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    FAQ/Walkthrough by chillerzombie

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/19/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Lego Racers
    Written for the PC version
    Version 1.0
    Copyright 2004 Mark Lasker
    Table of contents
    1..........Version History
    I..........Legal Information
    II.........System Requirements
    VI.........Tips and techniques
    VII........Brick System
    Version History:
    1.0: Did mostly everything, the courses, controls, bricks... everything.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide
    on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    System Requirements
    - 166 Mhz Pentium processor (200 MHz or faster recommended)
    - 32 MB RAM required
    - Windows 96/98 or later systems (ME/XP/ect.)
    - 210 MB of uncompressed hard drive disc space
    - Quad Speed (4X) or faster CD-ROM or DVD drive required
    - Windows 95/98 directX compatible 16-bit sound card
    - Windows 95/98 compatible mouse and keyboard
    - DirectX 6.1 (supplied on CD)
    Optional Peripherals:
    - Windows 95/98 compatible joystick or gamepad 
    Multiplayer options:
    - 2 player split screen on the same PC (Network and modem play not supported)
    1. Close any application
    2. Double-click to open my computer from your desktop
    3. Double-click your CD-ROM drive labeled "LEGO_RACERS"
    Voila, this is taken straight from the manual, in case some people don't 
    have it and have trouble. I know 99.9% of all users on gamefaqs probably
    know how to install it, but this is "just-in-case" ;)
    These controls are the default ones when starting the game, 
    they can be changed under OPTIONS, then PLAYER 1/2 CONTROLS:
    Up Arrow- Accelerate
    Down Arrow- Brake and Reverse
    Left Arrow- Turn left
    Right Arrow- Turn right
    Enter- Activate power-up
    Space- Power slide
    Ctrl (right)- Change camera view
    M- Toggle maps/speedometer display
    Alt (right)- Reverse camera view (hold key)
    At startup:
    Build, lets you cuild a new car
    Circuit Race, enter a circuit competition
    Single Race, play a single track with AI
    Versus Race, play a 2 player split-screen race
    Time Race, race to get new records, and beat Veronica Voltage
    Options, enters options menu
    Quit, exits game
    When you click build:
    New Racer, create a racer
    Edit Racer, edit an exsisting racer
    Copy Racer, copies a racer
    Delete Racer, deletes a racer
    Test Drive, allows you to test drive a created racer
    <- Main Menu, goes back to main menu
    When you click options:
    Game options
    Video options
    Audio options
    Player 1 controls
    Player 2 controls
    Pick launguage
    View credits
    <- Main menu
    Tips and techniques
    Turbo Start: 
    Like many racing games, right when you see GO appear on the top of the screen, 
    hit the acceleration button to get a boost. You have to time it right, but get
     used to it, it's useful to get a quick head-start on the rest of the racers.
    Power sliding:
    In the early courses, you may be able to get by without power-sliding, 
    although later on it is be essential, so it's useful to start getting used to 
    it. Hold the power slide and acceleration buttons at the same time,
    and then turn left or right while still holding the buttons. Power slides 
    enable you to take turns at high speeds better, without loosing speed.
    Super slides:
    Super slides are somewhat advanced power slides, although it doesn't replace 
    it. This time, hold down the power slide, brake, and acceleration buttons
    all at once and turn left or right. You should make a pretty tight turn.
    Now, let go of the brake or power slide buttons,
    to speed up in the direction you are facing.
    Brick system
    Bricks are, in short, the items you can collect on the track
    to use as power ups/speed boosts/offensive tools to get 
    an edge on your opponents. there are 
    5 brick colors, yellow, green, red, blue, and white. 
    This is what they do:
    Green:  Offers a boost of speed
    Red:    Fires a projectile to hit and slow down opponents
    Yellow: Lays hazardous traps.
    Blue:   Applies a protective barrier to block certain attacks/effects
    White:  A unique brick that can be applied to others to boost their effects
    Now this table will explain bricks. BASE means the regular brick itself,
    1 WHITEmeans what it does with 1 white block,2 WHITE 2 blocks, 
    and 3 WHITE 3 blocks.
