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    FAQ by Positive Individual

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 01/26/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                               LEGO Group and LEGO Media's
                                       LEGO Racers
                        For The PC, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation
                             Written By Positive Individual
                             (Formerly TBO a.k.a. Gamer 12)
                                    Copyright (C) 2004
    _/Table of Contents_/
    01. Updates (History)
    02. Intro
    03. System Requirements (PC Only)
    03. Basics - Controls
       -The Building Blocks
        ~Block Powerups
        ~Building Your Racer
    04. LEGO Racers Menu
    05. Build
    06. Circuit Race
    07. Time Race
    08. Tips & Tricks
    09. Codes
    10. Websites
    11. Reviews
    12. Question and Answer
    13. Future Game Requests
    14. Needed Assistance
    15. Thank You's
    16. Customer Service - Tech. Support (PC Only)
       -FAQ (PC Only)
    17. Copyright - About
    _/U  P  D  A  T  E  S_/
    11/08/99 - vERSION 0.0: Started my third FAQ and my first for
    the PC CD-ROM and a racing game. Also its the first FAQ for this game and is
    still a bit uncompleted.
    11/13/99 - vERSION 0.1: Changed a few things around the FAQ to make it usable
    for N64, PlayStation, and PC. Also corrected the shortcut info for Desert
    Adventure Dragway Strategy and found another shortcut on the Magma Moon track
    as well :). Still have a few things incomplete.
    11/16/99 - vERSION 0.2: Updated a few things and added more info to the build
    menu. Also added a Time Race section.
    11/24/99 - vERSION 0.3: Added brand new "Codes" and "Tips and Tricks" to the
    11/25/99 - vERSION 0.4: Changed the previous date for the version 0.3 update.
    12/10/99 - vERSION 0.5: Added notice and did some spell checking if any was
    12/11/99 - vERSION 0.5a: Forgot to put the correct version of this FAQ and
    corrected the previous version word "version 0.5" to "Version 0.5."
    12/20/99 - vERSION 0.6: Added as much new information as I could. I still need
    some help on tips for anyone who is reading this. I'd really appreciate it.
    12/29/99 - vERSION 0.7: Made some more spelling corrections and put a little
    bit more info, but barely enough. Still appreciate reader tips if you all have
    12/31/99 - vERSION 0.8: New Years Eve Update!!! Thanks to Jeff James of LEGO
    Media, I've received ALL the codes and ALL the shortcut information for the
    entire game! Yeeeeeeeeeeeees! Thanks a million Jeff. You've saved me a lot of
    time. Also made some race track corrections and more spelling corrections.
    01/01/00 - vERSION 0.8a: New Years update! Happy New Year everyone! The
    millenium is just 364 days away. Anyway, I've added a new section to this FAQ
    called Question & Answer (Q & A for short). It has many questions I've asked
    about LEGO Racers and what went down during and after its development. It
    should also answer many of your questions.
    01/03/00 - vERSION 0.8b: Second update of the year. Thanks to Lowell for the
    dialogue on what King Kahuna and Basil the Bat Lord say :) I also corrected a
    few names for the objects in the game and added a little more info. I really
    appreciate the emails everyone! Keep them coming with more tips! Remember that
    anything you find on this FAQ about LEGO Racers, was found first! (Meaning any
    other websites besides the one's I have listed used my FAQ for the codes, tips,
    01/05/00 - vERSION 0.8c: Third update of the year. This time, Thanks to James
    Parnell for submitting his own circuit strategy for Circuit 2. He is possibly
    going to send me the rest of the five circuit strategies sometime soon, so
    thanks and thanks a million James!
    Also forgot to change the version number at the top to "0.8c"
    01/06/00 - vERSION 0.8d: Fourth update of the year. Forgot to change the date
    for one of the updates. It's now 01/01. Also made any needed corrections.
    01/07/00 - vERSION 0.8d2: Fifth update of the year. Added a new GameShark code
    for the Nintendo 64 thanks to (SilverSurfer9d9@aol.com). The codes let you get
    ALL racers (including Veronica Voltage and Rocket Racer) and all of everything!
    Thanks SilverSurfer9d9!!! Keep the codes and tips coming everyone :)
    01/08/00 - vERSION 0.8d3: Sixth update of the year. I was checking out
    GameSages for the codes I submitted to them (about a week ago) and they still
    didn't post my own post. Instead someone else got the opportunity to post the
    new codes (possibly from my previous update) [Ninten²K]. Anyway there an now
    even MORE new codes (w/ one actually by Ninten²K)! They are: "Disable ALL
    cheats," "Only grappling hook power-ups," and "Unlock All Hidden Characters."
    So thanks to Ninten²K, Justin Credible for the new codes!
    01/09/00 - vERSION 0.8e: Seventh update of the year. A minor correction to what
    i said for the 0.8d3 update. The new codes were actually only "Disable ALL
    cheats" and "Unlock All Hidden Characters," other than that, spell checks were
    made. I almost forgot to mention that Alex Wilkes sent me in the correct
    Nintendo 64 control configurations. Thanks Al!
    01/22/00 - vERSION 0.9: Eigth update of the year. I decide it should finally be
    version 0.9 since I didn't want to go further than the leter 'e'. I've recieved
    loads of help from a lot of people, and they are (especially Alex Tsiatas,
    [btw, the save game you sent me was the same one!]) Anyway he gave me his own
    strategies for the circuits I don't have complete. So I will put a notice that
    he did each perticular one. Sorry for the time of this update for I am updating
    a majority of other FAQs and new ones I'm writing. Enjoy the update!
    04/16/00 - vERSION 1.0: FINALLY! My first FAQ that has reached version 1.0 and
    is considered complete!!! Yata! I only updated a few minor things. Also, check
    out mu new website. The address is above and below (very end of this FAQ). It's
    my Awesome Gaming Page... I won't go too into it, but please visit. Thanks.
    11/22/00 - vERSION 1.1: Well well... who would have though another update? Well
    this update can be seen as a minor or major update, but it doesn't matter (The
    Rock :P). Thanks to JNSrnec@aol.com for helping me update the "New Racers"
    released chart. For now, this is still it everyone.
    Take care and _keep on GAMING_!!
    12/16/00 - vERSION 1.2: Yet another last minute update. Thanks to EmarZero for
    clarifying a few of the languages used in Lego Racers... also for the history
    lesson as well (I didn't know Lego is Headquartered in Denmark :)). I also
    changed my email address... it is now OFFICIALLY *****@aol.com, so if you email
    me at my old address for ANY of my old/new FAQs I will not reply. Sorry...
    01/06/01 - vERSION 1.2a: Happy New Year! I hope your new year is going fine.
    Anyway, I have two things to say. One being that I removed that annoying notice
    at the begining of this guide. I kept on forgetting to remove it after this faq
    was basically complete. Thanks to everyone that's sent in their own personal
    saved games, even though I never tried them or could have :/
    Second, being about my email address change. This is the last time i'm going to
    say it, my email address is now *****@aol.com, so if you email me at my old
    address with game questions, comments, etc. It WILL be ignored.
    01/18/03 - vERSION 1.5: Another Happy New Year! Two of them at that! It's been 
    two years since my last update, and not much has changed in this FAQ. 
    This won't be the final FAQ though, that's for sure. 
    Until I get my own copy of LEGO Racers again, this will not be complete. 
    What has been updated are copyright information and contact. Enjoy...
    01/26/03 - vERSION 1.6: Yet another Happy New Year! I'm still in search for 
    my own personal copy of Lego Racers. Also, as I did last year, I updated the 
    opyright information and removed any remnants of my old email address. Enjoy...
    _/I    N    T    R    O_/
      "You build your Lego from scratch. Adding a yellow block here, and neon green
    antennas to the back of the Lego car. You pull out your Lego Island set and
    begin to build that. Now you're ready... Vrrrooom! You pass the coconut
    plantations and the dark hidden caves and just up ahead you see the finish
    line. But wait, what's that? It's the Island monster and it's racing against
    you too!? As well as that strange woman named 'Joan of Kart' you met earlier
    on... well they're gonna have to finish after you do! So you grab a green-block
    powerup and as soon as you hit the last turn, you JET! Congrats, you've won...
    but on this race and not the circuit..."
    As weird as that sounded, its all possible in this fun, zany, and wacky racing
    game LEGO Racers. Similar to Mario Kart in some aspects, you get to choose from
    a range of characters based on LEGO building sets. "But hey you say its Lego!"
    you say. "Can't I build?" The answer... YES!! You can customize and build YOUR
    own racer in this game! Here's the game description, straight from the
    [( Description )]
    Customize your own unique LEGO Car and LEGO Driver, then challenge up to five
    other drivers in landscapes based on four LEGO SYSTEM themes. A unique power-up
    system provides players with numerous ways to gain the upper hand. Discover
    hidden short cuts and secret pathways that will help you defeat your Champion
    challengers and become the best in the ultimate racing test.
    Computer required: 100% Windows 95/98 DirectX 6.1 Compatible Computer Game not
                       compatible with Windows NT, OS/2, Linux or Windows emulated
                       operating system.
    CPU: Pentium 166 MHz required.
    Memory: 32MB RAM Required.
