this room is a notch in the wall. You can hack through the flesh tubes
    running floor to ceiling and go through.
    You are now in a non-walking area of the caverns. Click on the left
    passage. Then ‘attack’ to open a passage. Go through it. On the right
    side of the screen is a tentacle that you can click on. When you do
    so, it rips off the wall. Wait for a second and a spider will come by
    and repair it. When this happens, a passage to the left side of the
    screen opens. Go through it, hack through more floor-to-ceiling flesh
    tubes and enter the Laboratory.
    Part XIX: Belial’s Laboratory
    Bacatta gives you the Horn of Belial here. Don’t lose it since it is
    the only weapon that can harm Belial. Walk down the corridor and you
    arrive at a chamber that is bleeding in the center of the room. Jump
    into the small canal leading away from the pool, kneel down and attack
    the bars to break them away, then morph into lizard form. Run through,
    up the left side, but stop right before you get to the green tube.
    By the way, the slime you walk through and the green slime in the next
    room drains your magic.
    Morph back into human form. You should be able to see three levers
    across the river on the left. Shoot them with your bow and they will
    flip down. When all three are down, a dam will close across the river.
    Then jump into the river, swim across, and get on the far shore.
    Once on the far side, pull the levers again to release the dam and
    lower the slime level again. This will empty the next chamber so you
    can just walk through. (Side note, if you run at full speed, you can
    also make it across before drowning.)
    Around the corner there is a door. Through the door, the floor is
    covered with more green slime. Enter the corridors and head north.
    When you get to a room with no floor, you know you’re going in the
    right direction. A lever on the wall will lower the bridge and
    continue past. When you get to the end of the corridor, jump off the
    edge (this is the only edge that is short enough to safely jump off)
    and head downstream. At the end there will be a room where you can
    actually get out of the slime.
    Go through the door, down the corridor to the second door on the right
    and go through. Your automapper labels this room as the ‘Summoning
    Room’. There are four translucent skulls in the corners of the room.
    Cast a level one Mist of Doom at each one. When you do, the skulls
    will move to the center of the room. After the fourth one is in place,
    a minor daemon will be summoned. Kill it. Its body has an ancient
    magic orb on it.
    Drag the body out into the corridor and into the room that you passed
    on the way here. Drag the body behind all of the blood fountains and
    put it on the silver pad beneath the skull. This will open the wall
    right behind that skull. Jump through the opening and take a long
    elevator down. You’ll meet Dawn here and she’ll tell you to go into
    the birthing chamber and kill Belial.
    But don’t go yet. If you keep clicking on Dawn, you’ll get further
    encouraging messages. After about three or four messages, Dawn will
    give you the Ruby of Truth telling you that this will help against the
    monsters Belial is likely to summon. If you use the Ruby on an
    illusionary creature, the illusion will be immediately destroyed.
    Part XX: Birthing Chamber
    When you first enter this area, you’ll see this amorphous blob. This
    is the form that will spawn Belial. Transfer your power to Belial (the
    level 5 curse control spell). He will thank you, then get upset, then
    leave you be to fight a few daemons. Kill them, get their ancient
    magic orbs, and follow Belial. To get through the door, just attack it
    with your weapon. Note that speed is important in this area, don’t
    dawdle too much.
    In the next room, you’ll see Belial again and there will be an amber
    river running across the room with blue sparkle things in the river.
    To get past the river, you must shoot the blue generators in the
    ceiling to open a gap in the blue sparkles so you can run across. And
    there are some more daemons to keep you company.
    In the next room, there are several platforms that shift up and down.
    Belial taunts you here again and summons an image of Scotia to keep
    you company. You’ll have to kill it. Then jump across the platforms to
    the far side. If you mistime your jumps, there are stairs leading from
    the bottom area back to the wrong side of the chasm. These stairs are
    actually the best place to fight Scotia. If you have the Ruby of
    Truth, you can use it to destroy Scotia instantly.