    Green.......Base: Turbo Boost
              1 WHITE: Extra Turbo Boost
              2 WHITE: Flying turbo Boost
              3 WHITE: Warp Turbo Boost
    Yellow......Base: Oil Slick
             1 WHITE: Barrel of gun powder
             2 WHITE: Magnetic trap
             3 WHITE: Mummy's Curse
    Red.........Base: Cannon Ball
             1 WHITE: Grappling Hook
             2 WHITE: Lightning Wand
             3 WHITE: 3 Guided rockets
    Blue........Base: 5 second shield
             1 WHITE: 6 second shield
             2 WHITE: 8 second shield 
             3 WHITE: 10 second shield 
    Turbo Boost: Gives you a temporary boost of speed
    Extra Turbo Boost: Gives an even greater boost of speed
    Flying Turbo Boost: Gives your car boosters to enable greater
    speed and flight
    for a short period of time
    War Turbo Boost: Teleports you a ahead in the track.
    Oil Slick: As the name implies, lays a puddle of oil that will spin out
    other racers if they drive into it.
    Barrel of gun powder: Explodes if other enemies drive into it
    Magnetic Trap: Slows down racers and holds them in place for a short time
    Mummy's Curse: Switches players controls around, allowing difficulty
    to drive
    Cannon Ball: Fire a cannon ball that explodes on contact with enemies
    Grappling hook: Hooks on to other opponents, slows them down and pulls
    you towards them.
    3 Guided Rockets: It's pretty much self explanitory.
    5 second shield: A 5 second shield
    6 second shield: A 6 second shield
    8 second shield: An 8 second shield. Spins out opponenets 
    when you touch them.
    10 seconds shield: A 10 second shield. Spins out
     opponenets when you touch them.
    (Taken from the booklet)
    Meet Rocket Racer- the greatest racing champion in all of Lego Land. 
    But Rocket Racer has a problem. He's such a brilliant
    racer that one can beat him and now  he's bored. 
    So, to find a real challenge, Rocket has decided to hunt down the 
    best Racers in the history of LEGOLAND and set up a 
    truly awesome racing contest.
    Circuit Race
    This is where you'll spend most time in the game.
    To continue, to unlock the next circuit, you have to place first.
    In addition to moving on, you unlock the champions block set
    in build mode. Also, to move on you'll need at least 10 points after the 
    first race, 20 after the second and 30 after the third. If you do not
    meet these requirements, you'll have to restart the circuit.
    you get 30 points for first place, 20 for second, 10 for third,
    3 for fourth, 2 for fifth, and one for six. I will also give difficulty
    rating for each track, in addition to the fun factors. The fun factor
    is how much fun I, and only I, think. These are MY opinions, so please
    don't email me hate mail saying that I'm wrong. Finally, to unlock the 
    goodies, you must come in first. I believe second and third move on to the 
    next circuit always, but you have to come in first for the bricks.
    CIRCUIT 1:
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Fun Factor: 6/10
    (The champions of the Prixs are the racers who'll 
    pretty much take first all the time, unless you beat them. They also always
    use certain items the majority of them time)
    Champion: Captain Redbeard, uses Red bricks.
    Goodies for winning: Redbeards brick set, Circuit 2
    Tracks: Imperial Grand Prix, Dark Forest Dash, Magma Moon Marathon,
    Desert Adventure Dragway
    Main tips:
    These are pretty easy tracks, only worry about getting green 
    and white bricks, and you'll be fine.
    This is an easy track, full of mild turns. Near the beginning on 
    the pier, there will be a crane swinging a box. Avoid it.
    Other then that, just go for green and white bricks,
    but don't go totally out of your way for them. If Captain
    Redbeard is also close behind you, you might want to pick up
    some blues. In the cave, if you have a read brick, there will be a 3 barrel
    wall. Hit it, and it will come down, allowing you to use this neat shortcut.
    Difficulty: 2/10, fun factor: 6/10
    Dark Forest Dash
    Once again, a VERY easy track. nothing hardardous part from the ghost
    you'll encounter near the end of the track. It's easily dodged. All I can 
    stress is GREEN, WHITE bricks, and start to use power-slides, if you
    haven't already. 