    Video: 4MB PCI or AGP Direct3D compatible graphics accelerator card.
    CD-ROM: Quad speed (4x) or faster CD-ROM / DVD drive required.
    Sound Card: 100% Windows 95/98 DirectX compatible 16-bit sound card
    Input Device required: 100% Windows 95/98 compatible joystick, mouse and
    Joystick/Gamepad:	Recommended.
    DirectX (version 6.1+)
    Installation requires 210MB free hard drive space (Uncompressed).
    _/B A S I C S - C O N T R O L_/
    |L E G E N D|
    ([ Keyboard Controls (( For PC )) ])
    |Keyboard (1)|
    Turn Left.............................Left
    Turn Right............................Right
    Use Powerup...........................Enter
    Change Camera View....................Right Control
    Toggle Display........................M
    Powerslide/Emergency Brake............Spacebar
    Look Backwards........................Right Alt
    |Keyboard (2)|
    Turn Left.............................A
    Turn Right............................D
    Use Powerup...........................Left Alt
    Change Camera View....................Q
    Toggle Display........................E
    Powerslide/Emergency Brake............Left Shift
    Look Backwards........................Z
    |Keyboard (3)|
    Turn Left.............................Numberpad 4
    Turn Right............................Numberpad 6
    Accelerate............................Numberpad 8
    Brake.................................Numberpad 2
    Use Powerup...........................Right Shift
    Change Camera View....................Numberpad 3
    Toggle Display........................Numberpad 7
    Powerslide/Emergency Brake............Numberpad Enter
    Look Backwards........................Numberpad 9
    ([ Microsoft Gamepad Controls ])
    Turn Left............................. x
    Turn Right............................ x
    Accelerate............................Button A
    Brake.................................Button B
    Use Powerup...........................Button C
    Change Camera View....................Button X
    Toggle Display........................Button Y
    Powerslide/Emergency Brake............Button Z
    Look Backwards........................Button L
    ([ __My__ Microsoft Gamepad Controls ])
    *Note: This is the configuration I use myself, which makes it easier to perform
    tasks in the game. You can choose whether or not to put in this configuration.
    It's all up to YOU!!
    Turn Left............................. x
    Turn Right............................ x
    Accelerate............................Button A
    Brake.................................Button B
    Use Powerup...........................Button L
    Change Camera View....................Button R
    Toggle Display........................Button Z
    Powerslide/Emergency Brake............Button X
    Look Backwards........................Button C
    ((For Nintendo 64))
    Use Powerup...........................Z
    Change Camera View....................C-Up
    Toggle Display........................C-Right
    Powerslide/Emergency Brake............R
    Look Backwards........................C-Down
    ((For PlayStation))
    Use Powerup...........................Triangle
    Change Camera View....................R1?
    Toggle Display........................L1?
    Powerslide/Emergency Brake............Circle?
    Look Backwards........................R2?
    ([ Basic Gameplay ])
    The LEGO Racers Engine is pretty well designed. The models and the 3D worlds
    are very amazing, [PC Only: If you have the right hardware and equipment (which
    I don't :P)]. Here are some things to know about the gameplay and its system.
    # The Building Blocks #
    |Block Powerups|
    Just like your basic LEGO set, you get your own blocks. But each block is very
    special in their own way. Here is a list of them.
    Block                      Action
    Red Block                  Used to perform a projectile attack.
    Yellow Block               Used to perform a bombing attack (from behind).
    Green Block                Used to perform a turbo/speed up.
    Blue Block                 Used to perform a Force Field around your racer.
    White Block                When combined with another block, it is used to
                               strengthen/multiply your current powerup.
    Now here is a list of what happens when you have a regular block with one or
    more white blocks. The maximum number of white blocks you can hold is three
    Each line is a level of the powerups power (regular block is Level 1 and a
    regular block with 2 white blocks is Level 3)
    Block Combination               Action
    Red Block (Projectile)          Cannon Ball
    Red Block + 1 White Block       Projectile attack using a Grappling Hook
    Red Block + 2 White Blocks      Projectile attack using a Lightning Wand
    Red Block + 3 White Blocks      Projectile attack using three (3) Guided
    Yellow Block (Hazard)           Oil Slick
    Yellow Block + 1 White Block    Drop an explosive Barrel of Gun Powder behind
    Yellow Block + 2 White Blocks   Launch a Magnetic Trap (Lasts 30 - 33 seconds)
    Yellow Block + 3 White Blocks   Drop "The Mummy's Curse" Behind
                                    (It's a giant explosive head)
    Blue Block (Shield)             Enable Shield (5 Seconds)
    Blue Block + 1 White Block      Enable Stronger Shield (6 Seconds)
    Blue Block + 2 White Blocks     Enable Stronger Shield (8 Seconds)
                                    (Reflect Cannon Balls and Rockets, Spin
    Blue Block + 3 White Blocks     Enable Strongest Shield (10 Seconds)
                                    (reflect Cannon Balls and Rockets, Spin
    Green Block (Turbo)             Perform a Turbo Boost (Red Flame)
    Green Block + 1 White Block     Perform an Extra Turbo Boost (Green Flame)
    Green Block + 2 White Blocks    Perform a Flying Turbo Boost (Double Blue
    Green Block + 3 White Blocks    Perform a Warping Turbo Boost (Warp Tunnel)
    Notes on the block combinations:
    1. The heat-seeking missiles (red and 3 white) will first slowly appear from
    your vehicle. If you happen to be near something that will get in their way,
    one or more of the missiles will be put out. (Ex. A small cave)
    2. The turbos can only last for a long time if you don't hit any walls or other
    racers. If you do hit anything, it will cause *damage* to your vehicle and will
    shorten the time of your turbo.
    3. If you use any one of the blue powerups and get hit by either a Kart or
    projectile, then the same thing applies. Your forcefield will weaken until it's
    4. The level 3 yellow powerup will launch a satelite and shoot down some green
    waves to any other racer that goes through it. It will in no way affect you.
    Also what the green light does is knockout your opponent for a while.
    |Building Your Racer|
    As you beat each circuit you release more racers and more LEGO building blocks
    that you can use to make new racers or edit your current one(s). And the cool
    thing about it is that they are all based on the actually sets and characters!
    ([ Blocks ])
    Circuit                   Blocks that are released
    1. Captain Redbeard       LEGO "Pirates" Theme
    2. King Kahuna            LEGO "Islanders" Theme
    3. Basil The Bat Lord     LEGO "Castle" Theme
    4. Johnny Thunder         ??? Unknown ???
    5. Baron Von Barron       LEGO "Adventurers" Theme
    6. Gypsy Moth             LEGO "Space" Theme
    7. Rocket Racer           LEGO "Racers" Theme
    ([ Racers ])
    Circuit                   New Racers that are released
    1. Captain Redbeard       Captain Redbeard, Rob-N-Hood, Pharaohs Mummy,
                              Ann Droid, Governor Broadside
    2. King Kahuna            King Kahuka, Islander, Royal King,
                              Commander Cold, Achu
    3. Basil The Bat Lord     Basil the Bat Lord, Willa the Witch,
                              BlackJack Hawkins, Sam Sinister, Alpha Dragonis
    4. Johnny Thunder         Johnny Thunder
    5. Baron Von Barron       Baron Von Barron
    6. Gypsy Moth             Gypsy Moth
    7. Rocket Racer           Rocket Racer
    _/L E G O   R A C E R S   M E N U  _/
    Circuit Race
    Single Race
    Versus Race
    Time Race
    ([ Descriptions ])
    Create and build your own LEGO Racer!!
    Circuit Race:
    Select from 7 different and unique circuits to challenge its champion and
    Single Race:
    Choose racetracks from previously beaten circuits and current circuits to
    practice and widen your skills.
    Versus Race:
    It's head-to-head racing as player one versus player two in a split-screen
    battle for first place!
    Time Race:
    Verse Veronika Voltage and try to beat her from the first place position!
    Toggle your Game Options, Video Options, Audio Options, Player 1 & 2 Controls,
    Language, and View Credits.
     -Game Options: Change the number of opponents in single game (1-5) and the
                    versus race number f laps (1-5)
     -Video Options: Select Primary Display Driver (Choose video display drive)
                     (PC Only)
     -Audio Options: Adjust Music Volume [ =o| to =o) ] and
                     Adjust Sound Volume [ =o| to =o) ]
     -Language: Select from English (English), Español (Spanish), Français
                Deutsche (German), Italiano (Italian), Dansk (Danish), Svenska
                Norsk (Norwegian/Finnish?, and Netherland (Dutch) (PC Only?)
    Exit and quit game.
    _/B  U  I  L  D  _/
    This is a detailed description of what you can do in this mode.
    {{{Build Menu}}}
    New Racer
    Edit Racer
    Copy Racer
    Delete Racer
    Test Drive
    New Racer
    Your first option when you select this is to build your driver (character). You
    can select whether or not they'll have some sort of hat or helmet or hair; the
    type of head you want to have, the shirt, and lastly the pants. Each head gives
    your racer a different personality. For example if you choose the skeleton head
    he'll sound like he's a bit evil sometimes or if you choose the head with
    sunglasses he'll sound cool and have a deep voice (too deep).
    After that's all done with, your headed next to your make (a) license screen.