    The next chamber holds a maze of traps. There are three kinds here:
    stone blocks which rise and fall. Flaming Spears which also rise and
    fall. And pillars of ice which rain shards down on you if you touch
    them. To get through this area, you quickly need to destroy the red
    and white globes and the stone block. These are the same pieces that
    you destroyed in the Tower puzzle, except that these pieces will
    slowly regenerate. The stone block is on your left. Jump look up and
    hack on it with a weapon. This will cause all of the falling blocks to
    stop moving. Then, turn around and head straight. The white globe
    should be ahead of you. A level 2 or 3 Spark will destroy this. Now
    all of the pillars of ice are moved out of your way. Then head north
    to the red sphere. A 1st level Mist of Doom spell will usually do this
    one in.
    This room is Belial’s Armory. In the four corners of the room, there
    are four very nice pieces of equipment: Draconscale Armor, Draconscale
    Bracers, Draconscale Gauntlets, and the Ring of Drake Fire. The longer
    you take to get from when you awoke Belial to here determines how much
    of this stuff Belial has been able to grab and put on. The rest is
    here for the taking.
    Now, Belial will summon another image for you to fight: the Draracle.
    Again, the Ruby of Truth will destroy this illusion immediately. When
    you are finished with it, hack down the door, run down the corridor
    and hack down that door and enter the final arena.
    The best way I found to defeat Belial is just to charge at him and
    attack him before he can do too much damage to you. Note that no
    mortal magic or weapons deal any damage to him. Ancient magic (ie,
    level 5 magic) will damage him, as will the Horn of Belial. Save your
    spell points for heal spells. The longer you take getting through this
    area, the tougher he is. Anyway, when he dies, the game ends and you
    get to savor your reward.
    Other cutscenes are available when you die in combat to Belial and
    when you just don’t go into the final room. Just wait about in the
    Armory for about a minute or two.
    Evil Luther Solution
    Normally, when the hero of a game starts acting less than heroic, the
    game starts to quietly kill off the hero or make the game unsolvable.
    This is definitely not the case for Guardians of Destiny. If you start
    acting evil, then all that happens is that some of the puzzles change
    and many of the conversations and cutscenes shift to reflect your new
    This walkthrough assumes that you were following the Good Luther
    solution, and most of the puzzles, locations, and actions are the same
    for both solutions, but in areas there are major differences.
    In the Savage Jungle: Rather than being nice to the Wild Ones, you can
    just slaughter them. This seems to be the action that actually
    determines if you are a good Luther or an evil Luther. The guard by
    the Wild One village is still there, and when you kill him, you will
    find two Runestones on his body. Take one of the Runestones over to
    the face and put the stone in its mouth. This will open the door to
    the village. When you go up to the village shaman, he will call you a
    fool and attack you in the area (with lots of his friends). This is a
    very difficult fight. When you get done, the shaman’s body will have a
    green crystal, recipie for making Larkhon Vapours, and the key to the
    Dracoid Cemetary. If you then head to the building to the south and
    then west, there is a room with a raised upper level. If you light the
    five torches, the stairs will raise up to an extra room. You can
    unlock the door with the green crystal. Inside the room is a curse
    control spell (Lizard), the shaman’s potion, and the Dagger of the
    Empty Hand. You still need to do the Dracoid Cemetary to get the
    Near the temple to the south, there is a wild one building. Instead of
    being unlocked, the building is locked and abandoned. If you go around
    to the back side, attack the small opening near the back, morph into a
    lizard (this will never happen automatically, you must use the Lizard
    spell), you can crawl inside. Inside, there are several ancient magic
    stones, Guardian Orbs, and another curse control spell (Human).
    In the Huline Temple: Since you already have one of the green cystals,
    you don’t need to do most of this area. Just run in, get the second
    crystal from the room on the left and the flute through the kitchen
    and head immediately to the crystal room. This saves a lot of effort
    of having to deal with the dead priest’s body, most of the spiders,
    and most of the secret passages.
    In the City of the Ancients: Immediately after you fight the clone of
    Belial that you meet in the center tower of the City, Bacatta appears
    to try and stop you from getting to the mantle of the ancients. You
    can get the Serpent Staff from Bacatta’s corpse.