    Difficulty: 3/10, fun factor: 5/10
    Magma Moon Marathon
    Now things start to get a tad harder. The turns get a *little* 
    bit more tricky, but well-timed power slides can take them easily. 
    Near the end of the track, 
    where there's a big blue door, you'll see a panel. It'll have three
    bars, with three colors, either red or blue. It might be blue red
    blue, red blue red, red red blue, ect. Next turn, you 
    can drive under the lights in THAT ORDER to open the blue door,
    enabling a short-cut, and a chance at three white bricks.
    Like the last two tracks, worry about white and green. Also,
    they'll probably be no problem, but in the craters after the cave,
    meteorites will jump out randomly. You can't really predict them,
    but just don't drive into 'em.
    Difficulty: 5/10, fun factor: 7/10
    Desert Adventure Dragway
    This is, IMO, the funnest course of this circuit. 
    There are now much more obstacles throughout the track.
    After lap one, you'll need to worry about falling 
    pillars. After the start,
    you take a steep hill, then make a sharp turn left,
    and one right. After you take
    those, there will be a mild left turn. Be sure to have a red power-
    up after this 
    turn. If you look to your left after the mild turn, 
    there will be a tomb door.It'll stick out, you won't miss it. 
    Hit it with a red-brick-item, and it will
    open. Take this shortcut, 
    in which you can gather three white bricks and a green one.
    WARP! If you decide not to take this, (Although it's very easy 
    to get it every
    lap) there will only be a few VERY short turns, a straightaway,
    and near the end a 
    some what tight one. Just be sure to pick up some blue barriers
    along the way,
    if you happen to have Redbeard tailing you. And to get the three 
    white bricks in
    the shortcut, you'll most likely need to incorporate super-slides. 
    It's a good place to practice anyways, so I recommend using it.
    Difficulty: 5/10, fun factor: 8/10
    Circuit 2:
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Fun Factor: 7/10
    Champion: King Kahuka, uses blue bricks
    Goodies for winning: King Kahukas brick set, Circuit 3
    Main tips: 
    Here is where you'll really start HAVING to use power 
    slides, along with MAYBE super-slides.
    the tracks start to have harder turns, and better AI. Just
    be prepared, and get LOTS OF GREEN. Green is even more vital 
    in this circuit, because Kahuka uses blue bricks constantly, 
    so yellow and red won't have much
    effect. Well, lets get it on!
    Tribal Island Trail
    This is a neat, nice beginning track, almost on par with Imperial Grand
    Prix. most turns, for the most of it, are fairly easy, so long as you
    have gotten used to your slides. If not, I'd HIGHLY recommend you
    do single race and practice. Well, you start off taking a left curve, 
    although you can snag a white brick to the right on the water. 
    After that, you'll see a white brick in a hole, you *COULD*
    go for it, but I'd recommend to leave it alone. After that, 
    you'll head into a cave.HUG THE LEFT WALL when you go in.
     You will be able to cut straight through the cave, 
    because there will be a ledge, and you can drive on it, 
    just be careful not to fall
    into the water. You can also snag a green brick on the way, 
    so it's a win-win. :D
    After you come out of the cave, it's easy-driving for the 
    rest of the track. Repeat this strategy, and you'll win for sure. 
    Lastly, on the way to the cave,
    you'll run into two crocodiles. Avoid them.
    Difficulty: 4/10, fun factor: 5/10
    Royal Knights Raceway
    Here, you'll race on a track that seems to be from 
    midevil times, although I wonder how they would've had cars.
    Hmmmm... ¬_¬
    Anywhoo, you'll encounter something you've never really ran into much before,
    90 degree turns. On the get-go, you'll have to take a 90D
    turn, into a cove-castle thingie. Here, it's a bit risky, but it you've gotten 
    better with your super-slides, go for around 2 whites. you'll find some greens 
    scattered across the track, just go for them, 
    and if Kahuka manages to worm his way
    in front of you, get a red, wait till he has no barrier, and then blast him.