    If you have the PC version you can easily type up your name (only in capital
    letters) and take a snap/screen shot of your license. If not, I think you'll
    enter a screen with all the available alphabet characters. Now you have a name.
    Next is the best part of this option, create your car! In the build car option,
    you have a choice to first build it from scratch or automatically have it
    built. Depending on the type of cart you've chosen (General/Black, Racer/Grey,
    Space Explorer/Black, Medieval/Black/Brown)you'll get two different designs.
    After that, you can choose to test your driver on the test track or head on to
    the other competition!! Yea Haw!
    Build Car Explanations
    ::Top-Bottom Left Images::
               ^            Use these directional arrows to move you're selected
      \       ^^^       /
      \ \    ^^^^^    / /   Lego element. If it can connect. A Ghost element will
             <>|<>          move between the selected element and the car. Showing
         ###OOO|OOO!!!      where it will connect. (PC Only) Click on the arrows or
     <   ####O#|!O!!!!  >
    <<   ######|!!!!!!  >>  grab the element by holding down the left mouse button
     <   ######|!!!!!!  >
         \#####|!!!!!/      and moving the mouse around.
             \#|!/          KEYBOARD: Numeric Keypad # 1-4 6-9
      / /    vvvvv    \ \
      /       vvv       \
                 <> <>
         \\   /###0|0!!!\   This arrow will rotate the selected element. (PC Only)
       =>>>\  #####|!!!!!
     //=>>>/  #####|!!!!!   You can also rotate the element by clicking on it with
    \\   //   #####|!!!!!
     \\       \####|!!!!/   the right mouse button. KEYBOARD: Numeric Keypad # 5
                            (PlayStation Only: Press Square)
      888        <> <>      This arrow will connect the currently selected element
      888     /###0|0!!!\   to the car. If it can connect, a ghost element will
      888     #####|!!!!!   between the selected element and the car. Showing where
    \ 888 /   #####|!!!!!   it will connect. If the element cannot connect, the
     \888/    #####|!!!!!   ghost element will flash above the car. Try rotating or
      \8/     \####|!!!!/   moving element to make it connect. Or try selecting
       V        \##|!!/     another element. (PC Only) KEYBOARD: Numeric Keypad # +
                            (PlayStation Only: Press Circle)
       ^         <> <>      This arrow removes the last element that you connected
      /8\     /###0|0!!!\
     /888\    #####|!!!!!   to your car. This action can be repeated until you have
    / 888 \   #####|!!!!!
      888     #####|!!!!!   removed all your elements.
      888     \####|!!!!/
      888       \##|!!/     (PC Only) KEYBOARD: Numeric Keypad # -
                            (PlayStation Only: Press Triangle)
    Camera    =======       Use these directional arrows to change the view of your
    Camera  / 0000000 \
    Camera  |000000000|     car. (PC Only) Click directly on them with the left
    Camera  |000000000|
    Camera  |000000000|     mouse button. You can also change the view by grabbing
    Camera  |000000000|
    Camera  |000000000|     the car with the left mouse button and moving the mouse
    Camera  \ 0000000 /
    Camera    =======       around. KEYBOARD: Numeric Keypad Arrow Keys
    ::Top Center Image::
      <| |                                  | |>
    <<<| |         Image Of Car Set         | |>>>
      <| |                                  | |>
    These arrows allow you to select a car set. Each car set has a different group
    of Lego elements to choose from. (PC Only) Click either arrow with the left
    mouse button to select your set.
    KEYBOARD: Insert, Pageup
      <| |                                                | |>
    <<<| |         Image Of Selected Set Elements         | |>>>
      <| |                                                | |>
    These arrows allow you to select a Lego element to play on your car. (PC Only)
    Click either arrow with the left mouse button to select the element. You can
    also click directly on any element that is visible on to  select it. The
    currently selected element will be shown floating above your car, ready to
    KEYBOARD: Delete, Pagedown
    ::Bottom Right Image::
    |  LLLLLL'                                                                    
    |  LLLLLLL          EEEEEEEEEE       GGGGGGGGGG        OOOOOOO                
    |  LLLLLLL          EEEEEEEEEE     GGGGGGGGGG        O         O              
    |  LLLLLLL          EEE            GGG               O         O              
    |  LLLLLLL          EEEee          GGG               O  OOOOO  O              
    |  LLLLLLL          EEEeee         GGG               O  OOOOO  O              
    |  LLLLLLL          EEEéééé        GGG     GGGG      O  OOOOO  O              
    |  LLLLLLL          EEE            GGG        GG     O  OOOOO  O              
    |  LLLLLLL          EEE            GGGG      GGGG    O         O              
    |  LLLLLLL          EEE             GGGGGGGGGGGGG    O         O     EE       
    |  LLLLLLL          EEE              GGGGGGGGGGG       OOOOOOO     EEE        
    |  LLLLLLL          EEEEEEEEEEEEE                                EEE          
    |  LLLLLLL                      (Image of your Lego car)                      
    |  LLLLLLL                                                                    
    |  LLLLLLL                                                                    
    (PC Only) With your left mouse button you can "grab" and change the view of you
    car. Hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse around.
    [To exit click on the man by the door at the very bottom left]
    _/C U R C U I T   R A C E  _/
    Circuit 1 (Hosting Champion: Captain Redbeard)
    Captain Redbeard says: "Aar. On the high seas or on land... You are no match
    for the Great Captain Redbeard. So give it up matey! Har, Har (Laughing)."
    Tracks: Imperial Grand Prix, Dark Forest Dash, Magma Moon Marathon,
            Desert Adventure Dragway
                                 General Strategy
    The best way to win throughout the circuit is to collect the white building
    blocks and one green block. Try avoiding any other colored blocks. One trick
    you can use though is if your using a green block (except for the green block
    combined with three white blocks) you can collect any other different colored
    block. If you collect a blue, USE IT! That way you'll be speeding and have
    protection simultaneously. If you have a red save it, just in case you get hit
    from behind by Capt. Redbeard or another racer (rarely). If you get a yellow
    block, it is up to you on whether or not you should use I now or when ever you
    want. But I would usually drop it behind/in front of another powerup Capt.
    Redbeard or another racer will pick up.
                            Imperial Grand Prix Strategy
    To be in first for the whole race, remember to simply collect green blocks and
    white blocks. Save them up and use them wisely. Make sure Capt. Redbeard
    doesn't have enough time to directly aim at you with his red powerup. That's
    all he collects. The only times he won't collect one is at the acme of the
    cave, where he will run over a blue block, immediately use it and then collect
    another red one. The AI isn't stupid you know ;)
     --Imperial Grand Prix Shortcut: The short cut for this track is inside the
       cave/cavern. To get to it you must have a red powerup (Power level (Number
       white blocks) doesn't matter). When you take the last left turn going uphill
       you should see three barrels being held up by a large log or stick. Shot at
       it with your powerup to blow it sky-high *hint* *hint* and now you've reach
       the short cut. This short cut takes about 3-5 seconds off.
                             Dark Forest Dash Strategy
    The same thing goes with this level. Green power ups all the way. You'll want
    to watch out for the ghost after you take the short cut or the regular way. If
    you make contact with the ghost, it will knockout your racer taking about four
    (4) seconds before its recovery. When you're going up hill us only regular to
    level two green powerups. This will help a lot to stay away from Capt.
     --Dark Forest Dash Shortcuts: There is only one shortcut in this track and its
       between a very large cliff right before the waterfall. The shortcut comes
       after seeing  the second white block (which is clearly right before the
       waterfalls). The minute the grassland to the left is near take a sharp turn
       for it and your there.
                            Magma Moon Marathon Strategy
    Again... you must collect green and white powerups to be ahead of the game.
    When you take your first left turn make sure YOU get the red powerup and not
    Capt. Redbeard. This will ensure you'll have most of the lead throughout this
    race. You can waste it there and then if needed. Just repeat it again after
    you've finished that current lap. Anyway collect the white blocks in stead of
    the green blocks after you take the first green block since there are enough
    there for you to take. If you're wondering what the Blue and Red mini-stations
    are there for, I'm about to explain them.
     --Magma Moon Marathon Shortcut: O.K., this is a bit complicated. To access the
       shortcut for Magma Moon, you need to follow these steps in the order they
       appear. One the first lap when you pass by the moon craters going up then
       downhill, immediately stay to the right and go through the blue gate. Then
       goto the next red gate and then the last blue gate. If you did so correctly,
       you'll hear a little jingle and the Moon Station should open up. "Inside"
       you'll be able to pass through it taking some green, blue, red, and white
       powerup blocks with you. This should save you at least 2-3 seconds. If you
       forget in which order they are in, remember about a display just after the
       transparent dome showing three colored blocks (in the arrangement blue, red,
       and blue.)
       It turns out there is another shortcut in this race and its right before the
       red/blue gates you can pass through. When you reach that area look to your
       left. You'll notice a pile of blue squares piled up together in a triangle
       formation. If you have a blue powerup on currently or just have it in stock
       use it. You cannot blast the opening open or turbo through it or anything
       like that. You can only use a blue powerup to go through it. When you use
       blue powerup, the blocks will start to glow a bit. Go towards the blocks and
       you will "magically" pass through them! Inside this cave is some red and
       blocks and a green block. At the end of the cave you'll end up at the Magma
       Moon Space Station. If you're lucky enough and the station is open, you can
       also go through that shortcut!! Amazing, that saves a lot of time
       (around 10-20 seconds).