    In Belial’s Laboratory: Since Bacatta is dead now, you don’t see the
    cutscene showing him killing a Belial clone. You will have to kill
    this clone yourself in the first room. When you do, you can get the
    Horn of Belial from his dead body.
    In Belial’s Laboratory: Dawn will appear to thwart your efforts. She
    will try to seduce you in order to try to disarm and murder you. You
    will have to kill her. (I mention this only because this scene appears
    in the Trailer for the game and people had been asking where this
    scene went.)
    In the Birthing Chambers: Instead of having to fight Scotia, you will
    just have to fight three imps. Instead of having to fight the
    Draracle, you will fight Scotia. After you have killed Belial, the
    Draracle will show up and will try and kill you. He is a much easier
    opponent than Belial to kill and you can just stand toe to toe with
    him and hit him with weapons until he dies. The ending cutscene shows
    you becoming the new evil god of the Lands.
    At some point, you may get the chance to kill Bacatta. If you do, then
    you can get the Serpent Staff from him.
    Weapon Table
    Weapon strengths were gotten by reading the status bars graphs. Each
    row contains eight pixels and the might values below are listed in
    Melee Might Other powers  
    Dagger of Light 1  
    Stalagmite 3  
    Broken Mace 5  
    Plasma Staff 6  
    Short Sword 7  
    Fine Long Sword 8  
    Axe of the Long Arm 8  
    Thohan’s Great Sword 31  
    Dagger of the Empty Hand 36  
    Serpent Staff 36 Poisons target  
    Long Sword Prism 37 Blind  
    Warblade 47  
    Gauntlets of Striking 50 +10 Protection  
    Dracoid Dagger 64 Drain life  
    Halberd Bastion 78 +45 Protection, +90 in combat  
    Great Axe Blizzard 93 Cold damage  
    Great Sword Firestorm 93 +5 Protection, Firestorm  
    Rever of the Great Orc 93 -50 Protection
    Need Bracers of Might to wield  
    War Axe Traitor 110 Need Bracers of Valor to weild safely  
    Great Sword Darkstorm 158 +20 Protection, Drain life  
    Ench. Thohan’s Sword 158 +20 Protection, Lightning Storm  
    Belial’s Horn 174 Only weapon that damages Belial  
    Ranged Might Other powers  
    Stroke Dagger  Lightning Bolt  
    Rock 1  
    Throwing Dagger 3  
    Light Crossbow 12  
    Long Bow Defender 18 Double shot  
    Axe of the Long Arm 25 Returns to hand  
    Crossbow Snare 32 Web  
    Dagger of the Empty Hand 36 Returns to hand  
    Dagger of Light 50 Shoots crystals  
    Plasma Staff 67 Triple shot  
    Long Bow Shift 78 Spark  
    Crossbow Valkyrie 93 Fireball  
    Great Bow Shard 110 Shoots ice crystals  
    Noble Valkyrie Crossbow 125 Fireball, triple shot  
    Crossbow Myriad 137 Chain Lightning, triple shot  
    Dark Bow 174 Drains life  
    Armor Table
    Armor values are also read from the status bars.
    Armor Protection Other powers  
    Burnt Mail 8  
    Mail Shirt 20  
    Plate Mail Breastplate 30  
    Reflective Plate Mail 30 Reflect magical attacks  
    Obsidian Chain Mail 40  
    Dragonscale Armor 50  
    Shield Protection Other powers  
    Coward’s Target Shield Set to 0 Invisibility  
    Stone Bracers -34  
    Bracers of the Dead  Speak with dead  
    Bracers of Valor  Allows you to wield Traitor safely  
    Damaged Orc Shield 1  
    Orc Shield 4  
    Gargoyle Bracers 5  
    Shield 5  
    Death Stroke 10  
    Draconfire Bracers 15 Reduces damage from fire  
    Fire Shield 15 Reduces damage from fire  
    Special Protection Other powers  
    Coco’s Cap  Makes you fall asleep  
    Colim’s Amulet  ???  
    Gauntlets of Might  +5 to Might  
    Helin’s Ring  Increases attack speed in beast/lizard form.  