    The rest of the track is *fairly* easy, just avoid the big pendulum hammer in
    cove#2, and you'll be fine.
    Difficulty: 6/10, fun factor: 6/10
    Ice Planet Pathway
    Now, HERE is where things up the ante. This is the first, IMO, track
    that will give you any serious problems. It is also, IMO, one of the 
    funnest tracks in the game. After GO appears, you'll go over some hills,
    and mild-to moderate turns. Just mix in some well-executed power-slides 
    and this part will be no problem. After that, you'll run into a straight-
    way, with a few bricks scattered across it. Don't bother to go out of your
    way for them just yet, as in a bit you'll have an easy chance to get plenty.
    As I was saying, take the straight-way, and then as you go up a hill, veer
    into the little opening in the wall on your left. Here, is a alternative
    path. (I call it alternative path, because it doesn't really save you time,
    in fact, some racers get ahead of me during it.) You're probably thinking, 
    "If it slows me down, why try it?" Well, here's why. THREE EASILY OBTAINED
    WHITE BRICKS AND A GREEN BRICK are down this way. EASY boost. You should
    be plopped ahead of the other racers, and just repeat doing this two more
    time, and you'll do fine.
    Difficulty: 6/10, fun factor: 8/10
    Amazon Adventure Alley
    Here it is, ladies and gents, the last track of circuit 2. 
    And what a final track it is! It has many twists
    and turns, and the sceenery is nice. You'll probably want to
    take a tour through this stage, rather then race through it! 
    But I guess you want a strategy, eh? Well, from the start line,
    go straight a little ways, and then you'll see a water fall to your left.
    Drive into it. This is a nice little short-cut,
     that allows you a white brick. You *could*
    try to go the other way, but I recommend taking this route on all 3 laps.
    After that, there isn't much important to cover, 
    just collect the green and white
    bricks, boost ahead, take the waterfall shortcut, and WIN!
    Difficulty: 7/10, fun factor: 9/10
    Circuit 3:
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Fun Factor: 9/10
    Champion: Basil the Bat Lord, uses Green bricks.
    Goodies for winning: Basil's brick set, circuit 4
    Main Tips:
    Basil uses most all bricks, but mainly green.
    These tracks themselves pose but a little threat, 
    it's Basil that will give you the trouble. There's nothing 
    much you can do to stop him, but, as well as the past two tracks, GREEN
    BLOCKS. They are VITAL to winning. Don't even touch the other ones,
    go for the green. This circuit is going to be the first truly tough one,
    so I hope you brought some nice super and power sliding abilities.
    Also, make it a top priority to get a boost at the start.
     It helps VERY much to get a nice little lead.
    Good luck. :O
    Okay, we start off this race by heading straight into a castle-like room.
    There should be three blocks, in the middle a green. 
    Get a boost on start and GET IT. After you do, save it and
    make a super slide to corner the turn, and grab a white brick,
    and then use it. After that, just TRY to keep the lead, power 
    slide throught the corners well, and hope to god Basil
     doesn't somehow get past you. -_- Oh, watch out for the 
    flying ship near the end, it randomly hurls cannon balls.
    Difficulty: 8/10, fun factor: 5/10
    Pirate Skull Pass
    This is a very fun track, one of the top three in the game, 
    IMO. Here, it gets a tad bit easier. The turns are more tricky,
    but by now you 100% should have good sliding abilities. Off the get-go,
    get the white brick. Once you turn, there will be another turn coming up, 
    super-slide to the right to go up a ramp, and grab the white. You'll
    run into an up-coming 5 block line of bricks,
    get the green, go a few more feet, and grab the white one 
    behind the boulder. WARP. After that, there'll be nothing really
    more, and not any hazards, so just grab the greens and whites. 
    Nothing much, sadly,no shortcuts or anything, the rest is up 
    to your skill and maybe some luck.