                         Desert Adventure Dragway Strategy
    This is the most fun track in this circuit (in my opinion). The same thing
    applies to win this one. Green, Green, GREEN. Make sure you watch out for all
    the turns because most of them seem deceiving and uncertain at times. Also,
    this is the time when you actually "see" the evil side of Captain Redbeard. He
    is so much a cheater in this track. Make sure you try every possible way to say
    away from him. If he's behind you try dodging and possible powerup attacks.
    Because he will use one on you whenever possible From afar or from right behind
    you, he doesn't care only if he wins.
     --Desert Adventure Dragway Shortcut: There are TWO, count them two (2)
       shortcuts in this race. Also there are paths that you can take which require
       green powerups to get through quickly since they are within the sand. First,
       lets start with the two shortcuts. Both of them connect to one area, inside
       the tomb. The first shortcut is protected by a barrier (Carvings with the
       King of the Tomb) and connects to the left side of the tomb. To open it
       you'll need a red powerup (which is nearby anyway). Carefully aim and shoot
       the barrier of stone to open up the hidden short cut. Within 10 seconds the
       barrier will close again. Inside you'll find one green powerup you'll need
       quickly blast your way up the steep hill. Once you've made it out the hill
       you'll see another green power up and a white one you can use to speed ahead
       and fly over the sand. The second shortcut that also connect to the tomb is
       on the right side of it this time. You also need a red powerup to get
       it. The entrance to it is where you see a Large statue of Anubis (I think)
       and below it is a discolored wall. Carefully aim and shot at it to open up
       the hidden passage. The cool thing about this is that the walls will
       acidically melt away (in green) and dissolve into nothing. Inside you'll
       three white powerups (two of them are in a row) and a green powerup. If you
       use only the two whites and the green you'll simply fly (which I think is
       better than warping in this case). Between the two shortcuts, the second one
       near Anubis' statue is better because you don't have to go through a very
       steep hill and you get more white powerups.
       Now for the sandy paths in the track. If you go anywhere that has a large
       turn or flat surface sand will be  on of those places. There is one at the
       beginning of the race when you are just getting up from the very step hill
       (where the sand looks like its pointing forward) and there is another on
       where you are about to get to the  finish line. It's near where the tower
       will later fall on the second lap.
    Circuit 2 (Hosting Champion: King Kahuna)
    King Kahuna says: "Me, King Kahuna, beat you like tribal drum... And
    do victory dance. Ook-ah-ook-ook! (Continues to dance chanting 'like some
    Tracks: Tribal Island Adventure, Royal Knights Raceway, Ice Planet Pathway,
            Amazon Adventure Alley
                                 General Strategy
                   I Have not raced or earned this circuit yet....
                       But I have an idea of what he does.
    King Kahuna likes using a level one shield. The best defense is by turboing
    around him. It is very difficult to shoot at him because he is usually
    protected by the shield powerup.
    [Note: This Following is from Alex Tsiatas <wonkeyzonkey@yahoo.com>]
    On this circuit I stock up on white blocks and use the warp turbo boost as
    often as possible.
    [End Note]
                          Tribal Island Adventure Strategy
    This is not much of a strategy since I haven't raced on this track at all. The
    only information I can provide to you is all the shortcuts, from this track and
    --Tribal Island Adventure Shortcut: (The first shortcut) As you approach the
    second left hand corner there is another gap for you to cut through straight
    after the white obilisk on the left. Stay on the ledge to avoid slowing down.
    (Second Shortcut) Just after the cave entrance is a hidden tunnel leading off
    to the left.
    (Third Shortcut) If you miss the second shortcut turn left almost immediately
    onto a long ledge with a green powerup at the end.
    [Note: This Following is from Alex Tsiatas <wonkeyzonkey@yahoo.com>]
    On Tribal Island Trail, I not only warp, but I put oil slicks behind all of
    the blue powerups. There is a power plus brick in the water on the right at
    the beginning.
    [End Note]
                           Royal Knights Raceway Strategy
    --Royal Knights Raceway Shortcut: After the second left hand turn Just behind
    this tower and before the waterfall is a hidden passage
    that cuts out a corner.
    [Note: This Following is from Alex Tsiatas <wonkeyzonkey@yahoo.com>]
    On Royal Knights Raceway, on the right hand curve right
    after the waterfall if you stay as far to the right as possible (on the
    grass) there are 3 "power plus" blocks.
    [End Note]
                            Ice Planet Pathway Strategy
    --Ice Planet Pathway Shortcut: Drive through the archway on the left halfway
    around the track for an "alternative" route. On the way pick up all the white
    and green powerups for a easy time warp!
    (Second shortcut) At the corkscrew spiral bends cut left over the top of the
    ridge just before the stalagmite to miss the corner and save lots of time!
    [Note: This Following is from Alex Tsiatas <wonkeyzonkey@yahoo.com>]
    On Ice planet pathway I also try to warp all the time. In the time race of
    this, blue powerups appear, meaning they must be used for something on that
    track, but I can't figure out how, maybe it's something like the secret on
    Magma Moon Marathon.
    [End Note]
                          Amazon Adventure Alley Strategy
    --Amazon Adventure Alley Shortcut: Drive through the waterfall to find a secret
    [Note: This Following is from Alex Tsiatas <wonkeyzonkey@yahoo.com>]
    On Amazon Adventure Alley, I always go through the waterfall and get a power
    plus brick, then go back on the real track, get a green, and get 2 more
    power plus bricks. Then after warping, get a green, and 3 more power plus
    bricks, warp again, and it saves like 20 seconds off the normal lap time.
    [End Note]
    Circuit 3 (Hosting Champion: Basil The Bat Lord)
    Basil The Bat Lord says: "Hisssss, don't expect to win, not against the
    frightful powers of Basil the Batlord!"
    Tracks: Knightmare-athon, Pirate Skull Pass, Adventure Temple Trail,
            Alien Alley Asteroid
                                 General Strategy
                   I Have not raced or earned this circuit yet....
                       But I have an idea of what he does.
    Basil the Batlord likes using the lightning wand. If you pass Basil The Bat
    Lord, then you better have a shield powerup prepared for use. Then hope it
    lasts long enough to get a turbo to get out of his range. The best way to do
    this would be to use a Level one Blue powerup (shield) and then try getting the
    closest turbo you can find.
                             Knightmare-athon Strategy
    --Knightmare-athon: There Is No Shortcut... What!? This has been confirmed with
    a contact at High Voltage who wrote the game!
    [Note: This Following is from Alex Tsiatas <wonkeyzonkey@yahoo.com>]
    On Knightmare-athon, I warp as often as I can to stay away from Basil the
    [End Note]
                             Pirate Skull Pass Strategy
    --Pirate Skull Pass Shortcut: On the final left hand bend there's a very small
    shortcut under a stone block if you veer to the left.
    [Note: This Following is from Alex Tsiatas <wonkeyzonkey@yahoo.com>]
    On Pirate Skull Pass, on the first right hand turn, stay as right as
    possible to go on a ledge with a power plus brick. On the following left
    turn, stay to the left for a power plus brick. Then there is another power
    plus brick between the rocks, another one after the 2nd rock, and another
    between 2 rocks on the left later on. The secret passage has 2 power plus
    bricks, it's usually not worth it to go in, because there is a green if you
    go the real way.
    [End Note]
                          Adventure Temple Trail Strategy
    --Adventure Temple Trail Shortcut: Right at the start of the track, there is a
    hidden passage behind the right-hand stone figure.
    [Note: This Following is from Alex Tsiatas <wonkeyzonkey@yahoo.com>]
    On Adventure Temple Trail, at the beginning, there is a sunken area just
    after the green/yellow powerups on the left with 2 power plus bricks. At the
    part where the jewel is, right before it, go right or left for 2 more power
    plus bricks. The part with the big statues is hard, just be patient, and
    after that, the track splits, one passage has a red and the other has 2
    whites, I forget which is which. Then near the end when the track splits
    into 3 paths, MAKE SURE you DON'T go in the one with the Mummy's Curse in
    it, there always is one, and it can "switch places," it annoys me so much...
    [End Note]
                           Alien Rally Asteroid Strategy
    --Alien Rally Asteroid Shortcut: Just after the big lightning-throwing obstacle
    the track enters a tunnel again. Where the track turns left shoot the wall to
    reveal a secret route.
    [Note: This Following is from Alex Tsiatas <wonkeyzonkey@yahoo.com>]
    On Alien Asteroid Rally, aliens can fly above you and make you go backwards
    for a while, use shields, because they waste about 6 seconds. The secret
    passage has enough power plus bricks and a green so you can warp at the end
    of it and not worry about which way to go at the end of it cause often you
    go the wrong way!!
    [End Note]
    Circuit 4 (Hosting Champion: Johnny Thunder)
    Johnny Thunder says: "Hey there, I have to warn you, me and my car
    are ready to race, but good luck anyway."