    Ivory Chip  Increases your mana.  
    Kieran’s Circlet  ???  
    Power Orb  ???  
    Stone Cobra  Causes you to sink slower in water  
    Ring of Drake Fire  Spark becomes Fireball  
    Ring of Regeneration  Continuous healing; Resurrection if you die  
    Kenneth’s Girl 2 +1 to Might  
    Bezoar Ring 5  
    Dragon Gem 10  
    Greater Bezoar Ring 10 Increases attack speed in lizard form.  
    Dragonscale Gauntlets 20  
    Kenneth’s Charm 30 +10 to Might  
    Alchemial Combinations
    Many substances, when combined, yield a much more powerful magical
    combination. Most of these must be discovered by trial and error and
    failures lead to the substance known as Arrant Prac. Arrant means
    “completely and totally such”, and Prac is an anagram for Crap. These
    are the combinations of substances that I found:
    Acid Sac + Champion Stone = Pod of the Changeling  
    Amber + Ironwood Sap = Champion Stone  
    Amber + Venom Sac = War Cluster  
    Black Lichin + Gorgonite Nodules = Stone of the Gorgon  
    Gorgonite Nodules + Rainbow Sulfites = Mind Cluster  
    Lamplight Eggs + Tar Crystals = Acid Sac  
    Lamplight Eggs + Venom Sac = Poison Paint  
    Mandrake Root + Tar Crystals = Pyra Pod  
    Poison Paint + War Cluster = Force Pod  
    Rainbow Sulfites + Silverleaf = Manafoil  
    Silverleaf + Wild One Serum = Lharkon Vapours  
    Please let me know if you come across any other combinations.
    Special Items
    Many items in the game have a nonobvious use. Here is a list of the
    items and what they can do for you.
    Item Description  
    Aloe Heals  
    Ancient Magic Stone Allows access to level 5 magic  
    Brook Flounder Creates a window that lets you see behind you  
    Cave Aloe Heals  
    Champion Stone Increases might by 20  
    Dragon’s Blood Use it and it explodes about 5 sec. later  
    Fire Crystal Casts fireball  
    Force Pod Allows access to level 5 magic  
    Guardian Orb Creates a sword that strikes your opponent  
    Ice Seed Creates an ice stalagmite in front of you  
    Iron Rod ???  
    Jeweled Scarab ???  
    Lamplight Eggs See in the dark  
    Lharkon Vapours Puts Lharkons to sleep  
    Lightning Crystal Casts spark  
    Manafoil Restores your magical energy  
    Mind Cluster Reveals entire map of area  
    Net of Exile Banish when used on a creature  
    Pod of the Changeling Change to Beast with max strength.  
    Poison Paint Poisons your weapon  
    Pyra Pod Turns Spark group into Fireball group  
    Ruby of Truth Destroys illusionary creatures  
    Stone Cube Creates a stone stalagmite in front of you  
    Stone of the Gorgon Turns any creature to stone  
    Storm Crystal Casts Blizzard  
    Vel’s Fruit Cures Poison  
    War Cluster Reduces damage taken  
    Unknown Items
    The file locallng.mix contains all of the speech for Lands of Lore. If
    you look near the end of the file, the names of the speech comments
    are listed in the file. Among this list is the list of all of the
    items that Luther can say; presumably, these are all inventory items.
    There are many items on this list and I have not seen in the game
    anywhere -- some of them may have been cut from the game, but others
    may be hidden away, waiting to be found.
    The list of unknown items are (8 left): Avarian’s Feather, Fire Charm,
    Princess Gem, Ruby Sphere, Tiger Quill, Tome of Force, Twisted Harp,
    and Water Charm. If you have any information as to the whereabouts of
    these items, let me know. Thanks.
    Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny solution Copyright © 1997 by Mike
    Marcelais. All commercial rights reserved. This document may be
    distributed, so long as no content is changed and no fee is charged.
    If you have any suggestions, additions, or corrections, send me a note
    at michmarc@microsoft.com. Contributions will be appreciated and

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