    Difficulty: 6/10, fun factor: 8/10
    Adventure Temple Trial
    VERY sweet track, as the name may imply, you'll adventure through caves, 
    temples,and more. Now, lets get on to the strategy. Once again, 
    you need to boost off fromthe start,
     on the count of there's an early green brick. Grab it, 
    and veer left intoa crevesse. Tr to grab at least one of the two whites,
    and then boost. You'll enter a temple. Grab thr white, 
    then drop down and get the green. Turn and grab two whites,
    while avoiding the lighting bolt, and warp. After that, you'll probably be
    in a lava-filled cave. Take the turn, and then drift left, 
    and go on the left bridge.Get the two whites, and the one at the end. 
    Wait till you get a green, then warp. 
    Follow that strat, and this will be an easy track.
    Difficulty: 5/10, fun factor: 9/10
    Alien Asteroid Alley
    Well, the last of the tracks in this game. (Well, there's one more, but...)
    Sadly, it's pretty pathetic in difficulty compared to 
    that of the first race of this circuit, although it 
    is NOT lacking in fun. Well, lets do this thang. First off, 
    Basil seems to be a wussy, as he picks up a lot of red bricks, 
    and ignores the green ones, oddly. Well, good for us, right? Anyways, 
    the turns aren't dangerous, just start out by getting the green, 
    and boosting, and then grabing the next one and repeating. 
    Watch out for the flying UFO, it can pull you back,
    which isn't fun. Blcok it with a barrier. (Blue brick, any kind)
    Next, You'll enter some tunnels. Grab the green, and use
    it. Then, you'll come to a fork, even though they both lead the same place. 
    If you go to the left, you'll have a chance at 3 white bricks,
    although they may be a tad hard to snag, whilst a lightning bold twirls 
    around and could possibly hit you, making you drop a brick.
    I'd recommend go right, and grab the red brick.
    Continue on till you have to make about a 65D left turn, and hit the hall
    that looks different then the others with a cannon ball. It'll 
    open, revealing a shortcut filled with 3 white bricks, and a green. 
    Just boost, and you'll see another green brick.
     Use it, and you should be done with a lap. 
    Rinse and repeat.
    Difficulty: 7/10, fun factor: 8/10
    Circuit 4
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Fun factor: 6/10
    Champion: Johnny Thunder
    Goodies for winning: Johnny's brick set and circuit 5 
    (Betcha didn't see that coming?!)
    Main tips:
    From here on out, I'm not writing tips, because circuits 4-6 are 
    just remakes of 1-3. BUT, they are mirrored,
    and the AI and brick locations are different, 
    so it won't be easy. ;) From now on, you'll have to 
    rely on the skills you've gained thus far, go for the greens, 
    (You should know green=god by now) and WIN!
    Circuit 5:
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Fun factor: 8/10
    Champion: Barron Von Barron
    Goodies for winning: You should know by now. :P 
    Circuit 6:
    Difficulty: 9/10
    Fun factor: 9/10
    Champion: Gypsy Moth
    goodies for winning: Gypsy's brick set, and one new track.
    Circuit 7:
    Difficulty: 11/10 (that's not a typo :P)
    Fun factor: 7/10 
    Champion: None other than Rocket Racer!
    goodies for winning: Rockets bricks, and the credits :P
    Main tips: Well, I still have a lotta trouble with this track, but 
    being the final one...
    Rocket is almost as good as a human, he ONLY goes for the green, and he uses
    WARPS. You better follow his lead, and hope to do it before him, 
    because if you mess up once, and miss one brick, you could get seriously 
    wasted.  It may take a lot of time, but practice,
    practice and then practice  some more, and put all of 
    your skills you learned to the ultimate test!
    I bid you, good luck! :D
    Lego Media: For making this awesome game
    Gamefaqs: you are the greatest, and for hosting this FAQ
    CjayC: for making the ultimate web site
    my dad: for buying me this great game, although a little late after its release
    @@@@@@@@J#@                       @              @
       ,@    @@ r      ,c:      c.    @   S    r:    @
       h@    @@R#@@@ ,@G; @@  @@M0@@  @  @@  @@2G@@  @
       h@    @@   @@   @@@@@  @    @  @@@    @X      @
       h@    @@   @@ @@    @  @    @  @  @K      @@  .
       9@    @@   @@ 0@5#R@@2 @    @  @   @@ @@XJM@  @

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