    Tracks: Desert Adventure Dragway, Magma Moon Marathon, Dark Forest Dash,
            Imperial Grand Prix
                                 General Strategy
                   I Have not raced or earned this circuit yet....
                       But I have an idea of what he does.
    Johnny Thunder likes using the grapple powerup, or better known as the spear on
    this guide. Again, the best defense is the shield powerup.
    [Note: This Following is from Alex Tsiatas <wonkeyzonkey@yahoo.com>]
    The tracks are mirrored, so just to what you're supposed to on circuit 1
    except switch left and right. Same goes with circuits 2 and 5, and 3 and 6.
    [End Note]
                         Desert Adventure Dragway Strategy
    [Note: This Following is from Alex Tsiatas <wonkeyzonkey@yahoo.com>]
    On Desert Adventure Dragway, which I agree with you in saying it's a cool
    track, if the 2nd secret passageway is open, get a red 1st, then get all the
    power plus bricks, and right after the 3rd one, launch the missles inside
    the secret passage and they will go BACKWARDS through the track to hit
    racers behind you in the running order! This is so cool, try it!!!
    [End Note]
                            Magma Moon Marathon Strategy
    [Note: This Following is from Alex Tsiatas <wonkeyzonkey@yahoo.com>]
    On Magma Moon Marathon, the complicated secret passage is even more
    complicated. What you said, by going through red, blue, red, doesn't always
    work. At the beginning of the track, there is a thingey with the colors of
    the bricks, just follow them and you'll do fine. Also, when you go through
    the red thing, you hear a high note, the blue things are low notes. The
    jingle that you hear when you open the secret door also sounds when you go
    past it. That jingle is the sounds you are supposed to make, in order. Also,
    if you open the secret door, it closes afterward and the code changes. At
    the triangle of blocks for the shield secret passage there is a shield
    powerup hidden behind a block near there, look for it.
    [End Note]
                             Dark Forest Dash Strategy
                     See Previous Dark Forest Strategy For Help
                            Imperial Grand Prix Strategy
                 See Previous Imperial Grand Prix Strategy For Help
    Circuit 5 (Hosting Champion: Baron Von Barron)
    Baron Von Barron says: " Aaah, zo it iz you. I, Baron von Barron, shall race
    you, und I shall vin. Hmm."
    Tracks: Amazon Adventure Alley, Ice Planet Pathway, Royal Knights Raceway,
            Tribal Island Trail
                                 General Strategy
                   I Have not raced or earned this circuit yet....
                       But I have an idea of what he does.
    Baron von Baron likes using the level three (3) shield. Hopefully you have
    mastered using the warp, powerup combination, by this time. It will allow you
    to get in front and stay in front of Baron and if not, then it will be
    difficult to stay in the lead.
    [Note: This Following is from Alex Tsiatas <wonkeyzonkey@yahoo.com>]
    I do the same things as circuit 2, there are also the same opponents as
    circuit 2 except Baron von Barron replaces King Kahuka.
    [End Note]
                           Amazon Adventure Alley Strategy
                See Previous Amazon Adventure Alley Strategy For Help
                            Ice Planet Pathway Strategy
                  See Previous Ice Planet Pathway Strategy For Help
                           Royal Knights Raceway Strategy
                See Previous Royal Knights Raceway Strategy For Help
                          Tribal Island Adventure Strategy
               See Previous Tribal Island Adventure Strategy For Help
    Circuit 6 (Hosting Champion: Gypsy Moth)
    Gypsy Moth says: " Sooo, you think you can outrace a veteran pilot
    like me? I'd like to see you try it!"
    Tracks: Alien Race Asteroid, Adventure Temple Trail, Pirate Skull Pass,
                                 General Strategy
                   I Have not raced or earned this circuit yet....
                       But I have an idea of what she does.
    Gypsy Moth likes using the missile powerup combination. Remember that you
    should use high level turbos (any level) and a shield (also any level) at the
    same time while trying to go past her. She won't miss if she shoots missiles at
    [Note: This Following is from Alex Tsiatas <wonkeyzonkey@yahoo.com>]
    I do the same stuff as circuit 3, but this circuit is MUCH harder. I think
    it is the hardest one.
    [End Note]
                           Alien Rally Asteroid Strategy
                See Previous Alien Rally Asteroid Strategy For Help
                          Adventure Temple Trail Strategy
               See Previous Adventure Temple Trail Strategy For Help
                             Pirate Skull Pass Strategy
                  See Previous Pirate Skull Pass Strategy For Help
                             Knightmare-athon Strategy
                  See Previous Knightmare-athon Strategy For Help
    Circuit 7 (Hosting Champion: Rocket Racer)
    Rocket Racer says: "At last! A worthy opponent, but if you want to be the best
    you have to race me on my own track! Are you ready? I'll be waiting for
    you...at the finish line!"
    Tracks: Rocket Racer Run
                                 General Strategy
                   I Have not raced or earned this circuit yet....
                       But I have an idea of what he does.
    The Rocket Racer likes using the Turbo Warp powerup combo and the missile
    powerup combo. The key here is to save those white powerup bricks so when you
    pick up a green power up, you'll be ready for a warp turbo. Unless you warp at
    least two to four (2-4) times during the race, Rocket Racer will leave you in
    the dust.
    [Note: This Following is from Alex Tsiatas <wonkeyzonkey@yahoo.com>]
    Yes, I HAVE beaten the Rocket Racer!!!!!
    First, Veronica Voltage talks to your racer, and says, "Congratulations!
    You've proven yourself to be a true LEGO Champion! But it's not over
    yet...there's someone waiting to meet you." A door opens and Rocket Racer
    appears, the words "Rocket Racer" appear on screen. He says, "At last! A
    worthy opponent, but if you want to be the best you have to race me on my
    own track! Are you ready? I'll be waiting for you...at the finish line!"
    [End Note]
                           Rocket Racer Run Strategy
    --Rocket Racer Run Shortcut: Shoot "the doorway" to reveal a hidden space warp.
    [Note: This Following is from Alex Tsiatas <wonkeyzonkey@yahoo.com>]
    if you want to win.
    The manual says that you need to know how to powerslide, I still beat it
    without powersliding.
    Here's a bug that I found:
    If you do a versus race on Rocket Racer Run, and one person warps through
    the secret passage, and the other player immediately follows, the first one
    through get's a white screen for that half and can't see where to go, this
    has happened twice to me, I don't know if it happens to anyone else.
    [End Note]
    _/ Time Race _/
    In this mode, you can select any beaten circuit's tracks to race on. Every
    track in the beginning has no record time, so that means you have to make it.
    The only possible way to make a record for the chosen track is to beat the
    racer Veronika Voltage. She has a set path in EVERY track and she never changes
    it. Also she is not a real racer, but rather a ghost racer (in most cases in
    other race game options). If you lose her you can choose whether or not to race
    again (or before/during the race you can restart). If you beat her, your
    current time will be saved (on PC, it will be automatically saved, but on
    Nintendo 64? and PlayStation a memory card is needed.) If you choose to race in
    again in both cases you will not only racer Veronika Voltage, but yourself
    also! The weird thing about racing yourself is that your twin racer will be a
    ghost and WILL go through any shortcuts you took previously (that need to be
    either blown up or activated), but you cannot unless you blow up/activate it
    yourself manually.
    (Here is a general strategy to use for racing Veronica Voltage)
    Since Veronica is only played on the time trial tracks, she likes to use all
    levels of turbos. It is best to try and save power bricks for the warp turbo.
    It's O.K. if she gets ahead of you in the beginning of the race, but just keep
    saving up turbos and white powerup blocks to warp ahead on the track and
    eventually you can catch up.
    _/TIPS & TRICKS  _/
    The yellow powerup with 3 power plus bricks is the Mummy's Curse. It drops a
    mummy head floating above some green smoke. It doesn't harm you, but other
    cars who run over it will turn a shade of green, get a circling mummy head
    over them, and the car will go slow down, and go out of control for about
    6-7 seconds. If you have it, it is VERY ANNOYING. If you hit a car with the
    Mummy's Curse, the Curse transfers from the car you hit to your car. If a
    car with the Curse hits another car, the 2nd car gets the Curse and the 1st
    one gets rid of it. You can sometimes get it while warping, you know this if
    your car turns green in the middle of the warp, then the mummy head takes
    awhile to actually start circling you.
    Depending on what type of race kart or car you have, it will definitely affect
    how you race. For example if you use a car like the Rocket Racer's car, then
    your turns will be easier for you to perform. But this also depends on how many
    blocks and how large the blocks are. If you choose a kart like the medieval
    kart, then it will be easy for it to tip over from side to side, but you'll
    have better acceleration. Those are just examples.
    Speed Burst At the Start: To get a turbo (Green flame) at the start of the
    race, wait till the time counts down. When it reaches one, look closely at the
    number. When the number looks like its about to disappear immediately press and
    hold accelerate. If you did this correctly you will burst with a turbo (The
    equivalent to a green block + 1 white block).
    Don't use your green power up (green block + 3 white blocks ) near the finish
    line or inside or before a cave. Why? Because it will either warp you to a
    short distance or warp you further back or in the EXACT same place you
    activated your powerup! It's better to do it at around 3 to 4 turns before the
    actual finish line comes up.
    Use Basil the Bat Lord's Car Parts: On circuit mode beat Basil the Bat Lord's
    circuit in 2nd or 3rd. Play Johnny Thunder's circuit and come in 1st. Go to
    build mode. Make your driver and license as normal. Select Johnny Thunder's
    chassis and go to quick build. Go to quick build again and you'll see fire at
    the back of the car. Go to build then press B until all the parts are off the
    chassis. Then you can change to Basil the Bat Lord's set without winning it!
    (After entering the build mode do not leave until you finish building your
    Using more than one code at a time: To use more than one code enter one code,
    exit, start a race, quit, go back, enter the next code, and repeat until you
    have all the codes you want. Using this you can have flying drivers with no
    driver in the kart/car for example.
    _/C   O   D   E   S_/
    General Codes:
    *Note: If you forget how to enter the codes (even with the description for it
    below), remember to enter these codes select the Build option from the Main
    Menu and then go to the Make License screen. Enter these codes as a Driver's
    *Note: Enter only the letters and not the brackets "[]"
    Disable ALL cheats
    Enter BUILD mode and create or edit a driver. Select Make A License from the
    in-game menu and name the driver [ NMRCHTS ] as the driver's name. This will
    not allow you to enter cheats/codes into the game (while it's on and running
    that is...).
    Unlock All Hidden Characters
    Enter BUILD mode and create or edit a driver. Select Make A License from the
    in-game menu and name the driver [ HIDDNKARACTRS ] as the driver's name. This
    will unlock every racer in the game!
    No Slow Down
    Enter BUILD mode and create or edit a driver. Select Make A License from the
    in-game menu and name the driver [ NSLWJ ] as the driver's name. This will make
    your car NOT slow down when driving on grass, sand, and other types of ground.
    Fly Mode
    Enter BUILD mode and create or edit a driver. Select Make A License from the
    in-game menu and name the driver [ FLYSKYHGH ] as the driver's name. This will
    also unlock the rocket car.
    Only Shooter Attacking Power Ups Are Available
    Enter BUILD mode and create or edit a driver. Select Make A License from the
    in-game menu and name the driver [ PGLLRD ] as the driver's name.
    Only Mine Power Ups Are Available
    Enter BUILD mode and create or edit a driver. Select Make A License from the
    in-game menu and name the driver [ PGLLYLL ] as the driver's name.
    Only Turbo Power Ups Are Available
    Enter BUILD mode and create or edit a driver. Select Make A License from the
    in-game menu and name the driver [ PGLLGRN ] as the driver's name.
    Only Grapple Power Ups Are Available
    Enter BUILD mode and create or edit a driver. Select Make A License from the
    in-game menu and name the driver [ RPCRNLY ] as the driver's name.
    Rocket Racer Run Mirror Track
    Enter BUILD mode and create or edit a driver. Select Make A License from the
    in-game menu and name the driver [ LNFRRRM ] as the driver's name. This will
    make your racer race on the Rocket Racer Run track backwards.
    Highest Power Up Level Is ALWAYS Activated
    Enter BUILD mode and create or edit a driver. Select Make A License from the
    in-game menu and name the driver [ MXPMX ] as the driver's name.
    Faster game
    Enter BUILD Mode and create a new driver (or edit an existing one.) Go to MAKE
    LICENSE and enter the [ FSTFRWD ] as the driver's name.
    No Wheels
    Enter BUILD mode and create or edit a driver. Select Make A License from the
    in-game menu and name the driver [ NWHLS ].
    No Chassis
    Enter BUILD mode and create or edit a driver. Select Make A License from the
    in-game menu and name the driver [ NCHSSS ].
    No Driver
    Enter BUILD mode and create or edit a driver. Select Make A License from the
    in-game menu and name the driver [ NDRVR ].
    Nintendo 64 Codes:
    |GameShark Codes|
    *Following Code by SilverSurfer9d9@aol.com*
    To get everything (car sets, players, and circuits, including Veronica
    Voltage and Rocket Racer) enter:
    812576D4 FFFF [As 2 seperate codes]
    812576D6 FFFF [Both must be on]
    *Following Codes by the Game Shark Code Creators Club*
    Normal Activator 1 Quantity Digits
    Quantity Digits
    Button Pressed to Activate
    00 ---> No Buttons
    01 ---> Right Directional Pad
    02 ---> Left Directional Pad
    04 ---> Down Directional Pad
    08 ---> Up Directional Pad
    10 ---> Start Button
    20 ---> Z Button
    40 ---> B Button
    80 ---> A Button
    Multi Buttons
    To use any combination of buttons, like, press Right Directional and Z to
    enable the codes. Just add the two digits up for Right Directional and Z. 01
    plus 21 equal 21, so 21 would enable the codes when you push Right Directional
    and Z on the Controller 1
    Normal Activator 2 Quantity Digits
    Quantity Digits
    Button Pressed to Activate
    00 ---> No Buttons
    01 ---> C Right Button
    02 ---> C Left Button
    04 ---> C Down Button
    08 ---> C Up Button
    10 ---> R Button
    20 ---> L Button
    Multi Buttons
    Same as Activator 1!
    NOTE: To use these codes, 'D1' at the beginning, you must have GameShark Pro
    Version 3.0 or Higher for Nintendo 64!
    Dual Activator Quantity Digits
    Quantity Digits
    Button Pressed to Activate
    0000 ---> No Buttons
    0001 ---> C Right Button
    0002 ---> C Left Button
    0004 ---> C Down Button
    0008 ---> C Up Button
    0010 ---> R Button
    0020 ---> L Button
    0100 ---> Right Directional Pad
    0200 ---> Left Directional Pad
    0400 ---> Down Directional Pad
    0800 ---> Up Directional Pad
    1000 ---> Start Button
    2000 ---> Z Button
    4000 ---> B Button
    8000 ---> A Button
    Multi Buttons
    Same as Activator 1 & 2!
    1M Master Bryan's Activator 1 P1 D009A488 00??
    2M Master Bryan's Activator 2 P1 D009A489 00??
    1D Master Bryan's Dual Activator P1 D109A488 00??
    1 Have All Tracks & Building Pieces 812576D4 FFFF
    812576D6 FFFF
    Circuit Mode Codes
    2 1st Character (P1) Points Modifier 812550A2 ????
    3 2nd Character Points Modifier 812550A6 ????
    4 3rd Character Points Modifier 812550AA ????
    5 4th Character Points Modifier 812550AE ????
    6 5th Character Points Modifier 812550B2 ????
    7 6th Character Points Modifier 812550B6 ????
    PlayStation Codes:
    |GameShark Codes|
    *Following Codes by the Game Shark Code Creators Club*
    Time is 0:00:00                      800B026E 2400
    Unlock Everything                    D00687B0 4003
                                       + 8016ACE8 FFFF
    PC Codes:
    None Yet
     _/W  E  B  S  I  T  E  S_/
    Check these websites related to Lego Racers and other Lego Media & Lego Group
    titles. (Some sites that aren't included with a "http://" & "www." may need it)
    Site                                 Address
    Lego Group                           http://www.LEGO.com
    Lego Media                           http://www.LegoMedia.com
    Secrets of The Game Sages            http://www.GameSages.com
    GameFAQs                             http://www.GameFaqs.com
    Cheats Code Center                   http://www.CheatCC.com
    Video Game Strategies                http://vgstrategies.about.com
    The Lego Central                     Geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Palace/4090
    LEGO Ergo Sum                        http://www.math.uio.no/~fredrigl/technic/
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    A Review by godking from Epinions.com
    Title: Lego Racers - Fun, but Limited.
    Pros: Beautiful graphics, fun game, build your own car!
    Cons: No multiplayer worth mentioning
    LegoRacers is silly fun, and a good racing game, but make no mistake - this is
    purely a kiddie game at heart.
    Firstly, yes, it's true: you can build your own little Lego car in this game -
    and additional block sets (Island, Pirate, etc.) become available as you
    complete races. However, these designs in no way affect the speed of your car -
    disappointing to say the least - you'd think they could at least include
    streamlining physics so that giant square cars drive slightly slower than sleek
    racers, or that tall cars tip over more than low-slung ones. Of course, this
    would remove some of the fun of designing your own car - like I said, this is a
    kiddie game at heart. (The irony that this game provides a more back-to-basics
    approach to Lego building than some modern Lego itself is not lost on me.)
    The game itself tosses realistic physics to the wind - this is essentially a
    knockoff of the Super Mario Kart games, complete with the assorted powerups of
    that series that are just lying around on the track. They've spruced up the
    powerup system somewhat by adding in "modifier" blocks that make your powerup,
    well, more powerful, each time you pick up the modifier block - my favorite is
    the "speed-up" powerup that becomes a rocket engine, then two rocket engines,
    then a super rocket so powerful it lifts you off the ground and flies you, and
    then finally opens a spectacular-looking wormhole and teleports you forward on
    the track. Still, at its heart, this is Lego Mario Kart - not a bad thing, as
    the Mario Kart games are excellent examples of the best in kiddie racing.
    The game looks spectacular. The hefty system requirements (I do believe this is
    the first kiddie game that requires a Voodoo2 accelerator or better) pay off as
    the game delivers gorgeous Lego-ish visuals. Kids will be enthralled - hell,
    adults will be enthralled. I know I was. The music is chipper and non-repetive,
    perfect for kids.
    And, ultimately, that's all this is: a kiddie game. Not because it's Lego, not
    because it's simple - neither of those are bad - but because there's no
    multiplayer option. I would dearly love to kick my friends' asses with my
    cooler-than-theirs Lego cars, but no dice. There's a two-player split-screen
    option, but for the additional oomph this game requires in hardware
    necessities, I expect a little better. Surely kids would wanna race each other
    on LANs/ Nursery LANs or something/ It's a good idea!
    Still, this is a fun little game - limited, and probably of short lifespan for
    older kids and grown-up kids such as myself. But it's fun nevertheless, and its
    cheap price makes it worth the money.
    These questions were kindly answered by the Lego Media Manager, Jeff James.
    They were all asked through email, so that would explain why a few of the
    answers are short.
    Q: Was there originally more tracks to race on in the rocket racer circuit?
    A: No, not that I know of.
    Q: In the movie-clip intro for the game they show a pit stop with a bunch of
       LEGO men and the media. Would there have been a pit stop in the game?
    A: Unfortunately, no.
    Q: Is it possible to have an actual race in the test grounds?
    A: Nope.
    Q: [In the earlier version (development) of LEGO Racers, was] ...there a
       shortcut for Knightmare-athon [racetrack]?
    A: There may not be -- an earlier development version had a shortcut in the
       canyon lined with giant broomsticks. Hitting a protruding boulder in that
       canyon opened up a secret pathway.
       I think that the track was re-designed after that, however - I don't think
       there is a shortcut in the final retail version.
    That's all for now. I'll add more Question & Answers in the next updates.
    Here is a list of what the public would like to be on the next release of LEGO
    Racers if there will be one (hopefully). This could also possibly be put as a
    list for an addon pack for PC-Users if neccesary.
    Better Weapons
    More Building Blocks
    Larger Race Cars/Karts
    More than two players (Four player multi-player modes)
    Online capabilities and options
    _/N E E D E D   A S S I S T A N C E_/
    It seems that I cannot fully complete the first circuit in the "Circuit Race"
    mode because I have a Pentium 133 and need a 166. So I ask that anyone who has
    the game (For Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and/or PC) to help me out with other
    circuit information (Released racers, Individual track strategies, etc.). All I
    can do is use my friend's computers whenever I can and wait till next year for
    a new computer (Which won't be until maybe summertime!). Though, Hardware
    contributions ARE appreciated! ;)
    [Added Request] For everyone discovering new tips for each circuit, could you
    send me in the information? I really would appreciate it. I also need the
    dialogue for the remaining Circuit champs (The stuff they say before you begin
    racing the circuit your on.)
    _/ T H A N K  Y O U 'S _/
    Here is a list of everyone that definitely deserving props for my FAQ/Guide:
    -Lego Media and the Lego Group for inventing and/or creating such a fun way for
     building blocks.
    -Lego Media Technical Support (Matt R.) for helping me with my crashing
    -Lego Media Manager, Public Relations & Online Development (Jeff James); for
     giving me the rest of the remaining codes and racetrack shortcuts. And for
     also helping me out with basic strategies for each circuit champion. Thanks a
     lot J.J. ;)!
    -Thanks to the Webmaster at GameFAQs <http://www.GameFAQs.com>, CjayC, for
     holding the largest archive of videogame reference on the planet. Keep up the
     good work!
    -Thanks to the Webmaster and Team at "Secrets of The Game Sages" [Formerly
     "Secrets of the Sega Sages"] <http://www.GameSages.com> for their constant
     updates :)
    -Nintendo Entertainment for *sparking* the Race Kart/Car sims.
    -The GameShark Code Creators Club <http://www.cmgsccc.com> for their Nintendo
     and PlayStation GameShark codes.
    -Mandalorian for the "Fly Mode" and "No Wheels" codes.
    -Joey Bush for the "Faster Game" code.
    -Mystic2587 and VGMaster for the "No Chassis" code.
    -Evan and Taylor for the "Use Basil the Bat Lord's Car Parts" tip.
    -Peter Sauvey for the "Using more than one code at a time" tip.
    -godking of Epinions.com for his personal review of Lego Racers (couldn't find
     your email address, sorry).
    -Lowell for the dialogue of King Kahuna (Circuit 2) and Basil The Bat Lord
     (circuit 3).
    -James Parnell for the added Circuit 2 strategy. I appreciate it!
    -Thanks to SilverSurfer9d9@aol.com for sending me in the GameShark N64 code.
    -Ninten²K for the "No Cheats" code. Even thought it's a weird code to have in a
    -Justin Credible for the "ALL Racers" code. Grrrrrrreat!
    -Alex Wilkes for the correct N64 controls.
    -Alex Tsiatas a.k.a. wonkeyzonkey for his track strategies of the ones I didn't
     have. Also for the his tip on "The Mummy's Curse" powerup and the bug on
     Racer Run, thanks man!
    -JNSrnec@aol.com for helping me updated the "New Racer" released chart.
    Appreciate it!
    (The following has been copied and edited from the LEGO Racers Readme.txt file
    off of the CD-ROM.)
    Technical Support: 800-366-6062
    Fax: 860-763-7850
    Email: help@america.legomedia.com
    Support Times: Monday - Friday - 8:00am - Midnight (EST)
                   Saturday - Sunday - 8:00am - 8:00pm (EST)
                   (Excluding Major Holidays)
    World Wide Web: http://www.legomedia.com
    Mailing address: Technical Support
                     LEGO Media International Inc.
                     P.O. Box 1650
                     Enfield, CT 06083-1650
    In the unlikely event of a software fault or incompatibility with your hardware
    please return the complete package, with your receipt, to the original place of
    If you do telephone, please be sitting in front of your computer and be sure to
    provide us with as much information as possible. Make sure to note the exact
    type of hardware that you are using in your system, including but not limited
    - Speed and Manufacturer of your Processor.
    - Make & Model of your Sound Card.
    - Make, model and RAM of your video card/graphics accelerator card.
    - Make & Model of your CD-ROM or DVD Drive
    - Amount of RAM in your system.
    - Any additional hardware and Peripherals.
    - And the exact error (if applicable).
    Note: If you have any problems in obtaining any System Information please
    consult your System supplier.
    |Frequently Asked Questions|
    Q: How do I install the game/
    A: Place the LEGO Racers CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.
    The installation help screen will become active after a few seconds.
    Follow the instructions that are displayed and you will be informed when the
    installation is complete.
    Alternate installation instructions are provided in the Technical Reference
    Note:   If the autorun option does not active then this could be linked to the
    "Auto insert notification" function being disabled on your system. See
    "Troubleshooting" or the Technical Reference manual regarding this.
    Q: Should I have other programs running in the background of Windows.
    A: Generally, we have found that it is not a good idea to run any other
    programs while running this game. Please turn off any active screen savers
    while running LEGO Racers, as they may interrupt the game and cause problems.
    Various video, sound, or memory issues may occur if other programs are running,
    including virus-detection utilities. This includes items that start from your
    StartUp folder which were added to load programs automatically when Windows is
    started, such as the Microsoft Office Toolbar. Some of these programs display
    icons on your taskbar. If you have icons on your taskbar, right-click on each
    of them and select the option to disable or close them before running LEGO
    Racers. The next time you start your computer, these items will load once more
    and the icons will return. If you cannot disable them from the taskbar and you
    experience problems running LEGO Racers you may want to remove the program
    shortcuts from the StartUp folder. For information about how to do this, please
    consult your Windows manual or your computer manufacturer.
    Q: How do I run the game/
    A: It is advisable to restart your computer if you have been running any other
    applications, apart from the setup program. The game should always be played
    with as few other applications running as possible, and it is best to wait for
    hard disk activity to stop before running the game.
    To run the game, click Start, Programs, LEGO MEDIA, LEGO RACERS, LEGO RACERS.
    CD-ROM has to be present in the CD-ROM / DVD Drive for the game to run.
    Q: How do I uninstall the game/
    A: It is advisable to uninstall the game using the LEGO Racers Uninstall
    To uninstall the game, click Start, Programs. LEGO MEDIA, LEGO RACERS,
    Note:	Any saved games regarding LEGO Racers will not be removed by using the
    uninstall option. These will have to be removed manually as follows: -
    Double click with left-hand mouse button on "My Computer" icon
    Double click on "C Drive" icon with left-hand mouse button
    Double click on "Program Files" icon with left-hand mouse button
    Double click on "LEGO Media" icon with left-hand mouse button
    Double click on "Games" icon with left-hand mouse button
    Click on "LEGO Racers" icon with right-hand mouse button
    Select "Delete"
    Choose "Yes" to confirm delete.
    Q. How do I check that the Screen Resolution is correct for this game/
    A. Place your mouse pointer on a clear area within the Windows desktop screen
    and using the right hand mouse button click once. A menu will be displayed from
    which you need to select, using your left-hand mouse button, the "Properties"
    option. The "Display Properties" option folder is now shown and you need to
    select the "Settings" tab. Ensure that High Colour 16 bit option is set with
    the minimum recommended resolution area of 640 x 480. Apply any changes and
    re-start your machine.
    Q: My mouse does not operate within the game.
    A: The game requires a Windows 95/98 compatible mouse and driver. It would be
    advisable to re-install the mouse using the Microsoft drivers for the mouse
    supplied with the Windows operating system or contact the mouse manufacturer
    for compatible Windows drivers.
    Q. Autorun installation of game not activated when LEGO Racers CD-ROM is placed
    in CD-ROM drive.
    A. The Auto insert notification for your CD-ROM drive must be set as active.
         To check that this option is activated see the following:
         Double click using your left-hand mouse button on the "My Computer" Icon
         Double click using your left-hand mouse button on the "Control Panel" Icon
         Double click using your left-hand mouse button on the "System" Icon
         Select "Device Manager" Tab
         Double click using your left-hand mouse button on the "CD-ROM Option"
         Double click using your left-hand mouse button on the "CD-ROM drive"
         Select the "Settings Tab"
         Ensure that the Auto insert notification box has a tick in it.
         To confirm settings click onto "OK" option with left-hand mouse button.
    Q. How do I check to ensure that all of my DirectX 6.1 drivers are certified/
    A. Windows 95/98 with DirectX 6.1. With DirectX 6.1, you can check for a
    successful DirectX set-up by doing the following:
    Double click with left-hand mouse button on "My Computer" icon
    Double click on "C Drive" icon with left-hand mouse button
    Double click on "Program Files" icon with left-hand mouse button
    Double click on "DirectX" folder with left-hand mouse button
    Double click on "Setup" icon with left-hand mouse button
    Double click on "DXDIAG" with left-hand mouse button
    (Blue circle with yellow cross within it)
    The screen that appears has multiple tabs along the top. You will want to click
    on the DirectX Drivers tab. All of the drivers are listed separately and you
    will find a "Notes" field along the bottom. Within the notes field any problems
    encountered will be listed. If one or more of the items are listed as
    uncertified, this is most likely causing the problem you are having. Most
    often, the drivers that are not certified are either the Primary Display Driver
    and/or the Audio driver. Most manufacturers of video cards and sound cards are
    releasing updated drivers for Windows 95/98 to meet the DirectX standard. You
    will want to contact the manufacturer of any component that is not supported
    and ask them about obtaining drivers that support DirectX.
    Q: DXSetup Error -7 or -8
    A: You may see the error DXSetup Error -7 or DXSetup Error -8 during the
    installation of DirectX if you do not have Audio Compression, Sound Recorder or
    Volume Control installed on your computer prior to installing DirectX 6.0 this
    could cause this error to appear.
    Adding Sound Recorder, Volume Control and Audio Compression. The Sound
    Recorder, Volume Control and Audio Compression are necessary components of
    Windows when using DirectX 6.1 If they were not installed when Windows was set
    up, you will want to add them before installing LEGO Racers. DirectX will ask
    for your Windows CD during installation if it does not find these components,
    which may cause the DirectX installation to be incomplete and you may see the
    error DXSetup
    Error -7 or DXSetup Error -8 after changing to the Windows CD. If this happens,
    reboot your computer and follow these steps.
         To add these Windows components:
         Double click using your left-hand mouse button on the "My Computer" Icon
         Double click using your left-hand mouse button on the "Control Panel" Icon
         Double click using your left-hand mouse button on the "Add/Remove
         Select "Windows Setup" Tab
         Scroll down to Multimedia and select Details.
         Check the boxes next to Audio Compression, Sound Recorder and Volume
         Click OK, then OK again to close both of these windows.
         You will be prompted for your Windows CD.
    When these steps are complete, you may continue with the installation of
    DirectX 6.1.
    Q: What is DirectX/
    A: The DirectX platform provides an environment that allows developers to use a
    standardized format when programming an application. This makes it easier to
    support a wide variety of different hardware features. Prior to DirectX,
    developers were forced to write hardware-specific code (With a specific driver
    for each different piece of hardware). DirectX is a library provided by
    Microsoft to run inside the operating system and provide programmers with
    seamless access to all of the hardware features available today.
    We have found that some older systems may contain hardware that may not be
    fully DirectX compatible. For optimum performance in LEGO Racers, your system
    must fully support DirectX. Fortunately, many manufacturers are releasing
    updated drivers.
    If you are unsure whether or not your system will support DirectX, please
    contact the manufacturer of your system for more information.
    DirectDraw allows programmers to directly access video hardware and memory.
    This improves performance while still maintaining compatibility with Windows.
    Direct3D provides direct access to 3D hardware. Direct3D is designed to work
    with the majority of 3D cards on the market, giving programmers an easier
    interface to your 3D hardware. Using Direct3D with your 3D accelerator can
    provide speed improvements as well as better image quality.
    DirectSound is the wave-audio part of DirectX, which provides full
    functionality and hardware acceleration to the sound device. This allows for
    all the features of audio hardware to be used, including support for 3D
    positional and interactive sound.
    DirectInput provides support for input devices including mice, keyboards,
    joysticks and other game controllers. Direct Input gives faster access to input
    data by communicating directly to the hardware driver rather than relying on
    Windows to do so.
    This is the multiplayer gaming module in DirectX, which provides access to
    networking functionality for gaming. DirectPlay supports direct serial
    connections, modem play, LAN play and Internet Play.
    DirectX Driver Issues
    We suggest using the DirectX 6.1 drivers that are recommended during the
    installation of DirectX unless you experience problems after installing
    DirectX. The only time that this does not apply is when a section in this
    troubleshooting guide that pertains to your hardware specifically tells you to
    use a different driver. This is particularly true for video card drivers.
    Effects of Video Card Driver Installation by DirectX
    When DirectX is being installed, some video card utilities may be disabled,
    such as Diamond Multimedia's In Control Tools, STB Vision95, or Creative Labs
    Graphics Control utilities. You may no longer be able to access them through
    their taskbar icon and the options for changing your video properties may
    change back to stock Windows options.
    DirectX may not recommend changing the driver for your card at all because you
    may be using these utilities to customize your desktop display and removing
    them may have adverse effects on your computer.
    Q: What is a 3D-hardware driver/
    A: Also known as a 3D-card driver, it is part of the software interface that
    this game uses to communicate with the 3D-hardware in your computer. You may
    need to update your driver if the game is not running properly, e.g. if you see
    an error box when running the game, or the game doesn't run very smoothly, or
    the graphics appear to flicker.
    Q: I need the latest driver for my 3D-hardware. How do I get it/
    A: The best way is to download it using the Internet. Alternatively you could
    contact your 3D-hardware manufacturer, and they should be able to send you a
    disk containing the latest driver.
    Some sites for 3D-hardware drivers are:
    http://www.3dfx.com (for 3dfx based cards)
    More site information is shown under "Web Site Addresses"
    This game uses Direct3D to support most recent 3D-hardware chipsets.
    All of the following 3D-chipsets have been tested:
    3DFX I, II, III
    Your card must have at least 4Mb of memory on your 3D card.
    Most recent cards qualify for this, although for details you will have to refer
    to your system documentation or 3D-hardware documentation.
    LEGO Racers has been tested against the following graphic cards.
    All of these cards had the latest manufacturers drivers installed.
    See web site addresses for manufacturer Internet address.
    ATI Graphics Pro (Mach 64) PCI
    Cirrus Logic 5434
    Tseng 4000/W32P
    S3 Trio 64+
    S3 Virge
    ATI Graphics Xpression
    Voodoo Banshee PCI / AGP 16MB
    Cirrus Logic Laguna GD5465
    Diamond Fusion 16MB
    ViewTop Permedia 2 8MB
    Asus V2740 (Intel 740i)
    Matrox Productiva G100
    Matrox Millenium I
    Diamond Stealth 64
    Matrox Millenium II
    STB Velocity 128 (PCI)
    Viewtop Permedia 2 8MB
    Number 9 Revolution 3D
    ATI Rage Fury 32MB
    ATI Xpert at Play
    SiS 6205
    Cirrus Logic 5446
    Tseng 6000
    Diamond Viper 550
    Matrox Mystique
    Video Logic GrafixStar 700
    Trident 9750 4MB
    Diamond Speedstar A50 AGP
    Videologic Power VR
    No Networking / Internet option available within this game.
    If you are having a major difficulty with the game:
    1) Please make sure you have tried:
       - Restarting your PC
       - Closing as many other applications as possible
       - Waiting for hard disk activity to stop
       - Ensure that you have all of the latest drivers
       - Ensure that all of your DirectX drivers are all certified
       - Uninstall and reinstall the Game.
    2) Please make sure you have thoroughly read the "TROUBLESHOOTING" section
    3) If you are still having problems, please see the "TECHNICAL SUPPORT" section
    _/ Copyright - About _/
    This FAQ, Walkthrough, Startegy, Guide, and/or Movelist; along with any other
    of my works, can be downloaded at <www.GameFAQs.com> ONLY. This is the only
    website I actually visit when it comes to gaming help and what-not; so from now
    on, anyone asking to post this FAQ on their site can get my answer... NO!
    Sorry, but I honestly can't visit every gaming website for walkthroughs and
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    being sold. It is not to be made profit off of in anyway without WRITTEN and
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